hey do yall know where a fat girl in NYC(bronx and manhattan) can buy cheap clothes??? i need a new wardrobe bc all the clothes i have are from when i was 14 and im 17 now

Had a fantastic time touring NYC today!

No Lizzington was not on my mind all day, refusing to be distracted by anything.

No I was not fangirling the entire day because I was in the same city where they film the show.

No I did not buy a black fedora and wear it around all day and rock it like only I can.

Of course I didn’t. What am I, some crazy, obsessed fan?

…oh wait.


A small step towards Adultiness

I am 35 years old and I have decided that, for the first time in my adult life, I am going to buy a car. 

- Am I going to be doing it right now?  Fuck no!  I’m poor and don’t have the money to buy a car, so I’ve started saving and by this time next year I should be able to afford a decent used car and not have to make too many payments (or any payments)

- Have I ever owned a car before?  Fuck no! I shared one with my sister when I was a senior in High school, but that car stayed with her when I went away to college.  I didn’t have a car all through college, and then moved to NYC for 10 years where one can live a perfectly normal existence without a car. 

- Do I know anything about cars?  Fuck no! Aside from the fact that you can drive them places, of course.

- Do I know what car I want? Fuck no! I have three requirements: 1.) I fit in it and can drive it comfortably. I am 6′5″ and 400lbs.  While I am a delicate mountain rose, I am not small.   I require (a) ample head room, (b) ample wide ass/shoulder/arm room © ample leg room  2.) It is reliable and won’t fall apart on me or require me to beat on the battery with a tennis racket every time I want it to start.  

- Do I know how to pump my own gas? Fuck no! When I shared the car with my sister, I drove it so rarely and in such short distances that it never needed gas when I used it.  The other times I’ve driven a car and it needed a fill up, I was in New Jersey (for those of you who don’t know: NJ only has full service gas stations).

- Do I even have a drivers license? Fuck Yes I do! I currently have a NY State Drivers license and it doesn’t expire until 2019 but since I now live in Tennessee and will be here for another 2 years at least, I need to switch over so I can fit in with the natives and they will accept me as one of their own.

I will have to get used to driving again.  Even though I’ve had my license for 18 years, I have rarely driven.  Actually, I think the last time I drove a car, I was still in my 20′s so…it’s been like 7 years.  

I have a year to get it together. 

In regards to badwoodteens submission here & asked “Hey please could you find this specific necklace the one you guys have listed is not exact i would like to buy it for my sisters sweet 16 <3“

>> Unfortunately that is the closest we can find to Madison’s necklace and I think Amelia thinks this is the necklace as maybe Madison got her’s custom made. The example of the necklace isn’t exactly comparable to Madison’s because of the letters used etc. In my opinion, I know it’s not exact but very very similar also, we have no idea if Madison got the necklace close to where she lives in LA or NYC - hannah x

> Madison said herself her necklace was from there in her hunt account - amélia x

anonymous asked:

where do you buy your cleansing juice cause I really wanna do a detox but I can't anywhere where I can just buy the juice rather than making it :(

I usually buy from blue dog cafe in NYC and if you’re on Long Island there’s a a few juice/smoothie places around
You could always order things like the Pressed cleanses but they’re mad expensive.
My dad’s friend actually started his own juice-like company called Foxy Greens and it’s super cheap compared to most places. $150 for a three day cleanse which is like 30 juices.