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Why I’m so nuts for YOI

YOI flipped my switch in a big way, in a head-over-heels way, in a Victor-dancing-with-Yuri-at-the-GPF-banquet-and-realizing-this-was-it way, and I’ve been thinking lately about why it is that I love it SO much. There are so many reasons. A million reasons. A gazillion reasons under the cut because I’m not as cruel to stick this much text at once into your dash.

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imagine nicky wants to make a comic “introductory video” for the foxes, but all it is is shitty camera angles, close-ups of neil (way too many clips of neil, but then again he’s the face of the whole thing, let’s be honest) and kevin complains there’s not enough footage of them actually playing exy. aaron says, “that’s because we can’t actually play, dumbass” and nicky whines, “you yelled at me every time i stopped practice to get a good shot!”. and when it comes to names, it looks like the shitty opening for a 90s tv show, because everyone’s either just staring blankly or doing that thing actors do where they finger gun directly at the camer

  • kevin “i drink to forget” day
  • andrew “i can’t say anything bad about him or he’ll kill me” minyard
  • aaron “the other” minyard
  • dan “thighs for days” wilds
  • allison “catty bitch” reynolds
  • renee “sunshine” walker
  • matt “i love neil” boyd
  • neil “i’m fine, but that could mean anything between ‘i’m actually fine’ and ‘i am literally bleeding out this very second’” josten
  • and me, nicky “perfect” hemmick!

anonymous asked:

Help! I'm an anon that has recently become a TPoH fan but when I checked out your tumblr it's full of well-drawn ducks?? Because of this, I want to join in the Duckverse fandom but I have a few problems: 1. I wasn't alive when the comics and 1987 TV show was popular 2. I don't know where to start looking for them and 3. I'm poor. Are there things online I can use to help me learn about the story and characters? Should I just wait for the 2017 reboot? Is joining the fandom even worth it? Thanks!!

1. not an issue comics and cartoons are immortal my dude

2/3. idk about watching the old Ducktales cartoons (to be honest I’ve not watched every episode myself) but it is possible to read the comics online! I do, of course, encourage people to go out and buy them when it’s possible but until such a time you can read them here (search for Donald Duck/Scrooge McDuck you’ll find them) and as a short cut I’m gonna just plonk you right at the beginning of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck bc you gotta read that man u gotta

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Okay, but Mike and Eleven's relationship was just so pure and beautiful and I'm not over it?? I've spent most of my time thinking about this and since season 1 ended. My heart is breaking. I miss my cinnamon bun children. They didn't deserve this. Where is season 2?? Please don't touch me right now, I need some Eggo waffles.

@vivificus-zombiae GRRL.

she’s so cool, right? i thought about just making elvira but i have so much supernatural cc i never use <.<

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i am eternally in mourning. i stand by my former statement that sense8 had the best character development in television. i’ve seen very few shows where every character was endearing and unique (even the tertiary ones and love interests) and i’m going to miss it so much.

@tyrellsimsoficeandfire:  I love how you did that scene! It must be hard because there isn’t that much CC for Sims 4. But you always manage everything to look great nevertheless!

there’s a CRAP TON of cc for ts4, but there’s definitely not enough medieval/historical/fantasy stuff :( i wish i could learn how to convert stuff myself, but i spent like an hour staring at tutorials the other day and only succeeded in giving myself a headache. LMAO THANK YOU THOUGH! 

It is so great! Where do you get all those Details of maegor’s reign? World of ice and fire? Or Wiki of ice and fire?

i use everything i can get my hands on! if i see a name i don’t recognize i make sure i search it up to double check if there are interesting details i could be using. a lot of the time there are! i use world of ice and fire, wiki of ice and fire, and my own conjecture mostly.

ceryse at the high tower

So fantastic that it doesn’t look like sims anymore!!!! Wonderful realistic and cruel

i’m really glad you thought that! i was super self conscious about that post because fire/burning always looks so cartoony in ts4. i’m glad you didn’t think it was silly looking!

Someone lost her medieval outfit😊

tyanna is such a rebel. also i have like two athletic outfits in appropriate style so i am lazy and just never bother >.> you caught me

Tyana😂what who said that?😂

SHOTS FIRED. are you sure you want to come for tyanna like that? she is literally a homicidal maniac. (PS: TYANNA TOTALLY DID KILL CERYSE).

@nervous—subject:  😂

they’re such spoiled brats

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oddly enough, my numerous psychological issues are kind of the reason i want to be a psychologist! i feel like my personal experience in the field as a patient and counselor will come in useful :) what did you end up changing it to?

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i never wanted to leave. they’d make a fortune if they did reservations in diagon alley i’m js. i would love to see the one in hollywood though i’ve heard they’re basically identical!

@mockingjaybrandybuckWill we get to see Rhaena’s reaction to Aegon’s death?

you know the answer to this one now! don’t worry though. i love my little baby dragons too much to ever skimp on the details.

@musicalpixlsthis is so cute!! i like her too, she’s sassy for that comic sans

THANK YOU. LMAO i was in cas trying to purposely pick presets i didn’t like and give her cc i normally wouldn’t use in an attempt to make her look weird, and at the end i was like :| she’s the cutest one i’ve ever done. of course.

@simmering-pancakesShe really is super cute! And the hair makes me so happy. That was almost exactly my hair in 9th grade

parenthood gave us really cute hair options! you were an edgy ninth grader, eh?

@gerbitshi: same here, the trailer looks sooo good (and so does your edit)

thank you! i’ve always been a little obsessed with beric, so i was extra excited to see him in all his glory again. i cannot wait for the new season!

@slythersimGreat picture *thumbs up*

every time i see your name i smile. thank you!

@mediocrewoohooHe’s evil but hes so attractive. You and your beautiful sims!

he is offensively good looking and i despise him for it. it’s just because aegon and visenya were both so gorgeous :|


YES PLEASE I ACCEPT. you could walk into my inbox in a diaper and i’d be like @clairesims your smile is BEAAAAAUTIFUL

@trembling-hands Is it okay to say he lives up to his creepiness, because Maegor was a creep. I can’t wait for his death scene on the throne. lol

OH MY GOD IT IS BEYOND OKAY. he is the absolute worst and i’m so excited to almost be done with him. also, i’m glad someone thinks he’s creepy. i’m counting the days until your death, maegor.

thestydiafleet  asked:

Don't shit on people's posts claiming they're homophobic (which I'm not) cuz we ship Clalec. I ship both book Malec & tv Malec. But I also ship tv (not book) Clalec together, because they showed more chemistry towards each other in the first 5 eps. then Clary and Jace did, because theirs felt forced, cringy & awkward where as Alec & Clary's didn't. That post wasn't about hating Magnus or homophobia. It was simply about 2 characters that I felt had Great Chemistry. That's it! Stupid mundane

lmao, this truly made my day

1. just bc you’re upset/angry about being called homophobic doesn’t mean it’s not true. this is your chance to realize you’re being homophobic and do something about it instead of insisting you’re not.

2. please, explain to me in detail, how is it not homophobic to erase a gay man’s sexuality and make him like girls? especially when a BIG part of alec’s storyline is his internalized homophobia and how he feels that his duty is to fake a marriage with some woman he can never love. like, that is a major thing both in the books and the series. alec struggles with being gay, thinks there’s something wrong with him because he’s into men, which many non-het fans relate to, and you go and enforce that by going yeah lol but actually alec is into girls.

3. “I ship malec” isn’t your get out of homophobia jail for free card. you can ship a non-straight ship and still be homophobic, since homophobia isn’t about saying you hate gay people, but doing things that harm non-straight people. and that is what you’re doing.

4. honestly, just because the main straight ship is shit doesn’t mean you can go and shit all over a marginalized group and steal the tiny bit of representation we get. also, alec hates clary, even if it’s not rational or right. you’ve just been brought up to see aggression and hate as “chemistry” so now you think there’s something going on between them even tho alec is gay, as in only into men, and hates clary for messing up everything and “stealing” jace from him. because he was in love with jace. a man.

5. lmao clace is forced but clalec is not? you’re literally forcing alec into being with a woman. how do you not get how gross it is? for centuries non-straight people have been forced into acting straight, into dating and marrying the “opposite” gender, we’ve been told our feelings aren’t real and we can be changed into straight people, doing this to alec, the only canon gay character in the whole series, is so fucking horrible and shitty. you’re basically using conversion therapy on him for the sake of your own straight fantasies.

6. the post was and is homophobic bc it erases alec’s sexuality and hurts gay people. please get that and stop shipping alec with women. find some other guy for your het ships. besides, alec has great chemistry with magnus, his future boyfriend and husband, so sucks to be you I guess. alec is gay and that’s all he will ever be.

+ lmao I can’t believe someone called me a ~mundane~ in some navy seal copypasta way. also it’s pretty meta you’re calling me a mundane as a comeback, since in the tmi world it’s used as an othering slur by the (homophobic) shadowhunters to point out that ~mundanes~ don’t belong in their world. js

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Jordan’s Questions

1. What do you love about yourself?

ohman.. i guess i really love parts of my character? Like easy-going, caring, determined.

2. What’s the best thing about a person you love?

ohboi where do i start. I guess i’ll just say their personality and how loving and caring they are (and a billion other reasons too if y’all have time and wanna hear me out)

3. Do you have a favourite TV show? (if not watch brooklyn nine nine trust me)

black mirror’s been quite a ride so far –update i just started brooklyn nine nine now

4. Do you enjoy going to the movies to hang out with friends?

ah tbh not really, movies are pricey and you’re not really hanging out with friends? I’d rather just grab food and chat with them

5. What’s something that you’re passionate about?


6. Are you still happy with your seventh grade self?

:’) no :’) somebody get me a time machine so i can slap them :’)

7. Do you enjoy art galleries and museums, or are those boring for you?

welp i’m one of those people who find them boring

8. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

chewing with your mouth open :’)

9. What’s an accomplishment of yours?

Being proud/happy with myself

10. What was your favourite thing about your childhood?

the lack of responsibility 

11. Any fandoms that you’re apart of?

man not really anymore buuut Kingdom Hearts is always a classic

My Questions

  1. What was the last thing that made you smile?
  2. Does optimsim make a difference?
  3. Has something paranormal ever happened to you?
  4. What’s something you questioned that you never thought you would?
  5. What’s your favorite stereotype about where you’re from?
  6. If your life was written by someone. how would you describe the author?
  7. What’s the strangest thing that happened to you this week?
  8. What was the first fandom you were apart of?
  9. if you ruled the world, what are the first three things you’d do?
  10. If you were a character in a book, what would the ending look like?
  11. Does your family or do you have any weird traditions?

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Name: Anna

Age: 26

Where Am I: At home, just woke up, having coffee.

Job: Currently teaching English in a uni (undergrads, so fml)

5 Favorite Fictional Characters:
1. Obi!
2. Shirayuki
3. Martin (from the SImpsons)
4. Lisa Simpson

4 Movies I’d Rewatch Over and Over:
Carnage (2011), WIld Strawberries (1957), Tampopo (1984 THIS MOVIE IS EVERYTHING), Death at a funeral (the Brit one).

3 Favorite TV Shows: the Simpsons, the Handmaid’s Tale and Ans

2 of My Favourite Ships: ObiYuki and MisakixUsui

1 thing I love About Myself:  I’m reliable

I’ll tag people whom I think havent yet done it? @dryasiulia @peikaixi @claudeng80 

About Me

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Name : Hannahlee, but call me Hannah

Age : 19

Where I am : North Carolina

Job : Concessions at a movie theater

5 Favorite Fictional Characters : Sarah Williams (Labyrinth), Lyra Silvertogue (His Dark Materials), Meggie Folchart (Inkheart Trilogy), Leonard Snart (The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), Bak Sun (Sense8)

4 Movies I DO Rewatch Over and Over : Labyrinth, The Mummy, School of Rock, and Spiritied Away

3 Favorite (Current) TV Shows [I hope just starting them counts!] : iZombie, Wynonna Earp, and Prison Break

2 of My Favorite Ships : ColdFlash and TaserMummy(Darcy Lewis/Imhotep)

1 Things I Love About Myself : My ability to crack ship

Tagging : @uru-viel @amusewithaview @neverending-shenanigans @frogsandcoffee @enulaz @alice–with-a-bowtie and @shu-of-the-wind <3 <3 <3 <3

Hair in my Hands; Moriarty X Reader

Requested by Anon:  I’d like you to write a one shot where Jim tries to convince his girlfriend to comb messy hair she does not like the idea and he combs her hair. Good afternoon and thank you ^^

You sat on the couch watching some less-than-entertaining television show while your boyfriend Jim Moriarty sat by in disgust. “Is something wrong Jim?” you asked, sensing his repulsion.

“Just… Y/N… when’s the last time you’ve brushed your hair?”

After a good minute of honestly thinking about the last time you brushed your hair, you came up empty. “Maybe… 3…”




“2 and a half weeks,” you guesstimated.

“Oh my god Y/N. That’s bad…”

“Jim, it could be so much worse,” you plainly stated.

“Really? How?”

“… Okay well at least I brush my teeth and shower, usually.”

Jim’s face of disgust changed to one of absolute horror. “Y/N…”

“What! I don’t work during this season, my friends live in another town, and usually you’re out of the house. I don’t have much motivation to brush my hair anymore.”

“Get a brush,” he said simply.


“… Just… get a brush.”

You got up and headed to the bathroom and came out with what Jim requested, handing it to him confused. “Sit down,” he ordered.

“Are you really going to brush my hair?”

“Yep. You refused, I complied. It’s why we work so well.”

“Well, I don’t know about well…”

“I’d watch what you say right now. I hold your hair in my hands.”


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Name: Bertha
Age: 16
Where Am I: hong kong
Job: student(?)

5 Favourite Fictional Characters:
・michael scofield/leonard snart (just assume they’re the same person and let me cheat)
・sara lance
・daisy johnson
・the doctor

4 Movies I’d Rewatch Over and Over:
・avengers: age of ultron (or just any movies from mcu)
・now you see me
・pitch perfect 2

3 Favourite TV Shows:
・prison break
・agents of shield
・doctor who

2 of My Favourite Ships:
・captain canary

1 thing I love About Myself:
・i’m really passionate about what i like(?) is this even a thing lmao

this is seriously the hardest thing ever.

Tag 10 of your Favourite Blogs: @lo-uve @bleedwithme @itsjustanotheruglyface @itsa-war-zone @thecrooktomyassasin @freyreh @flabbergabst @agentmarymargaretskitz @stillthewordgirl @laweizhu @sylvanheather

tobehunted replied to your post: i just watched a 2 hour long youtube video about…

he ruined my favorite tv show and i will never forgive him. i hate him so muuuuuuch

idk if you’re talking about doctor who, but he definitely ruined doctor who for me. 

basically what the guy in the video says - and what i agree with - is that moffat turned DW into a show, not about swashbuckling planet-hopping with honest and complex but contained character development, but a show with simple character traits that are continually told - not shown or developed - where there’s a continually promised Super Cool Upcoming Thing With The Doctor that never pays off. like, there’s always Some Big Mystery, but it never ends up being that interesting or it just leads into Another Mystery while the whole time characters are saying to the doctor “You Are Kind of A Douche” but that character trait never gets explored or dealt with in any real way. the show is just about The Doctor Being A Douche And Solving Dumb Space Mysteries. and yeah, i’m super bummed about that. i miss swashbuckling. :/

We need to talk about Lucas

Where my Emerald City fangirls at?

Cos I really need to ramble incoherently at you about how much I love Lucas and why. :D

I just… man, I have fallen for this character SO damn hard! It certainly helps that he gets whumped sooooo much in the first 2 episodes. It’s not often we get that much whump - and quality whump too! - for a character in a tv show… I mean, the guy collapses like, what, 4 or 5 times over the course of 2 episodes? :D

But even aside from the whump, and the fact that he whumps SO beautifully, there is so much I love about this character. I love the inherent angst of his situation - no memory, not even his name, he is as lost and alone as Dorothy is (which is perhaps why they immediately cling together so much?). 

Speaking of which… his loyalty. Dorothy saves him and from that moment on he gives her 100% of himself, determined to protect her (even when she doesn’t want him to/thinks she doesn’t need him to), even from herself.

And he’s so stoic… which is a hit and miss quality when it comes to whump because often TV shows etc overdo the stoicness to the extent that the whumped character barely shows any pain and pretty much isn’t affected by their injury at all (hello, yes, I’m looking at you Hawaii “wrap a bandage around a gunshot wound and then have a knock down, drag out fist fight with no indication that you’re injured at all” 5.0). But Lucas’ level of stoic is just perfect… he shows pain, is physically affected/impaired by his injury but keeps going anyway, hiding the fact that he’s getting worse (cos let’s face it, the hero hiding/downplaying his injuries to his team is a beloved trope for a reason :D), and, even when weak and feverish, doesn’t break down or complain (no-one likes a wimpy/whingey whumpee :D).

And then… oh and then… he’s so… intense! The way he looks at Dorothy when she’s putting his sword away in the first ep… just gazing at her, wordlessly, from like inches away from her face. Even when he’s utterly helpless, can’t move his arms and needs her to feed him, he has a strength and power to him that is almost unnerving… he never seems weak, even when he is physically weak, you know?

And he’s emotional too, and not ashamed of it. He lets Dorothy see his fear, his anger… and his passion.

OOoh I could go on all day but what it boils down to is that he is an angsty, tortured, intense, loyal, gorgeous (did I forget to mention the whole thing about him being bloody gorgeous? ;) ), dangerous, stoic, whumpable, passionate, intruiging character and I just need to share my love for him with people who understand…. :D

You better kiss me (Sehun Smut)

So here is this lovely request, it was kinda detail so I hope I can reach anon’s expectations! Xoxo, Admin A~

They were so close… I could see he was having fun. He was actually hugging her, sometimes kissing her cheek. Sehun was flirting with some girl that wasn’t me. My Oh Sehun… I turned the TV off and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I had to calm down and talk to him about it later. But why? I mean, I knew he was doing this TV show where he had to live with a girls group but… hugging and kissing cheeks? What was next? Make out? Sex? I just couldn’t believe it. It took him more than 2 weeks to hold my hand and kiss my cheek. I was dying of jealousy. But he was my boyfriend after all…

He was away two more weeks and of course he never stopped being close to her. Even when my texts were cold and short it seemed he didn’t notice that something was going on. I wasn’t excited to see him. I would have but I knew we were going to fight, I just couldn’t stay quiet and pretend it didn’t bother me. I noticed someone was watching while I was practicing. I felt a little uncomfortable but ignored it. It was Sehun of course but I wasn’t going run to his arms, not this time. 

When I finished and left the practice room, he was still waiting, leaning against the wall and smiling at me. I just rolled my eyes and continued my way, ignoring him. 

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Just a few pages from my bullet journal! @sunlightandlove

1 // title page

2 // key

3 // baby names

4 // TV shows to watch

5 // sample daily entries

6 // documentaries to watch

7 // daily tasks checklist (my favourite page!)

As you can see, I have a lot of miscellaneous pages but I really love that about my bullet journal. I think it makes it more personal. I also start each month with a “month at a glance” spread where the left page is divided into two parts - one titled “month at a glance” which is for general things that I need/want to get done in the month that don’t correspond with a specific day (like schedule a meeting with so and so) and the bottom part is monthly goals. The other side is a monthly calendar with the days of the month listed going vertically down the page and the day listed next to it (like 1 Th if the first is a Thursday). I use that space to write down scheduled things like meetings or events that I want to be able to look at.


Olicity Appreciation Week - Day 1: The Moment I Started Shipping Olicity

I wasn’t going to do this. It’s last minute. And then travelingwinchester and quiveringbunny happened. So this is THEIR fault.

So here is my deal. If you’re interested in my convoluted Olicity shipping timeline – it’s below the cut. But let me warn you – it is not a straight (or in the beginning, very nice) line…

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Stop pretending you don’t want Cartinelli for real/legit reasons

Hayley Atwell goes hard in support of Cartinelli on Twitter and suddenly everyone is concerned about the integrity of the show? Let me list the most common responses I saw and what my reactions to them are:

1. Why can’t two women just be friends???

Me: You mean like 99% of female characters on TV? Where is all this over-saturation of bi and lesbian representation you’re seeing that I can’t seem to find. Hook a sister up!

2. Why does she have to be with anyone? She should be alone!

Me: So you would rather Peggy be utterly alone, no romantic love in her life at all, rather than see her in a same-sex romance? Even though you call yourself a fan of the character and presumably want her to be happy? Okay. 

3. She should be single and “play the field”!

Me: Yes. “Playing the field” totally sounds like the Peggy Carter we know. 

4. Angie isn’t interesting enough/written with enough depth to be in a canon pair! 

Me: Um. I have said this about so many M/F ships, it’s like a permanent crease on my soul. A boy and girl can literally only accidentally catch each other’s eye from across a crowded room and immediately a ship the size of the Titanic is launched by the fandom, but Angie can be Peggy’s only friend/support person who is constantly drawing her out of herself, offering her emotional support (and housing!), making her smile and laugh and lying to federal agents to protect her, no questions asked…but it’s not enough to base a relationship on. Okay. 

5. What about Jarvis/Peggy! Or Peggy/Some Dude!

Me: Bruh. Look. James and Hayley have GREAT chemistry and they are both very easy on the eyes. No lie. But in terms of an official canon ship? Jarvis is MARRIED and that is NOT going to happen. You’d rather ship Peggy with a MARRIED man who is obviously super in love with his WIFE than consider Cartinelli? Or ship her with actual trash can Agent “Fedora” Thompson than Angie? Do you actually hate Peggy Carter? Tell the truth. And while I actually like Sousa, him being a Nice Guy doesn’t make him a good match for Peggy. Esp after the shit he pulled in the last two episodes. 


*own up to your internal biases

Why I’m in TD; My logic.

Republishing: error on Lydia and the hat  she was not Andrea.

English version : (so sorry for my english )

The proof and evidence beginning to accumulate. TD did a fantastic work! And thank you all for that !

LOVE you soooooo much ! <3

What will follow are theories, evidence that has already been seen or not. (A mix) but I need to put everything in writing like I was an new member of TD. And to review everything with hindsight. For that, I talk to someone looking at the show for the history and not for a particular character. which allows me not to go in all directions.

If I don’t marked you on the post it’s because many of us have to find small details and it becomes almost impossible to find the person who had the idea first. I don’t want to steal the work of anyone! All are the work of team delusional with my opinion.

And if you want to be marked: I will add your name, or your link to your post without any worries at bottom of page. (To make everything clear).

We are a team, we must work as a team.

So we will start on the costumes.

Part 1:Costume:

             1. The cross

  She always wears a cross (necklace or bracelet). Sign of faith but also a sign of sacrifice and resurrection.

I will gladly say it was just because Beth was religious if we had not seen a new Beth’s bracelet in Coda.

She wearing a cross during the final scene of “Coda”. The Bracelet appeared and we don’t knows where or how (if it was one she had in “still” and/or “alone”  I will not say anything about this because she recovered her things . But here it is a new so it was voluntary…so that necessarily means something other than faith!)

sacrifice : just for Noah and Risk her family ?  I think Noah was the trigger element but she sacrificed herself for more than that: her convictions.

The death and resurrection. Beth did not accept what was happening in this hospital (rape, physical, moral attacks, weak submission etc) she wanted to cut the head of the snake (Dawn). By getting rid of the one who rules all this evil, it offers the possibility of delivering the innocent. (Rick speech) and she takes the figure of Christ.

When you decide to put an easter egg, that’s for the future, not the present. So this bracelet can not be only for the sacrifice . If Beth is dead there is no future … 

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blogrates! :D

I just passed 1.8k followers probably a week ago and I’m so flattered that this many people would ever decide to follow me, so I’m going to do blogrates! Wahey! Let’s be friends!!


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and I’ll do the thing:

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you can blacklist “megan does blogrates” if you don’t want to see a crap ton of me flailing about people and their cuteness lol