where they not only know you but /are/ you


This is a 5some, have fun!

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“She’ll be down in a minute,” Luke mumbled scrolling through his texts from her. He’s hoping she listened to his orders, but knowing y/n, there’s no telling what she wouldn’t or would do. Luke heard the bathroom door shut and all the boys’ heads snapped to the hallway where footsteps could be heard. 

“Listen boys, this is the only time I’m ever letting you touch her, so have fun.” Ashton, Calum, and Michael all nodded and Ash went to stand next to Luke.

“And you said this is a punishment?” 

Luke smirked and answered, “A hell of a punishment, that’s for sure.” The bedroom door opened and her body came into the view of the guys. Her cheeks were rosy, and she couldn’t bare to look at anyone in the eyes. Luke stepped forward a bit, his smirk not leaving his face. 

“Turn around princess, let’s see if you listened to Daddy.” She bit her lip and glanced up at him. Luke cocked his eyebrow, waiting for her to turn. But she didn’t. 

“Oh, is princess feeling bratty today? Not the best choice.” Luke’s eyes bore into her skin, but she tried not to smirk at him. Michael scoffed and said, “She can be a tease, huh?” 

Luke shook his head, “You have no idea.” Luke moved closer to her, grabbing her jaw in his hand and making her look up at his face. “You better listen tonight princess, did you forget that this is a punishment?” 

She kept her mouth shut, staring up into Luke’s eyes with the innocence that he loved. “Words, or I won’t let you cum,” he growled, making her whimper. 

“I didn’t forget daddy.” 

“Thought so, now turn around for us.” He let go of her jaw and she turned around, all of their eyes drifting down to the cute purple jeweled plug sitting in her. 

“Good girl,” Luke muttered. He glanced at the guys and made his way back to her. 

“I’ll tell you guys when to join us, yeah?” They nodded, and she looked over her shoulder to see Calum’s blush rise as Luke spread her cheeks wider for a better look at the plug. 

“So damn pretty princess.” Luke stood back up and sat on the end of the bed, motioning her closer to him. 

“Princess here, loves to get spanked, don’t you?” 

“Yes daddy,” she breathed out, laying over Luke’s thighs, her ass now in the view of the rest of them. 

“How many should she get?” 

“I think ten is fine,” Michael spoke, leaning back against the wall and palming his situation. 

“Count for me princess.” Luke’s hand came down in a hard slap. “One,” she said, her voice not even close to fucked. But Luke wanted her to feel fucked out, so the next slap was harder. “Two.” 

By the time they made it to ten, her whimpering had increased and the rest of the boys took it upon themselves to take their clothes off. Luke soothed his hand over her red cheeks and then dipped his hand down. “Fuck, you’re so wet for us princess. I bet Cal would love to taste you,” Luke murmured.

Calum’s eyes shot open as everyone looked to him. “W-what? I can taste h-her,” he stuttered, Luke smiling at his reaction. 

“Yeah, I bet she’d love to sit on your face, right princess?” 

“Yes daddy.” Calum let out a sigh and Luke let Calum lay on the bed as he moved y/n to hover over him. 

“Don’t make her cum Calum.” He nodded and his eyes darted up to the girl above him and then down to her soaked cunt in front of his face. Calum let out a moan before licking his lips and sucking her clit. She grabbed onto the headboard and threw her head back as Calum licked away at her nerves, Luke’s hands running over her breasts, giving Calum quite the view. He groaned into her pussy as he felt hands wrap around his cock. 

She looked back and saw Ashton’s hand firmly jerking Calum’s length and it only strengthened her pleasure. Luke went to stand by Michael as he watched the three. Ashton’s mouth getting dangerously close to Calum’s dick and Cal’s tongue darting in and out of his girlfriend. 

Ashton didn’t let his mouth take in Calum, only let his lips graze him, causing Cal to whine against her. Her hips ground down onto his tongue and Luke was seeing the telltale signs that she was gonna cum. 

“Alright Calum, let her off.” Calum couldn’t really hear Luke. He was getting so caught up in Ashton’s small touches and y/n’s cute little moans, that he couldn’t stop himself from pushing her over the edge all over his tongue. Soon y/n was being pulled away from him and Luke pulled Calum up by his jaw, his hand then drifting down to his neck. 

“What did I tell you? Do I have to deal with two brats now?” 

Calum’s face flushed and he whimpered out, “I’m sorry Luke! I just-” 

“My name isn’t Luke, brat.” 

Calum looked to y/n and she mouthed, “daddy,” to him and smirked. When Calum met Luke’s stare again, the taller boy had a knowing smirk on his face.

 “I’m sorry daddy,” he whispered. Luke let go of him and let Calum sit at the desk chair. 

“Ashton needs some help, don’t you think princess?” She nodded eagerly and stood up next to Ashton. Ash held her waist and crashed his lips to hers, moaning as her hands slid down his torso and pumped his length. Her thumb grazed the tip and Ashton broke the kiss to moan. 

“Don’t tease him. How about you show him how great your mouth is?” She knelt in front of the boy and held the base of his cock in her hand, and Ashton helped guide himself into her mouth. She looked up at him, her eyes wide as she took in his whole length. Ashton held onto the side of her head tightly to start moving it for her. 

She obliged, not fighting his harsh movements. Her mouth glided up and down his cock and one particular thrust of his hips, sent her gagging a bit, his dick leaving her mouth. Y/n, breathed out up at Ashton, “I want you to fuck my mouth harder, daddy.” 

Ashton raised his eyebrows and before he could answer, Luke was yanking y/n to face him, her neck in his grip like he had Calum’s before. “You only call me daddy, princess,” he growled, Ashton chuckling at Luke’s jealousy. 

“That’s Ashton, not daddy, understand?” She whimpered out her yes and he pushed her back to her knees, Luke himself kneeling behind her, his hand snaking up to hold her throat. 

“Now what do you want Ashton to do?” 

“I want Ashton’s cock in my mouth.”  Luke looked up at Ashton expectantly and Ash moved his length back into her open mouth. He waited until her nose hit his pelvic bone before thrusting in and out of her mouth. Luke’s grip on her neck was keeping her in place. Y/n had to let a few moans slip around as Ashton fucked into her mouth and Luke tightened his grip. 

“Shit, her mouth is fucking incredible,” Ashton groaned. Luke nodded and leaned his lips down to her ear, muttering, “You love this huh? My hand choking you as you’ve got my best friend’s cock in your mouth?” 

Not only did y/n moan at Luke’s words, but Calum’s light whimpers were heard too and Luke whipped his head to look back at the boy. “You wanna come over hear Cal?” 

He nodded quickly and joined Luke, kneeling next to y/n. Then Luke looked to Michael, who has yet to join. 

“How about you Mike?” Michael smirked and waved his hand, “I’ll wait.” 

Luke turned back to Calum let go of her throat, Ashton taking his pulsing cock out of her mouth. “You two should share Ashton’s cock. Take turns sucking him, alright?” She bit her lip and smiled at Calum. 

“Yes daddy,” she said. Calum, still new to this whole thing, blinked a few times before saying, “yes daddy.” 

Y/n held Ashton’s length and held the tip to Calum’s lips. He hesitantly opened his mouth, his tongue circulating the slit in Ashton’s dick. She smiled at Calum’s shyness and licked a stripe up Ashton’s length. When she got to his tip, where Calum’s lips were wrapped around, she pulled Calum off Ash and took the tip into her mouth. Luke rolled his eyes at her. 

“Greedy, princess. Let Cal take all of his cock.” She whined, but listened, Calum eagerly looking up at Ashton as he guided his dick into his mouth. Calum took a moment to get used to the weight on his tongue, before he slowly began bobbing his head. 

“You’re going way too slow Cal,” Michael spoke all of a sudden. 

“I know you could go faster,” Michael said, moving to Cal’s side. Ashton smirked down at him and gripped Calum’s hair, fucking more into his face. Y/n moved to the other side of Calum, trailing her hand down his chest, catching his nipple and squeezing it as he moaned around Ashton’s cock. 

Luke sat on the bed watching the scene unfold, his hand finally touching himself, pumping softly. “Fuck princess, give Cal some hickeys,” Luke groaned. She leaned to his neck and began sucking around, trying to find his sweet spot. She did so rather quickly and sucked harshly at the spot, biting down to finish it off. Calum’s moans kept coming and Ashton pulled out of his mouth before he came. 

“I wanted his cum in my mouth,” Calum whined, Ashton smirking down at the boy. 

“You’ll get some later Cal, go back to the chair,” Luke ordered, Calum begrudgingly following his command. 

“Princess, you want two cocks in you?” Her ears perked up at the suggestion and she climbed on top of Luke on the bed, giving him a small kiss. Hands held onto her waist and she turned to see Michael. 

“Guess I’ll be helping,” he said running his hands down to her ass, his hand turning the plug that somehow stayed inside her. She let her head fall onto Luke’s shoulder as Michael gently pulled the toy out of her, groaning as he saw her hole ready for him. Luke threw the tube of lube to him and a condom.

“Alright princess, you ready to be fucked?” She nodded and Luke gripped her throat. 

“Yes daddy, sorry.” Luke laid fully back on the bed and lifted her up. His cock has been waiting to feel her tight walls and Luke was practically shaking with anticipation as she sunk down onto him. 

“Lean forward princess.” She leaned her chest against Luke’s, feeling Michael’s fingers begin to spread some of the lube around the condom and her hole. 

“You ready y/n,” Michael spoke softly and she nodded against Luke’s chest. Michael pushed the tip of his cock inside of her second hole, waiting a moment, for her to get comfortable. When her whimpers stopped, he pushed all the way inside, her body jolting forward a bit. She clenched around Luke, making him see stars. 

“Want us to move now, princess?” 

“Please fuck me,” she whined. Michael moved first, holding tightly onto her hips to get powerful thrusts into her. Once she got used to Mikey, Luke held her body close, thrusting up with as much power as he could, trying to synchronize with Michael. They finally found their rhythm and it was explosive. “This is all my princess wanted huh? Getting fucked in both holes?” 

She couldn’t respond, there was way too much pleasure coursing through her body. Michael kept letting out profanities every time he sunk back into her, his balls slapping the backs of her thighs, sending this sinful noise throughout the room. Luke was overwhelmed by how tight she was clenched around him and he knew she’s cum really quickly. 

“Mike,” Luke grunted out. Michael looked at Luke questionably, slowing his thrusts. 

“Let’s not cum, not yet, princess here though, deserves to cum all over.”

Michael groaned at Luke’s words and pushed a bit harder into her, Luke moving his hand to rub her clit, ultimately sending his girl over the edge into one of the most blissful orgasm’s she’s ever had. “Luke! It feels-” 

“Amazing? I know princess,” he coaxed as she recovered. 

Michael pulled out, his cock painfully hard and his face a bit irritated. “Are we gonna cum?” 

He asked and Luke just smirked. “Can you get on your knees for me princess?” 

She nodded lazily and climbed off of him, kneeling down on the floor yet again. Luke motioned for all the boys to stand around her. “Do you want all of our cum princess?” 

She bit her lip and watched as all the boys began stroking their lengths slowly.

“Open your mouth for us,” Ashton cooed. She did as he said and stuck her town out a bit. 

“Close your eyes baby,” Michael mumbled. Once her eyes closed, the four boys began jerking themselves off quicker. 

Calum whimpered, “oh fuck,” before he spilled his load on her cheek. 

“Missed her mouth completely, Calum,” Ashton teased and Calum blush furiously. Michael came next, his cum landed mostly on her tongue, a few drops falling to her chin. 

“Such a pretty sight she is,” he grunted. 

Ashton pushed Michael out of the way and exclaimed, “Shit princess,” as his cum shot out in ropes over her face, some falling into her mouth, but the rest on her other cheek. Luke smirked at her. 

“Look at my messy little girl, all covered in cum.” She whimpered and the boys all smiled at her reaction to Luke’s words. 

“Got one more load for you,” he grunted, his cum spilling over her face. He wasn’t necessarily trying to get it in her mouth, rather cover other parts of her face in it, just to see her look that more wrecked. He smiled at her face covered in all their cum and softly told her to, “Swallow princess.” 

She did so and groaned at the feeling. When Luke’s eyes turned to Calum, Cal shrunk back into the stare. “You said you wanted Ashton’s cum, why don’t you clean up all of ours?” 

Calum nodded and knelt next to y/n, but Luke yanked him away, Luke’s grip on his hair, shooting sparks of pleasure into him. “How about you speak Calum? Do you want to clean the cum off of her face?” 

“Yes daddy,” Calum whined out immediately and Luke let go of the boy, watching him move up to his y/n. He groaned before leaning to her chin and licking away what landed there. Calum’s eyes fluttered shut and she grasped his hair in her hands, pulling his head up to her cheek, which had the most cum on it. He lapped over the loads and groaned at the taste. 

Calum opened his eyes to make sure he didn’t miss any spot of it on her cheek and she pulled his mouth to hers before he could move on. She tasted the other boys in his mouth and they moaned in unison, Luke’s groaning heard behind them. Calum leaned back from the sloppy kiss and licked away the rest of the cum that fell on her face and once he finished, he sat back, smiling up at the boys. 

“Good boy, Calum,” Ashton praised swiping the bottom of Cal’s lip that had some cum on it and pushing his thumb into y/n’s mouth. She happily sucked at it and Ash pulled it away as she whined. 

“Alright boys, this was fun, wasn’t it?” 

They all agreed with Luke and once that happened, Luke said, “I’m happy you all enjoyed it, now get the fuck out of here, she’s my girl.” 

Ashton rolled his eyes at Luke and they all gathered their clothing before leaving the couple alone. 

“Thank you for that, Luke,” she whispered softly, pecking his lips. 

“My bratty princess deserved it.” 

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u know those fics where, the summary doesn’t really interest u, but it’s got TONS of kudos and so you’re like eh, ok maybe later.

and then days, weeks, months or whatever passes and u see it on ur marked for later and you’re like, ok sure why not let’s give it a chance, and then

IT’S SO GOOD???? like?? You missed out on such a good fic for so long, and you’re only discovering now why people love it so much and alsjaljslasjjslaa

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Trick or Treat 🎃 Deaf!Eric? Or TAZ

Deaf!Eric, part 1
Deaf!Eric, part 2
Deaf!Eric, part 3
Deaf!Eric, part 4
Deaf!Eric, part 5
Deaf!Eric, part 6 
Deaf!Eric, part 7

Ariel doesn’t understand why this keeps happening to her. Falling in love with some random commoner is better than falling in love with a human, but not by much.

“I know where you’re going,” her sister says one night while Ariel is sneaking out the window. She turns, and six pairs of judging eyes are staring at her. She wonders how many times her sisters only pretended to be asleep while she snuck out. 

“Are you going to stop me?”

As one, her sisters close their eyes and turn away from her. 

She’s too grateful to question it. Her friend is waiting for her. 

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Ok. So. Here's the thing. Can we talk about the Absolute Visuals that Hyungwon just served us on a silver platter because, I'm still screeching about the choker and the contacts and the eyeshadow and the throne and his hair I just...damn what a man 😩 I'm a Wonho bias gal (with a side of rapline) but Hyungwon was testing my loyalty with the aesthetic he had going, oof. (Im absolutely not saying I just like him for the visuals tho just to clarify!! There are so many other amazing sides of him 💕)

You know those incredibly elite malls you find in rich, tax haven oligarch enclaves like Dubai? The ones where the only stores are super-luxury brands like Hermès and Balenciaga and Prada and it’s full of shoppers who have way too much money and tourists who come to gawk?

Well, in those super elite malls, there are often super elite supercar brands displaying their ultra elite, top-of-the-range model that’s usually too expensive for even the mall’s regular shoppers to consider purchasing. You know, it’s all finest Italian cream leather and 24-carat-gold furnishings.

That fucking car is Hyungwon.

you wanna find love (then you know where the city is)

flufftober day 22 - city

read on ao3

Urban Light had always been one of Magnus’ favorite places in the whole city. He’d only been living in Los Angeles for a few years and was admittedly still attempting to settle in, but as one of the first places he’d visited, the assemblage sculpture had been something he’d always come back to.  

Moving to California had hardly been his plan—he’d been happy back home in Washington, working as a freelance photographer to pay his way through college. But then he graduated, and his mother passed away and all of a sudden he felt like he was being suffocated by everything around him. Running really felt like the only choice. He needed a fresh start, a blank slate.

And in the City of Angels, he found one of his very own in Alec Lightwood.

A deaf car mechanic, Alec defied convention many times over. That was one of Magnus’ favorite things about him. It took barely any time at all for Magnus to become utterly besotted with him, and Alec followed.

He was Magnus’ favorite subject to photograph, and the Urban Light was the perfect backdrop. With autumn in full swing, the air was crisper and there was a noticeable chill in the breeze that tousled their hair.

Running his fingers through the disheveled dark strands that fell across his forehead, Alec turned to look at Magnus over his shoulder with a smolder that made Magnus’ knees feel like jelly.

His finger hesitated over the shutter release for a moment, caught in Alec’s gaze, before he took three consecutive shots.

What? Alec signed, an amused smile on his face as he shoved his hands into the pockets of his worn leather jacket.

Magnus shook his head slightly, lowering the camera. You’re beautiful. His hand moved slowly as it circled his face, fingers sweeping fluidly.

The faint rose petal pink blush in Alec’s cheeks was unmistakable even under the dim golden glow of the lampposts. He rested his temple against the nearest post, head tilted as he looked Magnus over. I love that face, he returned, a smirk tugging on his lips.

Holding up his right hand, Magnus pressed his middle and ring finger into his palm and held up his thumb, forefinger, and pinky.

I love you.

Alec returned the gesture immediately, then reached for Magnus, crooking his finger in a “come here” motion.

Magnus was all too happy to oblige, tucking his hands into the pockets of Alec’s jacket to pull him in close for a kiss.

Your nose is cold, Magnus signed, scrunching his own playfully.

Alec planted a delicate kiss to the tip, then looked pointedly at the camera. Finished?

No, Magnus signed, shaking his head. I’m not done admiring you yet. He started to raise the camera back up to his face but Alec’s hand on his stopped him.

Look with your own eyes. I like them better than the lens. The lighthearted grin on his face softened Magnus’ own immediately, and when he signed Kiss? Magnus was helpless to refuse him.

Pressing his palm against Magnus’ chest, just above his heart, Alec closed his eyes. Even if he couldn’t hear Magnus’ heartbeat, he still knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it beat just for him by the way it thrummed steadily beneath his hand.

You know what I find interesting? The most memorable thing about the “Cartoon series based on a movie” era of Disney shows were the villains.

Let’s be totally real here: The vast majority of people when asked wouldn’t be able to tell you a thing about the Tarzan series they remember… except for Queen La

Or how about the Little Mermaid series? People only remember two things from that show: That one episode where Ariel actually meets Hans Christian Anderson, and that buff manta ray voiced by Tim Curry

Hercules? That one time Hades and Jafar teamed up on Aladdin and Herc

And SPEAKING of Aladdin, literally his entire rouges gallery were practically the stars of the show

But specifically, Mirage, Mozenrath, and George Castanza Abis Mal

And this even carried over into Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Specifically the fans latched onto NOS-4-A2

I STILL see people talking about these villains to this day, and I think it’s pretty great that the villains became the breakout stars

And considering the popularity of Magica, Bill Cipher, Lord Dominator, and so on, the trend lives to this day

Reports and Repertoire Pt. 2

Characters: Eddie Brock x Candace Miller (OFC)

Word Count:  7800+

Summary: Eddie and Candace meet face to face. Agreeing to work together, they find themselves falling into an easy back and forth with each other given their similarities in morals and interests. This chapter follows the beginning stages of their relationship, figuring each other out and working together. A clear chemistry builds between them, and neither put very much thought into where it will go. Not yet anyway.

Warnings/Tags: Language.Fluffy, getting to know you.

Positive feedback is MUCH appreciated! Reblogs, likes, asks and comments feed me to write more! Let me know if you’d like tagged in my work.

My Masterlist.

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It’s only a few minutes until her office hours are over. Candace is in the ladies bathroom with the best lighting, touching up her hair and makeup before catching an uber to a part of town she’s familiar with. She volunteered at a homeless shelter in the area, a particular cause she’d felt drawn to once she moved to San Francisco. She’d taken people to eat on more than a few occasions, some frequenters of the shelter becoming friends, some acting as extra eyes and ears for her in the city.

Keep reading

3racha references in N/S:

  1. The intro sounds similar to the intro to Modern Times! (I think that’s the English translation of the title but if not you know what I mean)
  2. ‘Weather feeling hot or cold’ sounds like a reference to domestic banana
  3. 'Stray Kids going fast or slow’ could be taken as a reference to p.a.c.e, or runners high if you really stretched it (but runners high is only about going fast)
  4. The whole 'North pole or South pole life’ thing seems to be a reference to broken compass, maybe meaning that you don’t know where you’ll end up and it could be the polar opposite of what you thought
  5. 'red light green light’ is possibly a reference to peer pressure, as that also mentions traffic/stop lights and crossing the road. Also the whole 'swag’ bit also hints towards crossing the road on the green light to look cool.
  6. I’m pretty sure there’s a 3racha song that also has being 'on the fence’ as part of it but idk which
  7. I think that Changbin’s section about panic over what to wear could be a reference to his solo If, which is about anxiety
  8. Throughout the song, they constantly question what to do when it comes to the small things, because 'it’s the small things that matter’
  9. Chan literally says 'plus and minus’, which is the title of a song (+,-)

Well, there you go! I might be going a bit far on a few but it’s literally a 9racha song so I’m probably not far off! Feel free to add on anything I’ve missed if you like 🤷

don’t even try to tell me that, when I’m in an intense daydreaming period, that shit is fun in any way shape or form. don’t you dare try to tell me I’m lucky. you don’t know what it’s like to move through the world like a ghost, the only solace those quiet hours where you can be alone with your daydreams. you don’t know what it’s like to start failing school, watching your grades drop without a single care because your brain isn’t letting you go long enough to study. you don’t know what it’s like to feel like you’re experiencing everything while underwater, submerged in a coping mechanism gone horribly, horribly wrong.

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Savage!Arkos where they become an unstoppable duo of sheer savagery.

(How Jaune and Pyrrha met)

Pyrrha: You know what you should do Cardin? Go run around a tree naked until you achieve the act of fucking yourself, cause that’s the only way you’ll ever get laid.

*Loud approaching steps*

Jaune, out of breath: Hey what’s up? I just heard a sick burn and want to high five whoever said it.

*Jaune and Pyrrha high fives*

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Everytime I think about how much I wanna die and how much I hate myself I think about you and your art. Thank you, Maiky, you're my biggest inspiration. I wanna live so I can become as good as you.

Oh my god.

I really don’t know what to say…

so the first thing will be Thank you!

and the second is: Please, don’t even think about dying. Life is precious and there’s a lot of beautiful things in life to fight for and keep on living! We all have really dark times where the light looks very far away, but you’ll see how it gets closer with every step you take!

Not only I believe you’ll become as a great artist as me, but 1000 times better than me!

Keep on fighting for your dreams! I promise to stay over here to give you the inspiration you need! :)

Also, don’t hesitate to send me a message if you need it, I’d love to talk to you sometime <3

Thanks for being brave enough to send this ask to me!

I really hope you are feeling better soon!! Just don’t forget you are a lovely person and that life is worthy fighting for!

You are valid and you are loved, little anon. <3

Uuuuhm.. so apparently it will hit us soon, some say it changed direction but I don’t know if it is true. You see that little 】with a few islands nearby? That’s where I’ve been living for the last 5 years.

Luckily I not there right now, since July I’ve been in my hometown (blue dot) doing stuff *(that’s why I’m not very active online). We are 9 or 10 hours away in car so no worries (only our house is in danger haha).

I believe @foxefuel lives on that state too (don’t know in which city) so I send you my best wishes, And hope it doesn’t hit us that hard, a lot of good friends are there.

Welcome to yet another theme day! We all know how I feel about cops and I wanted to give back to you guys for being so sweet to me last night. I’m also self indulging, let’s be real. 

This theme day involves anything where the character is a police officer, undercover or otherwise. 

It can be fluffy, NSFW, anything! 

Send me any cop headcanon or question about a Sebastian Stan character and let’s get the party started.

All posts will be tagged “Cop Tuesday™” for those wanting to blacklist.

NSFW asks will be tagged as “NSFW Asks” and marked as sensitive, please only send them if you’re 18+

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Hey, I was thinking about Isak and Martino... I mean, Isak got involved with Sara (you know, she giving him a blow job), but Martino hasn't his equivalent to Sara, and he only kissed Emma... So... Would Niccolò be his first sexual encounter?

Well, we only know that Isak said that to Jonas, right? “Who gets together after a blowjob?” Quoting Chris (*coughs* evak *coughs*)

And he’s not exactly a reliable source, since you may remember from s3e1 that he kinda lied in the texts where the boysquad asked him if he had done something with Emma in that bathroom after they left and he said two letters as in no, but they all thought he meant he got a bj in there

And in s4 he said to Sana that his relationship with Sara wasn’t sexual for obvious reasons and we got that part also because he had to google how to get turned on by Emma after discovering Even had a girlfriend, so… idk.

But, yeah, I definitely think Niccolò’s going to be Martino’s first sexual experience. He freaked out in that bathroom when Emma tried to go down on him and he didn’t have a Sara to try with in the first place 👀

Corpse Bride AU

Okay this is pretty basic but nobody’s come up with it so fucc you-

Set in Victorian times, of course. Stuart Pot is engaged to Paula Cracker, but doesn’t wanna marry her and after a bad wedding rehersal runs out into the woods to get his shit together and yadda yadda you know where this goes, he awakens corpse Murdoc and boom (I prefer Murdoc in a dress but if yall like him suited that’s ur opinion u do u)

Yes I know I’m basic, I really only like this for some undead Noodle Russel and Ace jokes

Ace is the jazz skeleton that sings Remains of the Day

You can fight me on that

Might bring yall more of this idk it’s pretty basic

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What little tells would the boys have when they're jealous of their SO hanging out/having fun with one of their brothers or even Casey? Like if they were trying to not be jealous but it's pretty obvious? Interrupting conversations, inserting themselves into the group, being needy and clingy?

Leo: He wouldn’t say a single word but just keep staring at you and the guy who dared to be too close to you. You couldn’t make a single step without noticing that he’s near you.

Raph: Oh boy. Constant growling, putting people in their place. He was an alpha and didn’t even bother with hiding the fact that he was jealous.

Donnie: Donnie seems like the shy dude but when it comes to you, he’s very territorial. He barely lets people (where he knows their only intention is to flirt with you) come close to you.

Mikey: He rarely gets jealous, mostly cause’s over confident, but if he does he shows it by being clingy. Showing everyone that you’re his.

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Hi! I hope you are having a great day, I was wondering your opinion, only if you want to answer, about something. I was rewatching the mukbang and something else jumped out at me that was interesting. It was the part where phil said dan doesn’t like when his phone dings/rings , how he needs to have it on silent. He said this in relation to not wanting to talk to anybody, did you find this interesting? Or why that would be related? Sorry it confused me

When I hear a text, I know it’s someone who wants to talk to me. Same with a phone call sound. Even if it’s not mine in a public space it usually causes a little momentary burst of anxiety/adrenaline response. 

And I think Dan probably just finds a lot of comfort in being in his Dan-and-Phil bubble, especially when they are watching television or doing things together. The phone sounds have a negative association and invade that bubble and he doesn’t like it. 

Venom Jaune AU 17

Ruby sat in a chair in a dark room and fidgeting slightly when a light shined in her.

Ruby:I’m getting serious deja vu.

Venom:Only you would know.

Ruby:Venom! Where’s Jaune?!

Venom:He is currently unconscious.

Ruby:Oh my gosh. I can’t believe Ozpin was right!

Weiss:Actually it was his decision.

Ruby:Weiss?! Your with him too don’t worry I’ll escape and get he-

Weiss:You dolt no ones betraying no one! Your here because Venom chose you.


Venom:You came highly recommended by Jaune. He says youll protect it, and will use it for the greater good and your own decisions. And your eyes are a powerful weapon.b

Ruby:What are you talking About?

Weiss:This Ruby.

She then holds out a cage with velvet flooring as the small rat creature looked at Ruby and screeched before it changed and black and green goo cane out and into a jar that was hanging in the air by a black string. She saw it left behind a dead mouse and screamed.

Weiss:Wait Wait Wait Ruby it’s not going to kill you!

Ruby:Thats easy for you to say it left a shriveled dead mouse behind!

Weiss:Thats because it wasn’t an ideal host. This will not kill you.

Ruby:How are you so sure?

Weiss:Becasue. It came from Jaune and venom. It has both their memories. It knows that Jaune trusts you and venom is ok with that.

Ruby:…. He knows about this right?

Weiss:He wouldn’t suggest you if he didn’t.

Ruby:……… Alright I trust Jaune.

Group Ask 63

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Okay this is v specific but I’ve searched this blog and ao3 and cannot find it. The only detail I have to go off is that it’s post winter soldier and Bucky is trying to get to Europe and sneaks onto one of those huge cargo ships to get across the Atlantic? Thanks if you or anyone else can find it!!!

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hii do you know the name of the fic where steve is like riding bucky on the couch and hes doing it slow and bucky ended up coming like twice already hzjzdkkskd i cant find it anywhere im pretty sure it was a long fic though

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Ahh so sorry to bother you guys I know you have a ton of asks. I’m looking for this fic with a title along the lines of “Scars where my sins bleed from”or something. It’s a longer fic with bottom!bucky and I’ve searched all over and I can’t find it. Thanks so much <3

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Hi! (thanks for being patient with me) I’m looking for a fic I read early when I got into reading MCU fic. I don’t remember a lot of detail but, Bucky ends up working for Tony creating new and improved prosthetic limbs.

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Heyyy there was this fic and it’s driving me crazy. It was post winter soldier I think, and there was a line similar to ‘America’s golden boy gets off sucking commie dick” but I honest to god cannot find it ANYWHERE. It was Dom bucky, fairly short, and pwp. Thank you!

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Hello! Thank you for all the hard work you guys put into this. I lost a fic where one if the commandos had a serious unrequited crush on Bucky? And Steve was a bit skeptical about him at first but got over it. Thank you for your help in advance! ❤❤❤

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So I just remembered this fic that I read a while back and I really want to find it again. I don’t have much detail other than Bucky spends time on Steve’s balcony and once Steve doesn’t come home until late, he finds Bucky covered in snow on the balcony waiting for him. I hope you can find it, thanks in advance

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shit im looking for this one fic where bucky burns off his own arm and kills a hydra dude in steves bathroom and then he ends up in england or something??? it has like 9 chapters but its really fucken long and i forgot the title

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HELP!! I’ve looked on ao3/your tags and I can’t find this fic where bucky is a stunt man and steve is an actor and the guy who Bucky doubles for sabotages him, Bucky gets hurt in a fall and then bucky gets his part and becomes the main actor. I think the movie is about spies or something. PLEASE HELP AND BLESS YOU!!

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I read a story a while back that was absolutely amazing, and I swear that I bookmarked it, but apparently I didn’t and can’t remember the name. It was about Steve and Bucky going to a farm for Bucky to recover after everything that happened. Bucky did work online for SHIELD because he knew so much about HYDRA. It was a very literary type story, very well written. I remember the writer had several other amazing stories, and I hope that it isn’t one of the no longer available stories. HELP!

Brian Rosenthal is like a cryptid- he doesn’t tweet for weeks at a time and all you’ll hear of him is he’s doing sound design for tgwdlm but you’d only know if you checked starkid’s website or he’s in the background of Mary Kate Wiles’ vlog but only for like 3 seconds and no one’s really sure if he’s real or not