JK Rowling gets so much hate for lack of racial representation in Fantastic Beasts, but from what I’ve seen it’s mostly non-British people who complain about it. You do realise that JKR is English, as am I, and we don’t get told anything at all about American history? Like ever? She could have researched, but that doesn’t mean she gets to change the entire cast just for you. You guys wouldn’t be happy if she did anyway. Stop thinking you’re entitled to say who to cast in movies based on HER books and HER world.



The Klamath News, Oregon, February 22, 1930

“What the hell, mister – have you ever been in Springfield?” asked Mrs. Amelia Bascon, 19, mother of a baby son, when asked today why she had joined the army of blonde, bobbed-haired girl bandits.

I’m sick of the teenage “forbidden romance”. I’m so tired of kids running around and sneaking away from their parents, and parents saying stuff like “I forbid you from seeing that boy!!!!”
I want supportive parents! Happy parents who see their kid likes somebody and says “How wonderful! What a nice boy! Have him over for dinner!”
And I want parents who love their kid’s significant others, because they love their kid!