where's my chemical romance

As 2016 draws to a close...

Let us acknowledge and commemorate some of the people that deserve praise.

- the Mystic Messenger fandom, for honestly everything they’ve been through.

- the Harry Potter fandom, for having to deal with Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts (and all the feels that came along with them)

- the people who stuck by Pokemon Go after it wasn’t cool any more

- whoever believed that rumour that MCR was getting back together

- the phandom, for having to deal with not only TATINOF, but DAPGO, DAPGOOSE, and all the extremely gay and almost suggestive tweets both Dan and Phil have been releasing (thanks guys)

- the Supernatural family, for not only season twelve and Dean’s leather jacket announcement for 12x07, but for the news of the new babies in the Padalecki and Ackles families!

- those who are or will be affected by the 2016 US presidential elections, whether you are against or for the president elect, it’s been a wild (and kinda scary) ride.

- the memelords of the internet, for all the truly wonderful memes that distract your audiences from their existential crises and looming thoughts of the inevitable.

- and lastly (that I can think of), the Yuri on Ice fandom, because episode twelve dropped this afternoon and every social media site has blown up- I’m not even in this fandom (yet!) and I’m crying.

  • Victor: *wearing Black Parade Uniform from My chemical romance*
  • Yuri: Don't tell me, he has his emo-phase right now...
  • Victor: What you're speaking about? That's my new costume for this skating season.
  • Yuri: And why is the room full of 'My Chemical Romance' merchandise?
  • Victor: Inspiration.
  • <p> <b></b> Soooo its 2016 and my taste in music is still 2005<p/></p>
  • <p> <b></b>Update:
  • It is now 2017 and my taste in music is still 2005<p/></p>

I think we can officially say that My Chemical Romance really needed to get a better photographer…what even are these photoshoots?

  • Protect "fake fans"
  • Protect new fans that only just
  • discovered the band
  • Protect new fans that still only know the band's biggest hits
  • Protect new fans that love the band's music, but don't know anything about the band members
  • Protect new fans that love songs, but can't remember the names of them
  • Protect new fans that love all their songs, but don't know all the words
  • Protect new fans that only know the newest album
  • Protect new fans that haven't been to a concert yet
  • Protect new fans that have only discovered the band recently, but are already falling in love with their music.
  • Protect new fans that are quickly falling in love with the band, but are pushed out of the fanbase for being "fake fans".

Sorry for the late upload and all. I had to move houses because tomorrow I start college again! Bye bye, summer QUQ

But here you go, the three pages that were left! I leave you guys with an angry Papyrus that hates cheating ;D He’s so cool <3

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