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Date Night

Penny comes home to a quiet apartment on Friday night.

Word count: 802


I open the door and see Simon’s head where it shouldn’t be: the couch.

“Did your date get canceled?” I call from the doorway. He shrugs with a small smile and points down at the couch.

I make my way over to him, dropping my bags in a trail along the floor. My back is going to hunch like an old lady by the time I’m thirty because I always take half the apartment with me when I leave for class. My shoes hit the couch with a thud as I fling them off.

I regret making all the noise because now I see that Simon isn’t alone on the couch.

Baz is curled up with his head in Simon’s lap, eyes peacefully closed and resting. Simon uses one hand to balance a textbook on the arm of the couch, and the other hand is holding Baz’s. He must have fallen asleep like that.

“He fell asleep as soon as he got here,” Simon whispers.

“He must be exhausted. Isn’t he taking more than a full course load this quarter?”


“I’m glad he’s getting some sleep.”

“Yeah,” sighs Simon. “How was your lecture? Did you teacher give back your paper yet?”

“No.” It sweet of Simon to remember, because he really doesn’t have to. He still keeps up with what’s going on in my classes, even though we’re not in the same ones anymore.

We’re talking in hushed tones, and Simon closes his textbook to run his fingers across Baz’s hair. I don’t know if he’s consciously doing this, or if it’s a habit his hands have learned to do on their own. “Lecture was good, though,” I say. “I got in a fight.”

“With the usual girl?”

“Yeah, the Tory. I gave her such a good smack down. A few people clapped.”

I grab the blanket we keep near the couch and lay it over Baz. It’s the big blue one with down inside and it’s also his favorite—I can’t believe I know this. I never thought I’d have a future where I would know Baz Pitch’s blanket preferences.

“You’re going to become friends with her one day,” Simon tells me.

I roll my eyes. “Not all of us make peace with our enemies by snogging them, Simon.”

He grins at that and looks down at Baz, and I see him get lost for a bit. I give them hell for their stupid flirting, mostly because it pales to moments like this. Quiet moments, when they both find some peace by being together. I wonder how long he’s been bound to this couch, trying not to disturb his sleeping boyfriend.

They were supposed to go to a fancy restaurant tonight, and Simon put a lot of effort into getting a reservation. I don’t think Simon cares that they’re missing it. With the way Simon is looking at Baz right now, I think that this is Simon’s idea of a date. Spending time close to each other, making sure they’re taking care of themselves. Staying inside, away from the pressures of the city. Inside, where Baz can fall asleep on Simon’s lap when he needs, and Simon can play with his hair.

“You guys are sweet,” I say. Simon rolls his eyes, but he’s still smiling. “Let’s get take out when he wakes up.”

There’s quiet for a few nice moments, but then I look at Baz and find that he’s looking at me.

“I’m not asleep anymore, Bunce.” The tosser. He heard me.

“Good morning, love,” says Simon. I think Baz would start poking fun at me, but he responds to Simon’s voice like a call, immediately turning to look at him. Everything about Baz changes when Simon calls him ‘love’. They’re getting lost in staring at each other.

“It’s still the evening, Snow,” Baz protests. He pulls Simon’s hand from his hair, kisses it, then holds it to his chest.

I make a big show of groaning and loudly place our food order, but I’m happy for them. There are so many times that we could have fallen apart, but we haven’t. Not yet. And I don’t think we will. I think we’re going to keep on getting through this.

I hang up the phone and am forced shove a pillow in their faces because they’re snogging. Already.

“But I thought we were sweet, Pen,” says Baz, and I smack him with a pillow again, then jump on the couch to sit between them, the three of us nestled under the blanket, hiding from the world and waiting for our food to arrive. It’s such a lame way to spend Friday night, but it’s what we usually do. I think we earned this, after everything. 

Above me, I hear a wet smacking sound. Being short is horrible, sometimes.

“I swear, if you are snogging directly above my own head I will invent a new spell so horrible you will never recover.”

I feel them break apart from either side of me. Baz laughs, but his voice still sounds sleepy when he speaks to me. “Tell me about the smack down you gave at lecture today. And from the beginning, your lecture stories are always epic.”

They are epic. But still, it’s nice to hear it from him. I start from the top.

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SnowBaz au/headcanon where Simon is deaf and Baz learns ASL so he can talk to Simon and they eventually become (more than?) friends

lmao okay you gonna make me cry while writing this. 

- Baz was a smart bloke, always ready for class and always participating, he’s sharp as a knife and teachers love his remarks; but his all time favorite thing to study are languages. 

- He was raised as a bilingual kid, but later in life moved to another country, needing to learn another, complete foreign to him, language. That is when he realized his passion.

- By the age of fifteen he already spoke 5 languages and was now learning Latin, he had all the teachers impressed, and even the jocks of the school asked him to teach them new curse words (which Baz being Baz, he of course provided them with). 

- When Baz comes in to class after a few weeks, he sees a new student, all bronze messy locks, sitting next to his unassigned assigned spot. He’s ready a book about physics, and Baz can already tell that he can get used to this cute boy.

- Baz puts his bag down and sits next to the boy, he says hello but it seems like the boy just ignores him, so he taps his shoulder, and when the boy looks up at him with his blue eyes, Baz knows he’s a goner. 

- Baz says hi introducing himself, but he notices that the boy isn’t looking directly at him but at his lips, and when he introduces himself with a weird lisp using hand moments Baz realizes, he’s deaf. 

- However that does not stop Baz. 

- He starts writing Simon notes and texting him, sometimes directly talking to him but not much as Simon revealed that he’s kind of bad at reading lips. 

- It was about 2am on a friday when Baz realized that he was falling in love with Simon Snow, he realized that as they were watching a movie together (yellow subtitles for snow), limbs tangled (???) under the blanket, and Baz ran his hands though Simon’s hair.

- When Simon fell asleep Baz took out his phone, he knew what language he wants to study next. 

- At first Simon didn’t notice anything about Baz, but as the days moved on Si started noticing all the different hand movements that Baz started using, even when he just gave Si a note. 

- It was one of those nights again when Baz nudged Simon’s shoulder, and he looked up at him. Baz sat him up and looked him in the eye smiling as he signed “I Love You” to Simon, and Baz swore that Si lit up brighter than a Christmas tree as he saw that, he smiled so wide and it seemed like he was about to cry, as he threw himself into Baz’s embrace. 

- Baz was still learning but in a few weeks they talked in ASL, and as they lay down in the grass on a spring day, the flowers from the near by blossoming cherry tree flying in the wind, Simon turns to Baz, and decides to do something he was thinking about even before the night Baz told him he loved him. (hE FUCKING PUNCHED HIM jk)

- Baz looks at Simon, and Si’s cheeks are so red, but Simon closes his eyes and he kisses the boy laying next to him, and as he disconnects Baz just smiles and signs “Can we do this more often?” to which Simon happily nods. 


send me more prompts and stuff i love writing (i do mostly snowbaz, phan, joshler, destiel, otayuri and viktuuri) 

Maybe in Your Dreams

A fic for @snowbaz-feda
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1622
Summary: At night, Simon dreams about kissing Baz and all the things he loves about him. By daylight, he forgets about all that in the same way he doesn’t allow himself to think. By daylight, he hates Baz and worries that he’s plotting. He’s lucky he doesn’t remember the dreams because it would never go well if he did. Or would it?

Baz hair looks soft. It always does. And I always want to touch it. Now he looks at me, softly. A gaze I’ve never seen from him. Not directed at me, anyway. Then, suddenly, his lips curl into a smile and I’m gone. If only he’d smile like that all the time, if only I could always wash the frown off his face. If only I could make him stop hurting. I know that he is, beneath the surface. I know that, really, Baz Pitch is just like me. It hurts me to know that.

It breaks my heart and his hair looks soft and I want to touch it. That, too, breaks my heart. There’s a reason for that, but I don’t think of it now. All I think about is his jawline. It looks so sharp as though he could cut himself on it. His face is made of edges, but it goes soft when I touch his cheek. His hair frames his face gently, his nose is slightly crooked but it makes the whole picture only more interesting. There’s a storm going on inside his eyes.

I think what I always think when I look at him. Why does he have to be so bloody perfect? Everything about him is.
And then he makes a mistake. Because he whispers: ‘Simon,’ and he should never call me that. Not in that perfect voice of his. Because it’s hard enough to pretend when he hates me, it’s even harder when he doesn’t.

All the rules I’ve set up for myself. I’d break them. Any time. If he just called me by my name.
I bury my hands in his hair and pull him a little closer. He cocks an eyebrow at me and for a second I think we’re fighting but then he urges forward and our lips meet.
Don’t even get me started on his lips. The things he could do with them… But it’s not even about the kissing. It’s being connected to him, being together with him and feeling free. If only I had this kind of freedom.

The alarm clock rings and Simon grunts. It’s the start of another day. He wants to stay in the dream for a few more seconds, but Baz has already left for breakfast. And he needs to watch Baz at all times, because he cares about him… So much…
That thought jerks Simon awake properly. His eyes snap open and he shakes his head, confused. Need to watch Baz… Because he’s plotting. Always is.
He surges and leaps out of the bed. Another day begins. He sighs and goes for the bathroom, thinking about the dream. It was a good dream, he knows that much. But no matter how hard he tries to remember, he can’t imagine what the dream was about.

In the breakfast hall, Simon watches Baz out of the corner of his eye. He’s sneering about something. Simon doesn’t think about the way his hair falls into place. He doesn’t think about how beautiful Baz’ lips would looks smiling. No, he thinks, certainly, Baz doesn’t have any feelings at all. Nothing can hurt him. Nothing can hurt Baz.

As he goes about his day, he thinks about Baz, because he just can’t help it. In the way you’d imagine him thinking about his enemy. Concerned. Fearful. Not in the way he thinks about him every night. In his dreams.

After school, Baz is waiting for him in their room. Simon is suspicious, but he doesn’t say anything. Baz looks strangely thoughtful and Simon wonders why he just looks into space, as though he was trying to solve a riddle. Simon thinks it would be best to just ignore him, but as he sits on his bed, trying to do homework, he feels Baz’ gaze linger on him. Something is wrong. He can tell. There is tension in the air and he doesn’t know where it came from. Suddenly Baz jumps up and Simon is too startled to move. Baz tackles him onto the bed, pinning his hands beside his head.
Calm down, Simon wants to say but all he manages to breathe out is 'Anathema.’
'You need to answer me a question,’ Baz hisses and his voice sounds broken. Simon is panicking a little bit. Not because he’s afraid, but because this situation is strange. Baz doesn’t sound like usual, when he wants to start a fight. No, he sounds emotional, like this is important to him. What could that be?
Simon is too surprised to resist. He doesn’t even defend himself. He just lays still and waits for the question.
'What did you dream about last night?’
'I don’t dream.’
'Everybody dreams.’
'Well, I don’t.’
'I know you do. I hear you talk in your sleep.’
'Then, apparently, I forget about the dreams in the morning.’
'That must mean they aren’t that important.’
No, Simon thinks, but doesn’t bother to correct him. That’s not what it means at all.

'I think, maybe I dream about Agatha.’
'Didn’t you break up?’
'That doesn’t mean that I stopped loving her, does it?’
Baz stays really quiet for a second, he looks down and lets go of Simon’s wrists, taking a step back. For some reason, Simon’s heart clenches.
'Yeah’ Baz says and swallows repeatedly. 'I guess.’
Baz seems weirdly restraint and Simon doesn’t know what’s happening. He doesn’t know what he did wrong, only that he did, and that he wants to stop it.
'Why do you care about my dreams?’ he asks and for some reason, he thinks he knows. But it doesn’t make any sense. Nothing makes sense.
'You said something. In your dream. Something really… weird.’
'What do you mean?’
'Something you would remember if you woke up. Because it would freak you out. But I guess there is a logical explanation to all of this.’
'Baz. What did I say?’
'It doesn’t matter now. I was wrong.’
'That’s what you said.’
'You said 'Baz.’ And then…’
'Then what, Baz? Please.’
'I love you.’
Simon freezes and his mouth goes dry and his heart beat speeds up and then – then he realizes that that is what he said in his dream. Not only that, he remembers it. Suddenly he remembers every thought he ever repressed and every dream he ever imagined for the cruelty of reality.

'Fuck,’ he whispers.

'It’s like you said. You probably dreamed about Agatha. And I was there, trying to snatch her away from you. And that’s why you said my name, before confessing your love to her. That’s what must have happened.’
'Probably? Why do you say probably? What else should I have dreamed?’
’S-sorry, I-’
'No, I asked you a question.’
'I thought that – for some reason – you dreamed… about… me.’
'And that made you angry,’ Simon whispers, eyes wide. 'Didn’t it?’
'Fuck off.’
'Do you know about dreams, Baz? In your dreams, you can’t lie to yourself. In reality, you can.’
'Bullshit. I lie to myself in dreams all the time. And for fuck’s sake, I couldn’t lie to myself when I’m awake if I wanted to. And believe me, I want to.’
'I remember it now. I remember it all. I dream because dreams don’t hurt you. Reality does.’
'What are you on about?’
Simon stands up, stepping closer to Baz, to face him.
'I thought you were plotting. I worried about it all the time. I was stupid.’
'So I keep telling you.’
'Don’t be mean, Baz, please. I’m trying to be honest with you.’
'Honest about what? It’s no secret that you think I’m a lying, mischievous-’
He doesn’t say it, he doesn’t think it, he just does it.
The world is ending. Or maybe it isn’t. He wouldn’t know if it was. He doesn’t know anything. Only that, when he lays his hand on Baz’ cheek, his face doesn’t go soft. It just freezes. And he doesn’t talk any more. He leans closer and then he feels his lips – damn. Damn those lips, this is so much better than dreaming. He buries his hands in Baz’ hair, like he always dreamed of doing. Carefully, he strokes the soft skin beneath Baz’ ear. But Baz doesn’t go soft. He doesn’t do anything. This is not a dream.

When Simon pulls away from him, Baz stares at him in shock.
'What,’ he mutters. 'What was that.’
He looks so confused that, for a moment, Simon pities him.
He smiles ever so sadly. 'This is why it hurts. This is why I’d rather dream. Because in my dreams, you’d kiss me back.’
And Simon will go away, before Baz realizes what happened and punches him. He wishes he had never remembered his dreams. There really was a reason why he didn’t allow himself to think. But now it’s too late. He’ll never be able to forget about kissing Baz.

Looking at Baz hurts, staying here hurts, but he knows that leaving will hurt even more. Still, he turns away.
No need to make it worse than it already is.
Except. There’s a hand. On his arm. A hand that stops him.

'You fool,’ Baz says and Simon would be hurting if he hadn’t said it so softly.
'What do you think I dream about, huh?’

'I don’t know, killing me, maybe?’
'You absolute idiot.’
And then Baz kisses him again.
'This is what I dream about.’
'Then how do we know we’re not dreaming right now?’
'We can’t.’
'So, I don’t care.’
'Me neither.’
They kiss again. And when they wake up in the morning, curled up in each others arms, it will still feel like a dream. But it won’t be.

Make it Permanent (Snowbaz AU)

– Simon –

I’m exhausted. I haven’t slept more than 3 hours a night in weeks. I’ve been staying awake, watching Baz, trying to figure out what he’s planning. I’m sure Baz is up to something and I’m going to stop him. Penny doesn’t believe me of course (she hasn’t since fifth year) but he’s been staring more than usually lately and I’m certain he’s plotting my death. Penny thought this was ridiculous when I brought it up to her.

“Penny,” I had whined, “He won’t stop staring with his evil grey eyes and sometimes- sometimes he even smiles! I swear he’s thinking of all the ways he could kill me.”

Penny had just rolled her eyes and told me to drop it and focus on my homework.

School is a whole other issue. I just can’t get myself to focus on elocution and how slang affects spells when I know none of it is going to help me. I’m hopeless at magic. The only thing I can do is explode with it. I’m a weapon of mass destruction and I don’t fancy going off in the middle of class cause I tried to cast something as simple as dime a dozen. So instead I stare out of the window, gazing out at the Wavering Wood, listening to the sounds of my classmates casting spells in the classroom behind me. Most of the time, none of the teachers will call me out. They’re all scared I’ll go off too. They’d much prefer leaving the precious chosen one daydreaming out the window than risk having to clean up after me when I fuck up. Assuming I leave anything behind once I go off. So far I’ve managed to protect everyone when it does happen, but the risk is far too great. I most likely would have been expelled from Watford on the grounds that i’m a danger to the whole fucking world if I wasn’t the Chosen One.

The bell ringing distracts me from my thoughts and I push myself out of my desk, smiling at Penny when I meet her outside the door of the classroom.

My thoughts drift as we walk across the great lawn.

“Simon. Simon are you even listening?”

I glance over at Penny and realize she’s been talking to me the whole time.

“What? Sorry Pen. I’m exhausted.”

“Oh, Si.” she puts her hand up against my cheek and I lean into it. “How much sleep are you getting? You can’t stay up all night keeping an eye on him. He may be a nocturnal vampire, but you aren’t.”

“I know. I know,” I sigh.

“Look, just try and get some sleep tonight,” she says, “promise?”

“I promise.”

“Good.” She smiles at me. “Now I need to get to class. I’ll see you at supper, yeah?”

“Yeah.” I smile back and she turns, setting off back across the lawn.

I yawn. I still have two more classes today, but I could probably fit a quick nap in before my next one. I head closer to the Wavering Woods and flop down into the grass, my back against a tree. Just a quick nap, I think as I start to fade off.

– Baz –

I hurry out towards the Wavering Wood as soon as I get out of class. I haven’t had any blood for days because that idiot Snow has decided to start keeping odd hours, probably convinced I’m up to something again. Whatever his issue with me is this time, I haven’t been able to sneak out after hours without the danger of him following me like he did fifth year. I couldn’t risk it. But I’m starving and I need to drink something, at least a small badger, before my next class. My fangs have been popping every time a breeze blows my way, I feel like I’m thirteen again and just getting used to having fangs at all.

I’m so distracted that I don’t notice the sleeping boy beneath the trees until I trip over him. I crash down in a tangle of limbs and flailing.

“Fuck! Fuck! Are you alright? I’m so sorry! Fuck-”

I turn to see who I stumbled over and see curls and bright blue eyes, wide after being woken up so suddenly.

“Oh. It’s just you.” I sneer. “Hello Snow.”

He blinks stupidly at me for a moment, eyes as wide as saucers. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh you know. Just going for a nice stroll between classes until I was tripped by some idiot sleeping under a tree.”

He looks affronted at that. And he bloody well should be. It’s his fault I’m in this mess in the first place.

“Were you spying on me?” Snow narrows his eyes.

I scoff. “Snow, if I was spying on you, you wouldn’t know it. Now seeing as I’m practically in your lap, I think we can both come to the conclusion that is not what I was doing.”

And then I realize, I’m practically in his lap. Our legs are all tangled up together and I’m basically lying across him, my elbows in the dirt, scuffing up my button-up. I think he realizes this as well as I feel him start to shift his legs underneath me.

“Um…” he starts, blushing like mad. “Could you maybe, you know…” he trails off, gesturing at me.

“Right,” I say. My cheeks would be turning red if I had enough blood in me.

There’s a moment of almost silence as we try and untangle ourselves. Just Simon’s loud breathing.

I manage to get my arm up and around Simon to try and push myself up before I stop.

The world sways and spins around me.

“Are- are you alright?” Simon asks.

“Yeah,” I say, trying to push a sneer back on my face. “Yeah, I just. Y’know I think I may have hit my head”

Everything suddenly comes to a sharp focus as Simon puts his hands in my face, pulling me down closer to him. I realize I’m now completely on top of him, my hands on either side of his head. Aleister Crowley, as if this day could get any worse.

“Baz, Baz. Look at me.” Simon sighs. “Look, I may hate you, but I need to make sure you don’t have a concussion or something.”

I glance back down at him and his blue blue eyes stare into mine. I’m pretty sure I’m blushing now. What little blood left in me all rushing to my face at my closeness to Simon. After moments that seem like years staring into the depths of his eyes, he relaxes a bit.

“Okay,” he says, yawning a bit, “You’re probably fine but maybe you should just, stay here a bit.”

I nod my assent, too dizzy and distracted by Simon to argue.

He slowly guides me down to my elbows, and then to the ground, so that my right side is on the ground, but I’m still leaning against him. My head rests against his shoulder. I can feel his heartbeat, fast and steady through my palm that rests on his chest. I glance up and see him watching me, an odd look on his face.

“I still hate you, you know.” I nod and look away, pushing all of my panicked thoughts (what the fuck am I doing?) to the back of my head. I’m too dizzy to care what Simon feels for me at this moment, so long as I can stay curled up next to his warm body and feel his magic spark against his skin.

I slowly let my eyes fall shut, drifting off to the sound of Snow’s even breathing.

I wake up slowly, blinking at the twilight that has set in. The sun has gone down and I can’t remember what I’m doing outside. Then I glance over and see Simon. Simon, asleep beside me. I stare for hours, or maybe minutes, or maybe eternity. Tracing his moles from his eyelid to his cheek. Watching his chest rise and fall gently. How can he be so alive all the time? It fills me with envy. That he’s alive with such ease.

My stirring must have woken him, because his eyes open softly, piercing blue right into mine.

“Baz?” he whispers softly. Confused and still wrapped in sleep.

“What’re you doing here?” he mumbles.

“Shhhh, Simon” I say, because I can’t help myself. “You’re fine. Go back to sleep. You need it.”

“Mmm” he agrees, closing his eyes.

I start to shift, carefully trying to pull myself from his grip. I really need to feed, as much as I want to stay here with Simon forever.

“Where are you going?” he says softly.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.”

I stand and watch him curl in on himself in my absence, and then walk towards the woods.

– Simon –

I wake in my bed. Confused and alone. I glance around our room but don’t see Baz. I remember falling asleep. His soft hair brushing up against my cheek in the grass. He seemed so innocent and soft when he was injured. Dizzy from hitting his head when he tripped over me. His eyes soft and scattered. Like a baby bunny I needed to take care of. Bunnicula maybe. The bed next to me is empty, but I don’t remember how I got up here. Sleep starts to seep over me again and I let it, closing my eyes.

Some time later I wake to the door creaking open.

“Baz?” I ask.

He looks up from the door, his hair falling in his eyes which glint a steel grey in the darkness.

“Yeah?” he asks. I can hear the hesitancy in his voice.

I decide to start with the easy questions.

“What time is it?”

“Um, probably a little after midnight,” he guesses.

“Where were you?”

He huffs a laugh and starts moving towards his bed. For once, I decide to leave it alone.

“Wait,” I say as he begins to climb into his bed. He pauses and turns to look at me. I swallow, suddenly unsure of what I was thinking.

“Um, do you wanna, maybe,” I take a deep breath, “sleep here, with me, tonight?”

I don’t expect the genuine smile that lights his face as he moves towards me cautiously.

“You sure?” he asks.

“Yeah,” I say, smiling back. “That was the best sleep I’ve had in months.”

“Maybe if you weren’t up all night watching me…” he starts, wrapping his arms around me.

“Well we’ll just have to make this a more permanent thing, so I can always know where you are.”

He laughs quietly, “I don’t think I’d mind that.”


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 3.)


Part 1. - Part 2. 

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (pre-apocalypse)
Negan finally sees you again.
Word Count: 6,056
Warning: Sexual tension and Negan’s usual potty mouth!
Author’s Note: And the duo is back together!!! Wow, this is a long chapter! I didn’t expect to get distracted go off the rails in this one hehe. I’m glad you are all enjoying the story though! Things are going to pick up soon…

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms​)

Song: Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D’Angelo 

“Chris, it’s either I quit or I work for the both of you,” you argued. Having two jobs while going to school would be tough to handle, but you were sure that you would get used to it. Plus, having another job could help with the bills and then some.

“But why him? Of all people?”

“He asked me to work for him. Simon and I… We know each other. I told him that I couldn’t just leave this place. You gave me a job when I first moved here, Chris. So, I told him the same thing. Either I work for the both of you or I don’t work at all.”

Chris sighed, “But I get you for more hours than he does.”

“Well, yes, but let’s not tell him that,” you smiled.

“How is it going to be split up then?”

“I’ll work here weekends because I know it’s the busiest. The rest, I’ll work for him.”

“So, you’re telling me you’ll be working three days out of the week for me and the rest for him? How is that fair, [Y/N]?”

“Are you forgetting that I need a day off, Chris? It’s split evenly. Three days for you. Three days for Simon. I’ll work for him Monday through Wednesday and Thursday through Saturday for you.”

Chris narrowed his eyes. “You’re lucky we’re even negotiating this. If it were any of my employees, I would have let them go without having this conversation.”

“It isn’t too late, you know. You can fire me,” you grinned.

“Oh, and what? Let Simon have all the business? Yeah right. I’d be stupid if I did that,” Chris sighed. “So, today’s Monday…”

You nodded, “I’ll be across the street. This will work out. Trust me.”

“Oh, I trust you. It’s not you that I’m worried about… It’s Simon.”

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A Side of Me You Never Found - snowbaz

laST fic :((((((( thank you to @carryon-countdown for doin this amazing event for the fandom. here’s carry on countdown: chapter 61 :)



Is it so hard to believe, that maybe I like you?

The car is quiet on the way back to Baz’s manor.

Baz’s driving is slightly slower, less panicked and angry than before. Sometimes I don’t think he’s concentrating enough on the road, staring out to the horizon with his fingers pinching his bottom lip. I try not to stare, but it’s hard. Baz is so close, so here. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if… if I didn’t…

“Baz?” I ask.

He doesn’t react.

Until he pulls over.

And for the first time tonight, he relaxes.

“When you kissed me, did you mean to?” He interrogates softly.

Did I? Yes.

But…for how long?

I remember in fourth year, when I started to feel my relationship with Agatha slipping away from us both. When I swapped out my time with the girl of my dreams, to watch Baz (to study Baz). It was a pass-time that frustrated myself more than anyone, because there was something about Baz that I needed. Watching him, learning his habits and schedule, essentially obsessing over him for no reason other than my own obliviousness.

This continued through the next few years, even after everything he did to me. I never forget what he’s done, no, and I’m not even sure I forgive him, but I still admire him. For his strength, mostly, but also for his grace. Tonight is no different. He’s danger and chaos, but (paradoxically) I feel safer knowing he’s here.

Crowley, he’s here.

“Of course I meant to,” I answer softly.

“No, but did you mean it, Simon.”

Yes, Baz - I kissed you because I like you and I want to kiss you. Is that so hard to believe?”

He gives me a sorry glance. We stay silent for as long as is needed, until he slowly reaches across his body to un-click his seat-belt.

“Where are you going?” I worry, remember what happened the last time this happened.

“Nowhere, I just-”

“Please, Baz.”

“I need to get out-”


And I grab him by the shirt and kiss him once more.

We don’t part. Even when our lips aren’t touching, our foreheads stay pressed together. I look at him, but his eyes are closed. For what feels like forever, we stay in that moment. Baz doesn’t move at all, but my hands drift   from his chest, to arms, to neck and jaw. He sighs when he opens his eyes, but smiles quietly as he kisses me once more.

“You, somehow, are the only thing that makes sense right now,” he tells me, barely audible. “Which is ironic, because you have never, in your life, made any sense with your mouth before.”

You know what gets me mad? When Simon isn’t with the other vampires. It annoys me that he doesn’t give a shit about them, when he is one. Yeah I know he has relationships and friendships with shadowhunters, but for God’s sake, you have a family now. Somewhere where you fit in, and you don’t take it? And the worst thing, is that Raphael is always there for him. He always has his back. Like when Simon said something and Luke’s pack got feisty with Simon, but Raphael jumped at them, protecting him. And when the spear killed almost all of the vampires, Simon didn’t even care. Like that’s his family for God’s sake. He would pick the shadowhunter’s side over his own clan. That’s just fucked up. Simon really needs to open his eyes.

Molded for each other.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, violence, more violence, smut (NSFW).

P.S: Thoughts are in italic.

Gifs by @grungedaddykinks and @mypapawinchester

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It’s been about 2 hours that you’re on top of Sanctuary looking around, people working, walkers on the gates… normal life on theses days. Suddenly you can hear the door open and closing and when you look behind you see Negan, he put Lucille aside the door and came close and hug you.

“Why I always get a feeling that you come here to run out of me?” He says while kisses your neck. “Or just want to commit suicide and abandon me?”

“Yes, cause the less painful way to die is cracking all my bones” you say sarcastically as always looking him on the corner of yours eyes.

He laughs, that maniacal/sexy laugh that’s a essence of him. 3 minutes passed while the two of you look around. Just breathing a little and enjoying the sun getting ready do dusk.

“Would you call me crazy if I tell you that I prefer the world in that way?” You say cracking the silence.

“Yeah, I fucking would” He looks at you with frowned brows.

“Is just… I mean of course have a lot of issues and in the start was a completely hell. But "normal life” was cliche, going to school, working, finding someone, marrying, having kids and blah blah. And I always thought that 95% of the people was never happy, like they just existed, not lived. And now we fight but at least people don’t act like they want to win a trophy for ‘The Best Friend’, is just more natural now. The planet isn’t dying like before, without wars or discrimination. And less buildings, less pollution. The planet is breathing again, after a long time. Actually I think all the walkers will serve as a good fertilizer one day.“ You say so deep in your thoughts.

"Wow, I forget how freaky-deaky that pretty lilttle head of yours can be” He says moving his hand to put a bit of hair behind your ear.

“Come on, think about it, before was boring, now we feel the adrenaline all the time” you say looking around, sort relieved.

“Y/N Y/L/N you’re something else” He says while incline his back.

“Says the man who maniacally kill people with a bat”  you tease him, giving a wink, Damn is nice play with danger.

“Do you want it to get personal hun? It might not end pretty way for you” Negan say while getting close to your soft lips, Feeling his breathing on your lips, and the heartbeat increasing, he might be able to hear it.

When things were getting closer to a kiss, Dwight open the door of the old fabric penthouse.

“Boss, sorry but we have a little problem” Dwight say with a worried expression.

“Is better be more than little for you cut my moment with that pretty ass freaky minded one” Negan say looking over Dwight with a annoyed face and next look at you showing that wonderful grin of him.

“A group that we get stuffs collected. Marcel called me on the radio saying that they’re coming with guns, three trucks and even a tank” Dwight say desperately looking at both of you, he was pretty scared, actually you though you never saw Dwight like that. It might be a big group coming.

Negan expression change in the moment, What was happening? Which group is that one?

“Get all the Saviors and heavy guns we have, and let’s put some charge in that shit” Negan says looking at you and going after Dwight, you didn’t know what to do, actually you got worried. A tank? They can blow it here, which group can it be? Not Alexandria, or Hilltop even less The Kingdom. But I know Negan has plenty places to get people to work for him you thought.

While you were lost in thoughts you heard Negan calling “Y/N, don’t worry I will fix that shit up. Isn’t the first group of fucker whose think it can change the new world” you give him a nod.

“Come with me, let’s get ready for put these idiots in place” Negan say with a annoyed place. More a day trying to put some control he thought.

You go to his room and get ready, got the small knife putting on the right boot, and the big one on the belt and your colt python putting the bullets inside, and a couple extra on the belt side. Whatever is going to happen, you need to get ready.

Negan get his radio asking for some of the Saviors how was everything. How close they were.

“Boss, I can see they coming in the front side. 3 trucks and a tank” Michael said in the radio, and in his voice he was scared.

“Chill your ass Tiny-Mike, I will put these fuckers on place. Call all the Saviors and tell them to find me on the front” Negan say and after turning off the radio he got out of the room and you followed him. When he see you following he stopped and says “What you think you doing Y/N?”

“Hmm, going with you?!”

“Na-ah you’re not going, is to dangerous out there, those fuckers don’t have love to they fucked up life’s anymore. You stay here and when I got back we can do whatever you want”

“Don’t act like I can’t protect myself, you’re the one that call me 'Feisty Badass’ for a reason. I’m going and have no way you’re not allowing me” you say determinedly looking into his hazel eyes, he put his hand on his salt and pepper beard looking frustrated. Probably knowing that’s no chance you are not going.

“Okay doll, you go too, but do not show mercy with them. They screw with and my men, and I smash they brain” When he say that, you can feel chills running up your spine, you know what Negan is capable. Everybody knows.

All the Saviors are ready and waiting for the “rebels ones”. Simon with a group on the front, Thomaz with a group on the left side, Richard with the right one and Sean on the back side. Meaning, the Sanctuary is ready for anything.

On outside, the sky was a mixture of orange with pink, The Saviors with all the Sanctuary ammo and ready. Negan look around with Lucille lazily on his broad shoulders. His bite his bottom lip a moment and look at the Saviors and turn around to give you a wink.

“They are here boss” Michael told Negan, and Negan wave at Arat and Dwight for the typical “put back the order”.

You all can hear the trucks coming and the load and powerful sound of the tank. When suddenly you hear a exploding sound coming of the tank hitting the left side of the Sanctuary, the explosion wasn’t big because it didn’t blow everything just a tiny part, and you actually are glad for that, for the result is a old one.

Negan make the signal to let the Saviors know that is to start the fire. Everyone start shooting and Negan walks closely, and see that the rebels was getting easily “removed”, Sean and his group get into the woods and attacked them from behind, killing most of the men and women there. Of 3 trucks and 1 tank with 25 people now have only 7. You run in direction to the tank but carefully to not let them know you’re going there when you got closely enough you get a grenade and display the safety and tosses it down the barrel of a tank. When you throw it inside, you hear screaming coming of inside of it, and you see a man trying to open above it to get out but the grenade explode in the exact hour. Even in that world and after everything you had to do to survive, It always get you sad when you kill someone.

Suddenly you feel someone holding your waist, and with a hand on your mouth. You freak out , didn’t know who is it, when you hear “Stop with that, it will only got worse” and then you feel his face on your neck where he lick it and say “Hmmm, I know you, you’re Y/N. Negan favorite little toy right? Well he screw my life, now he will feel the same feeling” you get so desperate that start jumping and trying to kick him. “We will get out of here right now, and you better stop” in middle of the desperation you realise if he is with both hands on your body, he is not holding any gun, you bite his hand and kick his right knee, turn around and put the gun on his face, he start to laugh and you see that his face is burned in the right side, like Dwight. Was him from here?

The guy start to laugh, and you can’t hold yourself but punch him. You tell him to walk on front, and you both walk back where Negan are, the gun never leaving his head.

When you get back you hear Negan asking Arat where are you, then you yell to let he see you.

“Holy smoke, look at this, my ex favorite ass Savior. Robbie the robber, I didn’t knew you was with that group. That’s a surprise since you help killing they friends once” Negan say looking him up and down. “Go to the lineup you fucker” when Simon get his left arm to put him on his knees, you clean your neck with a bandana that is always in the pocket of your pants. Negan eyes on seeing what you’re doing  "You’re okay? What happened over there? Why you wasn’t fucking here? Y/N you need to stay in a place that I can fucking see you.“

"I saw a opportunity and since we don’t need more broken pieces here, I went to blow the tank”

“Blow the tank?” He ask while looking for the tank.

“Yes, I put a grenade inside it and I kill the men inside, I think it had at least 2.” You say putting the bandana back on your pocket.

“Damn doll, I think I might just have a boner after hearing that. But I have some things to do now. You can get inside, all under my control now” he says pointing to the old fabric.

“No, I want to see you kill that fucker.” You say and nod your head towards 'Robbie the Robber’.

“What, what did that bad-made-fuck did?” Negan say getting pissed.

“He hold me and tried to sequester me, and in mean while he licked my neck.” You can feel Negan face burning when he got to the lineup. You following him to see what was about to happen.

Five guys on the lineup, Robbie there never leaving his eyes of you. The others look like they’re pissing they pants. Some of the Saviors around, other making sure to shoot the head of the “fresh dead” and getting a few ones to put on the gates before they wake up (in a dead way).

“Hot diggity dog, look at these ungrateful asses. Me and my men keep you fuckers safe and you piece of shit just threaten me and my people? Not cool.” Negan says walking through them. Now that is darker, Dwight and Thomaz turn on the cars headlights. You start having flashbacks, when you first met Negan, in the lineup. You instantly shake your head to forget these memories. You love Negan, but it wasn’t like that always.

“You know what Robbie? Universe gives you a sign, and you just shove your finger right up its ass. You’re a little coward” Negan get down to hold Robbie face on his hands. “You were one of my trust’s ones, and when I caught you hooking up with one of my wives, that was a grave no no. But I didn’t killed you, of course I made a badass mark that screw your sexual life forever, but .. either way I was pretty merciful. And you, you prick just run away. Was that all about hun Robbie? Running and find some group to try attack my Sanctuary? My house? My men? My wife?!” Negan eyes went dark when he mention you, one the things you more love about him, is the way he hates when man get advance with woman. And in that case, of his woman.

Negan get up and look at all of their faces “Now I think I might just smash your stupid heads with Lucille. She is fucking thirst. I mean, I think you prick’s remember how dirty she is. She is a vampire bat. Let’s start it” when he beat the first one, he beat it hard. The guys aside crying and praying, but Robbie was still looking at you like you was dinner.

“Well, that one was good. Had a long time I didn’t do it. My baby Lucille is very fucking happy right now.” He says with that maniacal smile. “But do I kill you two?” And then the guys start to cry and ask him for mercy, telling that they’ll do whatever Negan wants. “Hell yeah, you will. So hear me now you fuckers. You will go back to your little happy group, and tell them to not try play the hero’s.” They shake their heads desperately nodding, and even when you look away to make sure all is safe, You can feel Robbie eyes burning on your body. Negan go to Robbie and put Lucille on his face, Robbie look at him slowly with a grin on his face.

“Robbie Robbie, let me ask you something. You ever hear the one about the stupid little prick name Robbie the Robber who thought he knew shit but didn’t know shit? And is a ungrateful ass? Well you piece of shit, it’s you and guess what, coming here thinking you have any power, and I don’t like it. And I do not appreciate you killing my men. And I DO NOT APPRECIATE YOU HOLDING MY WIFE TRYING DO SOMETHING WITH HER” Negan punch him in the same side you did earlier. Robbie start to bleed and spit on the floor some blood. And look at you again. Negan get his face on his hands and make him look at him. “Don’t be rude asshole. Say sorry to her now!”

“Why would I? She is just some other pussy for you fuck when you’re feeling into the mood. She is not special, actually she is, if she was here when I still worked for you, Fuck… I would had shoved my dick into her cunt untill she bleeds. You got luck with that hot one, I mean Sherry is hot” Robbie says looking over Dwight giving a wink; “But that one?! She is hotter. What her name? Number 7? Number 8?” Negan punch him again and again.

“STOP” You scream making Negan stop and looking behind him, he face confused. “Let me smash his head” Negan realized you is referring to Lucille, he look at her and then at Robbie who was with a swollen face and blood coming out through his nose and mouth.

“Damn it, of course you can my doll. Hot diggity dog. Look at her everybody, she is just insane as me”. You give a small smile, but your eyes fixed on Robbie. You got closer to him, got Lucille and Negan step back. “Any last words you fucker?” You say playing Lucille carefully knowing that if you broke her Negan would be beyond angry.

“Just to tell you’re damn stupid if you think he loves you, trust me you would be better with me.” You laugh and look to the sky, “Seriously, that is the last line of your miserable life? Well, that’s just… It makes me sad… I mean, you should say something with more impact. Not a phrase that makes you seems more pathetic that you already seems. Come on, a second chance, you can do better than that”

“Fuck you, you cunt” You laugh while shakes your head “Fuck, you’re shit at dying, you know that?” And then you bring Lucille over his head, is such a powerful feeling. You get why Negan do it, she is heavy but, you feel like a heroine. When all you can see is blood and smashed pieces of what was a brain, you stop look at your side seeing the others guys looking at you with so much fear, the fear that they have of Negan.

You feel more flashbacks, flashbacks when you saw Negan killing your friends, and now you’re killing somebody friend in the same way. You get out of the though’s when you feel Lucille getting away of your right hand, you look around to see Negan with a happy and surprised face. “Damn, that’s is a big turn on. Hot damnit”. You let a shy smile.

“Okay fuckers, take a picture of that. And throw the body to the walkers.” Thomaz and Sean got the body. “Simon, Arat, make sure those fuckers go home safely, and well… make sure both of them let the others know exactly what happens with who messes with me, with us” he winks at you. Damn, you was kinda in shock but Negan is a sexy man. The sexier man alive in your view actually.

“Well, I will take a shower.” You say realising that’s blood everywhere on your shirt and a bit on your pants.

“I fucking want to join you doll. But I need see how it’s where those fuckers with a tank shoot. I don’t think it did some big damage, but I need to check it.” You nod and he got closer to kiss your forehead. Was that real? Negan showing a cute affection demonstration in public, you feel butterflies. When you turn around, you can feel his gaze on your hips and ass.

After some time, after a hot relaxing shower. Negan come to your room, he probably had a shower too, cause he is clean and without Lucille. “Why you aren’t on my room?” His says when he saw you picking some comfy clothes to sleep.

“I didn’t know if you want spend some time with one of the girls. And I definitely didn’t want to open the door and have a surprise.” You say without looking at him, disarming the gun and putting it on the small closet.

“What? Y/N after the hardening cock show you did out there, I think I couldn’t fuck any one else but you” he says getting closely to hug you, you move to get out of his grasp.

“Wow, you’re a real life gentleman” Negan realize your sarcastically mood.

“What? What you’re bitching about?”

“Nothing Negan, forget it” You say looking around the room to avoid his eyes. Those sexy eyes.

“No, tell me what’s wrong? Is because of that bastard? Cause come one darlin’ he deserved it”

“Is just… he sort had a point” You say while play with you hair.

“In exactly fuckin’ what ?”

“That I’m ‘just another pussy for you to fuck’” You say looking in his eyes.

“Seriously? That’s why you’re acting like that?” He says with a annoyed look; “Listen doll, you know you’re special to me” when he say that getting close to hold your cheeks on his hands, you got away of his grasp.

“Yes, cause this isn’t definitely something someone told to get laid before” You say rolling your eyes.

“Listen, I know the liars assholes you had deal with, but I’m a man of my fucking word darlin’. And if I say that you’re special is because you fucking are. Do you understand?” Negan say coming close to your body. The heat coming from him make you feel relaxed yet tense.

You nod, but wasn’t 100% sure about that; ‘Come on I don’t care if the world is shit and have corpses walking around eating people; Is hard see someone you love with someone else, fuck especially with a group of “someone else’s” ’ you thought.

“I don’t think you do” Negan say holding your hips and looking into your eyes “Let me show you how much especial you’re to me baby” he says quite on your ear, that sexy deep voice of his, anyone could get in the mood just hearing it.

“Show me” Was all it takes to he grab your hand and lead you two to his room. When got there he waste no time closing the door and coming back to you, to your lips, his kisses, damm it. So deep and sweet, and the way he suck your lower lip make your knees weak; and you know how weak he gets when you bite lightly his lips, so you start playing that tease game too. After some minutes of kisses you two sit on the couch, your legs kneeling in the side of his hips and your mouths working together like the were molded for it.

“Baby, is about you, get off your clothes and get to bed” Negan says with a voice of predator while kisses your neck.

“Take them off to me” You say putting your face in front of his to watch his pupils dilated with lust.

His eyes wild with desire, he take the end of your shirt putting out, while Negan see your bra he cup his hands around the fabric, while look up at you and start kissing the part above your beautiful breasts. You instantly start to grind your hips on his lap, needing some friction of that Greek god on this apocalyptic world.

“I love those, are one of my fucking favorites doll. But I prefer you without it” and then he unclasped it taking them slowly of your shoulders, watching how your hard nipples look already just for him. Negan let it fell and instantly get your right nipple on his mouth, sucking so lightly and sexy, is like he isn’t rushing anything. He wants you to feel it all. Want to prove a point to you.

“Oh Negan, oh baby” You says while putting your hand on the back of his head massaging it knowing that he loves it. He finish the right one to go for the left doing the same thing, but that time he is biting lightly while move your hips on his lap.

He stop his track on your breasts to start on your neck, while kissing it he see that have a part that It’s sort red and swollen. “What is that?” He says worried.

You put your hand on your neck, the part where “Robbie the robber” had licked, you forgot how hard it was trying to cleaning it at the hardest you could.

“Hmm, is because I wash it harshly, is where that guy licked”

“Son of bitch, I’m glad that bastard is dead. By the way well fucking done baby” he says kissing it, “I’m the one that can kiss here, and every-fucking-where on that hot ass body” he says kissing it while gripping your breasts on both hands, then you feel his hands going off your breasts to go to your hair, pulling it aside to have more space.

“Let’s go to bed, it need to be romantic tonight, other day we can do some foreplay over here” he smirk, knowing the effect it has on you when you remember one day the two of you were over here doing some “hot stuffs” when Simon came in and saw and you got really shy about it. And couldn’t face Simon for 2 weeks.

When you was starting to get up from his lap he shake his head “No no no, let me” then he lift you by my your thighs and walk through his bed. Is always pleasant lay on his bed, that bed is like a cloud. Is a luxurious that is rare on these days.

Negan start to taking of his jacket when you got up, get on your knees on the bed “Let me” and with his eyes locked on yours, you take it off letting hit the floor, then drag your fingers up and down on his biceps, analyzing the tattoos, passing your hands on his chest feeling it clench under the white shirt. Damn. That man was made by God on hands.

You take off his shirt and start to kiss his neck and his chest, you got the belt and start taking it off. You let it fell and start kissing his hip bone. And start kissing until get in the boxer line. He lift your chin carefully up like you was made by glass and with that sexy voice says “No darlin’, is for you remember?” And then you got to met his lips, he kiss you, more lustful that time, you two get in the bed and start making out, his colossal hands going through your hips, abdomen, breasts and going down again going to lift your ass making you grind in his fresh erection.

He stop, get your face on his hands and kiss you softly, when he get out to breath he look in your eyes “I fucking love you doll, don’t let any motherfucker or motherfucking thing change your mind about that.” You nod getting his face on your hands, his salt and pepper beard tickling lightly your hands, and since you whole body is relaxed it makes goosebumps. Negan start to kiss your nose, your forehead, your cheeks looking in your eyes again. Then he start kissing your temple, your jawline, and then neck and collarbone.

“Oh daddy” you let it out while feeling his hot wet kisses on your sweet spot.

“Yes darling?!” He say and you can feel his smiling on you neck between kisses when you called him that pet name.

“Please, do something” you say while grinding into his boxer looking for friction. And you felt it, his already hard as rock.

“I’m already doing it doll” he kisses between your breast.

“Quit teasing me Daddy” you say letting your head fell back on the pillow.

Negan kiss your body moving lower, he stop and kiss your hips biting it softly both of them. He take out your short shorts and drag it out of your fresh shaved legs, he kiss you from your toes to the legs until he reach your thighs biting and making hickies on it. When he get to your panties he look up and say “Goddamn darlin’, that’s a heavenly fucking view. If I get to chose how I’ll die, I would definitely pick that fucking view.” His words make shivers run up your spine. 'How can he be that hot?!’ You thought and somehow you think he can hear it since he smirks.

Suddenly he put his hand on your left leg, lifting up putting it on his back, and then you feel he licking your wet folds outside the thin red pantie. He licked it over and over, slowly his beautiful lips press on your clit, your back arch with that sensation. He take your leg off his shoulder and then he gets the sides of the pantie and put it out of you, you look at him with desire wanting to have him inside you already.

Negan look at your beautiful pussy and let a moan with some line like “Holy fuck”, you aren’t sure since you’re desperate for him. He kiss above your clit, kiss your folds, kiss close to your entrance, kiss everywhere but your clit. Then he bring his long finger and put one inside you and start kissing your clit, then he insert a second finger and start moving it faster and you instantly grab your breast trying to make it even better, you start grinding on the bed and Negan left arm grab your hips making you unable to move. When you thought it wasn’t getting any better he put a third finger there you moan loudly at the sensation, he keep moving inside you, then he curled it, and you can feel a burning sensation on your lower belly, a fire. “Fuck doll, I can feel you about to come, just the way you’re squeezing my fuckin’ fingers” he saying practically moaning, kissing your clit harshly. And all that sensations and that deep voice was enough to send you over the edge. Yours hips bucking up still being holding by his arm as you feel the wave go through your body, you put your hands on his beautiful hair, squeezing it lightly. When you calmed down a little you look down looking at Negan while he suck his fingers.

He got up kissing your body again until he reach your upper lip kissing it softly. You moan and put your hands on his neck putting his face towards you, you two make out and then you move and now you’re on top of him. He look at you, massage your sides with his hands up and down your hips and go to you breasts, he get up and kiss your lips again, you got lost in the kiss that you didn’t even realised he move you again and he is above you. He start kiss your neck, your face, your temple and over and over, you can feel you become wetter and needy for him. He drag his hand to your ass cheek and turn your body, now you’re laying on your stomach. Negan start kissing behind your neck, going down, he get on your ass cheeks and start kissing it and biting lightly, while he kiss one he put his hand on the other massaging it and giving some slaps on it and then massaging again. “Ahh” you let as a moan when you feel the slap. He keep working there, and then he get higher, kissing your lower back licking, kissing, biting, sucking. The sensations burning in you. Then he get higher and get on your ear “Damn it darlin’, your body is a fucking masterpiece. Fuck I could worship you all day long”, then he get your hair and pull it making you getting up putting your head on his solid body, you moan and he moan back. You can feel his cock grinding on your butt cheeks. Damn it.

Negan moved you, now you’re on your left side and Negan on his right, you kiss him and go kiss his neck, you see a opportunity and start pumping his cock up and down slowly making him moan on your mouth. He is so hard that is almost painful for him. You let a little giggle on his neck licking and biting it.

“Enough, I can’t cum without making you cum again.” He says grabbing your hand of off his marvelous cock.

“What a gentleman” You say the second time in that day.

“For the right one I can fucking be baby girl” he say giving a sexy grin.

Then he kiss you and put you closely to his body, you can feel his erection on your thigh and you moan immediately. You can’t get any longer without feeling him inside you.

Then he put your right leg upper his hips and positioned himself inside you, you two look at each other eyes, Negan kiss you lustful and put his hands in your back pulling you even closer to him, like he never want you to let go. You put your arms around him, one under him and holding his left shoulder, and the other on his ribs massaging it. He guide himself inside you slowly, strengthening every inch, he moan on your mouth and stop kissing to close his eyes, probably lost in the pleasure of your bodies becoming one.

When he get all in, he start slamming into you. You can feel his thick, long cock hitting places you didn’t know it has, maybe on that position it make it deeper.

After kisses, trusts, you can feel the pleasure building again, that time harder and even better, your walls start to get tight around him and it makes him getting almost there too.

When you come around his cock moaning on his mouth he open he eyes to watch your face, your face that is overflowing with pleasure because of him. He put you on your back and trust a feel more times riding your orgasm. Then you put your legs around his lower back, putting him even closer. Then with all the pression and pleasure he feel his orgasm going to hit and you feel another wave hitting you, a smaller that time, but still good.

He get his cock out of your pussy and cum on your stomach, getting a bit on your breasts. He lie in your side, both of you tired mess after that great feeling.

“Holy fuck, that was hot as fuck. I mean I never made that position before, I thought that shit was cheesy. But fuck, I think I cum so hard on that way, like that fucking grenade you throw on the fucking tank earlier.” You giggle after hearing his language. You found sexy but funny sometimes.

He get up and you see him going to his bathroom to get a wet towel. 'Look at that ass’ you thought. When he come back he see you with your legs in a knee position moving it lightly, happy after what just had happened; 'She is so motherfucking cute. Hot damm it’ he thought. He gets into you and clean you up, then he went to his bathroom and throw the tower somewhere.

He get back and lay on the massive bed. “Goddamn baby, I know we just have a great ass time, but seeing you with all my cum on that beautiful body, fuck. I can feel my dick rising like the fucking sun” He says with a stupid smile on his face. “But I thought it had more on your titties” you look at him with a grin, and in the most sexual way you could find you say “It has” then he make a surprise face “Damn darlin’, you can fucking show me it later”.

You get up, to get his shirt and your pantie putting on your body “Am i going to sleep here?” You ask hoping he say yes.

“Hell fucking yes you will. Get you beautiful ass over here” you get into the bed, laying on his chest, he caress your hair and you fell asleep.

Holy shit, we were made for each other Negan thought drifting to sleep. Was a hard day with some rebels, but now laying in his bed in security and with his favorite fucking person in the world in his chest. Robbie the shitty robber wasn’t right no fuckin’ at all, she is not another pussy. She is my love. Negan thought giving a lightly kiss on your head and drifting to sleep.


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drunken hook ups//simon minter

request: Can you do an imagine where y/n is friends with the sidemen and the past few times they went out drinking her and Minter end up having drunk sex and don’t remember it each time but keep waking up naked together

the imagine is like the backstory to the request i guess? i just sort of went with the flow. hope you all like it! 

requests are open!

love you all xo

It wasn’t the first time you had woken up tangled up in the sheets with Simon Minter passed out next to you and it probably wasn’t the last time you would groan into his pillow due to your reckless behaviour from the night before. It was an odd sort of tradition that any time you went on a night out with the Sidemen you would end up in bed with Simon as you drunkenly exploring each others bodies.

Other than the occasional hook ups, the two of you have an average friendship, you weren’t all that close but you still cared for him probably more than you should. The longest conversations you two had shared were the early morning chats before you collected your clothes and called a taxi to go home. It was the perfect arrangement at first, however, now you were beginning to see Simon in a completely different way and you thought it was best to end it all.

Believe it or not, you had tried to, but as soon as you had a little bit of alcohol in your system the only person on your mind was Simon Minter.

You pulled the covers tighter around your body as you felt Simon begin to stir beside you. “Morning, (Y/N),” he mumbled without opening his eyes; he just knew you were going to be there.

“This needs to stop, Minter.” You’ve said those words before and every single time you knew you didn’t mean them. Except that one time when you discovered he ripped your favourite panties the night before, that’s when you really meant it, however it didn’t take long for you to cave. But this time, you needed it to be over.

“You and I both know that’s not going to happen,” Simon yawned. He turned around to face you with a cheeky smirk on his face and you rolled your eyes.

“I’m serious,” your tone became more sharp as you spoke which caused Simon’s face to drop. 

“That was the last time.” You quickly get dressed with your back to him before grabbing your phone and leaving the room in silence.

“Oh, fucks sake!” Those were the first words to leave your mouth when you opened your eyes to discover where you managed to end up the night before.

Simon was sat up against the headboard with his eyebrows raised towards you. “Funnily enough, those were my exact words when I woke up, too.” You covered your face with your hands, completely disappointed in yourself for going against your word.

“This is all Freezy’s fault for convincing me to go out last night.” You mutter loud enough for Simon to hear before you quickly point a finger at him, “and it’s your fault for letting it happen.”

My fault?” He quickly jumped to his own defense, “I was just as drunk as you were last night and I barely remember going to a party- never mind leaving with you!”

You both stare at each other, matching frowns on your faces, waiting for the other to cave and look away. You knew he was right, it wasn’t his fault, if anything you were both equally as responsible. This realisation doesn’t help with the problem you were currently facing with your conflicting feelings towards the silver headed boy.

“Where did all of this come from, (Y/N)?” He asked, “we’ve been sleeping together for months and of course, you can change your mind whenever you want but I want to know why.”

“Because,” you took a deep breath, “I don’t like the fact that the only time we have a proper conversation is when we’re waiting for my taxi to come.”

Your eyes were trained on your hands as you played with them nervously and wished for one of you to find the words to break the silence. Finally, he did.

“How about we go for a drink?” He suggested.

“What will getting drunk achieve? That’s what keeps getting us in this mess.” You raised your eyebrows at him, completely confused at his suggestion. Having a drink will just bring you both back to square one.

“No, I mean, like a date?” Simon’s voice dropped to almost a whisper as he spoke and he grabbed your hand in his to stop you from playing with your fingers. “We don’t have to go for a drink, we can just get dinner. Or we can just go for a coffee if you’d like. It can be like a new beginning.”

Your heart began to beat a million miles a minute as you listened to Simon stumble of his words with a smile slightly gracing the corner of his lips. His eyes found yours and his words suddenly stopped pouring out of his mouth as he waited for your reply.

“I would like to go on a date, Simon.” You gave his hand a light squeeze as he grinned at you, “new beginning?”

“New beginning.”


Request: I would love if you could write something sibling related! I’m a twin (I have a brother) and I think Negan would be a fun but way Overprotective Big brother. Maybe a day at The Sanctuary with Negan and his twin sister who likes Dwight. - @cherieann-2001

Pairings: Negan x Reader, Negan x Twin Sister!Reader, Dwight x Reader

Warnings: language.

Waltzing outside the doors of the Sanctuary, you were greeted by the brisk, warm air. Smiling to yourself, you hummed a quiet tune as you walked around, admiring your home. Sure it wasn’t the most beautiful place, but it was home to you, your brother, and a numerous handful of others. While entranced with your walk, you slammed into something and huffed a breath.

Your brother stood in front of you, with his usual shit-eating grin. Lucille was slung loosely over his shoulder as he whistled quietly. He slung his free arm over your shoulder and started to walk with you on your original path. You rolled your eyes as he walked with you.

“How is my favorite twin sister today?” Negan asked you, grinning at the Saviors that kneeled as the two of you walked by them. You shoved his arm off of your shoulder and punched him in the upper arm.

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mundane au | clizzy | after a breakup, clary decides to dye her hair pink and isabelle is her hairdresser

(somewhat inspired by this & anyone who ever made a gifset of clary with pink hair)

“Do you think I’d look good with pink hair?”

Simon looks at Clary, the slight surprise in his eyes fading as his thinking face comes out, like he’s honestly trying to picture it, because Simon is the kind of friend who wouldn’t even question why she’s asking.

“I think you might actually be able to pull that off,” he says after another few moments, a genuine smile on his face. While Clary was only half serious, having Simon think it’s a good idea makes her think she should actually do it.

It’s been a while since she’s done anything purely for herself, a while since she’s wanted to, especially after Adrian and her broke up. Well, if you can call him being an asshole and dumping Clary out of nowhere them breaking up. Simon calls it the best thing to happen since The Force Awakens came out, and Clary is finally at a point where she knows he’s right, Adrian was an ass and she’s better off without him.

And maybe making a visible change in her life might be exactly what she needs to fully put this behind her, to start fresh, as cheesy as that sounds.

She pulls out her phone and calls her hair salon, even more certain of her decision when it turns out someone had just canceled and there was an opening in about an hour, giving her just enough time to get there from the coffee shop she and Simon are at.

“Are you sure it’s okay that I leave?” she asks again as they reach Simon’s subway station.

“Yes, of course, go and do your thing, we see each other every day,” Simon reassures her, giving her a hug and taking another long look at her after he pulls away. “You are gonna look so badass.”

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Birds of a Feather

Part 3 of Little Lost Soul

2150 words

Warnings ~ Negan language, bit of angst (reader is selectively mute), no smut in this part

I’m sorry if you wanted to be tagged and I didn’t, I have a new phone and need to get my list off of my old phone.

Tags are at the end. Want on or off my taglist? Just drop me a note!

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The Mistress - Chapter 5

Summary: The Reader is able to get some payback on Negan….

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Dwight, Simon

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Swearing, smut, cunnilingus and touching

Notes: Sorry about the late update, I’ve been super busy the last week or so!

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9366677/chapters/21744674

Tags: @jasoncrouse, @ronweaselz, @hiddlesdowneyjr, @ali-pennell, @melodicdolls, @namelesslosers *if you want to be added or taken off tags, please let me know*

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Not As Think As You Drunk I am - snowbaz

this is rambly and awful and basically a switch of my fic SOLS but this one has alcohol and crying.

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: alcohol, abandonment issues, a really bad coming out joke that (again) i have used in real life, implications of feeling sick, mentions of death and murder and drugs, nostalgic af

Summary: Baz walks in more than drunk and Simon is more than happy to have some late night chats with him.

Word Count: 3004

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"I have a reputation to uphold"
  • After the fiasco with Clary's memories
  • Jace: Hold on, where's Alec?
  • Izzy: I think I know where he is
  • Alec: *standing next to Magnus talking to him casually*
  • Izzy: Alec we need you-
  • Alec: *turns to Magnus* anyway you were saying?
  • Jace: OoO
  • Izzy: OoO
  • Clary: OoO
  • Simon: ....are we all just gonna watch these two or can we go?
  • Jace: [to Alec] and yet five minutes ago when I told you something about him you said you had a 'reputation to uphold'...YOUR TALKING TO HIM RIGHT NOW!
  • Alec: See what I mean?
  • Magnus: Yeah...I see it
  • Jace: *walks away*
  • Izzy: *gives thumbs up then walks away*
  • Clary: *grabs his arm* Come on buddy, you can talk to Magnus later, Izzy's probably giving him your number right now
  • Alec: This is the only time I'll agree with anything you say and also I already gave him my number
Who Are You? (Alec x Reader) Imagine

A/N: Please go follow my side blog @imaginesofwonder for more imagines from other fandoms.

“Okay please shut up now about this stupid story and get in the house” Alec said to Clary and Simon. Jace made Alec go with the two of them back to Clary’s house so she could get something. They weren’t safe on their own and since Jace was busy he wanted Alec his parabatai the one that he knew he could trust to watch them. Alec was slowly starting to hate Jace the more he spent time with them because he wasn’t a big fan of them to begin with and now he was here listening to them while they were telling him about some stupid engagement they had when they were younger.

 “Don’t be so bossy” Clary huffed and crossed her arms. Alec just did his famous eye roll and spoke

 “Would you prefer to get caught by Valentine and his men?” Alec questioned. Clary just ignored him and walked into the house with Simon.

 “Thought so” Alec said as he went to follow but stopped when he heard a noise from behind him. Alec turned slowly while pulling out his brow and arrow getting ready to shoot someone if needed. He walked around trying to location the sound but he found nothing. Maybe it was just a dog he thought so he ran into the house to get Clary and Simon but they weren’t there.

 “Clary? Simon? Where are you? This isn’t a time for fun and games” Alec yelled as he looked around the house for them. Jace was going to kill him if he had lost the two. He looked in all of the rooms but still couldn’t find them until he heard a girl scream from outside. Clary he thought, Alec quickly ran out of the house to find Clary and Simon being put into a car by man who he assumed to be Valentine’s. Alec started to shoot his arrows at them and at the car,  but he only ended up hitting one of the man in the arm before he got in but that was it before the car drove off at fast pace.

 “Aren’t you supposed to have good aim?” A voice said from behind. Alec turned to see who it was, when he did he became face to face with another person. He could tell that you were a shadowhunters from the visible runes on your body plus, you also had a brow and arrows just like his on your back.

 “I didn’t see you shoot any” He fired back.

 “As you can see I just came from the house so unless I was going to be shooting walls, there was no point in me doing so”

 “Yeah, whatever” Alec said while once again rolling his eyes “Who even are you?”

“I’m Y/N Blackthorn. I was sent here from the LA institute to watch over the shadowhunters from the New York institute.”

 “So me and my friends?” Alec questioned.

 “And the others, No one is really suppose to know but you seem like you could used some help”

 “You have no idea” Alec told you as he was getting something out of his pocket. Finally his hand came out and in it was a cell phone.

 “I have to phone my friend Jace tell him what happened” Alec said as he was dialing a number.

 “Don’t mention I’m here” You demanded.

 “Hello? Yes Jace I’m fine but something happened. No it’s nothing too bad umm only that Clary and Simon got taken by people.” Alec said in to the phone. You could hear the person on the other end yelled “what” into the phone. It took everything you had in you not to burst out laughing. For a bit Alec just listened to the person on the other end but finally said“I’ll find her and bring her home, I promise.” Then he hung up.

 “I don’t think their going to kill them that would get them in a lot of trouble with The Clave” You told him.

 “I don’t think Valentine cares about that” He snapped back. All you could do was laugh. “This isn’t a laughing matter” He said through his teeth.

 “Well sorry Mr. Moody but Valentine didn’t take them.”

 “Who did then?”


 “What do they want with Clary?”

 “That’s a good question”

 “Are you sure their here?” Alec asked with disgust in his voice. You guy were standing in front of a Chinese restaurant down by the harbour. The smell was enough to make you sick and you wondering why a person would put a restaurant here.

 “Positive” You said. You have been watching the wolves for some time now studying their every move to see what was up with them. “Let’s go” With that you took off running towards the entrance with Alec hot on your heel.

  “1..2..3” You both busted into the restaurant. Everyone look at you two while all you and Alec could do was stare at Simon and Clary since they were perfectly fine sitting in one of the booths talking to the alpha of the pack. Alec took his position getting ready to shoot some arrows if needed but Clary quickly stood up to stop him.

 “Don’t shoot, were fine Alec. I actually need you to meet someone”

 “You talking about that alpha werewolf that your sitting down eating with?” Alec suggested trying not to show his confusing.

 “That werewolf happens to be Luke who is like a father to me, thank you very much” Clary told Alec and everyone in the room could sense the angry in her tone. You gasped, finally everything started to make sense to you. Your mission was to get information about how all of these people connect back to Valentine and you finally had the mission puzzle pieces. Clary happened to be one of them. With one last look around the place you met eyes with Alec and reminded him “Remember what I told you earlier? That still stays” Then you quickly took off to go back with information to your own home.

 “Your wondering who I’m what? Why don’t you tell us who that girl was” Clary yelled while getting closer to Alec.

 “Wouldn’t we all want to know” Alec replied back because he truly didn’t know himself who you were. Your name was going to be on his brain now until he could find out what you were really doing here. Plus he had to admit there was just something about you that made his heart race.

Your Savior - 33

I’ll be honest, I struggled with this chapter a lot. This is one that’s been in my head since the beginning, but I think every good story needs to evolve along the way. Thanks to my amazing husband @walkers-warriorsandangels for listening to me rant and rave and for getting this fic back on track with your amazing suggestions!


Any chapter in this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

Any chapter may also contain: swearing, Negan being Negan, violence/gore, angst (see above), mentions of death, mentions of past sexual assault, PG adult contact, or smut (This is to avoid spoilers in future chapters. I guess read at your own risk.)

Your Savior Masterlist

Originally posted by may85

Chapter 33

Negan’s POV

As early morning approached you slowly became aware, stretching lightly in a half-awake, half-asleep state. You smirked widely feeling that you were naked beneath the sheets. Memories of your night with Y/N flooded your brain and you wanted nothing more than to repeat them.

Being with her was as amazing as you had hoped it would be. She was in-fucking-credible, but more than anything being with her felt right. She made you feel more whole, more alive, than anyone had since……besides, her opening up and trusting you after all of this time felt fantastic. You enjoyed making her feel pleasure and joy where there had once been pain, and did she ever return the fucking favor. You hadn’t been this satisfied in a long time.

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the song remains the same

[So. I was taking a break from writing an essay and stumbled across a post from @neonlightwood with Jimon prompts here. My brain then decided I absolutely needed to write the first one. Enjoy?]

Okay, so maybe the day had started off a little weirdly.

Not that Raphael was a big talker, usually preferring to intimidate people by giving them the silent and stony treatment, but the conversation had been a lot quieter than usual. He hadn’t told Simon to shut up more than twice, for one, and he kept staring at him in a way that was starting to make him uncomfortable. It reminded him too much of how they had met, when he was still a mundane, taken captive by Camille. Like prey, his brain helpfully supplied, and thank you so much for that, brain.

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calfreezy imagine - it aint me

REQUESTED: “Please do a Calfreezy imagine based on the song It Ain’t Me by Kygo ft Selena Gomez”

The bag was overflowing. All my stuff, the things I’d treasured for a two whole years, were compressed into one suitcase and a handbag. As I stood waiting for the lift I felt a strange sensation of hope, relief, nostalgia. It was a strange mix of feelings - and it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I didn’t feel nearly as upset as I had expected to. I was ready.

As the lift doors opened I stepped forward.

“Y/n! Where are you going?”

His voice made the hair on my arms stand tall. Reluctantly, I turned around to face him. There stood Cal.

His eyebrows were knitted together in confusion as he tried desperately to piece together the situation in front of him. It didn’t take him long to realise; no, the look on my face was enough to give him all the information he needed. I watched his eyes widen as realisation hit.

“Y/n? Are you leaving me?”

The lift doors shut impatiently and I stepped forward. 

“I’m sorry, Cal.”

“You are? You’re leaving me?”

“I’m sorry.”

He ran his hands through his hair and I cringed at the discomfort of the situation. I hadn’t planned for this. I had left the note on his bedside table and escaped, thinking at the time that that would be over. I guess in reality it’s never that simple.

“But, why? How can you just leave?”

“Cal, I’m not happy in this anymore. I’ve had enough and I need to go. I’m sorry.”

He edged towards me. I paid close attention to the distraught on his face, his hands noticeably shaking as he realised what this meant.

“You can’t tell me you’re happy,” I added softly.

“I…I thought we were.” His eyes met the floor. “You’re taking the photos?”

I nodded. “I’m taking the good memories, Cal. We had some really great memories.”

“So what does that mean? You’re leaving me with the bad ones? I’m stuck with this image of you leaving for the rest of my life?”

I stroked his face, looking deep into the ocean blue of his eyes, how they were beginning to cloud over. 

“Cal, you won’t remember me for the rest of your life. You’ll move on, once you’re ready.” As he looked back at me I offered him a reassuring smile. “You’re gonna find a girl, and you’ll be drinking whiskey by night and taking polaroids on the beach by day, like when we were seventeen.”

“But she won’t be you,” he interjected.

“No, she won’t. But I don’t want it to be me Cal. I can’t do any more nights of waking up to phone calls from Simon at 4am telling me you’re drunk and need collecting. I don’t wanna lie alone at night, not knowing where you are or who you’re with. I can’t do it, Cal. This isn’t for me anymore.”

A tear rolled down his cheek and I wiped it away with my thumb.

“It’s not for you?”

“It’s not for me, Cal. We’re not in love anymore and you know it. There’s no summer nights anymore, no intimacy, no drunken mornings. There’s just you, living the high life, and me living by memories. And I’m over it.”

I turned and pressed the buttons on the wall. As the lift doors opened I entered them, watching Cal’s devastated face one more time.

“Goodbye, Cal.”