listen I love rule63!Adrien okay, Adrienne is glorious

HOWEVER what I see in the ML tags and suchlike is like, everyone genderbent, or both Adrien and Marinette, or just Marinette, and like

MarinxAdrien and MarinxAdrienne are cute and all, but. have you considered. Not making Marinette a boy?

Listen. listen. Imagine Adrienne. Adrienne is closeted because her father is a grade-A douche. Adrienne is in love with Ladybug. Marinette is in love with Adrienne, and she knows it’s hopeless because Adrienne is beautiful and smart and talented and a model and also straight (except she isn’t). 

Chat Noir is free of the expectations that stifle her in daily life and flirts with Ladybug furiously, but Marinette is one part a little overwhelmed by it and one part assumes she’s kidding. Meanwhile, Ladybug’s (admittedly flirty) brush-offs lead Adrienne to assume Ladybug is straight and her crush is equally hopeless. But actually they are both hella gay and hella into each other. 

Listen. That’s an AU I can get behind. !!!

p.s. in this AU Alya is bi. she and marinette are platonic though

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Maybe you should look into adopting? Sorry if this is too assumptive.

Hoo boy. Where to start on this one.

(this was originally a picture of Danaerys staring into the camera, but I decided that words are better here)

So when you’re infertile, you get a LOT of questions that make your cheek twitch like mad. Most of those have to do with “when are you guys having kids?” and “when are you going to give Sammy a sibling?” When those questions exhaust themselves, then you have people who ask, “Why don’t you adopt?”

And, in truth, adoption is something that Kyle and I have considered and are considering in the long term, but it’s also something that’s a LOT more involved than even IVF. IVF just has to do with reorganizing a woman’s hormones (and making a guy jerk off into a cup; truly, men contribute so much to the furthering of the species); depending on the agency you use and the circumstances under which you’re adopting, you’ll end up having to reorganize your entire life.

Now, reorganizing your life isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but that’s before you get into a lot of the really nitpicky and arbitrary things that agencies look into when you’re trying to adopt. The obvious things include income, making sure you’re not neglecting or abusing anyone, no criminal history, that sort of thing. But some agencies won’t let you adopt if you’re over a certain BMI (which Kyle and I most assuredly are). Some won’t let you adopt if you have any debt of any kind. Some won’t let you adopt if you don’t fit their very specific lifestyle parameters (and let me tell you that even if we wouldn’t be out of the running for not being Christians, which a lot of agencies consider to be a Very Big Deal, our polyamory would most certainly be a problem. People legitimately don’t understand it). There are just so many arbitrary factors that agencies consider when you’re trying to become eligible to adopt.

The cost is another thing. We’re really fortunate in that our IVF treatments (which would typically cost in the $12,000 range per cycle) are covered by insurance. Adoption costs, however, which range from $30k-40k per kid, are not covered by any insurance whatsoever. I’ve had friends do Go Fund Me pages to pay their adoption costs, but that’s just– not something I feel right doing (hell, if we’d had to pay out of pocket for IVF, I wouldn’t have done it for that either). 

And then, of course, there is the emotional toll. You can get approved on every level, you can be told that you’ll have a child… and then the birth parents change their minds. Again. And again. Kyle and I have friends who are currently fostering a little girl whom they hoped to adopt… until the girl’s birth mother showed up out of nowhere and started getting with the program. They already love this little girl, they’ve been caring for her for nearly a year, and in all likelihood, they’re going to lose her. 

I’m telling you all of the above not because I don’t think people should adopt. People should absolutely adopt–but it shouldn’t be a consolation prize for not being able to have biological children for whatever reason. If you’re planning to adopt, do it because you’ve looked into what adoption involves, costs, and feels like and find that your desire to take in a child outweighs any risks or costs you discover along the way. Don’t do it because something’s funked up in your biology that’s preventing you from having biological kids and you figure, “oh well, might as well adopt.” 

And (I’m going to be a little harsh here) for the love of all that is good, don’t tell random internet strangers struggling with infertility that they should look into adoption. Trust me, most of them have. Some of them will go on to adopt, some of them won’t, but they’ve all thought about it, and their decisions about it are their own business.

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1) I wish there was more equality between Chat and Lady. I mean, I do love the idea of the brains and the brawn but in this latest episode Lady does both and I'm all for super-powered female bad-asses but I'm getting tired of the trope of the idiot guy and the super smart girl... Idk, I feel like they're partnership is really hot and cold and I guess I really wanted a show where both boys and girls could enjoy it while having equally cool people to identify with...

2) Like we’ve seen Adrien with a developing inferiority complex and it fleshes out his character but it feels like Lady doesn’t need him really? There’s hardly ever a point where he saves the day and I feel like he’s just used as a distraction most of the time. Idk, I felt like coming to you to talk about it because I’ve seen you talk about the team’s balance a couple times (I’m pretty sure you have, forgive me if I’m wrong) so I wanted to know about how you felt about the team recently?

i think the biggest difficulty here is the (almost, since la marionnettiste gives some semblance of timeline to a few episodes) total lack of any chronology within the world so far - it’s impossible to say how i feel about the team “recently” because we don’t know what, within the show, “recently” is. does ladybug have a bunch of upcoming episodes where she’s pretty much useless and chat noir gets to shine, and we just haven’t seen any yet? are chat noir’s screw-ups actually incredibly few and far between but we’re being shown them all in quick succession? is he getting worse at being a hero compared to ladybug or is he supposed to start off weak but get stronger, and we’re being shown it in weirdly peppered reverse? 

the fact these episodes can be shown in any order (and even the TFOU air schedule doesn’t seem to be the order they were made in) makes these things really tough to define. we don’t know if there is a progression within their team dynamic or if the kids are just being tossed between different writing teams who each have their individual take on their relationship. i’m really confused as to what’s actually going on right now, but i’m kind of (as is intended, i think) just taking each episode as it comes and accepting that the universe is working in this particular way this week (if that makes sense). 


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Your Peter's soul mate and you meet

You were just sat in bed you were doing some maths homework before going to sleep, it was due in tomorrow and if i don’t do it my maths teacher would be severely pissed, you were sat there think of the answer to question number 5 and suddenly everything went black.


*poke* ‘something is jabbing me in the rib’ I thought I tried to open my eyes but it was so bright I instantly shut them “she’s awake boys” I heard a boy speak. I had opened one eye wondering where the hell I was ’ had I been kidnapped or was someone playing a practical joke? I don’t even remember falling asleep?’ As I was thinking I heard a boy ask “Pan? Why did your shadow were the lost boy?” I opened my eyes properly now and took in my surroundings I was on a beach a nice beach to. It was a little chilly and it looked like it was quite early as the sun had not risen properly. Lots of questions run through the my mind I hadn’t even bothered looking at the people talking I was looking for an escape route and how to get out of here the fastest. “ well boys!” I looked up and there was handsome boy around 16 or something he had piercing forest green eyes I was in awe of how handsome he was.

He looked down at me smirking *gif* “this girl down here is the first ever lost girl and my one true love!” I looked up at him to see if he was serious or not and tried to get up, only to fall back down again when the boy gently pushed me down by my shoulder he smirked as he said “My names Peter Pan, and I wouldn’t try running my love your going to be here for a very long time.” And he ordered the boys to carry me to camp all I could think of 'was he serious and where the hell was I? Peter Pan is a fictional character, isn’t he?

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A Lasting Impression (L.H.)

Based off this post.

Luke’s girlfriend is named Xenia, because I figure not too many Xenias will read this. If that is your name, I apologize.

I wrote this ages ago and I’ve just been waiting to post it I don’t know why I haven’t yet


“This is goodbye, Luke. You get to decide for how long.” The door slammed before Luke even had a chance to stop her.


Not even an hour later, you and the boys are at Luke’s house, helping him get dressed to go out. Specifically, to go out and get hammered.

“Boys!” You call up the stairs to where Luke is getting ready. “Are you all ready to go?” You had been patient for the first half hour, but now the boys have been upstairs for fourty-five minutes. How long does it take to put on a pair of black jeans and a shirt? They don’t even have to put on make-up.

“Just a second Y/N! You know how Luke is about his hair.” Ashton responds. Less than five minutes later, Ashton, followed by Michael, Calum, and finally Luke come down the stairs.

“Finally!” You do your best to sound exasperated, but you’re positive someone has picked up on the slight breathlessness to your voice. Luke looks… good. You know you ought not feel so attracted to your best friend, especially after he just broke up with his girlfriend. You bite the inside of your cheek and open the door, heading out to the car.

“Oi! Ashton! Don’t forget, we’re stopping by Y/F/N’s house before we go.” You, Calum, and Michael climb in the back, while Luke and Ashton take the front. You feel a little disappointed-Luke didn’t sit next to you, but also relieved-you won’t have to pretend you aren’t about to faint every time you look at him.


You get to the club less than an hour later, the six of you dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Or, more realistically, like today never happened. An hour and a half after your arrival at the club, Luke is already smashed. He can barely feel his body, his vision is blurry. He can still think though. Love. Happiness… Everything I ever wanted in a girl… Show her… I need to show her… Luke stumbles from the bar over to where you are on the dance floor. You look up at him, a drunken giggle escaping your lips for no reason at all.

“Y/N!” Luke shouts, before lowering his slurred voice to a normal tone. “Y/N, I wanna get a tattoo.”

“What?” You shout over the music, “A tattoo? Of what?”

“A tattooooo.”

“Yes, of what?”

“I love tattoos. And I looovvee my girlfriend. I wanna prove that I love her. Tattooooo.” Luke is grabbing at your arm, dragging you towards the club door.

“Tattoos are permanent you know Luke. This might be a bad idea.” You’ve sobered up at the idea of Luke getting his ex-girlfriend’s name tattooed on his body.

“Permanen. PermanenT. Yes. Forever. I want to show her that I love her forever. Fiveever.” Luke falls into a hysteria of giggles at his very unfunny, over-used joke.

When you and Luke are outside the club in the brisk air, you dial Calum’s number. “Cal!” You shout over the noise of the club.

“Y/N? Where are you?”

“We’re outside! Would you mind coming with us? Luke wants a tattoo. He won’t let me talk him out of it.”

“Oh dear god.” You hear Calum grumble at the other end of line. “Ashton! We’ve got a situation! Yea, sorry Y/N, we’ll be there in ten.”

You and Luke wait outside the club for the boys and Y/F/N. You continue trying to talk Luke out of getting a tattoo, because Luke, it’s permanent and Not only that, it’s expensive and Luke, you broke up for a reason, and No, I don’t want one too! Throughout the exchange, you are continually, hugging yourself, grasping at the straws of your remaining body warmth.

“Y/NNNNN?” Luke draws out the last syllable of your voice. “Are you cold? Chilly? Not warm?” You offer an inquisitive look at his drunken antics.

“Yea, a little.”

“I’m not.”

“Well you have a flannel, genius.” Luke looks down at his torso, eyebrows drawn, and when he looks back up, there’s a look of pure shock on his face.

“I do! Do you wanna borrow it?” You laugh, insisting you’ll be fine, but Luke forces it around your shoulders. You automatically begin to warm up, a combination of his body heat still warm on the flannel and the material itself. It also might be because even though he’s trying to get Xenia’s name tattooed on his body, he still gave you his flannel. His flannel, that smells like him. It might be that too.

“Luke! What do you mean you want to get a tattoo!” Calum exclaims, bursting through the club doors. “Whoaaa.” He stumbles, a little tipsy.

“Yes! A tattoo. To show my dedication. It is a good idea.” Luke tries to clearly enunciate his words, breaking up every contraction in hopes he will be easier to understand. Michael is nearly passed out on Ashton’s shoulder but he still manages to grumble a muffled ‘no.’

I am going to get a tattoo.” Luke puts his foot down, a look of anger and determination clear on his face.

“We’re going to need more liquor.”


An hour later, you, Calum and Ashton are sitting in the waiting room of the tattoo parlor, a near empty bottle of vodka between you. You’re nearly passed out, as you had drunken most of the bottle. Both Calum and Ashton only having a few swigs. Michael and Y/F/N have both gone home, drunk and tired.

You lay down on the floor, staring at the dimly-lit ceiling. “I love him, you know.” You’re far too drunk to properly register what you’re saying. “He’s been my best friend since forever, and my crush since God-knows-when. I thought when… when she left… but now he’s getting her name tattooed who-knows-where on his body… It’s silly, I know, I just…” At this point you break into sobs, unable to control all of the emotions waging war inside your body. Ashton kneels down next to you, rubbing circles on your back.

“Shh, shh. It’s okay, Y/N. It’ll be okay. I’m gonna take her home, Cal. You can take care of Luke?” Calum nods, as Ashton leads you out of the shop, the occasional sob still racking your body.


Jesus. Luke can barely think straight. Everything is dark, and he isn’t sure if the lights are off or he’s gone blind. He’s so tired but he knows he needs to get up, maybe get some water. His mouth is so dry. Why why why did he decide to go clubbing? How did those idiots he calls friends convince him? All he knows is he’s still heartbroken, but now he has a terrible headache to go with his heartbreak.

Heartbroken. Something important… There’s a fuzzy memory, just at the edge of his memory… Xenia… Y/N… He sits up, causing the covers to shift down, and oh. Covering his wrist is a white bandage. Y/N told him not to. Oh, it’s all coming back now… He wanted to get a tattoo for Xenia… Oh, he should have listened to Y/N! Why did he have to be so damn stubborn

He isn’t even sure if he… it’s just. Xenia was, is, great. Really, she is, but… Luke, he… he’s not sure, that’s all. It’s only been a day, not even a full twenty-four hours, but Luke can feel the change. Xenia… she was almost… poisonous. But in the most desirable way. She was beautiful, sensual, nice, and caring. Luke loved her, he did. But maybe… maybe she was right. She said that he was always distancing himself. Maybe he had been, subconsciously. Maybe he just hadn’t realized but… maybe he had been pushing Xenia away. But surely not. He got her name tattooed on his wrist last night for crying out lou- oh no. Luke is having a terrible day, and it isn’t even noon. When he (gently) removes the bandage from around his wrist, the fancy cursive script doesn’t read Xenia, but Y/N. Luke might as well be the queen’s prostitute, because he is royally fucked.

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Is there a significance to the songs u mentioned in the Spotify playlist post tags

I find them interesting choices. I could read tons into it. Shade. Official narrative (promoing Kehlani). Largely urban (rap/hip-hop) songs on the list. As for the songs I found interesting:

Changes is about racism and quite a popular song by Tupac. 

Crew Love makes me think of his family & the boys of 1D. 

Where the Hood At sounds like a shoutout to Bradford (he’s been highlighting his background).

Imagine is about a utopian world where everyone is equal and fair.

Dirty Diana is an interesting MJ song choice, about an obsessed (gold-digger) groupie with no boundaries.

Just some songs I found interesting.

how come nobody ever wrote an au where niall kept grinding in ireland (he had a manager before x-factor picked him up) and caught a break with a label rep who flew him to new york to sign a record deal. fast forward a few years and maybe he’s the ed sheeran/james bay/george ezra type who gets to stand in the spotlight with his guitar (and harmonica), and music snobs don’t give him shit for being in a boyband. maybe this isn’t a verse where he meets the other boys. maybe there isn’t a verse where he doesn’t have them.

Brothers for life Moxie||Blade and Dean Ambrose||


“Moxie where are you baby brother come on I need a baby brother”said Blade looking around the arena for his twin baby brother he loves Dean more then anything as Blade looked for his baby brother he heard a giggle and that caused him to smile”where are you Moxie boy come out”

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did you hear that thing gloria steinem said about young women only supporting Bernie because "that's where the boys are"? I guess she later apologized, but YIKES.

I hate mobile because I meant to respond to this but it responded to another message. But it was so cringey!

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The post you had where Louis said "Paul's decoys almost never work" etc, what was the context of that? Like was it an interview or what? And do you have a link to the video or what I should search to watch it?? Cheers

Hi! That’s from an instance in their NBC special where their security had to safely smuggle the boys out of a building past fans in the back of a bread van as a decoy so that they wouldn’t be seen and their bigger, more obvious vehicles wouldn’t be swarmed, if that makes sense. Here’s the clip.

here’s the full special.

Climax’s are every ones favorite parts of the story. The part where the the boy meets girl and they fall madly in love, get married and such, or when the hero finally saves the damsel in distress. The exciting part, the part that everyone was waiting for, it happens and the reader gets this sense of relief.… Finally. As a writer, we create these climaxes to make the reader happy, that is our object, our goal. As I write the story of my life I have ups and downs, failures and wins. Win a championship, fail a test, fall in love, get my heart broken. This has been the story of my life so far… Until I met you. My life went from a series of ups and downs to a roller coaster that only seemed to go up. We call this a rising action, the path to our climax. As a reader you wait for the climax, to finally see how it all plays out, but you, you made me fall in love with the rising action. The way I fell in love so slowly but so contently. Like this constant roller coaster of ups and downs, gains and hard, scary losses, was suddenly worth it. Falling in love with you was my rising action and I enjoyed the whole ride up. We went up and up and the whole ride was completely smooth… well I wouldn’t say completely. Sometimes we lost a few bolts and we had to stop the ride, but we repaired them and kept moving forward. Now we are at the top, but it seems I am stuck, the ride has broke again. You’re now sick of this ride and I guess you decided to get off. To you the ride back down to the bottom is no longer worth it. You got out, you got off and left me at the top. Now I sit here 2 inches from falling… alone. When I got on this ride, I was on it with you and you held my hand all the way to the top, we were in it together. But now I sit here, with no hand to hold, and it is no longer fun. My heart is in my stomach, and I am so afraid of falling, so afraid of what’s at the bottom. I don’t like climaxes anymore. I want out, I want to go back down the other way, I don’t want the falling action anymore, I don’t want it alone, I don’t want it without you. Please get back on, please help me fix this, I cannot do it alone, don’t do this, please stop walking down the ladder, get back on with me, finish it with me. I promise I will hold your hand the whole way down and we can even close our eyes, because I know at the end it will be calm, we will be safe, and we will be safe together. Thank you for making me fall in love with rising actions, but I beg of you now, let me fall in love with the falling action. The end where everything is calm and everything is okay, I will hold your hand, everything will be worth it.
—  to the girl that made me fall in love wth writing