*Deep breath*

The animatic I’ve been working on of “It’s Gonna Get Weird” (x) by Neil Cicierega.

I’ve never really done anything like this before ( and especially not something as long as this GOSH ) so it’s a bit rough around the edges I’m sure, so uh, yeah.

*Back flips into the sun*

edit- Also find it here (x) on YouTube!

Tuesday, 26th of January || I decided to revise my sheets for Literary Analysis today. This is one of my sheets dealing with Hamlet - on the left a quick self drawn character constellation, on the right a few themes. Actually I love Shakespeare a lot. He’s one of my favourite playwrights :)


gilmore girls re-watch;
└ rory’s dance [1.09]


the calendar // panic! at the disco


“WHERES THE COFFEE” *my current state of being*
Hey guys, what you might not know about me when Im not drinking or making cosplays, I go to school for an animation degree. I did this quick fan animation (when i should be doing my thesis film hahaha)


stupid comic for my piercing parlor AU