Where do heavy elements come from?

During the formation of the solar system Earth underwent an event known as the late bombardment. This was a time of a high amount of asteroid collisions hitting the Earth’s surface. These objects painted the surface of our planet with heavy elements such as gold, silver and titanium. 

But how did these asteroids form and where do they come from? Scientists still don’t know the full answer to this question. The issue here is that even our Sun can only produce up to a certain level of heavy materials. Star power works because atoms of hydrogen combine to form helium, but the size and density of most stars can only produce Iron until they lose power and collapse.

One theory is that the biggest stars in our universe live these short lifespans. When they die they explode and produce these very dense stars known as neutron stars. The explosion itself is known as a supernovae and in this event it is thought that there is enough heat to produce heavy elements.

However even with this scenario, the computer models are not completely conclusive and so Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz at UC Santa Cruz has been developing alternative theories.

Watch this week’s episode to learn more about his theory 


Where does that name come from anyway?

breathless [bellamy blake]**

Hello 😊 I thought about something where you and Bellamy are a couple and share a tent. One night you have a Kind of ‘sexy dream’ of Bell and then you’re all flustered when you wake up and see him sleeping beside you without a Shirt on. You then start touching his chest and his muscles but dont notice that he woke up. He then takes your Hand, guiding you, before he hovers over you and your dream Comes true ? :)


the gifs [which i did not make, all rights go to the owner] are taken from Road Train where Bob plays Craig and even though he’s supposed to be an asshole he is so fucking hot like damn


It was a dream filled with burning passion, a fire of need for each other that ravaged your mind. You sighed in your sleep, followed by a small whine as you sucked in your breath and then released it heavily. Bellamy watched you with wandering eyes, your head propped on one arm while the other rested on your hip. A small smile was pulling at the corners of his mouth as he watched you writhe.

Your body twitched and you squeezed your eyes shut as your mouth opened and you let out a breathless moan. “Bellamy.” You whimpered his name, just barely above a whisper. Something inside of him stirred and his smile turned into a smirk as his hand traveled up and stopped underneath your breast so the crook between his index finger and thumb was circled around the bottom where your breasts overlapped your ribcage, where love handles were before you had taken your bra off to sleep that night.

His lips attached to your shoulder and trailed up your neck to your jaw and then back to your ear. “Y/N.” You groaned, leaving him to gaze at you while your eyes flickered open and your long eyelashes tapped against the skin right above your eye socket and then fluttered down against your cheekbones as you tilted your head towards him.

“Why did you wake me up, Bell? Is something wrong?” He shook his head and moved his hand down, his palm flat against you as his fingers rested on the hem of your panties.

“Nothing is wrong. You were calling for me in your sleep.” He muttered matter of factly as you drew your breath in and closed your eyes, tipping your head back against the pillow to allow him more access to your neck. He chuckled and climbed on top of you, resting his arms by your head, supporting himself on his elbows.

Your fingers curled into his hair as his lips traveled down to your collarbone. “I was having a fantastic dream.” He hummed in response and sucked the skin between your neck and your collarbone. A moan fell off of your lips and he moved down to the valley between your breasts, glancing up at you as he took your nipple in his mouth and lightly bit it. Your grip on his hair tightened and your breath hitched in your throat as you arched your back up into him.

He moved up one hand and rolled the other nipple between his fingers, pinching it lightly and then moving himself back up. Your hands traveled down and hit the base of his neck as you kissed him passionately. “What were you dreaming about?” He kissed the corner of your mouth and kissed his way to your ear. He bit down on the lobe gently and traced his way back down to your stomach as you let out another moan.

Bellamy pushed your panties down, allowing his hands to move up and cup your breasts afterwards, his hot breath fanning out over your already wet heat. A small throaty groan rose up in your neck and you breathed out a sigh. “I was dreaming about this.” He kissed your core, licking a stripe upwards. Your legs shook underneath his touch and you moaned loudly.

He smiled and then shifted back up, kissing his way up your stomach. A small smile passed over his face, quickly being replaced by your lips as he entered you. You moaned, your fingers raking across his back as he pushed in and then pulled out. “Bell.” You whined out his name as he thrust back into you, his head resting in the nook of your neck as he thrusted back into you.

He sucked on the skin that his lips hovered above as you moaned from underneath him. A breathless sigh escaped you as your arm circled around his waist and your nails dragged down his back. Bellamy groaned as he continued to thrust into you. He was gentle, as if you would break if he were to go any harder. You leaned up so your lips were next to his ear. “Harder, Bell.” He took that as his cue as he began to pound into you, making you arch your back into him.

Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your mouth gaped open as an ‘O’ fell into the air and drifted off into the mid morning sun. He kissed the valley of your breasts as one of his hands reached up to pinch and roll your nipple between the pads of his fingers. A familiar knot built in your stomach and your hands gripped his shoulders as you pressed yourself flush to his chest. “I’m close.” He groaned in response and continued to pound into you, going faster as your moans traveled through your shared tents.

The knot was in your low stomach, and with the next thrust it exploded and you were shaking underneath Bellamy, and a few sloppy thrusts later he pulled out of you, plopping down next to you and wrapping his arms around you. He kissed your shoulder and pulled you closer to him. “I love you.”

With shaking arms, you curled his hair in your fingers. “I love you too.”

I just reached 3k followers like woah holy shit where did you all even come from? :D since ive been doing follow forevers before i decided on doing something new this time~ so here goes!!! my first tumblr award! good luck <3


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*standing ovation for andrew hussie and his team*

well… okay maybe not a standing ovation. this is the only clapping gif i have i apologize

but thank you for putting up with this fandom’s ravenous hunger for even the smallest update, like a swarm of bees violently trying to get nectar from the same tiny ass daisy who manage to destroy the flower in 5 minutes because there are so fucking many bees where did all these bees come from oh my god

i think i speak for pretty much everyone when i say that we are so grateful for your dedication to this comic and your determination to keep several thousand nerdlords happy 

thank you so much, huss. for everything. i hope we cause a little less trouble for you in the coming updates!

Exo reaction when you told them that they changed a lot since you first started to date them

Sehun:*gets offended by it* The only think that I changed in the past two years was my hair , from where did you come with this stupid idea?

Kai: You should  have said from the beginning that it was a good change cause I lost it for a moment and I was close to crying

Tao: Did  I become even more attractive? is that it?

Kyungsoo: Of course I had to change , cause dating you is not that easy and you have to adapt in order to keep a sane mind

Chanyeol: Wait are you saying this in a good way or a bad way? why are you looking at me in that way? is this the break up talk?

Chen: I don’t wanna talk to you when you say those kind of things 

Baekhyun: Yes I did change, I evolved to another kind of pokemon. A more awesome one

Lay: Really? but why are you saying that? I started to treat you differently? 

Suho: Is this talk gonna end up with us n tears or it;s a good thing that I changed?

Kris: Now that I think better yes I changed, I dress better now, thanks for noticing

Luhan: I don’t know what you are talking about, I have always been this manly

Xiumin: I talk more now cause you asked me to do it, does this bother you?

anonymous asked:

i dont know why you think thor and loki together is a good idea. they hated each other in the comics /and/ the movies ???


u poor thing (this anon thinks thor and loki hate each other hAHA)

even if u dont ship them u cant deny the fact that they to care about each other ;u; and i was gonna go on some big meta whatever but im to tired so ill just leave some of this here (gifs/pictures are not mine)


and this little gem about thor not being able to ever kill loki okay yes

oh and lookie here its a thinGGG THAT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF IF U ASK ME



and thors face when loki let go of that stick and fell to his “death” plus thors face when loki “died” 

haha pls kill me

also one more thing onE MORE THING

just ugh Crown of Fools #1, if i remember correctly, theres a scene where thor and friends “walk into a structure, and each is confronted with what their heart desire, something so enticing that they cannot possibley walk away” 

guess what thors HEARTS DESIRE IS

its loki


i’m making gifs or whatever, and i already *knew* Bill’s form went all stone-form when leaves it BOTH times, but like

i never noticed until now how… beat up it looks. why has it already been worn down and scuffed up so much? where did the chips and cracks come from? his hat is so small? why would he design a wonky physical form like that? 

maybe Bill’s just worse at taking care of his body than even i am.

Exo reaction to their girlfriend forgetting their bday

Sehun: *no caption needed*

Kai: You’re lucky cause you’re pretty!

Tao:What is this? Y/N:Your birthday cake?

Why does it look like a folded pancake with a candle in the middle?

Chen: But at least she got your age right.Happy 3th anniversary.

Kyungsoo: Sure you had more important things to remember than my birthday!

Chanyeol: Are you having a surprise party? Should I act shocked when they will come out from their hiding places? Or did you prepared something for tonight?

Chen:*gif says it all* And come back when you have a cake!

Baekhyun:Okay babe where is my cake and my present?Where did you hide it?*search for a couple of minutes* There isn’t any cake? 

*fake tears* How can you forget the day this perfect man was bought to life?

Lay:*this unicorn is not even mad*

Suho: Everyone of you ignores me! Why don’t you toss me aside and replace me with a rag doll! I’m sure you’d remember her birthday!

Kris: You know what day is today baobei?

Y/N: Tuesday! Omg babe!……. today airs that new drama that I’ve wanted to watch. Thaks for reminding me!

You’re wlcome!

Luhan: Y/N:It just sliped my mind babe!

*gif says it all*

Xiumin: How could you forget? Do you sometimes forget how to breath also?

the best parts of that fox news Anonymous gif are the part where it zooms in on “/i/ - Invasion” because that board doesnt even exist on 4chan where did that picture come from, and also the part where the dog bounds across the screen for no reason

Exo Reactions To Hearing You Swear Because You’re Angry

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “Whoa… my Jagi has such a dirty mouth. I like it.”

Chanyeol: “Where did that come from?! I didn’t even know that you knew what that word meant.”

Chen: “Naughty, naughty Jagiya.”


Kai: *just stares at you in disbelief but he has a smile on his lips*

Kris: “What the fuck did you just say?” *shocked* 

Lay: *thinks about what you said for a minute, trying to figure out what it might mean because he’s never heard it before*

Luhan: “Finally! Someone who swears as much as me!”

Sehun: “You sneaky little thing. I didn’t know you used language like that.”

Suho: “No.”

Tao: “What does that mean? Is it English? I don’t understand it.”

Xiumin: “You’re so cute when you swear.”

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

  • Us: wait is that
  • Us: wHAT
Notice Me - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Request: Anonymous said: Hi, can you do an imagine for Liam where he and the reader hate each other because Liam is always annoying her but the reader takes it too serious. Then they have a fight where Liam admits that he likes her and they come together? Thanks :)

Warnings: verbal fight, fluff?

A/N: I hope you like it anon!

Originally posted by leexyalexa

*Gif not mine*

It was like it was bubbling inside of you, every little thing he did now seemed to irritate you beyond belief. Right now he was sitting across from you, his fingers lightly tapping the surface of the table. He had done so for about half an hour now. 

It had come to the point where you couldn’t even concentrate on what you were reading anymore, and you had probably read the same sentence at least 10 times already without being able to know what you were reading at all. 

«Can you stop that?» You sat up straight and glared at Liam. 

«Stop what?» He asked innocently, his fingers still tapping against the table. «I’m just reading, Y/n. Do you want me to stop reading?»

«You know what I mean, Liam.» You spoke through gritted teeth. 

«No, I think I don’t, Y/n. I think you will have to explain it to me.» He leaned forward, the tapping of his fingers stopping as he put his hands on the table for support. You took a deep breath so you wouldn’t yell at him in the silent library. 

«You were tapping your fingers. For half an hour.» If looks could kill, Liam would be dead by now. 

«I did? Really? I didn’t notice.» He acted shocked, raising his eyebrows in confusion, but you could see how much fun he had with this in his eyes, and that was the last drop. 

Hastily you gathered your things from the table and went straight for the door after leaving the book you had been reading were you found it. When you walked out the door Liam was still sitting by the table, this time a regretful look on his face. 

«Shit.» He cursed under his breath before doing the same as you and running after you out the door. 

It didn’t take Liam long to find you. You were standing by one of the tables under the trees, your stuff was dumped on the table and you had closed your eyes, one hand on the table for support. 

«Y/n, look, I’m-« Liam started as he came up to you, but you quickly cut him off. 

«No, you look, Liam. I’m sick and tired of your constant need to annoy me. Quiet frankly it’s beginning to go on my nerves. And if you think for a second that you can continue doing this, I will no longer be in the same room as you. Got it?» You glare was if possible even colder than it had been in the library, and Liam swallowed hard. 

 «I’m annoying you? Really? You’re nothing but a spoiled brat who thinks to highly of herself. You always walk around like you own the place with your nice shoes and soft hair bouncing off your shoulders like waves.» 

At the beginning of his rant you had only glared at him harder, but as he kept going you had to blink twice as fast as to really be sure he was saying what you think he was saying. 

 «You always smile that beautiful smile to everyone, like you like every single one of them, and your eyes light up like the sun when you laugh. But I never get to see that when you are with me. The only damn time you will look at me is when I have done something that annoys the crap out of you.»

 Liam was breathing heavily now, and you could see the insecurity he had been hiding all this time shining through his armor now. 

 «I just want you to notice me. Because I like you, Y/n. And I know you might hate me, but at least that is a feeling.» He finished, his shoulders slumping and he had that puppy eyed look on his face again. The one that would melt your insides in a second and make you feel weak. 

 «I’ll leave you alone now.» He said with a low voice turning to walk away, but before he could do so you grabbed his hand pulling him back. 

 It wasn’t as gracious as in the movies, because your chest bumped together, but none of you seemed to care, Liam too shocked by your actions. 

 After Liam’s long speech you didn’t really find the words to reply, so you did what you thought would show the words you could have said best and kissed him. Liam quickly kissed you back, pulling you closer to him, cupping your cheek with his hand. When you pulled apart, you were both smiling like dorks. 

«I like you too, Liam. And you’re forgiven for those times you annoyed me.» You whispered the last part, as you leaned in for another kiss. 

This one far less gentler then the previous one.