Tuesday, 26th of January || I decided to revise my sheets for Literary Analysis today. This is one of my sheets dealing with Hamlet - on the left a quick self drawn character constellation, on the right a few themes. Actually I love Shakespeare a lot. He’s one of my favourite playwrights :)

Tuesday, 26th of January || I just wrote down some notes about “Britain and the World” which I have to learn for my Cultural Studies exam which is on Monday. Today is the day I finally feel prepared! I know most of the things by heart - there is just a tiny bit missing :)


Keeping that selfie game strong.

1) Sometimes I wear dresses and button-ups to work, and other days I wear Nike pullovers and hope my bosses don’t notice.

2) I’m starting to look lean. I weigh more now, than I did this time a year ago, but it’s quite clear (to me) how much good marathon training is doing for my body.

3) Happy Tuesday :)

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The Doctor and Clara learn what sort of coffee the other likes. As sweet or as bickering as you see fit!

Here’s some fanfic fluff for everyone. Hope you all enjoy :)

Where’s My Coffee

They’re hanging upside down by their ankles over a boiling pot of water when it occurs to her, “you still owe me coffee?”

He raises an eyebrow as if to ask ‘seriously you’re going to bring this up now’, the look on her face keeps him from saying it out loud though. “No, you’re forgetting, I already brought you coffee.”

“Three week old stale coffee doesn’t count,” she says rolling her eyes and wiggling in the chains trying to find a better position.


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Those kind of accusations, “The CS fandom ignores Emma’s confession” is the kind of things that bothers me a lot, we talked a lot about it because a lot of us didn’t understand where it was coming from. It felt OOC for most of us.

It’s absolutely ridioculous to hold this against us in general as some kind of arguments, if anything, I think we are quite aware of the whole situation, I’ve never seen one meta where Neal wasn’“t a part of it, we always include him in them and Emma’s confession isn’t ignored.

If anything, I think STers ignore Hook’s importance in Emma’s life and how connected they are, I have yet to see a meta about SF including Hook as a real love interest and a real lover to Emma where he isn’t just a flirt. But I guess that the moment you do that, SF can’t work anymore. 

Because that’s the thing, once you accept Killian as Emma’s future lover, her kindred spirit, the man who won’t abandon her, the one who came back to her,who chose her. You can hardly make SF work.