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Hello, Anon and @sophielann!  Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Now, this is something I hadn’t noticed before!  It’s been a while since I looked at the first couple archs of the manga (and when I first read them I just skimmed through them, since I’d already seen the anime) but you are right.  It is quite different!  

In the anime, there’s couple scenes where Armin mentions his parents.  One where he’s saying they are “planning to take a trip outside the walls”, and the other when he tells Eren he’s going to “end up like his parents” or something to that effect when Eren is talking about wanting to leave the walls as well.

In the manga, though, there seem to be no such scenes.  Instead we have this scene, where Armin explicitly says his parents died during the “Recovery Mission” so the “government would have less mouths to feed.”

So, it appears we have two different explanations for what happened to Armin’s parents.  In the anime, it’s a bit vague, but it definitely states that they are already dead after the wall had fallen, and suggests that they may have died trying to leave the walls.  This also takes place before the Recovery Mission.

In the manga, it pretty clearly states they were killed in the Recovery Mission.

This is quite interesting!

I wonder if Isayama changed or expanded on Armin’s backstory between the manga and the anime?  Why the inconsistency?  Whatever the case, this makes me even more curious about Armin’s possible heritage!

Thank you so much for pointing this out!  Please feel free to let me know if there’s anything else I may have missed!  \(*^▽^*)/

Original post: Armin’s parents and the Reiss family (Chapter 83 Predictions/Theories)

anonymous asked:

I am afraid of Armin. Do you think something could go wrong and Zeke will approach to attack them?

Oddly enough, I keep assuming Armin will be fine. He’s been one of those characters I figured would be safe till the very end. Recent events obviously make that much harder to believe for most, but maybe I’m just optimistic about it and trusting my gut instinct. It worked well when it looked like Armin had approximately 0 hope of surviving last chapter.

There’s always the potential for something to go horribly wrong, in true snk fashion, I can’t deny that. If Zeke really does approach where Eren and the others are right now, there are several different things that could happen. One is that he just attacks the others, courtesy of mule titan. 

At the same time, the way Zeke spoke to Eren this chapter made it sound like he’s sympathetic towards him. And if he really wants to rescue Eren as he claims, compliance is likely needed. So, it’s in his best interest to be in Eren’s good graces…which will be difficult given everyhting he’s done so far. 

Saving Eren’s best friend would certainly benefit him in that sense. Attacking Eren’s friends and comrades would do the opposite. Granted, he had no issue just attacking Hange this chapter, but with Eren actually being there on that rooftop, things may turn out differently. We know he has no issues being vocal about his opinions, especially if they involve keeping the people important to him alive. 

Sure, the serum could still wind up being used on Armin, and best case scenario he takes the titan power not from Bert, but from the mule titan (assuming that one is a shifter too). 

Whatever is in those crates that mule titan is carrying could be of help, or Zeke himself can do something. Even better, he may know something about the coordinate power which will help out somehow.

Zeke desperately wanted Eren to believe him, but Eren doesn’t have quite enough reason to do so. If Zeke helps him out, Eren may be willing to listen, which may result in more answers. He doesn’t need to put his full faith in the guy by any means, but just listen to what he has to say.

…That’s a long-winded way of saying, I’m sure Armin will be ok, anon.

@enochmandus Actually, after people started suggesting at Armin is Reiss, I started having this crack idea that when Armin comes back, Eren will confess and eremin kiss will activate Eren’s memories (touched by Reiss). So they’d have to kiss to access the next puzzle of the story to move forward with the plot. I feel like we’re thinking in the same lines here! 😂

@senakoko Right? I mean, if my above theory wad right, it would mean that Armin is a more watered down Reiss where only hand touches aren’t enough… So we neeed the kiss, not the dance.

anonymous asked:

Holy molly Armin is safe? Please tell me he is, I just wanna go to sleep and I have been in a state of well, a mess for two months now

Hey love!

Well Armin’s won’t be confirmed conclusively “safe” until Chapter 84 but there is a struggle for the serum at the moment. Levi wants to save Erwin. Mikasa and Eren want to save Armin. Toward the end of the chapter, Levi appears to be affected by Mikasa’s reaction. With this, I think that I can confidently say, I believe that Armin will be the one rescued with the serum. This is where the narrative is apparently heading.

Hope I answered your question my love :D