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Honest to God, I talked to my mom about this babygate thing, she had 3 kids and she says is totally ok, she gave birth and she walked off the hospital she took me to my grandma everyday from day one, she walked with me after 4 days of being born same with my brothers and she says she lost her belly really fast so it's not crazy for me to see her out and about, I'm just sad Louis couldn't handle this better, I know he's not as happy as he should be. it's just sad.

Okay, let’s say Briana is totally walking and functional!

That still doesn’t explain her weight! When you’re pregnant you swell up and gain a lot of weight to keep the baby healthy and safe and warm. There is no way she is able to lose so much weight after however long she’s had this baby. 

Random woman at 6 mo pregnant:

Briana Jungwirth at 6 mo:


also: where’s her bellybutton?