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Tip #32


  • Cup of (green) tea
  • Cup of coffee
  • Get distracted by tumblr
  • Get distracted by anything eg. put a movie on, work out etc.
  • Hang out with your friends instead of staying at home where temptations are
  • Go to bed early
  • Sip on water - small sips make you forget about your cravings
  • Chewing gum or brush your teeth - nothing tastes more nasty than food that isn’t supposed to be minty
  • Do homework
  • Discipline yourself and don’t give in

So a friend talked with me about a Music Camp he was in, and I immediately thought of Camp Camp.

I don`t know why, but I`d like to think that Max is a child that would like playing the violin? But his parents had to high standards for him to reach, so his self-estem kinda went down the drain, even though he`s actually really good and enjoys playing!


oddly enough, some of my best halloween costumes have been worn by my sister.

Me: *On my way to a party due to being forced to socialise*

Me: *RPing OTP on phone when an update notice of my fave fanfic pops up*

Me: *GASP* Screw this party! I’m going home! *starts running*

Friend: Wait! Where are you going?!


five years ago i was living with my parents and was up until 3am giffing spn and scrolling through tumblr and reading fanfic and working on uni stuff

now im 23 with my own home, a 2-yr-old daughter and another daughter on the way and a fiance and i still stay up until 3am playing video games/reading fanfic (so that hasn’t changed much)


  • me at happy hour after two bourbons in a row: NO. the thing no one understands about order of the phoenix is that harry was A CHILD and he had just seen another kid MURDERED at the hands of his mortal enemy who had JUST COME BACK TO LIFE. and RIGHT AFTER THAT he was sent straight back to an abusive home where he was deliberately isolated, his friends were telling him nothing, dumbledore wasn’t telling him shit, and no one told harry nothing about anything. no one was speaking to him or helping him at all. you'd think after the trauma of watching cedric get murdered and voldemort coming back to life, someone would make sure to look after harry and at least TALK to him about it, but NO, no one sat down to help him through the horror of what he'd just experienced. so you have this kid in the middle of his teen years, a CHILD, who’s been left alone to deal with all of this shit, like of course he’s upset and angry, and i totally get it when he yells at his friends, OF COURSE HE’S ANGRY, and his emotions are RAW and it's REAL, and that's just ONE of the reasons why i love Order of the Phoenix --

summer au where yoongi’s walking home whilst on the phone with his friend hobi (who was supposed to give him a lift back but couldn’t) and it’s too hot and too bright and he’s in the worst mood but he suddenly catches sight of a cute little ice cream van and thinks, why the hell not.

it’s surrounded by kids who are all excited and jumpy and giggly and yoongi isn’t really in the mood to mix with them so he lingers at the back of the line and lets them all get their ice creams first. when they’re all gone and it’s finally his turn, he doesn’t even notice because he’s still busy complaining to hoseok on the phone about how he hates summer and how he’s going to kill him as soon as he sees him because it’s so damn hot, if he feels this awful then he must look so much worse, and—"oh shit, i’ll call you later hobi.“

when he cuts the call and finally looks up at the ice cream guy, he’s leaning on one elbow with his cheek in his palm and a soft smile on his face even though his cheeks are pink from the heat and there’s sweat trailing down the side of his neck and soaking through his shirt and yoongi can see a lot more that he thinks he should (not that he’s complaining, no way). and before yoongi can apologise for making him wait, the guy tentatively reaches forward, brushes yoongi’s damp hair out of his eyes and away from his sweaty forehead before oh-so-conversationally telling him, “for what it’s worth, i think you’re pretty cute” and then straight away asking him what he’d like to have.

(yoongi goes back with two soft-serves and pink cheeks which are burning, but not quite from the heat, and if anybody sees him back there the next day it’s definitely not because he’s looking out for this cute little ice cream van.)

Fire & Ice

Surprise? This has been sitting in my docs for a while and it was going to form part of another story but I decided against it for now so I’m posting it tonight for you as a one shot. There’s a tiny hint as to what the longer story was going to be about but that’s not happening anymore so don’t get any hopes up! Set in the 2013 Harry-verse; tanned, muscles, the hair went up, y’know what I mean. It’s not perfect. I’ve written better. The sex scene is a bit ‘mehhh’, but it’s just a little something I had left behind x

The camping trip had been organised for when Harry was back in town for a couple of days; one night in the woods, at a quiet spot where nobody would find him, with his friends from home to be normal for a while before heading back out to LA to record some new songs. It’s the height of summer and the surprising British sunshine had given you all plenty of time to mess around in the lake a couple of minutes from where you were staying, and it had all been going swimmingly until somebody caught on to the fact that you and Harry are going to be sharing a tent once the fire burns out in a couple of hours.

“A guy and girl can be friends, yeh know?” Harry brushes off the comment, taking a sip from the beer bottle in his hands while you stare at him across the fire which is smoking away in the middle of the group.

Friends who have sex.

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