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The Final Conversation, a Fanfiction by Dorian Pavus’s Original Writer David Gaider

David Gaider, the former Lead Writer for the Dragon Age series, shares today a new short story about our friendly Tevinter mage Dorian Pavus, titled The Final Conversation. The title stems from a Necromantic blood ritual called the commutatus ultima, where one may briefly talk with the dead before a final passing… which of course is banned in Tevinter but they’ll do it anyway. 

While the story is not canon since David Gaider long departed from BioWare post-Dragon Age: Inquisition, its roots are planted within lore consisting of known Tevinter society and its magical practices. Regardless, it is still an emotionally striking tale that adds context and closure to Dorian’s long tumultuous history with his family’s legacy, his father Magister Halward Pavus, and the beginning steps of Dorian’s ascension to Magister.

The short story can be found on Medium.

OK so ive lowkey put this off all day and i know this doesnt really matter anymore because season seven is only a couple hours away so this either could be all true or not!

anyway heres what vld twitter has been vaguing about nonstop for like? no reason getting everybody worked up cuz theyre wild ass crazy motherfuckers like that

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Tolkien’s Rejected Villains

For Day 5 of Silmweek, I haven’t got enough time for a full meta, so I thought that I’d talk about some fun evil minions from the weird early versions of the Legendarium. Some of these are quite interesting figures, so I thought that fanfiction writers especially might be interested in rescuing them from the scrap heap, and polishing up some new background characters they don’t have to name. Remember that the early drafts are kind of crazy sometimes and often aren’t canonical to Tolkien’s later writings. It’s pretty great. 

  • Lungorthin was a balrog and Melkor’s Master of the Guard. He spent most of his time in Angband’s throne room, guarding his master. Why does a Vala need to be guarded by a less powerful being? Paranoia I guess. Lungorthin’s claim to fame is that he burns with white flames, rather than red ones like regular Balrogs. Since white flames are hotter than red ones, Lungorthin seems like an extra special kind of evil you should definitely avoid.
  • Langon was the herald of Melkor who was sent to negotiate with the Valar when they besieged Utumno in the Book of Lost Tales. Probably had a great voice.
  • Fankil - a proto-Sauron figure from the early outlines, he was Melkor’s lieutenant and the leader of dark armies in the East (Palisor). After Melkor was imprisoned, Fankil started corrupting the first Men with his Dwarves (who were evil at the time) and goblins, turning them against the elves, and starting the first war between Elves and goblins. In an even earlier version, he and his evil dwarves conquered Palisor. 
  • Fluithin or Ulbandi the Ogress. What’s an Ogre? In the early drafts, a race of cannibal giants. In later versions they don’t appear except in tales, and were probably either a mythological race, or possibly another name for trolls. I prefer to think of ogres as prototype trolls myself. Fluithin is from the earliest drafts, which were pretty weird, and in that version the Ainur had children and behaved more like pagan gods. Fluithin had a child with Morgoth, and that is literally all we know about her.
  • Kosomot/Kalimbo - the earliest version of Gothmog the Balrog, where he was the giant ogre son of Morgoth and Fluithin the Ogress and wasn’t on fire.
  • Tevildo, Prince of Cats. Certified children’s book villain. A great black cat with a collar of gold who ruled a castle full of giant cats. What did Tolkien have against cats anyway? Beren is sent to Tevildo when he’s captured by Melkor, and Huan and Tinúviel defeat Tevildo, free Beren, cast down his castle and turn all his cats regular size. Several rewrites later, Tevildo eventually becomes Sauron. Yes. Sauron was originally a giant magic cat.

day of atonement

“it’s the jewish day of atonement. essentially, you don’t eat anything to atone for your sins for the past year. and judging on my last year, i have a lot to atone for.”

what’s up

(that’s his original title). Someone asked for a translation of Ishida’s Tumblr post, so here you go:

“Recently I’ve been genuinely enjoying creating stuff on my days off. It made me think that manga is very profound.

Which may or may not be why I’ve stopped posting on Twitter. I’m sure I’ll start using it again when I have something to say, but… Well, anyway, I don’t even talk to anyone other than the Haveaniceday guy* on there. 

I have other creator friends, and I’d like to create a space where they can evaluate my work fair and square. Yep, I’d like to try my best…

I’ve always thought it’s incredibly unattractive to go on and on about yourself, but it’s not like I was ever cool to begin with, and if there’s a chance me talking about it might alleviate someone’s worry… well. I think it’s worth it. That’d make me happy too.

Well then, have a nice day.

(*’Ishida Sui have a nice day’. That account. The handle is @SuiHaveANiceDay  I have no idea why they’re doing it. It’s cute).”

it’s the still the 14th in my country but anyways happy 15th!!! have a bad amv-ish video i made

song is My Time by Bo En (watch out for some slightly flashy parts?) 

Me meeting Rick Riordan
  • Me: Hey wassup Ricky mah maaan. Hey so you know I was wonderin' if maybe you could write another book... I mean don't get me wrong all the other books you've written so far are great but... I need more Percabeth and get more of those gay ships in there that shits real good. And don't forget, I want it to have so much fluff I feel like a teddy bear just swallowed me and I'm in its fluffy belly. You know what I'm talking bout, I also need some making out in there, not necessarily Rated R action but I do want some shirtless making out in there that shit's hot. Anyway man you gonna make me happy?
  • Rick Riordan: Well unfortunately, I cannot do that because these are supposed to be children's books but if that's what you're into you know where to find it.
  • Me: Ye I know what u mean
  • Me: *goes on fanfiction.net*

Feels kind of strange doing art for previous stories, but as I’m going to be posting these on my website in their own ‘doodle comics’ section I’ve found I need to add title pages to some of them/incorporate the title in the first page somehow so it’s clear where one ends and another begins. It’s horribly tempting to go in and fix all the big obvious mistakes too, but I have to convince myself to ignore them and get on with making the new stuff! 

Anyway here’s a quickly done cover for The Sorceress’s Apprentice which I’m sure some of you recall… I had a good time making this one, and it was the first where I really started to think about not worrying about making my art look like the original comics and just embracing my scratchy scribbly makeshift ways.

I did a pretty crappy job actually pulling this video but ever since I had to factory reset my computer, I haven’t had video editing software (*cries over Windows Movie Maker*) and couldn’t clip off the ends. Let’s just pretend that the part where the youtube stuff pops up is just so you know what the video’s called and where in the video it is!

Anyway, I would have never gone through this if I didn’t think this specific part of this video was worth sharing. The comedic timing is beautiful, and Robin’s playful sense of humor is lovely as always.

Hope it’s ok to post this. I feel bad checking the box saying it’s my original work >_>

I love Robin’s play through of Rick and Morty VR!

Right so I’ve made posts about this before but I just wanted to say something, speaking as someone who has never had credit stolen and has really only seen a couple friends experience that as well. My point being, I’m not just coming from some emotional self righteous place. I’m coming from a place of being a human being who believes in the common sense that if somebody created something, they should get credit for it. A fact which is apparently lost on or ignored by many people.

Let’s get some things straight:

  • Tagging or captioning something “not mine” does not make it okay to post without credit.
  • Saying “thanks but that’s not mine” when people compliment your post does not mean you’re giving credit.
  • People who create original content deserve to be credited. Some posters may have spent hours creating something, only to watch it be posted by someone who didn’t put in any of that effort, and gain recognition and likes and what have you without crediting the person who made it exist in the first place.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a photograph or a drawing (those seem to be the most common). Give credit to the creator.
  • It takes. So. Little. Time. To credit. Ideas in descending order according to length and effort:
    • Reposted from ____
    • Originally from ____
    • Posted by ____
    • Credit to ____
    • From _____ (that’s literally four letters, plus a link or username. I think you can handle that)
  • If you can’t find the original post via reverse Google search, at least link back to the source URL. It’s simply the decent thing to do.
  • Who really enjoys stupid, stressful arguments over credit? The offenders get defensive and mad, the posters get hurt and even angrier, and it all could be prevented by the simple act of crediting.
  • Like seriously. If for no other reason, just credit the damn person to avoid clogging people’s dashes with angry posts, wasting everyone’s time in blocking you, and getting into fights with internet people you’ll never see in real life.
  • Isn’t plagiarism bad? I mean the school system, internet, and life failed you drastically if you’ve never heard of plagiarism. People get suspended, failed, and expelled for it. So clearly that’s not cool.
  • As a final note, it would be very nice of you to even consider ASKING permission *gasp* before reposting. What a NOVEL idea! Let’s look at some options, shall we?
    • I wish I could *insert skill here* like you. Maybe you could give me some pointers? In the meantime would it be okay if I reposted this for inspiration/reference?
    • Hi! I really love this post and I was wondering if I could repost it to my *insert social media here*
    • Hey! Do you mind if I repost this? (oh DAMN look at that, that one took me less than 30 seconds to type. Holy shit the miracles of giving credit)

Long story short, JUST GIVE CREDIT. I cannot wrap my mind around why people find this such an insurmountable burden. Usually you got the photo directly from the source anyway, so you know where it came from. And it takes less than 5 minutes to do a reverse Google image search; if you can’t find ANY information, either consider not posting it and asking permission to repost something else, or at least put down the URL to indicate that this is not original content.


P.S. Give credit. Please.

I drew this like … almost three weeks ago when I was at @cerise-the-traveling-artist‘s place, I probably spent like the best vacation ever there. 

We went backstage at a Britney Spears concert during a massive music festival, ate so much good food I died, we went to 2 amusement parks that were practically empty so we went through super cool rides and rollercoasters multiple times it even made us sick xD, we pat deers, did karaoke, played arcade games (I suck at DDR …), and this list isn’t even done yet, seriously I feel like we did everything in the span of 2 weeks and it was awesome ! 

Cerise even let me try her art supplies and golly I really want a cintiq-like tablet with a screen on it ‘cause that’s just awesome and so comfortable to draw on!!
Anyway, I can’t thank cerise enough for that vacation, it was seriously the best one I’ve ever had!  


Full bodies of that au thingy I turned into a fic whoops

Changed up Keith’s original suit design since I felt it screamed post universal destruction and that’s not where the story starts so ye. Also it was pretty fun to redesign the sut anyway and find some new colors for it.

♥Do not repost/repost on other websites(Ask me first!)/steal/redistribute please!♥

sha/ad/ns don’t interact (rb or like)


Even after he said he’d eaten people!?!?!

Edit: Maybe I should have mentioned this in my original post but the person who sent this to me has mixed heritage of Algonquin and French Canadian on their father’s side. They sent it because they thought it was great that one of their myths was finally getting the sexy vampire treatment. Anyway, please stop messaging me with lengthy explanations regarding Algonquin legends and let’s assume Elias and Chise live in an AU where travel is possible.

404error-user-not-found  asked:

Question, why do so many tumblr artists dislike people reposting their art with credit. I personally would love people to repost my art and give credit to my tumblr and/or Instagram. Doesn't it give more recognition? I want to know your reasoning behind it

not,, rlly lol 

like i’ve come across so many “[insert fandom] fan art” accounts w thousands of followers where all they do is repost art and it’s like.. no one goes to follow the original artists bc all their content gets posted to this one account anyway. likE sure, more ppl will see ur art BUT u, the artist, aren’t gaining anything from that if all the likes & follows are all directed to some repost account instead of you

not 2 mention it’s just disrespectful to the artist when they specifically ask for their art to not be reposted. tbh u should always check if an artist is okay w reposts before u go and repost their art. most artists will have that info in their faq or something

and like there’s 8457 different things i could talk about for why reposting screws over artists but there’s also countless posts that cover all this stuff already lol

tl;dr: don’t repost my art pls thx 

[Original courtesy of Josh Keaton’s spacedad wall] Tried to brighten the pic/apply some filters to see details better and thought I’d share! 

UPDATE: [Artist Credit], guys! This poster was done by Cteez, AnthonyGoes,and ChristineBean33 over at Twitter- VLD art staff for season 1! With special mention to Kwang Kim and Jin Sun Kim (Studio Mir) in the thread.

You can also get it in MUCH better resolution from the artist credit/post link above for wallpapery stuff. :) Go like/retweet it!

  • Coran has pizza! Where has he been hiding that??
  • Check out the enthusiastic shoulder-lean Hance! 
  • What IS scaring Hunk, anyway? 
  • Allura’s so prim. Also, leaning towards Pidge a little there.
  • Pidge… has the Aang pose/face. xD
  • Keith is master of poker face– or he doesn’t understand what’s going on again. 
  • I live for the casually together Sheith. 9/10 times if they’re both in a scene they’re together in a panel. ♥ Can we talk about how SHIROS KNEE IS UNDER KEITHS THIGH?
  • This and the shower/ playfight makes me think Shiro REALLY misses the simple things in life and hanging out. :’) 
  • I like how all the Galra are casually chilling watching them watch… I think? Maybe ‘like’ is a strong word.