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I know you just got a snake question and I don't want to seem like a bother, but how big is Bailey's tank and where did you get it? I would like to get a corn snake and need a home for it.

baileys tank its about 18 inches wide and 36 inches long–its an exo terra so it opens from the front

I got it from tropical world pets the day of an expo since stores attending the expos tend to have sales the same day

did i ever tell yall the story abt how i saw one of my exes at a grocery store and she had a baby carrier with a baby in it and after awkwardly greeting her out of obligation i stared at the baby and didn’t know what to say so i just blurted out “where did you get that” in a tone as if i were inquiring her as to what aisle she grabbed an eggplant from

and she looked down at the baby and was like “………….he’s mine” and we both had this mutual uncomfortable silence and a shared moment of ‘why did u say it like that’ before i was like “oh ok bye” and i left and then moved states like three days later

  • Me when I'm focused: I find something cool to read. There is the vague awareness of sunlight no longer shining through the window behind me, followed by the return of said light. Wait, shit, that means I've been reading all night. If I didn't keep snacks nearby, it's possible that I wouldn't have eaten.
  • Me when I'm unable to focus: I find something cool to read. I cannot make it past the first two paragraphs. Wow, there sure is a lot of text of the page. My brain refuses to properly process it. There are the sounds of a conversation in another room, the ever-present hum of electronics, cats walking on the roof. My foot itches, and I have a song stuck in my head. ...Why am I poking myself in the face with a drinking straw? Where did I even get the straw?? Where did it come from???? I walk away, confused and realizing I'm hungry. I go to grab a can of beans, and come back with two coloring books, a pair of headphones and the overwhelming feeling that I forgot something. I put the items down on the couch and pace back and forth for no reason.

I found this in my phone and it’s creeping me out cause I have no recollection of saving this I literally don’t know where tf it came from if someone knows the source let me know cause this is bothering me I haven’t seen ANY OTHER ACCOUNT post this so like where tf did I get this I literally don’t know wtf

Classroom Distractions

This is almost entirely fluff as a break from a really angsty one-shot I’ve also been working on.  I have some other stuff in the works (including a canon one-shot, AU one-shot, and multi-chap), but I thought I’d get this out.  Hope you enjoy!


Summary: Professor Killian Jones’ history lecture gets a surprise visitor. (NOT StudentxProfessor)

Everybody taking one of Professor Killian Jones’ lectures knew Mrs. Jones.  Or, if they didn’t know she was actually his wife, they knew the blonde woman who he called “Swan” and who occasionally snuck into the room and made their professor’s always excited grin grow even wider.

She first appeared in the middle of his Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Political Theory lecture about three lectures into the class.  About one-third of the female population was drooling over the handsome professor with the accent talking about the Spartan system of government when the blonde woman slid into the room and sat in the chair behind his desk as he lectured in front of the projector.

The students who first noticed her assumed she was an older student who was either playing a prank or trying to catch the eye of Professor Jones by doing something bold. However, when the man caught sight of her, he merely smiled and asked, “Well, Swan, since you seem so eager to learn, can you tell me who first imposed this code of laws on Sparta?”

She frowned thoughtfully and responded, “Lucretius?”

He chuckled. “Lycurgus, love.  But I can tell you’re listening.”  He leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of her head before turning back to his class.  “Let’s go ahead and take our break now.  Five minutes and be back here.”

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what if MC have met Seven before, but he was on a mission doing crossdressing? love eveything you write, babe <3

Countdown to the Cake : 9

The Lipstick



Ugh… these heels are killing him! Seven stretches his legs a little in the bathroom of the club, moving his toes to give them a little air after being trapped inside this shoe for almost 3 hours now. How do girls handle this?

To be honest, he didn’t really need to wear heels, maybe not even a dress. Who knows? Maybe his target would like a tomboy girl? Who happens to be a boy? And this boy happens to be a secret gent ready to seduce the guy in order to get some information about that new government project? Yeah, the outfit wasn’t really important, but… he looked so damn fine on it.

He checks himself in the mirror once more, running his fingers through the silky hair of the brunette wig. Hum, maybe it’s time to touch up this lipstick.

You walk into the bathroom. You were almost scared that douchy guy would follow you even inside the ladies’ bathroom, but he didn’t. At least he wasn’t that douchy, but still… he held your arm before you entered. You made such an effort to get rid of him you ended up losing a little of your balance and bumped in this girl.

“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry! I…” you look at her, she’s… beautiful, even with her lipstick all smudged, probably by you when you accidentally pushed her.

“It’s fine.” It wasn’t fine, he couldn’t waste time cleaning himself, time was running, his boss expected that information in 2 hours, tops.

“Oh, look at you, I… here, let me help you.” You picked some wipes of your purse.

“Why do you carry wipes with you?” is his voice high enough?

“Hm? Oh, these are to keep my face dry. I have super oily skin!” do you? It looks really fine to him, especially looking this close…

“Well, they say people with oily skin have fewer wrinkles.”

“Oh, with this much oil I’ll look in my 20s till I’m 80!” you two laugh, he was good at girl talking!

He feels a little shiver going down his legs when your wipe reaches his lower lip, your nails brushing lightly to his chin. Whoa, your focused eyes are really beautiful… and your mouth… looks really beautiful with this pink lipstick, it’s a nice color that goes great with your skin tone. Who cares it’s oily? It looks so smooth…

“Done!” you say, crumbling the wipe and throwing in the trash can. “You can put your lipstick again, I won’t bump into you anymore!”

“Can… can you help me? I think I’m a little tipsy…” he giggles. “Shouldn’t have drank all those margaritas.”

“Ugh, been there, girl. Once I mixed mojitos with vodka and woke up in the public library’s bathroom!” you laugh, maybe you are the one a little tipsy here? If he leans a little closer, maybe he can smell some alcohol… no, but he can’t do that, you are already too close!

He hands you his lipstick and you carefully contour the borders. Another shiver as he stares at your eyes. So, so beautiful…

You grab his chin to hold him in place, he feels an electric wave dancing through his whole body. What’s wrong with him?

“Here you go, honey.” You touch his arm and bring him to the mirror, he can’t help smiling, it looks better than if he did himself.

“It looks so good, thank you… honey.”

“You’re welcome! I gotta say, this color is amazing! Where did you get?”

“Oh, I got in one of my trips to Thailand, they have really cool make up products, there’s also this nail polish brand that…” why can’t he shut up? Is it because you’re looking at him with so much attention? Or is it because for the very first time he wants to be heard? “Anyway, I… I… like lipsticks that accentuate my eye color…”

“Oh yeah, your eyes are beautiful…” what are you saying? Your eyes are beautiful! You are beautiful! And so nice… and funny… and sweet… gahhh! His phone! It’s vibrating, indicating it’s time to move!

“I… gotta go! My… boyfriend is waiting for me…what about yours?” uh, Seven! So smooth, trying to find if you’re taken… even though he can’t do nothing with this information.

“Ugh… that guy outside? No, he’s not my boyfriend! We dated for a while, but now he won’t leave me alone! Guys… they always say we get attached too easy, but when you say you just want a fling, they immediately turn into this clingy mess! I can’t stand!”

“Yeah, men are… psss, the worst! Good for you trying to get flings, though.”

“Well, you never know, maybe I’ll have flings for the rest of my life, or maybe I’ll fall in love for one of them, or… I don’t know, maybe I can bump into my soulmate in some random place… it’s cool, right? The way life and people can surprise you?”

“Yes, it really is…” uh oh, his voice was a little low now, almost like he forgot his character because his truly self agreed to you. You giggle as you stare at his face.

“I’m sorry, I guess I’m a little drunk too. Go get your man, girl!”

“Yes, I’m going… nice to meet you!”

“You too!” as he opens the door, you notice he left his lipstick with you. “Hey, uhm… your lipstick!”

“Keep it! It will look better on you.” He blows a kiss in the air for you and leaves.

Was she hitting on you? Well, you’re flattered, she’s really nice and cute.

Seven feels his heartbeat almost in his throat, what was that? How is it possible feeling so embarrassed, yet so comfortable around someone? He felt cold and hot at the same time,

And though it’s time to keep it serious and go after that guy, he can’t stop smiling as he remembers your voice, your eyes, your sweet smile, and your words… if only he could have caught a name…

No! What is he thinking? He wouldn’t be able to do anything, just imagine if his boss finds out he interacted with someone during one of his undercover missions, if they found out your name too and went after you… someone so innocent and nice…

Your words… “it’s cool, right? The way life and people can surprise you.” You probably didn’t even know you were talking about yourself, the brightest surprise he had in…years? And this was about him as well, if you found out the girl in the bathroom was a depressive secret agent, what would you do?

Yeah… it would be a surprise, but not the good kind. So it’s time to reset, agent 707, forget that girl… he probably will never see you again, anyway…

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Like A Bitch In Heat

Pairing: Oak x Reader

Requested?: Nope. I just had an idea with a collar and then my friends said use Oak. Now here we are.

Summary: Oak notices your interest in collars and decides to bring your fantasy to life

Warnings: d/s, collaring (and leash), oral sex, little bit of breath play, oak calls the reader princess, pet names, facial, begging

Words: 1.6k+

A/N: I am hella nervous to post this because it’s my first solo smut BUT I really hope you guys enjoy it. Shout out to @diggs4life , @tempfixeliza , and @helplesslylins for reading this fic numerous times and convincing me to post it! I have no regrets.

Originally posted by c-jacksonn

You didn’t think he would actually do this. It started as a smart retort you gave your nosy friend with benefits, Oak. You were in his bedroom, seated next to each other. He was writing an email on his laptop and you were scrolling on Tumblr. Unbeknownst to you, he took a short break from typing up his email to glance at your phone.

“Is that a collar?” Oak’s smooth voice spoke up from your right as you liked the gif of a girl being lead by a leash.

“No, Oak. It’s a hat.” you deadpanned, reblogging it before continuing down your dashboard.

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Everyone seems to think that the animal crossing games are generally nice and lighthearted. But my first and last experience with the series was when one of my villagers came up to me and said “this made me think of you so I had to buy it” and gave me a human skeleton.


never compare yourselves to other canon blogs who play the same character as you. not one person is the same, we are all different and unique, thus that makes the roles we play so much more better. everyone has a different take on a character, none is better than the other.

look, we all start somewhere, and as we spend more time doing this we improve our writing. I’ve been writing optimus for nearly 5 years. that’s how long it’s taken for me to be where I am. did I get there by comparing myself to other optimuses? no way, otherwise I would of quit a long time ago. Surround yourself with positive influences and befriend each other, support each other and offer critique and help.

there is critisism, which is supposed to be helpful, and then there is doubting yourself.

don’t doubt yourself, okay?

  • Mei: You know you shouldn’t be littering your guns all over the place, it’s bad for the environment!
  • Reaper: I’ll have you know that I care about the environment, which is why my guns are 100% biodegradable, just watch.
  • (Reaper shoots once and throws his guns to the ground)
  • (Minutes pass and a small tree sprouts from the guns)
  • Mei: Oh my god that’s amazing!
  • Reaper: You haven’t seen the half of it
  • (Small tree starts sprouting guns)
  • Reaper: Where did you think I get all my guns from?
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InuYasha  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You ought to be arrested.”
  • “Are you crying? No crying!”
  • “You. Will. Stop. Flirting… Right?”
  • “I’m gonna make you my woman.”
  • “Sorry. I didn’t wake you up, did I?”
  • “Where did you get those bruises?”
  • “Can we lose some of the violence?”
  • “Don’t you faint on me, you stupid girl.”
  • “Remind me next time not to save you!”
  • “Well, you could learn to be more gentle.”
  • “Tell me something. Why were you crying?”
  • “You should shut up and let me protect you!”
  • “Pain is nothing. It is death that concerns me.”
  • “Listen, it’s fair to say you don’t like me, right?”
  • “I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.”
  • “Look what you’ve done! You’ve hurt his feelings!”
  • “Will you WATCH where you’re aiming that thing?”
  • “I don’t belong to ANYONE! Get your hands off me!”
  • “I am not going to kill you. I am going to break you.”
  • “Don’t get excited. I still think you’re pretty useless.”
  • “I really don’t want to see you suffering on your own.”
  • “Its irrational. Its impossible. Its against my religion.”
  • “If it hurts so much you should have said something!” 
  • “Are you crazy? You could have gotten yourself killed!”
  • “If you ever do anything like that again, I’ll rip your stupid arms off.”
  • “I thought I was going to lose you. I thought you were going to… die.”
  • “I want you to hear my feelings. You don’t need to say anything, just please, hear me out.”
  • “Mind explaining to me why you haven’t been able to look me straight in the eye since yesterday?”
  • “I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don’t know what exactly I’ll be able to do for you, but I’ll always be by your side.”
Mon-El's calculator watch

I have just done a very thorough investigation to find out which is the first scene where Mon-El wears his calculator watch and if he has taken it off since to make a guess about how he got it and who could have given it to him.

And the first scene where he wears it is “Hey everybody, quick thing! Kara and I are dating” in 2x14.

He was not wearing it when he arrived at Kara’s the night before.

Or when he woke up that morning.

Kara and Mon-El arrived together at the DEO main area after their night together, but he changed his clothes, so they could have stopped at his DEO dorm.

So where did he get it? I’m going with the headcanon that Kara had it at home and she gave it to him that night/ morning when they got together for the first time. Maybe he saw it in her loft and was fascinated about it.

But the main reason that I believe that Kara gave it to him is that there are only two scenes after that where he has not worn the calculator watch in his left wrist since 2x14.

The first one is 2x21 during the LeMon wedding.

The second one is the wake up scene in the finale.

The best part is that during the wedding he must have put the watch in his Royal trousers’ pocket. It is THAT important to him, guys!

And we know that he had it with him at the spaceship because he was wearing it before the wedding.

And he wears it again in 2x22 when he meets Superman at the DEO.

And it is one of the few things that he has taken with him to the pod in the finale.

Yep, I can see Mon-El never forgetting to wear the calculator watch because Kara gave it to him the first time they were together. Our romantic alien.


Sebastian Stan as T.J. Hammond in Political Animals

(Unaired Scene 2/2)

EDIT: there are many people asking where did I get this scene. It is from DVD special features. Not sure if it is available online elsewhere. But I will upload the clip to Tumblr later for you guys. :D

UPDATE: Guys I have uploaded the clip here. Enjoy!

Uninvited. {Dean Ambrose}

Summary: Housesitting for Dean had its perks, his house was beautiful, quiet and relaxing when it came to studying compared to your dorm or the lecture hall. However, your friends convince you to throw a party at his bachelor pad only to have Dean crash the party.

Warning: Smut. Smut. Smut.

Masterlist: Here

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Mannequin 4: The Becoming

Summary:  Dean gets hit with a curse and you’re the only person that he can talk to.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas, OC George

Word Count:  2922

Warnings: swearing

A/N:  I wrote this for @wheresthekillswitch and @trexrambling Crack It Baby Challenge.  My prompt was “I’m pretty sure there’s a law against removing your pants in public."  It will be bolded in the fic.

If you’ve never heard of the movie Mannequin please watch this.  And don’t judge me, the eighties were weird, ok?  I actually worked in display and merchandising for years because this movie made hanging out in a department store after hours look like the best time ever.

Thank you to @pinknerdpanda for betaing the beginning of this story and thank you to @hannahindie for polishing it up.  You ladies are wonderful!

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs


You worked on the new mannequin all day.  You were tired of the faceless weirdo ones the store had been using forever so you made a bet with George; if the real looking one got more attention he’d let you make more.  You knew exactly how you wanted him to look; tall, sandy brown hair, full lips and green eyes.  You sigh to yourself as you think of him; the man from ‘that one hot summer’ in college a million years ago.

That night you drive to the store ready to work on the new display with George.

“Here’s the new mannequin,” you say setting it down.

George looks him up and down.  “Mmm, maybe you can make me one.”

You laugh, rolling your eyes.  “I’m gonna start setting up.”

“Ok, I’ll be there in a bit.

You pick it up and walk over to the window, your thoughts occupied with the next display.  You stand the mannequin up looking him over.  He really is perfect, you think to yourself as you pick out a hat to put on him.

“What the hell?”

“Holy fuck, what?!” you scream.

The now-alive mannequin is gripping your shoulders, “Where am I?  How did I get here?” the tall, gorgeous, used-to-be mannequin asks.  “Wait, Y/N?”

“Dean?” you pause, catching your breath.  “I’m hallucinating.  All these late nights have finally made me crazy,” you mumble.  “The most vivid hallucination ever,” you say touching his face.

“Hey,” Dean says touching where your hand just was.

“How are you alive?”

“Uh, what?  I am alive! How did I get here?”

“Dude, I hate to break it to you but you were a mannequin about ten seconds ago.”

“A what?”

“A mannequin, see,” you gesture around you, “storefront window, clothes.”

He looks down at what he’s wearing and a look of disgust and surprise crosses his face.  He starts to undo the button of his pants.

“And, I’m pretty sure there’s a law against removing your pants in public,” you say, holding up your hands.

“Well I’m not wearing these, sweetheart.”

“What? These are great, they’re the latest-”

“They’re shorts.”

“Yeah, it’s summer.”

“I don’t do shorts.”

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