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hey, I was watching one of your pynch videos (witch is amazing btw) and I was wondering if you could tell me where did you get the clips from? thank you <3

Thank you ! You want the clips from ronan’s second secret vid?

Here they are:

  • Benjamin Eidem, Matthew Holt and Daisuke Ueda - ZARA Mens FW 14.15 Campaign
  • Troye Sivan - Fools (MV)
  • Jennifer Hudson - I still love you (MV)
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love (MV)
  • Rihanna - We found love (MV)
  • The feeling within (on vimeo)
  • Bershka May 2015 #SummerFestival!
  • Frenship - Capsize (MV)
  • Troye Sivan - Wild ft. Alessia Cara (MV)
  • The Gaffer  Tom Webb by Steve Gallagher for Men’s Fashion Ireland SS 2016
  • Supremebeing™ Spring FSummer 2011 Collection Preview
  • BMW M4-Crazy Moscow City Driving (zelimkhanshm)
  • Into the woods (fashion video with Andre Hamann)
  • Milky Chance - Down by the river (MV)
  • Dearest Charles (fashion video with Tom Webb)
  • What Is the Difference Between a Raven and a Crow (on youtube)

If it was the other one just tell me :)

Part of the problem I have with the MCU writing out Pepper the way it did, and the fact that Jane will likely go a similar way (and also Betty, long ignored) is they don’t set up these relationships as like… normal people dating.

Tony doesn’t meet Pepper, decide she’s hot, date her for a bit, and then they don’t work out. She works for him for ten years, he promotes her to run his entire g-d company because she’s the only one he trusts to do that when he’s dying. They save each other’s life. Pepper stops a freaking supervillain. Like, I’m not making a judgement on whether they’d last as a couple of w/e , but the universe sets them up as Epic Central Couple and then, like… writes Pepper out off screen in a short scene???

And the same with Jane. She’s not some woman Thor runs into and fancies. She’s set up as someone he risked his life for, who he became a better person because of, who he pined for for two goddamn years, who then saved the universe with SCIENCE. It’s not a small, casual, understated relationship and if they wanted that they should have written her differently. And if they wanted to end Thor and Jane, they had a perfectly good opportunity in Thor 2 but instead they reinforced the relationship. So instead we’re probably going to get a random offscreen breakup for a character that should by rights be a huge part of the universe???

(And tbh I’ve only seen the Hulk once and it was a long time ago but Betty was still an epic central character and the closest we get to a mention is her dad existing in civil war. lol what.)

Like, if they wanted these characters to not be big parts of the story they could have done that from the word go. I’m not saying I would have wanted those movies. i would not. but in the existing films they set these women up as incredibly important, not just to the guys, but to the MCU itself. And like suckers we bought into it. And then… nothing? 

I have absolutely no patience for Jared hate anymore. Ive unfollowed 22 people today I shit you not. Im not going to even say like “you can hate him if you want just not for false rumors” like there is literally no reason to hate him at all. Since his career started hes never done anything to deserve this hate. Hes always been the sweet, shy, kind, considerate, and done his job well guy. I have never experienced anything like this before. The majority of the hate comes from people who didnt know he existed before he was cast as the joker. These poor actors in the DCEU get dragged and hated for nothing, because people feel so jealous and self righteous behind a computer screen. The hate is invalid, youre not doing any good by believing everything you read and spreading venom. And youll be blocked for it, this website is so toxic.

The Fosters: Callie playing detective & breaking into a pedophiles home

The Fosters: What if we told you that in the finale she finds out she was potentially helping a murderer THIS ENTIRE TIME?!! HOW ABOUT NOW?

  • Marik:If We Win This Duel I'll Give You The Millennium Rod
  • Bakura:Sorry Marik, But That's Our Old Deal, Now I Need /More~/
  • Marik:...
  • Bakura:[Nudging Him And Winking]
  • Marik:...If We Win This Duel I'll Tell You The Secret To The Power Of The Pharaoh
  • Bakura:Shit Actually I Do Need That Nevermind That's Good

[exit tunes presents actors: duets 2/?] noushou sakuretsu girl/shake it! – ashihara kouya and yuyama seijun (cv. aoi shouta and toshiki masuda)

“being treated like a combi…i don’t like it…” “seijuuuuuun don’t be like that!! we’ve been seeing each other for a long time now!!”

FNAF x Life Is Strange Chapter 1.


Lightning….Lightning was all Golden Freddy could hear. The rain was falling from the now dark gray sky, heavily. And the wind was blowing furiously.

Golden Freddy was laying on the ground, his clothes, hair and skin was getting soaked in the rain. Until he finally opened his green eyes, he sat up from the ground and looked around. “Where am i? What’s happening?” He thought. He couldn’t care less that he was shivering from the heavy rain. Golden Freddy looked around and sat up from the ground. “I’m trapped in a storm? How did i get here?…And where is “here”?” He thought. 

Golden Freddy noticed a light shining on the ground, he looked to see the light house. “Wait…There’s the lighthouse…I’ll be safe if i can make it there…I hope…Please let me make it there…!” He thought.  Golden Freddy then began to walk to where the light house was, the wind flowing through his hair and jacket, heavily. Once he was near the lighthouse, he grabbed the bench and looked…..To see a large tornado. His eyes widened.

“Holy shit…” He muttered. He was shocked. Was he dreaming? Was he in reality? Is he having a nightmare? He saw a large boat hit the light house, making the top of the lighthouse fall.

“Whoa! No!” Golden Freddy shouted, he saw the light house beginning to fall on hi, as he covered his head for defense.

Until he made a short quiet gasp. Golden Freddy quickly opened his eyes and sat his head up from his desk. He looked around to see he was in a class room with Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, and the other students. The one leaning against the front desk was Nightmare. He was shaking a little. “Whoa…That was so surreal…” He thought. Golden Freddy began to calm down. “Okay…I’m in class…Everything’s cool…I’m okay…But, i didn’t fall asleep, and…That sure didn’t feel like a dream…Weird…” He thought.



ROBRON AWARDS 2016: #5: Sexiest Scene
“But, I didn’t get us a late checkout so we could talk about work…” - January 20, 2015

I had two requests for Wolffe/Echo and pose #7. I know at least one specified the other #7, but I think the other was this one. At least I hope so, because I accidentally deleted the ask, whoops. Pose ref from this collection


Aw, sweet, Hajime’s back! I can’t wait to see the other survivors and-
*suddenly, red eyes!*

Why is he- what is he- b-b-but the ending- the ending of DR2- w-was it a lie? I-I don’t know? W-what’s going on?!