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The two titans, Raven and Beast Boy, cringed at the sound of their leader, Robin, groaning in frustration through their ear pieces.

“Alright, they have to show them self sometime. For now, you two lay low, act normal or something. Where are you guys again?” Robin asked. Beast Boy and Raven quickly exchanged looks, Beast Boy being teasing and Raven accusing.

“The ice cream parlour.” Beast Boy answered quickly.

Another groan from their leader.

“Fine, fine. Just remember to act normal, okay? no ordering massive scoops of ice cream - that means you, Beast Boy.” Beast Boy pouted. Raven giggled.

“Pretend you’re on a date maybe. I’ll check in later. Out.” there was a click, and Robin’s voice disappeared. Only silence. A silence which left the empath and changeling pondering their leader’s last words. A date?

The two were indeed sitting outside the ice cream parlour, at a table for two. They were undercover, on the lookout for a criminal that they were hunting. They tried to look as normal as they could, Beast Boy wearing a green hoodie and Raven a cap, but apparently that would not be enough.


“So, Raven-“

“No.” Raven knew exactly what Beast Boy was going to say. Just like he knew exactly what she was going to say.

“But Raven -“


“Oh, c’mon. We can’t disobey our leader!”

“We can and we will. He didn’t even order us, so we wouldn’t be disobeying him.”

Beast Boy’s ears fell dramatically. Of course she would find a way around it. She always did. But then again, so could he… Beast Boy struggled to prevent his ears from whipping back up.

Raven shifted in her chair so her whole body was facing away from Beast Boy. She forced herself to pretend to be inspecting her rather bland nails. She knew it was rude, and probably looked that way to others around her, but she had to make Beast Boy know that dating - even pretend dating for a mission - was out of the question. Even if she wanted it too.

A waitress approached their table after many minutes of silence.

“Hi, I’m Liz and I’ll be serving you today. Anything I can get you?” she asked. Raven rolled her eyes. Oh how the girl sounded incredibly fake.

“Hey Liz,” Beast Boy said in a voice that somehow sent a pang of jealousy through Raven’s body. She turned her head slow enough to seem like nothing was amiss, and watched the changeling’s facial expressions as best she could through his hood.

“I’ll have the triple chocolate scoop with a side of chocolate chips - oh and a double scoop for my girl, one scoop mint and one vanilla.”

The waitress grinned too sweetly and nodded, before spinning on her tiny red heels and heading back into the parlour. Raven pretty much forgot about her the minute she disappeared.

Your girl?” she hissed, gripping the plastic arms of her seat, her knuckled paling. She didn’t know what annoyed her more, the waitress or Beast Boy. He had the audacity to call her his girl?!

“Just acting normal,” he paused, a widening grin etched onto his green face, “Babe.”

He could clearly imagine the steam bursting out of Raven’s ears, and could clearly see the redness rising in her face.

“Then stop it.” her voice was not human. It was a growl. A demonic growl.

Come to think of it, the redness in her face was more of a blush…

“Anything for you, honeybun.” Beast Boy drawled, his arms now propped onto the table and chin resting on the back of his hands as his body leant in.

“Stop. It.” Raven said as her cheeks got redder and redder.

“Oh, how I cannot put a stop to my love that I have for you, no matter how hard I may try. Oh, woe is me!” Beast Boy cried stupidly and loudly, his arms now flailing in the air as he faked an earth-shattering whimper and voiced one more, almost silent, “Oh, woe is me,” before collapsing onto the table with a crash. Many heads turned. Too many for Raven’s liking.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she whispered harshly, “THIS ISN’T ACTING NORMAL.”

Beast Boy opened one eye.

“You told me to stop acting normal.” he said matter of factly. Raven narrowed her purple eyes.

“You know exactly what I mean.”

“Really?” Beast Boy pushed himself upwards so he was sitting on the table, cross legged and oblivious to the stares.

“Yes, you idiot - you’re gonna blow our cover! get down!”

Beast Boy laughed as the stares slowly ceased.

“Make me, Rae.”

Oh, she was planning just that. That was, until the waitress appeared again with their order.

“Your ice creams. Anything else? - sir, please don’t sit on the table.” her voice still sounded astonishingly fake.

After sitting back down into his seat grudgingly with a huff, the waitress gently placed the ice creams onto the table and left the titans to their food.

Beast Boy devoured it. Even Raven’s. Not that it bothered her though. What was bothering her, was Beast Boy.

“Could you not be such a slob?” Raven asked the moment she noticed the ice cream surrounding Beast Boy’s mouth - and the small splatter on his fore-head. She didn’t bother asking how it got there.

“Can you not be such a bi-“ he caught himself just in time, “Mean person?”

Raven crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow.

“I will once you stop being a slob.”

She faltered when Beast Boy leant over, his hands gripping the edge of the table, and licked his lips, all while keeping his eyes locked on hers. HIs tongue erased all traces of ice cream surrounding his suddenly enticing mouth.

“Happy?” he asked bluntly.

“You missed a spot.” Raven managed to utter levelly, and indicated to the splatter between his brow.

She immediately regretted it.

“Would you get it for me, baby-cakes?” That was the final straw. Beast Boy couldn’t hold back his grin. He actually beamed when Raven literally pounded her fists on the table and bounded out of her chair, eyes glowing crimson. She had had enough. She was going to shut him up. For good.

“Now look who’s blowing our cov-“

Raven’s hands were grasping the fabric of Beast Boy’s jacket and pulling him in before he could finish his sentence. They were nose to nose. Beast Boy was pulled out of his chair and hanging over the table. He gulped.

“Shut up and act normal.” Raven ordered, before smashing her lips onto his. For once, Beast Boy shut up. The only sound he made was a soft purr as he draped his arms over her shoulders.

They stayed like that for what felt like hours. They didn’t care if people were staring, they didn’t  even care if they could be missing a criminal running right past them. They only cared about each other.

So much for the no dating.

 FuneralForMyFat- Getting Started Guide 


But now what? Where do you start? What exercises do what? Muscle building or cardio? What do I eat? Do I limit bread…can I even eat bread? Carbs good or bad?

No one starts the race knowing all the answers! Most of us in this fitblogger world just showed up one day with the same intentions at you, READY TO GET STUFF DONE AND GET FIT!

Step 1: Set Goals That Are Both Long Term And Short Term:

Short Term Examples:

  • Losing 5-10 pounds
  • Running a mile in under 10 minutes
  • Buy a piece of clothing 1 or 2 sizes too small and being able to fit into it.
  • Able to do more push-ups/squats/lunges/jump ropes/ jumping jacks/ burppee’s etc in 1 minute


Long Term Examples:

  • Reaching your goal weight
  • Running a marathon
  • Competition in a cross fit challenge
  • Completing a Spartan run or Warrior Dash
  • Fitting in your dream size
  • Wearing that outfit you’ve always wanted to wear that’s been collecting dust in your closet for years!

By setting both long term and short term goals you allow yourself to enjoy the journey and not just stay focused on the far away DREAM. Little successes will help you see that your goals are achievable and you can do ANYTHING you set your mind too.

Step 2: Understanding Your Eating Habits

Now notice I am not saying “becoming the most nutritional smart person in your life and be able to write a book about the do’s and don’ts of food.” Step 2 is about understanding YOUR eating and how that is either helping or hindering the goals you set for your self in step 1. What types of habits do you have that are preventing you from reaching your goals? Common habits that are goal stoppers:

  • Living on fast food
  • Drinking liquid calories (soda, juices, alcohol)
  • Addicted to the candy aisle
  • Fried foods all day everyday
  • The only fruit you eat are smothered in chocolate and stuffed in candy or the fruit flavored frostings and ice-creams.
  • The only vegetables you have is the occasional piece of lettuce that comes with a burger.
  • You food choices resemble that of teenage boy’s dream kitchen: pizza pockets, ranch, frozen burritos, French fries, pop tarts, doughnuts, cookies, frozen pizza…you get the idea!
  • People drink water when they are thirsty?
  • A salad in your book is basically: fried chicken, cheese, bacon pieces, smothered in ranch with a few pieces of green stuff for colour.

Habits like this will stop you in your tracks before you even have a chance to start! When getting started on your journey, identify your eating habits. Keep a food log for a few days and see what your food habits look like. What time of day are you reaching for sugar? When do you crave heavy cheesy pastas? How many “splurges” are you allowing yourself to have? Understanding your eating habits will help you develop some goals and replacements behaviors.

Step 3: Cleaning Up Your Eating:

So you figured out where you’re messing up. Now I’m gonna share some tips to help you replace your current goal stoppers with goal reachers. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it should! It’s taken directly from my “Cleaning up your eating in 5 weeks” article. Why re-write something that is already working! This is the way I have found helps with reaching goals without feeling overwhelmed.

Week 1: Add A Serving Of Fruits Or Veggies To Every Meal

  • BY adding fruits and veggies to every meal, you will not only fill up faster, but you will learn that veggies and fruits are yummy and not hard to eat.
  • The nutrients from fruits and veggies are hard to find in processed foods. Your body NEEDS/CRAVES the real stuff.

My Suggestions/tips for Week 1:

  • If you are making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich use fruit instead of jelly! Strawberry slices are super yummy and fresh! Or the crunch from an apple is my favorite combo with peanut butter! Bananas also work great!
  • Wraps are a great way to add veggies! Use your favorite salad dressing as the base of the wrap and load up with veggies! You can go raw or cooked veggies: mushrooms, green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, spinach, celery, olives, beans, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, broccoli … NO LIMIT, get creative, find a combo you love! Also don’t be shy to add lean meat for protein.
  • Sub out a a bag of chips, for a cup of grapes or blueberries.

Week 2: No More Fast Food…Ever!

  • Fast food is damaging. it has nothing real. REGARDLESS of what they say on the T.V. its awful. Think of your favorite fitness idol…or favorite Hollywood Trainer (mine is Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover: Weight loss edition) You do NOT see anyone of those people eating fast food.

Tips For Avoiding Fast Food:

  • PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE! Do not set yourself up for failure by not packing a lunch! You know you will be hungry at work/school. SO PLAN FOR IT.

Week 3: Switch To Wheat/Brown Bread, Pasta, Rice:

  • Whole grain is healthy and also more filling for you! Its full of fiber and everything healthy that was sucked out of the white breads/pasta/rice. EAT IT!

Restaurants and cafeterias offer this now, ASK FOR IT. no excuses.

Week 4: Base Every Snack Starting With A Fruit Or A Veggie:

This will teach you that fruits and veggies have more to offer then just side dishes, they can be eating during the day on the go! Check out these healthy snack options:

  • Apples with Peanut butter
  • Strawberries with cool whip
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Peaches with cottage cheese
  • Yogurt with fruit
  • Melon balls
  • Frozen grapes or blueberries
  • Fresh fruit smoothies
  • Bananas with peanut butter
  • Celery sticks with Seasoning salt on them
  • Celery and Peanut butter
  • Cucumbers and hummus or pesto


Soda is just AWEFUL and you know it. so stop lying to yourself. I am not asking you to cut everything about soda, just regular soda.

Step 4: Find YOUR fitness:

Not everyone was made to be runners. The thought of runner make me want to never leave my house. But I LOVE Zumba, bootcamp, crossfit, total body conditioning classes. I like being around people and sweating so much I slip in my puddles of sweat. But I cant run to save my life…it’s too boring for me. And that is OKAY! There are tons of fitness options out there! Set yourself up for success by picking an activity you will LEARN to love (it takes time but it will happen) and also pick a time that will work for you. I cant do 5 am…ever. I would fail at reaching my goals if that was the only time I dedicated to my fitness. So pick a time that will work for you and pick a fitness that will work for you! Create the healthy fit life you enjoy. Not a life full of restrictions and constant body bashing.

Fitness Ideas:

  • Curves gym for women
  • Personal trainer
  • Group training (semi-private personal training)
  • Find a gym with options you would utilize
  • Group fitness classes
  • Cross fit gyms
  • Build up your running using an app like NIKE+ or couch to 5K programs
  • Zombie run app
  • In home programs: Insanity, Asylum, P90X, Tapout XT, Turbo Fire, Beast, Body Pump (my beachbody information will be at the bottom)
  • Zumba studios
  • R.I.P.P.E.D classes
  • Stationary cycling
  • Join a cycling group

Step 5: Create your Goal Board:

All the hard work you put into creating the perfect plan for goal reaching deserves to be hung up! So create a board with your goals in display, print off your 5 week clean eating and create a calendar to keep you organized. Hang up motivational quotes, transformation pictures. Anything that will help you remain dedicated. Motivation will come and go , dedication is what will get you results. Create your Goal Board and you will be on your way to creating the fit-and-healthy YOU.

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Hey, tumblr! yesterday, March 26, a piece of my art was stolen off the wall where it was in a show in Portland Maine. I spent a lot of time and effort on this, and i might even have gotten a scholarship from the installation it was in, but some douchebag walked off with it!

please, if tumblr can get people a fluffy chicken or a plane ticket, can you help me find my art? Even if you can reblog this, just in case someone sees it. If you have any information, PLEASE send me an ask.


Mama Swift was telling some fans how Taylor puts her heart into every song she writes and that the most heart wrenching song she has ever written was All Too Well. She told them that Taylor wrote All Too Well while they were still rehearsing for the Speak Now tour in 2010. Taylor came to the stage and everyone could tell she had been crying. Everyone knew she had just gone through a bad breakup but the show must go on. She picked up a guitar and began to play the opening to All Too Well. She sang bits and pieces of it and the band looked around confused because this was a song they didn’t know. Then it dawned on everyone in the room that they didn’t know the song because she was writing it right then and there. Slowly, the band began to join in with her. By the time she got to the part where it goes ‘you called me up again just to break me like a promise,’ Andrea said she was crying and screaming the words. When she was finished, Mama Swift turned to the sound guy and asked if he recorded it and he tearfully said that he did. She kept the song until the Red album because it was still too raw in 2010.

We had just gotten out of a meeting.  Charlie pulled me into his office and showed me a flaming piece of metal.

“Put that thing down, Charlie,” I said. “Where did you even get that?”

Charlie set it on the table.  The wooden table.

“Don’t put it on the wooden table, Charlie.”

“Sorry,” he said as he quickly picked it back up.

“Why do you have that??”

“The boss said we needed to work on our brand…”

And then I punched Charlie in the face.

With Me
  • With Me
  • Sum 41
  • Sum 41

I don’t want this moment 
To ever end 
Where every thing’s nothing, without you 
I wait here forever just to, 
To see you smile 
Cause it’s true 
I am nothing without you 

Through it all 
I’ve made my mistakes 
I’ll stumble and fall 
But I mean these words 

I want you to know 
With everything, I won’t let this go 
These words are my heart and soul 
And I’ll hold on to this moment you know 
As I bleed my heart out to show 
And I won’t let go 

Thoughts read unspoken 
Forever and know 
Pieces of memories 
Fall to the ground 
I know what I did and how so 
I won’t let this go 
Cause it’s true 
I am nothing without you 

On the streets, where I walked alone 
With nowhere to go 
I’ve come to an end 


In front of you’re eyes 
It falls from the skies 
When you don’t know what you’re looking to find 
In front of you’re eyes 
It falls from the skies 
When you just never know what you will find 
(What you will find [x4]) 

I don’t want this moment 
To ever end 
Where every thing’s nothing, without you 
[Chorus x2]

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“It’s our dream to be the first high school to perform Hamilton. Thank you for creating a musical that speaks to people like us. 

Sincerely, the Kids from Wexford Performing Arts”

So my high school performed a medley of songs from the hit musical Hamilton back in February for a show we did where different performing arts schools showcased their own sets. Ever since then we have been performing bits and pieces of Hamilton for many different gigs and even made it on a Toronto talk show. This here is just a little bit of what we’ve done and it’d be crazy if we could get Lin-Manuel Miranda to see this.


PS: I’m the little blonde Asian girl in the front! Y’all can see me in slo-mo at the end!!!


Remarkable premodern bookmarks

These images show unusual bookmarks from medieval and early-modern times. They are made of stuff that was simply laying around: a leaf from a tree (now hardened), a pin used for fixing clothes, and a piece of straw picked up from the ground. I love these bookmarks for two reasons. One is that they are showing how practical readers half a millennium ago were. Need a little something to mark where you stopped reading? Just stretch out your arm and grab something - as we would today. The other reason why I love it when I encounter things like this in premodern books is the sheer contrast the make-shift bookmarks create: precious old books are not supposed to be filled with pieces of plant and metal! And yet they are. Even more so, while they are perhaps alien objects to our modern eyes, they have become historical: a dried leaf has turned into an object that needs to be catalogued simply because it is found stuck in between 500-year-old pages. Lucky bookmark.

Pics: the leaf I encountered in an incunable in Zutphen’s chained library called De Librije (pic my own); the pin I saw in a document kept in Maastricht, Regional Archives, Collection 18.A Box 834 (pic my own); the straw is from Auckland Libraries, MS G. 185 (pic from this blog).

#BestYearEver: Update Your Space

5 unique ways to make your place feel like home

So you moved into your “new” apartment months ago but it still doesn’t look lived in. Don’t worry, many of us prolong the task of organizing or decorating until we’ve almost forgotten about it, but once you just do it, you’ll be so happy you did. After all, it is your home - you owe it to yourself to make it a place where you want to hang out. We’re sharing our best tips to inspire your interior update, along with some of our go-to home goods that won’t break the bank. Scroll down to get started!

A minimalist vanity

Living room decor

Show your personality. Unique pieces distinguish a nice space from a great one. Look for cool decor items that you can place on tables or bookshelves to give your home a more personal feel, like mirrors (which will create the illusion of a bigger space), quirky bookends or interesting vases.

Copper Easel Mirror

Puppy Bookends

Vintage Toyo Ikebana Geometric Vase

Frame and hang scarves. If you’re at a loss for how to liven up your walls and don’t want to spend too much money, consider framing a series of silk squares. It’s an easy, artsy way to show your style without worrying about what kind of art will look good. Plus, you can mix and match colors and prints for a fun gallery wall!

Love is in the air silk square

RODA Square scarves

Square Printed Scarf

Display your nice things. Having your vanity essentials like jewelry and makeup laid out in front of you not only makes getting ready so much easier, it also makes it more fun. Look for small dishes and jewelry stands that fit in with the feel and look of your room.

Radial Jewelry Stand

Bits & Baubles Trinket Dish

Tiered Vestige Cosmetics Holder

Spruce up your coffee table. Making the common area space a cozy place to be is important, especially if you have people over often. Fill your coffee table with a variety of art books, candles and other accessories that will transform your space.

Kate Moss

Archipelago Botanicals Signature Soy Wax Candle

Vintage Marble Container Set

Don’t forget the bathroom. It’s easy to gloss over bathroom decor, but when you take the time to consider the details, people will notice. A nice soap dish, hand lotion and decorative storage containers go a long way.

Apothecary Soap Dish

Diptyque Velvet Hand Lotion

Scented Glycerin Soap

I get so angry SO ANGRY (ง︡’-‘︠)ง when I see someone getting a NON-OFFENSIVE question in their ask, just something simple like: “hey do you know when the next episode of this show comes out?” and they answer shit like: “idk i’m not google???” EXCUSE YOU, YOU PREPPY FUCKING PEBBLE, THIS IS NOT A REALITY SHOW WHERE BEING A RUDE PIECE OF SHIT IS “COOL AND SASSY” GET OFF YOUR GOLDEN HIGH HORSE AND BE. FUCKING. NICE. TO. PEOPLE!!

Mama Swift was telling us how Taylor puts her heart into every song she writes and that the most heart wrenching song she has ever written was All Too Well. This is my all time favorite song so I held on to every word being spoken. She told us that Taylor wrote All Too Well while they were still rehearsing for the Speak Now tour in 2011. Taylor came to the stage and everyone could tell she had been crying. Everyone knew she had just gone through a bad breakup but the show must go on. She picked up a guitar and began to play the opening to All Too Well. She sang bits and pieces of it and the band looked around confused because this was a song they didn’t know. Then it dawned on everyone in the room that they didn’t know the song because she was writing it right then and there. Slowly, the band began to join in with her. By the time she got to the part where it goes ‘you called me up again just to break me like a promise,’ Andrea said she was crying and screaming the words. When she was finished, Mama Swift turned to the sound guy and asked if he recorded it and he tearfully said that he did. She kept the song until the Red album because it was still too raw in 2011.


“The funny thing is that we all know different things though, so we’ll sit there and compare notes and try to piece it together, just like everyone else. But that’s the fun of it. Like Keegan Allen, who plays Toby, knew right from the beginning—from the second episode!—that his character was the first A. And he never told anyone! We were so mad at him when we found out. But it never goes where you expect it to. In our production office, we have one of those boards with all the photos and the strings connecting the characters. Of course, Alison is in the center of it all. There’s really no one on the show that she hasn’t come in contact with.”

Stubborn Love: Part 2 (Steve x Bucky x Reader)

Plot: What happens when fall in love with two different people, for different reasons, but they just so happen to be each other’s best friend?
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 934
Warnings: None

Part 1

Originally posted by chrisnolanfilms

Sure enough, the next day, Steve texts you and asks you out for coffee. You meet him at a local shop down the street from your office and take the time to get to know each other. It’s a quiet atmosphere, but is definitely nice and a good place to talk.

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Dutch Gothic
  • There is a windmill in the middle of the village you are visiting. You see it looming omniously over the rooftops as you drive by. It seems old. You are surprised to find it in the middle of a village while you’ve been looking for it in the countryside all day yesterday. You take a turn left. Then a turn right. You try to get to where you think the windmill will be. It is gone. You can not find it.
  • Everyone rides bicycles. There is literally more bicycles on the roads than cars. No one wears helmets. You do, and everyone gives you odd glances.
  • Everyones bicycles are old and rusty with pieces missing. They break down often. The Dutch person just sighs, gets of the roads and puts the bicycle upside down. Three minutes later they are riding again, hands covered in black grime.
  • You arranged a meeting at six am. You show up a quarter past six. The Dutch person isn’t there. You wait. They don’t come. They’d already been there at six but left ten minutes later, figuring you weren’t going to show up anymore. They are mad. They blame you. 
  • In the north by the coast there is Friesland. By car you can cross it in an hour. The people there speak Frisian. The Dutch can not understand Frisian. Not a word. They prefer English and German over Frisian any day. No one knows why the people from Friesland insist on speaking Frisian. Everyone is annoyed by this.
  • You growl when you speak. G’s rasping and R’s rattling even in the kindest sentences. The foreigners laugh at you (all but the Germans, of course). You hide your blush and lick your wounds, figuring you’re just going to speak English from now on. Everyone around you speaks English. They feel your pain. 
  • Since a few years the north has earthquakes. They are caused by the government sucking all the gas from the ground. People are fleeing from the countryside, leaving deserted ghost villages in their wake. The people from the North are mad! They keep saying they will become independent and keep all the gas for themselves. Another microcountry. As if Friesland wasn’t enough.
  • A foreign friends comes to visit. You want to cook a nice typically Dutch dish for them as a surprise. You stare at the kitchen counter blankly. All you can think of is mashed potatoes.
  • Spring comes. The people from the south go crazy. The names of all cities and villages are changed. Everyone dresses up in weird costumes as if to disguise or hide their whole land. From what? You wonder. You cross the river northwards. Suddenly it is silent. Everything has gone back to normal.
  • The winter comes. There is no elfstedentocht. Everyone panics anyway, especially in Friesland.
  • There are five small islands off the coast. You have always gone to one of these islands on day trips with your family. You know every single road on this particular island like the back of your hand. You know every rabbit by name. You know nothing about the other islands. You won’t go there. Ever.
  • No one talks about the ocean. Everyone knows it is there, but it has been a threat for so long everyones fear has dimmen and dulled. Like a looming apocalypse that keeps being postponed. Uninteresting. 

I’m happy for Jonghyun, but guys… I know I’m repeating myself, but HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?

This is fucking not normal, his face is sunken, and look at his waist please:

Please be aware of the part where that white piece of clothing gets even more narrow.

And let’s just think about the recent informations of him… He likes darkness. He thinks that no one cares about the true side of him. He barely has someone to openly talk to about his feelings. I cried a whole river watching the “4 Things Show”.

(And of course I can’t forget all the times he cried because he felt the fans’ love and “how much he doesn’t deserve that love”.)

Jonghyun looks more than depressed, guys. Even if he smiles in front of the camera, I can’t stop worrying about him. I really hope his album will get positive feedback, because he deserves it.

(And he fucking needs it. But he really deserves it.)

I really hope he will gain some self-esteem (and weight). Because, honestly guys, how many times did this crazy little puppy make you smile?

I can’t tell you how much I love and respect him, and I really want him to be happy and healthy. It’s so hard to just sit here and write these thoughts down, not being able to help him. And I’m sorry if I bothered you with this post. I’m sorry for my lack in english too. I just… yeah, I just really love him and his music, and I wish him to find happiness in life. T_____T 

*** UPDATE ***
Pleae read THIS POST


Ok so, I know that Hannah, Grace and Mamrie mean a lot to everyone in this fandom. I live in the UK and as you probably know, Hannah and Mamrie hinted that they would probably be coming here this year and I have what I think is a super cool idea!! If you like or reblog this post, I will write down your URL (and your name, age and where you’re from if you want) on a piece of paper and put it in a lil jar to give to them if I’m lucky enough to meet them. Also, if you want a lil paragraph written to them, I will also put that in the jar, just message me with the paragraph! The whole point of this is to show the girls how much they are appreciated and how strong this fanbase is! It doesn’t matter if you’re new here, if you’re young or old, if you only like one of them, if you have or haven’t met them before! Everyone will be put in the jar!

So please spread the word! :)

Tonight might be a night where I actually go to bed “early”

You know, before 10 am or 12 pm like I usually do. maybe even before the sun rises.

think I might have overworked my hand this weekend, i’m feeling ultra owie D: 

As always I feel kinda rotten that I can’t post anything i’ve been working on so there’s just so many text posts, so since these pages are available for preview already, i’m sure it’s fine to show you some WiP pieces from Vrisky Business! 

Vriska’s a ton of fun to draw so it was p great trying to see how many different subtle emotions I could force into her “HAHA IT’S FINE. IT’S FINE!!!” manic-denial


This is my best friend. He is talented, hilarious and a little bizarre. He is also a person with Cystic Fibrosis. It’s something that affects his daily life, but he’s never let it be his entire life. 

This October a theater company he is apart of is creating a piece of theater that explores what it is like to be a young person living with CF. It’s been inspired in part by his blog which explores everything from his work in theater to his struggles with CF.

I’m insanely proud, and would be making a post about it just to brag about my amazing friend. But the show the show is also looking for crowd funding. I live in England and he lives in Scotland where the show is being put on. This means I won’t be able to see the show myself, however I am hoping I can spread the word about the piece like crazy. I know most of you won’t be able to donate, but every reblog helps spread awareness of the work and might even lead some people who are lucky enough to live nearby to go see it. And if you do donate, you can get everything from a soundtrack from the show to a cupcake as your reward for being so freaking awesome.

This is a story that deserves to be heard, and I’m so proud to know the person that has started to tell it. 

HEY, I’M ALIVE CROWD FUNDING PAGEhttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hey-i-m-alive

Sexy Paint Practice.

I wasn’t kidding when I said “Juicy” in my last post XD Tried out some new cg painting techniques and accidentally drew more girls again. Just realized there are characters from movies, games & tv shows in this piece. If you know where they’re all from, we should be friends XD (No cheating by looking at the tags)

I’m gonna go slow on the updates now and concentrate on stuff that puts food on the table. As for Anon questions, here’s me keeping my fingers crossed hoping they will get answered >.< Until then!

Edit: Hi-res vers over at deviantart

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