Charlie, Connor & Monroe | 2.13

“So what’s this Duncan look like?”


Top 5 Athos moments Ten of my favourite Athos moments, in no particular order.

(5/10): “You must remember something.”


-insert Gif-

Man I love my best friend xD We spent almost an entire hour sending each other puns. I than persuaded him to go to bed when he began to act like a four year old… Man, I don’t know where I would be without him xD

Most times I don’t mind if people forget the things I tell them and ask me to repeat it again, but it gets to a certain point where I get easily annoyed. It usually bothers me more when it’s a friend or family that often forgets, then I just want to /facepalm their punk asses (not in the literal sense). Why ask me about something and then easily forget it moments later?

I genuinely feel that some of these friends and family of mine just don’t even listen the slightest bit when they forget, or sometimes, at all.

I don’t like having to repeat myself over and over about certain things. My family is a prime example. My brother needs to learn how to figure out how many days are equivalent to two weeks, or the fact that I don’t know the answer to his dumb questions because I’m not the right person to ask, and yet still ask me everyday if I know. But then again, my brother is exceptionally stupid for his age.

I hate to say, but this is why I just prefer to not say anything or tell certain things to certain people, if they’re going to forget anyway.

(I’m doing a thing)

(Ghostbusters has always been a part of my life. It was the top pop song on the day I was born, it remains one of the funniest movies made in the eighties, and when the time came for a board game to be made, I threw in money for the kickstarter.

So I’m going to be creating a blog sometime this week. A Modern Ghostbuster, the daughter of Winston, who is friends with Kylie, Egon and Rookie. She worked on upgrading the tech so as to limit collateral damage and make busting easier.

Her name will be Lena Zeddemore, and her faceclaim will be Gabrielle Union. I just need to collect gifs and choose a blog name.

Lena will also have a CW!Flash verse where her power converts sunlight into protonic energy streams. Sort of a combination of Dagger and Jubilee. I haven’t decided if Flash!Verse Lena will be a hero or a rogue.

Stay tuned!)

happy saturday night rpc !! this is a brand new blog hitting the tags, hoping to inspire some love and peace within the community, if even just a tiny bit. i think far too often we stress about the negative aspects of the roleplay world and forget the reason that we’ve come together and formed this community – to make new friends, escape the real world, and create some amazing stories together !! this blog will be a safe haven where anyone can escape to for a little positivity when they need it. i’ll be accepting compliments for other rpc blogs, promoting roleplays & helpers, and offering the most helpful advice i can to roleplays, writers, and potential helpers !! in order to open with a bang, i came up with a little awards ceremony of sorts – for a few days we’ll be accepting nominations for categories like favorite themes, favorite rph, favorite hq gif hunts, and even the queen, princess, sweetheart and darling of rpc !! the biggest thing i can point out here is that these are simply the favorite of the bunch, not the best  we’re not here to compete about who is better than who, we’re here to support each other in the amazing work that we create !! those with the top votes in their categories will be featured on a special page on the blog, and everyone involved will have the satisfaction of knowing that they were amazing enough to be in the running as there are no losers here !! certain categories have sixteen spots, and some have eight spots, but there are absolutely no limitations to who may be nominated – as long as they fit the category !! i’ll be accepting nominations for a few days until the spots are all filled, and then i will take some time to put together a couple of brackets for a visual aid of the voting process, along with the polls !! nominations are officially open now, and in order for someone to be added to the nominees list, they need to be nominated and have that nomination seconded – you’re most definitely allowed to nominate yourself, by the way !! i hope that this blog takes off so that we can do some amazing things for each other and powerful things together to improve the rpc and make it a safe, comfortable and accepting place for everyone !!