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where is the Romana/Leela darkfic where the only way Pandora provokes Romana to violence–on the only occasion when she does provoke Romana to violence–is because, in a dark and terrible part of herself, Romana really, really wants Andred out of the way

Tuesday, 26th of January || I decided to revise my sheets for Literary Analysis today. This is one of my sheets dealing with Hamlet - on the left a quick self drawn character constellation, on the right a few themes. Actually I love Shakespeare a lot. He’s one of my favourite playwrights :)

“Laurens I like you a lot” is maybe the biggest understatement in the history of musical theater. 


Apparently I have this recurring problem where my favorite Hamlets are always the Hamlets from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, not the Hamlets from Hamlet. Not that I don’t have a lot of affection for Hamlet’s Hamlet! But R&GAD allows Hamlet a certain laxity of movement, a freedom from having to have PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPTH, that I find really fun to watch onstage. Like, for R&GAD I enjoy picturing Hamlet strutting around in hipster glasses and really tight pants, inscrutable and a little absurd, but the terrible thing is that this preposterous asshole in skinny jeans is the death that overtakes the play. Opacity is a kind of power.

Has the word “Hamlet” reached semantic satiation point yet? Let’s watch Iain Glen as my favorite Hamlet of all time, except, as usual, I just end up getting distracted by Tim Roth. Ugh Tim Roth. Really THE WHOLE CLIP IS DISTRACTING. GARY OLDMAN! HOW CAN I WATCH A THING AND BE DISTRACTED BY ITSELF, AND YET I AM

The Hanging Men (1/?)

Summary: Emma Swan kills people for a living. Only bad people, mind - and if the stories are anything to go by, Captain Hook is certainly a bad person. Having been charged by the king to track him down, Emma has every intention of getting the job done quickly and quietly. Falling through a portal and getting stuck with the pirate? Definitely not part of the plan.

(Bounty Hunter AU, slow-build CaptainSwan)

A/N: This is the product of a vague idea, writer’s block, and too many pirate fanmixes on 8tracks. Character relationships and backstories have been slightly fiddled with for this AU, as have the dynamics of the Enchanted Forest world.


Everything was going horribly wrong.

Emma swore as she sprinted through the dark, winding streets of the city. Her breath came in ragged gasps, her boots slipping and sliding across the damp cobbles. Rain was coming down in sheets, soaking her through, the lashing wind catching in her hair and her cloak, cutting across any inch of exposed flesh like a cold blade.

And behind her, the shouts of the guardsmen echoed, their heavy footsteps growing louder by the minute. She didn’t dare look behind to see how close they were.

The streets were nearly empty at this time of night, courtesy of the strict curfew imposed by the Baron. The corpulent, corrupt Baron who now lay dead in his bedchamber, thanks to her knife in his throat. That had gone according to plan.

What had not gone according to plan was her escape.

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