where's the wind coming from

Creating Characters

Personally, I’m a firm believer that it’s the characters that make a story great. You can have the worst plot in the history of the universe, but if you have interesting characters, a reader can look past a boring plotline.

I am not a fan of listing off personality traits when you first start to create the character. I think it gives a very narrow definition of who the character is and doesn’t leave a lot of room for development and change.

To start, I come up with a simple phrase to describe their role in the story. Let’s say my character is Batman. I’d call him a “millionaire vigilante”.

Next, I think about where they come from. Where would the character have to come from in order to wind up in that place? Why would Batman become a vigilante? How did he become a millionaire? I would answer those questions. His wealthy parents were killed by a criminal, which left him with a strong opposition to crime and injustice.

Then, I fill in all of the holes in the story by asking myself more and more questions about the backstory. I add in an enormous amount of detail during this stage. Make the backstory as detailed as possible. Real people have detailed backstories and memories. The character should as well.

Next, I come up with a list of likes and dislikes. Now, I see people using a likes and dislikes list for food preferences and such. But, that is not what I mean here. Come up with a list of traits that they respect in other people. Come up with a list of traits they don’t like in other people. Keep their backstories in mind as you do this. Oftentimes, those would affect how they perceive the world and the people around them.

After this, I usually have a strong idea of who the character is, but they still do not have a voice. Every single person speaks in their own way. Some people try to be funny in every sentence while others are solemn. Some are quiet. Some never shut up. Think about the way they interact with people and hoe they’d want others to view them. Think about where they were raised and what sort of accent they’d have. Do they use slang? Are they loud? What type of sentence structure do they use? Are they precise or detailed? Do they exaggate? What about manneurism and body language? How does their communication change when their happy, sad, or angry? The more detail you put into this stage, the more unique dialogue and interactions you will get from the character.

After this point, I list off the traits. I make sure some of them are self-contradicting. It makes them more complex and, in turn, realistic.

Then, I try to take as many personality quizzes online as possible as the character.

Finally, I come up with the less important things like food preferences, favorite colors, and favorite animals, the more trivial aspects of a character. Still, creating them helps make a more realistic character.


“… how ardently I admire and love you” - 5/25

Rock Hudson


Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.3K
Warnings: Swearing, fluff

A/N: Reader is blind

Y/E/C: Your Eye Colour

~~Bucky’s POV~~

“Buck!” Steve exclaims as Bucky wanders out of the elevator,

“Hey pal,” Bucky mumbles, his attention being drawn to his surroundings. Bucky had never seen anything like Stark Tower, it was just another prime example of Tony’s endless budget,

“Glad to have you back,” Steve grins at Bucky and pulls him into a tight hug, “How was the flight?”

“Fine,” Bucky finally focuses on his best friend, and is stopped in his tracks when he notices Clint, Nat, Sam, Vision and Tony standing a few feet behind,

“What did T’Challa’s people say?” Tony asks as he tentatively steps forward. Bucky tenses as Tony continues to approach, looking apprehensive,

“Um,” Bucky shakes off the nerves and tries to remember Tony’s question, “They said that I’m still fine. The triggers are still inactive, and I shouldn’t need to go for anymore check ups unless something happens,”

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You will ask yourself questions like: what is the history of wind? How did this gust arrive here? Where did it come from and who am I to be blown by it? The storm is blowing people back to their homes, blowing goods back to their factories, blowing factories back to their countries, blowing people back into their past.
—  Hito Steyerl

jaystrifes  asked:

About that newest Dirkjake AU -- what kind of god would Jake have as a parent, being a demigod? My first thought was maybe some kind of wilderness god but I was wondering if you'd already decided on something. Secondary question: would you mind if someone wrote fic based on this AU?


his parent is actually Jade!! she is in fact a wilderness goddess (if you really wanted to make a Greek pantheon comparison, she’s closest to Artemis in this AU). this is my own concept and I get to make my own rules so sometimes, depending on what a deity is capable of, they can (maybe even inadvertently, or completely unknowingly) bring demigod children into the world.

in Jake’s case, I’m actually kind of ripping off thumbelina a little here lol because she grew him right out of her celestial flower garden. she was like hmm what if instead of a regular plant I grew a kid instead??? and after some love and care out comes a little baby jake from an iris (get it, because it’s the flower of hope, lol) who rapidly grows in size à la princess kaguya. it’s pretty weird but hey when you’re an immortal god sometimes you get bored and decide to grow a son inside a magic flower

they obviously become separated— I’m wracking my brain here to remember how, but I’m pretty sure I decided that some extremely foolish soul cuts some of the flowers from her guardian for bragging rights, including jake’s, which is just about to bloom when that happens (this is part of why he never develops that innate knowledge that he isn’t truly human). understandably, when they take the flowers home and suddenly there’s a kid they’re kinda freaked out and like “no thanks actually” but taking jake back and owning up to their crime would be Bad so they… abandon the baby at the doors of the nearest temple. you can guess whose temple that turns out to be

this is pretty much commonplace for unwanted babies, and the primary way Dirk’s cult temple in particular gets fresh young acolytes since normal people understandably don’t want anything to do with it. as a result, baby jake is raised as a devotee of the Death God, whom he doesn’t exactly know but thinks is probably an ok guy, even if he really doesn’t enjoy being forced to worship his statue inside a stuffy temple. (dirk is way hotter in person, as he will later find out)

so yeah there’s your really long-winded backstory about where jake comes from!! reuniting with Jade is of course a part of the story as it progresses but like I said in an earlier ask response, I am bad with writing, so I wouldn’t be the one to go super into it. I’m really flattered and honoured that you’d be interested in writing a fic based on my idea!! you have my sincere and heartfelt approval, as does anyone else who wants to take a stab at it. thank you so much!


shipping-the-gods I found it! It’s called a druid’s wand and it uses the “coelbren of the bards”.

The author recommends wood with druidic (alder, hazel, Apple), lunar (willow), or general magical significance (oak, ash, rowan). I just used whatever I could find in the woods out back.

Choose a straight and even branch and cut it at 25 inches.

There’s a long drawn out ritual (that I didn’t do) of watering the chosen tree with a mostly water, a little milk and honey mix for a month (just on the full, waning half, new, and waxing half moon days). Cut it on the next full moon with a white handled knife and 9 silver coins. Walk around it 9 clockwise times, repeating the whole time: “Tree of Wisdom, Tree of life, Forgive the cutting of my knife. A single branch I’ll take from thee, that I May hence the future see.” When you’re done, cut the branch, ask again the tree for forgiveness and thank it. Bury the 9 coins at the roots of the tree, saying: “May the forest Lord and earth goddess bless thee for thy service, creature of earth!”

Anyway, peel the branch, sand it, and trim it to 20 and 4/5 inches. Mark off 2/5 of an inch on both ends, color one end black and the other end red. Divided the wand into 20 1-inch spaces using a black marker or black paint. Starting at the red end, draw the figures on the wand numerically starting with the figure labeled “1”. They can be drawn horizontally or vertically. When done, you can seal the wand or leave it natural.

There’s also a consecrating ritual (that I forgot to do) that requires you to leave the wand wrapped in white cloth or linen until 2 days before the next full moon. On that day, keeping it wrapped in the cloth, put it in a plastic bag and bury it in the top of the nearest hill. Don’t bury it deep and make sure it won’t get wet if it rains. Before you fill the hole, say the following 3 times: “Made to measure star and moon, from earthly wood thy form was hewn. I lay thee to thy peaceful rest, that Sun and earth shall make thee blessed!” Fill the hole and cover it with rocks and leaves. Sometime the day after the full moon, go dig up the wand and take it out of the bag. Keep it in the white cloth when not using it.

The wand cannot be used to answer a specific question, it is used to divine the forces that surround you for the next 28 days (a lunar month). It says in the book to not use the wand more than once during this period.

Here’s how to use it: Go outside on a clear night, meditate in a spot where you won’t be disturbed. Find out which direction the wind is blowing. Even if there’s hardly a breeze, notice where the next puff of wind that hits you comes from. If from the east or south, use the red end. West or north, use the black end. Place the end flush with the outer curve of the moon. If it’s full, use the right side curve. Using the point on the moon as a pivot, maneuver the wand so it touches Polaris, the pole star. Note the symbol on which it falls. That is the influence that will be coming into your life during the next lunar month. If because of the location the moon the wand does not reach Polaris, abandon the divination and try it another day. The book says you can also divine during the day if Polaris and the moon are still visible.

Meanings of the coelbren of the bards:

Each symbol is based on a “druidic triad” or “Welsh triad or “bardic triad”. These are my condensed meanings:

1. Hold your tongue on your personal life and affairs this month. Silence is power. Don’t brag about your accomplishments, keep your pride inside. If not, you’ll prevent hopeful future occurences from manifesting by speaking about them.

2. Beginning of some new adventure within the month. Something big from a small beginning, in terms of relationships or the ending of conflicts. Not usually financial. Watch for a person to assist you, they may be the key to success.

3. Uncovering secret influences this month regarding recent problems. The how and why, and the solution. Wisdom, knowing the truth and the lies. Someone may be deceiving you and you will find out soon.

4. Obstacles and difficulties this month, but the willpower/strength to get through them. Don’t be moody, edgy, or snappy or it will get worse. Meet everything with strength, bravery, and positivity. Also a good sign for remaining positive. Be calm, but confident.

5. Important decisions to make this month. Even a small decision will have great consequences. Don’t let physical, sensual, or emotional impulses cloud your judgement or the situation will end badly. Your mind is clouded already so be careful. Follow any hunches or strong spiritual impulses. Intuition is born from reason.

6. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Decisions to make this month? Meditate first. A problem vexing you will be solved this month… if you meditate. Contemplate the problem, Silence yourself. Contemplate again, silence again. Look at the problem from a detached view. Be willing to learn. Listen actively, not passively. Meditate no longer than 10 minutes. Note anything that came to you. Do it again if you have to. Follow your inner advice.

7. There be storms ahead this month. Watch out for a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They may be the catalyst. Be wary of people with selfish reasons or you will be disappointed. It could be more of a failure to deliver on promises, rather than deliberate malicious deceit. Be independent in any matter at hand this month. Beware of fair-weather friends.

8. Romance this month, if single or taken. A new relationship or deepening of a current one. You may only meet your future partner so don’t get excited. Beware of two-faced, lying, or unkind/abusive lovers.

9. You’ll find yourself in an uncontrollable situation this month, usually an ending. Accept it. Fighting it will bring disappointment or pain. Learn and move on. You’ll be powerless to do anything else.

10. Spend time at home this month. Sort out your priorities. Retreat if you find obstacles. Relax. Any projects or purchases for the home should be made, but after careful consideration. Any illnesses should be healed within the month.

11. There will be an end to something you’ve worked on this month. You will reap the benefits of your labors. Business deals will close. A relationship will become stable. Personal goals will be reached.

12. One of two things will happen this month: You will be called to settle an argument, to advise someone on their foolishness, or to speak the truth. Either that or someone will advise you on your foolishness, call you out on your anger, or stop you from gossping. Communication of some kind, for the better.

13. New opportunities this month, in terms of work, money, or business. Someone in the higher ups at work will notice you and/or help you. Don’t be talkative, superficial, or vain.

14. Be prepared to cut back this month, socially or professionally. Don’t overextend yourself or do anything half-assed, or you’ll be exhausted in all ways by the end of the month and may get sick.

15. Beware of flatterers, slanderers, and braggers. You will encounter 1 or all 3 this month. They will be working against you. Don’t let them get to you and remember the truth will come out sooner or later.

16. Very fortunate, nothing but good vibes this month. A new emotional relationship, or the discovery of new talents, leading to material gain. Change of job or house, or a benefical change in life. A physical birth or conception.

17. Trials, tests, and obstacles this month, from any area of your life, that may require personal sacrifice. These will develop you and help you become more aware of your environment. You need to let go of something, if called to. You’ll be better off.

18. Guard your morals this month. You’ll be in a compromising situation but don’t take the easy way out. Have courage to stand up for your beliefs. Truth is the watchword of the wise. Beware of turning a blind eye to some evil in your present environment. Do not bury your head in the sand. Face the facts. Ignorance will make things worse. Take action.

19. A month of harvest. All events will end in personal success, prosperity, happiness, and well-being.

20. You and others will be in a threatening situation this month. Keeping your wits may save all of you. Others in the same situation will be reluctant to help, unkind, and may gossip about the situation. Don’t let it get you. Stay calm and act quietly. Remember the law of karma.

From “A Witches Book of Divination” (OOP I think, I got mine on Amazon)

The Monarch-  Taehyung Royalty!AU

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Part: 1 (More if Requested, let me know guys!)

Member/Group: Taehyung of BTS

Word Count:2022

Author: Admin Cloud

Summary: Not everything is perfect behind these castle walls.

 In the kingdom of Saxet, there is no such thing as poverty. Many years ago, a King whose name has been long forgotten set up the rules of the land so that every person would be supported by their fellow community members. Though this sounds strange, very person outside of this bustling village must know that money has no value here. Favors are traded for goods, and every villager is willing to help out anybody in need. In Saxet, every occupant gives an oath of support when they reach the age of adulthood before they can finally become a true member of the community. This system has been in effect for hundreds of years, and every generation of royals takes a vow to their subjects that they will lead a fair and generous rule.

 The current King and Queen were blessed with a son early in their marriage, and they bestowed him with the name ‘Taehyung’, hoping that the name would bring only good fortune into the boy’s life. He grew up knowing only of the joy that floated among the castle walls, but he was not allowed to be greedy. From the time that he was barely walking and speaking, the Queen would take trips to the center of the village and have Taehyung socialize with all the other children,being blissfully unaware of the fact that they were playing with their future king. It was here on these dusty streets that he met somebody that could only be considered his soulmate, even though they were separated by social status. Even though they began growing further and further apart in their teenage years, he still considered you a close friend and frequently had dreams about meeting with you again. If only he had known that on his eighteenth birthday, those dreams would turn to nightmares.

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On the Phone (Alexander Hamilton x Jefferson’s Sister!Reader )

Warnings/Triggers: Depression, Suicide Mentions, Swearing, Angst, Bad Writing

AUs: None

Time Period: Modern

Ok, another story! Please request some stories you want to see! I have, like, zero ideas… Sorry for any mistakes!

Tell me if there's anything I should add to my warnings! I want you to feel comfortable reading my stories. Thanks!


You never felt happy with yourself. You were too fat, to skinny, had to much makeup or too little, did too much work or never enough. Either way, you were never happy with yourself. You sat on the ledge of the roof, debating whether to jump. You would look over the edge every minute or so, seeing people below. Some noticed you and stopped, other kept moving. Not that they cared.

You had considered suicide before of course, you had fallen in and out of depression. It seemed like no one really understood you enough.

You sighed, pacing on the roof. The boys would live without you right? The Schuylers would live. Maria might be upset, but you knew she’d be fine eventually. Your brother however, him you were worried about. You and your brother Thomas had been together almost your whole lives. He was only a year older than you, but he was always so protective. When you first told him you had a boyfriend, much less his worst enemy, he flipped out.

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  • Ren in Volumes 1 - 3: Yeah hi, just over here in the background, doing my thing, looking fabulous and sometimes being a dork no biggie, hey have you seen my childhood friend NORA who's way more expressive than I am?

I did this week’s tempo run after work and cut it to 7 miles due to time. The temperature was perfect, but where did this wind come from??

When there are cars around, I prefer to do my pace runs on a one-ish mile neighborhood loop. Boring, but safe. Half of each loop was coasting, and the other half was putting my head down and battling the 16mph wind to that next turn.

The headwind hurts more than the tailwind helps, so I was pleasantly surprised to average the same 6:17 pace that I pulled off last week for 8 miles. The progress has been great, but I’m a little worried I’m doing too much too soon. Might scale the intensity back a little next week to make sure I’m not overstressing my body.



The headcanons I have regarding energy and Ki are as follows:

Energy is something that everyone has, energy is what allows us to perform actions ranging from daily activities like walking and picking something up to fighting, running, and jumping.

Ki is a form of energy but it doesn’t exist within everyone. People who are born with this special form of energy have it locked within them, and only through proper circumstances and special training can they tap into this resource and utilize their Ki.

Ki users are born most often in Ionia because of the region’s history with spiritual and magical ties, but they can be born in other regions of Valoran. (Riven for example). But I believe that Ki is the resource that allows people like Lee Sin, Akali, Riven, and even Zed to do the things they can do.

The type of Ki energy that people have within themselves differs from person to person. Lee Sin’s ability to conjure fire through Ki shows that his Ki is attuned TO fire naturally. This can be said for Riven who utilizes the ancient powers of her Runeblade, can be said for Akali who relies primarily on invisiblity and quickness, and even Zed to some extent before he found the Pandora’s box of shadows, which amplified his locked Ki to unseen limits.

Yasuo’s Ki, as expected, is naturally attuned to the wind. It’s through that and his training to mastering the wind Technique of Master Korito that gives him the ability to manipulate and control the wind around him. Like energy, utilizing the Ki inside your body is draining and it takes a significant amount of mental power/concentration to use your Ki. This explains why masters of Ki energy spend such time meditating and training, again Lee Sin, Akali, Zed, and Shen are prime examples of this.

Wings [Part 13] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Angst, Smut, Fluff

Summary - With Taehyung questioning Yoongi about his wife, he keeps his rage on a tight, tight leash in order to not mess things up. And once things cool down, he turns to you for comfort. Except, he doesn’t really approach you.

Prologue ; Part 12

‘Depends. What’s her full name?’ Yoongi asked disinterested, crossing his fingers and propping his elbows on the table - it being the only barrier between the two Angels. A flicker of rage passed Taehyung’s eyes, a reminder being repeated in his head that he must stay calm. He took in a deep breath, closing his eyes for a brief moment. He opened his eyes.

Taehyung’s heart skipped a beat or two as he remembered his wife, 'Kim Min Ji.’

Yoongi’s eyes stayed nonchalant before a flash of recognition swam across his face for a mere second. He blinked his eyes continuously before frowning a little, shifting in his seat. Min Ji…He knew he had heard that name before.

'Kim Min Ji? I’m not sure. But, maybe I have heard of her.’ Yoongi curled his lips, licking them. He looked down at the files that lay open and scattered on his desk, as if to say the conversation was over, but Taehyung wasn’t done. Not at all.

'Think harder, Min Yoongi.’ He spoke sternly, his grip getting firmer on his desk, his hip raising from the seat. If he were to get answers, it would only be from the person who was the reason she wasn’t living any more in the first place.

Yoongi spared him a glance and looked back at the files, continuing with his work. The pen in his hand moved swiftly against the paper as he wrote on the material, either being unaware or oblivious to the daggers Taehyung was shooting at him. He was going to rip Yoongi’s head off if he stayed ignorant for one more minute.

Taehyung was ready to stand and yell at Yoongi for being an inconsiderate bastard but Yoongi looked up, ready to speak, making Taehyung shut his mouth instantly. Eyes widened, he sat back down, eliminating the space between the chair and himself.

'Actually, I think I do remember one Kim Min Ji. But, it goes back to somewhere around- around two hundred- no, much longer. Three hundred years approximately.’ Yoongi said, as he combed his hair with his fingers. Although Taehyung did not really want the details - he couldn’t help but feel the rage taking over him. He had to bite his tongue in order to hold back the ever-so passionate strings of curses that were just at the tip of tongue - ready to shoot like venom at him. Poisonous venom.

'So you- you do remember her?’ Taehyung stumbled over his words unintentionally, his voice low and clipped. Clenching his jaw tight, he could feel the wings behind him beginning to unravel. But he willed them to stay in their place.

'Yes’ Was all Yoongi had bothered to say, making Taehyung contemplate whether he should stay calm or if it would be fruitful to go on a rampage. The latter being too much of a trouble to clean up later on, he decided to ignore the choice.

'Who was she anyway? I mean, I can only vaguely recollect her. Was she someone to you?’ Yoongi spoke, his professional side taking over him, as he threw the words at Taehyung. Oh, only if he knew how he was simply and easily adding more fuel to the fire. Taehyung could legitimately feel his insides burn with fury. He clicked his tongue to avoid another curse that was ready to slip.

'She was-’

'Sir!’ A foreign voice echoed in the room making both Taehyung and Yoongi jump in surprise, before Taehyung swirled around in his seat and Yoongi looked straight at the Keeper who appeared in the room. He could’ve sworn he saw Taehyung ready to jump at the man if he had not seen who it was. Giving him a rather judging look, he looked back at the Keeper.

'What have I told you about appearing out of nowhere?’ Yoongi glared at Wong Bin, making him bow in apology. His head remained angled as he brought himself up, the wings behind him slopped.

'I sorry sir, but it’s urgent.’ Wong Bin reasoned as he straightened his wings in alarm at Taehyung’s glare.

Yoongi nodded his head, 'Kim Taehyung. Please leave as it’s a confidential meeting. You can come in tomorrow, or next week, or never. Although I’d strongly prefer the third option. If you may,’ Yoongi smiled at Taehyung and extending his hand pointing to the door behind Taehyung, getting just a blank stare in return. The fire in him calming down at the sudden dismissal, he stood up. It didn’t matter that he did not get the details. He was content with the fact itself that Yoongi had definitely known his wife.

'Thanks for your time.’ Taehyung said in a thin voice, before turning around to leave. He walked past Wong Bin, bending sideways so he wouldn’t collide with his wings that he had flapped on purpose and opened the door to leave.

Just as he was about to close the door, his ears perked with curiosity. He heard Wong Bin speak, the beginning of the message being enough to enlighten him completely - 'Sir, Namjoon has been matched with a Mortal’

'Well, isn’t that a surprise. Wonder what else he’ll break next after that rule.’ Taehyung spoke to himself before closing the door completely and walking towards the staircase that led down to the main door. If Yoongi would deem it alright for Namjoon to have a Mortal mate - which was a Golden rule in Kronell that no Red Bloods were supposed to have a Mortal mate - he would definitely have another word with him. Although the discussion about his wife wasn’t over…yet.

With those thoughts being pushed to the back of his head, he breathed in the crisp air just as he stepped out of Yoongi’s Manor. It was - without doubt - much more pleasant than the dead, reeking and stale smell that had flooded his nostrils the moment he had entered Yoongi’s study.

As he wondered about what he should do next, his mind wandered off to you - he remembered he hadn’t met you in a while now.

You felt a wisp of air fan against your face and bare leg that was sticking outside your comforter, making you cuddle closer to the Mario plushie. Your brows furrowed as goosebumps rose on the surface of your arms and leg, making thr hair at the back of your neck stand up as well.

A while later, you heard light footsteps, making you perk your ears up, as you kept your eyes closed trying to pay attention to the sound. Your attention now went to decipher the sound rather than trying to will yourself to sleep, like how you had been doing for the past few hours.

You stopped breathing to hear better and waited for another sound, which positively did not come. You opened your eyes, keeping them half lidded so it still appeared as though you were asleep. You let them get adjusted to the darkness before looking around with your limited vision. Opening them a bit more, you scanned your room subtly again. You had to give it a double glance before you could recognize 'it’ as a silhouette of a tall person against your wall by the window. Your heart beat quickened as you closed your eyes and opened them again, confused that maybe it was just a trick of your eye.

Panic pricked at your nerves as you cautiously opened your eyes wider to get a better view - it was definitely no trick. This time, you were sure it was a man who was standing by your window. You waited for a few minutes for him to do something - or even notice that you were awake -  but he just stood there; you couldn’t even hear him breathe.

Neither did he move nor did he make any initiative to.

You gave a quick glace to your bedside lamp and considered clicking the switch as fast as you could so you’d be able to catch the person. If you were quick enough, you were sure to have him cornered in a jump and a few steps. Not like you would take him down with your bare hands…but still. You had to be sure that he was an actual person and really not a dream like any other.

As you calculated the distance between the switch of the lamp and your hand, and the time you’d take if you could move your hand fast enough to reach it, you inched yourself closer and closer to the table as slowly and discreetly as you could, careful not to be noticed.

With one swift movement, you flipped the switch and simultaneously felt the gust of wind against your face and bare leg as you looked at the same spot where you noticed the silhouette was.

The man was not there.

Impossible. You knew you had seen someone there. Brows furrowed tight, you gave a glance around your room.

That was when you noticed a black colored strip of cloth resting on the carpeted floor. You got up, ready to pick it up.

But as you got closer, you noticed it was a feather and not a strip of cloth. Puzzled, you picked it up and examined it like you’d never seen a feather before.

It was as jet black as a Raven’s body, except this one was much longer and slightly bit more wider. Nothing like you had ever seen before.

'What on earth does even this belong to?’ You whispered to yourself.

You remembered feeling the gusts of wind and figured you may have kept the window open. But just as you extended your hands to close it, you saw it was already shut tight.

'What the actual hell?’ You whispered sharply as you pressed a firm hand against the glass of the window, just to be sure. It was as tight as you had closed it before sleeping. Then how had you felt those gusts of wind, and where had they come from?

But racking your brain, began to make you feel drowsy - exactly what you had been wanting for the past hours. Glad that you were finally sleepy, a yawn stretching your mouth to convince you well enough, you walked back to your bed. Placing the feather on your bedside table, you got onto your bed, the mattress and pillow feeling more softer than ever, a sigh of content leaving your lips. Your eyelids drooped, too quick to notice the man standing outside on your small balcony.

A smile stretched at the man’s lips, 'Good night Y/N’

[Part 14 on Sunday]

I’m awfully busy so I barely have time to update my blog. The other scenarios will hopefully be done soon.

That Love Comes Prologue || SLBP School Au

Rating: General
Author’s Note: Like I said before in my AN at my Headcanon: The Lords in the School!! about I’m going to made fanfic series based on there. And here it is! My first fanfic series! Ahh… I’m so excited but at same time I feel nervous all over my body >< ! I hope you enjoy reading it! ^^

Awaken by some strange feeling, I open my eyes and find myself standing in an unfamiliar space. Everything is white, there’s no end in sight. Puzzled, I look around but found nobody in here, just me.

‘Where am I? Why I’m in this kind of place?’ I thought.

Just then…


I turn my head side to side as I heard somebody suddenly calling my name. Later, I heard some voices reverberated around the spaces.

“You foolish girl, do you think you can ran from me?”

“I have missed you, my dear ___. Without you I’m not myself.”

“I swear, No matter what I will always protect you!”

“Only you can make me this delicious dango, little lady. Stay with me.”

“Your smile has saved me. Please keep smiling beside me. I love you”

“You’re the only one for me. I’ll never give you to anyone even it has to be him.”

“It’s look like my selfishness has warped me to be with you, huh?”

“You know, I’ve always love you… ever since the day I met you.”

“Hmpf… If you don’t want me do to something cruel to you why don’t you stay with me. It’s an order.”

“I-It’s not like I WANT to stay with you! Damn it! Just realized it already you… you insufferable Manju-girl!”

“You’re so beautiful that it made me want treasure you.”

“I can’t hold myself back, for loving you. I love you, ____.”

I continuously turn my body as the voices continues, searching where the voices come from. And suddenly, a fierce wind blow at my direction and made me closed my eyes. As the wind start to calm, I opened again and look up. From a distance, I saw a man standing in there, holding up his hand at me.

‘Who is it? I feel like I’ve seen him before…’

I take a step forward as I tried to get closer to him, before long I start stop walking. My eyes suddenly widen as if some a realization was hitting right on my mind. My body is trembling, slowly I start to step forward again and without knowing I feel myself run to him. However, how fast I am, I can’t approach him. As if there a gravity that pull me back from him. Tears welled in my eyes and my heart ache longing for him.

Then, the man suddenly pull his hands back and smile for me one last time before turn his back to me and start walking to the other direction. 

“No! Wait…! Don’t go!” 

I screamed on top my lungs but he didn’t hear it. He keeps walking and walking and then… disappears.

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queen st gothic
  • the refill machine in hungry jack’s is gone. you stand perplexed at the counter, cautiously eyeing the gaping void in the floor. it will swallow you next.
  • you ride the escalator up to allan’s music, only to find yourself inside rebel sports. you try to leave but there is no way out. the sportswear rustles in the breeze, but there is no way out. where is the wind coming from? there is a rumble from the back of the store. there is no way out.
  • you’re trying to leave the reject shop without purchasing anything. the cashiers stand stock-still at their registers. you slink past the still figures as their eyes follow you. so many eyes. all of them, watching. the guilt presses down on you as heavy as the concrete above your head. their eyes are accusatory, demanding, black as coal. they’re still watching.
  • has the music from culture kings always been so loud, you wonder as you walk past. the speakers shriek the sibilant sounds of ancient tongues as you stride past. the old man with the saxophone plays on, oblivious. the shrieking gets louder. you try to order your oasis juice but you can’t hear yourself over the screaming. the bass pounds steadily.
  • you duck into the alley behind hungry jack’s for a cigarette. the stench of blood is overpowering. claw marks deep as trenches stretch the length of the alleyway. you hear the rattle of cages from the carpark at the end, almost drowning out the distant sobbing of a child. you finish your cigarette.
  • you’re walking through the myer centre, shopping aimlessly. you come across an escalator, but it’s out of order. you keep walking. you come across another escalator, but it too is out of order. you keep walking. you walk for hours. every elevator, escalator and staircase is cordoned off. you keep walking. you have been walking for days, now, or is it weeks? is that the third sumo salad that you’ve passed or the fourth? it doesn’t matter. the next escalator you see is out of order. you keep walking.