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Unruly Husbands

A big pile of victuuri fluff dedicated to @redkat who is amazing and gave me the ideas for it <3

It was missing.

His good sweater! Gone! Maybe Yuuri washed it? But he hasn’t worn it recently. Maybe Yuuri rearranged? But everything else was where it went…

“Yuuri!” He shouted to the other room, where his husband was cooking.

“Yeah?” He heard him call back.

He made his way slowly to the kitchen. “Have you seen my favorite sweater? I can’t find it in… The…..” And then he saw what his husband was wearing.

A sweater. HIS sweater.

And Yuuri had that dammed sexy smirk on his face.

“Nope! No idea where your sweater went!” Yuuri turned back to the stove and turned off the burner, grabbing some plates from the cabinet to start to prepare them.

And Victor saw that he was wearing shorts with it. And he had to avert his gaze. He moved over to the drawers and pulled out some silverware, placing them on the table as Yuuri placed the plates down, and they both sat and ate in comfortable silence.

When Victor swallowed his last bite, he proposed that they watch a movie, and Yuuri said that they still had some ice cream left, so the date of over cream and movies began.

Victor popped in a studio Ghibli movie and settled himself on the couch, making sure he left plenty of room for his husband.

Yuuri finally came back as the main title came up and be handed a bowl to Victor as he sat himself down cuddled up next to him.

Placing a kiss to Yuuri’s head, Victor pressed play. They say there for a while, eating their cold sweets, giving each other little bits of commentary over each scene.

When the movie ended, Yuuri had fallen asleep against Victor. He smiled down at him before deciding to wake him with a kiss. He felt Yuuri begin to smile and he pulled back, staring into his dark brown eyes before he b began mercilessly tickling his sides.

“AAHH! V-VICTOR!!” Yuuri choked out between gasps of laughter.

“I love you so much but you took my favorite sweater! And that needs punishment!” Victor shouted, pulling the sweater up to reveal Yuuri’s off-season pudge, and proceeded to blow raspberries into it.

“N-NOOO! VICTOR STOP!!” He laughed, trying to shove said husband off of him.

After another minute, Victor seemed to think his punishment was filled out, and stopped, pulling back and looking at Yuuri’s face, red from laughing so hard.

“I love you Yuuri~” he hummed, leaning down and placing a kiss to Yuuri’s nose.

Yuuri giggled again, and chased Victor’s lips to catch them in a kiss of his own. “I love you too Victor!”

Imagine Chris stealing your favorite sweater.

A/N: Fluffer-nutter. That’s a cookie, right? Anyway, point is that this is so fluffy and cute that it’s going to warm your romantic heart and make you smile like a delicious cookie would.

You were searching through your wardrobe for your favorite gray sweater when you heard your laptop ring. You glanced over your shoulder and saw Chris’ FaceTime call and walked over to pick up before returning to the closet. It’d been weeks since you last saw it and you had no idea where you put it. You didn’t even want to wear it, you were just the kind of person who couldn’t let things go until you had a resolution. You blamed your mom for that trait because she was the same; the amount of times she’d turned the house upside down for an item she suddenly thought of but had no use for was insane.

“Morning, ba-” He stopped when he realized he couldn’t see you. “Where are you?” He chuckled and you poked your head out, giving him a wave before returning to your search. “Oh hey,” he smiled. “What are you looking for?” He laughed when he saw something fly out of the closet and land on the floor.

“My gray sweater,” you told him and Chris pressed his lips together, glancing over his shoulder at said sweater which was lying on his hotel room bed. “I don’t know where I put it and I’m trying to find it. It’s weird, it’s been weeks since I last saw it.” You decided to put a pause on the search so you could talk to Chris; you walked over to your laptop and plopped yourself on the bed in front of it. “I think the last time I wore it was at brunch with you before you left for LA, right?”

“Ooo…” His fingers played with his lips as he tried to think. “Um.” He pursed his lips, looking up at the ceiling as he continued to ponder. “I don’t know, I don’t really remember.” Your eyes narrowed at his strange behavior, but you said nothing. “Why do you need it? You’ve got a billion other sweaters in your wardrobe, just wear one of those.”

“I like my gray one.”

“I know,” he smiled, “it’s your favorite.”

It was because it was your favorite that Chris took it. He’d been out in LA for a few weeks now, and soon he’d have to leave for Vancouver to film ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. He didn’t know when he would see you next which was why he took- a few was an understatement- of your favorite items with him when he saw you last. Items included: your gray sweater, your favorite baseball cap, your most used perfume, your red knit scarf, your iPod with your favorite albums, your cat plush cushion, your mini Polaroid photo album, and your copy of your favorite book. He took all that among other things; some you knew about and some you didn’t- like your gray sweater. He probably should’ve told you he was taking it to save you the trouble of looking, but he wasn’t going to now that you’d already search half the house. He thought about it, then decided to shoot you a text later so he didn’t have to face your wrath over FaceTime.

“It’s fine, I’ll find it later.” You said and Chris huffed with relief. “Let’s talk about you, how’s things in LA? You and Mckenna look like you’re having a lot of fun.” You said, then smiled when you saw him smile at the sound of Mckenna’s name; he loved the kid as much as he loved his own niece. “I see you finally decided to show off your amazing tap skills to the world.”

“Yeah,” he couldn’t help his grin, “I just couldn’t say no to the kid.” He chuckled and you did the same, shaking your head. “Just so you know, you are definitely going to be playing bad cop when we have our own kids. I can assure you right now that our little one is going to have me wrapped around his or her finger,” he told you, laughing.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you bit playfully. “And I’m sorry, our little one?” You quizzed and he nodded. “As in singular?” He nodded again and you narrowed your eyes with a confused smile on your face, “I thought you’ve always wanted a big family.”

“Yeah, I do,” he nodded, biting back his growing smile. “But I don’t know, I don’t want to scare you away considering I haven’t even put a ring on your finger yet.” You laughed like it was even a possibility you’d run from someone as perfect as Chris. “I know you’re not really a kid person, so- I thought I’d start slow by talking about having just one kid and see what your reaction is. So far,” he winked with a click of his tongue, “so good.”

“I already told you I’d have kids for you, Chris,” you reminded him and he nodded. “Not an unreasonable amount, but I’m more than happy to have a big family with you.” You said and he smiled. “You’re going to be an amazing dad, I can’t deprive you or any child from that. Plus- it’ll be different when the child’s mine,” you said then winced as you added, “I think.”

“It will,” he chuckled, nodding. “Don’t you worry.”

“I won’t, because you haven’t put a ring on my finger yet,” you held up your left hand and wiggled your ring finger at him; he chuckled in response. “I’m still young, but you’re not getting any younger. If you want kids, marry me, because we’re not having a child out of wedlock.”

“I know,” he chuckled. “Relax, okay? I’m working on it.”

“Tick tock, Chris,” you teased, tapping your watch-less wrist.

He dropped his gaze, laughing, which lowered his head enough to give you a view of his bed. Your eyes narrowed when you spotted your sweater lying on his bed. You scoffed, shaking your head in utter disbelief. You were very sure it was your sweater; you could recognize that gray heap anywhere considering it was your favorite gray heap. You crossed your arms over your chest as Chris looked up to meet your gaze. You shook your head at him with pursed lips and he raised an eyebrow at you. It was only when your eyes darted behind him that he realized you’d found out where your favorite gray sweater was.

“I see you found my favorite sweater,” you said and he winced. “Seriously?” You chuckled at his expression. “Are you kidding me? You took that too?” He nodded with pursed lips. “Chris! Why don’t you just pack me in your fucking luggage?”

“Believe me,” he laughed, “I would if I could.” You laughed harder at that because you knew that was one hundred percent true. “I’m sorry, I just- I need your things to make myself feel more at home.” You rolled your eyes. “You know we wouldn’t have this problem if you’d just left some of your things in the LA home, but no- you had to move it all to Boston.”

“You told me to!” You protested, laughing; Chris cracked a smile. “You’re the one who told me to move everything to Boston because you said and I quote, 'Boston’s going to be our home base when we get married. LA’s just a work space, so don’t worry about leaving your things here.’ You said that, did you not?”

“I did,” he answered monotonously.

“And now it’s my fault my things aren’t there?”

“Yes,” he nodded and you scoffed, chuckling. “It’s fine, I’ll just steal whatever I need.” He leaned back in his chair to reach for your sweater and pulled it off the bed in one swift movement, pressing it to his nose as he turned back to you. “Yup, it smells like you. Like if you were standing right in front of me,” he mumbled, breathing the perfume he’d spray on the soft material in.

“You could’ve had the same effect by spraying my perfume around the room, or on one of your own shirts, or your skin. I don’t see why you had to steal my sweater, and my favorite one too.” He just grinned cheekily, making you roll your eyes. “Oh my God,” you chuckled, “you’re such a dork.”

“That’s why you love me,” he kissed the air in front of him.

“Well, I’m glad I took this then.” You got off the bed to pick up Chris’ NASA hat that you’d taken out of his backpack before he left for the airport. He made his jaw drop as he tried not to smile; he’d saw you take it out of his bag and didn’t stop you because he wanted you to have it while he was gone. “Among other things, but hey, I won’t tell you what they are so you can spend weeks looking for said items.” You teased as you tugged the hat off, grinning the same cheeky grin. “Let’s see how you like it, Captain.”

“Well you know me, baby,” he winked. “I love games.”

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Destruction from Habits (M)

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Jungkook x reader x Jimin
Word count: 7.3k
Angst, romance, smut
For @inktae

A/N: so you guys might have noticed I haven’t been postin’ but that’s because I was working on this, so enjoy!


During the season of winter hid the warmth of the sun as it tries to claw its way through the clouds after the showers of rain or the coldness from the breeze. The tips of your noses turned a vibrant pink when you stayed outside for too long and your fingers attached to your hands numbing from the lack of blood rush. It was around the time of year where you could wear your sweaters and stylish boots without having to feel hot and exhausted from the sun’s ray of heat or use up to three fluffy blankets to cover yourself from the cold. Family time was important, spending days ranging to talking about life or folk talks from long ago.

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*Hears Mohn breathing down his neck and applies Haru to his dads face*


“Good! Gooood!! Now I’d like to have atleast five more grandchildren-”


“but you have two currently and four more along the way!” abel seems so proud…



Weakness: Weight (being plus size)

Word Count: 833

Warnings: Language

Author’s Note: I’m starting something new (#MomentOfWeaknessProject). We’ve all had moments where we aren’t our best, or sure as hell don’t feel like we are. We let our minds warp our images whether society did it or not. Sometimes we need someone we love to tell us we’re still perfect even if it’s because of our imperfections. We need a Bucky, Sebastian, Beck, Chase, ETC. to tell us that no matter what, we’re still perfect to them. I want this to be something to help with these moments. An encouragement to get us through our moment of weakness. Leave your moments, and we, as a Standom, gonna start a series for those who need some love. Don’t leave me hanging on this one please.

You took another look in the mirror. You had some serious doubts about this swimsuit. It showed a lot of what you didn’t like, and not enough of what you did.

“Y/N, you comin’?” Bucky called from outside of your door. You really loved your boyfriend, but you didn’t understand why he loved you.

“I’ll be out in a moment…” You called back. Whatever, you thought as you looked into the mirror, you were a boss ass bitch with a hot boyfriend. You were fierce and that was all that mattered. Confidence was fleeting as you continued to look in the mirror but you quickly turned. Leave before you put on your sweater and jeans again.

The team didn’t realize it, but they harped you a lot. They would drop questions as to why you didn’t work out with them. It would always be the “you’ll feel so much better when you do it” excuse. That’s when you brought up that you were happy to be fat. It was a statement they couldn’t say with pride.

Then you heard the comment of but your not fat!” and that just had you storming out of the room. When did fat become a bad word? You were simply stating a fact.

Unfortunately, everyone had a moment where confidence left them, and they were left with regret and bad decisions. You usually ran to Bucky for help.

You left your room, only wearing the bikini and some flip flops. It was too hot for a coverup. Stark chose the hottest day in this Miami vacation to have a pool party. By pool party, that meant the team chilling by the pool, showing off their hot bods. You usually holed up in your room but Bucky begged you to come.

The team was playing volleyball in the pool, or tanning on the chairs. All head turns when you walked out Bucky grinned when he saw you.

“Wow, look at all that skin.” Of course Tony was the first to make a comment. You elected to ignore it. Bucky quickly approached you with a smile.

“See, I told you you’d look amazing. Though it’s obvious amazing is only the beginning.” Your heart swelled as you smiled. Bucky was so good to you. He saw you for the person you were, not what society called you.

You sat on one of the chairs. Silent horror struck through you as it creaked. You quickly stood, opting for the standing. Eyes were on you as well. Where was your sweater?

“Jump in Y/N!” Steve said, trying to defer from the scene of what happened. He was always quick to defend you. Though your mind seemed to perceive it as it was only because you were Bucky’s girlfriend.

“No, she’ll get the grill wet.” Clint said. Your confidence hit your toes. How can a girl be happy when her team was lowkey harping her on being fat? For not being a size 4? Where was the love for a girl like her?

You didn’t hear much else. You walked away before they could apologize. Tears quickly fell as you went back to your room.

No one accepted you more than your room. The bikini was taken off and replaced with a big sweater. It hid your imperfections, or at least that’s what you liked to believe.

“Y/N, open the door.” Bucky said, knocking a bunch of times. You were in the middle of putting on jeans when he knocked. You just left them on your bed while you went to open the door a little.

“What?” You asked in a low voice. Bucky could only see a sliver of your tear stained face. He easily pushed the door open before closing it behind him.

“Don’t listen to those assholes. Steve’s freaking out on them right now.” Bucky said. You looked up at him.

“Why? They’re not wrong. I’m so big I’ll…I’ll.” You broke down into tears again. You didn’t even want to say it. Bucky ran his hands through your hair, pulling your head to kiss your forehead.

“Your size doesn’t matter. They don’t matter. You know what matters? This,” Bucky kissed your forehead.

These,” A kiss your cheeks, then your nose.

This,” Your neck was littered in kisses.

His hands went to your waist, moving you sweater up. It left you in only a bra and panties. Wow your room was cold.

Definitely those. I’d like to think they’re my best friends,” Bucky made you laugh as his kissed your breast. He trailed down further.

My favorite tummy,” Too many kisses to count. Spirits were definitely lifting at this point.

These,” Bucky kissed each thigh, lingering for only moment He trailed back up and left a kiss every few seconds.

“And last but not least, these.” Bucky kissed you on the lips. He really loved you in every way possible. It was so amazing to be with a man like him. Someone who saw for you. A human.

BIGBANG Reactions to You Wearing Another Guy’s Clothes


Seunghyun knows that you wearing another guy’s sweater shouldn’t threaten him but he can’t help but feel insecure about it. He’d purposely give you half of the sweaters that he owns (which is a lot considering he barely owns t-shirts, instead opting for more sweaters) in order to out compete that one sweater that you own that isn’t his. He wouldn’t explicitly say he didn’t like it but you could sense his insecurity whenever you would put it on, eventually leading you to getting rid of the sweater completely. 

Here’s another one of my sweaters jagi. Just wear it, please.”

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Rather than tell you upfront about his disapproval, Taeyang would rather let you be happy than share his inner turmoil with you. He’d try to pretend as if he hadn’t even noticed you wearing a shirt almost double your size. Even if you brought up the topic to him, unless you asked him directly for his opinion, he’d probably plaster on a smile and keep his composure while on the inside he’d be upset over the fact that you chose to wear another guy’s shirt over his. Eventually, after having bottled it up for a while, he’d confess how this particular possession of yours makes him feel in a very reasonable manner. You’d have to be rude to say no to him at that point.

Are you comfortable? Should I start the movie now?”

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Jiyong would be giving you a look as soon as he saw you come out in a sweater that didn’t belong to him. He’d ask you bluntly where you got your sweater from and would give a glare of disapproval towards your clothing after hearing his name. He’d speak up about how ill-suited the sweater was for your body and how ugly the design was, trying to persuade you to get rid of the piece of cloth once and for all. He’d constantly be telling you to change your clothes before eventually giving you a bunch of his own sweaters so that you could wear those instead.

Jagi, my sweaters are so much better than his. Why don’t you just wear mine instead?”

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Daesung isn’t one to be upfront about his feelings, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be finding ways to rid you of that sweater… permanently. He’d ask questions about it, trying to understand why you had it in the first place, and then he’d get to work proving that the only person’s sweaters you’ll ever want was his. He’d show you how good he looks with clothes on and without any, trying to make you choose to throw out the sweater of your own accord. While he’d never forcefully take it off of you, he’d find pretty crafty ways to get you to take it off.

You know, you look ten times better without any clothes on.”

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Seungri would be p i s s e d. You know better than anyone else how possessive he can get and you wearing another guy’s shirt really wouldn’t be a great way to keep his green monster at bay. He’d probably give you the silent treatment before blowing up about how you’re with him, and not whichever guy own’s the shirt. He’d eventually apologize for over-reacting, but he’d definitely make sure that the only guy whose shirts you wore was him. Suffice to say, you’d never be trying to pull something like that again.

Why the fuck are you wearing someone else’s shirt?!?”

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*dusts off hands* there’s another reaction for you folks! I hope you all enjoy!

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18 (ugly sweater) with V or Saeyoung?

18  - Ugly sweaters!


It was your guys’ first Christmas season together, and you two kept it small and sweet. You had picked out a fairly small tree, and V handed you the few ornaments you two already had as you hung them up. A few days before Christmas day, Jumin held a small party for the RFA members. You guys decided to go shopping for a new outfit for the occasion, and as soon as you saw the sweater you couldn’t stop laughing. “What is it…?” he smiled hearing your laugh.
 “This sweater. It’s so bad. It even has tiny bells on it”, you wriggled the sweater a big, the jingling noise ringing out.
V let out a sign, trying to hold back his laugh. “Oh goodness. please don’t tell me your going to make me wear it… You’re going to make me wear it…”
“I’m gonna make you wear it”
V let out a soft groan and laughed. “You’re lucky I love you. But, I’ll only wear it if you wear a matching one.”
“Of course I’m going to. We’re a couple, we have to match”


As December came closer, you couldn’t help but reminisce on past years filled with plenty of ugly sweaters, and how precious Saeyoung would look in them. You scrolled through them online, thinking of all the ones you could imagine him in.
Of course, he was quite a few steps ahead of you.
On November 30th, you both curled up in bed together wearing your pajamas. The morning of December first, he’s already in his Christmas gear.
You’re not fully sure how he snuck out of bed and changed, came back into bed but there he was. Your laughing woke him up and you looked at his outfit. There was Longcat with ornaments hanging off their paws. To top it off an actual light to light up their nose.
“Huh? Babe? Why are you laughing~? What’s so funny?” he yawned.
“Your sweater! Where did you get it?”
“Oh? This old thing? I don’t remember putting it on~” He stretched, one of his hands disappearing into his sleeve. Before you could ask why, you hear a small click, and suddenly the cat starting singing. You laughed so hard your eyes started wandering as it meow-d to Jingle Bells.
“Oh my god Saeyoung, I love you”
“How could you not when I have this?” He responded, striking a “sexy pose” in his sweater.

~Mod L
Newt Scamander x Male!Reader - Dip

Title: Dip

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Male!Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 2130

Warnings: This is M/M so if you’re uncomfortable with that. Well, that’s why it’s a warning silly!!

Request: @thehedgewitch-thegreenwitch - Hello! Could I make a request? Newt Scamander x Male Reader? Honestly, I have no idea for a plot. I just want a x Male reader Fic! There aren’t that many out there honestly, people usually forget about of queer makes that would like some Newt (or other person) time with someone the same gender. So could you please use your God sent talent to make one, please? Please? Than you… (completely understand if you don’t really want to this on for lack of plot)

Anon - I’m so sorry to be a bother, but do you have any Newt Scamander x Male!Reader imagines or anything at all like that? Please and thank you, and again, sorry to be a bother.

So I really do try to make most of my imagines ambiguous, sometimes it doesn’t happen but I do try. I wasn’t really sure how to make this one more specifically male so I gave it my best.

I hope it’s all that you wanted :)

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Sentence starters from Sao abridged episode 10

“I’m broken please fix me”

“Wow…that was…almost romantic.”

“All the dating sims just roll to credits at this point.”

“___ asked us a question so we have to say something!”

“Just. Say. Anything.“

“Just say it with confidence.”

“We should get married.”

“Anything except THAT obviously!”

“Sorry I don’t do well under pressure!”

“It’s fine, forget it, we’ll just…play it off as a joke.”


“___ seems happy about it. Maybe she knows something we don’t.”



“And might I say….congratulations on the wedding.”

“It’s really the best of decisions anyone has ever made…really.”

“You may remember the ending of our fight was a tad controversial…”

“They call him….the king of ashes.”

“You need me at the table, cracking jokes and breaking the ice.”

“I need to hide you under the biggest rock I can find.”

“I’m afraid you’ve pissed someone off and killed thousands.”

“I think the least you can do is sit this one out.”

“I’m also going to need you to stay behind and guard him, ____”

“You and me alone in the woods for who knows how long…”

“Ah young love, how I envy you.”

“This place is amazing!”

“Maybe this won’t be so bad after all”

“Hey do you think getting married was the worst mistake of our lives?”



“It doesn’t matter if your wrong, just dig in your heals, and NEVER show weakness!” 

“Oh yeah…I love you so much…I don’t regret this at all…”

“I love you so much, I don’t even know your real name!”

“Are these night terrors going to be like a daily thing?”

“At this point I think we need to get doctors involved”

“Oh…uh…hello little girl…”

“How did you get into our house?”

“I….I don’t remember”

“Oh YEAH….I’m sure that’ll hold up in court.”

“Remember anything else? Friends? Address? Street corner we can dump you?”

“Are you my…mama and papa?”

“Let me set you straight you little fruit cake”

“WAIT WAIT WAIT! We can use this…”

“Just follow my lead.”

“Of COURSE you’re our child!”

“Okay I’m lost.”


“You just don’t want to be the one to say it!”

“You’re trying to scare me off!”

“Don’t you get it? THIS IS A POWER MOVE!”


“Where did you learn a word like that?”

“Yes…is that weird?”


“Let’s have a frickin’ kid! That’ll solve all our problems!”

“Oh shut up, this could still work”


“Okay here we go….What’s wrong, ___?”

“We can’t keep lying to her”

“You’re right…I guess carrying on like this would be pretty irresponsible of us.”

“Soooo…..we’re in agreement then?”


“I don’t think you understand how an orphanage works.”

“You can’t just buy a child.”


“You’re not listening to me….”

“Please! I need your help!”

“Oh good…another one…”

“Come on in…we’re the new owners.”

“I’ll make some tea.”

“This is a lovely place you have here.”

“ Why exactly do you need our help?”


“It all happened so fast, none of us saw it coming.”

“But to our surprise….it was nothing but a trap.”

“That is not at all what irony is…I believe the turn of events you described would be best classified as completely expected.”

“We should have like a tiny little mic for you to drop.”

“Statistically speaking, that says more about you then it does about him.”


“Touch her and I kill ___ myself”

“I was all for having a family adventure.”

“That dumb-ass really should have seen this coming.”

“I bet even freckles over here could get the job done.”



“Yeesh, where did that come from?”

“I feel like I’m the only one here that hasn’t tried to stab someone today.”

“I have not threatened anyone.”

“Looks like you and I are the only sane ones here.”

“Mamma’s scary.”


“Is he gonna be alright?”

“Just let him work it out of his system, he’ll tire himself out eventually.”

“On a related note, aren’t you at all concerned on the delight your daughter seems to be taking in all this?”

“Go for the eyes, ___!”

“You seem like a….great family.”

“There’s definitely something in there…crying and huddled in the fetal position.”

“Be a dear and take care of this gangly fellow would you?”

“Oh for the love of…GET DOWN!”

“Ps. you might want to keep your eyes pealed FOR THE PERSONIFICATION OF DEATH ITSELF!”

“Of course you believed him. You’re stupid enough to be in this situation after all.”

“Oh don’t mind the razor wire, WE HAVE CRUMPETS!”

“We’re going to have some words with you later, most of which I’d rather not use in front of ___”

“I’ve got your back.”

“The power of love is bullshit!”

“That’s very brave, but i doubt that sweater of yours has much in the way of safe defense.”

“Very well…we shall do this your way.”

“Will this suffice?”

“So…I imagine you have some questions…”

“First and foremost, where is your sweater young lady?”

“As you’ve probably guessed by now…I’m not normal.”

“Well I could certainly think of a few people who could’ve used your help.”


“Day by day, constantly bombarded by the pain and anger of people I could not help, I gradually fell into despair.”

“That all changed when I found you two”

“But somehow together…you were happy”

“Everything I knew about relationships told me that one would eventually kill the other, and yet no matter how often you fought, you’re bond only seemed to grow stronger.”

“I wanted to know what love is…I wanted you to show me.”

“Sorry I lied to you.”

“I inserted myself into your lives merely to satisfy my own curiosity…at least at first”


“Yeah kid, you’re not going anywhere.”

“It is okay, you do not have to pretend to love me anymore.”

“I know you only kept me around as a pawn in your mind games…although I do admit…I did enjoy being your pawn.”

“I’m sorry I was such a burden.”


“What the heck is this?”

“You know…then we can tell her how we really feel.”

“For real this time, no bullshit, do you think we got married too quickly?”

“Do you want to stay together now?”

“Was that the entire conversation?”



“Let’s hope we don’t have to sacrifice a small child every time we have to have a talk like this.”

"you are making it very difficult..."

You open your eyes carefully, the morning light shining into your tired face. Silence. Wait no. A soft snore comes out of nothing, the  exhaling tickling your stomach where Shawn’s sweater has slipped up and exposed a tiny bit of your skin. Smiling to yourself, you turn your head to your boyfriend who sleeps peacefully beside you while holding your waist. Shawn is your first boyfriend, caring and everything a girl would want but only you have, something you really appreciate.
You turn your full attention to him, start to caress his cheek and draw some circles on his cheekbones until he moves. But instead of waking up, he turns on the other side and continues to sleep. You look at him a little bit longer till the cold hits you where Shawn had his arms before, so you take the opportunity and try to get out of bed without waking him up to make your way downstairs in the kitchen. As a student you enjoyed every vacation you had, especially the ones where your parents were out of town for some trips and you could invite your boyfriend over to  just hang out and he wouldn’t have to go home in the evening, your parents rule number one. But what they don’t see doesn't  bother them right? You stood in the kitchen a couple of minutes, nipping on your glass of water while waking up step by step. Looking around, the idea of making breakfast pops into your head but thinking about it   the thought of lying in bed with Shawn again is a better choice, so you move your feet upstairs in your bedroom and under the warm comfy blanket next to your love. It seems like your favourite thing to do since you know him is looking at his figure, taking in the forms and shapes of every detail while admiring his beautiful face, wondering how all of this could be yours. You come up with a plan to wake Shawn up, so you move your lips closer to his, leaving just a little space between the two of you before you start pressing your lips softly on his, waiting for a movement. Not long after you feel him smile and stretching. You pull away and smirk knowing how much he would like to deepen this moment. “I like the view.” “which view?” “The view of my beautiful girlfriend.” You cringe at his try to be romantic and have to stifle a laugh which is making its way outside. “You know, Shawn, I love everything about you, but you saying romantic things is something you should keep to yourself ”, you laugh. All of the sudden he starts tickling you and you have a slight feeling that he is not going to stop soon, especially when you hear him sing “Can’t keep my hands to myself ah ah”. Laughing your ass off and begging him under your breath to stop and that you would do anything for it, he lays his hands beside you and hovers over you. “Anything?” “I… umm.. not necessarily anything but - ” “A kiss?”, he cuts you off. “What for a kiss?”,you ask, knowing that Shawn isn’t the guy for a little peck on the lips. “Oh you know, just one of those short kisses, nothing big”, he smirked down at you. “Well then.” You cup his head in both of your hands connecting his lips with yours, the wonderful feeling in your stomach coming again just like every time he touches you. The little kiss develops quickly in a passionate one which doesn’t bother you at all. Even though you liked every bit of the current situation, the more you remind yourself of the one thing you promised yourself. Your lips move to Shawn’s ear, whispering “You are making it very difficult not to lose my virginity here and now.”


Elyse ‘Wildflower’ Willems

Shoutout to @gunshowwillems for reading this over and doin some editing

 She no longer uses her surname, no one who knows her now knows what it is. The name long and forgotten along with the family she left behind.

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hi lovely !! where are your favorite sweaters from? I am in love with the knitwear you choose 💌

hey! thank you :’) i typically get them from zara, h&m, pacsun, and brandy melville.


Marvelmas (6/13) - December 18 - Sam Wilson x Reader

Words: 1330
Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader
Featuring: Tony(haha, kinda, just you wait)
Warnings: swearing
Marvelmas Series!
Authors Note

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

You rummaged through every bucket and drawer of clothes you had to find the ugly Christmas sweaters you had reserved for this special time of year. You needed them for this very important day for your very special victim; Sam Wilson.

Once you heard his sarcasm about Christmas from the day you and Steve decorated, you knew exactly how to spend his festive-fun-day. Crashing a party.

It wasn’t totally crashing, though. But Sam didn’t have to know that. Yesterday, after the live show, you got on Twitter and asked if anyone was having an ugly sweater party in New York, and would be willing to let two strangers join them. You got a few direct messages answering you about the party, but only three actually managed to be true. You checked their backgrounds to make sure they wouldn’t kill you, and chose randomly which one you would attend.

Sam, however, had no idea what your plan was for him. He knew he was next on the list, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t figure out what way you two would be celebrating. You ran into his room at ten o'clock (in the morning) on the dot with two sweaters in your hands. “Sam Sam Sam!” You yelled as loud as you could, making him jump and fall out of bed.

“(Y/N), what the hell?” He groaned, and fell back on the floor when he realized why you were in his room. “No, leave me alone.”

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