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ELIAS: What’s up everyone. This is unfortunately our last Hei Briskeby video.. PSYCHE!

ADAM: This is not our last one!

ELIAS: Never! Yousef went to Turkey, like you know, but in the meanwhile we have a stand-in. He deserves an introduction.

MUTASIM: Okay, ready? Okay! Come on! We’re starting slow.

ELIAS: Yeah, yeah.

MUTASIM: Great, okay boys. Who is coming?

MIKAEL: What the fuck?

MUTASIM: Who is coming? Who is it? Who is it?

ELIAS: Oh my God who is it? Are you ready? Hold on!


ELIAS: Yes! As you can see, we have the one and only Even back!

ADAM: In the gang.

EVEN: It’s good being back.

ELIAS: It’s good having you back.

ADAM: In the squad.

EVEN: It was nice to be invited.

ADAM: It’s always nice!

ELIAS: So, finally back. What is it?

ADAM: An alarm, bro.

MIKAEL: Trump is bombing Norway.

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Experiment #3 - Request

Requested by anon:  okay okay experiment part two is making me want to SIN SO BAD, so I’ve got request! Sherlock is investigating a case about sex workers who ended up dying, but instead of them being tied up and tortured for the murderers fun, it’s because the murderer is just hella kinky and kills his victims after. Sherlock can’t wrap his mind around kinks and asks his assistant (Y/N) to help show him???? If that makes sense??????

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2,424

Warnings: Smut (Bondage, unprotected, rough)

A/N: Not only is this for Sequel Friday but also because I believe we all need a smutty week-ending. ;)


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| Experiment #1 | Experiment #2 |

Sherlock was at his seat, with his blue eyes glued to his phone. (Y/N) was sitting at the victim’s chair, with her laptop on and doing some research. John was at his seat, staring awkwardly at the two of them.

“So…” John spoke, “You’re fine?”

“Yes.” Sherlock and (Y/N) replied in unison.

“No tension or anything?” John continued.

“Nope.” (Y/N) popped the last syllable.

“Oh, that’s great.” John nodded.

“I don’t get why the killer would tie them.” Sherlock complained, “He had them right there, why would he tie them? Did they try to run away?”

(Y/N) giggled and Sherlock snapped his head to look at her. With a cocked eyebrow, he silently asked her for an explanation.

“You really don’t know what fetishes are, do you?” She inquired playfully.

“It’s a sexual fixation… What does this have to do with the killer?” Sherlock fumed.

“The killer is a kinky bastard.” Watson stated and (Y/N) nodded in agreement.

“It doesn’t make any sense!” Sherlock roared, dropping his phone to the coffee table and throwing his hand up.

“It also didn’t make any sense to you that someone could be aroused by…”

“SHUT UP!” Sherlock commanded and stormed to his room without allowing neither (Y/N) or John to argue back.

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💋 You Make Me Angry (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Angry sex with Gray and you’re still angry afterwards

Warnings: Mild BDSM/Daddy kink/Thigh riding/Eating out/Finger sucking

A/N: Yeah sorry it’s taken me forever to post I’ve been busy with school and work :/ This is shit and I’m sorry. Also no more ships! Too many atm. But this was requested by my girls @scuteedolans @thedolansaintshit

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“Grayson I just don’t understand what the big deal is!” I shouted as I stormed away from Grayson. We were currently having one of our many fights and I wasn’t in the mood for it. Grayson was shirtless and was in some black basketball shorts while I was wearing a tank top and pajama shorts. He was getting ready to go out with Ethan before we got into this argument.

“The big deal is you just stood there and let Kian talk and flirt with you like I wasn’t even there. That’s the problem Y/N!” Grayson snapped as he followed me up the stairs. “You guys have slept together! Remember? There was a time before me!” Grayson snapped at me.

“Yeah I know! We both have a past Grayson!” I groaned, but soon I was jerked back by Grayson. “Wha–” I was cut off my his mouth on mine before I had anytime to justify what was happening.

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“Jump baby.” I did what I was told and my legs wrapped around Grayson’s waist as he carried me to the bedroom not breaking our kiss. My hands cupped the side of his face as he held me up with one arm while the other opened the bedroom door. He broke the kiss as he kissed my collarbone harshly. “Do you wish Kian was here instead of me?” He asked in between kisses. I let out a light moan as he found my sweet spot. Grayson knew just how to make me come undone and that’s what I loved about him, but he also knew exactly how to piss me off.

“Gray–” I was cut off from scolding him to now his tongue was back in my mouth exploring. He stuck his knee up against the wall for support so my legs straddled his thigh. I sucked in a quick breath. Sex with Grayson was always wild and exciting. We always tried new things, but tonight was different. Yes he was jealous and angry, but each touch was more passionate than the last. We’ve had angry sex before but this time it felt different. Maybe it was the jealousy behind the idea of my ex. He leaned in and pressed my shoulders against the wall hard.

“What do you want to do baby girl?” He asked as his hand slipped inside my shirt as he unhooked my bra and cupped my breast. “Show me.” I bit my bottom lip as I looked him up in the eyes. “Show daddy what you want to do.” His voice was low and deep. He sounded very sexy and kinda raspy. I slowly rocked my hips against his thigh as he smirked. His hand found it’s way to the back of my head as he bent down to kiss my neck. Grayson then decided he had felt enough of my awkward rocking as he moved us to the bed. I repositioned myself on his thigh as I deeply grinded against him earning a low moan from the both of us.

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“Fuck daddy.” I moaned as I continued to rock my hips as I felt myself getting wetter. I knew what that did to Grayson as I saw him palming himself through his shorts. The only thing separating my wet self from Grayson’s thigh was my soaked underwear. Grayson pulled his shorts down a little which revealed his hardon as he started to jack himself off. As he pumped himself and I rocked my hips to the motion of his pumping. I could feel myself getting close as I started to slip and slide against his thigh. I let out some shaky moans as Grayson stops pumping himself and looked at me. He grabbed my hips hard so I had to stop rocking.

“You can’t cum yet. You’re still in trouble for flirting with another guy. So I have to punish you.” A smirk crept across his face as he pushed me off of his thigh and back against the bed. I lied down, but then Grayson surprised me. He had grabbed his belt from under the bed and tied my wrists together above my head.

“Gray–” I began to protest, but he cut me off by placing his finger on my lips. He then ran his thumb across my bottom lip with a smirk on his.

“It’s daddy to you baby girl. I’m going to show you how a real man should treat you.” Without warning I felt Grayson push his finger inside of me which made me gasp. My hips leaped up from the bed as I moaned. He started chuckling, but soon his chuckling when to a straight face which looked a bit angry? I tried to pull my wrist down, but it was no use. I then felt him slide another finger inside of me as he bit his bottom lip harshly. I let out a shaky gasp. “Can Kian touch you like this? No he can’t. Who can touch you like this?” He asked but I threw my head back as I let out a soft moan. Grayson’s fingers slowed down. “I asked you a question baby girl.”

“You Grayson. Only you.” Grayson pulled his fingers out from me which made me whimper. I’ve never been like this with him, or with anyone for that matter. This boy just did things to me.

“I asked WHO can touch you like this?” Grayson’s giant hand grasped/cupped my vagina with a firm squeeze. My hips jolted up in the air from the shock action from Grayson.

“You daddy! Only you can touch me like this!” I moaned as my hips slowly landed back on the bed. He smirked as I was a heaving mess.

“Good girl.” He put the two fingers that were inside of me right in front of my face. “Taste yourself baby.” I opened my mouth as his two fingers went inside of my mouth which made me blush hard. I swirled my tongue around the two fingers as he slowly pulled them out leaving a streak of red on his fingers from my lipstick. “How do you taste?” He asked me as he stood up and walked to the closet.

“I taste good daddy. What are you doing?” I asked him confused but he just smiled at me.

“Close your eyes.” He smirked.

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“What? No tell me–” I was cut off by Grayson flipping me over so I was on my stomach. I felt my wrist twist within the leather belt as I felt my ankles being cuffed. I turned my head slightly to see that there was a spreader bar between my legs. “Grayson what are you doing?” I asked with a small chuckle.

“You’re being punished baby girl remember?” I then felt a hot sting right on my ass to where Grayson spanked me. Grayson then grabbed the bar which was wrapped around my ankles and flipped me over again so I was on my back. “Now daddy want’s a taste.” Grayson’s head went in between my thighs as he placed gentle kisses on my inner thighs. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re not going to remember who he even is.” I must admit, jealous and angry Grayson was hella sexy. I wanted him to fuck me and tease me until I forgot how to walk, but at the same time I was annoyed he kept bringing up Kian. It was like he was insecure or something.

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

“Who Kian?” I teased and Grayson shot me a look. His eyes were dark and hooded as he gripped my thighs and clawed over my stretch marks. I felt his his hair tickling my thighs as I felt his warm and wide tongue sliding up and down my slit. I could feel him sucking my clit which caused my hips to buck up as he pinned them down. He was eating me out so good. Better than my exes. He was grinding into my thighs and I saw his head bobbing up and down while I heard him moaning and slurping. I could feel myself wanting to come undone right there, but I had to control myself as I let out shaky moans.

“Ah fuck daddy.” I couldn’t close my thighs. I couldn’t tangle my fingers in his hair. This was absolute torture. I felt Grayson smile as he gently nibbled on my lower lips and followed them with kisses. I felt Grayson’s hands slowly tracing my stretch marks as one hand made it’s way up to my breast where my pierced nipples were.

“And who do these belong to?” Grayson’s head popped up as my hips stopped rocking.

“They’re yours daddy. Only yours.” I bit my bottom lip to which Grayson smirked.

“I think you’ve learned your lesson princess.” Grayson then undid the spreader bar to where I could wrap my legs around him as he also undid the belt around my wrists. My hands quickly went to his shoulders as I felt Grayson push himself inside of me. “Fuck you’re so wet Y/N. I’m not going to last long.” He chuckled as he thrusted inside of me. He stretched one leg over his shoulder to hit my Gspot just right.

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“That’s what you get for all that fucking teasing.” I growled as Grayson thrusted deeper into me as his hands tangled in my messy curly hair. His hand moved down my body as he shakily traced all the marks on my body. Stretch marks, scars, birthmarks, and bruises. He traced them gently as his fingers rubbed my clit vigorously. I felt myself getting closer as the knot built up in my stomach as I thrusted into him.

“Ah fuck princess! You know what that does to me.” He screamed as I felt him fill me up with his cum and soon I came undone myself. Grayson pulled out of me as he shoved two fingers inside of me which caused me to shake. He pulled out his two white coated fingers and placed his fingers in front of my mouth like earlier. I sucked the white coating off slowly as he watched intently. “How do I taste?”

“Better than Kian.” I smirked as I remembered why this sex happened. He was jealous.

“Gray are you ready?” Ethan shouted in the living room.

“Yeah hold on!” He shouted as he looked at me. He grabbed my heat with a full grip again which made me jump. “Remember who gets you like this. Remember who makes you cum that hard.” He said as he gave me a kiss full of tongue and lust. “Round 2 when I get home and next time I won’t go so easy on you princess.” He teased as he grabbed a pair of jeans and the belt he used to tie my wrists to wrap around his waist. He blew a kiss as he left me in the room wet, cold, and hella horny.

✰ * º ❛  new girl sentence starters.  ❜

‘  i don’t know which fork to kill myself with.  ’
‘  damn it! i can’t find my driving moccasins anywhere!  ’
‘  i’m really bad at making decision.  ’
‘  if i had a dollar for everybody i couldn’t hang out with because they hated you, i’d be so rich.  ’
‘  i just want to listen to taylor swift alone.  ’
‘  pink wine makes me slutty.  ’
‘  i’m like a mailman, except instead of mail, it’s hot sex that i deliver.  ’
‘  i don’t mean to be laughing, but are you okay?  ’
‘  i had figure skating lessons since i was thirteen and then my mom sobered up and realized i was a boy.  ’
‘  i don’t think it’s fair that women have an excuse once a month to act irrationally angry when the rest of us have to keep it together all the time.  ’
‘  this plan is officially the worst!  ’
‘  don’t pretend to know my pain.  ’
‘  you misspelled the word ‘rhythm’ 38 times.  ’
‘  i’m as mad as a dad in traffic!  ’
‘  i could do this all day, son!  ’
‘  you sons of bitches ready to party?  ’
‘  i’m dealing with a dingus.  ’
‘  you’re the most throat-punchable boy in all the world.  ’
‘  that’s like the president and the vice president not being best friends.  ’
‘  oh, goodness gracious! what are you, a sorcerer?  ’
‘  i can buy my own pizza! can somebody please loan me $15?  ’
‘  i gotta tell my best friend i’m in love with her.  ’
‘  i’m– i’m pregnant. i mean, you’re pregnant. we’re pregnant!  ’
‘  what kind of taco meat do you bitches have?  ’
‘  i think you need me too much.  ’
‘  i’m gonna be fine. i am. you know why? cause i met you. that’s why i’m okay.  ’
‘  i’m the voice of reason, that’s why you brought me with.  ’
‘  we didn’t bring you with. you followed us there in your car.  ’
‘  saturday is a day for sleeping, and damn it, you will not take that away from me!  ’
‘  i’ve seen his penis like… a million times.  ’
‘  he’s my best friend. what if he gets into an accident? what if he’s horribly disfigured and i have to identify him and all that remains are his private parts? and i’m standing there and i’m saying, ‘no officer, i can’t help you because no, i haven’t seen his penis’ and then boom! he’s buried in an unmarked grave.  ’
‘  people are the worst.  ’
‘  hey, do you have any snacks?  ’
‘  it’s a weird life, but it’s where i’m at right now.  ’
‘  i was put in an awkward situation and i reacted poorly.  ’
‘  it is perfectly fine to watch tv all day!  ’
‘  i am not a successful adult! i don’t eat vegetables and/or take care of myself.  ’
‘  as a matter of fact, i am tired and i am hungry.  ’
‘  if i don’t know what’s gonna happen, i don’t do something. ever. i don’t care how much i want to do it.  ’
‘  i’m gonna hit your ass with a ski.  ’
‘  i want to cover everything up on my body with bubbles.  ’
‘  how cute am i?  ’
‘  i’m a color-blind american citizen and i can’t do puzzles.  ’
‘  what’s your problem? don’t you want me to have a good night?  ’
‘  maybe if we get drunk then magically everything will just happen.  ’
‘  anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for.  ’
‘  every prank you do turns out either too big or too small.  ’
‘  it burns! it burns!  ’
‘  why does your hair look so baby soft?!  ’
‘  how do you get this thing off? get it off of me!  ’
‘  everyone drinks midori sours! it’s a melon liqueur!  ’
‘  what do i think the puzzle will look like? the pictures on the box. it’s a japense garden!  ’
‘  what the hell is wrong with you, just waving that thing around like an idiot?  ’
‘  give me the spot or i’ll kill you all!  ’
‘  i will shred myself! i will shred myself in the shredder!  ’
‘  that tastes disgusting, i don’t like it.  ’
‘  sometimes i feel like you’re in one of those weird man-dog body-switch movies.  ’
‘  where are your nipples, man?!  ’
‘  stop being so mean to me or i swear to go i’m going to fall in love with you!  ’
‘  i want you to get off my farm!  ’
‘  i don’t have a vagina!  ’
‘  this is my only face! i don’t have a lot of faces!  ’
‘  i refuse to pay for the wifey.  ’
‘  i don’t like it! it’s too much responsibility!  ’
‘  shall i compare thee to a summer’s day? no, a summer’s day is not a bitch.  ’
‘  gave me cookie, got you cookie! you gave me cookie, i got you cookie, man!  ’
‘  back off, i’m starving!  ’
‘  your job could be done by a vending machine.  ’
‘  i thought god just didn’t give me abs.  ’
‘  what you’re doing is illegal.  ’
‘  i’m not taking advice from you. you pronounce the ‘g’ in ‘lasagna’.  ’
‘  and i’m taking this remote because you always hit the info button by mistake.  ’
‘  are we all just living in the mind of a giant?  ’
‘  i don’t trust fish. they breath water! that’s crazy.  ’
‘  do i regret it? yes. would i do it again? probably.  ’
‘  i can’t work under pressure like this. you know i get nervous. i am just a man. i am not a god.  ’
‘  first order of business: we eat their food.  ’
‘  can i get an alcohol?  ’
‘  if you are for one second suggesting that i don’t know how to open a musical, how dare you!  ’
‘  the bees are back!  ’
‘  i haven’t gotten a non-text message in two years.  ’
‘  the only acceptable pet for a man to have is a saltwater fish.  ’
‘  the point of dating is just to keep on dating and then never stop. it’s like burning fossil fuels or seeing a therapist.  ’
‘  you ever wonder if someone in here has killed someone?  ’
‘  you realize i say ‘goodnight’ to you every night and you never say ‘goodnight’ back? what is your problem? do you not want me to have a good night?  ’
‘  i’ve made out with half of the people in this room.  ’
‘  i’ve had nightmares about making out with two of the guys in this room.  ’
‘  ah! son of a bi– …penis. that wasn’t better.  ’
‘  someone’s personalized condoms just came in the mail.  ’
‘  i just found a groupon for hypnosis lessons. think about what you could do with that! sex stuff.  ’
‘  has anyone seen my good peacoat?  ’
‘  hahaha. what a dumb idea. do it!  ’
‘  this is the coin i had in my pocket the first night we kissed. and i always have it.  ’
‘  i feel like i want to murder someone and i also want soft pretzels.  ’
‘  i hate doors!  ’
‘  suck it, mr. krabs!  ’
‘  no, i don’t dance. i’m from the town in footloose.  ’
‘  are you sure you’re okay? you’re walking like a disney witch.  ’
‘  he asked me if i wanted to watch planet of the apes. i didn’t know he meant right now.  ’
‘  would you eat your damn sandwich?  ’
‘  when you see a dog cage for sale, you buy it.  ’
‘  you know… i don’t get what’s going on here.  ’
‘  hey, you made a difference. how does it feel?  ’
‘  do you have a tank top i could borrow? you look about my size.  ’
‘  cheers to unemployment!  ’
‘  i was about to catch you but then you fell.  ’
‘  there are tampons hidden all around the apartment.  ’
‘  i think somebody had sex in my bedroom last night. i think that because they’re still in there having sex, i think.  ’
‘  please take that thing off. you look like a homeless pencil.  ’
‘  we are gonna make it!  ’
‘  i’m not ready to lose you. i just got you and i’m not letting you go.  ’
‘  i can think of five reasons why i wanted to be your friend: boob, boob, vagina, butt cheek, butt cheek.  ’
‘  actually, that’s not fair, she might be a really nice ho.  ’
‘  i’m not doing squats or anything. i’m just trying to eat less donuts.  ’
‘  you’re gonna be fine. you’re gonna meet somebody and you’re gonna fall in love.  ’
‘  who’s gonna… lay down a flag on this sweet, sweet continent?  ’
‘  i like to improvise with my body. i’m like a sexual snowflake. each night with me is a unique experience.  ’
‘  you can run away from your problems, but you’re just gonna find new ones that pop up.  ’
‘  i hope you like feminist rants ‘cause that’s my thing.  ’

You Smell Like Lavender

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,922

Summary: Just a cute Dean x Reader with smut

Warnings: Smut, oral sex (male and female receiving), just pure smut

A/N: I’m actually surprised I even got any notes on my first imagine lol. Thanks to everyone who liked and reblogged it! Also this is my first smut, so I’m sorry if it’s terrible. Requests are also open!


It was a typical lazy day at the bunker. It was rare to have these days. There was always a case or something happening everyday that prevented you from having a day off. 

You let out a relieved sigh when you fluttered your eyes open and stretched. You knew it was a day off if you woke up on your own and no one’s yelling, “Let’s go! Let’s go!” 

You looked at the clock next to the bed, which read 10:37 am. You, then, rolled over to take a look at the sleeping body next to you. It always gave you a moment to admire his physical features. 

The way his face looked so relaxed when he slept. His striking green eyes that were currently covered by his eyelids. His pink lips that looked so kissable. The way his nose crinkled in his sleep. His stubble that made him look 10x hotter, not that he wasn’t hot before. His hair all messed up, leaving him with that sexy bedhead. 

You didn’t know how long you spent staring at him before he stirred in his sleep. His eyes fluttered open, revealing his green eyes to you. The corners of his lips turned upwards as he formed a smile at you. 

“It’s creepy to stare at people when they sleep,” he spoke, his voice deep and low. You resisted the urge to groan at his voice. 

“Well, I can’t help it when I have the sexiest man alive sleeping next to me,” you replied, chuckling before kissing his lips. 

“I’m going to take a shower,” you spoke, when you pulled apart. 

“Can I join?” He asked, and you shook your head no. He groaned in frustration and threw his head back into the pillow. You chuckled and walked out of the room and into the bathroom. You locked the door behind you before stripping all of your clothes off. 

Your shower lasted longer than you expected. You couldn’t make yourself move from the warm water. You hair felt so nice and clean, so did your skin. You used your lavender scented body wash, because you absolutely loved the smell of lavender. You finally turned the water off, and wrapped yourself in a towel before walking back into Dean’s room.

You had your own room in the bunker, but you always stayed with Dean. You never wanted to be apart from him, so he let you stay in his room. 

You strolled into his room, just in a towel, to see Dean sitting on the bed. He was too focused on the laptop to noticed you had walked in.

“Really, Dean? It’s our day off,” you groaned, before walking to a drawer and pulling out some clothes to put on. As you pulled out a shirt, a hand grabbed it and put it back.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing clothes today,” Dean spoke, before wrapping his arms around you, over the towel, and started kissing your neck. He pushed your wet hair out of the way while you tilted your head, and he attached his lips to the spot that made you moan and groan. 

“C-Can we at least go to the bed,” you whispered out. Dean removed his lips from your neck and picked you up, your legs around his waist, and carried you to his bed. He sat you on top of the messed up covers and hovered you, pushing his lips against yours. 

He swiped his tongue against your bottom lip, but you decided to be a tease and keep your lips closed. Dean, then, reached his hand down and grabbed your ass. You gasped, and Dean took the opportunity to push his tongue into your mouth. 

“You smell like lavender. I like it,” Dean said, then pushed his lips back onto yours, and snaked his tongue back into your mouth. 

He kept one arm by your head, to hold himself up, and moved the other hand to the top of your towel. You were too distracted with kissing him to notice that he was pulling at your towel. He succeeded, finally, and pulled your towel apart and out from under you, leaving you stark naked under his fully clothed body.

He moaned as his eyes raked over you. His eyes first stopped at your red lips, swollen from the intense make out session. Then they moved to the hickey that rested on the side of your neck, courtesy of Dean. He moved his eyes further down your body and stopped on your breasts, where your nipples were fully harden and perked up. He pulled his eyes to the final stop on your body, which was your freshly shaved and clean pussy. 

“Dean, please do something,” you whimpered. He snapped his eyes back up to you. He pulled his shirt off, then leaned his head down to your breasts and automatically took your right nipple into his mouth, while his hand massaged the left breast. After a few minutes, he took your other nipple into your mouth, do the same actions as he was a few minutes ago. 

He pulled away from your other nipple, to see you squirming underneath him, wanting more. 

“Just a minute, baby girl,” he spoke, then proceeded to pulling his pants down, along with his boxers. His bulge had grown to a full hardened boner. You stared at his dick a few more minutes before sitting up and instructing him to lay down. You moved and he replaced your spot, while you straddled his legs.

You lightly grazed your fingers across the tip of his dick, which was glistening with precum. He groaned at the feeling, which made you wrap your fingers around him. Dean was a fairly large size, but your fingers still wrapped around him, just perfect. You started moving your hand up and down, going faster every second. 

“Please, baby,” he moaned. You, then, took him into your mouth. You sucked on the head for a second before moving further down his dick. You had a poor excuse for a gag reflex, so you couldn’t make it far before gagging. Dean seemed to have liked it though. His hands rested on your head, gently pushing your head down onto his dick. You breathed through your nose and attempted to deepthroat him. You felt him hit the back of your throat before you gagged again. 

You moved up his dick and started sucking hard, while your hand pumped the base of his dick. You moved your hand under his dick, to fondle with his balls. He moaned louder at the feeling, which motivate you to start moving faster. Your left hand was squeezing and rolling his balls, your right hand was pumping the base of his dick, and your mouth was sucking the rest. All of that seemed to have brought Dean closer and closer.

“Baby, I’m gonna,” he was interrupted by a moan escaping his mouth as you felt him release in your mouth. You quickly swallowed the liquid in your mouth and lifted your head off his dick. 

“That was amazing, but it’s your turn now,” Dean spoke, with a wink. You giggled as he moved you to where he was laying down and got to work. He started from kissing at your chest, to the valley between your breasts, then onto your stomach. He stopped at the spot right above your clit. 

He moved his hands to spread your legs wide, showing him your wet and glistening pussy. He licked his lips at the sight before him. But before he started devouring you, he started kissing the inside of your thighs, not leaving a spot untouched by lips. 

You bucked your hips up, trying to get him to put his mouth on you. He chuckled and pushed them back down, leaving an arm on your hips. He leaned his head down and put a light kiss on your clit. His tongue slipped between your folds, moving back and forth. 

You moaned loudly, tangling your fingers in his hair, and tugging. Dean groaned, which vibrated against you, making you moan louder. He moved his tongue to your clit, flicking it back and forth. He eased a finger into you, while focusing his tongue on your clit. 

He pumped his finger in and out, while swirling his tongue around your clit and moving his tongue between your folds. After a few minutes of doing this, he added another finger, stretching you out. His repeatedly hit your g-spot, making you cry out, along with the pleasure coming from his tongue on your clit. He took his tongue off your clit then wrapped his lips around it and sucked as hard as he could. You could feel the knot in your stomach, indicating that you were close.

“Cum for me, babe,” Dean spoke, then pulling his fingers out and replacing it with his tongue. You cried out, feelings your legs shake as your orgasm hit you. Dean licked up and cleaned your mess. 

“Hope you’re ready for this,” Dean said, then pushed in. He hovered you, each hand on either side of your head and your arms around his neck. Dean held still inside of you, letting you adjust before moving slowly.

He pulled out, nearly all the way, then pushed back in. If anyone knew how to give a good fuck, it was Dean Winchester. Before you two got together, he slept with a huge number of girls. But you weren’t any different. You’d always pick up guys at the bar, and go home with them. It was your way to get your mind off of your crush on Dean, but little did you know, that Dean was doing the same thing for the same reason. 

He finally asked you out, after getting frustrated with seeing you coming back late after one night stands. And now, here you are. 

Dean gave a sharp thrust, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

“You looked like you were zoned out, babe,” Dean said, continuing his thrusts. Your hands raked down his back, leaving red claw marks. 

“Just thinking about how good you’re making me feel,” you moaned out. Dean buried his head in your neck, and sped up his thrusts. The bed was squeaking as it rocked back and forth from Dean’s thrusts. You couldn’t imagine how Sam felt, listening to you and Dean fucking.

Yours and Dean’s moans gradually got louder and filled the room along with the sound of his body slapping against yours. You both were panting and sweaty as you neared your highs. Dean moved his head from your neck to look at you in the eyes. He moved a hand down between you two and rubbed your clit, inching you closer to your orgasm. 

He watched your face as you let out moans and whimpers. He watched you scream his name, letting everyone know who was making you feel this good. 

“Fuck, I’m close,” you whimpered out, making Dean speed up his thrusts. They soon got sloppy, letting you know he was about to cum. 

“Cum with me, baby,” he said, giving one final sharp thrust. You both released, panting and moaning as he slowly thrusted, riding out your highs. After the intensity had wore off, Dean pulled out, making you whimper at the loss. He planted himself on the bed next to you, pulling your sweaty body into his. 

“I love you,” he said. 

“I love you too,” you said, laying your head on his chest, ready for a long nap.


Hi Briskeby - Nippletwist

elias: whats up guys. sadly, this is our last briskeby video… SIKE!

adam: never that this is going to be our last one

elias: never. yeah, as said yousef left for Turkey, but in the mean time, we of course got a replacement. he deserves an introduction song.

mutta: yeah come one. lets start slowly

mikael: are you ready?

all: who is it? whos coming?

elias: are you ready? hold on

*lots of screaming*

elias: as you see, we have the one and only Even back.

adam: in the gang

even: its good to be back

elias: its good to have you back

even: its nice to be invited

adam: its always nice

elias: so hes finally back. *alarm sounding* what is that?

adam: its the plane alarm bro

mikael: its trump here to bomb norway

mutta: no no its..

elias: *inaduble* is here to invade the country

elias: okay people, todays challange is the best friend challenge

Bestbud challenge

  1. One will draw a question
  2. The others will write their answer on a note
  3. The loser gets a nipple twist

elias: the ones that gets it wrong gets one of those nippletwists

adam: im not down with that bro

elias: then its evens turn

even: what is my catch phrase?

mutta: oh! i know it

elias: ready, set, go!

mutta: “relax”, relax i got it

elias: relax i got it

even: did you write that as well?

mikael: take a hit.

adam: he always used to..

elias: bro, relax i got it. do you got snus? relax bro i got it. bro, do you got perfume on you? relax i got it.

adam: thats true, he used to say that

elias: okay, wheres your nipple? there it is

adam: bro relax, that hurts so bad. poor guy

elias: who were the last one to send me a DM on insta?

adam: you know the person

elias: okay let me see. Isabelle from Elvebakken.

even: isabelle? what do you still?

adam: they are still talking

even: are you hooking up with isabelle? shes cute tho

adam: he was the one who looked her up

adam: if youre not having her please let me know, cause shes seriously. youre talking to too many girls at the same time

elias: so youre taking my leftovers?

mikael: wow, thats not allowed to say

elias: one, two, three!

adam: which song do i put on before hooking?

adam: mutta, mutta you should know this! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

even: he has kept a tradition

adam: what did you write?

even: birthday sex

elias: but whats up? are you guys coming to sanas party on saturday?

even: of course

elias: you guys are coming anyway, even if youre not invited. youre coming

elias: but isak, his boys were really cool

even: yeah they are super nice

elias: youre a really good couple. youre super cute together

even: thanks, thats nice

elias: when did you get together?

even: about half a year ago

adam: where did you meet?

even: at nissen

adam: i talked quite a lot with him at evas birthday.

even: yeah, fuck that was really nice

adam: do you remember when we had a science exam and i went to the toilet…

*memory lane*

even: it was so funny at elvebakken…

*memory lane*

elias: that was good times

adam: but i do not miss school. im so happy im done with school

adam: why did you leave even? what happened, why did you leave elvebakken?

even: hmm.. it was around the time that we lost contact. i just felt that things were just kind of at the bottom of the hill.. if you know what i mean. and i just felt like i needed a new start

adam: thats understandable

elias: so there wasnt anything wrong with us?

even: no no

elias: no, cause we just heard this rumour that was going around, and i didnt really dare to ask you

adam: there was.. we were calling and calling but we never got an answer, right? you dont have to answer this, or you could answer when the camera is off if thats better, but we were actually told that in that period, after you left elvebakken, that you tried to take your own life.

mikael: thats probably fucking hard to answer tho

even: well i was sick, i was in a really bad place, but im feeling much better now.

adam: thats good, that really good

even: i have a great daily life, i have a job, im done with school its really chill.

adam: its only going up

even: and im back here with the boys

elias: its good to have you back too

adam: you guys you shouldnt..

mutta: you shouldnt misunderstand

adam: yeah even is a real great guy

mutta: yeah hes the coolest guy i ever met

elias: yeah the coolest. hes the one who taught me all my dance moves and all that

adam: what dance moves?

elias: all my pick-up lines

mutta: hes the one who taught me this one

adam: then youre a bad teacher cause he suck at that move

elias: its good to have him back

even: its good to be here

mikael: you have to be a part of our future videos

even: can i join?

elias&adam: of course

adam: yousef just stay in turkey

even: yousef, if youre watching this, just stay in turkey

elias: well just be six people instead of five

even: well buy a new sofa

adam: bring a sofa home from turkey, its probably cheaper there

elias: okay people, thats all we had for today. should we just say it in unison?

all: good summer! well talk later!

[fanfic] golden

Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Pairing: Viktor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki
Word Count: 2,881 words
Details/Warnings: Smut with a sprinkle of Fluff, Welcome Home Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Silliness and Teasing, Daddy Kink, Established Relationship


“But don’t you think ours is a wonderful story to tell, love?” Viktor whispers, deliberately tickling Yuuri’s nape with his breath. He bristles in delight at Yuuri’s quiet gasp. “The sappy romantic and the sexy vixen.”

[Read on AO3]

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Queen of the Water (14)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: A normal girl gets thrown into the Royal world. Royal AU

Word Count:1.8k+

Warnings: swearing, fluff, nsfw slightly more smut than the previous part.


CATCH UP HERE Part 12 Part 13 Part 15

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“It’s time to get up, Mrs. Barnes!” Bucky exclaimed quietly in between stolen kisses. His hips locked hers in place, making it impossible for her to move. She groans and throws her hand out, shoving her husband’s face away from her own. She shifts onto her side and tugs the blanket up further, covering her head. “That’s no way to treat your husband, Mrs. Barnes!” he gaped in shock, feigning offense.

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Where Soul Meets Body- 14

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: ~1900

Tags at End

Master   Part 13

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Christmas morning was not the way it should have been.

So many of them, you had waken up to the sound of Steve coming in the door from his morning run, or to him kissing your cheeks and gently nudging you awake. The house would smell of pine and cinnamon and, soon, coffee, as the two of you sank into the couch together and unwrapped gifts in your pajamas. The television would play It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on whatever street, and you and Steve would laugh and spend the morning wrapped in one another before heading to your parents’ house for the day.

This year was different. You woke up cold, alone, eyes barely able to open. They’d been sealed shut with dried up tears, and it took you several moments to remember how you’d gotten to bed last night. Bucky, refusing to come inside after you started to cry for him, promising that he’d come in, that he just needed a minute to himself. You obliged, climbed into bed, and cried until you fell asleep. Alone.

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are you gay?

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Request: “can you hit ‘em with that she’s the man ‘wait you’re a chick?’ moment. keep it short and sweet please”

*posting a few really short imagines till I get through some of the longer requests*

requested Carl Gallagher imagine (it’s only 1700 words… that’s short and sweet, right?)

“Hey can I ask you a question?” Carl asked as he and Ian were lounging on the couch watching Wicked Tuna. “Yeah what’s up,” Ian replied, thankful that someone had broken the silence. “How did you know that you liked dudes?” Carl asked; he had asked Ian the question before when he was younger, but this time he seemed to truly want to know.

“I don’t know, I guess I always knew. Why?”

Carl crossed his arms as he turned his gaze from the tv to his brother, thankful that Nick was out doing his own thing and not present for the conversation. “I have this friend, and like, he likes his friend who is a guy but he doesn’t know what to do because he can’t tell if that makes him gay or not.” Carl’s words were hesitant and Ian saw right through them. “You’re not gay Carl. You’ve been thinking about fucking girls at least 50 times a day since you turned 10.” “Yeah but like, I like him, like a lot.” “Like who?” “JT!” Ian pinched the bridge of his nose tightly at his brother’s stupidity, “How does liking JT make you gay?” “Because he’s a dude and guys who like guys are gay, right?” Ian opened and shut his mouth trying to figure out what to say, partly hoping that Carl was just fucking with him. “I think he’s gay too, he’s been like flirting with me and touching me a lot and I don’t know what to do because I like it.” Ian started to laugh and finally stood up, too in shock by Carl’s obliviousness, and started to walk up the stairs yelling, “Just tell him at school tomorrow,” putting emphasis on the word ‘him’ and laughing to himself.


Carl walked to school, Nick trailing behind him, and completely ignored Dominique when she tried to speak to him. He thought he had a slight crush on her, but clearly that was a figment of his imagination because he was gay now that he liked JT. When he saw the familiar camo jacket and Timbs, Carl lifted his arm and waved his hand slightly, making Nick nod as he continued ahead without him. Carl then adjusted his back pack as he stepped in front of the curly haired boy, watching how he casually dapped up a blonde girl, and then slipped his hand into his pocket to stash away the money she had slipped him in the process. He waited until the girl was gone before he stepped into JT’s line of vision. “Hey white boy, what’s up?” JT asked, dapping up Carl and smiling brightly in a way that made Carl’s stomach flutter a little bit. “Are you gay?” he blurted out in response, cussing out loud when he realized how stupid that was. JT’s eyebrows furrowed at the question, “No. I mean, I think girls are hot and shit but I wouldn’t fuck one.” A confused expression slipped onto Carl’s face at his friends answer.

“So you are gay?”

“No I don’t like girls…”


JT was exasperated now, “I like dick, Carl. I’m fucking straight”

Carl really looked at his friend and suddenly her words clicked. “Wait, you’re a chick?” he asked loudly, exclaiming the obvious. “Are you blind Gallagher? I know my tits are small but shit, they’re not non-existent. And what, are you deaf? You didn’t hear my fucking voice?”

“I just thought you’re balls hadn’t dropped yet!” Carl yelled back, “Wait, are you fucking with me?”

JT rolled her eyes, and ran her hand through her short curls; when she had gone through with the big chop, she hadn’t thought she’d be mistaken for a guy so much. But she realized that she might have fueled the fire when she discovered her love of baggy comfortable clothes. So for the sake of not further confusing her dumbass friend, that she had started to have some pretty serious feelings for, JT shrugged off her backpack and tucked her thumbs under her sweatshirt, lifting it up until it was bunched up at the base of her neck. Carl’s jaw almost dropped as he stared down at her chest, particularly at her left nipple where a silver bar was resting. But God clearly was not on his side as Dominique approached him once again, pulling his attention away from the titties. She had started to flirt but he didn’t even hear her words as he waived his hand in a ‘get lost’ motion, a quick “can you fuck off?” escaping his lips before he turned back around to see JT’s chest covered up by her sweater, a light blush on her cheeks. “So I’m not gay for wanting to fuck you,” Carl stated in realization, a weight lifting off his shoulders. “You wanna fuck me?” JT asked with a sly smile. “Bad.” He admitted. JT bit her lip as she bent down to grab her backpack, “How ‘bout you take me out tonight Gallagher. You’re sister works at Patsy’s Pies, right? We can like, I don’t know, get dinner and shit. Like a date.” Carl still looked a bit confused but he nodded, watching as she walked into the building.


Carl sat nervously in the booth at Patsy’s as he waited for JT. Fiona couldn’t help but giggle as she watched him from behind the counter. She filled a glass with soda and snuck over to his booth and slipped into the opposite side, sliding the glass over to him. He nodded at her as a thankyou but didn’t take his eyes away from the door. “You nervous about your date?” Fiona asked with a huge smile. “Nah. Bitches don’t make me nervous,” her brother replied coolly, making her roll her eyes and wish she was closer so that she could grab him by one of his braids. “Yeah but JT’s not a bitch. She’s a sweet girl, who I thought was a lesbian by the way.” Carl laughed, “Yeah well I thought she had a dick, so I win.” Fiona laughed, but stopped when she saw her brother freeze and slowly stand. She peaked behind their booth and grinned before slipping out and back to the kitchen where she could spy on the teens.

Carl didn’t even know how to feel when the front door opened and in strolled the curly haired brunette, her body that was usually clad in baggy men’s clothes was instead donning a black mini skirt and a cropped sweater. Her usually tight curls were looser and she had a little bit of makeup on her face. All in all, she looked fucking gorgeous, as usual. “Hey,” Carl called out, shutting his eyes so that he could internally scold himself for not saying something cooler, and when he opened his eyes she was right in front of him repeating his greeting. They stood in front of each other awkwardly before Carl got a hold of himself and motioned to their booth, where she sat down in Fiona’s previous seat. “So to start things off, maybe I should introduce myself,” she laughed, as she reached out to steal his soda and take a sip, “My name is Jessabelle. Jessabelle Torres. You should know that since we’ve been kickin’ it since you got out of juvie, but I figured that if you had, you wouldn’t have thought I had a dick.” Carl laughed as he settled down across from her, “Well when G-Dog’s boys introduced us they just called you JT and I don’t know I just never bothered to ask.” “We’re dealers Carl, not masked superheroes. You’re allowed to know my identity.”

Carl rolled his eyes but before he could respond, Fiona was standing in front of them with a big smile and two menus. “Hi JT! You look pretty today,” She greeted his friend, pulling her out of the booth so that she could do a turn and show off her entire look. He tried not to focus too hard on her ass, that he couldn’t believe she was hiding under those baggy jeans, and gave Fiona an annoyed look. “She looks pretty every day,” he muttered as he picked up his menu and skimmed through it, JT sitting down and doing the same. They both ordered their food and sat in an awkward silence until JT started to laugh to herself. “What?” he asked, a small smile of his own present on his face. “Why is this so weird?” she asked him and he sighed. “I don’t know. This morning you were my main ni-“ “Say it and I’ll slap the shit out of you, white boy.” Carl rolled his eyes and continued, “You were my guy best friend. And now you’re a fine ass hunny. I don’t know how to feel.” “How about relieved?” “Trust me, I am. I was doing some nasty shit with your Instagram pics that don’t seem so bad anymore.” “You’re fucking gross Carl.” And just like that, things were back to normal. They sat in the booth and ate while they laughed and talked thug shit as usual until they left the diner.

Carl walked her home and up to her front door where he looked down at JT, looking as though he had something to say. “What’s up?” she asked and he placed his hands on her shoulders to keep her from going anywhere. “You know how this morning I told you I wanted to fuck you?” JT nodded with a smirk but let him continue. “I… you… I can’t think of a way to say it without sounding like a pussy so I’m just gonna say it. You look hot as fuck right now in this little skirt. Like, 10 outta 10: would smash. But I like you a lot, and I’d still smash even if you never wore it again and you went back to dressing like a guy tomorrow. I don’t know what I’m saying. I just really fucking like you and what you wear isn’t gonna change that because I’d fuck you in whatever you wore as long as you’re you.” JT smiled and she lightly pushed his hands off of her shoulders before stepping onto her toes and pulling his face down to hers by his chin, lightly kissing his lips and pulling away to see his eyes still closed for a few seconds. “You promise?” she whispered, not wanting to fuck up the serenity of the moment. Carl nodded and kissed her one more time before jogging down her steps and walking back home, excited for tomorrow.