Being in a relationship with Lucius would include…

- He would keep himself from expressing his feelings towards you at first, trying to avoid you, but eventually he would be at a point where he simply wouldn’t want to stay away from you anymore

- He wouldn’t have been too cheesy or affectionate while asking you out, but it would be clear for you to see, that your answer did indeed mean a lot to him

- Even though he’d sometimes come off as cold or emotionless, he would be incredibly gentle when the two of you were alone

- You trying to make him happy with small gestures, to show him that you accept him how he is and that you want him to be comfortable around you

- Eventually his hard shell would break, letting you see him smile or genuinely laugh with you

- Him absolutely spoiling you. He’d take you to fancy dinners, vacations or give you expensive jewellery, only to show you (in his own way) how incredibly precious you are to him

- You supporting him whenever you can, making sure that he knows that you’re always by his side

- Him being so proud of you. He wouldn’t openly say it often, but whenever he’d look at you, not only love but also true admiration could be seen in his gaze

- You calling him ‘Handsome’ when you’re alone because in response to it he’d roll his eyes, giving this diasapproving little ‘tsk’ but you’d know that deep down he kind of liked the nickname, even if he’d never admit it towards you

- You’d always be found by his side during important events, his hand resting on your hip, subtly showing everyone who you belonged to

- No one, literally, no one would dare to talk to you in a way that could be seen as disrespectful, since Lucius would always have an eye on you

- Both of you would genuinely enjoy this kind of relationship, even though you wouldn’t display too much of it in public, each of you knew that there would always be someone you could rely on

Stolen gifs?

I’ve already seen my gifs floating around the internet with others claiming it to be there’s (Which is rich when someone says “DON’T STEAL AND CLAIM AS YOUR OWN” and you think to yourself “But… those are mine”) I can assure you, the almost 4+ hours I spent making the gifs should be some kind of indication that I did then, buuuuuut, also because I still have them on my computer. I even have some with stupid meme’s on them just because I wanted to.

For those that have been reblogging from me, thank you. I do appreciate knowing that people are enjoying them. 

For those stealing, it’s cool, I know where you’re coming from I used to do it all the time but after I literally spent my entire Friday evening leaning into my screen trying to line gifs up, I now completely respect anyone who wants to make their own gif, and not just knock of someone else’s, and upload it maybe just resized and call it their own. 

Some of the gifs on my own page I found simply wandering the internet before I started creating my own, and if you look via tags I have not claimed these as “My Edits”,  but I have tracked down their original owners and reblogged something from them, just so people can visit these pages, however, I’ve seen a few Gif Hunts that have straight up stolen my gifs and claimed them as their own and others that I have reblogged. That’s not really cool. Some of the ones I made were made for the purpose of being turned into meme’s later, or simply to be used as specific reaction gifs for a forum that I go on, so the timing, or the cutoffs are particularly unique one could say. The image below is a good example of one that so many of us have uploaded after creating our own, which is totally fine, but, mine looks different to others, whether it’s colour, speed, or starting / ending time. That’s how this works. We aren’t all clipping the EXACT same frames. 

Either way, that’s the nature of the beast I guess.

Also, do you want me to upload the rest of these meme like gifs I made? Lol.

anonymous asked:

friend!! where did you happen to find videos from the korean newsies?

Oh, there’s this playlist on Youtube! (If you just search Newsies FS Korea, it’ll come up.)  It’s actually super fabulous, even though I only understand the Korean my roommate has taught me (which is not very much, let me tell you…)

Anyway, the video I got the gifs from is here:


In short, I am now in love with this version and their Crutchie is too pure!


Where does that name come from anyway?

i’m making gifs or whatever, and i already *knew* Bill’s form went all stone-form when leaves it BOTH times, but like

i never noticed until now how… beat up it looks. why has it already been worn down and scuffed up so much? where did the chips and cracks come from? his hat is so small? why would he design a wonky physical form like that? 

maybe Bill’s just worse at taking care of his body than even i am.

Exo reaction when you told them that they changed a lot since you first started to date them

Sehun:*gets offended by it* The only think that I changed in the past two years was my hair , from where did you come with this stupid idea?

Kai: You should  have said from the beginning that it was a good change cause I lost it for a moment and I was close to crying

Tao: Did  I become even more attractive? is that it?

Kyungsoo: Of course I had to change , cause dating you is not that easy and you have to adapt in order to keep a sane mind

Chanyeol: Wait are you saying this in a good way or a bad way? why are you looking at me in that way? is this the break up talk?

Chen: I don’t wanna talk to you when you say those kind of things 

Baekhyun: Yes I did change, I evolved to another kind of pokemon. A more awesome one

Lay: Really? but why are you saying that? I started to treat you differently? 

Suho: Is this talk gonna end up with us n tears or it;s a good thing that I changed?

Kris: Now that I think better yes I changed, I dress better now, thanks for noticing

Luhan: I don’t know what you are talking about, I have always been this manly

Xiumin: I talk more now cause you asked me to do it, does this bother you?

Who is This Man in the Trailer? (A super fun game invented by me at 2AM)

After watching the new trailer about 1,000 times (mainly because the clips move so fast and I want to see all the details) I kept coming back to the bit where John takes the gun from Sherlock.

The clip itself is barely a second. Not even enough for a regular speed GIF. I took a screen shot:

WELL who may this new person be?

Here’s the same frame a bit brighter:

What I get from the image:

1. Older white male

2. NOT Mycroft

3. He’s watching John

4. His slightly hunched position makes me think do doesn’t do legwork 

I don’t, off the top of my head, recognize him. But I did some digging and I found a video from Setlock that @constancecream posted from Southerndown, Wales. (This is when they were filming Moriarty getting off a helicopter on the beach).

Lookie who I found?

Same receding hairline and a similar suit. Could be the same actor, maybe not? 

On the thread from the video @pagimag shared a link to a set of photos off tumblr from that day’s Setlock. Specifically, this photo. And I found this photo, this photo from a different angle than the video screenshot. I’m not posting it directly, so please take a look on flickr.  

I don’t think anyone ever put a face to a name with this actor, and looking back through the list of confirmed actors I could not find anyone fitting this description. There was also this photo of a different actor (going off of hair and costume) in a military looking suit. His hair looks slightly more unkempt/longer than the first actor, so I believe it’s two different people (not the same actor in a different outfit). 

Even if we don’t have a name, this guy is clearly working with Moriarty. Rendezvous on a beach? Goon squad assembled? Yeah, probably not a good guy. 

Tagging a bunch cause maybe someone has info on this guy that I couldn’t find? under the cut

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Exo Reactions To Hearing You Swear Because You’re Angry

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “Whoa… my Jagi has such a dirty mouth. I like it.”

Chanyeol: “Where did that come from?! I didn’t even know that you knew what that word meant.”

Chen: “Naughty, naughty Jagiya.”


Kai: *just stares at you in disbelief but he has a smile on his lips*

Kris: “What the fuck did you just say?” *shocked* 

Lay: *thinks about what you said for a minute, trying to figure out what it might mean because he’s never heard it before*

Luhan: “Finally! Someone who swears as much as me!”

Sehun: “You sneaky little thing. I didn’t know you used language like that.”

Suho: “No.”

Tao: “What does that mean? Is it English? I don’t understand it.”

Xiumin: “You’re so cute when you swear.”

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

Notice Me - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Request: Anonymous said: Hi, can you do an imagine for Liam where he and the reader hate each other because Liam is always annoying her but the reader takes it too serious. Then they have a fight where Liam admits that he likes her and they come together? Thanks :)

Warnings: verbal fight, fluff?

A/N: I hope you like it anon!

Originally posted by leexyalexa

*Gif not mine*

It was like it was bubbling inside of you, every little thing he did now seemed to irritate you beyond belief. Right now he was sitting across from you, his fingers lightly tapping the surface of the table. He had done so for about half an hour now. 

It had come to the point where you couldn’t even concentrate on what you were reading anymore, and you had probably read the same sentence at least 10 times already without being able to know what you were reading at all. 

«Can you stop that?» You sat up straight and glared at Liam. 

«Stop what?» He asked innocently, his fingers still tapping against the table. «I’m just reading, Y/n. Do you want me to stop reading?»

«You know what I mean, Liam.» You spoke through gritted teeth. 

«No, I think I don’t, Y/n. I think you will have to explain it to me.» He leaned forward, the tapping of his fingers stopping as he put his hands on the table for support. You took a deep breath so you wouldn’t yell at him in the silent library. 

«You were tapping your fingers. For half an hour.» If looks could kill, Liam would be dead by now. 

«I did? Really? I didn’t notice.» He acted shocked, raising his eyebrows in confusion, but you could see how much fun he had with this in his eyes, and that was the last drop. 

Hastily you gathered your things from the table and went straight for the door after leaving the book you had been reading were you found it. When you walked out the door Liam was still sitting by the table, this time a regretful look on his face. 

«Shit.» He cursed under his breath before doing the same as you and running after you out the door. 

It didn’t take Liam long to find you. You were standing by one of the tables under the trees, your stuff was dumped on the table and you had closed your eyes, one hand on the table for support. 

«Y/n, look, I’m-« Liam started as he came up to you, but you quickly cut him off. 

«No, you look, Liam. I’m sick and tired of your constant need to annoy me. Quiet frankly it’s beginning to go on my nerves. And if you think for a second that you can continue doing this, I will no longer be in the same room as you. Got it?» You glare was if possible even colder than it had been in the library, and Liam swallowed hard. 

 «I’m annoying you? Really? You’re nothing but a spoiled brat who thinks to highly of herself. You always walk around like you own the place with your nice shoes and soft hair bouncing off your shoulders like waves.» 

At the beginning of his rant you had only glared at him harder, but as he kept going you had to blink twice as fast as to really be sure he was saying what you think he was saying. 

 «You always smile that beautiful smile to everyone, like you like every single one of them, and your eyes light up like the sun when you laugh. But I never get to see that when you are with me. The only damn time you will look at me is when I have done something that annoys the crap out of you.»

 Liam was breathing heavily now, and you could see the insecurity he had been hiding all this time shining through his armor now. 

 «I just want you to notice me. Because I like you, Y/n. And I know you might hate me, but at least that is a feeling.» He finished, his shoulders slumping and he had that puppy eyed look on his face again. The one that would melt your insides in a second and make you feel weak. 

 «I’ll leave you alone now.» He said with a low voice turning to walk away, but before he could do so you grabbed his hand pulling him back. 

 It wasn’t as gracious as in the movies, because your chest bumped together, but none of you seemed to care, Liam too shocked by your actions. 

 After Liam’s long speech you didn’t really find the words to reply, so you did what you thought would show the words you could have said best and kissed him. Liam quickly kissed you back, pulling you closer to him, cupping your cheek with his hand. When you pulled apart, you were both smiling like dorks. 

«I like you too, Liam. And you’re forgiven for those times you annoyed me.» You whispered the last part, as you leaned in for another kiss. 

This one far less gentler then the previous one. 



Here I am, once again providing some of my favourite gifs I’ve made of Jack over the year, and I even specifically made so in each gif Jack had a different shade of green in his hair to make it unique. I even included two from his HTC Vive videos because they are some of my absolute favourite.

Here comes the sappy shit. Where do I even begin? Like dude, I see you as a friend and I always have which I still always find weird as hell considering we’ve never met, although if you did ever (possibly, not saying you have to) come to Canada, I’d make sure that we’d meet. Also, I’ve been in this community for what, more than a year, and I’ve gained so many new friends through the internet through this community it’s insane. Once again to emphasize: I do adore this community. I don’t say it as often as I should but trust me I really do. You are all considered friends to me even if we’ve never talked to each other. I literally don’t know where I’d be without this community at times. To think it’s grown so much over this year is insane and I’m so happy to be apart of Jack’s journey’s and be able to make gifs of him which I just started as hobby type thing but I do it daily now and it’s honestly so fun to do, because I love making relatable scenarios out of them a lot of the time and using them as reaction gifs (which is my favourite thing to do ever.) Not really sure how to end this off, so I’ll just say once again congratulations on 11 Million Subscribers! I’m so proud! :)