where's my superman


I saw an opportunity to hurt someone. I saw a chance to prove a point. You think I’ve changed but all I’ve done is changed back. I’m more him than the monster he became.

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I don’t want any fucking trolls I wanna see how many of us think about him on a daily basis, adore him to pieces, watch all of his movies, etc etc I want the real stans ya hear?? I’m talking about y’all @luthorspeachtea @shallowjaney @toofangirl @fashionistabree I see u ;) @cherryswordripper @walkrightthrume mutuals and non mutuals alike I see you liking my Jesse pics come on girls and fellas I see ya’ll and I wanna hear you fucking ROARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!


had a movie date with wonder woman yesterday, so of course i tried to look my best (tbh she was the absolute best thing about batman v superman)