where's mathias

Dennor au where Mathias adopts a baby Emil and loves him so much and he doesn’t understand how anyone could ever give him up so when Emil is older he promises to avenge him and find his former guardian to shove in their face how perfect Emil is (which Emil is opposed to but Mathias doesn’t listen to him) and the last listed guardian of Emil is this Lukas guy so Mathias goes to find him and when he does he’s surprised that he’s so young (like how old was he when he got some girl pregnant?) and he’s just sitting behind the desk at the library where he works and Mathias storms up and delivers some huge speech about what a big mistake Lukas made giving up his kid like that and Lukas just throws a book at Mathias’ head and hisses about how Mathias doesn’t know anything about him or his brother and then he rolls out from behind the desk and Mathias is like oh shit because Lukas is in a wheelchair and Emil is his brother and what is happening??? And he pesters Lukas to no end with apologies and questions until he finds out that their family was in a car crash and their parents died and Lukas tried but couldn’t take care of Emil because he was paralyzed from the waist down and it was too hard so he had to give him up to an orphanage and while this is happening Mathias slowly falls in love with Lukas and he invites him to come back and live with him and Emil and Lukas shyly accepts and Emil and him are super awkward at first but then they get along super well and they just become a big happy family the end

Suit and Tie

Imagine Denmark, getting ready for a meeting. He scrambling around because he’s going to be late, his S/O telling him that they would tie his tie for him as he was too scattered to do it correctly himself.  While in the process  of making it perfect, his S/O feels him staring at them. They then look up to see his eyes meeting theirs, focused and intense, just watching them, taking everything about them in.  His S/O swallowing hard and looking down to the tie, tightening it and telling him he was ready to go. The Dane then leaning forward and pressing his forehead against theirs and saying lowly “Thank you,” as he pulled away. Leaving his S/O tongue tied and in want as he grabbed his jacket and said goodbye.

a dennor au where mathias and lukas go on their first date and at the end of the night they go in lukas’ apartment and lukas kisses mathias who is so surprised and  he kinda stumbles back a little and flails his arms for something to get balance on. his hand ends up landing on the opening of a vase on a nearby table and when he leans on it the vase and mathias crash down on the floor.  mathias cuts his hand on a shard and starts bleeding everywhere. lukas is standing there in complete awe of the stupidity he just witnessed. the night ends w lukas driving mathias to the ER for stitches.

Worst. Friends. Ever.

Context: Im the DM for players trapped in a dungeon that is endless and gets progressively harder each floor. The party of twenty (consisting of ten mages, three Royals, a gun slinger, two bowmen, an alchemist, two clerics, and a bard) is on the 67th floor. The floor is literally named hell, and is booby trapped every where.

More Context: Mathias our strongest mage sends Mort the bowman down a hall to see if there’s anything on the other end. Mort rolls a 20 on agility and runs down the hall screaming. David, our gunslinger robot inspects the hall and rolls a perfect twenty, finding a tripwire that Mort almost stepped on.

Terk, our chaotic evil bard: “Can I purposely set off the tripwire?”

Me: “Why?”

Terk: “Because i want to”

Me: “Fine. You pull the tripwire out of place. As soon as you do however a loud clanking noise is heard.”

Mathias: “Wouldnt it be hilarious if we heard Mort screaming down at the end of the hall as he gets chopped up by some unknown device?”

Mort: “WOW. Thanks a lot guys.”

Anko family head canon where Lukas and Mathias met in high school when Lukas was in his punk phase so they have a bunch of old photos of Lukas and Mathias with Lukas having shaved dyed hair and a ton of piercings and tattoos but when he got to college he mellowed out and after he married Mathias and they adopted Emil he had forgotten about those days until one day Emil is looking through some old scrap books in the other room and lets out the most terrified scream and when Mathias and Lukas run to see what’s wrong they just see him staring at a picture of a punk Lukas flipping the bird at the camera and Emil slowly turns to look at the sweater wearing, calm, book loving, soft spoken Lukas that he knows now and he just can’t understand how it happened (and Lukas is just blushing terribly while Mathias is dying of laughter in the background)

Imagine an au where Mathias is deaf and he’s always really self conscious about making noise so he usually signs things and is always awkward around people. And then he meets Lukas, who encouraged him to relax and be himself and Mathias finally lets himself be as loud as he want and whenever he’s around Lukas he’s always shouting excitedly and laughing super loudly but Lukas doesn’t even care cause it’s just Mathias being himself for once.