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sad widowtracer headcanons pt 1:

-widowmaker was really good at playing piano before she got brainwashed and tracer remembers every song. one day she starts playing again while tracer is sneaking around and she starts tearing up. when wm starts singing tracer sings along as well

-amelie promised tracer that she’d be the first to meet her when she returned from the slipstream test. years later they meet up again and tracer mentions her promise

-every so often they have encounters where wm is trying to assassinate someone and tracer tries to stop her, and eventually they come to a point where tracer realizes it’s pointless b/c she never wins and walks away. wm ends up giving up as well, because she thinks its not as exciting without her

-tracer has tried countless times to reach out to amelie and failed, but wm still contemplates every attempt and wonders if shes still there

-wm is assigned to kill tracer one day and ends up spying on her for a long time and can’t bring herself to shoot

-even though tracer is positive most of the time, she sometimes has depressive phases b/c of the states all her friends are in and she can’t do anything to fix it

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I don’t want to make last night’s drama about me but I just want to say that stuff like this is what makes me afraid to post in the Dragon Age fandom. I have anxiety issues. I have gotten myself worked up over every single aspect of my fic for fear people will be angry about something. Writing it all first has been, in large part, to keep a lid on my anxiety and give myself space to create safely. It lets me gently remind myself that I’m getting worked up over nothing and I’m more likely to have people scroll past the fic because they’re not interested than actively hateful. And that’s something I can deal with.

But then stuff like this happens, where someone posts something just a bit out of the norm and they get flooded with hate. And it makes me go over all my anxiety points again. I’ve seen so much hostility towards portraying Solas as bi because it’s “hypocritical” when we denounce portraying Dorian or Sera as bi. I should be safe for writing Abelas in a relationship with a Lavellan, but honestly? I have never seen a single bit of fanwork that pairs Abelas with a male character and I don’t know if that’s an indicator that I should be worried about backlash, or if the Abelas fandom is small enough that it’s just a coincidence, or if I’ve just missed it and people love it. Who knows how people will react to Abelas being nonbinary? And what sort of storm is a polyamorous relationship going to cause?

My point is: if you keep sending harassment and hate to people for doing something new and different, you are going to neuter fandom. We will only ever feel safe writing variations on what’s already been done and this fandom will stagnate. Celebrate new works, even if they’re not your cup of tea. It doesn’t cost you a single thing to kindly ignore creative work that you don’t see the appeal of. And that will pay off for you when you find yourself craving a rarepair or a particular portrayal of a character and you want to find the work that’s been done with that in mind or even post your own. Just be kind to people. It’s really not that hard.

Things I’ve learned while making hand-painted animation

that are a surpisingly good life advice:

Don’t be afraid to scrape what you did entirely and start anew. It usually works better than clinging to what you have already. Don’t worry, you can build this thing again and it will be better than the last one.

One small mistake doesn’t matter, really. Repeating the same small mistake does.

Tiny progress seems irrelevant until all these barely visible changes are put togheter and then you can see the whole transformation. 

There are no shortcuts, you must complete every step in order to get the big picture.

When you can’t see where exactly the problem is, change the point of view. 

You see more mistakes in your own work than in the work of others. They don’t see your mistakes, they are just impressed that the whole thing works. 

Only you see the road, everyone else sees the finished product. Everything looks dumb halfway through, don’t be discouraged by the imperfect WIP. 

Okay so this is the last time I’m ever going to say anything about it:

Please do not ask me about For the Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines.

I’ve answered questions in my FAQ on my main and explained why I deleted it there and on the last chapter of Health and Safety. I have made the fact that I have deleted the fic and why as accessible as I could to people who are willing to look. I literally have comments on Health and Safety asking where MaS is when the answer is right there.

It’s tiring.

It makes me never want to work on the fic again.

Imagine being pestered weekly about something when you’ve given the answer several times already.

It’s to the point where I’m seriously considering deleting Health and Safety off of ao3 and just putting it on a private blog for only my friends to read.

I’ve been putting my focus on my original work. I’ve started another fic but for a different fandom. This doesn’t mean I don’t love Gravity Falls anymore - hell I’ve been working on a oneshot that I want to post soon - but I just don’t like this fic series anymore.

Hell, I don’t even ship billdip.

So please, just stop asking me about it. 

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Hi ive been stripping for about 6 months now and this past month i hit a point where it is way harder to make money, i get rejected alot and i end up breaking down and crying on almost every shift? what can i do to recover from this burnout and make good money again? how do i not let these assholes get to me?

Welcome to non-season stripping… I think each stripper on here (or sex worker, actually) has experienced this at some point.  It is really horrible, and you’re not alone in how you’re reacting to it.  

The best thing for me, when this happens, is to strip trip.  I rave about travel dancing all the time because it really works for me.  It might not work for you, but it is my best piece of advice.

I like to work really really hard for one weekend, then take a lot of time off.  Then, I do it again.  For example, I just went to a nearby city and worked really hard for 2 days straight.  I made enough money that I don’t have to dance for another 2 weeks- 4 weeks if I don’t save anything or buy myself anything unnecessary.  Then, I’ll try a few shifts at my home club.  Once I feel that I’m starting to slip into another downward spiral, I travel again.

The more money you make, the easier it is to make! Money attracts money.  If you’re making more, you’re more confident, and people can see that.  You attract money, and you feel like you deserve it and are capable of making it.  That confidence will help you to blow off those assholes (as well as sell dances). When you get into a downwards spiral, it gets harder and harder to make money.

PM me or send me another ask if you want any hustle hints that might help you sell better

The Only Reason (Bucky Barnes)

Requested by anon



(A/N: Based off the song The Only Reason by 5SOS. There are also multiple interpretations of the song, so I am just going to go off good ole Michael’s interpretation which can be found HERE)

Bucky knew that you weren’t really his type. He knew that your relationship would either get you killed or end really really badly in fits of rage. You had your issues, he had his. Both of you were incredibly dangerous. Both of you had been brainwashed. You were completely different people. However, Bucky could not help but fall head over heels for you. 

You both were brought in by Steve. He had a knack for bringing in broken people and trying to help them heal again. Case in point, Bucky and now you. Steve found you in a cage during his last mission. You were tortured and beaten by HYDRA to the point where you didn’t know anything anymore. It was like torture but every moment of the day. Thankfully your powers didn’t accidentally go off, otherwise everyone would be dead. 

Steve had let you recover in the tower. It was going to take a while before you were in any position to be let back in to the outside world. However, you healed fast, and you were antsy to get out of there. You mainly kept to yourself, not willing to take any risks for your powers to get out of hand. It was better if barely anyone knew you were there at all. And then, he walked in.

You were in the gym one day, getting a workout in. You were at the punching bag, letting all the rage you bottled up out through your hits and kicks. You didn’t even hear Bucky walking in through the door. Bucky walked in and barely noticed you until he heard a loud thump. He quickly turned and noticed that you had knocked the punching bag straight off its hinges. You were breathing heavily, as if in a rage. He knew the look better than anyone.

“Hey, you okay?” he asked. You jumped and a mist formed around you.

“GET OUT. GET OUT NOW” you yelled. Him scaring you triggered your powers. Your toxic gas was beginning to spread. Bucky noticed that there was something wrong when he saw your panic and the mist forming around you. He slowly backed out of the gym, careful not to startle you again.

As Bucky walked away from the gym, he started to think about you. He had never really seen you before. Your face was new to him. He analyzed every detail of it. He committed it to memory, just in case. He walked away to his room, wondering when he’d see you again. And that time couldn’t come soon enough.

A few days later you were eating in the kitchen. You had whipped something up for yourself and were eating alone. Everyone else was sitting happily at the tables before you, chatting merrily. You, however, were completely alone. Bucky walked in to the kitchen and saw you. He smiled because now he could finally talk to you. He coughed to announce himself before walking in. You looked at him and then went back to your food.

“Hey, are you okay? Sorry for asking that again. The other day… you know” he asked. You were silent for a while. You didn’t want to reply, but you knew you had to or he wouldn’t leave you alone.

“I’m fine. Now leave me alone, please” you told him. You picked up your plate and started to walk out of the kitchen.

“I was just being nice. I notice you are alone a lot, so I wanted to make you feel welcome” he told you.

“Well thanks but no thanks. I’m better off alone.” you jabbed. You walked out of the room and Bucky was left dumbfounded. You were not the person he thought you were. 

Over the next few days, he tried his best to get you to talk to him. He knew that was what you needed. That’s what he needed after his whole HYDRA conundrum. Steve told him what had happened to you, so he knew what you were going through. He knew you needed help. You just didn’t see that. However, whenever he tried to talk to you, you would usually respond with “go away”, “leave me alone”, and even “f*ck off”. You were stubborn and a bit rude. Every instance he tried to come closer to you was met with sullen silence and a harsh attitude.

But there was one thing he couldn’t shake. With every rejection, he fell a bit harder for you. He thought you were a bit of a b*tch; but, to him it showed you were independent and didn’t rely on anyone else to get you by. He saw that you worked better alone as well. He knew because he was almost the exact same way. Every time he saw you, you got a bit more beautiful. He knew it would never happen with you– you were to stubborn for that. He just couldn’t shake the feelings that were bubbling up inside. They cut at him like knives, and he wouldn’t be able to avoid them until you noticed him.

A while later, he went back to the gym. He needed to blow off steam. He needed a way to get his mind off of you. He knew that you both were bad for each other. He knew that you would just blow him off time after time. He needed that out of his system. He walked in and started to wrap his hands up for the punching bags. But when he walked in, you were already there going to town on one of the bags. 

You were in the gym to blow of steam as well. You were frustrated and angry. The memories of your cage were haunting your every waking moment, even more now than usual. It was like living in a permanent nightmare. You were aggressive and knew that anything could set off your powers by accident. You were getting better at controlling them when you were alone, but you couldn’t say when they’d act up again. You punched the bag as if it were the man who tortured you for so long. That was the only way you were going to feel better.

“What did that bag ever do to you” Bucky spoke to you. You stopped hitting the bag, but refused to look at him.

“That bag is the stand in for who I really want to do this to… the man who ruined me” you explained before going back to punching. Bucky smiled before walking towards you.

“Would it make you feel better if you practiced on an actual person?” he asked. You stopped again.

“Know anyone willing to put up a fight with a f*cked up mess of a human being that can’t control their powers?” you retorted.

“You’re looking at him” Bucky told you. You looked at him dead in the eyes for the first time. That was the moment you actually began to see Bucky Barnes. You had heard the stories from Steve: how Bucky was taken by Hydra, the train, the brainwashing, the recovery. He was just like you. You knew if you got close to him, all that would come out of it would be hurt. But now that you saw him, there was something about him that you found attractive.

“You think you could handle this?” you asked him with a smile on your face.

“Well I can damn well try” he responded. You smiled at him and walked over to the sparring ring. Bucky followed, a big smile on his face. You both stood at opposite corners of the ring before slowly moving to the center. “I just realized, this was the first time you responded to me without saying ‘f*ck off’.” 

“Yeah, well, I’m in a fighting mood. So, square up.” you ordered. You both squared up, and the fight began.

Both of you had your moments. A few blows here and there really stood out from the rest. Bucky took each punch you threw with stride. It was almost like he wanted you to hit him. The more your threw at him, the less he fought back. You really began to realize that the only reason he was doing this was to help you feel better. With one final blow to the abdomen, you shoved him away back to his corner.

“You’re not fighting back?” you wondered out loud.

“Like I said. I am willing to help you blow off steam and put up with every punch you throw.” he answered.

“Why?” you deadpanned. He looked at you dead in the eyes.

“Because I know what you’re going through” he answered. He hopped out of the ring and began to unwrap his hands.

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“I mean that I know how you’re feeling. You feel that because of what happened to you, no one is going to be willing to put up with you. You feel like everyone is hazardous and will only get hurt if they get near you. You feel like you are putting everyone else in danger just by standing in the same room. I know because that’s exactly how I felt when Steve brought me in” he expressed. Your heart stopped.

“You let me beat the sh*t out of you because of some feeling?” you asked.

“It’s called caring about someone. You should try it sometime” Bucky replied with attitude. He began to walk out of the gym with a smug smile on his face. 

“You care about me?” you questioned. Bucky stopped in his tracks. He didn’t turn all the way, but he looked over his shoulder.

“Yes. I do,” he answered. That’s when he turned to face you. “You got a problem with that, princess?” 

“You know that’s only going to get you hurt. I’m trouble, Barnes. Best learn that now before I actually do some damage.” you tried to convince him.

“I think I’ll take my chances. After all, what’s a relationship without a little extra side of disappointment to keep things interesting” Bucky replied. He turned back around and walked out of the gym, a smug smirk on his face.

You watched him walk away with a look of amused shock. Why someone as messed up as Bucky Barnes would ever care about someone so severely damaged like you was beyond your knowledge. He would never fail to surprise you. This was just the beginning.

Despite the fact that you both knew you could do some serious damage, you went for it. You knew that he was bad news. He knew that you were trouble. Yet, somehow, you both ended up falling for each other. You could almost describe it as a match made in hell. It was insane of you to get together, but it happened. People were actually concerned if it was a good idea. But, you both said why not, and jumped in anyways.

The only reason you both jumped is because you both knew the outcome.

But it was well worth it. 

So typically, I find it awesome living alone, because you get all of this space to yourself and you can enjoy alone time whenever the hell you want it…but now, the crappy part of living alone again, is that when you move into a new home, you have a ton of stuff to unpack and sometimes you get to the point of unpacking where you don’t even remember that you had a certain thing. Whatever, the cool thing about my new place is that I have a pretty new kick-ass pool in the backyard. Anyway, I’m Adam. Hey.

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Oh hi, so, uhm i currently id as bi, but i have been questioning me being a lesbian. I had feelings for guys and i have only dated guys before but i just dont feel the same as when im even thinking of being with girls. I havent actually dated one before so that makes me feel silly but i just...i have had bad experiences with guys to the point where i get anxious and sort of scared when i think of being on a relationship with a guy again. Would it be wrong of me to id as a lesbian?

it wouldn’t be wrong to id as a lesbian!! u sound like u don’t want to be w guys in the future, and if that’s true you can absolutely id as a lesbian.

and u don’t need to have dated a girl to id as a lesbian!! ur valid no matter what your past experiences w relationships are

I don’t actually have a lot of thoughts about the SDCC stuff – everything tends to be very vague and hype-y at these events. Things I am currently mulling:

  • Focus on Regina makes sense in context, but hopefully the J&H story will not get shafted.
  • Worst!Regina still loves Henry; well that’s nice, but she loved her dad, too.
  • What is Rumple up to? I am suspicious of the lack of mentions.
  • I am incapable of being interested in Belle at this point. Hopefully that will change.
  • Sounds like Emma’s hitting the Transformation phase of the HJ right on schedule.
  • Worst!Regina’s focus remains on Snowing; where will conflict with Emma come from? Henry again?
  • Hook better fucking not ask Charming for permission to marry Emma. FFS. Expect him to be knighted or something, though (or get an offer).
  • Are Aladdin and Jasmine recurring, or is that a one-episode thing?

So, on the topic of today’s episode, I am pleased to say that we have finally gotten to the point where Sorey is the shepherd and all that has finally happened.

What I am a little concerned about, however, is the pacing.

While it was a nice surprise to see the Fire Armatus, it felt a little… Rushed? I don’t know if it will be a problem in the future and I know that there’s a set amount they can do in their allotted episodes and time frame, so I really can’t blame them.

I am happy that they added in Dezel to this. Their way of foreshadowing makes me very happy as someone who is a fairly decent way through the game. I also liked how they added in some small effects the malevolence has on seraphim (even if it did make me worry!)

Overall, this episode was very good. While the pacing is a bit off from the game it is understandable that it is done this way seeing there’s over 10 hours of cutscenes alone (correct me if I’m wrong). The animation was absolutely beautiful and I am very glad that Ufotable is animating this. It’s kind of inspiring me to watch some of the fate series.

Oh good point re: Tseng! I always shipped him with Elena, who WITHOUT A DOUBT is Mitaka. 

I’m going to lose my mind when the remake comes out. Gonna take a week off of work– maybe two weeks?? Really looking forward to seeing the fandom active again. FFVII was my second ever fandom, after Star Wars of course. And it was my first slash fandom! I was a Cloud/Aeris shipper who then got into Sephiroth/Cloud and somehow later ended up at Reno/Cloud?? (once upon a time I wrote a long fic where Reno thought Rufus was dead, fell in love with Cloud, and then had to Deal With It when Rufus showed up alive lol)


“Princess, it is time to wake up” A maid stood by your bedside, holding up your silk robe to wear. Your eyelids fluttered open and you groaned, squinting at her. Kai stepped into the room.

“Princess, please get ready for your lesson today.” he turned and walked out of the room. You groaned again but got out of bed, wrapping the silk robe around your body.

“Is there a certain dress today or do I get to choose?”

“I’m sorry miss Y/N but there has been a special request for your outfit choice today.” your maid spoke, pointing to where a yellow dress hung. The sweetheart neckline going into a white underbust corset and the tail of the dress longer than your legs. You nodded and got changed into the dress, hanging onto the edge of your bedpost as your maid tied the back of the corset. You bowed to her and left the room so she could clean. Kai stood across from your room, leaning against the wall, standing up straight as you exited the room.

“I don’t have any lesson’s today Captain.” you said following him down the hallway towards the main hall.

“I know, I just wanted to spend time with you my love.” he smiled and grabbed onto your hand, cutting through the hallway to the Barracks and then taking a left turn through a door that led to the garden. It was no secret that you and Kai were together, there was always speculations of the relationship, but now was the real thing. Your mother chose to ignore you ever since you had broken the news to her and father, while on the other hand father was supportive of it, have already seen the close relationship between you two since you were younger. A guard bowed and smiled at you two as you approached the beginning of the vast garden.

“Kai, i’ve been through this garden thousands of times, we used to play in these gardens when we were younger.”

“Be quiet you’re ruining the moment, this is special. Our first real date where everyone knows and we don’t have to hide and sneak around.” he said smiling at you and swinging your hands back and forth as you walked. He stopped in front of the pansies, your favorite flower and picked one of the violet and white ones.

“This flower isn’t the prettiest, it’s not the brightest, it’s not the tallest or biggest but it’s someone’s favorite. You say that you have flaws, but to me you’re my favorite and I don’t see them” Kai placed the small flower behind your ear and smiled, placing a quick kiss on your cheek. You tilted your head back, blinking really fast to stop from crying.

“Princess, the king and queen wish to see you.” A guard spoke from behind you two. You bowed and he walked away.

“Looks like we’ll have to cut this short.” you said, laughing. He smiled at you and leaned forward, molding his lips with yours for a second before pulling away hastily.

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I just love how Harry hangs out with the same guys as the one who where on the boat or went on a run with him. And he's not 1DHQ Harry but simply in a white shirt and some jeans. He seems to get on with everyone so well and I'm so happy to see him again ☺️ hope his hand is okay though. And damn his 6373 rings! 😍

Haha we are all like parents happy our kid made pals at summer camp! I’m glad he looks relaxed in his variety of grey and white t shirts and doing well :) I really wonder what he did to his hand, must have happened some point last week on set or at the gym when we weren’t seeing him. 

I said again and again that it probably wasn’t a reboot and that it was defiantly a prequel and I’m not gloating or anything I just wanted to point that out since some of the people who where freaking out and being horrible about Mattel said I was wrong and mocked me when ever I said it.

I’m serious, Monster High has a huge back catalog of media why would they do something that meant that was all unusable? And like I said over and over the only characters who we saw in the trailer where ones who where established to attend Monster High before they where introduced like Venus and Twyla.

 Monster High has a had different origins for Frankie starting before and this is just making a definitive one in a easy to assess movie. The movie didn’t even have a trailer when everyone decided it was a reboot and started scaremongering! Relax and have some faith!


Regarding my BTS series:

1. I love making fake subs. I really do, even though they take me hours to make. But seeing them being disrespectfully reposted outside of tumblr so many times has really pissed me off to the point where I’m this close to stopping the series altogether. 

2. However, I’ve gotten so many nice messages about this series and they seem to make you guys happy so I want to keep doing them.

3. SO IF YOU LIKE THESE SUBS AND WANT THEM TO CONTINUE, I have a request from the ARMY Fandom:

- if you see these being reposted, tell me. 
- also msg the reposter and ask them to take it down.

Until i see none of my posts reposted on twitter i wont be making these again