Actual Request:  “Hello. Can I please make a Klaus request where reader is human and friends with Damon and Stefan but one night her and Elena are in trouble and Damon& Stefan have to choose and they choose Elena but Klaus save reader. And once she’s healed Klaus says something cute like ‘Damon and Stefan will always choose Elena, but I will always choose you’?”

Requested by anon.

gif credit: not mine.

Ever since you met the Salvatore brothers, you always think that they are your guardian angels and protectors, your best friends. They were always there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on since Klaus had an interest in Caroline, not you.

You like Elena too, since she’s a nice friend to everyone but you can’t say that you like the entire thing between her and the Salvatores.

One night, when you and Elena coming back from a movie, some lunatic vampires decide to kidnap both of you.

How wonderful.

You don’t know where you are but one of the lunatics tells you that the Salvatores need to decide who to save. Their precious doppleganger human Elena or you? Just a silly little high school girl who cries over boys?

You wait in there almost the whole night. They beat you up, give you some kind of medics you don’t even wanna know what they are. You mind is fuzzy and every inches of your body aches.

You hope them to come and get you but they never show up.

“Poor you,” says one of your kidnappers. “They chose to save their Elena. So I think you’re just gonna be our next appetizer.”

“I doubt that.” you hear this beautiful accent and the appetizer-loving-lunatic falls down.

“Klaus?” you ask surprised.

“Come on there love, don’t tell me you didn’t expect to see me at all.”

He carries you to his home, gives some of his blood and waits for you to be healed.

You feel better of course but you can’t get over being saved by Klaus. Because that means the Salvatore brothers saved Elena instead of you.

“Thank you, Klaus.” you whisper. “I thought I was gonna die for a second.”

He makes you cup of coffee and sits by your side.

“Those fools you call your friends, Damon and Stefan, would never choose you, love. And I couldn’t wait to kill some idiot vampires and see you again.”

“I thought you chose Caroline like they chose Elena.” you can’t help that make a sarcastic comment.

Klaus smiles slowly and puts his hand on your cheek.

“They will always choose Elena, love. But I will always choose you. In fact, there will be no other one to make a choice.”

Blog Post #4

1) Based on the reading/video, why do you think that the animated gif is such a popular delivery device for images at the moment?

I think gifs are so popular because they are short animated snip-its of today’s new fads. For example, some of my favorite gifs are music videos, tv shows, or random little videos- the weirder the better! They’re also perfect when you need a good laugh- try having a conversation using only gifs!

2) Explain the idea behind your own gif.

For my gif, I chose a video from an All Time Low concert I went to over the summer with a few of my really good friends. “Something’s Gotta Give” was playing and I really enjoyed the way the lights complemented the song. It’s because of moments like that, I know the music industry is where I’m meant to be.


Actual Request:  “Can You please make a imagine in 15th century where reader is young, rich widow and helps Mikaelsons when they were hidieing from Michael, and she become great friends with Rebekah so she don’t want to lose her so she change her into vampire without her premission?”

Requested by anon.

gif credit: not mine.

“There, there, now, what do we have here?” you say in your gardens, seeing a young, blonde girl over the roses.

“Milady,” she bows. “I was – actually me and my brothers, we needed a place to hide and we were running and–”

You can see she’s hiding something but you don’t want to confront her now.

“I see.” you interrupt her. “Is that why you hid in my late husband’s gardens without permission? Where’s your brothers?”

“They are…” she stops and takes a deep breath. “They out of the garden, waiting for your permission.”

“And what if I don’t give my permission?”

“Then we have to persuade you, love.” a strange accent answers your question. He looks like the blonde girl beside you but you can see the confidence in his eyes.

Another two men show up. One of them looks older than the others and the other one has that devilish look in his eyes just like the blonde boy.

“I’d like to see you try.” you challenge him. Four of them look surprised and blonde girl’s eyes gone… wild.

“Rebekah.” the man with dark hair warns him and you understand: they are vampires.

Of course you know about vampires, it’s a five hundred years old story. Your husband was a vampire hunter and he died in the hands of a witch. Well, that witch was you but this is irrelevant for sure.

“Why are you here may I ask?” you say with calm voice. Blonde man smiles and holds your hand. “I’m on vervain.” you warn him.

“We can understand that.” he says. “But we need your help, love.”

“And that help is…?”

“Your castle, darling.” young boy says. “We need a place to hide, as my sister told you before.”

“If you need to hide,” you say. “That means there’s a trouble out there.”

Four of them look each other and the oldest one comes close.

“My name is Elijah Mikaelson.” he says. “And these are my siblings Kol, Niklaus and Rebekah. The danger is… our father. If you know about us then you know about vampire hunters.”

“My husband was one of them.” you admit. “I didn’t like his brutality and as a consequence of his manners… well, I’m very rich now.” you see you’re changing the subject so you stop talking. “So yes, I know about vampire hunters.”

Elijah seems surprised but there’s a smile on Niklaus’ face.

“And here we are, a family running from a hunter and a witch despising hunters.”

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