Jack loves bringing baked goods to things. He especially loves when word gets around and people expect him to bring baked goods to things. If Bitty hasn’t baked anything recently, he’ll just go to a bakery to pick up something to bring along. It turns into His Thing. He buys paper napkins by the pallet. He’ll go into crowds of fans and hand around cookies.

Our boy has always had social anxiety where he’s super worried about what people think of him, but this lets him totally re-program his brain in what intentions he ascribes to people.

People jumping up and down, shrieking, being really fannish: “They  must be really excited for these cookies!”

People looking neutral/inquisitive: “They’re wondering if I brought cookies today.”

People looking displeased/critical: “They’re disappointed I don’t have mini-pies today.”

It makes dealing with people so much more pleasant. He loves it.

me texting a friend at 3 pm: lovely day we’re having :)

me texting a friend at 3 am: beauty and the beast au where everything is the same except mrs potts is voiced by soulja boy and has long legs attached to her face

exo reaction to wanting to stay with them after a fight with your parents

request:  anonymous said to cosmosyoongi:  Hi I was wondering if you could do an exo reaction where you fight with your parents and call up one of the boys (ur bf) and tell them home doesnt feel like home anymore and they comfort you. Thanks if you can!

(a/n): I hope you don’t mind that I made this ot9!! 


as soon as he heard your sobs coming through his phone, minseok’s heart dropped. he absolutely hated seeing you cry & would do anything to stop it. he would welcome you with open arms, glad that you came to him for comfort in such an upsetting time. 

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you didn’t even have to ask to stay with junmyeon for a little while. once he heard the words “this just doesn’t feel like home anymore” he told you that you could of course just stay at his place for however long you needed. 

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he was so sad to see you upset, trying really hard to cheer you up & make you feel better. inside, he was actually infuriated that anyone could treat his jagi so harshly. 

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didn’t even think twice about letting you stay with him, for he had already been trying to hint that you should move in together anyway. comforted you by cracking dumb jokes & telling you funny stories about the unwise adventures he & chanyeol have been on. 

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when he finally found out just how bad your fight was, he got mad. jongdae was so angry that someone hurt you like this that he would not stop ranting about it & saying that he feels the need to do something about it. but he didn’t do anything other than cuddle with you & tell you that you don’t need to worry, for he’ll take care of you even more now. 

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after you explained to him your fight with your parents he consoled you & even tried offering a few ways to make up with them & get past this. but when you explained that home just didn’t feel like home anymore, he understood & just held you in his arms instead. 

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kyungsoo would try to find a solution to your problem & would encourage you still even when you said that you didn’t feel at home there anymore. but if you insisted on just forgetting about it, he wouldn’t continue to push. 

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jongin, like chanyeol, tried to offer other ways you could possibly make up with them. but when he saw how truly upset you were he would make sure you had enough time to calm down before you began to think about what you were gonna do. for the moment, he just gave you a ton of little kisses & very long hugs. 

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like jongdae, he’d get mad that someone could bring so much pain to his jagi. he’d want so badly to scream at someone for doing this to you but would know that that wouldn’t help anything so he kept his mouth shut. 

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  • boys:where are all the boy positivity posts
  • girls:stop bitching and make ur own
  • boys:ok *stop bitching and make their own*
  • girls:*hijack boy positive posts, add hateful comments, or make them about girls*
  • boys:*look into the camera like they're on The Office*
Seventeen Reaction

“Hello! Can you do a reaction for Hip Hop Unit + Hoshi about seeing their s/o doing a debut performance in a music show”

Seungcheol: Have you seen that one video where the fan boy is screaming and holding up a sign? That’s Seungcheol. He would be your number one fan, singing your whole song and dancing to your parts. He would be so proud of you because you finally debuted. After he saw you next he would engulf you in a big warm hug “I’m so proud you made it!”

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Wonwoo: Wonwoo would be quieter than Seungcheol, he would sit behind stage and watch you from the tv. He’d have this big gushy smile on his face watching you, whenever you have your part he’d sing along with you. “Babe you debuted! You looked like such a natural”

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Mingyu: Much like Seungcheol he would be screaming and singing along the entire time. It would bring him back to the time he debuted. He’d watch you preform and by the look on your face he knew this was what you wanted. He would be so proud of you and so impressed because he knew the struggles of being a trainee “that’s my baby up there!!!”

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Vernon: He’s would be a shy little thing, whenever you have a solo part he would start blushing. He’d be so happy and proud of you that you made it this far in your career. Vernon would be the type to crowd you when you get off stage “How was it! You debuted! You’re an idol!”

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Hoshi: of all people trust that this little ball of fluff and excitement would be supporting you the whole time. He’d be there when you got on and got off stage. If you were nervous he’s tell you all of the stories and things he does so he doesn’t get nervous anymore. “Trust me baby you’ll do absolutely amazing! I love you fighting!!”

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🚈 Trip…

Jordyn: “Momma, how long is it going to take for the train to get here? It’ seems like AGES!.”

B: “Hang in there cuddle bugg. It’ll be here before you know it.”

Boys: “Where we going?”

Mr.Simth: “On an adventure.”

Jax: “I’m ready!”


“You’re ALWAYS ready!”

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Someone's getting pushed into a lake this roadtrip and I feel it's our duty to figure out who (both in doing the pushing and falling in) and where it will happen (at least the first time).


Adrien is the victim the first time. Again not on purpose because Alya and Nino were messing around on the dock while taking pictures. Alya shoved into Nino after he ruined her shot for the third time and Nino lost his balance and smacked into Adrien and whoops there goes Adrien and his phone (that’s like his 4th one on this trip jfc). Nino and Alya are freaking out and Nino tries to pull him out but Adrien decides to punk him and pull him in. Marinette comes by to check on what’s going on and Alya’s laughing at Nino until he grabs her by the ankle and tugs her in. Marinette tries to save Alya but Alya’s like “NO SAVE MY PHONE.” and she fricken chucks it and hits Marinette in the face so Marinette stumbles and falls in too but at least Alya’s phone manages to survive the ordeal????

Also there are a bajillion lakes in America lmao. Take yur pic friend.

Unwanted (6)- Rap Monster Angst

Part 5       Unwanted Masterlist

After a bad breakup with his girlfriend, Namjon decides to completely ignore the fact that he has a child.

But, the time dawns where him and the boys have to help.

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part of why I love the wide window is the fact that Klaus Baudelaire is at Peak Smartarse for the entire book. at no other point in the series does he act as much like an actual 12 year old boy than in the Wide Window, where he says things like ‘He’s the worst person on earth.’ and ‘I have eye problems and you’re arguing with me.’

Tough Love.

Do you think you can do an imagine where pan captures you as his prisoner and begins to fall in love with you but felix also likes you so pan and felix make a bet to see who can win you over?

Requested by brainwashed-teenagers


I sat, curled up in the wooden cage where I was placed. Every once in a while a young boy would bring a small piece of bread and a cup of water. I would thank him. I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing here. All I remember is walking home from the bake store. My family had asked me to run out and grab some fresh bread for next week’s big dinner we would be having, and then being knocked out and waking up in this cage. I barley fit, it was a cage made by children for children. I scooted back as a taller boy kneeled down and looked into the cage. He had a scar run from the right of his eye down to the left of his chin. He grinned and it was sickly. “Aren’t you lovely…” he spoke, and I shivered. His voice was even more sickly. Not in the sense of being ill, but the kind of sick where they know it and use it against people.

“Felix!” A stern voice shouted from somewhere. I couldn’t tell because there was nothing but trees where the cage was. “Until next, love” he said and stood up, walking away. I shook from the sob I let out once I couldn’t see him anymore. I continued to cry until I had no more tears to cry. I was shaking harder now, only now it was from the cold.

“Cold?” I flinched when I heard the voice. It was calm, but something about it was off. I shook my head. I couldn’t bring myself to speak. My mind either didn’t want to form words or couldn’t form the words. “Come on now love, I know your cold. I can see your shivering.” he said, he opening the cage doors. I backed up until the wood from the cage was breaking skin and causing blood. “I’m not going to hurt you” he said as he put the blanket near my feet. The boy then again shut the cage door and stood there watching me for a while.

I didn’t want to look away for fear that he would do something to me. He grinned and it was a wicked grin. I swallowed hard, “You hungry?” he asked with an eyebrow raised. I nodded, I was hungry. He had brought food and some water, and he watched me eat and drink. My own eyes never leaving his. I tried not to eat like a complete pig, but once the taste got to my stomach it was growling for more and I oblige. 

The two boys looked over at the caged girl who sat wrapped in a dirty woven blanket that didn’t do much, but was better than nothing. They looked over each other with small smirks. Both enjoyed a good game, and to them… That’s all this was. 

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may i have a scenario where pure boi renjun is helping lele and i with our korean but lele and i are just meme-ing about and renjun is sad and starts sulking and i gotta like console him pls don't hate me since i request too much ily -cactus anon 🌵

Thank you so much for your request! How can I hate such a sunshine? 💕✨

Being in high school isn’t easy. You have to work hard and at the end of the day, no matter how well you did, you still feel worn out. There aren’t too many ways in preventing this, but being surrounded by people who care about you and that make you feel good is definitely something. You were three new students. The two of them already got to know each other, and in some months, same happened to you. They came from China. They were really nice and fun to be around. One of them, called Renjun knew so much Korean it was impressive. His other friend, Chenle still needed some help. Before being friends with them, you saw them always helping each other. It made you happy to know that such precious friendships exist. These weeks you have become closer than ever. You decided to study together and, sometime, Renjun will teach you both more Korean. You were almost on the same level as Chenle and you often needed explanations. Thanks to your mini translator, Renjun, he also knew some English well enough to deliver a whole message to you. He helped you so much at homework, studying and acing your tests.

On a Saturday, you have decided to come to Chenle’s house and start the lesson. You had to bring in some books you also used at school and a notebook along with something to write with. You were so excited to go there. Thank Goodness it wasn’t too far from your place. After 10 minutes of walking, you finally found it. It was unbelievable. It was quite big, almost like a palace. You never knew he lived in such a house. After few minutes of intense staring and admiring its charm, you saw Renjun coming in with his bicycle. He waved at you and leaned a bit forward. He stopped.

“It’s nice to see you!” he smiled.

You nodded. You couldn’t believe how nice both of them were. It was rare to see people treating others that well. You wanted to go with him in, but he let you go first, opening the door for you. The moment you entered, you were amazed. It was one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen. The walls were painted softly with light shades of light brown and white. They had such beautiful paintings. On the top, there was a big chandelier shining. It seemed like it was made out of crystals. On the middle, there was a very large glass table that stood on a pastel blue, delicate rug. You saw Chenle’s back moving.

“Hello.” you said shyly. 

“Oh, hi there! I’m sorry, I thought you were going to message me when you arrived.”

After he greeted his beloved friend, he gave you both a cup of fresh strawberry juice. You loved the allure his home had. Renjun was so prepared in this. He asked Chenle questions from the previous lessons, just to see if he was a good student and learned it all. After two minutes of testing, he finally moved onto you both. He took one of your books and searched for a specific page. He asked you gently to read the text attached to the page. He nodded every two seconds. Then, he put Chenle to do the same. The way he presented the lesson was better than your actual teacher. You never knew a student like him could do all that! He took a highlighter and showed you some words which you had to translate. He taught you more words, then moved onto the next page. It was something similar to a manhwa. It was coloured in pretty, bright colours and it showed a boy. Chenle had the nerve, and asked you: “Why is he dabbing?” whilst laughing. You both started imitating him. Your laughter was so loud, it started interrupting Renjun’s explanations. At that point, he just silently watched you both. You didn’t really pay attention to him, but to what Chenle was saying. Right after that, Renjun started putting back in his backpack all the books on the table.

“What are you doing?” asked Chenle, still laughing.

He didn’t respond. He took his backpack and hurried, going to the door. At that moment, you shouted “Stop!”. And he did. 

“What happened?” you asked nervously.

“Since you don’t let me explain important stuff to you, I thought I’d leave because I’d be useless then.” he mumbled.

It made you sad because he thought that way. He was so important and precious to both of you. You were just distracted by your occasional routine of fooling around.

“You’re not useless. Please, I’m sorry. I just got distracted.”

He put his hand on the door, but out of a sudden, he felt something warm touching it. It was your hand, on his.

“I don’t want you to leave. I want to keep learning.” you looked deeply in his twinkling eyes. 

He grinned a bit and looked down.

“This won’t ever happen again.” you said, smiling, giving him a big, warm hug.

ok right so i was just ykno looking through whatever the keyword combination was that lead me to that anyway I ended up finding some adult diaper deviantart where their most recent artwork was a ‘dat boi o shit what up’ with their diaper wearing oc on the unicycle instead and honestly? I wanna die

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L: A stolen kiss + our babies OQ 💖

Sorry this took so long Emma!! It turned into a Peter Pan/Mary Poppins inspired  mashup, and therefore the history nerd in me got caught up in researching Victorian/Edwardian London (I’m still not sure it’s historically accurate what oh well…) but I hope you like it anyway! <3

00:01, December 25th, 1895

It was the rustle of the curtains that alerted her of his presence. However hard he’d try, every year, the crisp wind of winter air always filtered through the window, betraying his supposed surprise arrival.

Not that it could ever be much of a surprise really. For it had become their annual ritual - their special secret. The one day of the year where the boy with no home to go to, and the girl who wished to escape hers, each become the person the other needs most.


“Regina, can I come in?”

The whispered question was a needless, rhetorical thing really, for every year on this day, at this moment, she waited for him to come in. But the gentlemanly streak in him, born from days gone by, would not permit him to enter a lady’s room without permission. Especially not one as precocious and perfect as Regina.

From the moment he first met her, Robin knew he would never again meet anyone like Regina Mills. Hair as dark as the chimney he was just about to sweep. Eyes that could hold all the warmth of the glowing embers beneath his feet. And a gentle smile that curved just so, directed at him. Robin couldn’t remember anybody ever looking at him - not at the soot stained rough cotton shirt and trousers he always wore, or the dirt under his nails and skin, but actually at him, Robin - like that before.

And even now, 5 years on from their first meeting, the answering smile that was revealed to him as Regina whipped open her curtains was just as enchanting, just as welcoming, and it felt like coming home.


“I can’t believe how much you’ve changed! I shan’t recognise you soon enough!”

They were curled on the bay seat along Regina’s window, watching the slow meander of people making their way home from midnight mass. Ladies with vibrant picture hats and warm furs held on tightly to their husbands arms to keep the sharp wind and stray snowflakes off delicate skin. But Regina couldn’t care less about the extravagant ladies and their extravagant hats down below. She cared infinitely more about the boy in front of her who she hadn’t seen in a year. And she was right that he had changed. The muscles on his skinny, undernourished body had started to fill out into harder and more welcoming shapes that just skin and bones, the his jaw and cheekbones had become more defined, drawing attention to the deep dimples which is winked out at her now.

“I could say the same for you,” Robin replied, flashing a playful grin at her, “except that I don’t think I could ever forget how stunning you always look.”

Regina felt her face flush, and glanced down quickly to hide the smile that also spread across her cheeks. But not one to let him get the best of her, a second later she quipped,

“Well at least the chimneys haven’t damaged your smooth-talking mouth, just your eyes apparently.”

For a moment they were caught in a mutual silence. Smirks morphed into gentle smiles while eyes took in the sight of home for the first time in a year.

Robin cleared his throat, breaking the moment by looking down at his hands, out to the window, then back to Regina.

“I have something for you,” he smiled shyly. Or it would’ve been shyly, had it not been accompanied by the telltale glint to his eyes that Regina knew came before one of his more mischievous announcements - usually involving new and innovative ideas he’d had about how to make himself more prosperous and famous.

“Oh?” Regina grinned back, “and what might that be then?

Robin scooted across the seat towards her, and Regina felt the breath catch in her throat. It was foolish to hope, she knew, but ever since her 16th birthday, Mother had been insisting Regina start acting more like the lady she was expected to grow into, and though she hated every suggestion of how she should behave now that she was ‘becoming a woman,’ she couldn’t deny that there was one thing that came with the prospect that gave her pleasant shivers every she imagined it.

A kiss.

Her first kiss.

And if she was being honest with herself, it was with Robin that she had been imagining such a milestone to occur with. Of course, her mother would most like faint on the spot if she knew her only daughter was entertaining the idea of kissing a chimney sweep, but in Regina’s mind, that only added to the thrill of it.

“Finally decided to find your Christmas spirit then did you?” She quipped, in an attempt to not betray how rapidly her heart was beating at Robin’s sudden proximity. He was sitting almost soot-stained hand to silk-swathed knee with her now, close enough that Regina could smell the lingering scent of fresh dirt and dusty smoke, a combination that on anyone else would be repulsive, but on him was just, well, Robin.

“In a way,” Robin conceded, with a lopsided shrug. “Actually, I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I’d hoped it would give you a reason to think of me now and then.”

This is it,’ Regina thought, ‘My first kiss!’

The words floated from her mouth on an escaped sigh. A hopeful murmur which hovered between them on an invisible string, suspended in flight, until Robin shattered the moment with a, “Is that what this is? A kiss?”


The hand that had previously been so close to her right knee, was now turned palm upwards, revealing a well used and perfectly familiar… thimble.

“You thief!” Regina gasped. “Mrs Ghorm almost caned me the day I arrived for needlework and realised this was missing.”

For months Regina had searched and questioned and pondered the whereabouts of her first only thimble, eventually deciding it had just got knocked down a crack in the floorboards. Never once had she thought that it might have been stolen.

I hoped it would give you a reason to think of me..

The initial disappointment that Regina had felt at Robin’s gift had now softened into a sense of warmth and, funnily enough, something she could only describe as, love. Trust her to fall for someone who didn’t know the difference between a kiss and a thimble.

A puff of suppressed air escaped Regina’s lips at the thought, and soon her shoulders were shaking with mirth that she couldn’t hold in. It was so beautifully absurd. But so wonderfully Robin. And just because he didn’t know what a kiss was certainly didn’t mean she couldn’t show him.

Taking a few measured breaths to try and reign in her joy, Regina glanced up at Robin to find his gaze watching her so intently, and with such tenderness in his own face, that she could do nothing to stop her eyes fluttering closed as she leaned forwards and pressed her lips to his.

It wasn’t a long kiss. Certainly nothing as epic and romantic as the ones Regina had read about in her books. But as first kisses go, to be kissing the one person who makes you feel at home, in the early hours of Christmas morning, for Regina, it couldn’t have been any better.

“There,” she murmured, bringing a hand up to cup his weather-worn cheek. “Now you’ve stolen my first thimble, and my first kiss, so you’ll just have to make sure you come back next year to return them both.”

Robin’s grin was as bright as her own, and she couldn’t help but trace his lips with her thumb as they formed the words,

“That I will my lady.”