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Hi! I remember seeing you reblog a short video recently where someone was using green to cancel out redness, I have some pretty bad redness on my face on my cheeks near my nose where I also have large pores, and I was wondering if you have any suggestions on what the best product would be to use for a beginner? Thank you!! <3

A good oil-control primer, like Cover FX Mattifying primer (which contains salicylic acid) is a good thing to smooth over those areas, assuming your large pores are secreting lots of oil. If that isn’t the case - say, you have large pores, sensitive dry skin and tons of roseacea - the Cover FX Calming primer is a good option, although it won’t shrink your pores. Instead of color correcting or concealing, try applying a matching foundation only on your areas of redness. Hourglass Illusion has buildable coverage, hydrating hyaluronic acid, spf 15 and a built-in pore-minimizing primer.

Quick Naoto from the other day. If this was anything more than a doodle I’d edit it to get rid of the weird face line where my shaky hand made trouble, as well as the orange lighting (courtesy of my old phone and a crummy bulb) but whatevs.
I <3 Naoto. FYI.

like… i am all for making headcanons abt ur favs especially when u see yrself in them. headcanons are great! making a story more diverse through transformative fanwork is fantastic! but you cant just do this shit blindly, you have to make sure your headcanons and fan interpretations arent harmful to other ppl. its kind of like a milder version of that ‘my right to swing my fist ends where your face begins’ quote. u can make headcanons til the sun goes down but you shouldnt make headcanons that take away from canon representation of other minority groups because youre building yourself up by tearing down other ppl who have it just as bad as you do

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I was looking down at my phone during that scene where Ryan was wearing the face paint for Halloween and I looked up for a sec and it was just him with that shit on his face. It scared the fuck out of me lol.

Yeah it’s scary as fuck!

Lancome Miracle Cushion

Hey~! So this is post is from my old blog that now has no use (raquelesther.blogspot.com) & I decided to pass it on here, hope you like it :) & if you do then please like it and share it 

Hey beauties! I literally can’t with this new foundation. I think I just found my *Justin Timberlake voice* HOLY GRAIL!
What blows my mind is just how little you use on your face, to the point where it can cover my dark circles. COVERS IT!!! AHHH!!!!. Sure not completely but it covers it to the point that I look good enough to walk out the house ( #SLAY). Did I mention how lightweight this product is? So much coverage, yet you can’t feel it. I literally just can’t with this. It’s so lightweight that I forgot I had anything on until I checked my camera. OK, I’ve had this on for the whole day and I’ve been quite satisfied.  

Can we just take a moment to be an awe of the packaging? I wasn’t able to take pictures of the sponge  clean because as soon as I saw that it came in the mail I opened it and applied it. Ok, so the coverage isn’t sheer, its medium to full coverage. You would think it would be sheer because it’s using a sponge and the packaging/formulation. The sponge is great and this would be the only exception (at least for me) to use a sponge like that. When it comes to coverage it depends on the pressure you put from the cushion to the sponge. One down-side to this is the outer packaging. Since the lid is mirrored finish that means it will pick up fingerprints and be noticeably scratched. I am very OCD when it comes to beauty packaging and making sure its in mint condition, I also know that many of you out there are the same way. Don’t get me wrong I know for a fact after some time I won’t care if its dirty or scratched.

OK, so these are the colors that are available. It was kind of tricky (not really) to find my shade, since they don’t have every single color from their Teint Idole foundation line (that foundation was a HUGE miss for me). So, I am 330 Bisque (N) in their Teint Idole and I went up one and purchased 360 Bisque (N) and it was a good match. My suggestion is, and not only for this product, go up a shade if you’re not sure. Why? Because with concealer and your powders you will be able to lighten it or make it work *insert Tim Gunn GIF here*. Remember, don’t match your face, match your body.
Just like with any amazing product comes with a high cost (unless you’re watching an informercial), but this one is priced well. At Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s it is priced at 46.50 dollars and the refills are 39. Before today (I think) it was only available at Macy’s.

Bottom line is I completely recommend this! This does hold up all day, maybe little to no touchups, except blotting/powdering your face. I have dry/combination skin but I still had to follow these steps that I am going to share with you.  

Here are some helpful tips when you use it: If you have oily/combination skin then you should use a mattifying primer. I suggest the BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfecter (available at Ulta and Sephora). Apply it on your T-zone and other oily areas because this can make you look oily. Ah, you should also powder (oh so lightly) your T-zone area too. You will still have that beautiful dewy skin without looking like an oil slick with those steps. Also, just like with any foundation or base, prep your face!
Pair this with a bronzer, full brow, long voluminous lashes and a coral red lip and you will look flawless!

Go give it a try and go get glamorous, beautiful! xx