HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND mickolasgilinsky!!!! I love you so much dude. I never in a million years thought that our friendship would be where it is right now. I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to meet you, go to concerts with you, go bowling with you, get drunk with you, etc. I can’t wait to see you in 25 days so I can give you the biggest hug ever and we can get so drunk at our Kalin and Myles concert. Thank you for always being there when I needed someone. You’re sitting on call with me right now and I don’t know, you’re seriously just one of my favorite people. I can literally sit in a call with you for hours and never get bored of talking about things. You make me laugh so much especially when you talk about shitting/farting. I love how open you are about those things you nasty ass bitch HAHAHA. I love that we can vent to each other bc I know I can tell you everything and you can tell me anything. You’re one of the people I trust the most. Thank you for always being such an amazing friend to me, keeping me company on those hella long train rides to and from my college. We better keep having these sleepovers bc now it’s becoming a thing and when we don’t sleep with Becca and Aly, I get withdrawals from you guys. I hope that our friendship lasts for a very long time bc I’ve never ever in my life had a friendship like yours. You better have the best day ever today bitch. I’m gonna make sure it’s the best one yet <3

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Kellie would you conisider posting gifs from Comic con, the one w Sam sticking his tongue at Cait & another where C makes a face at S. They're both seated for their panel- reminded of the juvenile humor they share. To find a friend who can make you laugh everyday is such a blessing in life. TY for spreading the joy.

*Wipes sweat off forehead* I searched high and low for that tongue gif (I see it all the time too!) It doesn’t help when you get sucked into the SamCait and Sam x Cait tags. So I was searching and couldn’t find it and right when I went back to my dash, some lovely person had just posted it! Phew! I think I need more clarification about the other one you want. There were so many moments that day! I love how they tease each other. They are like two teenagers. I agree with you, you need someone who makes you laugh. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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oh thats fun!! more time to sleep at least right? :D lifes pretty okay for me but im a little bummed out since i think the dude im interested in is into one of my friends :( so in honor of that im treating myself tmrw to ice cream at DQ lol

hahah that’s exactly what i was thinking :) aww babe (and like, keep in mind i have zero experience w guys/gals) it’s the dude’s fault and hey, if he doesn’t see how amazing and cute u r then sucks to suck

also, i know you probably won’t bc ur lovely, don’t ever ever ever let a guy come between u and a friend. (where’s that spongebob gif when u need it, the one of him singing the F-U-N song…)

also also, DQ sounds fab! i haven’t been in ages and i think that’s partially bc i’m broke but. yknow. we can’t have it all

(i’m sorry this reply is super long and rambly but. i don’t want to change it bc i’m feeling two parts lazy and one part devil-may-care)