“stop eating random shit you find on the ground”

“*gently soothes her and selflessly gives her things they actually need for themselves*”

“u g h you’re such a brat *lowkey would carry her to the end of the earth*”

“*holds her hand and comforts her even when they’re scared too*”


like idk if she’s more of a toddler or a dog but either way orphan girl/opal is literally their weird goat daughter and you just know they’ve already got a plan worked out for when adam goes to college and they’re both completely in love and committed and in it for the long haul and i love how their relationship managed to be subtle while still completely obliterating any reader ideas that adam may want to leave entirely or isn’t every bit as invested in ronan and the barns and his future there as he is in college and success and this is getting off topic the point is RONAN AND ADAM: ACCIDENTAL MAGIC TEEN DADS


It was said, before she wed Steffon Baratheon, no one could make Lady Cassana laugh as happily as her second brother Lomas. And even after the lady had moved to Storm’s End and wedded the stormlord, her brother would visit as often as possible.  Tülin Özen as Cassana Estermont, Kadir Doğulu as Lomas Estermont


they couldn’t seem more married even if they tried

The Apartment ~ Robron

((This is the stuff that happens when I get inspiration from a poll. It’s not great, forgive me, but I wrote it in about 10 minutes.))


Aaron adjusted the picture on the bedside table. One of him and his mum. Some selfie she’d taken of him and he’d claimed he hated it at the time but really, having something of the two of them, something where they were smiling, made him happy.

It made this place feel like home.

As warm hands slipped round his waist, he thought about the other thing that made this place special. “Finished organising the kitchen then?”

Robert stopped kissing Aaron’s neck to respond. “Mhhm, all done.”


Robert smiled, nuzzling against Aaron’s neck. He still couldn’t believe it. Everything felt so perfect. So wonderful. He had Aaron, they had this apartment all shining and new, and they’d made it look like home.

“What you thinking about?”

“You… Us… this.”

Aaron turned in Roberts grasp, catching eyes with his boyfriend. “Mm, well, how about instead of thinking about this, we celebrate it.”


“Yeah… How about a beer? Finally get my chance to show you off. Properly.”

“And by show me off you mean?”

“Hold your hand and kiss you.”

“Oh so you can kiss me in public now?”

“Shut it.” Aaron laughed, stepping closer to press his lips to Robert. “I just didn’t want to rush things.”

“I know, I was just joking.”

“I know.”

There was a pause, and it was delicious, filled with love, gentle and tender and delicate. Internally Aaron apologised for trying to keep there relationship fairly secret, his family knew, of course, but he had never indulged Robert in so much as holding his hand when they were in the street. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, it was just that he was scared of things going too fast - They definitely weren’t.

Robert had never once objected, but when Aaron suggested the apartment, suggested they move in together, Robert had been dumbfounded. The suggestion was Aaron’s way of saying he wasn’t worried he was rushing things anymore, and Robert grabbed the opportunity with both hands like a puppy.

So here they were, walking down the street hand in hand to go for a drink. A celebration.

Robert stopped just before the pub. “Are you sure? …Not just about this drink, about the apartment, about hold-” He was cut off by a kiss. “You’re supposed to have been the one cheering me up for the last couple of months, what’s got you so scared?”

“I don’t know… I don’t want to ruin things.”

“You’re not gonna, Robert. Stop worrying." 
"I always worry, Aaron… I love you.”

That delicious silence filled the air again, except this time it seemed sad. To see Robert so scared made Aaron worried.

“I know, I love you too. Now come on, stop being a sap and let’s go for a drink.” Aaron laughed, pulling Robert into the pub, his hand still holding on.

Always holding on.

For each other, always.


Don’t tell me you used a body double with Ygritte!
[Laughs] No, not with her. Mainly, early on, when my foot was still bad, for the wide shots, when there were running scenes. But apart from that, I could do everything. And that was a lovely scene to film, with Rose Leslie. It’s one of the rare moments in the series where you get quite a tender, happy moment between two people. We were looking forward to filming it, because it was so beautifully written, and then when we did it, it’s so beautifully lit. I enjoyed it a lot, and it wasn’t too awkward. I think Jon’s the only one on the show who hasn’t had sex yet, it seems to be, so that was nice. You’re rooting for him to finally, for want of a better word, get laid. So it was good to get that on the show, as it was.

How did you prep it beforehand?
Rose and I had some spooning practice in the second season, with that scene on the top of the cliff. And you obviously talk it through beforehand. But it’s also a very clinical procedure, you know? It’s very strange. I’ve never done a love scene before, and especially a nude scene, so it’s very strange being naked in front of a hundred or so people. So we obviously rehearsed it a few times — fully clothed, mind you! But this wasn’t sex for manipulation. There were no power games going on. And it’s not just lost. It’s a love scene, and I think that’s important to identify, for this show. There are very few love scenes [on Game of Thrones], so we wanted to do it justice. It was important that we didn’t screw it up. Hopefully it worked. - Kit Harington 2013

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