“… t-that tune it sounds/- ~suddenly Wheat/- I wait, wait wot…!? I-I-erm… wo… wot?!.”

“I-I dunno what you’ve just done lady, but this is not ok! not ok at all! I am not fine with this, this. this! is… is! not fine at all. with. me! for starters, having this much hair is not normal! w-wot happened to my front poof! my front poof! I spend hours perfecting the front poof! hours! now look at this. this, lions mane on my head! you know how much gel i’m going to be needing now to keep this hair up!? you know how much lady? A-LOT.” 


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My sister and I were talking and I said "The Greeks were so gay." and my sister was like "They weren't gay. Where did you hear that from?" And I just

I shared this ask in a groupchat and they all laughed because Ancient Greece is so gay compared to other societies. Make her read The Song of Achilles and that should change her mind, but if it doesn’t:

  • And maybe like allllll the myths about the gods taking mortal male lovers.
    • Zeus was gay for Ganymede and literally gave him immortality because he liked the guy so much.
    • Poseidon was gay for Nerites and they had a love child, in one version.
    • Apollo was gay for Hyacinthus, and like 10 other dudes according to Wikipedia.
  • And there was this commonplace thing called pederastry in Ancient Greece where older men would take on younger boys to like have relationships with them, teach them the ways of the world, love them, etc, and Wikipedia says that sex was usually frowned upon but it happened.
  • And they promoted homosexuality during war to improve soldiers’ morale because they thought they would be happier and fight better and want to protect their lovers. There was a separate military unit just for soldiers and their beloved. (Achilles and Patroclus were an example of this)
  • Mostly Ancient Greece was mlm gay but…. then there’s Sappho
    • How much more wlw can you get than Sappho?
    • She wrote 12,000 lines of poetry specifically about her love for women
    • She was the head of this community that would give girls education and a lot of the girls would experience same gender attraction, whether it be for their teachers or for other students.
    • So to answer my question: not much

Of course, most people don’t learn these things because gay history tends to be swept under the rug to hide it, but like as a whole, Ancient Greece was probably the most gay society (with how they promoted it, how commonplace it was, etc) that I’ve ever learned about.

In reference to this post.

Oh boy, where to start…

For the record, I wasn’t even going to bother addressing the original reblogger’s argument because that would imply I gave it weight, which I don’t. It’s obvious as hell that they’re only salty because they can’t handle the fact their ship isn’t canon, so they think it’s alright to leave passive-aggressive comments on other people’s posts and then block them so they can’t respond. But since you couldn’t or wouldn’t let it go, here we are.

‘Renji beat Rukia’

I’m only going to say this once, so listen carefully: Renji never beat Rukia. The manga panels that reblogger posted were taken completely out of context, but even then they don’t do anything to support their claim. Yes, Renji attacked Rukia. I don’t think any Renruki shipper has ever denied that or tried to argue that his behaviour was appropriate, because clearly it wasn’t. However, attacking her in the context of this one very specific situation does not constitute “abuse”, which is what we all know you’re really trying to accuse him of. Even then, Rukia only sustained one tiny cut to her cheek during the whole thing. I’d hardly say that equals a “beating”, wouldn’t you?

If Renji had wanted to seriously injure Rukia during this scene, he could have. Rukia had no powers at this point and there’s no way she would have been a match for him if this were an actual fight. Renji was deliberately holding back because he didn’t actually want to hurt her. Why would he? She’s his childhood friend, the ‘star’ to his ‘stray dog’; everything he’s done over the past forty years, every goal he’s reached or achievement he’s made, has been for her sake. For all his talk about “next time, my attack will be serious!”, it makes no sense that he would just throw all of that away by purposely trying to hurt or kill her. The very idea is so ridiculous, it’s unbelievable.

It’s also important to remember that when Renji and Byakuya arrived in Karakura, Rukia was already considered a traitor to Soul Society. Renji wasn’t sent to bring back his childhood friend, but to capture a wanted criminal. Rukia knew she was breaking Soul Society’s rules when she transferred her powers to Ichigo, but she did it anyway because there wasn’t any other choice. Was it the right thing to do? Sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that she knowingly broke one of the Gotei 13’s laws, something she knew she’d be punished for eventually. Why else would she avoid returning to Soul Society immediately if she wasn’t trying to hide it for as long as possible?

When he attacked her, Renji was treating her like the traitor Soul Society believed she was. And yet he still pulled his attacks and avoided hurting her as much as possible. Those hardly sound like the actions of an abuser to me.

Was he angry? Sure! But honestly, who could blame him? He’d just spent the last forty years working to become respected enough to be able speak to her as an equal, and here she was gallivanting around in the human world where she didn’t belong. Of course he was angry! He didn’t let her go to the Kuchiki clan all those years ago just so he could watch her throw away her future and position for the sake of some punk kid. Renji doesn’t know Ichigo at this point and he doesn’t care about him, especially not when he’s the reason Rukia is in trouble. If Renji is angry, it’s because he feels he has cause. But even then, he doesn’t “beat” her because that’s not the kind of person he is.

‘with a grin plastered on his face’

If you honestly believe that Renji was enjoying himself during that scene then you clearly don’t understand his character at all and there’s nothing I can say to you really. But sure, if it helps you feel better about him getting in the way of your ship to believe that he’s the kind of guy who’d genuinely enjoy attacking his oldest friend, taking her prisoner at sword point, and dragging her back to Soul Society in disgrace to stand trial, go nuts.

'took her to her death, and taunted her over it’

Yeah, he joked about her execution one time and in a later scene he said some things in the heat of the moment (after Rukia deliberately antagonised him by making light of her sentence) that I’m sure he regretted, but I think accusing him of taunting her is a bit of a stretch (actually, more like a giant leap) when his actions clearly weren’t malicious.

Also, we know from canon (y'know, that thing you all ignore whenever it’s inconvenient to you) that Renji didn’t think Soul Society would actually go so far as to execute her. He believed that Byakuya would intervene before it ever got to that point…and when he found out that she’d been convicted of treason and sentenced to execution (and worse, that Byakuya intended to do nothing about it) his whole demeanour and attitude changed. Suddenly he began to question whether bringing her back had been the right thing to do after all, and you can see his loyalty to the Gotei 13 begin to waver. If you’re not so obsessed with reading the manga with a focus on nothing but your shipping preferences that you continually misinterpret everyone else’s actions, that is.

'and denied her agency when she said to let her go’

I can’t believe anyone would even try to bring the issue of agency into this, seriously. Renji wasn’t “denying her agency”, he was following Ichigo’s orders. Rukia wanted to go back because she was worried about Ichigo, but it was Ichigo himself who told Renji to take her and run. Are you going to accuse Ichigo of denying her agency as well? Because if not, you’re a hypocrite.

As for refusing to hand her over to someone who’d just revealed themselves to be not only a villain but also the one who’d orchestrated the entire thing: Rukia only wanted Renji to let her go because she didn’t want him to get hurt for her sake. End of story. If you think Ichigo would have acted any differently in the same situation then you’re f*cking lying to yourself and I can’t help you.

‘Ichigo. Would. Never.’

Would never have what? Have found the resolve to go to Soul Society to rescue Rukia if Orihime hadn’t encouraged him? You’re right, he wouldn’t have. But that’s a topic for a different post.

While we’re here, is there anything else y'all would like to accuse Renji of? I know it was popular among certain fans to call him a misogynist a few years ago, maybe you’d like to bring that one back too? We’ve already got abuse and denied agency, might as well throw misogyny in there as well.

And before anyone thinks about it: do us both a favour and don’t bother reblogging this post to argue with me because I don’t want to hear it. I’m not interested in getting into a debate about this; I know nothing I have to say will change anyone’s opinion anyway, so why waste my time? This is the last I’m going to say on this topic.

i think im having gay feelings


The boys decide to prank you (requested)

the other boys decide to play a prank on you, where they pretend to be a girl. 

I’m doing a lot of calum texts lately lmao. if you want to request another fake text conversation click here.

Sorry about the massive grey shit at the bottom of the second image, I can’t access my phone rn so I had to make this on a dodgy website and it fucked up lol.

Can’t Stand It - Jack Maynard Imagine

Requested: “Hi hi hi! Can you do a Jack Maynard imagine where you go to a music festival with him and the boys and you and jack are being all cute (but aren’t dating, but like each other?) and he sees some guy flirting with you and gets all jealous  you’re such a great writer! :)”

“We are going to make it to Marian Hill right?” You asked, checking the time on your phone as you walked towards the main stage. “I mean she’s basically the only reason I’m here.”

“What?” Jack gasped. “I thought you were here for me?” He pretended to be hurt by your comment.

You looked at him. “Does your singing make me feel like a beautiful seductress?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well I’d like to think so!” Jack laughed and launched into a purposefully terrible rendition of the Pokemon theme song. People around you were staring but you just laughed at him.

“Jack, please stop before someone escorts us out of here.” He kept singing though, so you reached out to cover his mouth with your hand. He grabbed your wrists to stop you and gave you a cheeky grin while singing. You struggled against him for a bit before giving in and hearing out the rest of the verse, laughing at him the whole time.

“Well? Are you seduced?” Jack asked when he finally finished singing.

“What?! That’s not even what I meant-”

“Are you seduced?” Jack cut in and you knew he didn’t care.

“Yes, definitely,” You smiled at him and he looked proud. “Now let’s get going before we miss the whole set!” You said and walked off ahead of the group.

“Mate, when are you finally going to seal the deal with her?” Oli asked Jack once you were out of earshot.

“What do you mean?” Jack asked.

“We all saw the flirting Jack! I don’t think it could be anymore obvious that you two like each other.”

Jack didn’t say anything, but his cheeks went a little pink which was enough of a confirmation on its own.

“Just go for it!” Oli nearly shouted, not understanding why his usually confident friend was so nervous.

“I don’t know mate,” Jack replied. “We’ll see.”

As it turned out, you and the boys made it to the stage just before Marian Hill came on. You found decent spots near the front by wriggling through a few tight spaces, and there was no question you were pressed tightly to the people on all four sides.

The guy behind you struck up a conversation with you, asking if you’d seen Marian Hill before and you answered as best you could over the noise. A few questions later and his hands had found your hips as you danced to the music, your bodies pressing closer together. You decided to go with it; the guy was cute enough and you were certainly single.

Oli spotted you first and tapped Jack on the shoulder. Jack looked at him and Oli simply nodded in your direction. Jack followed his line of sight to see you dancing with another guy.

Seeing you pressed up against someone else made his heart race and he began to envision a future for you that didn’t include him. Before he even knew what he was doing, Jack pushed past Oli and through the crowd towards you. He gave the guy one look and it was enough to convey an entire world of meaning.

You didn’t see Jack making his way over so you were surprised when the guy you were dancing with suddenly backed off. You turned to see Jack with a look on his face that you’d never seen before. As if you weren’t already surprised, he quickly filled the spot that the guy had left, pressing his body to yours. You and Jack had always been flirty, and if you were honest, you definitely had a crush on him, but you never thought anything would come from it.

“What was that all about?” You asked him, and he knew exactly what you were referring to.

Instead of trying to yell over the music, Jack leaned down and you turned your head to the side so his mouth was right next to your ear.

“I couldn’t stand to see you with anyone but me, I hope you feel the same.”

You turned your head back towards him, so your faces were only centimeters apart. You paused for a second, cherishing the moment, before closing the gap. When your lips touched, everything else disappeared and you let the music take over.

One last little peek at a quick nipple slip I got of my lady friend before we got to cleaning the garage earlier today... 

One last little peek at a quick nipple slip I got of my lady friend before we got to cleaning the garage earlier today… 

External image

We got A LOT accomplished today, I am proud of us!!!  AND…there are a few more photos where this came from. 😌 Maybe if you are good boys and girls, I’ll share them with you 😉 GN lovers 💋

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GOT7 reaction to another member flirting with you, just before you go public.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Got7 reacting to another member flirting avidly with their secret s/o in an event they were planning to go public or just tell the rest of them about the relashionship. O.O

Back to reactions this week ^_^ this may last for two weeks, ill see how i feel. 
i hope everyone is eager for the classic reactions ^_^ 
~ahgase Omma 

he’s head could have snapped off with how quickly it turned. he couldn't believe it, just as the boy where getting ready to go on air, Mark decides to flirt with you to get his mood up, but it only ended up pissing jb off, and resulted in him hardly talking at all during the interview.

he’s not going to think much about the member flirting. its not right, but its not like they know the extent of the situation. but the bad timing lingers in his head. it makes him want to postpone the announcement, just so he can’t get everything straight with the members.

starts to rethink everything ever! not in a negative way, but rather he should talk to you and the members, and everyone together. this flirting nonsense has to stop now before got7 become not7.

tries his hardest not to murder yugyeom for real. he would constantly try and defend him in the situation just to stop him from pushing yugyeom out a window. he hates himself for letting the situation pan out this way. this poor maknae has no idea what his got coming.

with all the rumours going around, the members had always been playful with the secret, always hitting to a different member eating time, just to confuse Ahgase. But this time Jinyoung was out right flirting with you, even if no one else noticed it, youngjae did, and he hates it! he sits there with a look of disgust as he repeats the scenario in his head.

activate stroppy teen mood. all the way through the interview he doesn’t say a word and gives JB death stares every time he talks. he sits there getting angrier and angrier with every passing word, and contemplating telling the members, even though right now talking to them is the last thing he wants.

he lets out the biggest sigh, so much so its audible on radio. you had dropped by to say hi to the boys and give them their late lunch, during the break, however this was when Jackson had decided that he wasn’t just hungry for food, he relentlessly flirted with you, and yugyeom just sat and stare. commercials were over and he’s still staring at the same spot. he just can't fathom whats happened. he realises that before he starts hinting to you two dating maybe he should let the other members know for certain.

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Quick fashion question for FTMs; does wearing plaid flannel shirts really make you look like a butch lesbian (no offense meant for those who ID as a butch lesbian)? I recently found out I am trans and since fall is around the corner, I got out my flannel shirts and while I love them, I'm really afraid of being read as wlw rather than the guy I am

Kai says:

I don’t mean to be invalidating, but at my school where I live, it’s not nearly as common for cis boys to wear flannel as cis girls do. If you think you look good and masc in the shirts, I encourage you to wear them though! If you wear them as button downs, it’s more masc than if you wear it as just a jacket/outer garment/something to tie around your waist I think?? I’m not a fashion expert.

Followers, thoughts?

Kii says: When I lived in Maine, lots of guys wore flannels in the fall and winter (either buttoned or open over a shirt) but it’s pretty acceptable to wear woodsman-y fashion at any time in Maine. It’s definitely dependent on location.

Every time Anakin visited Kamino, he stood in the rain at least once. He lifted his head, eyes closed, as the water fell against his skin and ran in rivulets down his neck and back. It streamed from his robes and from his hair and filled his boots so that he squelched when he walked. 

Later, he would pour the water from him, twisting his Jedi robes in both fists. Before, he had shaken the sand from his mouth and his clothes and his feet, peering from his dust-crusted window as the sand storms raged and buried all the things he knew and the things he didn’t.

It was silly and sentimental. It had been a long time since he was that little boy on Tatooine, where water was scarce and sacred. And in Coruscant, it did rain and there were fountains and there were rivers and there were baths, but Kamino–

A whole planet made of water. 

It never ceased to surprise him because he would always carry the desert and the drought and the thirst inside of him.

The Jedi did not understand. Did he not have water to drink? Did he not know to let go of these needs?

How, he wondered, how?

Someone moved beside him and his eyes opened, slowly. It was Master Shaak Ti, and she stood beside him in the rain. Her robes grew darker, and she stared upwards, her eyes unblinking even when the rain struck them, when the water streamed from her lids and down her cheeks as if she wept.

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{Cheer Danshi 1x08 (9/10)
Another scene where we can see Haru-sweetie-waifu and Kazu-honey-daddy taking care their son. And Sho-aniki (yes, it’s him, he was the only one with these shoes) watching his little brother. A cute scene, right? (^ν^)