so my dad finished watching attack on titan and these are his top 10 comments of the whole anime
  • <p><b></b> 1. where did the titans came from?<p/><b></b> 2. is that kurapika (he means armin)<p/><b></b> 3. who's that levi, I heard he's badass<p/><b></b> 4. What the fuck, cliffhanger (every end of an episode)<p/><b></b> 5. seriously, all they did is to die?<p/><b></b> 6. why is armin prettier than mikasa?<p/><b></b> 7. so he's the fan favorite..hmnn (aout levi, I think he now understand why he's an internet sensation lol)<p/><b></b> 8. Mikasa is pretty badass ! (hyped from the scene of annie vs mikasa)<p/><b></b> 9. This should be attack on DEAD<p/><b></b> 10. That should be wings of the DEAD (wings of freedom lol)<p/><b></b> overall, I knew he's so into it. He even searched about Hajime Isayama .<p/></p>
Plot Ruined

So this thing called Attack on Titan Live Action came out?

A bit of a review.
And I just wanna complain really. Haha.

The plot’s so different from the manga or the anime, like I dunno where the story came from. From doujins? No? Back cover of the manga maybe?


Like there’s this awkward love triangle going on…
Eren - Mikasa - Shikishima
Like whuuuttt?
It’s all wrong from all sides.


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jean kirstein has a crush on everyone and i have proof:

  • mikasa - canon crush
  • eren - suppressed crush
  • armin - there is canon evidence of this found in multiple chapters
  • annie - i had this opposite/reverse au idea where they both bonded from their shared idealism so they could form a bond because of their shared cynicism easily enough
  • bertolt - probably the first unrelated-to-titans conversation bert ever had was with jean. bert never told jean to be quiet while jean ranted to him early on in training while everyone else got up and left. jean is fond of bert because of this, and he canonically watched him sleep on multiple occasions
  • reiner - i mean who wouldn’t
  • sasha - always unintentionally flirting with her and remembering things she’s done over 3 years ago
  • connie - well he’s like a less annoying eren, and a less traitorous reiner, and we’ve established jean has crushes on both of them. so clearly there’s something here too
  • ymir - is probably attracted to how similar their personalities are, and the freckles are an added bonus
  • historia - canon crush on krista, probably blushed after witnessing historia smack eren
  • marco - fanfics, also didn’t jean blush when he was talking to him in the anime?

basically everyone has made jean blush like at least 5 times

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Yooo this is for the ask thing! Mikasa Akerman? (I apologize for spelling her name wrong if I did >3<)

Mikasa Ackerman it is, then, dear anon! 

Originally posted by revaill

  • 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod
    • Bitch by Meredith Brooks
    • It’s My Life by Bon Jovi
    • Human by Christina Perri
  • the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to: in Armin’s lap while ranting about how Eren gets mistreated by the Corporal, probably. 
  • the game they’d destroy everyone else at: every game in the universe because it’s Mikasa and she slays. 
  • the emoticon they’d use most often: I don’t think she would use them. All her tests would be dry and to the point. 
  • what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep: as usual, nobody ever notices. She doesn’t even have bags under her eyes. 
  • their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever: whatever the canteen’s serving, although she secretly enjoys green tea most of all because it reminds her of her mother’s. 
  • how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump: killing Titans. 
  • what they wanted to be when they grew up: probably nothing special, whatever it is that women do in the Ackerman clan? 
  • their favorite kind of weather: any weather. 
  • thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?): I suppose she’d be a low-voiced alto. 
  • how/what they like to draw or doodle: tactic plans? 

Send me a character? 

so i just watched the AoT live action movie

I know Erwin’s not gonna be there, so I’m not gonna–FUCK WHERE IS MY COMMANDER GENIUS MANMEAT I CAN’T TAKE THIS SITTING DOWN

Let’s get this straight: Captain Shikishima adopts a girl half his age, trains her, and is now being her pseudo-sexual father figure. Also what the fuck is with that apple. This is not fucking Hana Yori Dango.

Okay, so he’s not supposed to be Levi. Who are we kidding here.

Mikasa is not about killing titans. She’s about protecting Eren and Armin.

Mikasa will never abandon Eren. She would search the ends of the earth to be with him. She won’t fucking walk away after seeing him legless, in a pool of his blood, waiting to be eaten.

Eren is not about getting a girlfriend. He’s about killing titans and being free.

Brilliant Idea #1: Bomb the wall and hope it somehow falls in the right place to cover the fucking hole. I’m sure the crumbling 100 year-old monstrosity won’t break down in the wrong places, or fall apart altogether.

Brilliant Idea #2: Let’s send a bunch of unemployed assholes who don’t have a drop of military discipline and can’t even fucking use their gear to a lair of titans. Now I’m seeing why there’s no Erwin in this version, because if Erwin was there the whole movie plot won’t happen at all.

The gore and effects are way better than expected. Kudos to production.

i watched the (first?) attack on titan live action movie.
good points:

  • very pretty
  • lots of well done blood and gore
  • the introduction of “modern” technology as ruins and near-ancient concepts straight off the bat was pretty cool and the TECHNOLOGY IS AN EVIL propaganda was cool and i can see where they were goin with that, sorta hintin towards the titans being man-made.
  • titans are legitimately scary and not goofy
  • sasha and hanji were perfect
  • they did the “PLEASE HELP MY BOYFRIEND HE’S HURT” *pans down to boyfriend and there’s only half of him* scene and it was awesome
  • the whole “eren saves armin from being eaten and gets eaten himself and turns into sexy titan and kicks ass” sequence was great
  • i like the character they invented for the film who goes around chopping titan’s ankles w an ax and then fucking wrestled that titan with his bare hands? its nice to see a fat character being depicted as completely capable and skilled, and he’s cute i wanna see a gifset of him <3 <3

bad things:

  • bert was, you know, there. but he wasn’t there, as bert, and i’m upset that i’ll probably have to wait until the second installment to see my horrible child and having him introduced so late makes his inevitable betrayal have less impact
  • he pacing was shit and made a LOT of things that were supposed to be dramatic have less impact
  • concepts that were supposed to have been set up early on are clearly going to be shoved into the second installment, again fucking with the pacing and making these revelations have less impact (eren’s dad experimenting on him, the basement, the big three titan shifters introduction+betrayal etc)
  • no marco-expy to fridge and therefore no jean character development. no anyone character development, actually.
  • no christa and no ymir expies. no connie expy.
  • armin was cute but he had like five lines and maybe one of them was to eren. i’m not exaggerating if i wasn’t familiar with the source material i would have had no idea armin and eren were even supposed to LIKE each other with how little they interacted
  • mikasa and levi were weird and incestuous. did they know they were related at the time of this filming? they must not have because that was really weird and creepy and gross.
  • there was no fancy opera music in the entire thing. the ending credits were like, funky and hip-hop esque. i dont know why im listing this under bad things because it was hilariously out of place but i dont think it was supposed to be so here it is.
“I’m worried about you”

Armin had done his best to keep his opinions to himself over the last few days, worried that Eren might get irritated with him or tell him that he was making a fuss out of nothing. But now it had got to the point where he couldn’t hold it in anymore. It was like watching his best friend, this fiery, determined, passionate personality, fade away from him, almost becoming a shell of who he used to be.
He approached Eren with his head drooped, peeking out from underneath his golden bangs, his large eyes willed filled with concern. He nervously tucked a strand of hair behind his ear before clearing his throat to get Eren’s attention.
“Eren, can I talk to you please?” he asked, gently. “Please don’t get mad. Hear me out… I’m worried about you. You’re not eating, you’re not sleeping… you barely talk… please tell me what’s wrong”


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11,14, 21, 22 for the anime ask man

11. anime you didn’t expect to like but did

FMAB… seriously when i first knew of FMA (’03) it didn’t attract me so much mainly because of the art style and dark-ish color palette, but years later i watched FMAB and it’s the best thing I’ve ever watched imo… i don’t regret a single thing.

14. saddest anime you have ever watched

TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8.0…..man everyone i spoke to don’t know this anime and it’s so sad. it has a slow pace but man, this anime literally wrecked my heart. please watch especially if you have siblings.

death parade got me pretty bad, too, but tokyo magnitude left me the most impression.

21. anime that made you cry, when

duD why the sad questions man…lmao

well, the latest one was probably SnK?? i was watching the compilation movie and when the scene where eren got eaten and armin was just sitting there blaming himself and feeling worthless came up i just can’t hold my tears anymore. i watched that scene plenty of times before but it still gets to me..

22. age you started watching anime/person who introduced you to it.

if you consider pokemon an anime, then i started pretty young. maybe 10/11?? i used to have those pokemon CDs in Chinese dub and i still remember most of the episodes i have. and i still even remember that’s where i learnt that “lala dui” means cheerleader lmfao.

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what are eren and armin talking about in that manga spoiler? where eren doesn't believe something's there but armin promises him it is? i like to keep up to date bc i cant read the manga but i can't find the context anywhere

Hey, anon! Sorry, forgot to reply to your last message. And they’re talking about the ocean (ugggggh, my heart). In that particular scene, Armin had just finished talking about how there’s saltwater that stretches all the way to the horizon, and fish that you can only find in the ocean. Hope that helps. :)

Eren: I want to talk to him. He’ll ease my mind…

Armin: You can’t go and see…

Eren: See him, I know… I just want to hear his voice.

Jean: Let me go and ask.

Jean walks out of the room and down to where Levi, Luth, and Hanji are.

Jean: Hey, lover boy is requesting to speak to the groom. He only wants to and I quote ‘Hear his voice.’ Is that alright?

Spectral Affection - OverMyFreckledBody - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Spectral Affection
Chapter Number: N/A or 1/1
Word Count: 7751
Pairing: Jean/Marco
Main Characters: Jean, Marco (small amounts of Eren and Armin)
Warnings: Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death

Tag Highlights: Character Turned Ghost, Not Really Dead, Angst, Cute Ending, Supernatural Elements

Official Summary: “After an intense battle with the Trio, Jean must change the way he lives if he still wants to hear Marco’s voice in the midst of the night.

Or, the one where Marco is a home phone.

(Possible spoilers for my other story, The Sun’s Going Down, as it was set in this universe, but this is a bit of a Bad End.)”

Additional Comments: Another old one I didn’t boost for myself. I really liked this one, too, even if it was sad. It has it’s fluffy moments, however!

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Send 💓 for my muses reaction to yours listening to their heart beat.

Armin had been lying down in the grass, dozing off when he felt someone press their head to his chest. He slowly opened his eyes, lifting his hand to block the sun. His eyes then moved down to see Eren, leaning down to where his heart was in his chest. 

“Eren…? What are you doing?” Armin asked.

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Ah ok human/animal isn't my cup of tea either but I just got the idea and i just felt it was super cute also it's the only way I could think of where armin had a kitten and vore was involved. But a non vore AU I have this that armin runs a no kill shelter with eren. I don't know why but I think armin with any type of animals is like super cute

Okay okay now THAT I can get behind!

And no worries- it would be cute if Human/Animal didn’t squick me out so ^^


Oh god I had a dream last night where people were turning into Titans and it was really weird and realistic and Eren and Annie and Berthold and Reiner were all fighting to turn Armin into a Titan because they could control him or something? ANYWAYS Berthold landed up turning into a Titan and grabbing Armin by his maneuver gear wire and ARMIN GOT CAUGHT IN IT AND LANDED UP ACCIDENTALLY HANGING HIMSELF MY POOR CINNAMON ROLL DIED THIS BETTER NOT COME TRUE ESPECIALLY WITH THIS LAST CHAPTER! BRAIN ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING