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Hi, can you please do a headcanon of Eisuke Ichinomiya getting jealous over mc watching her favorite youtubers (that are guys) and that she's like in love with them. Thanks!

Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, I forgot to check my messages for a while and now I have to do quite a request catch up! I hope you don’t mind if I use Pewdiepie. Here you go! :)
“(y/n)! Where’s my coffee?! What have you been…” But Eisuke trails off when he see you have your headphones on and you can’t hear what he is saying. He peers over your shoulder to see you are watching some guy that is about to bro fist the screen, and his blood starts boiling when he sees you bro fist the laptop screen back. He really lost it when he heard you squeal, “Ermerderd I wuv chu, Pewdiepie!” Eisuke reached over and grabbed the laptop, unplugged your headphones and whisked away the laptop to his office, leaving you very puzzled.
A few minutes later, Eisuke comes back into the room with your laptop looking all too pleased with himself. “All fixed.” Eisuke states with a smirk. Suspicious of his attitude, you open up the laptop and searched for Youtube, only to find it had been blocked. “Eisuke! What did you do this for?!” You wailed, knowing that now you couldn’t even access your favourite cute cat videos anymore. Eisuke closes in on you until you collapse on the couch, his gorgeous face right in front of yours. “So you can focus on me.” Eisuke whispered huskily before lifting you off the couch. He starts making his way to the bedroom with you in his arms. “Eisuke…” “I’m going to make sure you are thoroughly punished for looking at another man. Tonight you will only pay attention to me.” That night, you gave each other the attention you were both craving as Eisuke ravished you until sunrise.
I hope you liked that, Nonnie! :-)


Keeping that selfie game strong.

1) Sometimes I wear dresses and button-ups to work, and other days I wear Nike pullovers and hope my bosses don’t notice.

2) I’m starting to look lean. I weigh more now, than I did this time a year ago, but it’s quite clear (to me) how much good marathon training is doing for my body.

3) Happy Tuesday :)

Those kind of accusations, “The CS fandom ignores Emma’s confession” is the kind of things that bothers me a lot, we talked a lot about it because a lot of us didn’t understand where it was coming from. It felt OOC for most of us.

It’s absolutely ridioculous to hold this against us in general as some kind of arguments, if anything, I think we are quite aware of the whole situation, I’ve never seen one meta where Neal wasn’“t a part of it, we always include him in them and Emma’s confession isn’t ignored.

If anything, I think STers ignore Hook’s importance in Emma’s life and how connected they are, I have yet to see a meta about SF including Hook as a real love interest and a real lover to Emma where he isn’t just a flirt. But I guess that the moment you do that, SF can’t work anymore. 

Because that’s the thing, once you accept Killian as Emma’s future lover, her kindred spirit, the man who won’t abandon her, the one who came back to her,who chose her. You can hardly make SF work.

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The Doctor and Clara learn what sort of coffee the other likes. As sweet or as bickering as you see fit!

Here’s some fanfic fluff for everyone. Hope you all enjoy :)

Where’s My Coffee

They’re hanging upside down by their ankles over a boiling pot of water when it occurs to her, “you still owe me coffee?”

He raises an eyebrow as if to ask ‘seriously you’re going to bring this up now’, the look on her face keeps him from saying it out loud though. “No, you’re forgetting, I already brought you coffee.”

“Three week old stale coffee doesn’t count,” she says rolling her eyes and wiggling in the chains trying to find a better position.


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