where's my rubber ducky

whoever wrote it’s a small world deserves a special place in hell

it’s not cause i think the song is annoying, oh no, i could listen to that fuckin thing for hours on end.

it’s because the fucking music for it.

see, we have this piano book right. it’s a kind of old piano book of like children’s music, with like, mary poppins and rubber duckie and like, where oh where has my little dog gone and shit. and it’s a small world is one of the songs

and i need you to understand that i can bang out a fuckin perfect rendition of each of the hands when they’re separate bc separately? it’s real goddamn easy im tellin you. like i’m talkin i-could-play-it-in-my-sleep-with-one-hand-tied-behind-my-back easy

but when you put the god fucking damn parts together it is a fucking NIGHTMARE. IT’S HORRIFIC. it is at SUCH A LEVEL OF UNIMAGINABLE BULLSHIT.

look chim chim cheree is easier. puff the magic dragon and when you wish upon a star and shit THEYRE ALL WAY FUCKING EASIER. i once created by ear my own arrangement of the gravity falls theme and i’d personally say that that was easier than this terrible fucking two-handed nightmare