Addicted. {Mafia & Soulmate AU) Part 1

Series: When you’re born, you can’t see a color until you meet the eyes of your Soulmate for the first time. Bangtan is known as one of the most infamous gangs around. This series will focus on the lighter side of things, their soulmates- Well, maybe they’re lighter. Maybe. 

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU, Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, violence, substance abuse, mature themes, strong language

Word count: 4,085

Summary: Suga, the Stealth and Weapons guy of Bangtan meets his Soulmate with a bang. He’d grown up believing in the idea of finding the person he was destined to be with and won’t let her get away. Even if she’s addicted, he’s determined to help her. He just wants to save his Blue girl.

You were fucked up. You were incoherent at this point, but goddamn did you fucking love it. Getting messed up, doing what you want… it was the lifestyle you had adapted to. As a child, you were the star of your parents lives. Straight A’s, sports, clubs… Everything to the nines as a privileged baby. When you left for school it all changed. You found drugs. You found alcohol. You found a love in breaking rules.

Right now you were cruising down a highway with your roommates. You’d moved off of campus for your junior year into this shitty apartment that you could all barely afford. There were four of you and right now you were all high as fuck. They were just high, but you… you were so twisted. Scotch whiskey never tasted better than on a fall day. They kept going on about the color of your hair today and how vibrant it looked. It was a normal golden brown, but you wouldn’t even know. Your brown was the color of grey.

His blue must have been grey. He definitely had it worse, not being able to see the clear skies or waters that were all around. It was terrible, not being able to see the color of your soulmate’s eyes until you saw them. Some people were denied the most beautiful sights until they ran into their soul mate. You were lucky- it was just a brown. Well, gold. Throughout your life you’d gotten all of the gold medals, but they didn’t really mean too much as they were just a plain grey.

It was all dumb, the way this world worked. Predetermined things deciding your fate… fucking insane.

You were at your high, windows all rolled down, smoking a blunt into the sunset. Throwbacks were blasting through the car as were the sounds of other cars, driving into the distance. You were happy. Laughing, singing. Everything was good. It was always good.

Then there it was. A moment of eye contact as you passed a black van. He had blonde hair and beautiful eyes. It was a brief few seconds, but you saw it. The specs of gold in his eyes that looked bored. He looked out the window to avoid whoever he was with. He was met with your eyes. Met with a fate.

He was intense. Min Yoongi was the most intense man he knew, as chided by everyone around him. Bangtan. The name of his gang that ruled the streets around them. He wasn’t in charge, but he wasn’t to be messed with. He stood almost 5’10 and this month his hair was blonde to throw off the allure that he was Bangtan’s baddest boy.

They’d just come back from a shootout. There were three of them in the car as of now and he sat shotgun while his friend Jin drove and Taehyung sat in the back. They were listening to old school Eminem and the two of them were rapping. They were shitty in his opinion, but he wasn’t in the mood to be vocal.  He just looked out as they passed the other cars, until his attention was drawn away. The first car on the highway to pass them revealed the most beautiful color his eyes had ever seen. Blue.

The world around him changed in the brief moment and suddenly the grey color in the sky was blue. It faded into the sunset, but he saw it. He saw the color of Jin’s jeans and the color of the car in front of them as it sped on by.

“Drive faster.” He demanded.

“What the fuck, dude?”

“Catch that blue car. I can see it. Catch that blue car.” And Jin stepped on it. Tae tried to buckle his seat belt, but instead he found himself struggling and flailing around the car. He eventually got it down.

Your friends were fucking confused. You went on and on about how you saw the color brown now, but they didn’t quite comprehend. None of you thought to try to flag down the other car, but then it hit you. The black van he was in hit your friends blue convertible. The four of you were stunned at first. You flew forward, the windshield broke with your weight being thrown threw it and you felt yourself bleeding. Your friends were both fine and the other car looked okay too. Her car was fine, other than the windshield you shattered. Your eyes dropped to the ground.

Feet were suddenly in view. There were black boots the cut off around the ankles and a pale white hand reached out to cup your face. Now, you could see the sunset. In front of that beautiful sight, was another one. His eyes bore into yours and he studied them. He didn’t pay attention to how hurt you were, he just looked into your eyes. Then he reached out and picked you up. It was so weird, being as incoherent as you were in this life changing situation, but he didn’t even notice.

You guessed he was blaming your state on the crash, but then you threw up on his black boots. Maybe then he got the picture.  You couldn’t even lift your head up to marvel at the new sight, but this was him. He’d understand if you vomited on his shoes. Maybe.

You woke up in a dark room in new clothes. Your body hurt, fuck it really fucking hurt. “Was I kidnapped?” Your broken voice surprised you, but not as much as the other voice in the room.

“No.” It was brash and deep. He sounded- tired. “It’s me- you don’t know me, but… it’s me.”

The light flickered on and he came into view. He wasn’t as tall as you’d pictured him, but he was taller than you. His skin was a milky white and his hair was blonde, but you could almost sense it wasn’t natural. He wore all black, except for his grey socks. Maybe he’d confused them with blue when he put them on; Before he had  met eyes with his soulmate.

You two locked eyes for a moment and he scrunched his nose. His demanding, scary aura faded as he smiled and reached out to rub a fresh cut on your cheek. “Y/N.” you spoke, reaching up to touch his fingers. A vibrant shock flew through both of your bodies, but you kept your hand uptop his.

“Yoongi- But nobody calls me Yoongi. It’s Suga to the rest of the world.” His voice was full of secrets that he seemed full well ready to expose to you. That name seemed familiar and you had recalled hearing something about the nefarious Suga and Bangtan Gang. You never really got involved with that shit, even though it was big in the town you now lived in. Your own life was complex enough without watching people die all of the time due to rivalry and drugs- you preferred to stay out of it.

“What am I supposed to call you?” Your voice was small. All of this was new and the only thing that was set in your moment was that you wanted to throw up again. And get high. You had a problem. Literally. “I’d like to call you Yoongi.”

“That’s fine.” his response was quick, “I’m not going to call you Y/N in front of people. I don’t want them to know your name. I’ll call you Blue in front of people.”

“Suga and Blue?” You couldn’t even make some snarky response because of how ill you felt at the moment. Your head was close to his and his hand was still on your face. You brought it forward to touch your forehead to his. “I don’t feel well.” you whispered.

His face was straight. “Nervous?” he looked prideful.

“No, I’m deprived.” he furrowed his eyebrow, obviously confused. “I- I don’t have a problem.” Classic excuse. “I just need something.” He was still confused, maybe he hadn’t figured out that you were fucked up earlier and that’s why you threw up. He probably thought it was from the car crash. The crash. “Where are my friends?”

“They went back home. We’ve purchased them a new identical vehicle. They’re fine.” He stood up and stretched his back. You guessed he was here for hours just watching you passed out. Maybe making sure you didn’t vomit in your sleep and choke to death within hours of meeting him. “Now, what do you need?”

It almost pained you to say it. You weren’t embarrassed ever except for some reason he was making you seem like you should be. He was in a gang, he dealt with drugs and violence every day. It was almost a surprise how he hadn’t gotten one look at you and know you had a problem. “I’m sorry.” you pulled your legs in close to your chest, biting onto the inside of your lip. “I just need to go- to go home.”

“To that shitty apartment you live in? With too many people, no personal space?” he scoffed and walked over to you, grabbing for your hand. “No. You’re gonna live with me from now on.”

You followed his pull, almost afraid of his harsh words. “No? You’re my soulmate Yoongi, not my keeper. Not my warden.” There was an alarming feeling in the room and he was almost confused. He kept pulling you behind him as he stepped into a hallway.

The walls were full of pictures of him and other boys. You guessed they were the rest of the Bangtan gang. Being on the inside, they didn’t look as threatening as the stories that were told about them around town. They were merciless dealers, hitman, and thieves. Now you were in their den.

“I know I’m not, but listen Blue.” you took note that you were out of the privacy of a closed door and therefore ears were on. “You’re my soulmate and I want you to be protected and not live in a shit hole that’s a step away from getting demolished. You can continue about your daily life, but now I’ll be in it. Probably the rest of Bangtan too. You can stay here with us. With me.” He stopped in front of a door that had Suga scribbled on the front of it, surrounded by cd covers. “This is our room.”

He let go of your hand and stepped back. His eyes watched your hands as they shook and slowly reached for the diamond plated door handle. It turned within your hands as it would come to a million times in the future. Yoongi let you go in alone and he disappeared without a sound when you turned to where he had been seconds prior.

The room was dimly lit already, meaning he hadn’t turned off the lights from whenever he had last been in here. There was a queen size bed off to the corner and the room wasn’t messy, it just wasn’t organized. There was a giant tv in front of the bed and on the other side of the room, there was almost a supercomputer surrounded by papers, cds. Sharpies, pens, and a bunch of different colored post its with scribbles on it.

The room was dark and you couldn’t figure out if you liked it or not. The world that you lived in was crazy. This whole soulmate thing was crazy. When you met your soulmate, it was almost routine to drop whatever was going on in your life and just to mesh with them. This was a lucky situation, the two of you were close enough to make it work and with him forcibly moving you into his life, this could be tragic or amazing. An amazing life with the man with a high bounty. Or you’d die, but that seemed to be a daily risk as of late.

Yoongi had gone to the Bangtan lounge where he’d found the other six members sitting around, discussing his brash actions. None of them were really judging because they’d all decided they would have done the same if faced with the situation. Then they all agreed that was pathetic of them to do, but they’d stick to their guts nonetheless. That’s who the seven of them were, infamous boys who acted before thinking most things through.

“How’d she take it?” Hoseok scooted closed to Jungkook leaving Yoongi room on the couch. He flopped down, forcing everyone to move farther away to make room for their Suga.

“She’s fine, but she keeps mentioning needing something, I don’t want to be invasive and divulge into her personal details, but I’m getting worried. What if she needs some kind of medication or something.” Yoongi was the lazy one of the group, despite how many kills or whatever he had wracked up over the past few years. His intentions were always grand, but it was strange to everyone else how much effort he’d put into this girl. Of course, they knew he was her one and only, they all knew that. Except, they didn’t expect this sort of change especially before barely speaking to her.

“Well, I did a bit of research.” Jimin spoke from the corner with his eyes glued to his phone. He was met with strange eyes. “I didn’t just want to let a stranger into our home with no knowledge. She could be working with the enemy or something-”

“Don’t say that, Jimin.” Yoongi groaned. “She’s my soulmate, you can’t fake that.”

“She’s an addict, Suga. She loves pills, weed, and alcohol. You got yourself a life sentence, not a soul mate.” he chuckled and Yoongi sank lower on the couch. “She’s gonna go through some withdrawal soon, must have also been why she threw up on your shoes. Go check on her, Suga. She’s sick and I guess someone somewhere thought you could fix her.”

The only thoughts that crowded Yoongi’s mind were about how if he had met you sooner he could have stopped this. All he wanted to do was blame himself. Such as if he had made a different turn somewhere, he could have saved you. He would always be full of guilt about not finding you- his soulmate sooner. He believed it was because he always stuck to the shadows when that definitely wasn’t the case. The two of you just never ran down the same path and it was something that should have been more obvious to him.

Meanwhile, you were stopping yourself from throwing up. You hadn’t been this- sober in a while. A lot of painful nights kept flashing in your mind and all you could seem to blame was yourself. There was a lot of wondering about how you wound up this- this pathetic. Relying on all of these illegal things and things to make you forget. Your life hadn’t been too bad, but here you were- suffering.

Yoongi ran into the room out of breathe. Before saying anything, he watched you writhe around on his bed in pain and his face spoke how you were feeling. “I’m sorry it’s me.” you choked out, sniffing up your runny nose. Your eyes couldn’t even look up to meet his, but you know how they probably looked. Disgust was a common thing people saw in you when you ended up like this.

Except when you mounted up the courage to look at him, they read pain. Same as yours. They wanted to help. Yoongi reached out and wiped your tears and wrapped onto of his arms around you, pulling you in tight. He moved around and positioned your hurting body onto his torn up one. The only thing in line of sight were his bare arms, filled with scars and a few fresh wounds. Your shaking fingers ran over them, tracing them up and down.

“Oh, Blue.” he hummed into your ear, flicking his eyes towards the open door. “Don’t worry, I’ve seen worse. I- I want to be here for you and help you. This shit is all crap, but- I know you’re it.” Within a flash his lips were on yours and you suddenly felt numb again. Only for a little bit and then your body was hot.

You kissed him back and the pain you were in floated away, followed by the sparks igniting from the kiss. “You don’t have to pretend.” Was all you kept thinking as the kiss became deeper. He ran has hands through your hair, brushing out the kinks that had formed within it. You pulled away first and you swore you heard a whine at the loss of contact. “I- I have class today.”

School was never truly the first thing on your mind, but maybe it would have to be now. You had begun school majoring in business, but you had quickly changed it to pharmaceuticals.  Was there even a question as to why? It was extremely ironic, but it had caught your eye along with the different things that came along with it. You swore up and down you’d stop the drugs the day you graduated, but it was clear to you in this moment that this was it. You were done because there was no way this guy was going to let you keep pushing yourself closer to death.

His eyes seemed to have seen the world and he wasn’t keen on the idea of letting you end up dead in some street because he gave you some cocaine Bangtan had laying around the home. You untangled yourself from him and woozily stood up. There was a moment before you swayed in your balance, but there he was to catch you. From now on, he’d be there to catch you. Which was good- you seemed to fall a lot.

Your eyes glanced at the large digital clock that was on his desk. “Can I shower? My class is in an hour and a half.” you whispered and reached out to the bed post to support yourself. “Then I can walk to sch-”

“I’ll drive you.” his voice was stern. “And pick you up. Our bathroom is right down the hall.” Yoongi stood up and ran almost like a maniac around the room collecting towels, shower things, and clothes for you to change into. It was so out of character for him to be crazed like this judging by his demeanor that you almost laughed. Almost.

Once he’d gathered everything, he motioned his head towards the door and you backed up to let him lead. “Hold onto the walls.” Yoongi ordered you. The bathroom was at the end of the looming hallway and as you walked by the doors, you heard noises from a few of them. Some held conversations you weren’t keen on listening into and some blasted music or a television show. However, the door next to the bathroom opened as the two of you reached the door.

A lanky man dressed casually in ripped jeans and a white shirt with dark hair had his eyes focused on you. His figure leaned against the door frame and a smirk covered his face. Yoongi didn’t take notice of this other man as he continued into the bathroom, but you had completely stopped. “So this is her?” he spoke and extended a hand to steady your shaking body. “What’s her name?” He didn’t even speak to you, just around.

“Jungkook, don’t you dare fucking touch her.” With a swift motion, Yoongi dropped everything in his hands to the ground and was in between the other member and yourself. His hands held your shoulders and his eyes threw daggers towards the dark haired man who let out a chuckle. “Go find one of your sluts if you want to fucking devour someone, don’t go near her.”

Jungkook kept a malevolent laugh going to himself as Yoongi shuffled you into the bathroom. Once he looked the door, the laugh stopped and the only open door in the home slammed. He picked up all the things he had dropped and placed them onto a shelf, laying them completely neat. “Who was that?” You questioned and sat onto the closed toilet.

“The fucking little shit of Bangtan. His name’s Jungkook and he thinks he can claim whatever the fuck he wants. His fucking beetey eyes were trying to claim you like I wouldn’t fucking notice.” his tone was harsh as he spoke through gritted teeth. “Kid’s a fucking good sharpshoot, but I try not to take him around important people. He wreaks of destruction and sex.” You laughed at the one until Yoongi glanced at you to stop.

“Aren’t you all in a-” your voice turned into a whisper. “-gang.” he rolled his eyes and let out a breathy chuckle as your voice returned to normal. “Don’t you have like some weird dedication to each other and have to- I dunno, care?”

He turned on the water and held his hand under it so he could get it to the perfect temperature. “Yeah, there’s that. That whole thing, but I dunno. Outside of work I tend to stay away from him when it comes to- females. Especially that. Kid’s always in some shit with some bitch he picked up at a bar. I’d risk my life for him though. I’ve done it before. For all of them, actually. Funny how that works.” Yoongi simply shrugged. “I’m gonna go into our room.” A shiver ran through your body as he spoke the word our. “I’ll come check up on you in like 15 minutes? Your school is about a twenty minute drive so that should be enough time.”

He turned away from you to walk out and as soon as his back was turned, you began to lift your shirt. You were still in the same clothes as yesterday and it was disgusting the way they clung to your body. You pulled it off to put it next to the clean clothes he was giving you only to find his eyes on you again. Yoongi cleared his throat. “I don’t want you walking alone around the house- not yet. It’s yours too now, but I need to ease you into the boys. Okay, Y/N? They’ve been in this life for quite a bit and some have mixed reactions about this whole soulmate thing, alright baby?”

Your face was hot as his eyes roamed your body and your crossed your arms to cover your breasts in an instant. “Y-Yep, got it.”

The moment he was gone, you removed the rest of your clothes and slowly stepped into the marble shower. The shower itself was spacious and covered in gold. There was no rust on any inch of it, so you could only infer it may have been pure gold. The water wasn’t too hot, actually. It was around the temperature you preferred. Warm but with a little bit of chill to keep you lucid.

However, you weren’t exactly all there in this moment. As you rubbed the soap over your body, you felt the bruises that were covering it from the car crash. The car crash that he had caused. You’d been ignoring it, but here it was in your face. That just seemed to be the way he was. When he had a goal, he was jet set on getting it and that had carried over.

As you got lost in your thoughts, you didn’t really notice until you slid onto the floor of the shower. You sat for a few minutes before hoisting yourself up and finishing cleaning yourself. You could almost feel the bruises darkening and hurting a bit more, but luckily most of them were in hidden spots. He heard a faint knock on the door almost instantaneously after turning off the water.

“Hello?” you called out, patting yourself dry with the towels he had left for you.

“Blue, I’m ready to go whenever you are.” his melodious tone flowed through your ears. “I have your bag and everything too, alright? I’ll be right here waiting.”

His dedication made you happy. You didn’t know him well- obviously, but the thought of having someone who you’re fated to be with that doesn’t reject it was almost alarming. A lot of people simply rejected the soulmate law. They didn’t want to believe that some weird push and pull of the world was truly controlling their destiny even if the proof was right there.

Author’s Note;; Feedback would be appreciated as I am going to write one of these for each of the BTS members. I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts and such!!

Hoseok’s installment!

Taehyung’s installment!

Jungkook’s installment!

Jimin’s installment!

Part 2 

Your Future with Lip Pt. 1 (Lip Gallagher) *Requested by Anonymous*

Request:  I’d like to request one with lip. Something like your future life, where you have multiple kids and how he deals with them and their shit ?. Love your blog btw !!

“Lip! Can you please get down here! The kids need to leave for school in fifteen minutes and I leave for work in ten!” You yelled up the stairs before turning back to your four children who were rushing around the first floor frantically getting to school.
You and Lip had a tough relationship. He was always at work inventing some laser, robotic invention, while you worked three days a week as a nurse at the University of Chicago Medicine. You and Lip had been married for 10 years now and although things were hectic with the kids and work, your love for each other was as strong as ever and honestly without it you would have probably filed for a divorce years ago.
As Lip descended down the stairs, still fixing his tie, you had to smile a bit because goddammit you still loved him so much. 
He kissed the side of your head as he looked at your four kids and took a deep breath. “We spoil them way too much.” he said as he looked at them and you had to laugh as you looked at them. 
You knew Lip had done his best to provide the most he could for the kids, but you both had grown up with so little that you had to be jealous of how much you were able to provide for them. You both made a good living and to say you were living comfortably was an understatement. 
“They don’t have drug addict parents and we work hard.” you reminded Lip “We deserve to give them a good life.” you said and kissed him softly. 
12 years ago when you were dirt poor and had just started dating lip you found out you were pregnant with your oldest kid, Jack. You two were terrified and you considered terminating it, but you ended up becoming a registered nurse and Lip was hired as a paid intern. It was a rough couple years, but 2 years later you got married and then 2 years after you had the twins, Janie and Charlie, and then finally 3 years after that you had your youngest, Maggie. 
“Okay kiddos! Time for school!” Lip yelled and the kids grabbed their lunches before rushing over to their Dad. 
You sighed seeing Maggie had pulled out ponytail and her curly, chestnut hair was all over the place. You kissed the top of her head before hugging the rest of the kids and grabbing your own things. 
“See you all tonight.” you said before heading out the door.
When you got home that night you were happy to see Lip home with the kids making dinner.
Lip was having a very deep discussion with your son about his football games and you decided not to interrupt so you slipped upstairs to change out of scrubs.
Once you came down you kiss Lip’s cheek before looking at you children.
“Lip where’s Maggie.” You asked once you only counted three kids.
Lip looked up and then went “Oh fuck!” Before running to get his keys.
You took a deep breath and looked at the other three kids. “Did none of you notice your sister was missing?” You asked as Lip ran out of the house going “Shit, shit, fuck, shit…” and so on.
You shut your eyes for a minute and rubbed your temples before continuing the dinner Lip was making.
Maggie was fine and her friend’s mom had taken her in and had been apparently trying to call Lip all night, but Lip’s phone was off.
That night as you two were going to bed Lip turned to you.
“I’m a horrible dad.” He said
“Lip you aren’t. Plenty of parents forget their kids at things. My parents left me in Canada for a week once!”
Lip sighed and shook his head “That’s the thing. Frank and Monica left us everywhere when I was younger… I promised I would never forget one of them and I fucking did.” He explained.
You sighed and curled up against him, resting your head on his chest “Lip you aren’t Frank or Monica. You left her at a freaking private preschool where her friends stay at home mom picked her up and took her to their five million dollar house where she played on their playground in their backyard all afternoon.” You explained and then lifted your head to look Lip in the eyes “You are an amazing father. You worked so hard to give them the world and we’re doing that.” You reminded.
Lip laughed and nodded “I guess your right. Sometimes I think they’re too spoiled.” He said and laughed and you nodded.
“Oh they definitely are! But it’s better than what we had. But think about it we’re going to teach them so many street skills, they’ll be the most ghetto kids out of all the rich kids.” You said and laughed.
Lip laughed and nodded “I guess so.” He said.
“Do you think they’ll end up a bit fucked up though?” Lip asked after a minute of silence.
“Oh definitely. They are Gallaghers.” You reminded.


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Requests open

may i request an imagine with bucky, where they’re “just friends” and she comes home from a mission beaten, battered, and flat out sore, so bucky goes to message her, then the come forward with their feelings for eachother?… much love darling😁💕

“So Steve decide to show off because Sharon was there but the punk forgot we were in the middle of a mission and not the gym! So one of the guards hit him with his own shield and I needed to help him giving me this incredible headache” Bucky laughs as I tell my story to him. It has become a ritual for the both of us that when one comes from a mission the other one receives with dinner and then proceed to talk about how was it. Even sometimes we sleep together because I have helped him healing or he helps me. 

Sadly this was all “just friendly” even when I’m head over heels for him since I met him in Wakanda when all were criminals.

“He has always been a punk, don’t worry it’s normal. And he wants to impress Sharon so bad even if they already act like a couple! They even kissed!” We both laugh but also I laugh at the irony of me and Bucky being the same.

“Thanks for the dinner Bucky, I love your lasagna a lot. Seriously best lasagna ever” He smiles at me while I stand from my chair “But I need to take a bath because my back is killing me right now” He stands up following my actions in order to take the plates to the sink.

“How about I give you a massage?” He asks me with shyness. Bucky and I are very close but he is always reserved with physical touch because of his arm and I’m glad he is trusting himself more.

“I would love that Buck” He takes my legs lifting me bridal way “A princess shouldn’t even walk when she just arrived from a hard mission” I cuddle with him getting us even closer as he walk us to his bedroom instead of mine.

“Doll…doll” I listen to a quiet voice calling the pet name Bucky always tell me. I open my eyes and I can see myself cuddled up to Buck chest while he surrounds me with his arms. I realize what’s happening and I try to stand up but the pain of my back it’s too much causing me groan. “Hey don’t stand up, I just wanted to tell you that your bath is ready doll. I will lift you up okay?” I say no with my head causing him surprise “Are you okay doll?” I nod but I close my eyes wanting to be here forever. I don’t know if it’s the pain or the excitement of being here with Bucky but I can’t help to smile

“I love you Buck” Quickly I open my eyes reacting to the words that just have spilled from my mouth “I mean I l-” My voice is interrupted by the lips of Bucky in mine. Quickly I follow his kiss surprised with how tender he is with me

“And I love you too doll. You don’t know how much I love you”

“And why you have never said anything?” A little laugh is erupted as he makes circles with his fingers in my waist. 

“I was afraid doll, you are too perfect and I thought we were only friends and I was confusing things” Now I move a little bit in order to look him directly in his eyes

“Friends don’t do this” I kiss him again now surrounding his neck with my arms as he cautiously pulls me even closer to him and I can feel him smiling in the kiss.

@avengemenugget @theonethingforyouu

“Bir ağacı kök saldığı yerden ayırıp başka bir yere taşırsanız, ağaç meyve vermez olur. Verse de, kendi yerindeyken vereceği meyve kadar güzel olmaz. Bu, doğanın kanunudur. Bence, ülkemi terk etmiş olsaydım, aynen o ağaç gibi olurdum.”

Abbas Kiarostami
Fotoğraf: Abbas Kiarostami'nin 1991 yapımı “Close Up” (Yakın Plan) filminden.

  • Güzel uyu İran sinemasının gözü, Abbas Kiarostami.. (4. 07. 2016)

Keşke her şey “Zeytin Ağaçlarının Altında” ya da "Sevmek Gibi"deki “Kirazın Tadı” kadar güzel ve “Shirin” olsa.
Sonra da,
-eminim ki o ağız tadıyla sevdiğimizi arar, sana “Arkadaşımın Evi Nerede” diye sorduğumuzda, sen bizi “Yakın Plan”ına alıp “Rüzgar Bizi Sürükleyecek” derdin..

Ve işte sürükledi rüzgar, ‘güzel bir insan’ı daha aramızdan, ağzımızda ‘kirazın tadı'nı bırakarak..

I Love Her (Kikwang)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can I request a Highlight scenario with Gikwang where your his best friend and he likes you and you like him and the other guys try to set him up with an idol from a girl group and the guys sneakily get him to go to a set up date but he doesn’t have a clue and you see him with another girl at the coffee shop they where at because you where with your friends and you run home and he follows you to your front door 💞💞💞

~using a random girl name~

“I really don’t want to go on a date guys” Kikwang says to them as they were trying to set him up with one of the girls from a fellow kpop group. “Come on I think you guys would be great together” Dongwoon tells him as he shook his head no. “I’m not looking for anything” he says to them. He wanted to be in a relationship but with someone they all knew well. His love was to his best friend, you and you felt the same back. You guys both knew this and neither of you could act on it.


He smiled as he texted you, he was going into you guy’s favorite coffee shop to pick up coffee for him and the boys. “Kikwang” a voice spoke as he looked up “oh hi Minyoung, what are you doing here?” he asks “Junghyun set us up” she tells him as he gave a fake smile as he felt a bit annoyed. “Can you join me then?” she asked as he nodded not wanting to make her feel bad. So they sat down and started to enjoy spending a bit of time together. 


“He must be busy” you tell your best friend as you guys headed towards the coffee shop “how’s the whole relationship going?” she asked “never has happened. We said we liked each other and that was it” you say as she shakes her head. She soon stopped you “how about we go to the shop a block away? With the awesome jelly donuts?” she asks as you shake you head stepping into the building. You instantly understood what she was trying, Kikwang looked up from Minyoung as his face dropped “Y/N” he says as he stood up. You stepped backwards before you headed out. Kikwang left Minyoung there and followed after you “Y/N!” he calls “please it’s not what you think” he says as you guys headed into your apartment building. You stepped into the elevator and it closed before he could get in and he simply rushed up the stairs. 

You wiped your eyes as you waited to get to your floor. You sighed as you leaned against the wall. You had no right to be like that. Sure you guys said you liked each other but it didn’t mean you guys were together. Why would he want you when he could have a pretty idol girlfriend? You got out of the elevator as you were met with Kikwang there “please listen to me” he whispered as you shook your head and headed off towards your door. 

Your arm was grabbed as he turned you towards him. “Please listen. I didn’t want to go out with her the boys set us up” he told you as he leaned you against the door. “I meant it when I told you I liked you “ he says. “I love you” you tell him “don’t worry I love you too” he whispered as he pulled you into him. His lips pressed onto yours as he deepened it. You opened the door as you pulled him into the apartment as he smiled closing the door behind him as you two ventured off to your bedroom. 


Doojoon looked at his phone as it light up showing he had gotten a message. Soon a picture of Kikwang cuddling you came up ‘the date ended the way I wanted’ it read as the boys were soon sent the picture as none of them seemed to know that he had a thing for you and the fact he was in your bed and looked naked as they could guess what had occurred before the picture was taken. You guys were happy it looked like and that was the last time they tried to set him up with anyone that wasn’t you. 

Because if you get to a stage where you disconnect from those friends from home, other people don’t really dare go there… You can surround yourself with super successful celebrities, but you can get swallowed up in the glitz and the glam of it all.

Louis Tomlinson, Noisey

This quote from Louis really struck me and I think it is a testament to how he has managed to stay so humble and genuine. We are a direct reflection of the people we choose to associate with. 

I think this is also a testament to why Harry has become what he is today. Of all the boys, he is the only one who seems to have severed all connections to his “pre-fame” friends. He chooses instead to surround himself with a vapid cesspool of fame hungry trust fund babies and leeches who care only about themselves and climbing the social ladder. Harry has no one to ground him. No one to make him grateful or even human. 

I’m so glad Louis has his friends from home and a strong connection to where he came from and the people who made him who he is. I hope he never loses that. I hope he never loses himself.