Coming home

It was a normal summer day where the sun was shining and everyone looked so happy. Hoster hated it when he had to leave home for work on holiday, he hated it when the damn job didn’t understand the idea of having a lovely family. He wanted to be successful because it was his family business, it was his father’s, yes. But he also wanted to spend some more time with his kids and his beautiful wife too.

He had spent most of the time working all day long. He had his breakfast and lunch and dinner at the office, sometimes at the meeting room. He drank only a cup of coffee and ate only a sandwich. He had worked non-stop, he even refused to go out with his partners for drinks, only to stay awake to talk to her on the phone. He had a strong intention to finish his work early, to surprise his family and he had made it.

He didn’t tell Minisa he was planning to come home early, he didn’t tell anyone but Brynden, his brother. So when he was standing before the door and calling her from the outside, she completely had no idea it was him.

“I’m back, my love”