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Opal makes all of her tumblr friends hate her because she wanted to get rid of a blog that was staring at her in the face and continuous reminds her that she is a failure, and doesn’t think everyone will get upset and hate her, but they do now!

oh BTW there is a place where you can see everything that I could save (thought like a stupid asshat I did forget to save somethings without thinking.


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au where everything’s the same except Remus talks like an old southern woman.

“Y'all please”

“Harry, Harry… Bless your heart”

“Severus, I swear to the Lord, if you don’t shut your trap this instant, I’ll stick a sock in in for you”

*puts hands over Harry’s ears* “Little ears, you silly fucking asshat”

“Well, Harry, back when I was a boy”

*something happens* “Well, I never”

And who could forget:

“Sirius Black… Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit”

i have had the unfortunate opportunity to grow up in a part of the south, and i heard pretty much all of these things at some point in my life. i’m not exaggerating. feel free to add.

can we talk about this episode 10 scene for a hot second

You know, the one where Victor announces his and Yuuri’s engagement? The one that shattered us all into ecstatic little pieces and then brought us back to life? That one

Okay so, the first time I watched this scene and I started to hear the angry guitar music in the background and see the other competitor’s less-than-enthusiastic faces, my heart sank. 

I was like, okay, here’s where the homophobia comes in, I knew this utopia (lol) couldn’t last, now they’re going to start revealing their inner asshats. Buuuuut

can we talk about the fact that these sweet amazing friends aren’t actually about to reveal their homophobic tendencies? Instead the thing they get pissed about is Victor claiming that Yuuri’s taking home the gold. Completely bypassing the thing that most people would assume they’d freak out over; no, instead they just accept that as a fact of life as they should and the thing they get pissed about is the only thing they SHOULD be pissed about. This is the best bait and switch I’ve ever experienced oh my god

I love this show, I love these supportive cinnamon roll friends, I love this healthy competitive spirit and most of all I love the fact that nobody treats this queer relationship as anything abnormal. Say what you want about media addressing issues LGBT people face…as a member of the LGBT community I just wanna say it’s nice to have a story that treats a gay couple just like any other hetero pairing. So much appreciation, thank you Kubo-sensei for creating this beautiful healthy angst-free haven of a show. GAHHH

Pfew, today’s yet another shit day on the fandom cause of what a cast member said. *sighs*. Now I know we’re all pissed as fuck against Josh as well as the ageist asshats that feed off of shit like that. 

But I have a plan, and I hope you can join me in it:

If there’s one good thing I can say about me, it’s that I always try to spread the love, and it’s times like these where I have the biggest urge to do so.

I’m sick of the crap that’s within our tag from these past few days as well as on twitter, so I want to change that by spreading some love instead. So what I’m going to do is have a ‘Daily McBride’ post for a month, to say something positive about her, whether it’s about her personality or physical features or just wishing her a good day. I’m going to make sure that the hate will not swamp our tag! 

And feel free to comment on the posts, just to add to whatever the hell I say that day. The more the merrier!

Also, I’m going to make sure to send her at least a few tweets on Sunday to her, so whomever’s creating that hashtag, hit me up! We need to swamp her feed and break it with kindness!! 

So. I’m going to do my first post today, right here:

I think it’s a very good look for Melissa to have grey hair because it highlights her eyes. The combination between the grey hair and bright blue eyes makes her look so majestic and beautiful it can take your breath away!

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  • Rey: *holds out lightsaber*
  • Luke:
  • Rey:
  • Luke:
  • Wedge from behind a rock where Luke told him to hide: STOP BEING DRAMATIC AND TAKE THE DAMN THING
  • Rey: wha-
  • Luke: but-
SanguineSwanqueen’s fic recs

This doesn’t include any in progress fics. And I probably left something off, but whatever. There’s three categories: smut, short, and full blown novel.

Smut* (these are all rated M or E)

Like You Want Me To by angstbotfic

Prompt: Your ladies are always capable of asking for what they need for their own pleasure but I feel like this might have been a process for R (b\c Leo’s an asshat, thinking TL is more than she deserves, etc). I would love to see E help her through these issues to a place where she’s comfortable “directing” E to make her own experience more pleasurable. I really like the emotional aspect to this, also it’s super hot.

My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Dental Dams  by serious fic

Regina just wants to make sure Henry is safe. A quick vision of the future, that’s it. She wasn’t expecting to get a look at her and Emma waking up in each others’ arms… or what they did in the shower.This starts out mostly as filth, but then it gets adorable.

Allergy Season by inkheart 1459 rated M

Emma really hates allergy season. It turns her into a sneezing mess. So when she gets the bright idea to try and fix it with magic she’s delighted. Nothing can go wrong right? Right. Until Regina shows up. Ok, so I put this in smut, but it’s totally hilarious. I love it.

Blow your house down by violetscentedwriter

This is the sequel to Who’s jealous of the big bad wolf. It can be read without having read part one but you’d be missing out on a few details. This will be a tongue-in-cheek naughty sex fest. cold shower zone after this right here. Could also be considered a full blown novel.

Shadow Haven by @delirious-comfort

Emma Swan is a PR agent who is sent on a holiday by her boss. Regina Mills is the owner of a private island named Shadow Haven. There is more to Regina than initially meets the eye. This story dips heavily into the BDSM subculture. Swan Queen romance / BDSM story. This was so hot I don’t even know where to start. Very fun. It definitely also has a strong emotional development throughout the story which I enjoyed quite a bit. I could also put it in the full blown novel section but it’s REALLY smutty so I went with smut.


Rubbers by hunnyfresh rated G

In which Emma sucks at trash bin basketball and spends her time as Sheriff doing something more entertaining Oh My god, this is the most heartmelting fluff ever.

Wallpaper by hunnyfresh rated G

Months after Neverland, Regina and Emma have become friends, and all it takes for a push in the right direction is for Regina to see Emma’s wallpaper on her phone. More fabulous fluff.

A Pat Explanation by seriousfic  rated T

Mary-Margaret and David know Emma is dating someone. Who could it be? Neal? Hook? Surely not–anyone else… I laughed so hard, I seriously couldn’t breathe.

Monster-In-Law by seriousfic  rated G

Of course Mary-Margaret won’t let Emma and Regina get married. It’s incest, after all. And so what if that means treating Regina as her mother? How bad can it be? The age old criticism of SQ being incest made into one of the most hilarious fics you’ve ever read.

Lesbian Until Curse by seriousfic rated T

Mary-Margaret thinks Emma’s been acting awfully strange since she got her old jacket out of the closet… out of the closet… wait… I’m not really sure what to say about this, except that Emma is very much a babydyke.

Four Seasons by echo_AU rated E

A life time of Swan Queen set in four seasons.
 This is a really great one, though. So many feels.

Cough Medicine by GwenSanguine rated G

The first three times that Regina gets sick. Emma takes care of her. Is it tacky to rec your own fic? If it is, then I’m ok with being tacky. I’m proud of this, dammit.

Operation Mills and the Podfic version by Swansaloft rated T

Henry and Emma team up to let Regina know she isn’t alone. Emma gets cooking lessons from Regina. Good story and narration for the podfic. Family oriented and the perfect amount of plot.

Like We Are Fools by bringyouhometoo

About a month after they get home, things start getting weird. (Or, Five Times Regina Mills Thinks Emma Swan Might Be Having a Bit of a Meltdown.) Adorable Emma attempting to seduce Regina and Regina is too big of a cinnamon role to notice. Very Cute

Full Blown Novels (>25k)

Popcorn Love by chrmdpoet rated M

Regina is a successful businesswoman and wonderful parent, but her love life is lacking. She agrees to a string of blind dates set up by her friend Kathryn on the condition that the blonde find her a babysitter. Enter Emma Swan. After each date, Regina returns home only to complain to Emma about her suitors. As they bond, Regina realizes that Emma has all the qualities she desires. This here is a throw back. The first fan fiction I ever read.

Calendar by curvypragmatist rated E

While Emma takes part in a charity calendar to raise funds for the library Regina is struggling to control her magic and is dealing with it by staying away from people. Will a persistent Saviour be able to get through to a stubborn ex-Mayor? I remember dropping literally everything whenever this got an update. Screw calculus, I want Swan Queen. This fic has something for everyone. If I were to suggest a fic to someone who has seen the show, but is just starting to get seriously into into the fandom, it would be this one. 

Photos From a One-Life Stand by 1clevergirl rated E

On the eve of their five year anniversary, Emma and Regina look through a small photo album containing pictures and momentos of some of the most special moments, good and not-so-good, in their relationship. As they look through the album, they remember the stories behind each of the photos. I have read this so many times. It’s ridiculous. It’s got everything from squee to smut.

Learning How To Live by 1clevergirl rated E

Regina Mills, a reclusive pianist, moves from Boston to Storybrooke, Maine with her newly adopted son, Henry, to escape an abusive past and pick up the pieces of her life. There, she finds herself falling for a painfully shy, ruggedly beautiful handyman with a past of her own who shows her that sometimes second chances are the most beautiful chances of all and ‘perfect’ doesn’t always mean flawless. I’m not one for AU’s or angst but I’ve reread this one several times and I definitely don’t normally do that. If I had to describe it I would probably use the phrase Lana used one time how “good can come from broken” I also like that it included Henry. I can’t stand when an AU doesn’t have Henry in it at all.

The Great Wide Somewhere  by aimtoothpaste

“It was an idea only an idiot could come up with Regina had said, though she hadn’t disagreed with the plan, and half an hour into the drive Emma’s inclined to believe her.”
It has been seven years since Emma rolled into Storybrooke, and she and Regina are finally in a friendship that doesn’t teeter on the precipice of hatred. When Regina’s pining over Henry, away for the summer at an astronomy programme in Tucson, Emma suggests a road trip to surprise him for his birthday. This gave me the road trip I have always wanted. 

Right There All The Time by @devandclom rated M

His mothers are obviously in love and totally married in everything but name, so why is Henry the only one in their house who knows this? His moms don’t even seem to have noticed that Mom kisses Emma on the cheek every morning when she leaves for work. Every. Single. Morning. I love this one because at it’s heart I would say that it’s definitely a Swan-Mills Family fic. The whole family. I love when Henry is a huge Swan Queen shipper. Includes plenty of capitalizing as well so you read in a Very Official Voice in your head. Very happy and uplifting.

Letters From War by @hunnyfresh rated M

Emma is a soldier on reserve in Fort Benning. Regina is the Mayor of Storybrooke. Through a pen pal program designed to ease the ache of homesick soldiers, Emma and Regina begin sending letters to one another as their relationship grows from cordial acquaintance to something neither woman would have expected - until the letters stop coming. I held off on reading this because I heard there was a character death. I really wish I hadn’t because it was so good. I also cried several times while reading this. I was reading this on my phone and just sobbing in the library and people were staring a bit. 

Toddler Trouble

Word Count: 785
Pronouns: She/Her
Pairing: Gabriel/Reader
Warnings: Cursing
Note: This is my favorite imagine that I’ve ever written. Like, ever.

“Hey (Y/n)?” Sammy called from the door way. (Y/n) looked at him, Dean, and Castiel oddly. Dean was obviously hiding something behind his back, Sam looked like she would kill him, and Castiel avoided her gaze all together.

“What’s up, guys? How’d the hunt go? And where’d Gabe disappear to? I thought he said he was coming back with you guys…” Sam laughed nervously and wrung his hands. The girl could see Dean whispering to the thing he was hiding.

“About that…”

“Son of a bitch! That hurt you asshat!” Dean suddenly exclaimed, and a small boy, no older than four from what she could tell, ran behind her.

“Um, guys? Who’s this?” (Y/n) asked curiously, crouching to the child’s height. He had blond hair, pale skin, and whiskey colored eyes just like Gabriel’s. “Gabe?”

“Guilty.” The child responded with an adorable voice. The boys waited for her to yell at them, faint, get mad, but all she did was squeal.

“Oh my god, you are so cute! Look at your tiny child hands and- oh my god your wings must be baby sized! Aha!” The girl flailed. Meanwhile, her tiny boyfriend pouted and crossed his arms.

“It’s not funny.”

“Yes it is! Look at you!” (Y/n) bopped his tiny nose and faced the boys at full height. “What happened?”

“Witch.” Dean grumbled, still mad that Gabriel bit him. “He’s not very well tamed.”

Gabe clutched the girls calf (for that’s all he could reach) in fear. He didn’t have his angel mojo at the moment, so he was completely vulnerable.

“H-he’s not gonna hurt me right?” Dean smiled wickedly.

“That’s right! You don’t have any magic, do you? We could always just-” Dean made a grab for the tiny being, but (Y/n) beat him to it. She propped the boy against her hip with his tiny arms snaked around her neck. Gabe puffed out his lower lip, faking a sniff.

“P-please don’t let h-h-him hurt me!” He ‘cried.’

“Be nice Dean! You got him in this mess, you boys will get him out. Understood?” Gabe smiled and stuck his tongue out, quickly returning to his fake sniffing. “I said, understood?” The trio nodded and headed for the library.

“So what now?” Gabe asked.

“Well, let’s see. You can’t drink, your powers are gone, I could use you to attract guys but that’s mean, hm… I- I actually don’t know. I’m not used to babysitting kids.”

“Can we watch a movie?”

“That sounds good.”

“Let’s watch Hitman!”

“Okay, The Lion King it is!”

“What? But why?” He dragged out the 'y’ part.

“Cause you’re five, and Hitman is rated R.” He groaned, but didn’t argue anymore. She was much bigger than him at the moment, so there was no use. The two sat down on the couch, Gabe in her lap and her spread over the entire thing. The only advantage he could see to being this small is he could use her boobs as pillows and not get hit for it, but he did that a lot anyways. When the movie ended, they laughed, throwing bits of popcorn they had made at each other. The boys had come home at about 7 pm, give or take a half an hour. So by now it was almost 10 o'clock. (Y/n) picked Gabe up, setting him back on her hip.

“Cmon, it’s way past time for you to be in bed. You can stay with me tonight, alright?” Gabe nodded. They bid the boys goodnight before heading to (Y/n)’s room.

“Uh- not that I’m complaining or a-anything, but I’m still here.” He called from her bed when she tugged her tshirt over her head.

“Well if it makes you uncomfortable, you can wait outside.” She laughed, pulling off her jeans. Gabe shook his head and watched her form search for pajamas. She’d always slapped him when he tried to follow her in here when she changed.

“No, it’s fine.” Finally dressed in shorts and a tank top, she climbed next to him on the bed. She pulled back the (f/c) covers and snuggled under the sheets, careful not to squish the tiny being next to her.

“Hey Gabriel?”

“Yeah, sugar?”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.” He allowed her arms to pull him onto her chest. That night, the two fell asleep happy, despite that day’s circumstances. (Y/n), however, did not wake up quite as comfortable or happy, considering Gabe was now full sized and squishing her. It was an interesting experience for the boys to hear the first words of the morning be “Gabe get your fat ass off me now!”

ladydracarysao3  asked:

22. Negotiate with a clown using lines from your favorite movie -- I see Belle and some ridiculous Orlesian type for this, but you do you!

Okay so this was legitimately harder than I thought it would be! XD The movies quoted in this little guy are “Pride and Prejudice” (2005), “The Fifth Element,” “Independence Day,” and “War, Inc.” (not really one of my favorites, but it served its purpose here). I hope you like it.

For @dadrunkwriting.

Pairing: Cullen Rutherford x Belle Dolan (pre-relationship, pseudo-antagonistic)

Rating: T for Teen (language!)

Where Did She Learn to Negotiate Like That?

So this was Lord Bellien. He was a fat, pompous asshat in a clown-like mask who kept blathering at Belle, Josephine, and the Inquisitor about how he didn’t trust the Inquisition and then found spies in his home. All about how his life and the lives of everyone in his estate were so disrupted. It was obnoxious. So she decided to speak only in movie quotes. She had a head full of them from before she fell into Thedas.

“You can only imagine how my servants felt! To know they had an Inquisition spy living among them for weeks! And do you want to know how I felt?”

“As you wish to tell me, I doubt I have any choice in the matter,” Belle said. She could feel the eyes landing on her with every word.

Bellien’s face went red. “You don’t! Our peace in Val Chevin was disrupted entirely!”

“Peace? No peace.” Belle could feel her eyes narrow in that way. The way they always did when she put a target on someone’s forehead.

“You people are ruining my life and the lives of everyone in Thedas!” He was seething. A man far removed from the composed façade he tried to show the other nobility. But he was a minor lord. A man of little import.

“Life, which you so nobly serve, comes from destruction, disorder, and chaos.”


“Business is a uniquely human response to a moral or cosmic crisis. And war is the improvement of investment climates by other means.” She fudged that one a little by mixing different parts of the movie.

“What does business have to do with my life? You expect me to stand here and be insulted with your rhetoric?!” Fuming, impotent, puny man.

“You expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your circumstances?” she asked, letting the venom drip from each syllable. He was useless to the Inquisition. He had no power, no more friends in high places. She just wanted him gone. They all just wanted him gone. “Get out.”

Lord Bellien huffed and hemmed, letting heavy breaths puff out of his nose. He stood there for too long, as if waiting for some apology that wasn’t coming. Belle understood his mask. He was a fucking clown. A clown that turned tail and marched out of the great hall as haughty and sententious as he’d come in.

Belle sighed and turned to head to the kitchen. If the rest of her day was going to be like that, she needed a glass of water.

“Where did she learn to negotiate like that?” she heard Cullen whisper to Josephine.

Belle smirked as she exited the hall. “I wonder.”



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*Requested. Requests are open. :-)

Summary: Jackson is a dick to everyone but Y/n.

Jackson was known for being an asshat. Snarky comments, glares, where all of what he was made of. 

It didn’t take the pack very long to realize his new strange behavior, being nice. He was still an asshat to everyone, but to y/n he was the perfect gentleman. Giving her rides to and from school, opening the schools doors for her, holding her backpack. Even his math teacher had to call him out. “Now don’t be a Jackson and arrive late to class every day because he has to walk his lady friend to her next class.” “

“Shouldn’t you be off with your friends?” You asked him. It was lunch, you normally sat in front of your locker, the lunch room too crowed for you. 

“Well, I would but you’re not there.” 

“Jackson why are you being so nice to me?”

“You’re my girl. I gotta make sure the girl I love is ok, and plus, I like spending time with the worlds most beautiful woman.”

anonymous asked:

Holy shit I didnt even read all that Honestly if you were so determined to upkeep this one persons dignity- why are you up calling people assholes and telling them to fuck themselves? Youre trying to keep people in they own lanes, but while youre doing that you are going all OVER the fucking highway. But youre right it's your own blog post whatever you want. But now wait a minute, doesnt that mean others can too? Yes they can- they can reblog/post/share as much fucking porn as they want


Only Human (Sirius x reader)

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is a mugglenborn and she and Sirius have been dating for a while (they are in 6 year) One day Lucius Malfoy and his group of friends were calling muggleborns mudbloods and before Sirius could do something She went and punched Lucius in the face, basically hurting him in the most muggle way possible?
Warning: Racism, cursing

Some things just never last; like trips to Honeydukes, like exams, like peace. Even on the brightest days a cloud can filter out the sun and Lucius Malfoy was such a cloud, although you considered him more of a darkening plague. 

You and Sirius walked down the outside corridor, his arm around your waist and playfully chomping his teeth together by your ear. 

“Cut it out!” You protested despite the laughter ringing in your voice. You were still laughing until you felt Sirius pull away.

“Someone let out the parasites,” Sirius said with a note of disgust. Your eyes followed his gaze, feeling something sink in your chest. You both stopped walking. In silence, you two waited for the inevitable. 

In the courtyard, Lucis and two of his lackeys were closing in on a small trio of younger classmates. It was almost painfully obvious how much smaller this trio was in comparison to the Slytherin gang. Eyes soon followed their movements, hands grasping others to look. A tension filled the air thick as Lucius’ shadow startled one of the small classmates. 

You swallowed. The closest to Lucius was wearing a Hufflepuff robe. 

“I didn’t realize Hogwarts had lowered its standards to gutter rats,” Lucius dictated his voice loud enough to stop every other conversation in the area. His followers laughed, as did a couple of voices in the crowd. You winced.

You weren’t a fool. You were a muggleborn. Even at home in England, segregation was a thriving injustice cornering hundreds of thousands into a life on a tight-rope spiked and built to fall. Protests were becoming a regular background noise in the newspapers. Rights were being demanded and laughed at. 

You were completely taken aback when you began to realize some Hogwarts students laughed for the same reasons. That some would scoff at “muggle problems,” their wars, their animalistic violence. Students and even some professors used racism as an example as to why muggles shouldn’t be allowed to study magic. 

That was why you got detention, for the first time, in your third year. A Slytherin girl was cornered by four Ravenclaw girls who went on and on about how they would be better witches than that “poor mudblood” could ever hope to be. You picked out the leader and socked them out cold. Earned yourself a month’s worth of detention but you never saw that Slytherin girl bullied again. 

You did see her in detention a couple of times, grinning at how she protected some new friends of her own. You also met a similar troublemaker named Sirius, who was quite fascinated by the girl “rumored to have a punch that could kill.” 

“You call those robes? My house elf has better rags than that, mudblood.” Lucius sneered. “You know, that’s exactly where your kind belongs: scrubbing the floors true wizards walk on. You’re already halfway there!” He exclaimed, gesturing to his friends. They laughed with razor edges in their voices, eager for a show. Others began to crowd around the scene, magnetized. 

The kids were paralyzed with fright, eyes sometimes darting to someone in the crowd for help. The Hufflepuff finally locked eyes with you and your tongue felt thick. 

“Let’s see if you know your place, mudblood.” Lucius demanded, taking out his wand and pointing it directly to the Hufflepuff. The tween jumped in fright, leaning away from the wand. Lucius lowered his voice with a smirk, “Kneel.” 

Suddenly your feet were moving forward.

“That dumb are you?” Lucius’ smile became grim. The student was now on the verge of tears as you pushed through the crowd. “Kneel!”

“Kneel to this, fuckface!” 

Lucius whipped his head just in time for your first to collide with his nose. A sickening crack filled the courtyard. His body stumbled back, the crowd parting instantly as the Slytherin’s back slammed the floor. Blood oozed from his nose. For a moment, everything was still. 

One of Lucius’ thugs turned to you with a wild glare. You stepped to face him when a figure moved in between you two.

“Lay a finger on her and you will be painfully sorry, mate.” Sirius warned. 

“How much detention do you think I’ll get?” You asked Sirius later.

“For scarring the Malfoy family’s pride and joy; quite brilliantly I might add?” Sirius kissed your temple as you allowed yourself a smile. “A month at least. But don’t worry, I’ll come visit you often.” He winked. “Can’t let my girl wither away in the dungeons, now can I?”

You chuckled, “Yeah? I’m your girl?” 

He grinned, “I’ll fight anyone who even thinks otherwise.”


His grin widened. “Oh, I know,” he replied leaning in to kiss you. 

Idly thinking on musical tropes that show up in Hamilton, especially compared to other history-based musicals. There are probably more, but these are the main ones I keep coming back to:

  • unconventional hero pissing people in power off
  • love triangle: now with the ham-sandwich variety
  • unbearably adorable children who will either eventually die tragically or have their heart broken because hey! You have to sell kleenex somehow
  • the antihero who gets the big dramatic number about their motivation. or astronomy/theology
  • sex-related scene, usually either involving prostitutes and/or infidelity (or in the case of Elisabeth, both with a side of STDs)
  • parental mentor who is either supportive and decent or an overbearing tyrant who ruins everything and then some.
  • a woman getting disillusioned with men being asshats and expressing this disillusionment in song.
  • death scenes. all the deaths scenes. big ones. small ones. all of them!
  • THAT BIG EPIC MOMENT WHERE ALL THE MOTIFS COME TOGETHER AND YOU FEEL YOUR HEART SWELL IN YOUR CHEST AND YOU COULD DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING… and then it’s intermission and you climb the seats like the fricking barricade because good god, you need to pee and if you’re not fast you’re last.
Sarumi AU

AU: imagine the homra boys setting misaki up on a date with some random girl and misaki is freaking out because well, boobs and when they’re at the restaurant, misaki excuses himself to go to the bathroom, because he’s become a sputtering mess, again because boobs, only to run into saru and he begs him to steal his date because “You look hot as fuck - she’ll definitely like you more.”

Saru has no idea who this random stranger is and he’s all flustered and annoyed but hey if this gets him out of his crazy superior’s birthday party held in the same establishment then why not?

So after some bickering in the bathroom in which saru finds out that misaki is in fact not into girls and decides yup he wants this guy, not his date but e grudgingly accepts to help. they go back to misaki’s table only to find out the girl is leaving because there has been an emergency at home (totally not bailing cuz her date was super weird nopes).

Since Saru is a little shit, he smirks and goes “aww and I was promised a date by Misaki~I got my hopes up for free food and look what happened.”

Since their food was already ordered and paid for and obviously because Misaki ofc has no idea what Fushimi is planning:

“well you can always eat with me.”

“So it’s a date then!”

“Yea-what no! wtf!” And that is the story of how misaki found a boyfriend in the bathroom.

  • Y'all: Yeah, I love all the aces! Iwaizumi, Bokuto, Ushijima, Taketora, and-
  • Y'all: *looks at smudged writing on hand*
  • Y'all: Asshat
  • Me: *crying softly*
my s12 wishlist

for @anotherwinchesterfangirl - not in any particular order, and with varying levels of hopefulness:

  • a laundromat scene, preferably a laundromat EPISODE, maybe some kind of bottle ep where everything takes place in the laundromat, there’s a ghost in the walls (someone was murdered by being tumbled to death there?) so they have to work the job in their boxers and old tshirts and in between the Fighting The Monster moments there’s little cutaways to, like, Dean reading the labels on random clothes and being all sassy-skeptical (’yeah I do NOT think you wanna iron this on medium-high, asshat’) or Sam reading the entire stack of old National Geographics and remarking on old cases they remind him of (’remember when we went up near Mt St Helens with Dad just after it blew?’) 
  • at least six eps with motel rooms, and at least two of those rooms super garishly/thematically decorated

  • lowkey but natural-feeling, emotionally resonant discussion of the samulet

  • hookups for both boys, on-screen or implied (but pls at least one on-screen)

  • a skinwalker ep that’s genuinely scary - actually, SEVERAL eps that are genuinely scary

  • a season arc that’s about the boys, not about cosmic apocalypse - about their relationship with each other, or with their past(s), with people or events from their past(s) - or maybe one of them gets some serious injury or illness and that’s the season long arc, how they deal with that - but something that is resolutely about them and anchored in their day-to-day lives

  • John back in some way, flashbacks would be my preference but visions or some ghost-visit would be fine too if done properly, IMO he is mentioned recurringly but usually as a prop for lazy writing and without any sense of his actual role in the boys’ lives (in the past and presently) and there isn’t much I’d more like to see than the three of them in a room and j3 basically given a free hand on how that goes down

  • man-bun and sweatpants on Sam (preferably no shirt too but I will pick my battles)

  • Dean in boxers and slippers and nothing else with bedhead

  • a scene where they fight over what to watch on tv

  • a Vegas ep where they go undercover as high rollers so we can see them dressed in sharp outfits and working the charm (so basically j2 but really aggressively ON guh) and also can at least one of the hookups happen in this episode pls

  • a brotherhug that lingers
Every Possible Pynch Moment in The Raven Boys Part 4

It was a comfortable enough arrangement; Adam and Ronan weren’t in a fight  at the moment, and both of them were too startled by the day’s events to start a new one. (ch. 36) (Adam POV)

So. We all know this chapter. Lets start from the top. Ronan drives Adam home after they all met at Fox Way to talk about Whelk and how he has a thing for killing raven boys. (what an asshat) Comfortable silences are really important to me. Also, I like that Ronan drove him even though Gansey really could have. 

He tightened his fingers around the strap of his bag, but he didn’t get out.

“Man, you don’t have to get out here,” Ronan sad.

Adam didn’t comment on that; it wasn’t helpful. Instead he asked, “Don’t you have homework to do?” (ch. 36)

I left out the the part where Ronan smirks at Adam for changing the subject. I honestly could have just copy+paste the whole damn chapter in this post but I reigned myself in. Anyway, I love Ronan Lynch. I love that he gives Adam an out without any pressure what so ever. I love that he makes this ONE comment and when Adam rejects it, he doesn’t fight him on it. I love that Ronan understands Adam has to do things in a very specific way. I love how he doesn’t always understand Adam but he gets how he works. 

Still Adam didn’t get out. He didn’t like the agitation of his father’s silhouette. But, it was unwise to loiter in the car-especially this car, an undeniably Aglionby car- flaunting his friendships.

(Ronan makes distracting comment/joke about Whelk)

There was quiet, and then Ronan said, “I better go feed the bird.”

But he looked down at the gearshift instead, eyes unfocused.

(have chat about Gansey almost dying/comfort) (ch. 36)

I shoved a pillow in my mouth because I couldn’t handle this whole damn scene. Adam hesitating hurts, it hurts for all the reasons we get later in the chapter and it hurts because he feels safe in that damn car. The ‘flaunting his friendships’ line always hits me as a double meaning. Also, I cry over the parallel of this moment with the TWO we get in TRK (the ‘wrong demon scene’ and the epilogue scene. i should do a post on this) Next part is how Ronan tries to gently get Adam to leave the car but it’s with no real effort. Best of all, a lot of the conversation in the car is Adam avoiding going in the house but it’s also Ronan needing to talk. We don’t get Ronan’s POV in this book but the most soft/intimate you get to see him is in this scene. Alone with Adam, voicing his fear of Gansey almost getting shot and dying. A fear they share. I know I didn’t place the dialogue here (i kinda regret it now but oh well) but I love how Adam ends up comforting Ronan and when Ronan seems to feel better that gives him a sort of settled feeling that allows him to open the door. 

“See you tomorrow. Thanks, again.”

Ronan looked away from the house, out across the black field. His hand worked on the steering wheel; something was frustrating him, but with Ronan, there was no telling if it was still Whelk or something else entirely.

“No problem, man. See you tomorrow.” (ch. 36)

*drags hands down face* Who understands Adam Parrish more than Ronan Lynch? No one. the restraint this took. I appreciate his not getting all Gansey on him. Adam was too tired for that. 

“To do this,” Ronan Lynch snarled, smashing his fist into the side of Robert Parrish’s face. Beyond him, the BMW sat, the driver’s side door hanging open, headlights illuminating clouds of dust in the darkness. Ronan, said Adam. Or maybe he only thought it. (ch. 36)

Okay so. A LOT GOING ON HERE. I know a lot of people sort of see this as a grand romantic gesture or something but to me it’s more of a character focus on Ronan. He’d do this for any of the people he loved, the people closes to him. Can you imagine if he saw someone hit Gansey? Matthew?? His anger had him race down road and jump out of the car the second Adam hit the floor. He protects the people he cares about. He fights for the people he cares about. Here it happens to be Adam. 

Adam’s vision shifted and cleared, shifted and cleared. He could make out Ronan, dimly. Appalled, he asked, “Is he being cuffed?”

This can’t happen. He can’t go to jail because of me. (ch. 36)

Protection my friends, goes both ways. I can write a NOVEL on Adam deciding to press charges against his dad. I won’t do that here but I assure you, I could on and on about it. I was honestly shocked when Adam pressed charges because I understand his situation. Even if he and we know that Ronan doesn’t care about Anglionby, doesn’t care about his future or himself really, Adam couldn’t let himself be the reason Ronan goes to jail. I think the thought of Ronan being affected by his situation, being collateral damage as it were, was that final push. 

“If Ronan had gotten arrested for punching Adam’s dad, he would’ve been out of Aglionby no matter what happened. No way they’d let an assault charge ride. But Adam pressed charges so Ronan would get off the hook…”

“She asked, “Okay, wait, so why is Ronan at the library?”

“Cramming,” Noah said. “For an exam on Monday.”

It was the nicest things Blue had ever heard of Ronan doing. (ch. 39) (Blue POV)

Blue has known them HOW LONG and she can tell what a grand gesture this is??? Ronan doesn’t even care about school, not one tiny bit but he does this to show Adam that he gets what a big deal this is, that he’s doing the right thing. I can’t.  

Adam and Ronan came in then. Ronan was bent double with a duffel bag and backpack on his back, and Adam carried a dented Froot Loops box with a Transformer poking out of the top. (ch. 39)

I mean……… someone is feeling guilty? eager? so weak?? All of the above probably. I will laugh forever over Ronan carrying everything Adam owns like a pack mule. It’s just so funny when you think about how lazy Ronan can be? Also why is that transformer in a froot loops box like what is the story there I need to know. 

Ronan, still weighed down with the luggage, headed across the floor toward Noah’s room, saying “Ha. Ha. Ha” in time with his footsteps. It was the kind of laughing that came from being the only person laughing. (ch. 39)

*shakes head* he was signed, sealed and delivered. It’s sweet and no one freakin’ notices and I just really really need to know what the hell they talked about in there. They kinda have a lot of off screen moments in book one and I wonder if that was done purposely. 

Adam said, “I don’t care about the risk.”

Ronan picked his teeth. “Me neither.”

“You have nothing to lose,” Gansey said, pointing at Adam. He looked at Ronan. “And you don’t care if you live or die. That makes you both bad judges.” (ch. 39)

RIGHTY-O DICK III!! As sad as that statement actually IS it is a perfect description of them at this time. It shows how similar they are and makes their character/relationship development all the more sweeter. They could NOT have started anything this early on, couldn’t even give those feelings much thought with everything else that was happening so instead we get to see compatibility, friendship, understanding and trust way before we see heart eyes and things on fire. That’s what makes the transition so easy to miss. At some point down the line, they start to heal part of themselves and it mirrors back and fourth until one day you have weird sex dreams about eating tattoos and two gods in a church, one with hungry eyes. 

Adam, with probable help from Ronan, moved from Monmouth Manufacturing to a room belonging to St. Agnes Church, a subtle distance that affected both boys in different ways. (ch. 48) (Blue POV)

The last pynch scene in this book! So questions: Did Ronan and Adam discuss him moving out before or after the sacrifice? I feel like its a really important question. Next, we know how this affected Ronan (the two objects of Ronan’s worship in one place) and I know there is a lot of speculation on how it affected Adam and not to burst any bubbles but I think that’s pretty clear too. He was really truly on his own and cut off from his family. :(( I know I am such a bummer. Okay I’ll end on a bittersweet note. Adam’s constant fighting with Gansey leads to a more solid relationship with Ronan, trusting him to have his back, to not put pressure on him, to not play peacemaker. After Ronan fights his dad it just shifts everything between them. He lets Ronan help him because he feels they are on equal ground. And we all know how Adam loves equality. 

That’s it for The Raven Boys! These two idiots really liked running circles around each other huh?! Up next is Dream Thieves which I expect to be short as Ronan and Adam had some MAJOR personal obstacles to deal with. Those post might lean a little less on Pynch moments and more on Ronan is Hella Gay and Angry About It. (ohhhhh I should just make a TDT post about that.)

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Angels and Asshats


Prompt: Hello! Could you do an imagine where the reader has a really bad anxiety attack from Dean yelling at them for almost blowing their cover and the reader gets all shaky and nervous and nauseous BC of said anxiety attack and Gabe gets prayed to and fluff ensues? I’ve been having really bad anxiety attacks BC I’ve just moved to a new town, and reading things like this make it better. Thank you!! ((I am so sorry for the length of this message)

Warnings: language, Dean being a general asshole that he is

Word Count: 1,043

Author: Mia

Notes: I AM SO SORRY I HAVEN’T BEEN ACTIVE. School, finals, depression, and anxiety got in the way of me writing! I don’t know how well I wrote this, I had to force myself to power through each letter. I hope you do like it, even if it is kinda sucky.

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The Signs Scrolling Through Their Dash
  • Aries: "WHERE are all of my damn VINES"
  • Taurus: "Nope, nope, nope, NOPE. YOU ARE WRONG. now lemme TELL YOU HOW FUCKING WRONG YOU ARE YOU ASSHAT"
  • Gemini: "Porn... Porn... Porn... Oh, look, more porn... THERES SOMETHING, Oh wait, nevermind... Porn..."
  • Cancer: "THE FEELS" *praying mantis arms*
  • Leo: "Haha wow, that's not even funny" *reblogs*
  • Virgo: *on mobile* "omg... fucKING LOAD YOU LITTLE BITCH"
  • Libra: *DIY everywhere* "and I'm gonna try this... And dis... AND THIS"
  • Scorpio: "Fuck this, I hate you all"
  • Sagittarius: "I wanna GO THERE also she's hot... And so is he"
  • Capricorn: *looks up giraffes and ends up somehow reading about how to improve their studying habits*
  • Pisces: *relatable posts and sarcasm*

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