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The Barebone Family c.1926 Mary Lou, Chastity (14), Modesty (8), and Credence (18). All three children were adopted. This is the last picture of Mary Lou, Chastity and Credence, who perished via obscurus December 7, 1926.

My momma, your momma, gonna catch a witch,
My momma, your momma, flying on a switch,
My momma, your momma, witches never cry,
My momma, your momma, witches gonna die!

Witch number one, drown in a river!
Witch number two, gotta noose to give her!
Witch number three, gonna watch her burn,
Witch number four, flogging take a turn.

My mommy, your mommy, gonna save a beast.
My mommy, your mommy, gonna make a feast.
My mommy, your mommy, creatures never die.
My mommy, your mommy, he’s so hard to try.

Creature number one,
Swimming in the water.
Creature number two,
Will meet Harry Potter.
Creature number three,
Steals all coins for free.
Creature number four, 
Opens any door.

Credence Barebone Headcanon || Deaf s/o

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Based on anymous’ request: Credence headcanons with a deaf s/o.


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“You also don’t want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere, a Salem atmosphere, where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer to defend himself. That’s not right either.” - Woody Allen


Possible explanations for Midnight in Salem's delay

-The devil has bewitched the team so they’re too busy dancing in the woods to get work done
-the new designer– has albinism. They mistook her for a witch. She’s being held for questioning.
-this game has never really been announced, it’s an illusion the entire fan base seems to have created in their own minds because we are the ones who are in fact bewitched.
-Her forgot they were making the game. They just ended up in the design room with no memory of how they got there.


I just went to Salem for the first time and I really didn’t like it. The entire place felt manufactured and the energy there was so bizarre/off. I was on edge the entire time. When we went to the cemetery, there were about 30 or 40 people running around and laughing/stomping on the ground/taking selfies with these beautiful old tombstones and it was so disrespectful that it made me want to cry. I know that it’s close to Halloween so I’m hoping that it’s not like that all year round, but even so…

I was really disappointed and honestly pretty offended by all of it. Has anybody else had a similar experience with Salem, or any other “witchy” site?

And all the kids cried out,
“Please stop, you’re scaring me.”
I can’t help this awful energy
Goddamn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?

I told you I got obsessed with #FantasticBeasts and now I cannot stop drawing that precious face. But more Moriarty is about to follow. (¬‿¬)


I love the movie and characters. I hope I can make the others too…..

I tried using @me-za-me-ro brush here! and I love her style and colours so much! and Thank you for your brushes!

Aurors in Fantastic Beasts

Look I really tried to take these bad ass Aurors seriously…

I mean look at these guys 

How could you not be in awe of them

Tina could punch me in the face and I’d say thank you 

But despite all that I could only think about this….

LOOK at this dork with her mustard-stache ready to defend and protect 

And damn that musical for making me crack up every single time I saw an Auror

But even through all that I’d still trust my life with these badass dorks