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-“Mother used to told us that, when you finally find your mate is like, the time stops. Something deep inside tells you, the one you where waiting just appear. It can happens anywhere, at store, at cinema, at school, walking around; with anyone, a long time friend, someone new, your neighbor down the street. Somehow have met each other in a previous life. Is like your soul recognize the other one. You feel that pull between of you,  just need to look at their eyes and, then, you don’t want ever look at other thing for the rest of your life. Is like discover that part of you didn’t know you where missing and you don’t ever want to lose again. Is have a partner for the rest of you mortal life, someone who, in the better of the case, will love you, protect you and cherish every moment. In your mind will be only Mine, mine, mine” Something of this sound familiar, Niklaus?
-Bloody hell

I Need Advise - Cole Fluff

Request: Hiya! Can I have one where the reader is asexual and Cole comes to her for advice on how to portray Jughead and he just in general supports and loves them and all that fluff??

Warnings: major fluff

Notes: none :P


I was in the middle of watching an episode of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, when there was a knock placed on my apartment door. I sighed and got up to open it, revealing my best friend, Cole. 

“Oh hey Cole”, I smile.

“Hey bubsy”, Cole laughs and embraces me in a warm hug. ‘Bubsy’ was his nickname for me which he gave me a few years back. 

“Come in, I’ll make you some coffee”, I turned around and walked over to the kitchen and began making the coffee. “So, what brings you here?”

“I need advise for a character I’m playing”

“You’re acting again, I see”, I smile as I hand him the cup. 

“Yeah, I just wanted to get out there again”

“Anyways, you wanted advise”

“Ugh yeah. I’m playing a guy called Jughead and he’s asexual an-”

“You wanted to know how to portray him?”, I cut him off. Cole nodded and took a sip of his drink. 

“Well, for starters, adjust the way he speaks. For instance, we thinks about love, relationships and even attraction in a different way than the rest of the community, and I think our language really picks up on that. Because this ‘Jughead’ is asexual, he’s going to lack the experience of a relationship and even sex” 

“Thanks for that”, he smiles. “I feel that it’s important to have a character like Jughead because I want people to watch the show and see the characters as a reflection of themselves, you know?”

“Yeah I getcha. I’m really proud of you”

“I know”

Tit for Tat

Request: Hi ! ♥ Can you write a oneshot Castiel x Reader please ? Castiel accidentally appears in the bathroom while she’s taking a shower ? Castiel is really embarrassed and nervous (plus, he secretly have a crush on her). Finaly when you come back to the motel room, Dean make fun of it ? And tease Castiel about it ? Thank you ! ♥

A/N: I love nervous, crushy Cas! This request reminded me of that friends episode where Chandler sees Rachel naked coming out of the shower.

Warnings: I don’t usually need warnings but this does have shallow adult themes at the end. Some accidental and purposeful flashing.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1539

(Gif isn’t mine. I got it off of Google because I couldn’t find this exact one on Tumblr)

A successful hunt always outweighed the damage. Well, most of the time. After the latest werewolf hunt, you were left covered in uncomfortable dirt, grime, and blood. So much so that the Winchesters lined the backseat in old rags so that you wouldn’t ruin the Impala’s upholstery during the thirty-minute ride to the motel. While the Winchesters were left looking perfect, per usual.

The entire drive back to the motel was torture. You felt yourself counting every second, waiting to see the tacky motel in the distance. The feeling of coming home from the beach, with sand in every crack, was a desired condition compared to your predicament.

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Actual Request:  “Hello. Can I please make a Klaus request where reader is human and friends with Damon and Stefan but one night her and Elena are in trouble and Damon& Stefan have to choose and they choose Elena but Klaus save reader. And once she’s healed Klaus says something cute like ‘Damon and Stefan will always choose Elena, but I will always choose you’?”

Requested by anon.

gif credit: not mine.

Ever since you met the Salvatore brothers, you always think that they are your guardian angels and protectors, your best friends. They were always there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on since Klaus had an interest in Caroline, not you.

You like Elena too, since she’s a nice friend to everyone but you can’t say that you like the entire thing between her and the Salvatores.

One night, when you and Elena coming back from a movie, some lunatic vampires decide to kidnap both of you.

How wonderful.

You don’t know where you are but one of the lunatics tells you that the Salvatores need to decide who to save. Their precious doppleganger human Elena or you? Just a silly little high school girl who cries over boys?

You wait in there almost the whole night. They beat you up, give you some kind of medics you don’t even wanna know what they are. You mind is fuzzy and every inches of your body aches.

You hope them to come and get you but they never show up.

“Poor you,” says one of your kidnappers. “They chose to save their Elena. So I think you’re just gonna be our next appetizer.”

“I doubt that.” you hear this beautiful accent and the appetizer-loving-lunatic falls down.

“Klaus?” you ask surprised.

“Come on there love, don’t tell me you didn’t expect to see me at all.”

He carries you to his home, gives some of his blood and waits for you to be healed.

You feel better of course but you can’t get over being saved by Klaus. Because that means the Salvatore brothers saved Elena instead of you.

“Thank you, Klaus.” you whisper. “I thought I was gonna die for a second.”

He makes you cup of coffee and sits by your side.

“Those fools you call your friends, Damon and Stefan, would never choose you, love. And I couldn’t wait to kill some idiot vampires and see you again.”

“I thought you chose Caroline like they chose Elena.” you can’t help that make a sarcastic comment.

Klaus smiles slowly and puts his hand on your cheek.

“They will always choose Elena, love. But I will always choose you. In fact, there will be no other one to make a choice.”

I love you

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GIF not mine

Aiden x Reader

Request :  Hiya… if it’s okay, could I request a Aiden x reader where the reader accidentally confesses to Aiden that she loves him when she’s comforting him/tending his injuries after rough day? Ta ❤

Warnings : language

     “ (Y/N) , you home ? “ Aidens voice pierced the silence in the house . You got up from you bed and went downstairs to see Aiden covered in blood a few slashes covering his abs and shoulders . It was really late at night and you knew that Aiden just needed you to be his friend and his personal nurse for the rest of the night . Aiden saw you and smiled softly at you before coming upstairs to go to your room . He stopped in front of you and kissed your head before disappearing into your room . You gathered the things that you needed and went over to your room . Aiden was on your bed , shirtless , now you was able to see how bad his injuries were . You gasped as you saw the one that you loved so hurt . You pulled out the things that you needed and put some alcohol on a cloth and you pressed the cloth to one of his wounds . Aiden hissed in pain but you continued to clean his wounds .

     “ Everything is so fucked up .” Aiden confessed as you did your job .

     “ I know “ You answered kissing his shoulder .

     “ I don’t understand why we have to fight with Scotts pack . He’s not so bad and by the way nobody can take a True Alphas power and they’ll never get into a pack that Deucalion leads . He’s so stupid . I just want to give up and run away from everybody but I can’t leave Ethan . He’s the only family I have , the only one who still loves me , the only one who’s blood form my blood .” Aidens soft voice made you almost cry , he didn’t even realized how much you loved him , you just wanted to scream at him until you went out of breath but you decided to act like the best friend you always was for him .

     “ One day Ethan will give in and realize that he should go away with you , just wait for him to open his mind . You know that he loves you more than everything . You’re part of his soul , blood from his blood and meat from his meat , you shared the same womb , you’re emotionally and physical connected , he’ll never give up on you Aiden . He loves you way to much to do that and when he’ll realize that what you’re doing is not alright he will go away with you . Don’t worry .” You comforted Aiden wrapping a bandage over his slashes even if you knew that they will heal fast and he will won’t need them in a hour or so .

     You laid on your bed , Aiden next to you looking at the ceiling as you talked about everything and nothing at all . You loved to talk with Aiden , you actually loved everything about Aiden .

     “ Do you think that someone will love for who I am if they’ll find out what I have doe all this years ?” Aiden asked unsure , his voice trembling as he turned your head to the side so he could be looking at you .

     “ I love you .” you said as you was to lost in the moment to realize that you just confessed your love to Aiden even if you knew that he didn’t loved you . “ It’s okay if you don’t feel the same , I won’t make you say this words if you don’t mean them “ You assured Aiden and pressed you lips on his before getting up from the bed going to the bathroom as you couldn’t face Aiden right now . You turned on the water in the shower and let it fall as you stood outside of the bathtub crying your eyes , tears leaving your eyes as you tried not to sob , you didn’t wanted Aiden to hear you . But the door burst open and Aiden came to you , pulling you in his arms , holding you close as you sobbed in his chest . He turned down the shower and kissed your forehead , tightening his grip on your body .

     “ I love you too .” He whispered and pulled your head from his chest so he can look at your eyes . His soft lips pressed to yours and you gave into the kiss holding into Aiden like if you was doing it for dear life .

When people ask me, “Don’t you miss going out with friends?” My response...

I have my dramas, anime, kpop, the internet, and a craft room full of stuff. That’s all I need. 

Brother’s Best Friend

Originally posted by hoodzer

AU where the narrator is Mikey’s younger sister. Gif is not mine. Warning: Smut, Foul language.

“Damn. When did his sister get so hot?” I smiled to myself, hearing Luke’s failed whisper. I went to grab a cup out of the cabinet, stretching just a little more than needed.

“I dunno, man, but this last year has done her well.” Calum whispered back, not much quieter than Luke. I felt their stares flick down my body and felt a sense of pride. It had been nearly a year since I’d seen any of my brother’s friends, due to their tour. And in that year, I’d definitely matured physically.

“I’d like to do her well if you know what I mean.” I nearly laughed out loud at Ashton’s dirty pun, but I managed to restrain it. If Michael heard anything they were saying, he’d skin them alive. Mikey is an overprotective type of older brother. Especially when it comes to his own bandmates.

“How old is she, again?” Calum asked.

“17. Young and sweet.” I smirked at Luke’s ‘Dancing Queen’ reference. I turned around and saw all three of the boys quickly shift their gazes from me to anything else in the room. I walked to the fridge and bent down to grab the apple juice out of the bottom.

“I swear to god, she’s doing it on purpose.” Calum whispered again. I stood up and poured some juice before hopping up onto the countertop, opposite the three boys.

“Remind me again why you three losers are here?” I took a sip of apple juice as I stared at each of them in turn. I couldn’t help but notice just how hot they all were, each in their own way.

“We were supposed to have band practice, but your brother hasn’t shown up yet.” Luke replied, obviously irritated with my idiot brother. I rolled my eyes at them.

“Then why don’t you guys just go home. I doubt he’ll be home before 7 anyway.” I finished off my drink, jumped off the counter, and put my glass in the sink. I felt all three of them watching my butt sway as I walked out of the kitchen. When I was out of sight, I stopped.

“Do you think she knows how sexy she is?” Ashton’s voice could be heard from the kitchen. I smiled, suspicions confirmed.

“Oh, she knows exactly how sexy she is. Did you not see the way she was acting?” Calum answered Ash’s question with another question.

“You do know Mikey would rip us to shreds if he knew we were talking like that about his sister, right?” Luke chimed in to the conversation. I pictured the other two nodding sadly.

“Well, I’m gonna go home. She’s probably right about Michael not showing up for a while.” I heard Ashton stand up and his keys jingle and I hid behind the couch.

“Yeah, me too. I’m hungry and I really want some Chinese food.” Calum was the next to leave. When I heard Calum’s car pull out of the driveway, I re-entered the kitchen. Luke sat alone at the table, tapping his fingers to the music in his head. I coughed, causing him to look up in confusion.

“Scare off your band mates, Hemmings?” I teased. Luke had always been my favorite, and I think he knew that. He was the only one I would talk to for the first month of the band’s career.

“Nah, they got sick of waiting for Michael and left.” I sat down in the chair next to him and he turned to face me.

“Yeah, I don’t blame them. Mikey’s almost never on time to anything.” I rolled my eyes, remembering the countless times I’d been late to school because of my idiot brother.

“See, I’m always perfectly on time to everything.” Luke joked. I smiled, I couldn’t resist. I had to say it.

“Oh, you never come too early, then?” Luke turned beet red and let out a small chuckle. The next words out of his mouth shocked me.

“I don’t know, want to find out?” My jaw hung open and I barely held in my laugh.

“Luke Robert Hemmings! I had no idea you thought that way about me!” I was teasing him, of course, but he took it a bit more seriously.

“We both know that’s a lie. I know you heard us whispering about you earlier. We are absolutely awful at whispering.” I sat in shock. He knew I knew? “And don’t even try to deny the fact that you like me, too. I’ve seen the way you look at me. The way yo-” I surged forward and pressed my lips to his. One of my hands rested on his upper thigh, the other grabbed the back of his head and held his lips against mine.

Holy hell. I’m actually kissing him. I couldn’t believe I’d actually worked up enough courage to kiss my brother’s best friend. Luke’s arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me out of my chair and into his lap. The hand that was on his thigh came up and ran through his hair. I pressed my body against his, causing him to moan into the kiss. One of Luke’s hands drifted downward and squeezed my ass

“Anyone home?” I heard Michael’s voice echo through the house and practically threw myself back into my seat across from Luke. Luke’s hair was messy and I was sure I was blushing.

“Yeah! In the kitchen!” I called back to my brother. Luke attempted to tame his hair and I tried to cool my cheeks. Michael stepped into the kitchen and saw us sitting across from each other.

“I missed band practice again, didn’t I?” Michael seemed disappointed by himself as he slumped into a chair. Luke nodded at him and my brother’s shoulders sunk more.

“Well, I’m gonna go up to my room. I will see you later!” I stood up and hurried myself out of the room.

**Two days later**

I heard the doorbell ring and rolled out of bed, trudging down the stairs and to the front door. I opened it and stared in confusion at the person in front of me.

“Luke? What-” Before I could finish my sentence, Luke grabbed my face and pressed his lips against mine. My first instinct was to push him away, and I nearly did. But before I could, Luke slowly backed us into my house and kicked the door shut behind him. By that time, I had surrendered to the kiss and let my hands wander to the back of his neck. We kept walking backwards until we hit a wall. I moaned as my back pressed against the cool surface. Luke pressed his body against mine, effectively pinning me. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the wall above my head. He held my hands with one of his large ones and the other wandered down my body.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” Luke broke the kiss to ask. I shook my head, breathing still not fully recovered. He smiled and pressed his lips to my neck. I was so focused on his mouth, I forgot about his wandering hand. At least, until he shoved it down the front of my sweat pants.

“God, Luke!” I moaned as Luke rubbed my bare core. He smirked and brought his head up to whisper in my ear.

“Mm, baby, I like the way you sound.” Luke’s long finger teased at my folds, forcing another moan from my mouth. I struggled against his hold on my wrists, aching to touch him the way he was touching me. Luke smiled, pulling his hand out of my pants. I sighed at the loss of contact. “We should go upstairs.”

“Good idea.” My voice was barely more than a whisper. He let go of my hands and stepped back from me. I nearly stumbled, but I composed myself in enough time. I grabbed Luke’s hand and led him up the steps to my bedroom. When the door shut behind him, I pinned Luke against it. I pinned his wrists on either side of his torso and pressed my lips against his neck, nipping and sucking in different places. I left more than one or two dark spots on his skin. It wasn’t long until Luke decided that he’d had enough teasing. He freed his hands from my grasp and tugged his shirt over his head. I bit my lip as I stared at his lean torso.

“Your turn.” Luke’s voice was lusty and deep. I stepped back and pulled my shirt off. He bit his bottom lip as he stared at my nearly bare chest. He reached out and pulled me against him. His right hand came up behind my back and unfastened my bra in one quick movement. His face was inches from mine as he slowly slipped the straps off my shoulders. I arched my back away from Luke just enough to let my bra tumble to the ground between our feet. I pressed my chest against his again, skin rubbing on skin. My fingers strayed to his belt loops and hooked in. I turned us around, trapping myself against the wall again. With my hold on his jeans, I pulled Luke’s hips against mine. He moaned at the rough contact and ground his hips into me.

“Take your pants off. Now.” My voice was a low growl. I needed him. Fast. Luke wasted no time complying to my demands, undoing his jeans faster than I had ever seen before. In the blink of an eye, Luke stood before me in nothing but his boxers. I smirked and walked right past him. I felt his eyes on me as I slowly slid my sweats down my legs, being sure to keep my knees locked. Before I stood all the way back up, I felt Luke’s hands grip my hips. He pulled my ass flush against his crotch, grinding into me. I straightened out slowly, Luke’s hands traveling up my body. His hands came to rest over my boobs, giving them a gentle squeeze. His mouth came so close to my ear, I could feel his breath.

“Do you have any idea just how sexy you are?” I smiled and ground my ass back into his increasingly hard erection.

“I do now.” I turned around in his arms, kissing him again. One hand rested flat on my back, the other ventured downward and gave my ass a firm squeeze. My arms wrapped around his back, pulling his body against mine. I felt him back us up until my calves hit the bed. Luke pushed me backwards onto the bed, crawling on top of me. I pulled myself up to the pillows, Luke’s lips trailing down my body as I moved. When I stopped, his lips were even with my hip bones. He smirked at me and pressed an open-mouthed kiss to my skin.

“I’ll bet you’re a loud one.” He teased, pressing another kiss a little lower. I let my head flop back onto the pillows as Luke’s head dipped even lower. I wiggled my hips when I felt him pull back. I let out a loud moan when he dragged the flat of his tongue up the length of my slit. He smirked and hooked his fingers in the band of my underwear, dragging them slowly down my legs. He left little kisses as he made his way back up my legs. When his breath fanned across my wet folds, I couldn’t fight the shudder that coursed down my spine. His lips attached to my clit, sucking lightly.

“Fuck, Luke!” I moaned, fingers weaving through his hair. His tongue flicked out and softly prodded the nub, encouraging another loud moan. Luke left my clit in favor of licking another slow stripe up my center. He hummed quietly as he got a taste of just how wet I was for him. I whimpered as Luke’s tongue teased lightly at my entrance. When he slipped a finger inside me, I pulled on his hair, earning a soft moan from his plump lips. I pulled his head away from my center and up to my lips, needing the feeling of his lips on mine again. His kiss was rough and dominating as he added another finger to slide in and out of my wet entrance. I moaned his name again, breaking the kiss.

“God I love the way you say my name, baby. C'mon, let everyone know who’s making you feel this good.” Luke doubled his efforts on my core and within a few seconds I was on the brink of paradise.

“Luke, baby.” I whimpered, unable to get much more out. He smirked and sucked my clit back into his mouth, effectively sending me over the edge. Stars and spots danced in my vision as my back arched in pleasure. My grip on Luke’s hair tightened so much I pulled a few strands out. When I finally came down from the clouds, Luke was grinning with a victorious glint in his eyes.

“You’re beautiful.” He mumbled, capturing my lips with his again. I could taste myself on his tongue, and it was oddly arousing. I moaned into his mouth, wrapping my arms around his neck. Luke somehow moved us so that I was straddling his hips, my center rubbing over his hard-on. His arms wrapped around my waist, holding my bare body against his. I trailed my kisses across his jaw, pausing to leave a dark purple spot just below his ear, before trailing down his neck. Luke’s hands gripped my hips, moving me to create a delicious friction between us. His fingers dug into my skin almost painfully, no doubt leaving little finger-shaped bruises.

“Fuck, Luke. Hurry up and fuck me already, you asshat.” I moaned as his hips bucked up against mine. Pressing one last hard kiss to my lips, Luke laid me down on the bed and stripped off his boxers. I bit my lip at the sight of him. The head blushed an angry pink, a little pearl of pre-cum gracing the tip of it. I couldn’t help but imagine how good he tasted and how much I wanted him in my mouth. But a blow-job would have to wait. I knew exactly what I needed and where I needed it.

“You ready for this, baby? Cause I sure am.” Luke whispered, giving himself a few tugs to prepare. I wiggled a little on the bed and let out a small whimper in anticipation. Luke took that as a yes and smiled, running his tongue over his lower lip. He hovered over me, guiding himself to my entrance. As he finally sank into me, I let out a loud moan of satisfaction. I’d been with a few other guys, but none of them felt like Luke did. He filled me in ways the others could never even dream of. When I opened my eyes, Luke’s face hovered above mine. His eyes were screwed shut and his mouth hung open. He looked so perfect I almost wanted to take a picture.

“Move, Luke. For the love of god, move!” I whispered, breathless from the level of pleasure he was making me feel. Luke slowly drew himself out, breathing heavily already. As he pressed back into me, he let out the most arousing moan I’d ever heard from a guy. I felt every inch of him as he slowly pulled back out and in again.

“Fuck, you feel so fucking good, baby.” Luke praised between gritted teeth. I bit my lip and bucked my hips up to meet Luke’s slow stroke.

“Faster, Luke. Please.” I groaned out, digging my nails into his shoulders. Luke grunted and picked up his pace. On one particularly hard thrust, I scraped my nails down Luke’s back with a loud, high-pitched squeal-moan. Luke swore at the pain caused by my nails and thrusted hard into me again. Within a handful of minutes sweat was beading on his forehead and I was close to my second orgasm of the night. Luke must’ve felt my walls pulsing around him because he reached down and rubbed my clit with one hand, pushing me even closer to my tipping point.

“Come for me, baby. I wanna feel you come around me.” That was the only urging I needed before I let go. I couldn’t see anything except Luke’s look of pure concentration on not blowing his load too soon. I couldn’t hear anything except his heavy breathing and my loud moaning. I couldn’t feel anything except his hard, quick thrusts. When I came back down, Luke’s thrusts started to get sloppy. I wrapped my legs around him as he pushed in one final time. I felt him twitch before he spilled inside me. When he was spent, he collapsed on top of me. Our sweaty bodies pressed against each other, sticking together in places.

“That was…” I trailed off, unable to think of a suitable word.

“Yeah.” Luke agreed, rolling off of me to lay on the bed beside me. I rolled to face him, only to find my content smile mirrored back at me. I snuggled closer to him, cold despite the sweat coating my body. Luke grinned and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me against him. We sat there for a while, foreheads pressed together, staring into each other’s eyes.

“How the hell are we gonna tell Mikey?”


Part 2

nikkitasevoli  asked:

I hope you're doing ok. You give so much with your stories that help us when we're feeling down. I wish I could give you back the same you give to us but I can't. The feelings we feel through your stories are a great gift to us so i'm very grateful and I feel that just a "thank you for your writings" is not enough but is the less I can do. So thank you so much!!❤❤❤💋

*tears* I’m not on my laptop or this post would be filled with gifs. But thanks so much lovely. There are days in which I just can’t sit and type. They are frustrating since its my release from stress. I tend to be able to tell stories when I’m literally in a place in my mind where I feel at ease within my own chaos. And I’m not. So I just need some time to really evaluate everything. It sucks really but I have great friends who I can reach out to at anytime. It’s the matter of reaching that I suck at. To actually type out or call and say that I’m not exactly okay is very difficult for me. Maybe because of the way I was brought up. Or the fear of what others might say. Who knows. I don't😂 But honestly, you guys are the best. I never expected to have such an amazing group of people follow me. Regardless of past bumps, those from the beginning have stuck with me. Granted some don’t speak with me but I still see them there and that says something to me. Anywho, I’m ranting and such. Just thanks for being here. For your requests and just being a bright light on my dashboard when I just want to see happiness. You are an amazing being! Thanks babes.


Girl Meets World + Lyrics  [1/??]

My mother said, “Don’t forget where you come from, where you’ve been. Always keep your closest friends; they can’t slip away, they keep you grounded. Oh, keep yourself surrounded with good advice.” And yeah, I guess that sounded nice when I was ten.


Actual Request:  “Can You please make a imagine in 15th century where reader is young, rich widow and helps Mikaelsons when they were hidieing from Michael, and she become great friends with Rebekah so she don’t want to lose her so she change her into vampire without her premission?”

Requested by anon.

gif credit: not mine.

“There, there, now, what do we have here?” you say in your gardens, seeing a young, blonde girl over the roses.

“Milady,” she bows. “I was – actually me and my brothers, we needed a place to hide and we were running and–”

You can see she’s hiding something but you don’t want to confront her now.

“I see.” you interrupt her. “Is that why you hid in my late husband’s gardens without permission? Where’s your brothers?”

“They are…” she stops and takes a deep breath. “They out of the garden, waiting for your permission.”

“And what if I don’t give my permission?”

“Then we have to persuade you, love.” a strange accent answers your question. He looks like the blonde girl beside you but you can see the confidence in his eyes.

Another two men show up. One of them looks older than the others and the other one has that devilish look in his eyes just like the blonde boy.

“I’d like to see you try.” you challenge him. Four of them look surprised and blonde girl’s eyes gone… wild.

“Rebekah.” the man with dark hair warns him and you understand: they are vampires.

Of course you know about vampires, it’s a five hundred years old story. Your husband was a vampire hunter and he died in the hands of a witch. Well, that witch was you but this is irrelevant for sure.

“Why are you here may I ask?” you say with calm voice. Blonde man smiles and holds your hand. “I’m on vervain.” you warn him.

“We can understand that.” he says. “But we need your help, love.”

“And that help is…?”

“Your castle, darling.” young boy says. “We need a place to hide, as my sister told you before.”

“If you need to hide,” you say. “That means there’s a trouble out there.”

Four of them look each other and the oldest one comes close.

“My name is Elijah Mikaelson.” he says. “And these are my siblings Kol, Niklaus and Rebekah. The danger is… our father. If you know about us then you know about vampire hunters.”

“My husband was one of them.” you admit. “I didn’t like his brutality and as a consequence of his manners… well, I’m very rich now.” you see you’re changing the subject so you stop talking. “So yes, I know about vampire hunters.”

Elijah seems surprised but there’s a smile on Niklaus’ face.

“And here we are, a family running from a hunter and a witch despising hunters.”

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“Wait, I don’t understand… Barry?”, you almost stuttered. In front of you, at the same place where The Flash had been just seconds ago, stood now your best friend. The thing was, The Flash was still there.

“Yeah, so I have a lot of explaining to do”, Barry started and that was when you really came to the conclusion that Barry indeed was the superhero that had been running around town. Still, you really needed to hear his explanation, because to you this made no sense. How could you best friend be a superhero?

~ Requested by anonymous ~

Thank you so much for the request <3 <3

a post about reposters

So recently and not for the first time i’ve had gifs of mine reposted- and i know that’s never gonna stop, but what i want to talk about right now is the behavior of reposters when they get called out or creators ask them to remove their stolen posts. Every single reposter i have talked to has gotten (to some degree) defensive about their actions and this is what i usually hear:

  • I had a friend send it to me and i don’t know where they found them
  • I found them on google
  • There wasn’t a watermark so i couldn’t credit
  • There’s already a watermark so i don’t need to credit (amazing)
  • I’ve made gifs/edits/ect before and im not bothered when others repost mine so you shouldn’t be either
  • Well it’s not like they’re really yours either you didn’t take the picture/record the video

All of these excuses, yes that’s what you’re doing when you say these things, are poor. Firstly, a good rule of thumb for anyone with common sense is if you don’t know where it came from or it’s not yours don’t post it-and certainly don’t tag it to try and get lots of notes as if you spent so much time putting your post together?? Also just because someone reposted something of yours and it didn’t bother you does not mean other people aren’t going to get upset when they see something of theirs they worked hard on get notes and praise without any acknowledgment it was their work in the first place. Lastly, “It’s not really yours either, you didn’t film the video/take the picture you don’t have a copywrite on it,” excuse me but it most certainly is the editors original work and the big difference between editors and reposters is that editors will usually always link back to where they found the original video/picture they aren’t claiming that’s theirs, they are however claiming that they took they time to edit the content and make it their own which completely entitles them to call it their original work


Usually when someone comes to tell you you have reposted something of theirs they are calm and are just asking you to remove it, few will come and just start attacking you, it’s usually only once you have made an excuse (see list above) that people will start getting angry and preachy. Yeah, sometimes people will been angry when they see stuff of theirs reposted right away-especially when it’s whole gifsets, the whole idk where it’s from/i found them on google excuse is incredibly weak here (just so you know)-but can you really blame them, especially when it happens to some of these people all the time?


Apologize. DON’T MAKE AN EXCUSE. Don’t try and halfway justify yourself and say it just came from google or whatever. Apologize and delete the post like the person has requested. If you really did want those gifs/edits/ect on your blog the great thing is you now know where the original content came from and you can ask the person where you can find the original post so you can reblog it now. The sad/funny thing about reposters is that they never ask this. They don’t care about supporting creators/editors they just want the pretty gifs/edits/ect on their blog with their own notes. Just to prove how heartless some of these people are i actually had someone message me telling me they accidentally flagged one of my gifsets and then three days later they reposted it with the same caption and underneath the classic (credit to owner) on the post as if they didn’t already know where it came from. 

So yeah, reposters i know you’re never going away, but for the love of god stop arguing and trying to justify yourself when someone tells you you have reposted their stuff. It’s annoying and you’re never in the right, so stop.

EXO Reaction to a bird flying in the house and going mental

I hope this is close to what you expected. Love, Admin A~

I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *Hides* “Make it stop make it stop! It keeps hitting my head!”

Kris: *GIF*

Sehun: *Really scared but also worried about the bird* “Oh poor little thing… it doesn’t know where it is”

Tao: *Gets your SOS text* “Oh this girl…she always needs my manly skills when I’m not home”


Xiumin: “There’s a bird in the house?! How are we going to take it out without hurting it?”

Baekhyun: *Asks help for to the boys but all of them do weird things instead of helping* “Just kill me..”

Luhan: *Forgets he is the manly guy and just runs away*

Chen: *Friends with the bird* “Lalalala let’s all fly together and enjoy life”

Kyungsoo: *Google is there to help* “How to take a bird out of your house.. First, open the window.. Second, it eventually will leave”

Lay: “Hello lovely bird. Are you hurt. Don’t worry I’ll help you so you can leave and be free again”

Suho: “I’ll take care of it. Suho daddy can do anything” *Or just call his people to help*


There are times you can’t explain, you don’t have to say
You don’t even have to hide the pain that’s deep inside
When you’re lost and need a friend, you can just call on my name
You can count on me, I will be right here for you

For so long, you’ve been holding on
Didn’t have a place where you could let go
Just take my hand and we’ll find a way
Through the good and bad, we’ll laugh and cry
Together we will find a way

I’m not alone, you’re by my side
I’m standing strong, you give me hope to carry on
You washed away my fears
Now I know I’m here because I have you near
You’re not alone, I’m by your side
When you are down, I’ll be the one to make you smile
I’ll wash away your tears
And the sun will shine its light on you and me