where's waldo

so i was on the american apparel website and i came across the halloween section…

dystopian eh? 

i wonder what anime these girls are from???

ah yes, my favourite movie - nasty girls

definitely not one of the most well-known illustrated characters

i just….wow

and now for my personal favourite…


Indiana construction worker Jason Haney hid a giant ‘Where’s Waldo?’ cutout all over his work site for the children in a nearby hospital to find. Once he received word that they’d found him, he moved Waldo to another location so they could start looking for him again. Source

He also started a Facebook group so they could post all of their finds <3

Ok, so let’s use them to play ‘Where’s Waldo?’:

I know, too easy.

Easier still…


There ya go.

What an awesome dude.

  • Mom: Have you been doing your homework?
  • Me: Yeah I'll be done soon.
  • Mom: Okay. *Leaves*
  • Me: *Resumes reading fanfiction, looking for new bands to listen to, watching British youtubers, trying to prove why OTP is canon, scrolling through dash, subscriptions and instagram feed, reading, watching anime, eating excessively, being jealous of Benedict Cumberbatch's fiancee, finding Waldo and saving the world from a zombie apocalypse*