(last on screen image)

  • Last Seen: Village in the State of Yi
  • Date Missing:  Oct 3rd (Book 4 Episode 1)
  • Age:  15 or 16
  • Sex:  In fanfics
  • Height:  Taller than Jinora :)
  • Weight:  Light enough to fly
  • Build:  Lean and Sexy
  • Eyes:  Steal Your Heart Sea Green
  • Hair:  A sexy sideless mess
  • Nationality:  Airbender (Originally Earth Kingdom)
  • Complexion:  Almond Brown
  • Clothing:  Wingsuit with a tear on the right wing
  • If seen: Return to Jinora and Storyboard Staff so we can finally have a Kainora kiss
  • Possible Locations: Imprisoned by Tenzin, in the minds of crying shippers, or a scrapped episode idea
  • Urgency: Honestly I’ll combust if I don’t see him next episode, stop messing with me Bryke

Troye’s Album Soundtrack Leak

Blue Neighborhood


Technical Difficulties 

I’m a Gemini

Mustard Jacket


Gender Roles Are a Social Construct ft. Ben J Pierce


Aesthetic ft. Connor Franta

Potato Chips

Studio Shmoodio

Papercut ft. Zedd

Denim on Denim

Talk Me Down

Only Fools


Poo Heads