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Thank you potatoes!!

Hey dear potatoes!!

I haven’t gotten the chance to say anything or see anything in time with how busy school keeps me, but I got to hear about what happened on Patreon today, but thanks so much for sticking around and still show your support on Patreon ahh I can’t thank you enough!! It still sucks what internet is going through so much in the last years… When I look at only a few years ago, it felt like so many artists could thrive and now bigger companies try to only make it harder…

Times are pretty harsh, but I hope you can all go through :D


TRR 2 chapter 13: A summary

Scene 1: Simon & his freaking expensive gifts no obviously I don’t need it

Scene 2: Hana & her beautiful dress no no no I need to save my diamonds for Drake’s scene

Scene 3: Tea party with the gang okay Drake finally it’s been a while but then why you got me fangirl-ing with your bromance #DrakexMaxwell

Scene 4: Arguing with Hana’s dad well Pixelberry I’ve never wanted to be that rude every time I talk to him

Scene 5: Simon and his invitation to go somewhere again please why can’t you see I deny you all the time

Scene 6: Madeleine and her bad attitude towards her mum oh please another ally for what yes I don’t like her but sooner or later without my help Olivia still be Queen

Scene 7: Time alone with Hana this is sweet no thanks I guess next scene finally gonna be Drakeeeee

Scene 8: Morning came and cutie Maxwell again aw so sweet omg there is a huge chance I’m gonna switch to team Maxwell

Scene 9: Velvet background and teaser for chapter 14 wtf that’s it? every LI has alone time with MC and Drake just showed up with Olivia to make me jealous and with Maxwell to distract me damn it Drake Drake Drake whyyyyyyyyy

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The night yesterday at work, while bartending in the stupid tank tops they make us wear as our uniform, some MUCH OLDER guy (i refuse to call him a man) decided it would be hilarious to shove his tip down the front of my top while I was serving him.  I was DISGUSTED and right at that moment threw his drink on him and thankfully my boss quickly understood what happened once I explained. The man was handled by the police and is now banned from the bar and I wasn’t too shaken or anything but more so I was ANGRY.

I’m not sure why I feel like sharing the story. I know there’s so much worse that happens to other women out in the world. Still, I just want to tell all my followers I have to please always be aware of stuff around you. Even at work where you might feel safe. Dad loves you and I’m taking this as a lesson, I hope you all take care of yourself and now that I’ve ranted this blog will be back to its wonderful taegi-ness.



Thank you so much for attending “Yoshimoto no Moto” today!!!! I had a truly amazing time doing a lot of different activities together with everyone.
I am grateful to everyone who met me at the handing over (of the calendar) 😭 ✨ The time that I was able to spend talking to everyone in person made me absolutely happy.
The event just finished but I already want to see everyone again 😂

I am sincerely thankful for today!!!!!!

#Yoshimoto no Moto #Thanks for today


Fic: Teach Me How Love Goes (for Klaine Advent Day 13/24)

Aaaaaand it begins…

Day 13: Mist | Day 12 | Day 14 | AO3

Kurt never hears from Blaine the rest of the day. He worries a little but understands; he was there for Rachel and Jesse when Avi was born after two days of labor. Everything is probably even more hectic this time.

He wakes Saturday morning to text from overnight with an accompanying photo of two tiny humans. They’re here! Benjamin Robert and Charlie Nicholas. They’ll be in NICU for a few weeks to grow and get to breathe on their own but otherwise they’re great.

That’s wonderful! Congratulations! Kurt feels his eyes begin to mist up. He doesn’t know why this news makes him so happy. He then sends another message. How’s Tina doing?

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Hello! I'd like to request headcanons/scenarios (whatever works best) for some holiday mudad. I'm dying for them to wreck the halls

I just love Mudad????

Christmas had changed a lot since he was young, it used to be a time of gratitude and giving gifts to the ones you held closest (he could still remember the shoddily wrapped tat Jonathan would leave at the end of his bed every Christmas Eve, probably expecting some display of brotherly affection in kind). A celebration of Christmas spirit meant expressing a lot of emotions that he, Dio, wasn’t sure he was even capable of; he wasn’t a religious man and he certainly wasn’t filling his sons head with notions of peace and love when he already turning soft. Unfortunately this wouldn’t stop some of his subordinates from doing so; he’d already had to scold Vanilla Ice for allowing Giorno some silly advent calendar that Vanilla had clearly made up himself, then the other day Enya had been humming that god awful Rudolf song (sure he appreciated the message of only value skills you can exploit but why did it have to be about some big nosed flying horse?) But there was something that racked him with guilt when Gio came home from Kujo’s all twinkly eyed and excited about that brat Jolyne’s house and all the decorations she had already put up. He peered out of his window across the street at the Kujo residence and sneered; who knew that stiff robot of a man was so into his lights; even up on the roof there was a sleigh being pulled by reindeer. 

“It’s really cool isn’t it, daddy!” Urgh, here was his own brat all smiles and chipper, easily praising his fathers own nemesis just because he was smitten with shiny things.

“What?” Dio’s tone was cold and biting, unimpressed by the sudden intrusion on his internal monologuing. Giorno corrected himself, calling him father instead and shrinking back while he twiddled his thumbs, obviously dying to speak his mind. He admired that kind of confidence, not many 6 year olds would so brazenly barge over to a man like Dio just to comment on something so trivial. “Go on, what is it you have to say?” 

“Sorry, father. I only meant… I…. Why does Jolyne get Christmas? Mr. Kujo said it was because you were a scrooge but I don’t know why…. can I go stay with Jolyne for Christmas… please?” 

Looking at his sons hopeful stare, those puppy dog eyes he’d spent his entire life perfecting, Dio knew he was done for. His baby was upset, maybe even thinking that Jotaro was a better dad than him which was the furthest thing from the truth; he was the one who threw the best birthday parties for his child, who stayed up day and night when he had suffered that fever, who made sure he only ever had the best and was given every advantage that he himself hadn’t had the access to. This wouldn’t stand. Jotaro wasn’t going to steal his sons love just because he hadn’t put a tree up yet. Yet. Anything Kujo did he, Dio, would do better. 

“Daddy! Daddddddyyyyyyy!” Jolyne’s screams almost brought the house down as Jotaro found himself being pulled downstairs by his daughter to the front window so he could look at what had been the bare, depressing house across the street. Was that Dio up on the roof installing an inflatable santa? He scanned the ground to see Gio bundled up in his winter coat reading the instructions to his father while Vanilla Ice pulled what may well have been the biggest Christmas tree he had ever seen across the icy ground. Every inch of that house was now glowing with twinkling led lights and sculptures, the windows fake frosted from the inside and even the front door bore a heavy, expensive looking wreath adorned with even more little lights. What on earth was going on? “Can we go look? Can we go see please? Please, daddy?” Jolyne had already grabbed her snow boots and winter coat; she was going to the Brando residence whether he said yes or no and he honestly couldn’t find a reason to resist going either. 

He held his daughters hand tight, lifting her over the large piles to snow so he didn’t lose her the way he did the year before- he shivered at the memory of the scolding he received from his mother when Jolyne came back with a hat near froze to her head-  and before he could even announce his presence Gio had come over to steal his precious baby away from him. He couldn’t be mad at that though, it was good his daughter had a friend so close and even if it was one of Dio’s kids he knew Gio wasn’t all that bad…. it was his father that he really had to watch out for.

“Oh? Kujo. I see you’re admiring our home, what do you think? I hope you don’t feel ashamed when you look over from your shack. Perhaps even your daughter can stay and join in decorating a real tree instead of that twig perched in your house?” 

Jotaro’s fist clenched, this was all a game to that bastard, he was showing him up in front of his daughter and now he glanced back at his own home, though it was already far too tacky for his own taste, he couldn’t stop the words he blurted out, “We’re not done yet, Dio. More lights are being put up next Monday, and we obviously have another tree on the way.” 

All this did was put a smug grin on Dio’s face, he knew Jotaro had no more lights and that this time of year he would pay through the nose to get more and because he’d said it in earshot of the children they were already expecting more and more. Jolyne tugged on her fathers arm in excitement, asking if Gio could help them set up these new decorations. 

“How lovely, I hope we have time to visit over the holidays. Of course we’ll be busy planning our Christmas party, I hope you and you family can attend.” Jotaro’s blood ran cold, the neighbourhood Christmas party had always been held at his house and now Dio was hosting one the next day…. if he wanted war he was going about the right way to start one.

i was gonna go to sleep not long after anti’s stream started and catch up on things in the morning (i had a two hour nap sleep last night lmao), but everytime he shows up, i start calculating how much coffee i can consume between then and the end of jack’s stream and not die. just beneath the death threshold. zazzed enough to stay awake, but not too zazzed