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↳ “We don’t just act like Avengers anymore. We are Avengers.”


Make me Choose Meme

Asked by shiroyoh - Luffy or Ace
Asked by indyctator - Luffy being an idiot or Luffy being hella serious and kicking butts
A pissed off Luffy (*‿*✿)

Vidya Balan for cineblitz

Ulcer Store

FRENCH TEENAGER: Please, where is, ehh, the Ulcer Store?
CONCIERGE: I’m sorry, which store?
FRENCH TEENAGER: Ulcer Store. For Ulcer clothing.
CONCIERGE: Are you… do you… ulcer?
FRENCH TEENAGER: Ulcer clothing. The Ulcer Store.
CONCIERGE: Ulcer Store?

Can you guess what she was asking for? First person to guess gets a prize.

Soon, Hope also began to see strange visions and shadows. It was of a rose-haired woman. He couldn’t tell exactly who it was because the phantom would disappear before he could see it clearly. It would fade before his voiced reached it. And when he would begin to dismiss and forget about it, the vision would suddenly appear before him again.  

-FFXIII REMINISCENCE “The Rose Haired Phantom”

Will of a Parent~ (rp with pink-haired-hero)

No ones ever truly ready to become a mother or father, as these things can never be prepared for. And so, it has befallen on Eiri to prove her worth as one.

Eiri had prepared an Ordon soup for lunch, one of her husband’s favorite. And secretly she hoped it was Past’s as well, though she never questioned him about it.

“Past! Lunch is ready!” She set the giant pot on the kitchen table, then opened the cupboard for bowls. It was empty. “E-Ehh?? Where..?? Where are the plates??” She began to panic, frantically searching for them around the kitchen

The time Gail was almost late to her wedding

I have no idea where this came from. So ehh. I might have been thinking ‘The hangover’ but I hope you enjoy. :)

Also, sorry if it all seems really rushed, but that was the pace/tone I was aiming for since they are all in a rush.


Gail is going to kill them. She is going to cut them into tiny bits and incinerate them.

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I just got my hands on this. Needless to say, I’m happy as shit. #retrogaming #doom64 

Does it work? Yes, heh. I actually asked to get it tested and it did (after two unsuccessful tries where I just thought “Ehh, probably it isn’t worth it”). Now, I don’t have a Nintendo 64 to play this, but I’m happy with the cart as it is. People sell tons of N64 consoles so that’s not my main worry.

I love Ephiphany’s Eve.