(I’m doing a thing)

(Ghostbusters has always been a part of my life. It was the top pop song on the day I was born, it remains one of the funniest movies made in the eighties, and when the time came for a board game to be made, I threw in money for the kickstarter.

So I’m going to be creating a blog sometime this week. A Modern Ghostbuster, the daughter of Winston, who is friends with Kylie, Egon and Rookie. She worked on upgrading the tech so as to limit collateral damage and make busting easier.

Her name will be Lena Zeddemore, and her faceclaim will be Gabrielle Union. I just need to collect gifs and choose a blog name.

Lena will also have a CW!Flash verse where her power converts sunlight into protonic energy streams. Sort of a combination of Dagger and Jubilee. I haven’t decided if Flash!Verse Lena will be a hero or a rogue.

Stay tuned!)

-insert Gif-

Man I love my best friend xD We spent almost an entire hour sending each other puns. I than persuaded him to go to bed when he began to act like a four year old… Man, I don’t know where I would be without him xD