Car Accident (Kyle Spencer)

Warning: slight angst, some fluff, and a whole lotta Kyle. Enjoy!

“Don’t worry so much, Kyle!” You laughed, kissing him on the cheek. “Babe, I’m just going to visit my parents. The drive isn’t that far.” Kyle still looked a bit worried, his hair tousled since he had just woken up. You smiled, reaching your hands up to try and get his hair to lay semi-flat. “I promise, I will be just fine. Come on. Please? Smile for me?” Kyle half-smiled, still a bit worried.

“You know I don’t like long drives. But, alright. I’m sure you’ll be fine. You’ll be careful,” Kyle relented, hugging you and yawning into your neck. “You’ll be back this afternoon?”

You nodded slightly, wrapping your arms around his pyjama-clad body. “I’ll only be gone a few hours. Go see a movie or something. Better yet, take a nap! I know how you like your sleep.” You pressed a few short kisses to his temple before pulling back. “Go back to sleeeeep.” You insisted, laughing slightly before pulling away from his grabby-hands completely, knowing you’d never leave if he kept begging. He sleepily followed you to the door, leaning against the door frame.

“Bye, babe. Have a nice trip. Be back safe. Bon voyage.” He punctuated each sentence with a kiss to your head. You giggled, pushing him off. Kyle smiled. He loved moments like this, where you two were just happy. He was inexcusably, inexplicably, irreversibly in love with you.

“Bye, Kyle. I’m serious!” You were smiling, though, which made Kyle give you a sleepy grin. “I need to go! Go back to bed, before it gets too cold. You hate that.” You pulled out of his grip, making Kyle give you a fake pout. You lightly pushed the door closed, walking down the hallway in your apartment complex. Kyle yawned, shuffling back to your bed before collapsing under the covers.


He wasn’t really sure what time it was but his phone was going off under his head. Kyle groaned, reaching under the pillow to grab it. “Yeah?” He asked, voice laced with sleep.

“Are you Kyle Spencer?” Came a crisp woman’s voice. Kyle sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Wh- yeah, I am. What can I do for you?” Kyle was confused, still half-asleep.

“Are you Y/N L/N’s boyfriend? She’s been in a car accident. She will be alright, sir, don’t panic. She’s at Tulane Medical Center, in room 107. Can you-”

“Yeah, no, I’ll be there in, like, eight. She’ll be okay, right? What’s the damage? I mean, I don’t mean like that, I mean what happened? I mean, I know what happened but-” His voice was frantic until the woman cut him off. He scrambled to get his sneakers and car keys, listening to the woman speak calmly.

“Sir, please calm down. Your girlfriend will be alright. She is fine, there are just a few things we need to check out.”

“I’m calm I’m just…Wow, no, I’m fine, let me get in the car, I’ll be there soon.” Kyle said, darting out the door, slamming it behind him.


“Did I tell her I loved her?” Kyle mumbled as he pulled into the parking lot. “No, I love her. Not past tense. God, I don’t think I did. I hope she’s okay-” He half choked on his unshed tears, running towards the entrance as soon as he had parked. He couldn’t care about anything but getting to you. “I told her to be careful, why doesn’t she listen to me…”


“Y/N? Y/N?” Kyle spoke softly, stepping into the room. “Y/N- oh god you’re in a coma aren’t you why didn’t you tell me she’s-”

“Sir, she’s just asleep. Please keep your voice down. There’s a chair next to her bed. She won’t be here for more than a day. You can stay with her.” The nurse said, her voice quiet as she patted Kyle’s shoulder before leaving. Kyle nodded, walking over to your bed.

“Y/N?” Kyle’s voice was now a whisper, choked with tears. He sat in the chair, reaching for your hand and rubbing his thumb across your knuckles. “I-I’m so sorry, this is….This is my fault. I shouldn’t have let you go.” He lightly rested his head on your stomach, letting himself cry freely since you wouldn’t see him. “I just…I couldn’t….I love you and I only wanted the best for you. I…I should’ve stopped you.” Kyle’s already quiet voice was muffled by your stomach. “I should’ve….I should’ve been there. This is my fault, I’m never letting you go out alone again. Please forgive me, I l-love you s-so much.” His shoulders shook slightly, grip on your hand tightening. “P-please, Y/N….How can I ever hope to m-marry y-you if I c-can’t even p-protect you?” He sobbed slightly, tears hitting your stomach. Your free hand came up to run itself through his hair.

“Hey, ssh. It’s okay, dear. I’m fine.” Kyle’s head snapped up at your soft voice.

“Y-Y/N?” His face was tear stained as he scanned your face, taking in the cuts and bruises. You gave him a sweet smile, lightly brushing away the tear tracks with your thumb.

“Hi, Kyle. I sorry I didn’t listen to you this morning. I…the truck just came out of nowhere. I shouldn’t have scared you-”

“No no no no no, don’t you dare apologize, this isn’t your fault, Y/N.”

“It isn’t yours either, Kyle Spencer. And why on earth would this keep me from marrying you? I love you, so I mean…But don’t you dare propose while I look like this.” Your tone turned teasing as you laughed slightly, ending in a cough.

“Hey, hey, hey. You’re in the hospital. It’s okay.” Kyle’s smile was back at your attempt to make him happy, before immediately shifting back to concern. “Go back to sleep. I’m not leaving.”

Woo!! I finally posted something again! This took me like twenty minutes and I haven’t proofread it so I apologize for any mistakes. I am still sick, so bear with me. Enjoy Kyle, my smol pure son.

Jungkook: Begin (Drabble)

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A/N: So I’ve been having a lot of writers block lately and I realized that it had to do with the fact that I had been putting more focus on requests than on what I wanted to write.  I’ll be writing a short drabble series inspired by each of the member’s individual song on WINGS. I promise I’ll get to your requests but I just want to have a chance to explore my own ideas and try to improve my writing with this. I hope you all can understand<3

Had the world always been so devoid of colour?

Jungkook had always been one to mask his emotions. His outer cold appearance often being mistaken as heartless. However, Jungkook was anything but that. To say he didn’t feel, was like saying that clouds were made out of cotton candy; It was fiction.

Although it had only been a week, it had felt like an eternity to Jungkook. An eternity with a restless heart. An eternity without happiness.  An eternity without you.

Sure, he had loved but he had never actually been in love, not until he met you of course.  Jungkook was hard to open up to people, hardly ever letting anyone in. That’s why it surprised him when he found that he could so easily share himself with you. Your relationship had come so natural. Nothing had ever been forced; the two of you just clicked. You were so good together, it was almost as if you had found the other half of yourselves in each other. Jungkook sure felt like he had and he was certain that you had too. So how could things have possibly gotten so bad between the two of you?


Lying in bed the last week had done nothing to soothe the ache in your chest. If anything the pressure against it had only seemed to built up even more. You weren’t sure if anything could distract you from the whirlpool of emotions you felt, but you did know that sitting in bed crying all day wouldn’t do anything either.

So, with much effort, you decided that maybe some fresh air would do you some good. Almost as if you were on auto-pilot, you changed into a pair of workout clothes and put on a pair of running shoes before heading outside.

The decision to break up hadn’t been an easy one. The second the words had left your mouth you had regretted them. Your heart had sunk even further when you saw his face drop.

If you could rewind time you would. You desperately wished to return back to a time where the two of you were happy and not always bickering and having argument after argument. Back to a time were being with each other didn’t feel strained or forced.

You were both scared to admit it, but during your time together the two of you had grown. Grown into completely different people with different mindsets and goals. You knew that it was only natural for people to go through a change in character during their lifetime, but you just wish it hadn’t been with him. You loved him, you still loved him and you weren’t sure if you’d ever stop loving him but you knew that letting him go was the right choice.

You would only be a hindrance and stand in the way of  him and the dreams he so ambitiously dreamed of achieving. You wanted him to be happy and you knew that he could no longer be that with you. Letting him go was the right choice, you continued to repeat to yourself as you ran, just like you had been doing this past week, desperately wanting to believe it.

The only thing that seemed to bring you any comfort was the small glimmer of hope that maybe one day the two of you would have a chance to begin again.

“Support Me”

As promised, I give an angsty fic that’s going to have two different endings. An angst to fluff, then an angst to ANGST.

Link to the request is here

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Newt had been hard at work, getting the third draft of his book approved by his editor. Ironically, the very organization that commissioned him to write the book was making it the hardest to get through.

It had been one of the most stressful processes of his life, for more reasons than one.

It was completely crazy that they had rejected his book so many times, requesting changes that he could never agree to. He felt like his work was being picked apart, and the creativity and passion of it was vanishing before his very eyes.

He was surprised he hadn’t lost his sanity a long time ago, but there was one thing grounding him.

You. You had been his anchor ever since he began the project.

He had met you in New York in 1926, full of fire and ambition, and you two fell in love almost immediately. Every moment with you was an adventure, and every feeling was one of excitement, danger, and lust.

So there was a period where the two of you were happy, running around the world together and living in the moment.

But like all moments, they have to end to make room for the next one. For you, what ended the moment was the job opportunity of a lifetime.

You were a powerful witch, everyone knew that. Your talents were like no one he’s ever seen, and so the minute you stepped into London, you were noticed by the one and only Rufus Scrimgeor of the Ministry of Magic. He had given you an outstanding job offer in the Department of Law Enforcement, and while it was an amazing opportunity, it was unspeakably dangerous.

He wanted to be as supportive as possible, but it was just so hard when you would spend late nights in the field,and he was left wondering if you were coming home that night.

He would wait up every time just to make sure you had gotten back okay.

When you finally did come home, you were either nursing some kind of injury, or were completely exhausted.

You often came home after midnight, and Newt waited for you until you were safe and sound inside the apartment. Because of this, he was physically and emotionally tired pretty much all the time, and he feared the illusion of your happy relationship was finally beginning to fade.

And now, he sat hunched over his paperwork, staring at hundreds of angry letters.

He glanced at the wall clock, noticing it was well after midnight. Looked like he would have another restless night.

It was about 1:30 in the morning when he finally heard the key click in the lock.

He looked up and watched you enter the room, dark circles hung under your eyes.

You stopped, staring at your boyfriend who was still buried to his neck in work.

“Good evening” Newt greeted, breaking the silence.

“Are you still working on those forms for the ministry?” you directed your attention to his messy desk.

“Have been since yesterday” he shot you a small smile, and dove back into his work.

You were biting your lip and rubbing your thumbs together, habits you both did when something was eating away at your mind.

You willed your legs to move, but you were locked to the carpet.

Newt looked back up from his work, realizing you hadn’t left your initial position, and dropped his pen.

“Is there something wrong?”

You took a deep breath, and nodded, struggling to keep eye contact. He knit his eyebrows and tried to move closer to you, but you crossed your arms over your chest and took a step back.

“I-I know it hasn’t been very fair to you…with how busy I’ve been with work and all…and you need to know that I feel terrible about it” you started, and Newt looked taken aback.

“You don’t need to apologize to me”

“No…no  I really do. Scrimgeor assigned me to a case in the United States.” he finally locked eyes with you, his mouth slightly agape.

“W-well? Did you take it?” he had a sinking feeling he already knew what the answer was.

“I did” You could hear a pin drop the room was so silent. You were holding your breath, silently begging Newt to say something.

“How long?” his voice was barely above a whisper.

You shrugged and sighed, looking around.

“Could be weeks, maybe months” He let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding, and began to walk backwards away from you.

“Newt! Newt you have to hear me out, I-” you called frantically, trying to stop him, but he turned around abruptly, eyes full of conflict.

“You had no other choice, right? That always seems to be the case. You will lose this once in a lifetime job if you, God forbid, say no to your boss.” Newt felt his adrenaline begin to pump and his voice start to rise, something that was so rare for him.

“Newt, I-”

“You are so mindlessly following the orders of the ministry, that you haven’t stopped to realize that you could be getting yourself seriously hurt! You’re expendable to them, why can’t you see that?” you widened your eyes, and shot back at him.

“Mindlessly following orders? Expendable?! This is my job! I choose to take these missions, how can you not support me?”

“I have supported you since the very beginning, something I can’t about you” the words left his mouth without warning, and immediate regret washed over him. Well…can’t go back now.

You gasped, and took a step back, ready to explode.

“Excuse me? Who moved to London to be with you while you worked on this book, which by the way hasn’t even been published yet! What is all of this?” you stomped over to his area, and picked up one of the several letters littered across his space, and began to read one out loud.

“‘The portions of your book that mention animals are wordy and unorganized, and they are shoe-horned into an evil plot centered around a misunderstood wizard boy.’ Your editor hates you! How are you ever going to get this published?” you crumpled the paper and threw it at his chest.

“I am helping the world, I am keeping dark magic from infecting the world, what are you doing? Some pointless project about some creatures that are completely wasting your time!” You hadn’t realized how loudly you had been yelling until you saw Newt’s face, completely ashamed and horrified.

‘Take it back, take it back’ the voice in your mind was going a million miles a minute.

Newt didn’t quite know what to say, so he bent over and picked up the crumpled letter from the floor.

“This is my passion…my life’s work. If it’s so difficult to balance our careers and this” he motioned between the two of you.

“Well maybe we shouldn’t” you said almost automatically, throwing your hands in the air.

You didn’t mean it, you didn’t want to break up. You didn’t want to leave it like this.

But there was nothing left to say. You were left with the crippling fear you had just lost everything.

“I should probably leave tonight” you said, and he switched his gaze to the floor.

He looked so heartbroken and lost, like everything he had was suddenly turned upside down.

Your face fell. What had you just done? You were unbelievably stressed and exhausted, you didn’t mean any of that.

“Alright then” he continued to stare at his shoes, and didn’t notice you had brushed past him on the way to get your things.

With a quick flick of the wand, you were completely packed with the bare minimum of what you needed, and all too soon, you were back in the living room, ready to say goodbye to your boyfriend.

“Newt…” you called, but his eyes didn’t move.

“I-I’ll see you later” and you were out the door, with a very final click of the lock.

He felt like he was floating above his body. What was he doing? He didn’t want you to leave.

You might not come back, the realization dawned on him.

He wanted to run into the hallway and get you, but he was ashamed to say he didn’t.

He slowly sunk back down into his chair, carefully opening the crumpled letter you had thrown at him not five minutes ago.

He returned to his work, and willed himself to think of anything other than your argument.

He supposed he would just have to wait for you to come back, whenever that would be.

He found himself staring at the door, begging it to open and bring you back into his arms.

But it didn’t, and he was suddenly, entirely alone.


It was said, before she wed Steffon Baratheon, no one could make Lady Cassana laugh as happily as her second brother Lomas. And even after the lady had moved to Storm’s End and wedded the stormlord, her brother would visit as often as possible.  Tülin Özen as Cassana Estermont, Kadir Doğulu as Lomas Estermont

First Love - Kai

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[on his way to steal your girl]

Idol : Kai // bit of D.O

Genre : Angst // bit of Fluff



“Who is she?”, you screamed, slamming the door behind you as you barged into the living room.

“Who’s who?”, Jongin asked looking up from his phone on the couch.

“You know who I’m talking about Jongin!”, you snapped, rolling your eyes at him.

“No I don’t (Y/N), just say whatever you want to say.”, he huffed,irritation evident in his voice.

“Who is she?”, you asked, shoving your phone into his face. Slowly, he took your phone out of your grasp and looked at your screen.

“Yeah I know her, she’s my sister.”, your eyes widened. It was his sister? It made sense now, you haven’t meet any of his family yet.

“You know (Y/N), I thought you’d trust me.”, Jongin said in an icy tone. “I-I d-” “But obviously, I was wrong.”,  he cut short before you could finish your sentence.

“So I’ll leave you to yourself, come to me when you trust me enough to not suspect every girl I’m with as the person I’m cheating on you with.”, Jongin spat, getting off his seat on the couch. You stood frozen, your brain processing everything.

“Wait Jong-”, you called out only to be responded by the loud slamming of the door.


It had only been a week since Jongin stormed out of your apartment but you missed him like crazy. After the fight you had, it felt so stupid when you think about it now. You isolated yourself from the outside world. You never left the apartment unless it was urgent or you ran out of food. Food; the last few things you ate, you couldn’t remember. Was it real food, or just junk food?


The constant loneliness ate you from the inside. It was as if you couldn’t function without him, your first love, your other half. You yearned for his touch, his smile, his embrace. You missed the moments where you two were happy together, not the constant fighting. You missed him.


That’s it. You broke, cracked, crumbled down. You missed him too much, it was unbearable. Hastily rubbing your tears, you reached out to your phone. After much thought, you admitted it. You regret ever being so suspicious, jumping to conclusions.

You : Hey Jongin, been a while hasn’t it?

         A week to be exact…

         I thought about what you said, and I can admit it, I was wrong.

         Can we meet up and talk about it?      

Jongin : (Y/N) not now, maybe later

Your eyes filled with rage as you read his one reply to your multiple ones. ‘Maybe later’? The one time you wanted to apologize, he doesn’t want to meet up?

Furious, you went to the bathroom to wash your mascara stained face, getting any evidence of you ever crying. Grabbing your keys, you drove to the one place he’d always be, the practice room.


Having been to the SM building on multiple occasions, you got in no problem. You took your sweet time getting to the practice room, giving you enough time to think up of an apology.


The sound of the elevator broke your thoughts, notifying your arrival to your desired floor. You were a nervous wreck, stumbling over your words even in your mind. As you reached out to turn the door knob, you stopped to a halt.

Moans. That’s what you heard, not only that but groans, ones so familiar to you. The sounds of their pleas and thirst moans made you disgusted.

Slowly and carefully, you opened the door, and sure enough, the sight before you fulfilled your suspicions. It was Jongin and the girl from the picture. He lied to you.

Their eyes bolted to you, separating immediately, covering their themselves as you cleared your throat. “You guys seem to be having fun”, you smiled with sarcasm.

“(Y/N) I-”

“You know, I came all this way to apologize but I’m not regretting it. I’m glad I did, or else who knows how long I’d still be chasing after you.”

“Wait, let me explain.”, Jongin cried out.

“What for? I’ll leave you to your fun, tootles~”, you smiled, twinkling your finger in goodbye.

 You could hear Jongin yelling at the girl through the closed door. “If you didn’t seduce me, none of this would’ve happened!” Him, seduce? You knew he did it on purpose, at he sounded like her did.

You dashed out the building as fast as your legs could carry you, tears spilling from your eyes. Hair flowing in the wind, you collided into someone, causing both of you to fall onto the ground.

Opening your tightly squeezed eyes, you laid your eyes on a man with large doe-like eyes and plump lips.

“Oh my god, are you okay?”, the stranger asked, helping you up.

“N-no I’m fine.”, you said. As soon as he saw your tear stained cheeks, his eyes widened.

“I’m Kyungsoo, why are you crying? Do you want to talk about it?”, Kyungsoo said, offering a small smile.


Kim Jongin was your first love. Do Kyungsoo was your last. Maybe you should’ve thanked Jongin for breaking your heart, or else you wouldn’t have found the one who did the opposite; heal it. Everything he did, lead up to this moment, and you were thankful of that.

“I do.”, the man standing in front of you said.

You looked down at your intertwined hands. “I do.”, you said, a blushing crawling up to your face.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Don’t be afraid of falling in love, no matter how many times your heart breaks, it’ll be healed by the one your destined to be with. Your red threads of fate will bring you two together, completing your heart, that’s missing it’s other half, your jagiya.

Sam the Fanfiction Writer

Mini Prompt from anon: Sam gets so annoyed with the sexual tension between Dean and Cas that he starts to write gay Destiel fanfiction. First fairly sweet, fluffy stuff but as the tension gets worse, his writing becomes more and more smutty. Then, one day, Dean borrows Sam’s laptop…. And finds the Destiel fanfiction

Inspired by this creation of mine:


’And then Dean leaned forward past the newspaper he now discarded and pressed his chapped lips against Cas’-‘” Sam’s typing was briefly interrupted when the door to his room knocked a few times, instantly he recognized the rhythm that was Dean’s.

“What?” Sam half screamed as he saved his latest fiction story about his brother’s oblivious love for Cas and exited the Word document. The writing had started a few weeks ago, when they had gone to a therapist (on a job) and the woman had told him that writing solves a lot of things. Sam was sick of his brother and Cas pattering around their love, so he took things into his own hands and wrote different universes where the two finally were happy and together. It made Sam happy to think that somewhere his brother grabbed hold of the love he deserved.

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