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Even if it’s just for a split second while Newt is standing and waiting for death to come, Tina getting the good memories taken from her, he’s just paralyzed with literal fear.

His creatures… Oh… The loves of his life are never going to see him again. They’re going to wonder why… Why he left them, why he never came back and why he let them be taken away by such uncaring people. 

They’re going to wonder why he never said goodbye, or at least tried to. They’ll all be wondering where he went and why they weren’t going with him.

Newt looks down. His last memory, his last thought— was one of absolute, sheer sadness because he couldn’t protect and save his creatures like he promised.

Hoseok Rapping Compilation [1/2]
  • Hoseok Rapping Compilation [1/2]

Woah, it’s almost been a year since I made my Hoseok Rapping Appreciation post!!! Also, thank you for following me up until now. My editing has definitely improved since then and Bangtan have released so many more songs this year, I thought I’d make an updated one including his lines from 2 Cool 4 Skool up to WINGS, excluding solos and Japanese songs. Unfortunately, the full file exceeds the upload limit so I had to split it into two parts and upload them separately. Either way, you got 17.5 minutes of Hoseok rapping!!! ♡  Part 2


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hi, bex ! do you know any fics where a lot of the bangtan boys have sex together (like an orgy or foursome)

get ready for a ride,
Tuesday by KNBigBTS7; OT7 jin-centric
- Touch and feel by vminhope; OT7
- Worth The Wait by rosiex; taehyung/jimin/jungkook/yoongi
- Sunday Morning by rosiex; taehyung/jimin/jungkook/yoongi
- Pillow Princess by lol_hobi; namjoon/seokjin/hoseok/yoongi
- If You Can’t Beat ‘em… by Humansunshine; namjoon/seokjin/hoseok/jimin
The Tips Of Our Five Senses (Are Dipped In Fantasy) by callme_cutie; taehyung/jimin/jungkook/yoongi 
뱅뱅뱅 by nammintaekook; namjoon/jimin/jungkook/taehyung
- Never Mind by cheesuga; OT7 yoongi-centric
- Butterfly by TheHalesNyx; OT7 taehyung-centric
- Small is Beautiful by eyesmiletrash; OT7 jimin-centric
- I Want Your Bite by write_the_impossible; OT7 jin-centric 
- The Skin series by write_the_impossible; OT7
- Relax by orphan_account; OT7 namjoon-centric

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For the 'marinette thinks boys are cats' thing: You know how some pet owners like to put their pets in clothes? ... And Marinette IS an aspiring fashion designer...

… welp I hope you like adorable sweaters and random ear and hair accessories, Chat Noir, who am I kidding you love and cherish them like they were crafted by angels. 

Ladybug only-semi-jokingly ties a ribbon around his neck one time and he literally keeps wearing it even after he de-transforms and only takes it off because it would be weird to explain at school. Plagg Cannot Even. 

also meanpost is a nb girl lol so its not like the confusion some sga men have where its like “im a boy and i like boys is it ok to say fag?” liek nah she knew she couldn’t say it and did it anyway


i mean… where is the lie? (psst… don’t tell isak! he thinks he’s just a bit gay… pff)

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Since I just read that you like to write about lev-and just a few minutes ago I was scrolling through your blog and came across the scenario where the boys friend fell asleep on them and ended up confessing, could you do the same thing but with Lev? Thanks

He is going to be the rep of his class in this so you know, class duties and such and reader is going to be vice class rep!

Lev Haiba x Reader

“Haiba-kun I bought coffee’s for us because I know we are staying-.” You stop yourself from talking and see that he was fast asleep on one of the desks. “Oh.” You say softly placing the drinks down on the desk next to the one he was sitting at. You move to stand in front of his desk and you poke the top of his head. “Haiba-kun?” You ask tracing your finger where his hair parts. His hair was a lot softer than what you had thought it was going to be. 

You pulled up a chair and sat down in front of his desk. “We have stuff to plan and you fell asleep on me, what did I expect?” You ask more yourself as you continued to fiddle with his hair. “I know you are in the volleyball club but you still decided to be class rep and everyone voted for you too.” You muttered. 

He shifted in his seat a bit before turning the other way, your hand pulled back automatically not wanting him to know that you were playing with his hair while you were asleep. He groaned lightly before you were sure he was asleep again. You cheeks were dusted with pink you were sure of it, his voice was so much deeper when he groaned and you honestly weren’t expecting that. 

“I’m so dumb.” You muttered standing and getting your can of coffee. “I just need to confess to you already, I need to stop fucking around.” You mutter retaking your seat. “But I’m so nervous at what you would say I don’t know what to do.” You mutter resting your arm on the desk. 

Lev was wide awake now, he had felt you playing with his hair earlier and it had woken him up, he never knew you had those kinds of feelings for him. It made his heart leap at your words. One of his eyes peaks open to look at your soften glare at him. Your eyes widen as he lazily sits up, a smile on his face. “Confess to me of course.” 

I had a dream where a boy I find aesthetically pleasing in real life told me : “If you feel like you are drowning, take the opportunity and learn to swim.”