anonymous asked:

Yeah I did! I asked you what was the thought process behind naming your blog Bleached underarm hair. Umm also who is Josh?

Ohhh these are both good questions. Yeah. Good questions. Let’s start with the underarm hair thing. See, there’s this actor guy named Matthew Gray Gubler?? He looks a lot like you, actually. You’d like him. Or you might hate him, it’s hard to tell. Anyway he’s in this movie call 68 Kill. I liked it, not sure it would be your thing though. Anyway, like I said, he looks like you, so he has brown hair. But his underarm hair is blonde-ish in 68 Kill. It was confusing. Then my friends and I found a picture of him where his armpit hair is brown, as it should be. We could draw no other conclusion than Mr. Gubler bleached his underarm hair for the movie. Why he did that, we can’t fathom.

Josh is… a special friend of mine who only exists outside of tumblr. Like an imaginary friend, but backwards.