where's the hd


- Father, if you keep feeding me, I’ll turn into a ball.

- How nice would that be? I wouldn’t need to carry you as I leap across clouds back to the Celestial Palace. I’ll just need to roll you up and roll you back to your Qinqyun Hall.


                                                    REST IN PEACE, EDDIE
                          thank you for being one of the greatest WWE has ever seen
                                and paving the way for many more hispanic wrestlers.
                   it’s been 12 years since your passing, but your legacy continues.

idea: melee hd port for switch but it can only be played with sideways joy-cons. not proper controllers like mounted joycons or the pro controller. no third party bluetooth things. you can only play it with sideways joy-cons.

it’s not enough that melee players get nothing. i want melee players to be in a situation where nintendo gives them something and they think “i’d rather go back to having nothing, not having anything was better than having this.”

i’m not exaggerating either. if Melee HD happens, I want it to have things done to it that make Melee fans consider it unplayable. Remove the more advanced, unintended movement techniques. Fix the bugs that can only be exploited if your controller is broken. Adjust character balance. Make it so that Gamecube controller can’t be used at all.

I want a world where Melee HD exists and Melee players have to explain to people why they’re still stealing CRTs at tournaments and still lugging Gamecubes around. I want them to have to look people in the eyes and say “nintendo removed the bugs that I used to win.”