Pray for my stupid ass

I’m about to begin my closet cull.

This isn’t even half of it.

These are just tops that can be folded.


Don’t even get me *started* on the things that are hanging up. Or are in space bags out in the shed. Or the three clean laundry baskets I have littered around our bedroom and laundry.

I haven’t culled my closet in three years.

I’m so screwed.

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Can I get a Highschool Au where the boy’s crush (not yet s/o) was bullied? tysm!

This is Mod S! High school AUs are so much fun to write. I should be thanking you really. <3

Here’s Code: Realize Guys React to Their Crush Being Bullied (High School AU)! 

Arséne Lupin: As soon as Lupin realized that his crush was being bullied, he’d jump into action. As Lupin would be one of the most popular guys in school, he’d use the opportunity to save his crush and get to flirt with her. While she was getting bullied, Lupin would walk up and immediately put his arm around her and say, “Have you got a problem with my partner? Because if you do, the you have a problem with me.”; they would immediately blush, and the bully would back off. Everyone would start being nice to them since the whole school saw. 

Abraham Van Helsing: Van would tell his crush every day to stand up for themselves, but his crush would just shrug it off and say they’re strong enough to handle it. This would made Van furious. He’d end up confronting the bully one day after class, which would lead into an argument and then a huge fight. His crush would see on accident, and they would try and stop the fight that Van would obviously be winning. Van and his crush would later get into an argument about why he did it; Van would confess his feelings in the heat of the moment. 

Impey Barbicane: Impey would always try and stop the bully by making a fool of himself so that the bully would target him instead of his crush. His crush would ask why, and Impey (being himself) would always say it was for their undying love, though the crush would just write it off. One day, when the bully takes it too far by physically hurting his crush, Impey would beat the crap out of him. His crush would be so shocked since Impey isn’t violent. This moment would cause a real confession of love to come from Impey, moving his crush to tears. 

Victor Frankenstein: Victor would constantly run and tell a teacher or faculty member when he saw it happen, but then Victor would start getting bullied as well. His crush would do the same for him; that’s how they would meet. Both he and his crush would come up with a plan to embarrass the bully in front of everyone (something stupid like cutting his belt while he wasn’t looking and making his pants fall down), and that would be their sweet revenge. It would cause the two of them to get close to one another and develop feelings. 

Saint Germain: Saint G, being the richest kid in school, would also use his status to get the bully to leave his crush alone. He would say invite them to limo rides and fancy garden parties on yachts; is invitations would be serious, but his crush would turn them down. This would frustrate Saint G, but it would not stop his persistence. He would make sure to pop up whenever the bully was around and keep the invites coming. Eventually, his crush would get frustrated and ask why Saint G was doing it, and that would prompt his beautiful confession. 

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In reference to this ask..."Hey, asked this a while ago and I don’t know if it got lost, but there was a fic where the boys kept insisting they were just friends then Burt shows up at their apartment & hears them having sex on the sofa and one of them starts shouting about how they are still ‘just friends" isnt it Becky's fic where Kurt gets left at the alter & he & Blaine go on the honeymoon. They keep saying they are just friends because things get complicated with Lola but they keep fucking.

Anon, is this your fic?

Twisted Fate by @mrscriss2012

A wedding, a friendship and a love that never dies.

Kurt and Blaine have been best friends since that first meeting on the Dalton staircase thirteen years ago. Kurt is about to get married and Blaine- as ever- is a sure and steadfast presence right by his side. But does fate have other ideas?

I’m replaying the end of Act 2 for DA2, and just hit the scene where Alistair (McElroy Voice: MY BOY!) shows up – and oh, lord, talk about sniping yourself with feels. Rhyssa and Alistair are already good friends by that point, so he’s not just walking away from an invasion, but one of the people he cares about most (though I am quite delighted by the idea of the fight ending, and Varric and Fenris looking on in bemusement as Rhyssa launches herself at a blood-stained Grey Warden and bear-hugs the poor man). 

But really, it’s capped off by Alistair giving Jennet’s amulet to Rhyssa – which Rhyssa would understand as a huge gift, because she knows Alistair considers Jennet his sister and just…my heart hurts. 

(But this also gives added weight to Jennet coming to the Rhyscue; yes, she thinks it’s interesting, in her usual clinical, detached way, but she sees it as a chance to bring Alistair some joy and welp, I’m going to lie down and hug my cat.)

Total sidenote: I know blood mages are the most feared, but Rhyssa can slow you to a crawl, roast you with a firestorm, and then smash you face-first into the pavement, all before you land a single hit on her. Just saying. 

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Honestly, where’s my platonic (boy)friend who will help me fight alien worms, deadly sand storms, share rations with me and worry over my little sister??? Where’s my platonic jealous stares as we pretend we have feelings for someone else??? Who’s gonna platonically share food with me while we sit around a dying fire talking about how we survived life without each other??

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Do you know where is the scene where the lost boys are in their cave and they’re all standing looking down at something? I don’t think it’s in the movie so I thought it’s a deleted scene but I still couldn’t find it, help me please ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“

It might be from the Lost in the Shadows music video :)

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“I know how to please my woman. I don’t feel threatened by them.”๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ so, um, does your husband have any single brothers, by any chance? M-my friend asked me to ask you that..

As a matter of fact, he does. But the brother is in that smelly college phase where he’s still a boy and not a man. He also thinks he’s smarter than everyone, despite not having the life experiences to back up that ego. I’d recommend finding someone who’s humble and trainable instead!

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I miss Louis. Where is he? Is he okay? Do you think he misses Harry? Anyway I feel his absence

I don’t know where our boy is, I hope he’s okay, I bet he misses Harry and WE ALL FEEL HIS ABSENCE the sun is gone.

Nino: [flips to the news channel]

Reporter: BREAKING NEWS! We’ve just received word the latest victim of Hawkmoth’s akuma has kidnapped French fashion model and icon Adrien Agreste. According to our eyewitness report they are currently on top of Tour Montparnasse.

Reporter: Our crew has just arrived on the scene and Adrien appears to have gotten away from the akuma. His exact location is currently unknown at this ti—oh it looks like he’s still up there, but dangerously close to the ledge and—


Nino: [shuts TV off]

Nino: [picks up phone]


Nino: Yo! Adrien! What’s up man? It’s Nino. So I just got back from a set and saw you on TV and I was hoping you could, you know, enlighten me with what the aCTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON RIGHT N—