Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 6 ❤️

A/N: Omg you guys are gonna hate me! *cries hysterically* This was so hard to write because of major feels, but i promise it’ll get better! Borky is a good dude ok and he will make it all better lol. I hope y’all like it! Enjoy! - Delilah  ❤️

Warnings: Swearing. Angst. Major feels. Get a tissue, you’re gonna need it. 

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Smoothing your face

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You were sitting on a stair railing, reading your book. It was common for you to end up in many random weird places all the time, never being comfortable for more than few minutes while reading. Sometimes the consequences were very poor for you, line for example, now.

Totally forgetting about where you were, you moved slightly to your left. Slightly, yet far enough to lose your balance and falling down from railing, head down. You closed your eyes, ready for an impact with the ground and possible head damage, when out of blue you felt something soft wrapping itself around your form and saving you from hitting the hard floor. You opened your eyes to see only red material, which covered your face. You instantly knew what it was. The Cape of Levitation, the relict which belonged to your teacher and master, Doctor Stephen Strange, the sorcerer supreme and master of the New York sanctuary, which you were living for almost a year now.

“Capey.” You smiled when cape helped you on your feet and unwrapped itself from around your body, levitating in front of you in happy-like manner, patting your head with one of its edges. “Thank you for helping me out there. Where is mister doctor?” You grinned at your own words, oh how you loved to annoy him with those words. You looked around, but saw no sight of your teacher. You shrugged and looked back to the cape. “Want to come with me to the library? I would love some company.” The cape moved, as if it was nodding and followed you through hallways to the said room.

Doctor Strange went from one room to the other, his brow furrowed and lips in thin line. It was now at least three hours from when he noticed his cape was gone from his study, and now he was looking for it in whole sanctum sanctorum for it. To say the least, it didn’t went good.

“Where the hell is this bloody…” He cut himself off when he got to the library, only to see you, laying in position that was definitely not comfortable, nor normal for anyone really, and yet you were sound asleep, his cape wrapped loosely around you, smoothing your face in loving manner with its collar. Doctor crossed his arms around his chest, raised his eyebrow and quietly, so not to wake you up, cleared his throat, taking his cape’s attention from your smooth, (s/c) skin.

“Are you serious right now? Come here.” Cape lazily let go of you and flew to its master, who took it by its collar and went out of the library, dragging it with himself. “Don’t think that I don’t know what you want. For the last time, let me take care of it myself.” The cape smacked him in the face, which annoyed him more. “I will tell her in my own time, for god sake, stop acting like my mother. You are annoying.” Strange finally let go of the cape’s collar, expecting it to flew around him and rest on his shoulders, only for it to get back into the library and once again wrap itself around your body, which were positioned differently than few minutes ago, differently and with your limbs strangely twisted. How on earth can you be comfortable like that he had no idea, and yet Stephen had no time to think about it, when his cape once more started stroking your face in just the same loving manner as when he found you.

Strange groaned quietly at that and left the place, going to his study with frown on his face. When he got to his destination, he sat in his armchair and sighed. His cape really had an annoying way to made him confess his feelings for you.

Can’t Remember to Forget You | iii

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1933

Warnings: Language? Self-hate/loathing, mentions of death - lots of angst

A/N: I will be accepting angry asks (please be gentle with my fragile heart) || crtfy masterlist

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I-I don’t understand this– Our daughter is dying in there. I want answers! It is your job to give us answers! Mr. Cahalan– No! This ain’t some kids club where you get to play doctor! This is my daughter’s life! Her life is in your hands and I want answers. Tell me what is wrong with my daughter!

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first kid headcanons with sincerely three?

• i feel like you guys wouldn’t have planned the pregnancy at all
• but you guys were stable enough and had a steady income, so it was all okay
• Connor had been going to therapy regularly and has been taking his anti depressants !! yay!!
• but there were still a few struggles
• you often had to remind Connor that he was going to be a great dad
• after Connor finally shook away his insecurities, he was confident
• he wanted to be the dad that he needed growing up (no shade Larry)
• one day you guys would be cuddling on the couch and he would gasp
• you would be like ??what??
• and he would pull your shirt up because he felt your little belly for the first time
• tears would well in his eyes because it was finally so real to him
• Connor was transforming in front of your eyes
• he was so responsible and so timid
• he would talk to your belly when he thought you were sleeping
• “hey there, little one. daddy loves you. i always will, okay? you mean the world to me”
• anyways
• when you finally got to be like 7 months pregnant you were the size of a planet
• and Connor would fetch anything for you
• when it was finally pushing time, Connor insisted on being in the room with you, holding your hand
• he would be so supportive, kissing your forehead and whispering reassuring words
• when the lil sucker popped out of your hoohah he would start bawling his eyes out
• the doctor would announce it was a girl and Connor just starts ScReAmInG doing a FUKING victory lap around the room
• he would do the skin-to-skin thing where he holds the baby underneath his shirt while coddling her
• you would be asleep and Connor would stay up all night, talking to the baby in a hush tone.
• he felt so complete


• you and Evan tried for kids after getting married and finally opening up your own bakery!!
• you guys did the cute little grandma announcement to Heidi and it went viral online
• it would be one of those scrabble games and she’s spelling out the word “grandma” and she’s like “??? OH MY GOD”
• she would start bawling her eyes out hugging the two of you
• this was so important to Evan because he never had a father figure growing up
• he wanted to be the best dad possible!!
• he took a lot of advice from Jared because Jared was the coolest dad ever
• you guys would do those time lapses of your tummy
• Evan would probably rest his head on your belly when he slept on the couch
• when the baby grew feet and started kicking, Evan would kiss your stomach to get the baby to kick there
• you two would do it for hours and just giggle
• you guys would have the gender-reveal baked into a cake by one of the people who worked in your bakery!!
• so at the baby shower you guys cut the cake and it was blue inside
• EvAn WoUlD bE a MeSs
• he would be crying, sobbing, hugging you, and laughing
• Heidi bought you guys a little blue polo for your little guy
• so the big day finally comes and your assigned to a C-Section
• while you’re waiting for the doctor to wheel you in, Evan is just laying with you on the hospital bed
• you guys are grinning and talking about how exciting everything is
• Evan goes into the operating room and holds your hand the whole time
• doctor: “okay, the procedure is now taking place, Mr.Hansen, please don’t look over the curtain”
• Evan fucking looked
• and passed out at the sight of the baby being pulled out through ur organs like wtf
• but he would be out for long
• you guys would be back in your room and he would open his eyes to see you holding a little baby in a blue blanket
• Evan would wander over and hold him and start smiling ear to ear
• Evan was the best dad ever


• I feel like something would happen where the doctor told you that you were incapable of having kids
• and you guys were so upset by it, you stopped trying for a year
• seeing all of your friends have children was so upsetting
• but one day you woke up, expecting your period but it wasn’t there ??
• and it’s been like three days since you were supposed to start??
• then you thought back to 3 weeks ago when you and Jared had the FRICK frack
• you didn’t want to hype yourself up buT YOU WERE FUKIN PUMPED
• you ran to the store and bought 18 pregnancy tests
• you knew that this could just be your period being late, but something felt different this time
• you couldn’t WAIT to tell Jared
• so you planned it all out
• you guys’ anniversary was coming up and you had an idea
• so flash forward to your anniversary, you guys went out for dinner and came home to watch a movie and exchange gifts
• Jared had bought you a really nice necklace and a new book that you had wanted to read for a while
• you passed Jared a collection of mugs, tshirt s, and aprons that all read “World’s Best Dad”
• he looked at them hella confused bUt ThEn It SaNk In
• so throughout your pregnancy Jared was so giddy and you guys called your parents and they screamed with you
• then you guys went in for an ultrasound to see the gender and just for a checkup
• and the doctor was like “wanna know the genders?”
• and you and jared looked at each other and were like “genders??”
• and the doctor looked at you like you were dumb
• “yeah, there’s two babies in there”
• “Jared, be quiet this is a hospital!!”
• your delivery went smoothly (as smooth as it can … two babies came out like the shit is painful yikes)
• and Jared would hold both of them at once, giving you a heart attack
• when the babies were three months old, they are super giggly and babble all the time
• sometimes you would just walk in to see the babies laying on jared, and he would pretend to listen to them speak
• “uh huh. Ok. Is that so?”
• what a dork


Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part Eight)

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s “Bad Reception” article in DWM #378

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Donna Noble’s reception. The room is adorned with decorations, party balloons, and a banner that says, somewhat prematurely, ‘Congratulations Donna & Lance’, but wedding presents, streamers, and sausage rolls lie strewn across the dancefloor, tables and chairs are overturned, the air is thick with smoke, and four artificial Christmas trees (watch out - they’re swines) are standing about, all menacing-like. Over there in the corner, chatting to a pageboy, is Donna herself, actress, comedienne, and famous lady Catherine Tate. In a wedding dress.

“How do you manage to run in that dress?” asks the pageboy.

“I know, it’s a bit tricky,” she answers. “Do you want to know a secret?” She hoists up her dress, but lowers her voice, “See, I’m wearing trainers!”

“Nice trainers,” nods David Tennant, the Doctor. “You should wear ‘em in wide shots!”

“Here we go, then,” calls out Peter Bennett, the first assistant director, “for a take. Nice and quiet, please. And turn over…”

Donna and Lance, her would-have-been fiance, climb out of hiding from behind a table. “You all right, sweetheart?” she asks, stepping over the wreckage of her wedding reception. “Michael? Connie? Sunita, do something useful -”

“Who’s Sunita?” asks Euros [Lyn, director].

“I’m making it this lady here,” replies Catherine, stroking the arm of a supporting artiste wearing an absurdly large hat.

“I thought Sunita sounded more like a bridesmaid’s name,” says the lady in the hat. […]

“I want this to happen at my wedding,” jokes Don Gilet, who plays Lance.

“That can be arranged,” says Any Effects’ Mike Crowley, the special effects supervisor.

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Butterfly || Park Jimin

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Word Count: 1.9k

Genre: Angst

TRIGGER WARNING: The below content deals with mature themes such as death so if you are sensitive to the topic please do not read.

Background Information

CCHD - Critical Congenital Heart Disease

CCHD affects babies when they are born. The heart disease can cause lack of weight, obesity, lack of blood flowing through the system, and lack of oxygen to the lungs. 1 in 100 babies in the US alone are diagnosed every year, and if not treated immediately the baby has between days and months to live.

Nine months ago, if you had told Jimin that you were pregnant, he wouldn’t have believed you. He would never have thought something as amazing as this would happen to someone like him. There was no one he could have expected it to last, and for it to work out for him.

Both of you were shocked nine months ago when the doctors had told you that it had worked. The both of you had been trying for so long and it felt like an achievement passed when those words left the doctors mouth.

Now here you were, nine months later, waiting for the due date to arrive. You had a week before the baby was due, so the two of you had taken the time to start preparing for the arrival of the new member.

It started with a small pain in your stomach. You weren’t sure what it was at first. It wasn’t like the usual pregnancy cramps and it slightly worried you. It wasn’t until you went to the bathroom and saw the blood running down the inside of your thighs that you got worried.

The first thing you did was call Jimin. It took him a few seconds before his voice was flooding through the line, making you realize just how real this was.

“Y/N? What’s the matter?” You never called Jimin while he was at work, unless it was an emergency. Hearing your breathing come over the line was an instant clue that something was wrong.

“Jimin, there’s blood. There’s a lot of blood. The baby–” You couldn’t finish your sentence as the first bout of sobs broke through your lips. The pain was starting to increase and it was beginning to make your legs ache.

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source: entering my third year as a college student and second as an RA
additional sources: if i haven’t done something, my freshman year roommate did. or we covered it in RA training.

  • fraternity parties aren’t worth it:

you get sticky and upset and the jungle juice is going to give you the worst hangover of your life. you’ll think you can handle it, but you can’t.

(plus, if you go to a fraternity party without a guest list (i.e., you can just walk in), it probably wasn’t approved/it’s not legit!! fraternities have really strict insurance guidelines they’re supposed to go by)

not trying to scare you, but you might also fall down the stairs. (best case scenario: it’ll suck. worst case scenario: you’ll get seriously injured.)

BETTER SOLUTION: if you really, really want to have the “frat party” experience, go, but have someone staying sober with you and watching out for you. otherwise, the safest best is to make friends with someone who knows how to party RESPONSIBLY, or better yet, just don’t! it’s cliche, but there are ways to have fun without alcohol. (my campus hosts huge parties at our student center with tons of things to do / free food! your campus might do something similar— or if they don’t, ask!)

  • go to class (*):


we both know you’re not going to fall for that one, lol.

check the attendance policy!! this will differ from class to class, school to school. most of my classes, however, have had 3 unexcused absences to use however you want, but after that, any absence other than for hospitalization or death of an immediate family member, etc., impacted your grade.

so, plan your days carefully!! if you’re given three, my advice is to use one near midterms and one near finals for your own mental health / to have a break / to work on things for other classes (saving one to use for when you’re actually sick / not using your third one). only use them if you need to, though, and only if it won’t put you at risk for getting behind in the class you’re skipping.

  • get involved on campus:

it will benefit you! i promise!

no matter how busy you are, or even if you’re an off-campus student, make time for at least one extra-curricular organization. this will help you meet people outside of your major (but with similar interests), which will not only help you feel connected to campus and learn about the subject of the organization, but will really help you with networking! showing dedication to an organization or two (especially if you take on leadership positions) will also show future employers that you’re dedicated and focused to a cause.

(note: i’m definitely biased. in the two years i’ve completed at my institution, i’ve been involved in at least 7 organizations, plus off-shoots and projects and committees for those organizations. you don’t have to be me. but try one at least!!)

  • keep an open heart and mind:

at college, you are expected to grow— a lot will be asked of you! embrace it!

many schools are putting heavy focus on diversity and inclusion, with really good reason. go out of your way to experience things you’ve not seen before. check out the multicultural groups at your school and, if they’re open (inclusive vs. exclusive!), check them out! our multicultural groups (asian american student association, black student alliance, latinx student union, and spectrum, our LGBT+ group) all cover really informative topics, often have fun games and yummy food to share, and even work with one another to cover topics of intersectionality!

college will challenge your perceptions on a lot of topics. listen to your heart and mind, but don’t be afraid to grow! a lot of amazing opportunities lie just outside of your comfort zone.

  • take care of yourself!!:

i know that you’re a capable adult! but your parents / guardians / etc. aren’t here to take care of you if you get sick, and while every school is different, dining hall options aren’t generally known to be the healthiest.

make sure to remember to get some fruits and veggies (and for my fellow vegetarians/vegans, that you’re remembering to get protein!), and make sure you know your options if you get sick! my campus has a health center where you can see a doctor and get some prescriptions filled. (there’s also a hospital on campus because we have a med program / if you need a different level of care.)

note!!! this also means taking care of your mental health too! college can be very stressful, and we’ve learned that many mental illnesses begin to present in the high school and college age range. if you think you need help— get it. you’re worth it. ❤️

this is by no means an exhaustive list, but something that i’ve seen a lot of my friends and residents (and even myself!) struggle with!
i’m always around to give advice if needed, too! 

HAVE FUN, FRESHMEN! we’re rooting for you!!!


“Where are we?”, you asked the Doctor. He hadn’t mentioned anything about visiting anywhere else, since you basically just came back from a not-so-friendly encounter with some Daleks.

The Doctor didn’t answer. Instead he randomly started turning some buttons and switches on the control panel.

“Doctor?”, you asked once again. “Is everything alright?”

He looked up at you and smiled. “Of course. Look outside, everything’s fine.”
You raised an eyebrow, but made your way to the door. Slowly you opened it and stepped outside.

“Doctor? We’re basically infront of my front door.” Now the Doctor came outside as well and stood beside you.
“Well, yes, we are. I thought maybe you would like some time back home?”

“Well, I… I…”, you started. Actually you did want to continue travelling with him, why would you want to go back to your old life? But then you thought about your family. Your parents, your siblings. Finally you sighed.

“You’re right. Probably I should spend some time with my mum.”
The Doctor smiled, but not in his usual cheerful way. This time it seemed… nearly sad to you.

“What are you going to do while I’m here?”, you asked, rather worried about him.
“Oh, I have something left to do.”
You raised an eyebrow. That did not seem very convincing to you.

“Furthermore I have a time machine, haven’t I. I can fly of now right to the time I’m going to pick you up.”
The Doctor stepped into the TARDIS. “Goodbye, (y/n). I…" 

But he got interrupted as you shot straight forward, wrapping your hands around his neck and hugging him tightly.
"Promise”, you demanded, while still hugging him.
The Doctor hesitated slightly, but returned the hug nonetheless.. “I promise, (y/n).”

Pleased with his answer and smiling widely you let him go now and with a last wave you went to your house.
As you turned around one last time, you saw the Doctor waving to you with a serious expression on his face, before he turned around and disappeared inside his TARDIS.

He didn’t come back. And he wouldn’t. That was at least the only logical solution to why he hasn’t been back yet. But that didn’t mean you would give up. Sometimes on your way through the streets, you’d notice something blue and immediately turn around, just to realize, that it would be nothing more than a balloon, or a shopwindow, or – most likely – nothing at all.
The Doctor was gone for about two years now, and even if you knew, that he sometimes had some problems with punctuality, it was clear for you, that he’d probably left you. If you’d ever should spot this stupid Time Lord once again in your life, he’d surely had to listen to some insults you collectedover the years especially for him.

You were on your way home, listening to music and save from the pouring rain under your umbrella, as a shiver ran down your spine. Bewildered you shook your head. This was probably nothing, you decided, right before something different caught your attention. Again something big and blue.
You squinted your eyes to see better. For a short amount of time you thought you’re eyes were playing tricks on you again, as they had made often before, but as you walked closer, there was no doubt left.
You stood directly infront of the TARDIS.

Carefully you knocked. No answer. Of course not.
You rattled softly at the door. Locked. Of course.

You sighed. Well then, you had no other possibility than waiting for the owner of this big blue box, placed directly on your way home.

Well, you could have just gone away, leading you’re life as you’d done for the last 2 years. After all it wasn’t a bad life either. But then you remembered the day he left you and suddenly your decision strengthened.
“He promised”, you whispered to yourself, standing infront of the TARDIS, your umbrella firmly in your hand.

You hadn’t a clue how long you had waited, for the only thing you did was thinking about what to say to him once he would arrive. And how he’d react. Would he be sorry? Would he send you away again? Or would he not recognise you at all?
All that thoughts swirled in your head, as you heard someone coming nearer. Probably another passerby, so you kept your gaze lowered at the street, as you noticed that the man had stopped walking.
Curious you lifted your head and looked at your right to see a stranger weirdly looking at you.
He had brown hair and wore a light brown jacket and a red bow tie.

Why was he looking at you like this? You contracted your eyebrows and opened your mouth to say something, but he was quicker.
“(Y/n)?”, he asked, stepping nearer to you.

Surprised, but slightly scared you looked up to this man. He didn’t seem dangerous to you, but what made you uncertain about him was the question where on earth he knew your name from.

“Who are you?”, you asked and stepped nearer yourself now to examine this man you found yourself across from.

Your gaze wandered over him until you eventually looked into his eyes.

They were green, you noticed, but that was definitely not everything . There was something else inside his eyes.

These old, old eyes you knew so well.  

Realisation struck you,  and you slowly stepped backwards, your eyes opened wide.
“Doctor?”, you asked breathlessly, whereupon the man in front of you gave you a small smile.

“I promised, didn’t I?”

kazliin  asked:

'It's bigger than I expected' Viktuuri 😉

Summary: “What exactly did you call this?” Yuuri asks, staring in fascination at the clockwork mechanisms floating in the room all around him. How any of this could fit into a tiny little police box is entirely beyond him.

“Time and Relative Dimension in Space,” replies the man with the silver hair and the heart-shaped smile, his teeth flashing in the light as he beams at Yuuri. “She’ll take you anywhere, anywhen, if you know which buttons to press.”

Yuuri nods. And then he rushes outside, around the perimeter of the box, and back inside.

“There’s no way this is physically possible,” he states. 

“And yet here we are,” replies the man, spreading his arms. “All of time and space, Yuuri Katsuki. Where do you wanna go first?”

”STALKER” (Jonathan Crane x Reader)

Hello, my little wings!!

I hope you enjoy this oneshot! I love writting for villains of dc comics! if you got any prompt for any villain let me know!

Request: Do you write for Jonathan Crane? If so, can you write one where he stalks the reader because he loves her and then she finds out and you decide what happens from there? If that makes sense

Requested by Anon!


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If you want to be tagged, message me any time!

Hope you enjoy!

 Part 1 ( here1) Part2   Jay’s ending  Jon’s ending

You were an exchange student from (y/c) and had come to Gotham for researching Arkham for your thesis in psychiatry. Your parents refused, saying it was too dangerous but you liked the thrill and you were really curious of meeting the infamous Arkham inmates.

You fixed your skirt before entering the shady asylum. In the entrance, a brunette woman waited for you.

“Hello, (y/n) (l/n), right?” She asked

“Yes, a pleasure.” You said

“My name is doctor Mel. I’ll be your tutor thought this and I’ll assist you in every interview. If you have any question you can ask me. As for the rules, we are very strict with the rules. There will be some inmates you won’t be able to talk with more than a few minutes, for your safety. I suggest you to don’t fraternize with the inmates. Everything clear?”

“Yes, doctor.” You nodded and clutched your bag harder. The doctor’s eyes softened, she put a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t you worry, miss (l/n). Nothing bad will happen to you.” You let a shaky breath as she guided you to your first interview. As you passed the hall where the cells where you clutched your bag closer.





You keep your eyes on the door in the end of the hall, doctor Mel gided you to the room.

Once you where there, Doctor stopped.

“Your first interview will be Crane, Jonathan. As he was interested in meeting you. I forewarn you, Crane doesn’t look dangerous but he is. Don’t take anything from him, and if he starts getting inside your head, press the button in your visitor wristband.”

You nodded and entered the room, a guard opened the door and waited until you were comfortable, once you nodded at him he leaved. You waited for a few moments until another guard brought the scarecrow.

“Be careful” gruffed the guard “I’ll be outside, scream and I’ll come in” You smiled and nodded in appreciation.

“Well, well,well…What brings a student here? Oh, dear…why won’t you look at me?”

“Am I talking to Doctor Crane or to The Scarecrow?”

He, for a moment looked taken aback, he quickly recomposed himself and smirked.

“Does it matter?” he sassed

“As a matter of fact, it does. Doctor Crane I’ve toughly studied your research in the concept of “fear” and I find it really interesting, I even dare to say it revolutionary. I, myself find it appealing. Have been victim of a severe Anxiety that causer Paranoid thoughts, your study discovered a new concept of the illness to me. Sadly the way you choose dirtied your brilliant future-“ Crane hand hit the table and his teeth where clenching.


You took notes of everything before nodding.

“Very well, mr Scarecrow. Would you be so kind as of answering some questions?”

His face calmed. “Okay”

“Great, now.” As the interview went on Crane found himself enchanted by you. You beauty made him weak in the knees, your intelligence made him swoon. Never had he found himself so at ease, so understood. Even the scarecrow gave him a break!

He smiled as a bit of blush covered his pale cheeks.

“Well, we are done Mr. Crane. I’m very thankful in your willingness to cooperate in my research, I’ll be sure to credit you in it.”

“I hope I can read it soon” He tried to smile charmingly.

You brushed his hair out of his eyes.

“I hope so, Mr. Cane. Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, I’ll call the guard so he can escort you to your cell.”

His hand quickly grabbed yours, scaring you.

“W-Will we-I mean I see you again?” his eyes looked mad.

“um, I seriously doubt it, Mr Crane. As I will be attending other inmates until I leave to (y/c) in approximately three weeks.” His eyes widened in horror and his hands tightened around yours.

“W-What? Already? I have more data you could use! I’m sure you could maybe, come to see me again” His smile twisted. You released your poor hand from his tight hold.

“Sorry Mr. Crane. I’m allowed to see each inmate only once-“

“But I can show you the world!” He tried to get up but his bonds didn’t let him. You came closer to the wall as he started to become violent. The two guards came in and reduced him, cuffing him and dragging him back.

“NO! YOU CAN’T GO! YOU UNDERSTAND ME! NO ONE DOES BUT YOU! NO MISS (Y/n)! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE!” Crane shouted as he unwillingly was being “escorted” back to his cell.

You let yourself fall to the ground, speechless as Doctor Mel approached you.

“Are you ok, miss (y/n)?” She worried.

“I-I am. Let go with the next one-“ You breathed.

“You sure?”

“I am.” With adrenaline pumping into your veins you attended the next patient.


Crane approached the table where the Joker was. He often never teamed up with him, nor asked for favors…but he needed out of here.

“Well,well,well…what’s brings you here Johnny boy?” The joker laughed.

“I heard you had a plan of escaping Arkham.” Crane said, unfazed.

“My, my you want to join us? Wow Craney boy! It’s that student, isn’t it? My my, cute little thing! Those pouty lip! Make a man go mad-“Crane’s fist punched the table hard, making everyone silent. That silence was broken by the joker’s cackle.

“Shut up.” He snarled. And the Joker’s smile widened.

“We leave at midnight!” The joker smirked.


You had lied, you had at least two months of classes at Gotham University.

Bad, bad (y/n)…

As you were archiving the new data you got today you felt someone watching you. You looked around, but you found nothing.

You shrugged and continued writing on your computer.

Outside your windows, Scarecrow was pushed against the wall outside your house.

You almost caught him.

He had been stalking you for about 2 weeks.

And he found himself falling more and more in love with you.

“She’s so beautiful…” Jonathan sighed.

“She is. And her mind! Oh!” Scarecrow said.

“yes” Jonathan followed your silhouette to the bathroom. You had prepared yourself a relaxing bath after dealing with Killer Croc.

You sighed as your clothes fell from your body. Jonathan bit his lip as his hold on your window tightened.

The scarecrow sighed in his mind at the same time you sat, the warm, steamy water moving around you.

“In a few days, it will be us there with her!” Scarecrow whispered to Crane.

“yes” Jonathan sighed.

“ She’s ours! As we are hers!”  Scarecrow yelled.

“No one will separate us…” Jonathan bit his lip harder as his hand traveled down his pants.


You were dress in a comfortable pants and sweatshirt as you gazed down Gotham highest building.  The harsh air of Gotham dried your lips, as you applied your lip balm, a tall shadow loomed over you.

“Good night Batman.” You said.

“Good night, miss (y/n). You said you wanted to meet me?” Batman gruffled.

“Yes actually” Turns and looks at him “ I have some questions for you”

“Hn” Batman said, and you had the feeling this wasn’t going to be productive.

At the same time, an angry jealous Scarecrow glared at the bat.

“see, Jonny boy? We have to destroy the bat! He’s trying to steal her from us!” Scarecrow feed Crane’s madness.

“Yes” Crane glared at the hand you laid on the Bat’s shoulder. “She will be ours.”

“By any means necessary” Jonathan smirked.


You were walking downtown Gotham when you were pulled against a wall when soft lips ravaged yours. You tried to push them away but they hold your hand above you head.

“Miss (y/n)….” Scarecrow moaned in your ear, but the distortion of the fear gas made you unable to identify him. “You look sooo beautiful…that terrified face…” Your scream was silenced by crane’s lips that were smashed against yours, his long fingers grabbed your hair as his tongue fought yours. His other hand that grabbed your face softly was being soaked by your tears.

“SHHHHHH, my love….shhh….it okay, it’s okay! Your soulmate is here…shhhhhh” Jonathan hugged you, kissing your sweaty cheeks and forehead comfortably. You whimpered, as the effects of the drug passed you passed out, Crane grabbed you and carried you to your room.

Crane set you on your comfortable bed, and covered your body. He get up to grab a wet towel to wipe your sweat, he sat next to you and wiped it lovingly.

“She’s so beautiful…”

“And her screams were like sweet honey”

“Her lips were soft like clouds…”

“Her skin was so warm and delicious…”


You turned around, facing him. He laid next to you, hugged you and kissed your eyelids.

“I love you”


You waked up, startled.  

Huff, it was a nightmare…

You get up and saw warm (f/b) in your table, a (f/f) sat inside a vase. A note was beside it than said:

         Good Morning my love

Last night you passed out in my arms so I carried you back home. Here you have your favorite breakfast, exclusively for you.


Your soulmate,


You let the note fall to the ground, you covered your mouth and fell to the ground.

Someone entered in your apartment.

Someone was watching you.

You started breathing heavily.

Oh god

Oh f*ck


An overwhelming pain invaded your chest as your door opened.

“(y/n)!” Yelled Jason Todd, your boyfriend. He ran to you and cached you, hugging you and rocking you, calming you down. “Shhhhh, I’m here…I’m here…” You hugged him, crying on his neck.

“Shhhh, I’m not letting them hurt you…”

As Jason calmed you, Jonathan looked at you two. Jealousy blinded him.

“If you aren’t mine, nobody will have you” Crane said.


It was time to go back to (c/n) and Jason and the outlaws decided to go with you. Well Jason came with you, Roy and Kory came once in a while.

You calmly wrote your thesis as Jason read a book on your couch.

“Babe, im boooooooooooored!” Jason said. “Come and hug me?”

“Almost done….” You typed the last words and saved it. “Done!” You laid above Jason as he kissed your lips softly, his hands burying themselves in your hair.

“mmmmh” Said Jason as his phone went off like crazy. He keep kissing you until you stopped him.

“It seems urgent, you should get it” You smiled and Jason huffed. He answered the phone.

“Dick…what?….seriously?!….shit….ill go….fine…see you” Jason sighed.

“What’s wrong, jay?” You asked worried.

“I have to go back to go home.” He sighed.

“What happened?”

“All Arkham escaped…the league is stretched tight. I have to go” He kissed you.” Okay?”

“Okay” You kissed back. “Be careful…” You kissed him softly.

“I love you” He said.

“I love you too.”


Its been month since Jason returned to Gotham, and you had enough.

You bought a ticket to Gotham but weren’t expecting to find it under Scarecrows control.

“What…What happened?”

“The scarecrow got the control of the city. Batman disappeared. You have to go back girl. This ain’t safe!” A man said as he ran away from something. You looked behind the commotion to see Bane.

“Oh god-“You started running away but Bane cached you.

“The scarecrow will be happy” He knocked you out and carried you away.


“Scarecrow, I got a present for you” Bane said as he entered the dispatch.

“hmm?” Crane looked at Bane, unsure. “What is-“ Scarecrow stopped mid-sense when he saw you knocked out body.

“This girl…is the one you wanted” Bane said.

“Let her down” Crane approached your body tentatively. “Go” Bane obeyed, leaving Crane and you alone. He immediately ran to you, holding you close.

“Look, my love! I builded our own empire! So we can rule it together! Are you proud!!?? “ He carried you to his bed and laid next to you. “ I read your thesis, it was brilliant my love! How you explained your experience….ahhh just-just orgasmic!” He moaned as he kissed your neck. “I missed you, so much! I took care of that dirt you called boyfriend! You wont see him again!” He kissed your lips and you slowly waked up.

“H-huh? J-JAY?” When your eyes were completely open you looked at the crazy eyes of the Scarecrow and screamed. He covered your mouth with his lips.

“Shhhhh, my love…..” He kissed you again. “Please, don’t scream… I made this all for us! For us and our unborn child!” His grin widened in one you could only describe as crazy.

“Please let me go!, please! I didn’t do anything!!!” You panicked.

“Shhhh, my darling. I won’t hurt you! I love you! We will be together forever!”


“Your petty boyfriend won’t come” He smirked.” Now…”

He started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Im going to show you, how much I love you…”

He kissed and bited your neck as your terrified tears fell

“Shhhhhh, we will be together forever…”


“No shit, bats! The crazy got my girlfriend! I won’t let him hurt her!”

“Jason don’t be rash” Batman said. “We can’t interfere just now!”




To be continued???

(you want a part 2?)


About the Announcement …

I’m a Doctor Who fan. When I was a child, the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, was my Doctor. As a teen, I had the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. Years later, after the program disappeared, I remained fond of what had been.

After the reboot, I embraced the Ninth Doctor, the Tenth and the Eleventh Doctor. They weren’t all my favorites, but I still believed in the character. The show itself is all about change.

Then came Peter Capaldi as Twelve. Though some proclaimed him as too gruff or prickly or (gasp!) too old, he quickly became my first favorite of the new Who Era. Over time, he rose to the top of my list of favorites. Peter simply IS my Doctor.

However, the reality is that Peter’s finished his run and it’s time to meet the new Doctor. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we will finally have a female Doctor. I know next to nothing about Jodie Whittaker, but I trust the program I’ve watched since I was a child. It’s going to be exciting and I’m ready to get to know Thirteen!

Lastly. To all those fans who are threatening to stop watching the show and promising to leave the Doctor Who Fandom because they’ve announced a woman will be the next Doctor… Well, as my beloved Grandma used to say:

Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you! 😏

Overprotective // Ian x Reader

requested by @slytherinbedwithme


You and Ian had been having a thing behind your brother’s, Joji, back. You kept it a secret just because you knew that Joji would get very protective over you and wouldn’t let you date Ian.

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Helpless Part Five (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Masterlist (the first four parts are linked here) 

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Warnings- intense angst but you probably knew that

A/N- (So this is a thing, I wrote it very fast I hope like and I’m sorry but I also hope it breaks you because that means I did my job right oops. Props to @gwash4prez for proofreading this for me since I am a Tired Gay™ )

Song-  Mental Illness – Goodnight Neverland (Through the darkest storm, I will hold your hand. Love will carry on…I can feel your heart. Close your eyes to see. You used to shine so brilliantly.)


You were mad. You stayed mad for a long time. And it felt so dumb that when you should be spending the most time with him, when you should be enjoying what could potentially be your last moments with him, you couldn’t, because you were mad.

There had to be another way. This was just ridiculous! Your own father was the goddamn Vice President. If he said that George Eacker wasn’t the father of your still unborn child, then they’d have to believe him. The problem was, you didn’t know who ‘they’ was. Who had George Eacker persuaded onto his side. How many officials had gotten involved. No matter what, a secret relationship didn’t look good, and in this newborn country, reputation was everything.

You wished more than anything you could take it all back. Go back to the start. You wished you could go back and be smarter. If you had just told your father from the start, yes he would have been livid, but you wouldn’t be facing the death of your fiancee. Or maybe if you’d just stayed hating Philip forever, constantly rejecting his advances like you always did…

No. You couldn’t imagine a life without him, without his child growing inside of you. And that was the thought that woke you up. If Philip could die, something you still refused to accept as possibility, but if he could, you were going to make damn sure everyone knew that you were his.

You hugged him tightly the moment he stepped into your room. All the tension of the past few weeks started to melt, the awkward, tight conversation, the distance between you as you both laid in bed, all of it, gone.

“Y/N?” His voice was a question, but the way he held you proved that he didn’t care what had caused it, he just wanted you back.

“I want to get married.” you mumbled into his chest.

“Of course, I want to get married too, that’s why I asked.”

“No.” You pulled away from Philip. “I want to get married tomorrow. Tonight even. I want to get married as soon as possible.”

Philip furrowed his brow. “It won’t change anything. Eacker will still come after us, after our girl.”

“This isn’t about George. This is about being by your side in the strongest way possible, just…just in case.” You bit your lip and tried not to let tears fall. Philip already knew how upset you were, and you didn’t want to guilt trip him.

“Okay…” he whispered. He pressed his lips gently to you head and placed his hand on your grown stomach. “We’ll get married as soon as possible. I promise.”

You smiled and pressed your lips to his like you had so many times before. “It’s still not a girl.” you whispered.

It was a short wedding. Philip’s father officiated and his mother cried the whole time. The only others in attendance were a few friends of you and Philip, Philip’s siblings, and your father. It was private and secret, just like the relationship had always been. You held it at your father’s estate. It was the biggest and also something Thomas had dreamt of since you were born apparently.

After some celebration, you walked with your husband to the house he’d recently purchased for the three of you. It was small and nothing like the near mansions both of you had grown up in, but it was yours, and it was home.

You laid in bed, facing Philip, words caught in your throat. “How long?” you asked on your wedding night.

“Three weeks.” he whispered.

You wanted to say that the time went by to fast. That you wished you had more moments with Philip, but truthfully, it was killing you. All the waiting, the pacing, the lack of sleep, the what ifs. It was too much. Every moment with him was clouded by the thought of him lying in field bleeding out. It was like there was a timer ticking in your brain, constantly reminding you that you could lose him. You just wanted everything to end.

The night before, you were practically inconsolable. You wanted to spend the night talking with Philip, holding him, but you couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. You knew there was no other way. You and Philip had thought through every other scenario, but it always came back to this. You tried to remind yourself that he could win the duel, or maybe neither would shoot. There were so many instances in which Philip could make it out of this alive, but there were also many where he couldn’t, and those were the ones that haunted you this last night.

“Philip, I’m just scared.” your shaky voice whispered into the dark after he’d calmed your sobbing for the eighth time. There was a long pause as your words died in the air.

“I’m scared too.” Philip’s voice cracked.

You wanted to ask why. If he was scared and you were scared then why? But you’d already asked that a million times. You knew why. You knew what had to happen.

So you held him. You cried, and you held him. He cried, and he held you. The night was filled with salty kisses mixed with tears and less than effective words of comfort from both of you. Then you did something you never thought you would on this night. You fell asleep.

And when you woke up, he was gone.

You sprang out of bed. As fast as an eight-month pregnant woman can. The sun had just begun to rise, and there was a note on your vanity.


I had to leave. It had to be early. I didn’t want you to see. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I didn’t want you there. I’m so sorry I had to leave.

Y/N, I love you more than anything. I love our baby, and whether I’m there to see it or not, you are going to be a great mom.

You ran your hand over the ink and it smudged. It was fresh. You weren’t too late.

You couldn’t keep reading. You had to leave. Maybe you weren’t too late. You didn’t know what you would do when you got to Weehawken, you just knew that you had to get there. You were halfway out the door when you felt a sharp pain in your stomach.

Philip’s chest was tight. He watched his friend, his best man, his second, approach the middle of the field. Eacker sneered at him from across the browning grass. The sky was gray, and a strong wind lifting off the nearby lake and carrying through Philip’s hair. Everything felt like it was a sign of inevitable doom.

So many times he has wanted to turn around. So many times he wanted to run away, but he couldn’t that. This was for his wife. This was for his family.

And so Philip stood there. Firm. Unwavering. He looked George Eacker in the eye. He readied his pistol. He took one deep breath. Another. Another. He listened to the countdown. Philip lifted his arm. Philip raised his pistol towards the sky.


You cried out in pain and clutched your stomach. Something was wrong. Something was very very wrong. Your vision was going white from the searing pain. It was like an animal had clawed through your body. Unable to move, you screamed at the top of your lungs. You cried for help. It wasn’t long until one your neighbors came rushing over. He kneeled in front of your crumbled figure and asked what you needed, who you knew. You told him that you were Thomas Jefferson’s daughter and that you needed to get to New Jersey.

“New Jersey? Miss Jefferson, I think-”

“Mrs. Hamilton.” you seethed, glaring at him from your spot on the floor.

“Regardless. You don’t need to go to New Jersey, you need a doctor.”

You wanted to protest, but another wave of pain wracked through you and you couldn’t do anything but groan. “E-Eliza.” you whispered, desperate for a mother, and you knew you couldn’t have your own.  

“Eliza?” Realization dawned on him. “Hamilton. You’re a Hamilton.” He turned to what you assumed was his son. “Run to the Jefferson estate. And then the Hamilton’s. Tell them I’m bringing their pregnant daughter to Doctor Hosack’s house.

“He’s not there.” you wanted to say, but the pain was too great and your neighbor was already lifting you off the ground. The doctor was in New Jersey, where you should be.

You didn’t know how long the travel time was. You were too distracted with thoughts of Philip. You even mumbled his name a few times. Next thing you knew your back was hitting the inviting cushion of a mattress and your father was at your side.

“Dad. Dad I need to find him. I need to find Phil–ah!” You back arched upward with the pain. Thomas gripped your hand tightly.

“It’s okay. Y/N there’s nothing you can do about that now, just focus on giving birth to your baby.”

Your squinted eyes shot open. “Birth?! No…no no, that’s not for another month. I can’t give birth without Philip.” you rambled. “I need Philip! I need him!”

“It’s okay, Y/N. It’s okay.” Eliza stood on the other side of the bed. Her eyes were red and swollen. You furrowed your brow and looked at your father, then at the foot of the bed where you saw Alexander and Doctor Hosack standing at a distance. They were conversing with grave expressions. Your eyes met Eliza’s tear-filled ones.

“No…” you whispered. She cupped a hand over her mouth as a sob slipped out. “No!” The scream ripped through your throat.

“He’s not dead. He’s not dead, Y/N. He’s still alive.” Your father ran a hand over your sweaty face reassuringly.

“What happened.” It wasn’t a question it was a demand. Thomas and Alexander shared a hesitant glance. “Someone tell me what happened to my husband!”

Alex stepped forward quickly. “The bullet struck his hip and lodged in his arm. He’s in the other room.”

“Bring me to him.” you said quickly. You squeezed Eliza’s hand when I another contraction hit you, but you didn’t cry out this time.

“Y/N, he didn’t want you to see him-”

“I don’t care what he wants! My husband was struck by a bullet, and I will personally make sure you all burn in hell if you don’t let me see him.”

Eliza looked at the doctor. “Let her see my son.” she said firmly without letting go of your hand.

Doctor Hosack nodded and lifted you onto a stretcher with the help of your father. The carried you through a short hallway into another room of the house. The dark maroon of the wallpaper was like dried blood, and you suddenly felt very sick.

Philip was quite a sight when you were brought into a room. He was lying on a table, on top of a stretcher similar to yours, though his was soaked with blood. The metallic scent was practically palpable.

He didn’t see you at first. His eyes were shut tight and his chest rose and feel jaggedly as his mouth hung desperately open. Your father and the doctor laid you down on the small bed in that room and pulled the stretcher out from underneath you.

Philip only opened his eyes when he heard you sob. He looked over to you so quickly that he winced.

“No. What is she doing here?” His voice was raspy.

“Philip.” his father warned. “She’s in labor.” You didn’t want those words to be true, and you saw that mirrored in Philip’s expression.

“It’s too early…” he whispered. His eyes didn’t look away from yours. “Bring me closer to her. Please.” His voice was breaking.

Thomas and Alexander picked up the table he was sprawled on and brought it so it was parallel to your bed.

“Why is he on the table? Why isn’t he on this bed?” you asked the doctor. You felt Philip’s hand in your and looked offer at him. He smiled. His face was slick with sweat.

“We need the table for…surgery.” Doctor Hosack explained.

“Surgery?!” You switched your attention from Philip to the doctor and back to Philip.

“They’re gonna take my arm, darling.” he said like it was a joke. This felt like a joke. Like some sick cruel twisted joke the universe was playing on you.

“It’s his best chance at..at survival, dear.” Eliza stumbled over the words. You looked painfully at your husband. Your chest hurt more than your abdomen now. You felt broken. You felt utterly helpless.

“Y/N, we need to check how dilated you are.” One of the nurses said calmly.

“No, I’m only worried about Philip.”

“What a coincidence, I’m only worried about you.” he said dryly.

“And it’s my job to worry about this baby.” the nurse stated as she started to roll your stockings down.

Eliza had you sit up so she could loosen your corset, and Doctor Hosack tightened a tourniquet around Philip’s arm. You held each other’s hands the whole time.

“We’re gonna need all hands on deck. I want to get this surgery started soon, but this baby looks ready to come any minute.”

The nurse nodded and left. When she returned she carried a small tray with a million different pieces of equipment on it. Three other nurses followed behind her. The first nurse brought the tray over to the doctor.

“You’re going to want this.” He took a bottle of amber liquid off the tray and handed it to Philip. You looked at him nervously, but he smiled and held the rim to his blue lips.

“This I can do.” he stated before taking a large swig from the bottle. You looked to Thomas. He looked older somehow. There was no masking the worry on his face, and every time you winced or made a noise of pain, it was like it hurt him too.

You heard Philip coughing and quickly looked back at him.

“We need to do this now.” Doctor Hosack said. Your bottom lip started to tremble. You couldn’t help it.

“Hey.” Philip turned to you. He looked so weak and pale. His eyes were lidded. “It’s gonna be okay, sweetheart.”

“Philip, I can’t lose you. I can’t- goddamnit!” you lurched forward. A white hot pain ran through you.

“We have to do this now!” The doctor warned again. You were breathing heavily. He started putting gloves on. A nurse rolled up a towel and gave it to Philip to put in his mouth.

“Wait!” he said, unable to push her away without letting go of your hand. His eyes met yours. Both of you were sweating and panting from pain.

“Don’t you dare tell them to take me out of here for this, Philip. I swear to God.”

He laughed, but it only turned into another coughing fit. “That’s not what I was going to say.” Tears streamed down your face. “I love you, Y/N. No matter how many times I say it, it never feels like enough. I love our daughter, and I love you.”  Philip let go of your hand and grabbed the towel from the nurse, biting down on it. He nodded to the doctor and grabbed your hand with his uninjured arm again.

Doctor Hosack looked at you, then back at the wound and sighed. “Y/N. Look away.” he said. You agreed, staring into Philip’s eyes and not at his arm. You didn’t know, didn’t want to know, what was happening when Philip’s face contorted and a muffled scream escaped his throat. You cried out, but it wasn’t from seeing him in pain. That hurt more than you could ever explain, but something was happening to your body that you couldn’t stop.

“This is impossible.” one of the nurses said. “She can’t be having her baby now like this.” Your eyes squeezed shut. You wanted to keep them open so you could see Philip, but the pain was too great.

“You’ll have to do this delivery on your own.” you heard Doctor Hosack say. You heard someone telling yours and Philip’s parents to wait in the corner of the room. You heard Eliza crying. You heard Philip screaming, at least you knew he was still alive.

Cool hands rubbed against your thighs and you opened your eyes. The nurse from earlier was pushing your legs apart. “I know this isn’t the ideal situation,” You could tell she was trying not to look at Philip. You still felt his hand in yours. “But I need you to push, Y/N.”

“I can’t…Philip…I have too…” You looked over at him, but the nurse called your attention back to her.

“I know, but if you don’t deliver soon, it puts the baby’s life at risk, so on three I want you to push, okay?”

You looked at Philip and despite the pain he must have been feeling, he nodded at you. You took a deep breath and looked at the nurse.


You clenched the muscles in your stomach and screamed. Unlike Philip’s, these were unsuppressed.

“Okay, okay, that was good, but I’m gonna need a little more Y/N.” the nurse.

“I can’t!” you cried. “My husband is losing his arm!”

“And you’re losing this baby!” the nurse shouted. You were stunned into silence. Eliza, though, crying came rushing to your side.  

“You can…do this.” she said. You took her hand and looked at her son. He was staring at the ceiling with a glazed expression, moaning. The doctor had stopped working but was turning around doing something on the tray. You didn’t dare look at his arm.

“Are you ready?” the nurse asked. You nodded. “1…2…3!” You pushed again. “Keep going! Almost there!” she shouted. You pushed and you pushed and you cried.

“I can’t do it. I can’t I-”

“Yes you can, Y/N.” Eliza said sternly. “Now push.”

You pushed and a cry filled the air. It wasn’t yours. “It’s a girl!” the nurse practically sighed in relief. A weight lifted off your chest.

“Philip! Philip it’s a-Philip?” His eyes were closed. His hand was limp in yours. How had you not noticed that he had gotten so cold. “No!” You cried. Sobs and screams climbed up your body and fell out of your mouth. “He’s dead! He died! How could let him die!” you shouted.

“Y/N, calm down you’re-” the nurse stopped. “Doctor!” she cried. “Doctor, she’s bleeding!”

You never knew it was possible to be in so much pain and feel so numb. “Philip, please wake up. Please. I need you.” You felt too weak to scream, though it was all you wanted to do. He was gone. Everything was meaningless. You only had your baby, and how could you raise her without Philip? What were you without him? There was nothing worth fighting for anymore.

“Y/N, please hold on!” Eliza sobbed.

“Doctor what’s happening!” you heard your father voice. It took every bit of strength for you to lift your hand to Philip’s face. Your fingertips grazed his lips. He was so cold. You needed him.

You could have sworn you heard your mother’s voice. Your vision was fuzzy. You just wanted to sleep. You felt your body start to relax. A soothing cool washed over you. You felt a sense of peace and tranquility that you hadn’t for the longest time. Your mother was singing to you. Your husband was next to you.

“At least, I’ll be with Philip…”

You heard a voice calling out to you, calling your name. Your eyes opened slowly. You felt an emptiness in your gut, like something was missing there.

“Mom?” you asked, looking up. She stood there smiling, her hair shone in the sun. You stood quickly and wrapped your arms around her waist. She laughed and hugged you back. She smelled sweet, just like you remembered. “But wait-” You pulled away and looked around.

“Mom? Mom, where’s Philip?” Her eyes started to shine. “Mom where is he?”

Philip’s eyes opened slowly. There was a searing pain in his head and in his arm. He groaned loudly.

“He’s awake!”

“Oh God he’s awake.”

His parent’s faces appeared above him. The were splotchy and red and shiny with tears. Memories started to flood back to him. The duel, the bullet, the baby, you.

“Philp…you’re…you’re a father.” Alexander said carefully.

“It’s a baby girl.” Eliza added. Philip winced and moaned at the pain, but there was only one thing on his mind.

“Where is she?” he asked.

“The nurses cleaned her up. They’re watching her since she was born so early and-”

“No.” Philip said quickly. “No where’s Y/N? Is she okay?”

Eliza’s eyebrows knit together and tears started to fall down her face. “Philip she…” Eliza turned away and started to cry. Alexander placed his hand on her shoulder.

“She couldn’t take it. She…passed.”

Philip broke. Every piece of him shattered, but he still couldn’t feel a thing. “What…how…what did she say?”


“What were her last words?” Philip felt an overwhelming sense of guilt that he wasn’t awake to hear them.

Eliza gave Alexander a serious look. “You need to rest, now isn’t the-”

“What were here last words!?” Philip shouted, stunning both his parents. “Please…” he whispered. His voice cracked. “Please, I need to know.”

“She said…she said that at least…’At least I’ll be with Philip.’”

And if Philip thought he felt pain losing his arm, he’d never experienced something like this

Thomas’ head was between his legs. He’d was past crying, for now. There were no more tears to shed. A door creaked as the Hamilton’s walked out of the room their son was in. He could barely stand to look at them.

“How…how is he?”

“Alive, but about as stable and you can imagine. He’s with the baby now. I think that’s helping.” Alexander explained.

“Thomas…” Eliza started.

“Please don’t.”  Thomas looked down again. “I have nothing left to live for.”

“That’s not true.” Eliza was quick to say, shocking even her husband. “You have us to support you. You have a son-in-law. You have a granddaughter. Do you know what Philip decided to name her?”  

Thomas shook his head.

“Martha.” Alexander said. Thomas’s chest swelled. An impossible mixture of heartbreak and hope.

“Martha…” he repeated. Images of his lost love floated through his mind. He looked up to the sky, picturing with his arms around his daughter. Smiling. Happy.

“You’re not alone, Thomas.” Alexander sat next to the man he wants despised. “You have all of us, and we’re all going to raise this baby together. For her. For Martha. For Y/N.”

Thomas nodded and embraced Alexander, something he never thought he’d do, but now needed more than ever.

*Five years later*

“Martha! What are you doing?” Thomas chided.

“I’m wearin’ Dad’s shirt!” she said proudly, flashing a grin that was missing a few teeth.

“I think you look fabulous, sweetheart.” Philip added from his spot across the room.

“See Grandpa?” Martha looked smugly up at Thomas. “Dad thinks I look faboolets.”

Thomas laughed and picked her up, sitting down across from Philip and letting her run to her father. The young girl climbed into Philip’s lap, and he wrapped his one arm around her.

“Dad? Tell me about mommy again…” Martha’s eyes pleaded with Philip. He looked up at his father in law, who smiled softly.

“Well Martha, your mom was the most beautiful woman anyone had ever seen, but don’t let the fool you, she was smart too…”

You smiled as you looked down on your family. No more fighting, no more wars. Finally, at peace.