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Parenting is Never Easy

Word Count: 3.1k
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Description: When Taehyung had to deal with his 4-year-old son.

There was a loud sound of a chair scraping against the floor coming from across the room. You stood up from where you were sitting and looked to the source of the noise. There was another sound of something being dragged, a bit louder and longer.

You dragged your feet to move towards your kitchen and you could hear the noise getting louder. You took a peek to your kitchen and you saw a small boy trying to climb up on your dining chair that was now placed against your refrigerator.

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MLP Families + Rainbow Dash’s Family, Sunset’s, and Starlight’s (A.K.A. Marvel doesn’t know how to write short posts anymore)

We’ve gotten to know everyone else’s families, and all of them have been so wonderful and so immediately telling of what the girls’ home lives were like– just by showing who these characters are now.

Rarity’s Family

We haven’t seen much more than a single scene with these two talking, but almost as soon as they open their mouths, we instantly understood everything about their family dynamic.

The way their designs and their mannerisms juxtapose Rarity tells us so much about her and what it was like growing up with parents who are clearly very loving, but also probably extremely embarrassing for a pony like Rarity.

You don’t have to see a single scene of Rarity being embarrassed to get that– it’s so cleverly designed that you can instantly read into everything you see. Even Sweetie Belle to some extent (although we’ve actually been able to get to know and develop her character, so it’s different); we know despite the fact that they argue and bicker, Sweetie’s always looked up to her sister, and later wants to get from under her shadow.

That show, don’t tell type of writing is brilliantly simple, and so effective.

All the girls’ families are actually like that and it’s so freaking great.

Pinkie’s Family

Bonus headcanon: this isn’t based on anything, really, but I always love the idea that Pinkie’s  “Granny Pie,” the one who taught her to laugh at her fears, was a lot like her– hence why you have this really different personality in a more reserved family (it skipped a generation and manifested in Pinkie)

Pinkie’s twin sister needed her to “do the talking” for her, so Pinkie grew more talkative and her sister grew more quiet. Her big sister Maud could’ve easily helped Pinkie develop her ability to stay so cheery even when someone’s emotions are hard to read.

Limestone is pretty interesting, too, because she comes the closest to a rockier relationship (@yourchangelingoverlord what up). Watch the episode back and you’ll see their pretty loving with each other, but Pinkie actually kinda huffs when her sister’s grumpy about holder’s boulder. It makes you wonder what Pinkie growing up with a grump like Limestone would’ve been like.

The cakes essentially adopting her into their family is super sweet. I don’t have any analysis on that, it’s just great.

Fluttershy’s Family

Again, Fluttershy’s family tells you a lot about her just by being who they are.

Both of her parents are exactly as meek as she was, so it’s more than easy to see how that would’ve influenced her personality. Then there’s her little brother, who kinda took advantage of his pushover family just by being his bombastic self.

There’s also Rainbow Dash, who grew up alongside Fluttershy and seems extremely familiar with the family– she even reminisces with them when they’re having lunch together.

It’s just vague enough that FlutterDash shippers are happy that she knows ‘her future in-laws’ and I’m happy that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash grew up like sisters, and neither of us have to be mad at each other! Now that’s some good writing. ^^

Twilight’s Family

At first glance, I thought Twilight’s family was the one exception to this rule, but nope. Still awesome.

See, I thought Twilight’s parents were a bit bland, but then I really thought about it. Twilight’s pretty anxiety-driven, or at the very least neurotic. A calming, loving, and supportive influence would’ve helped her not crumble under the pressure of being Princess Celestia’s student.

Shining Armour becoming more and more involved withe royal guard (since he became captain) might’ve also made Twilight progressively more focused on her studies. I mean, even more so.

Which is where her teacher/mother-figure comes in– someone who nurtured her and always wanted her to see her own worth, but could never erase Twilight’s idolization of her– even to this day.

Then there’s my baby boy Spike who’s always been there for her (I wrote a post about his special talent here, if you want more dragony sweetness). He’s such a sweetheart, and their brother/sister relationship makes me so happy.

What I find interesting is Spike’s relationships to Twilight’s family. Does he know her parents well? Does he know Celestia better than them, or vice versa? And what about Shining Armour? Do they consider each other brothers?

The last one might be true, at least, to some extent. They haven’t had a ton of interaction in the show, but we know Spike wanted to throw Shining a bachelor party (even though he didn’t understand it should be held before the wedding), and that Spike plays Ogres and Oubilletes– a complicated fantasy roleplaying game (D&D) that he didn’t learn from Twilight and that Shining Armour used to play as a teenager (in the comics).

#BestBros4Life, #ThereAre3SparkleSiblings

Applejack’s Family

Again, we instantly know this family’s history just by looking at them. It wasn’t until season 5 that we got explicit confirmation that the Apple siblings’ parents aren’t around anymore, but their absence clued us in in season 1.

And knowing that, the fact that this family is so tight-knit is so much more meaningful. We can tell the tragedy made them the close family they are now as they regrouped and redefined their roles in its wake.

Applejack is who she is because she had responsibility thrust upon her at a young age– and that was never said, but we all know it, don’t we?

The huge extended family just makes the emphasis on the importance of family that much more obvious.

Here’s hoping we’ll get to meet the two missing members someday …

But, in the meantime, Applejack also has another family, doesn’t she?

This applies to all the girls and Spike, too, of course, but I still maintain that it’s a special kind of meaningful for AJ. Knowing how much family means to her, when she calls someone family who’s not a blood relative, I think it means so much.

As early as season 2, Applejack called the girls her family. They’re honorary members of the Apple family, but the girls and Spike are a found family in their own right at this point (a found family being exactly what it sounds like, family you choose).

As someone with both honorary family members and a found family of friends, I can tell you when it’s not genetic or through adoption, this is something that’s earned, especially when it’s from someone like AJ who holds family in such high regard.

Basically, this moment was a bigger deal than people make it out to be for AJ’s character and I love it so much.

Rainbow’s Family

So, finally we get to my little all-star unintentional asshole, Rainbow Dash. The only member of her family we’ve ever seen is this blue stallion the majority of the fandom has taken to assume is her dad (and some, her big brother, which is cool, but we don’t have an only child among the mane six, so a little variety would be nice).

Now, there was a pony in the flashback with pink eyes near to them that you could argue could be hear mom, but aside from having a non-distinct design, she wasn’t invited to Hearth’s Warming, so she’s probably unrelated.

So, I should state, that just because we haven’t seen her mom doesn’t mean anything about her (we’ve learned that lesson a surprising amount of times), but the fact that her dad was invited to Hearth’s Warming this year, but the fact that no one even resembling someone that could be Dash’s mom was there leads me to believe, at least until proven wrong, that there’s a reason she’s absent.

Now, there’s a few options I can think of.

A. Divorce - we don’t have a pair of divorced parents in the show yet, so I could see the writers taking advantage of this to tell a kind of story young kids can relate to somewhere down the road. This would also highlight Rainbow’s loyalty, and explain why despite being the Element of Loyalty she sometimes still has trouble choosing between loyalties.

B. Straight-Up Death - Rainbow’s a tough kind of character (or at least, puts up a tough front), and I’ve said before speaking on this subject that because of it, I could see her experiencing loss in her past. 

A bonus to this option is a special kind of bond with Applejack. All the girls relate to one another in different ways, and so far with AJ and RD it’s mostly been competitive (or, just recently coaching together … or ). This would deepen their buddy-buddy friendship and build off the fact that they’re already two strong characters (who might need to be vulnerable every now and then).

C. M.I.A./Just Plain Abandonment - I currently hold the headcanon that Rainbow’s mom was in some form of military (be in the Wonderbolts, the Guard, or something else), and just went missing in action.

This includes all the benefits of having her die (wow, I’m dark), and also adds yet another meaning to why Rainbow Dash wants to be a Wonderbolt– one of which already being that seeing them fly makes her feel less alone. Having a mom flying among them would explain that nicely.

There’s also the option that she’s off doing her own thing, which again, speaks volumes given her Element of Loyalty daughter.

All of these options and I’m sure more tell you something about why Rainbow is the way she is, and even if none of them are right in the slightest, I’ll still be excited to see what subtle, clever way the MLP Crew introduces them.

Bonus Families! Because why not!

Sunset Shimmer’s Family

I’ve been answering asks and speculating with some awesome people about Sunset’s family, but I totally forgot that we actually have an answer.

According to the EQG Holiday Special comic, Sunset tells Applejack she was never really close to her family, even when she was back in Equestria.

It makes sense with how ambitious Sunset was. She would’ve lived in the castle, focusing on her studies– and unlike my theories for Starlight, she pulled away, not vice versa. She’s estranged.

Dear Twilight,
My second slumber party with the girls, and already I feel so much closer to everyone! I haven’t felt so loved, so accepted, in… well… ever! I feel like I finally have a family again. Without all of you to help and support me, I’d be—Well, you know what I would be! Anyway, I should get some sleep. But I want to let you know, before I do… that I love you all.
Sunset Shimmer

~ Sunset, The EQG Holiday Special comic

Sunset’s told Princess Twilight she finally feels like she has a family again in the girls, so I don’t know if she’s going to try to unestrange herself anytime soon. We might never know what they were like, or if there was even more of a reason Sunset got herself away from them. I guess that part’s left to the imagination.

But now that we know Sunset didn’t have much of a family in her biological relatives, it makes her mother/daughter-in-all-but-name relationship with Celestia that much more poignant. And, her backstory that much more understandable.

Sunset was super entitled, impatient, and eventually power-hungry, which is the main reason for her fights with Princess Celestia happened. But even beyond that, Sunset’s anger was probably partially motivated by hurt that Celestia continually told her she wasn’t ready for the destiny she’d seemingly promised.

Celestia’s approval is a HUGE motivator for Twilight, but I think you can argue even though Sunset is much more ready to question her ex-mentor, her approval and love is still hugely important to her, too. Especially if she was the mare who raised her almost entirely.

Starlight’s Family

Ever notice how in Starlight’s flashbacks she always seems … alone? I don’t mean Sunburst leaving her, I mean her parents aren’t really there.

And again, it might not mean anything at all, but just imagine for a second that Starlight’s family was ‘there,’ but distant with her. More focused on their careers, maybe, but also just emotionally distant and unable to really connect with her.

The type of mom that tells a kid to smile because they look nicer that way without caring whether they feel like smiling. Sort of fake, if you know what I mean.

So with that in mind, think about her losing Sunburst again, because if this was true, she wouldn’t just be losing a best friend, she’d be losing her only emotional support. 

Now it makes sense that she’d develop a fear of him rejecting her again, and why his love and approval was incredibly important to her– hence why no going to visit him, hence drawing away, and hence building a society later in life where everyone is always happy and ‘can leave whenever they want’ but never choose to do so– and hence, a superficial understanding of real connections and real happiness.

Come on, everypony, smile, smile, smile.

Her abandonment issues a whole lot of sense this way. A scary amount of sense.

I don’t care how long this got, it was worth it. The way they treat family in this show is remarkable and wonderful writing, and I hope even if my headcanons are super wrong, we’ll continue to see more excellent introductions like these.