Seriously though
  • Canon Eren:my mother died, my father ran away, my best friends Armin and Mikasa are the only ones I have left and someday I wish to see the outside world with them. I respect Levi and all my superiors. My comrades died, I have been through hell and in the end it turned out that I am a Titan and people are scared of me, not many trust me but even with the struggle I fight because you cannot win without fighting, I must also protect my friends and benefit humanity because I am hope.
  • Me:well diddly doo
AU where the SnK characters are actors and everyone goofs off on set
  • Director:EREN! PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON! lets finish this scene please.
  • Jean:*grabs Erens shirt to fight* *leans close* say eren how about we get some jack in the box?
  • Eren:oh jean you know me so well. *both start to laugh*
  • Director:Guys!
  • Armin:*scene where his knocking on the window to wake up eren from his titan sleep* WAKE UP! EREN! DIDN'T YOU WANT TO GO SEE MILEY CYRUS IN CONCERT!?!?
  • Director:Re-shot!
  • Annie:*flips eren to the ground, but accidentally falls along with eren* shit!
  • Mikasa:*comes into the shot* ANNIE WHAT U DOIN WITH MA MAN?!?!
  • *eren, mikasa and annie start to laugh*
  • Director:take 3, this time lets get it right annie. AND EREN! PLEASE STOP BRINGING ANNIE DONE WITH YOU ON PURPOSE! lets get this scene done with!
  • Levi:*scene where his beating the shit out of eren*
  • Eren:OW!
  • Levi:*stops what his doing* My god, did i hurt you? i am so- you little shit! stop making me think i am hurting you!
  • Eren:buuuttt heicchhouuuuu
  • Levi:oh shut it!
  • Mikasa:*scene where eren comes out of the titans neck* *tightly hugging eren*
  • Eren:*whispers* this is so romantic.
  • Mikasa:*bursts out laughing* oh my god, ugh i hate you right now!
  • Eren:*grabs mikasa for a fake make out* *starts moving his hands on her back* HOWS THAT BOSS?
  • Director:*sigh* we are never getting through this shot.

Happy Halloween! (captions if you dont know a costume!)

i have no idea where this was going and im super early but i want to post this incase im not motivated on the week leading to halloween, so enjoy this 2spooky really long comic.

AU where Eren is a walking fashion nightmare and Levi is starting out trying to get his own label off the ground. Eren answers an ad Levi put out needing a model for BeyondWallMaria’s first catalogue, partly because he didn’t think modelling would be much work, plus Armin said it was a good idea, and partly because he really needed a job for the time being. 

And Eren, this kid, he shows up with ill fitting jeans and a really awful T-shirt, the kind that you get as a joke in your freshman year in high school because you and your mates thought it would be funny.

It wasn’t funny. In fact, it was so unfunny that Levi looked up from his work, looked at the trainwreck that was framed and backlit in the doorway of his beloved new shop, and muttered an aborted, “what the fu-”, before stopping himself. 

“Uh, I’m Eren, I’m here for that interview? About uh… modelling?” Eren begins, bashful and awkward, tugging at his hair nervously.

Levi pinches the bridge of his nose, and then stands up to appraise Eren, who has now nervously wandered further into the store, looking up and around in wonder. 

Levi squints, trying to block off the obnoxious orange of Eren’s shirt to look better at his face. Its a good face. The young man is pretty, and would skirt the borders of damn near beautiful if he weren’t wearing… whatever he was wearing. 

“Strip,” Levi says, brusque. 

“Wha-? Wait wait wait I thought I’d be modelling with clothes on,” begins Eren, alarmed.

“What? Of course,” Levi says, distracted, rummaging through his racks for something that would suit Eren’s frame. “I can’t look at you with that shirt and those jeans. I want to see how you look in actual clothes.” 

Eren blinks, then grins, amused at the short, angry, clothes-purist designer. So he strips. Levi looks up, arms full of clothing, and immediately squashes the thought that maybe he should make Eren model without clothes one, after all. Why on earth the young man chose to wear such terrible clothes that hid that sort of allure, well, Levi did not know. 

When Eren finally shimmied his way into dark, slim-cut pants and a loose shirt that draped around his collarbones, Levi was looking at him with a sort of smug satisfaction. 

“What? Does it look weird? I told Armin I wasn’t cut out for this,” he rushes, “I’m sorry if I wasted your time, Mr Ackerman,” 

Levi shuts him up with a wave of his hand, leaning forward to place a black, wide-brimmed hat on Eren’s head gently. Eren stills, surprised at the proximity, and his sudden view of freckles on a pale collarbone. Levi Ackerman smelled good, too. 

Levi regarded his new model, sitting quietly and draped in black and muted tones, the only high colour visible the blue-green of his eyes. Eren Jeager would do very well indeed as their model. 

“The photoshoot is next Monday; I’m having a friend help out, they own a studio. Can you make it?” Levi asks.

Eren nods, a smile appearing on his face as he realised he’d gotten the job. “I uh, I’ve never done this before, so thank you for giving me this chance, Mr Ackerman.”

“Levi will do. Eren, was it? I look forward to working with you.”

A few months later, BeyondWallMaria gets featured in the Scouts, on of Zhiganshina’s fashion magazines. Levi’s store gets a few new hands, and Petra and Gunther are always up for a chat or to trade insults, respectively. Eren slips in through the back to find Levi organising the stock room. 

“Levi, hey!” Eren says, grinning as he regards his now-boyfriend. Levi looks up, automatically pulling Eren close by his elbow and pressing his lips briefly against Eren’s. 

“You’re going to be late for your next job.” he murmurs, looking Eren up and down. 

“Your dressed nicely today,” Levi says, as though Eren wasn’t dressed head to toe in the clothes Levi had designed. 

“My boyfriend is a designer, you know,” Eren laughs, stooping down to kiss Levi one more time before he runs off. 

My dad, the anti-Eremika

So, my conservative dad and I were watching the last few episodes of Attack on Titan when he started to notice something. I noticed how he had a weird expression on his face at the scene in the last episode where Mikasa is alone with the injured Eren.
Me: What is it, Dad? Are you confused about something?
Dad: *after the scene switched to Jean and Armin* Is Mikasa in love with Eren or something?
Me: Uh, yeah. What show have you been watching?
Dad: *he cringed. He actually cringed* Oh, I thought it was some sort of sisterly love. Now I see she’s kinda obsessed with the poor boy.
Me: *getting excited because of the Ereri trash I am* Oh? Yeah, I don’t like it that much, either.
Dad: It seems Eren doesn’t like it that much either.
Me: *even more excited* Haha, yeah I agree.
Dad: Isn’t he in love with that blond boy you say looks like a coconut?
Dad: ??
Me: close enough

My dad is confirmed Eremin trash

AU where the 104th Squad goes to college with me (yet somehow the Shingeki no Kyojin anime still exists).



Eren and Armin are BFFs despite not attending the same school. Armin’s parents enrolled him into a private high school, which is where he met Jean in anime club. Jean claims he prefers Bleach over Naruto, but will argue with Eren at pretty much any opportunity just to be that asshole. However, they end up agreeing for the most part on characterization and story points.

Kids from the 104th = freshmen/sophomores in high school
Survey Corps veterans = undergrad/grad students

Please stop doing whatever you’re doing for a second and look at this panel from Hiroshi Seko’s and Ryōsuke Fuji’s Lost Girls Spin-off Manga where Annie encounters a cat


she bends down so she can pet the cat

‘cat cat cat must pet cat cat cat’

‘I thought you were my friend oh no’

‘am I not worthy?’
but then the cat comes back, meows and rubs against her leg

‘you’ve returned?’

please look at her facial expression

‘yes. I have made a friend. Today is a good day’

Ladies and Gentlemen
Annie Leonhardt is a cat person
what do we do with this information

AU where armin works at a pizza place and is completely oblivious to the fact that his newest customer eren has the hots for him. like one day eren asks for his number but armin doesnt understand so he gives him the number for the pizza place and eren calls like “hey cutie, your pizzas taste good but i bet u taste better ;)” and then theres fucking jean on the line going “thats nice, can i take your order now”

can you imagine armin handing out birthday invitations to his classmates and, like, he’s not really popular, so eren follows him around and every time armin hands out an invitation to someone he makes sure to look at them dead in the eye, like “you’re in the presence of my best friend, aka best person on this earth now take that fucking invitation, smile and don’t you fucking dare not show up i know who you are and where you live” and it works, but mostly because they know mikasa is eren’s sister. 

when they’re in high school this isn’t necessary anymore because everybody loves armin but eren still does his best to look threatening when armin’s birthday approaches and everyone is so endeared by this, they can’t even make fun of him. and eren’s so happy because armin’s happy and life is good and they have so many friends aaaaah


i was only supposed to be sketching what happened did i blink???

Now I want an AU where its like Hogwarts so the kids get sorted into different groups that fit them best.  Then they have all these exciting competitions, have teen angst, and band together to defeat the evil voldemort titans.  Let’s just change that part in the latter half of the books where everyone starts dying yeah no one dies


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