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One thing I love about Tumblr

One of the things I love most about Tumblr is that I can have as many guy friends as I want and not have worry about people thinking I’m some kind of harlot.

Like where I live as soon as you have a boyfriend, or especially a husband, there is this unspoken rule that you’re not allowed to have male friends ever again unless they’re friends with your husband/boyfriend. Cause if you do then you might be cheating or it just looks bad. So, if you’re like me and tend to connect eaiser with guys then you’re just screwed. Not that I can’t make friends with girls it’s just really hard to find one that I click well with. This is one of the big reasons why I don’t have friends outside of Tumblr.

So, thank you Tumblr!

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What is your favorite thing about where you live?

The people, I think. I lived most of my life in a little suburban town in the South, and I feel like I didn’t come into my own until I finally got out of there. It’s not just the obvious stuff, like less casual bigotry. It’s also a general ~vibe that feels more accepting and…idk, calming in a way. I feel like whenever I go back home I’m always tense and wondering what little thing is going to make people want to fight. It’s far less belligerent here, I guess. Basically I live in a city full of hippies. It’s great.

30 answers game

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1. how tall are u?- 5 foot 3 
2.what color and style is ur hair?- shoulder length, brown and curly
3. what colour are ur eyes?- hazel but sometimes they look really green
4. do u wear glasses?- yes but I take them off for photos lol
5. do u have braces?- no I don’t need them
6. whats ur fashion style?- solid mix of cute hipster child and antisocial teen from 2012 there is no inbetween
7. do u have any beauty marks/freckles/moles?- I have some light freckles around my nose and I have moles dotted around my body including a beauty spot in the classic beauty spot place ygm
8. when were u born?- 10th January, which is when David Bowie died rip
9. how old are u?- 17 but people think I’m like 14
10. where do u live?- in a house 
11. do u have any siblings?- yeah a 15 y/o sister that’s like 5 inches taller than me so everyone thinks she’s older than me
12. do u go to school?- yeah I’m at sixth form 
13. what kind of student are u?- quiet but secretly hardworking af because I know my potential and always strive to use it. I get very stressed tho and always feel like people are judging me for being too try hard, idk
14. what are ur favourite shows- Merlin, GoT, supernatural, attack on titan, dickensian, atlantis, humans, JSAMN and parks and rec
15. favourite past times?- drawing, reading, writing, watching my fave shows, attempting to bake/cook, taking walks that inspire my writing
16. what’s ur dream job?- I have so many dreams so I have a lot of dream jobs: actress, writer, literary critic, youtuber, olympic athlete (i was inspired ok and although I say I’m unfit and it’s probably too late for me to do most sports id like to take up archery again because I was on the school team and I love it so much)
17. would u like to get married and where? Probably one day and I want to get married in an old house, like a national trust one
18. would u like to have kids one day? I say I hate children (I do but only if they’re bratty and scream) but I probably will one day
19. do u fit ur gender role?-eh, at one point I had a bit of dysphoria every now and then but I think I do fit it now
20. do u like shopping?- yes but also no because I don’t like blowing all my money
21. what countries have u visited?- america, france, germany, italy, technically belgium (we stopped at some services there on a school trip to germany)
22. what is the scariest nightmare u have ever had?- I had a dream once about failing my AS levels (results day is tomorrow kms) but last night I had a dream where me my mum and my sister were being taken away by this guy and I escaped and had to hide in a house
23. do u have enemies?- i mean I have an ex best friend…
24. do u have a S/o?- significant other? no
25. if not do u want one?- not atm but yes in the future
26. are u open about ur feelings?- no, I find it so hard to open up to people so that’s why I like writing- I can skirt around my own feelings by writing them into characters
27. what’s ur family like? Loving, selfless, sometimes annoying, close
28. would u date someone ur family doesn’t approve of?- probably not because my fam want the best for me and I wouldn’t want any less than the best
29. any pet peeves?- loud chewing noises, spitty voices (u know when someone sounds like they have a really wet mouth), people who sound like they permanently need to clear their throats, loud and sudden laughs (u know the eardrum bursting type), itches that won’t leave, screaming children, attention seeking people
30. do u believe in astrology?- I don’t think so but I still lowkey believe my horoscope posts and I’m kind of superstitious about magpies so I always salute single magpies
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