they see you for the first time

S T I L E S :

Stiles had accompanied Lydia and Allison to the mall for dress shopping and little did he know that the stunning girl Lydia ran into would be the one he’d share his first dance with.

“Lydia, who’s that boy over there waving at me?”

“Oh, that’s Stiles. He’s way under your league; trust me.”

“I actually think he’s kinda cute.”

S C O T T :

The first time Scott saw you, you were crying. You were another of the Dread Doctors’ genetic chimera experiments and Scott found you sobbing in the tunnels, with blood oozing nonstop out of your shoulder.

“D-don’t let them take me!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone hurt you. You’re safe now, please, don’t cry.” 

L I A M :

It was kind of hard for him to not notice you the first time he was in your presence, as you were the only girl on the lacrosse team next to Kira and showcasing your extremely outgoing and loud personality didn’t help him much in terms of trying not to be nervous around you.

“Hey, you’re Liam right? How’s it going?”


D E R E K :

When Derek came looking for Scott at Stiles’ house, he was surprised to walk into Stiles’ room to see a girl dancing and singing out loud on the bed. You both made eye contact, and that’s when you fell off the bed; Derek couldn’t stop suppressing the unavoidable smile that came to his face.

“Where the hell are my friends, home alone not agai- ow! Uh, who are you?!”

“I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Derek Hale.”

“Yeah, Stiles told me about you, you’re the one that never smiles, right?”

I S A A C :

The last thing Isaac expected to see when he came to Derek’s place was Derek being thrown and pinned to the ground by a girl half his size. After you were done, you walked off with a smirk on your face, not taking any note of the curly-haired boy and it took Isaac all of his mental strength to refrain from running up to you and being a nervous dork.

“Derek, who’s that?”

“Uh, my cousin. Why?”

“Cause’, she knocked you out beautifully.”

T H E O :

Malia had brought you to the workout room when she interrogated Theo about keeping secrets. You had heard a lot about him from the rest of the pack, mostly bad, but you never actually saw him, so Malia thought it would be a good idea for you two to get a little familiar. The result? Neither of you could stop staring.

“You must be (Y/N).”


“I gotta say, I definitely wasn’t expecting this.”

“I could say the same to you, Raeken.”

J A C K S O N :

When Jackson took Allison swimming, he wasn’t anticipating another girl to join them. The first word he thought of when he looked at you was: beautiful. Not hot, not cute, like he calls every other girl; but beautiful. And it was at that exact moment he realized that you were the one for him.

“Hey Allison, I was- who’s this…?”

“Jackson, (Y/N). (Y/N), Jackson. She’s in my english class with Scott, Stiles, and I.”

“(Y/N). That’s a beautiful name.”

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I love the way Logan ended, but I need to know what happened to the kids. For me, I like to imagine that they made it. Maybe not to Eden, but somewhere safe. Someplace where they have homes and friends, and when they use their powers, its for fun or in friendly competitions. They don’t have to fight anymore.

But what happens to the girl whose abilities - whose very nature - is an act of violence?

“Don’t be what they made you.” Laura lives by those words. She tries, at least. Like her father, she’s got this anger inside of her that burns like a living thing and sometimes it’s so strong that she doesn’t know how it doesn’t erupt from beneath her skin and consume everything in sight. But she tries and most days that’s enough. 

She grows up away from the others, keeping to herself, but never so far away that she can’t be there in case they need her. Laura isn’t the oldest or the smartest or even the strongest. She’s something else. When new mutants come, the original children tell the story of their escape and how Laura and Logan saved them - a father and daughter who screamed and fought with unbreakable claws but loved with all their fierce, full, broken hearts. 

After Logan died, and after her eulogy, quoting a movie she’d only seen once but Charles loved, Laura doesn’t speak anymore. She watches and she understands, but she doesn’t speak. She doesn’t speak and she doesn’t stay, taking off for days or even weeks at a time. At first the others worry, but she always returns, sometimes bloody with a new friend in tow, or sometimes on her own with small presents for the younger children. 

But Laura always comes back. She comes back because they need her, just like she needed Logan. And when he father died, the world lost a wolverine, but mutantkind has Laura to protect them, and she’s a lion. 

Your Future with Lip Pt. 1 (Lip Gallagher) *Requested by Anonymous*

Request:  I’d like to request one with lip. Something like your future life, where you have multiple kids and how he deals with them and their shit ?. Love your blog btw !!

“Lip! Can you please get down here! The kids need to leave for school in fifteen minutes and I leave for work in ten!” You yelled up the stairs before turning back to your four children who were rushing around the first floor frantically getting to school.
You and Lip had a tough relationship. He was always at work inventing some laser, robotic invention, while you worked three days a week as a nurse at the University of Chicago Medicine. You and Lip had been married for 10 years now and although things were hectic with the kids and work, your love for each other was as strong as ever and honestly without it you would have probably filed for a divorce years ago.
As Lip descended down the stairs, still fixing his tie, you had to smile a bit because goddammit you still loved him so much. 
He kissed the side of your head as he looked at your four kids and took a deep breath. “We spoil them way too much.” he said as he looked at them and you had to laugh as you looked at them. 
You knew Lip had done his best to provide the most he could for the kids, but you both had grown up with so little that you had to be jealous of how much you were able to provide for them. You both made a good living and to say you were living comfortably was an understatement. 
“They don’t have drug addict parents and we work hard.” you reminded Lip “We deserve to give them a good life.” you said and kissed him softly. 
12 years ago when you were dirt poor and had just started dating lip you found out you were pregnant with your oldest kid, Jack. You two were terrified and you considered terminating it, but you ended up becoming a registered nurse and Lip was hired as a paid intern. It was a rough couple years, but 2 years later you got married and then 2 years after you had the twins, Janie and Charlie, and then finally 3 years after that you had your youngest, Maggie. 
“Okay kiddos! Time for school!” Lip yelled and the kids grabbed their lunches before rushing over to their Dad. 
You sighed seeing Maggie had pulled out ponytail and her curly, chestnut hair was all over the place. You kissed the top of her head before hugging the rest of the kids and grabbing your own things. 
“See you all tonight.” you said before heading out the door.
When you got home that night you were happy to see Lip home with the kids making dinner.
Lip was having a very deep discussion with your son about his football games and you decided not to interrupt so you slipped upstairs to change out of scrubs.
Once you came down you kiss Lip’s cheek before looking at you children.
“Lip where’s Maggie.” You asked once you only counted three kids.
Lip looked up and then went “Oh fuck!” Before running to get his keys.
You took a deep breath and looked at the other three kids. “Did none of you notice your sister was missing?” You asked as Lip ran out of the house going “Shit, shit, fuck, shit…” and so on.
You shut your eyes for a minute and rubbed your temples before continuing the dinner Lip was making.
Maggie was fine and her friend’s mom had taken her in and had been apparently trying to call Lip all night, but Lip’s phone was off.
That night as you two were going to bed Lip turned to you.
“I’m a horrible dad.” He said
“Lip you aren’t. Plenty of parents forget their kids at things. My parents left me in Canada for a week once!”
Lip sighed and shook his head “That’s the thing. Frank and Monica left us everywhere when I was younger… I promised I would never forget one of them and I fucking did.” He explained.
You sighed and curled up against him, resting your head on his chest “Lip you aren’t Frank or Monica. You left her at a freaking private preschool where her friends stay at home mom picked her up and took her to their five million dollar house where she played on their playground in their backyard all afternoon.” You explained and then lifted your head to look Lip in the eyes “You are an amazing father. You worked so hard to give them the world and we’re doing that.” You reminded.
Lip laughed and nodded “I guess your right. Sometimes I think they’re too spoiled.” He said and laughed and you nodded.
“Oh they definitely are! But it’s better than what we had. But think about it we’re going to teach them so many street skills, they’ll be the most ghetto kids out of all the rich kids.” You said and laughed.
Lip laughed and nodded “I guess so.” He said.
“Do you think they’ll end up a bit fucked up though?” Lip asked after a minute of silence.
“Oh definitely. They are Gallaghers.” You reminded.

“Bir ağacı kök saldığı yerden ayırıp başka bir yere taşırsanız, ağaç meyve vermez olur. Verse de, kendi yerindeyken vereceği meyve kadar güzel olmaz. Bu, doğanın kanunudur. Bence, ülkemi terk etmiş olsaydım, aynen o ağaç gibi olurdum.”

Abbas Kiarostami
Fotoğraf: Abbas Kiarostami'nin 1991 yapımı “Close Up” (Yakın Plan) filminden.

  • Güzel uyu İran sinemasının gözü, Abbas Kiarostami.. (4. 07. 2016)

Keşke her şey “Zeytin Ağaçlarının Altında” ya da "Sevmek Gibi"deki “Kirazın Tadı” kadar güzel ve “Shirin” olsa.
Sonra da,
-eminim ki o ağız tadıyla sevdiğimizi arar, sana “Arkadaşımın Evi Nerede” diye sorduğumuzda, sen bizi “Yakın Plan”ına alıp “Rüzgar Bizi Sürükleyecek” derdin..

Ve işte sürükledi rüzgar, ‘güzel bir insan’ı daha aramızdan, ağzımızda ‘kirazın tadı'nı bırakarak..

Home isn’t the town I grew up in, or the halls of an old school building. Home isn’t the bed I slept in every night. It’s not the faces of the people who were supposed to be my family. It’s not the street downtown where I told my friends the truth. Home is the people I love. It’s my best friend, who has been there through everything, holding my hand, doing the best she can. It’s the people who surrounded me and cheered me on as I bared my soul to the world and to my mother. It’s the people who were my real family, the ones who filled the gaps left by those who share my blood. Home isn’t a place. It’s people. And they’re all out there, looking for a purpose. I’m going out there to look for them.

You keep telling me to come home. I don’t know how to tell you that I’m already there, and that you don’t belong here.
—  EMJ // Never Coming Home