again, i just wanna …. like, reiterate? congratulate? applaud? skam for SHOWING that it is 100% COMPLETELY okay for a boy to cry about the status of his current relationship and where it’s at, given just how COMPLEX that relationship has gotten, and show that he’s feeling pain, and anxiety, and worry, and that it feels like torture and that it DOES INDEED HURT, to the point where tears just start to flow, without even trying to hold them back anymore.

that’s it’s OKAY for a boy to cry about his love life, in the silence of his room, where he can’t even speak to his dad anymore on the phone and has to lie to him, saying he’s okay, when he’s literally in tears.

that, in fact, since friday, isak’s cried 3 whole times, once out of happiness, and twice in pain, and that it is COMPLETELY valid and okay for a boy to cry in happiness as well as sadness too.

honestly? thank god skam are normalising the fact that it’s okay for a 17 year old boy who dresses in “snapbacks and sports jackets”, whom most would assume at face value to be “a guy who lacks in empathy and emotion”, to show him as one of the most “strongly fueled and driven by emotion” 17 year old boys i’ve seen in a LONG LONG time.

I'm Lost And Scared....

Hey guys. I know I said I was going to be gone until the 13th but I just need to say something…….I don’t want to be here in this world anymore. I can’t handle the pain. I just want it to end already or is that hard to ask!? Not even my body can deal with it! I passed out for a few minutes,I was alone at the time, when I woke up I was still alone so I just never told anyone when they got home. I don’t know what to do anymore. Nobody wants to help me. The only person that helps me is @just-call-me-izumi they helped me by always giving me hugs and letting me talk about my day even when it’s just something stupid. Then there’s all of you guys that makes me happy even if we don’t talk at all.
Thank you all for making me smile every day. All of you guys are amazing. But I just wish that I get the help soon to forget my horrible past and to move on. I’m just scared on everyone judging me for my past and the scares on my body. I’m afraid of showing the real me to people. I’ve always learned that people will hate me for me. My fucktard grandparents and dad always told me that nobody will like me and will hurt me if I let them in so I’ve always kept most things in. And I’m sorry. I’m afraid of me going back to cutting or actually hurting myself to no return. I need help…the voices keep coming back and they scare me. I don’t know anymore……

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Hi, um what's going on with armys on Twitter?

A BTS stan started tweeteng about ‘how much more popular BTS are than Bigbangb ww”, some VIPs disagreed this and then they started fighting about everything. It’s a mess

i’m really good at singing never gonna give you up by rick astley and every steven universe song ever but only when i’m in the shower

Lol the top left was the first time I drew Gio digitally– it was also the time where I started to take digital art more seriously. I haven’t touched my tablet in years before that since I didn’t have a computer fast enough to run the art programs lol. But yeah 2014-15 was when I drew on my intuos pen and touch tablet and it wasn’t until February 2016 that I switched over to my Surface 3 to draw on c: Looking back at my old art, I’m happy to see my improvement over the years, but at the same time there’s so many more things to learn!

Calls Me Home


It was late at night, or early in the morning as one might say. Newt was cuddled up next to Lexi in their bed when he heard the cry of a baby in the next room over. His heart broke and he gently pulled away from Lexi, careful not to wake her.

Newt crept across the hall and opened the door to their son’s nursery. “Sh, I’m here. It’s okay. We wouldn’t want to wake the mummy, she’s very tired.“ He cooed and gently picked the baby up. The wizard sat down in a rocking chair close to the crib and started softly humming. It didn’t seem to help so Newt started to quietly sing.

“I‘m coming home
To breathe again,
To start again

I’m coming home
From all the places
I have been

With nothing
But a voice within
That calls me…
Calls me home”

Newt smiled softly as the baby calmed and stared up at him with Lexi’s emerald eyes.


I was hoping to request a story where Loki starts dating a midusrdian gothic girl, and while most people assume she must be sad or mopey and such, she is actually quite confodent and witty. It’s part of what attracts Loko to her. I love your blog!!!

Oh my word, thank you so much!  I assume you mean Midgardian?  Either way, I can do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Loki can remember the first time he saw you.  You were actually being teased by some young adults around you, and he stood back and watched.

First, he snickered at the comments they made.  Comments about your red and black lace corset, sitting atop a long-sleeve black shirt with a floor-length battered skirt.  Your hair was wavy down your back and your make-up was heavy around your eyes, and the kids kept calling you a “raccoon” and accused of “wearing your depression like a fashion statement.”

But it was your comments back that caught his attention.

“At least I’m confident enough to cover my body and still walk with pride.”

“There are other animals with rings around it’s eyes: pandas, lemurs, meerkats.  Be original, man.”

“Are you done?  I have a class to ace.”

Loki could remember how much his chest swelled with pride for a woman he had never even met.

And that’s when he decided he had to meet you.

“Excuse me,” he lulls lowly, “is this seat taken?”

He watched you blow on your coffee lightly as you flickered your heavily mascara’d eyelashes up towards him.

But the apathetic fire brewing behind your eyes only edged Loki on.

“Miss?” he asked.

But you were waiting to see what he would do.  Would he sit down?  Would he stand there and wait?  Would he walk away?

You watched him sit down, his eyes never leaving yours, as a light smile crooked upon your cheek.

He leaned back into his chair and crossed his leg over his knee, his chest broad and his attitude pompous.

So you decided to put him in his place a bit.

“No,” you say lightly before taking a sip of your coffee.

Loki held your stare.  He knew what you were trying to do, and he enjoyed the game you were attempting to play.

“Yes,” he says lightly.

“I never asked for anything,” you shoot back.

“I never assumed you would,” he says knowingly as a woman sets a coffee down in front of him.

“So then what is the future preset ‘yes’ for?” you question as you pick up your coffee to sip it again.

And as he leans forward and places his forearms onto the coffee table, your eyes hold his beautiful stare as he murmurs lowly, “Whatever you wish.”

That was eight months ago.

Every week the two of you would meet in that coffee shop, and every week the two of you would banter back and forth, challenging each other’s wit and seeing how far you could feed…and deflate…each other’s egos.

You had come to look forward to those coffee dates.

But one day, when you had been released from your last class of the semester, you found him standing against the cement steps as he looks up at you, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“Loki?” you ask as you try to bury the smile creeping along your cheeks.

“Ah, so you are happy to see me?” he asks as he clasps his hands behind his back and watches you slowly descend the steps.

“Actually, I’m happy that my semester is over, but if it helps your ego, you’re more than welcome to take credit,” you smirk.

“Then I shall take credit where I can get it,” he lulls lowly as he slowly slips his arm around your waist.

“Begging for scraps…not really your thing,” you lull as your eyes flicker mischievously up towards his.

“Oh, look!” a girl jeers, “Maybe now our little meerkat will be able to expand the colors in her closet!”

“Thank you!” you yell back as the girl stares at you in confusion.

Even Loki cocked his eyebrow a bit at your sentiment.

“You know!” you yell out again as you turn around and feel Loki pull your back flush to his chest, “For being original this time!”

And you and Loki chuckled to yourselves as the girl huffed and puffed away.

“You’re perfect,” Loki leans down and mumbles into your ear.

And for the first time in eight months, you conceded to the want in you and nuzzled the side of your head into his lips.

And for the first time in eight months, Loki didn’t have a sarcastic thing to say.

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Hello! :-D I would like very much to read about a season 1 AU where Will and Hannibal start secretly to date each other. They are discovered when everyone goes to a fancy Christmas party in another city. All the guests are talking about Hannibal's date, but Jack never gets the name or the gender...until he sees them. Possibly first person POV and smitten and ridiculously embarassed Will and Hannibal! Also, Bev, Alana, Bella and sassy science team.

I love this! Thanks for the great prompt :D I actually have a half written season 1 AU where they start dating - 13k words so far but not sure when I’ll ever get to finishing and posting it. Even so, I made an effort to do this in a different way in case I ever do post that one. Hopefully you enjoy it, tried to make it a little fun. 

Also doubles as a prompt fill for today’s #HanniHolidays ~ Eskimo Kisses! 


It wasn’t even mid-December and Jack was already about to lose his goddamn mind with all the festivities. Aside from the forced Christmas cheer at Quanitco, the Christmas functions had started in November and now he was being dragged to his third one. The one with Bella’s work had been bad enough, the one for the FBI had been a little excruciating. All the more so for Bev telling Bella about the new exhibition opening at the Smithsonian’s Forensic Anthropology department, that they were trying to get tickets for.

“Oh Jack. That sounds fascinating! And a weekend in Washington would be lovely.” Bella had smiled knowing that there was no way Jack would deny her anything. His only hope was that they wouldn’t get tickets.

But of course, Bev managed it. Jack pocketed his phone with a sigh, having just received the confirmation via text.

“Everything ok, Jack?” Hannibal asked as they stood at the edge of the crime scene.

“Yeah, just… How many Christmas events can people seriously fit into December?” He let out an exasperated sigh.

“I know what you mean, I have far more invites than time, myself.” Hannibal chuckled lightly and then hesitated as he seemed to consider whether or not to give over the next piece of information. “I… I can at least console myself that they give me the opportunity to spend more time with my… paramore.”

Jack smiled at that. “And how long have you been seeing this special someone?” he teased.

“Oh.” Hannibal waved a dismissive hand. “Several weeks now, but we’re taking it slow. It’s all rather private at the moment.”

Jack was sure he didn’t imagine the sigh at the end of that. Perhaps the doctor wanted things to be moving faster with his mysterious date. He wasn’t sure if it was an invitation to ask, but Jack wasn’t going to pry. Besides, Jimmy was waving them over with an excited look, which likely meant he was about to see something horrifyingly disgusting.


Dinner with Bella had been lovely until it was crashed by his lab team, all excited about their shared night off in Washington. Jack had to wonder at the people who considered it a fun thing to spend a night off from forensics at an exhibition about forensics.

By the time they had paid for dinner and pulled Brian from the girl he had been chatting up at the bar, the exhibition was well underway.

Jack had to admit, the festive forensics exhibition on frozen corpses was interesting, and he might be tempted to return in the new year to take it all in better. For now it was too busy, and the socialising and networking seemed to be taking priority over actual viewing of the exhibit.

The lab team had split off from him and Bella, but met back at the drinks table to discover they had lost Brian altogether.

“Probably gone back to the bar.” Bev winked.

“No gossip Katz!” Jack instructed. She only winked again, but more of a mocking exaggeration, which he chose to ignore.

“Hey, isn’t that Doctor Lecter?” Jimmy pointed across the room and Hannibal Lecter was definitely stood by a panel, talking pleasantly to someone whilst holding two glasses of wine.

“Yeah! Let’s go say hi.” Katz replied.

It was only a moment later that Jack recalled what Hannibal had said about taking a date to Christmas events, and stopped them. “Wait, guys, wait!” He put on his authoritarian work tone. “Maybe we should let the doctor enjoy his evening?”

“Oh my god, Jack! What do you know that we don’t?” Bev was grinning at him because of course she immediately had sniffed out the gossip.

“Look, Hannibal is here with a date, maybe he’d like to be alone and keep that on the down low?” Jack told them in a low voice.

“What?” Bev looked way too excited. “I have to check this out! He’s a catch, can’t wait to see who managed to bag him!”

Bev took off at an almost trot, leaving Jack and Jimmy to try and keep up whilst Bella shook her head and grinned. Did he try and stop Bev? She was a grown ass woman and shouldn’t be his responsibility. But he did feel bad for letting slip about Doctor Lecter.

As they had moved forward, Hannibal moved too, apparently having seen someone. He’d started towards the door that lead out to the bathrooms - his date was no doubt returning.

Jack wasn’t sure what - who - they had been expecting. But when Will Graham appeared, smiling and holding out his hand for Lecter’s second glass, all three of them looked like they were catching flies as they came to a crashing halt.

“Oh… but…” Jimmy started.

“What… do we do?” Bev looked dumbstruck.

“We turn our asses around and pretend like we saw nothing at all.” Jack told them. Even as he said it he tried to turn, but it appeared that all three of them were glued to the spot. They hadn’t yet been noticed, but from their clear vantage point they could see the two men - their colleagues - smiling and chatting easily. Flirting, clearly.

And then Doctor Lecter leaned in and was whispering something in Will’s ear that made the goddamn man blush! When he pulled back Will leaned forward and for a moment Jack thought they were going to kiss.

It was worse.

“Oh my god!” Bev clapped her hands to her mouth and then muttered through them “that is just too adorable!”

Will had rubbed his nose against Hannibal’s. Eskimo kisses! Damn eskimo kisses!

And then Jack noticed one of Will’s hands casually snaking around the doctor’s waist and then down to rest on his…

“Oh come on!” Jack hadn’t meant to sound as indignant as he did. Nor as loud.

Will and Hannibal turned and looked at the same time and then everything happened in slow motion. Jimmy and Katz gasped. Will and Hannibal both went wide-eyed and red-faced - a perfect mirror of Jack. All this just as Bella appeared at his arm and muttered -

“Oh my!”

“What do we do?” Jimmy spoke in stage whisper as all six of them stood frozen - eyes fixed on each other.

“We are all going to turn and walk out of here like this never happened.” Jack regained enough composure to reply. “We’re going to go back to that bar, likely find Zeller drowning his sorrows after having struck out. And we will join him and drink until we obliterate this memory from our minds.”

“But… it’s so cute!” Bev interjected. “the way Will grabbed his ass is just-”

“You do what you want Katz, but come Monday when I have to work with them, I know I need to be able to look them in the face. And one more eskimo kiss is going to make that real difficult for me, I’m not going to even acknowledge the ass grab!”

“Ok, good point.” Bev turned on her heel and started towards the coat check. All but Jack followed suit.

He waited a moment and made full eye contact with Hannibal and Will before giving a curt nod. The doctor returned the nod - perhaps an acknowledgement that this would be mutually ignored. Either way, Jack figured that Will must not have been so happy with that, or else had decided the gig was up, because his eyes narrowed and he looked between Jack and Hannibal. And then he grabbed Hannibal’s tie and pulled him into a very public kiss that likely had the doctor’s toes curling.

As Jack turned and left, trying to work out just how much liquor he’d need to scrub his brain, he was just glad Zeller hadn’t been with them. If there was one thing he was even less happy to deal with come Monday it was Zeller’s jealous sulking.

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And I Swear

“Sorry, did I miss something?” Seth asks, watching as Kate brings the jar over. “We taking a break for arts and crafts now?”

She rolls her eyes, and carefully places the jar on the table before turning to jab a finger into Seth’s face. “You. Dollar. Now.”

“… What?

Or, the one where Kate starts a swear jar for the Geckos.


Yuri on Ice Episode 10


Aaaaaaah, I’m dying <3<3<3

This was TOO good to be true, like a true SPECIAL for the fans…I couldn’t dream of more…

Like, where do I even start? I already rewatched the episode, pausing in every damn scene to take it all in.

There are just so many good moments there. Such a rich episode full of adventures!!!

And we learned what happened at the banquet the previous year - well I didn’t expect it.

I’ll just leave this here with all of you. Best scene.

i have a final tomorrow and my professor canceled class last tuesday because he was sick and then my lazy depressed ass didnt get out of bed and go to class last thursday and then yesterday he was sick again so we didn’t have review and i emailed him today about what to study for the test becuase i have no idea where to even start and i just realized he said he was having trouble with his school email so i only just now forwarded it to his gmail and i’m freaking out cause like idk what is even going to be on the test tomorrow or the format and a lot of it is my fault for not going last week but!!! ahhhhh

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Random thought.. When Marlene talks about the show coming full circle in the end, it seems like she says that a lot and that keeps making me think of Mona in radley singing "will the circle be unbroken" I might be crazy but what if she's sort of dropping a hint that things will really come full circle with Mona taking back the game. And honestly the motives there. Look at everything she's done for them and how much she is still iced out. They would have to add a huge twist to her story though

Ooooo I’ve never made that connection before, interesting. It doesn’t HAVE to mean that, because “full circle” is just a term for coming back to where we started. But of course it COULD mean that.