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The last chapter of FT has been published today and it’s been a long hell of a ride.

I started watching the anime back at the end of 2011/start of 2012. It was one of these animes that’s always around and I had actually watched the first episode maybe two times already but I never got interested enough to continue, even though the manga had all my fave elements: fantasy, adventures, a little bit of humour and apparently also sad and touching moments., and of course romance. Then one day I saw this picture of topless, bandaged Gray and Erza blushing and I remember thinking: OTP material right here (turned out Gray is always shirtless and Erza was blushing because she had found Lucy’s panties drawer lol). I asked who they were so I went and finally got to watch the whole thing.

I fell in love with the story and the characters. Gray was my bb since day 1 and I couldn’t wait for Erza to appear. I shipped them so hard at first but then Juvia appeared; I remember thinking I’m gonna love this girl so bad even if she’s a bad one because WATER GIRL; turned out she was Gray’s romantic interest. I didn’t like them together at first but they eventually grew on me and here we are now (I believe Tenrou was the arc where I said okay Lola, they’re the cutest). Lucy and especially Natsu took some more time but I love them both so much now, too. The secondary characters are also so lovable, my girls Mira and Lisanna, Cana, Laxus… I could go on forever and of course JELLAL THE MOST PRECIOUS BUN.

I didn’t pick up the manga until the GMG; chapter 334 made me feel so, so much I decided I needed to read it, too. Also I love Mashima’s style with all my heart and god, the anime doesn’t do justice to Gray’s design. I discovered a whole new world with Gray’s design💙💙 Even though I have had my ups and downs with FT (the last two arcs were kind of meh) overall is definitely one of my top 3 mangas and it will always have a special place in my heart. Here’s to hoping for Mashima’s next work!!

I want to read a Baffy story where, when Lola goes on her randomly falls head over heels spree (which she has, i think, twice in the Looney Tunes Show? Once for Pepe Le Pew and then for Daffy when she got him to say what ‘all women want to hear’), she dumps and leaves Bugs and Bugs is like legit upset about it. Like maybe he was feeling close to popping the question, or he was starting to think about asking her to move in with him– just a huge life change to show how committed he was to her. And then, BAM, that happens. And for once Daffy steps in as ‘so in sync and ready for Bugs’ needs’. (Makes me think of the episode where they were both on the same page dealing with Yosamite Sam.) But yeah, Daffy actually had big plans that night, plans he swore would make him a billionaire… and he cancels them for Bugs, because he knows his best bud needs him. (Which was honestly a good thing because that night the group he was going to meet up ended up being criminals and caught by the police.)

So yeah, Bugs and Daffy go out on a big ‘guys night out’ of their life where Bugs really gets a chance to remember why he actually enjoys having Daffy around. Have this clarity spread over time, maybe a span of a week, where Bugs just lets himself be a part of daffy’s schemes and way of life and suddenly getting an ‘oh shit’ moment of realizing that he’s in love with Daffy.

The problem, though, is that Daffy is oblivious to this and happily still dating Tina. So that leaves Bugs Bunny, for once in his life, in an underdog situation. He’s not used to not getting the girl at the end of the day. He’s not used to life making him suffer some in a situation he can’t just instantly fix through quick thinking and out manuevering some opponent. 

So yeah… that would be nice to see. Mostly because i feel it’s a lot easier to write the couple from Daffy is in love with Bugs pov. Bugs is the ultimate guy to look up to, to inspire to be! Everybody falls for him. But Daffy is a charming trash can– let’s see Mr. Right fall for Mr. Wrong.

okay but i have SO MANY QUESTIONS

what the hell happened to the avengers? did the framework have a project insight? did it even need one, or did people willingly give up their freedom for security like zola talked about in ca:tws?

was hydra still built on shield’s back? what happened to peggy carter? is the winter soldier still under hydra’s control? did steve rogers ever get found, or is he still in the ice?

was coulson still a cap fanboy? where is lola?

who is the doctor in winslow that was mentioned in that article coulson had?

who made first contact with thor? was it hydra? 


Expectations, Potential, and Reality - What’s up with Shay and Goldi

So this might be rant-adjacent, I don’t want this to be a rant, but more an explanation as to what the hell happened. Because both of them should be great, just on paper they should be great. Why aren’t they?

Let’s start with Goldi, her problems are a lot easier to look through.

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Corner of Your Heart~ Pete Dunne AU ~ Chapter 1

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Note : Lola is played by @laochbaineann and Jay is me. 

First Chapter

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In a small town with a hard name to pronounced on a sunny afternoon two girls move into apartment on the third floor. Jay and Lola Simmons were two girls moving from the other side of the world. 

They were best friends and sisters as well, they trusted each other more than they trusted anyone else. Jay was the quite one, that loved to draw like it was her life’s work. She made money off of selling her art around. 

She had brown long hair with black rimmed glasses that framed around her blue grey eyes. Jay was average height for a girl and average weight. She loved to wear flannels, skinnies, vans, caps and beanies.

 She was kinda of the girl you’d find at the concert jamming her head to songs. Lola on the other hand was loud, average height just like Jay and average weight with black rimmed glasses rounded her beautiful brown eyes. She had a smile that anyone would die for when they saw it. 

She was so similar to Jay only that Lola worked in a radio station where her voice could be heard. Now a little about those two let’s head back to the story where it begins. 

“ Do you think you packed enough stuff?” Lola looks over at the boxes that her sister was carrying, with her hands on her hips shaking her head. “ Oh shut it squirt, I saw you pack all your shoes. Did you need all of them?” I ( Jay) asked putting the boxes down facing Lola. 

“ Yes, you know how I love my shoes” I rolled my eyes playfully as I looked around the apartment. 

“ I can’t believe finally we get our own place” Lola claps her hands together and squeals. I chuckle coming over to her swinging my arms across her shoulder hugging her to my side. 

“ Yes, this is a start of new adventures” 

“ I wonder if there are any sexy guys around” I palm faced myself as I shake my head hearing what she just said. This was Lola, as soon as we move into a new place, it’s guys and guys and men and men. The girl needs to take a chill sometimes. 

“ Is that all you think about?” Lola shrugs before putting on her shoes. “ Where are you going Lola? We have to unpack first..” Lola ignores what I just said as she heads to the door. I sighed going back to unpacking the boxes in the kitchen. Meanwhile Lola makes her way down the hall to maybe hopes to bump into a guy or maybe two or four. 

“ Shut it ya wanker!” Lola’s ears peer up as she hears a guys voice, a guy storms out of the room. She fixes her hair before heading his way, looking around as if she doesn’t really see him but she does. 

Lola squeals as she falls to the ground and with the guy ending up on time of her. Her eyes widen though as she looks into the eyes of her sister’s ex boyfriend. He looks different now, sporting a beard and looking much older than he was. It was Mark Andrews. 

“ Mark?” Lola asks, making sure it’s really him. Mark title his head to the side, he is confused to how this girl knows his name. He gets up, lending her a hand helping her stand when she takes his hand. 

“ How do ya know me?” his eyebrows are knitted together as he stares down at the small petite girl in front of him.

“ It’s me Lola Simmons, you dated Jay back in high school” When Mark hears the name “ Jay” the wheel in his head spin hearing her name again. It’s been years since he last seen her.

“ Oh my god! Lola!” He opens his arms for her to hug her, she comes into his arms hugging him. It’s been five years since Jay and Mark has split up, they were high school sweethearts. Until Mark wanted to pursue a different career that needed him across the world, he was in a band. 

They went places and Jay never kept contact with him, things ended on good terms but it still hurt because Mark was her first love. And then there was Jen ( it’s Marina! Hey! Hey!), Mark’s sister and Jay’s best friend since the beginning of high school. Jen was always the one that would fight off the bullies that were after Jay and Lola. She also was the one who pushed him into dating Jay. 

“ How is Jen doing?” Lola asks pulling away from Mark. Mark nodded his head, thinking about his sister missing her.

 “ Jen’s good, the last time, she and I talked was a month ago…” Mark scratched his beard, not really remembering good. Then his face changed when it clicked to him, he had to introduce Lola to the guys. 

“ Hey Lola, would ya like t’ meet my roommates and friends?” He asked, he didn’t need to know the answer because he knew Lola. Her eyes would light up at the mention of men, Lola just liked meeting new people and looking at guys. She never had luck in the relationship department. 

“ I’d love too..” Mark placed his hand on the small of her back leading her to the green door, opening it.
“ Hey arseholes! I’d want ya t’ meet someone!” All heads peeked out from their own rooms, while Pete’s head came from the fridge. 

They all scrambled in front of Lola and Mark, Lola’s eyes got widen seeing three good looking guys.
“ Lola this is Trent, Pete and Tyler. Lads, this is Lola Simmons, she’s an old friend from high school” Lola waved to them, a giggle escapes her mouth as Trent takes her hand giving a kiss on top as well as Tyler. 

Pete just looked at Lola with a smirk on his face before going back to the fridge, “ Make yourself at home..” Mark says, smiling down at her. 

“ Oh! How about Jay?” as Mark hears her name again, he feels his throat tighten, licking his lips as for some reason they felt dry. 

“ Jay?” Trent asks. Lola nods.

“ My sister” Trent looks at Mark as if to ask if it’s the same girl he was thinking about when Mark shook his head motioning to Trent to not even ask it. 

“ Bring her here” Tyler says. “ We want to meet her” 

When Lola gets back to the apartment, I’ve already set up the kitchen and was in my room unpacking the boxes, going back and forth from the living room back to my room.

“ Jay?” Lola calls out. I peek my head out the door, listening to what she wanted. 

“ I met some guys and they want to meet you” I shook my head, “ No thanks.” Lola groans stomping her way in my room, leaning with her shoulder against the door. 

“ One of them is Mark..” as I hear that name, I drop the frame in my hand onto the floor. It couldn’t be the same Mark. 

“ Mark? Mark Andrews?” Lola nods. “ Are you sure?” Lola nods again. 

“  Well.. okay..” Lola takes my hand leading me out of my room and out of the apartment, I managed to grab the key just in time as she drags me down the hall to the green door. She knocked, waiting as she shifts on her feet. The door opens, a guy with glasses and blonde dirty hair and a tank top opens it. He smiles at Lola, before looking at me. 

“ Ya must be Jay? ‘m Tyler” He opens the door letting us inside, I walked past him sending him a smile and a nod.

“ Nice to meet you Tyler” I looked around at the nice looking apartment to see another guy leaning against the counter with a beer in his hand, light brown hair and a smirk on his face as hi eyes roam my body making me uncomfortable. I shifted my gaze to another guy who had a longer beard and seemed much nicer. 

“ This is Trent and that’s Pete” Tyler motions to them. My breath hitches and my body freezes seeing the familiar eyes of my ex boyfriend. 

“ Mark..” his name leaves my lips in a whisper. He stops in his tracks as he examines me before a smile appears on his face. 

“ Jay..” His name slips from my lips as if it was yesterday I first heard it. He comes over, hugging me bringing me to his chest. He still smelled the same as I remembered, I wrap my arms around him hugging him back. 

A groan or some sort of noise was heard from near the kitchen, that must be Pete who looked like he didn’t like seeing affection. Mark pulls away, Lola makes her way over to Trent who’s on the couch watching some TV, she’s making a conversation while I just look at Mark like it was yesterday I looked into his eyes. 

“ Just kiss or whatever..” Pete mumbles as he walks by, scoffing.
“ Don’t mind him, he’s always like that” I chuckle, nodding my head before Mark pulls me to the other side of the couch where we sit down to talk.
As the night goes, I couldn’t believe how much Mark was successful with his music. Just like he told me he would be. 

I told him about how I draw and sell my art work around the world, he loved that idea and always told me I had the talent for it. The first drawing I made was of him because of how much I liked him back in high school. When he first saw it, he told me this was what I was suppose to do as my job in the future, to go for it. And I did. Lola told them about how she ha her own radio station and Mark and his band should be on it. 

Pete looked bored out of his mind but his eyes went to Jay, hearing her talk. Something about her voice, brought him to listen. Trent on the other hand, didn’t really pay attention to what Lola told him. On his mind was did Mark get a girl like Jay back then. 

“ Look at the time, we have to go..” I said standing up looking around at the guys. 

“ So soon?” Pete asks looking up at me. “ Yeah, we still have to unpack..” 

“We can help!” Tyler says straight away, Trent, Mark and Pete look over to him in surprise. He usually was the quite and shy one out of all of them. They didn’t expect that from him. “ We would love that” Lola says. 
“ Lola!” I yelled/hiss. “ What?” she turns her head to look at me. 

“ Maybe the other guys have other plans..” Trent shakes his head, “ I’m free.”
“ Me too” Mark adds. “ Me Three” Tyler adds. “ I-” Pete was about to say when Trent nudges him into the side, “ Ow! Fucker!” He yells hitting Trent upside his head. Trent turns to glare at him, before Pete grumbles, “ “m free too” 

“ Then it’s settled, come by tomorrow at 10” Lola get up, fixing her shirt. Mark gets up, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he looks over to Jay. 

“ It was great seein’ ya again” He says. “ You too” I mumble wrapping my arms around his middle,hugging him. He chuckles, hugging me back before the guys walk us to the door. 

“ Good night” I mumble to him. “ Good night” He says, nodding his head. Trent catches me off guard as he takes my hand,kissing on top as well as Tyler. I looked at Pete, he scoffs putting his arms across his chest.

 Trent nudges him, Pete rolls his eyes as he mumbles a good night before walking away. 

Lola and I walk back into our apartment, as Lola closes the door she giggles making me turn around to look at her. 

“ What?” She shakes her finger at me with that smile on her face that scares me. 

“ Mark and you still have feelings for one another, the look he was giving you..”  

“ No. No. No. NO. Did I say no?” Lola rolls her eyes, “ Oh come on Jay, you can’t feel it? The two of you were throwing each other the sex eyes.” 

“ Maybe you need to get laid” Lola’s mouth drops as runs to catch me running around the apartment. 

Meanwhile, Mark has a hug smile on his face as he cleans up the living room table. Tyler watches him with a chuckle.
“ What?” Mark asks. 

“ Yeh still have feeling for her.. don’t ya?” Mark shakes his head, “ No.” Trent scoffs, “ Yeah right lad, yah were starin’ at her like she only mattered in the room.” 

“ I don’t…stop..” 

“ Stop being’ a pussy and talk to her about it” 

“ Guys, she just moved in . Not right now..” 

“ When? When yeh two are old?” 

“ fuck off, will yah!” Mark grumbles going to his room shutting the door.

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Which episode are you looking forward the most?

Definitely, Lynn-er takes all. But as much as I’m looking forward to it, I’m scared as hell too. 

The synopsis we have is that the family unites against Lynn because she gets really competitive on boardgames. And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s really interesting, and it also confirms part of my headcanon about her wanting to be the best at everything including any type of game. I’ve always thought that she would be like this, and I think the premise makes a lot of sense and has the potential to be really funny.

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But this idea would only make me feel absolutely happy if it’s dealt properly. And by this, I mean showing character development for Lynn. All the sisters need character development ASAP. I know this is a kid’s show, but I can’t help to see all the potential wasted in previous episodes when it comes to developing the main cast.

The fandom is really against Lynn since No Such Luck (even though I’m willing to defend her saying that it wasn’t her fault as much as the fandom think), and she needs to redeem herself with an episode. If they follow their 4 act scheme for episodes, I can see Lynn losing at the end of the third act. I think that’s what’s going to happen, actually.

But the final act needs to be played well. Judging by episodes like April Fool Rules and Fool’s Paradise, I can make an educated guess that she’s not gonna learn her lesson, and she’ll probably look even more like a jerk.

If that’s the case, well, then I’m gonna have it hard, since she’s my favorite character and I’m already suffering the consequences of liking her in a fandom where it’s become a meme to hate her.

What would I want, then?

The best possible scenario would be that she wins, but she learns her lesson on her own just by seeing how all her siblings were against her. That would be awesome and 100% character development, but that has almost zero chances of happening.

All things considered, I’d like her to lose the game, but as they’re all celebrating their victory over her, she gets depressed. Kinda like what happened in Undie Pressure, where Lincoln lost but Lola realizes what she had done and she bought the victory undies for her brother anyway. Lynn loses, but then Lincoln realizes what sports and competition mean for her.

She feels the need to won at everything she can when it comes to sports and competitions because she doesn’t have anything else. That’s all that she knows, all that she’s good at. And winning is her little way to show the world what she’s worth (maybe we could have a flashback about why she got into sports, kinda like with Luna in For Bros About to Rock). 

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Lincoln realizes this, he says he didn’t know it was like that for her, she apologizes, they hug it out, and the episode ends with Lynn being overly competitive again, but this time just as she’s about to make her victory dance or whatever (I assume that’s something that annoys her siblings the most, her celebrating everything and making them feel angry), she says “Good game, guys! Who wants to play again?” Or something like that.


anyways you cannot divorce the issue surrounding tizon’s family from the context of ASIAN SLAVERY (NOT AND NEVER african slavery) and specifically FILIPINO slavery
specifically whereas the african slave was once forcibly taken from their home, the asian slave is part of a lower class or caste and has no other socioeconomic choice But to choose circumstances that lead to modern slavery.
we see this in the article if westerners possessed the ability to fucking read wherein lola had the choice between marrying a pig farmer twice her age ; comparatively , house work as a nanny is much lighter and more lucrative work , especially with the cultural background in the philippines where women send money back to their family as a way to provide.
this is extended throughout asia. this is the system that toils in mines to pay for rare minerals for your electronics. this is the system which produces the fast fashion for the fucking god awful flannel you insist on wearing. this is the system which produces the manicures you wear, the makeup you test, the shoes you bought for a ‘deal’ –all of it, on the backs of men and women on the lowest caste of asian society who had one choice : slavery for their families or death.
there’s a reason i sympathize not with tizon, but with lola in where being free , she could not understand where to go ; where to go ? what to do other than to provide for your family when your entire life this is your only ultimate goal ? what to do when your family, worlds away, is less a family and more a symbol , less a reality and more something you hold at night, something you know you can never visit because you know it will not be the same when you go back.
you think that you’re above this ? you honestly think you neoliberal westerners are divorced from this reality when your colonization, your rampant consumerism and capitalism is part of what perpetuates this to this day . the caste was there before you ; but if you honestly think that america didn’t fuck over the philippines when it colonized us then goddamn you blind. we are all sinners in this. that is, perhaps, the only possible black and white in this whole fucking mess of grey so SHUT THE FUCK UP FUCKING WESTERNERS

Season 3 Lola Pacini Gifs

here is a gif hunt of  150 191 of gifs of Amanda Arcuri! these gifs are from a little tiny show know as Degrassi where she plays Lola Pacini!! none of these gifs are mine, credit to all the gif makers. please like if you save any and reblog if you’re a rph blog! (NOTE: i did try to use only blue hair gifs in this hunt but if some pink haired ones slip in sorry!)

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: what the hell happened on zoey 101 then? Werent they all in like 9th grade? Wouldn't chase have had 3 more years to tell zoey how he felt? Or zoey tell chase how she felt? Or did zoey leave pca? I doubt chase left pca, but even if either of them left pacific coast academy, wouldn't they have stayed in touch? They both had cell phones and laptops, wouldn't they have talked or texted? Emailed even? Chase and zoey were so close, don't you think eventually either of them would have told the other how they felt? Even if zoey did leave pca, why would they have stopped talking? Chase is obviously still in love with zoey (obviously), he even starts saying her name as he goes to propose to another girl, how could they have just lost all contact with one another? And in addition to that, wouldn't michael know what happened to zoey? They were good friends too. Wouldn't zoey or chase have a facebook? Why couldn't they have stayed connected that way? How is chase going to find zoey? Wouldn't he have kept in touch with ANYONE from pca?? Even michael had to search for chase and just happened to find him at that restaurant? How did everyone just lose touch with everyone at pca? Logan? Where's he? Nicole? Lola??? Dustin??? What the hell happened???
Rufy, why are you so furious against Big Mom?

There is a detail that struck me in the last chapter of One Piece (847): in the final discussion between Luffy and Big Mom, Luffy makes furious the Yonko with his last words. In fact, he challenged openly, in front of everyone, Big Mom: but there is an interesting detail. Take a good look below: Big Mom talks to Nami and, in essence, he is threatening to torture her to death to know where is her daughter Lola. I say “to death” because Big Mom says “I’ll definitely have you spit out her current location”. “Definitely”: that is, I will torture you to death to learn the truth. And, in fact, we see that Nami is terrified: she is trembling (and this makes clear Big Mom’s intentions: despite the promises she made to Sanji, she will do what she wants on Luffy, Nami and the others).

C’è un dettaglio che mi ha colpito nell’ultimo capitolo di One Piece (847): nella discussione finale tra Rufy e Big Mom, Rufy fa arrabbiare parecchio l’imperatrice con la sua ultima uscita. Infatti, l’ha sfidata apertamente davanti a tutti: ma c’è un dettaglio interessante. Osservate bene qui sotto: Big Mom parla a Nami e, in sostanza, sta minacciando di torturarla a morte per sapere dove si trovi la figlia Lola. Dico “a morte” perchè Big Mom dice “Ti farò sputare definitivamente la sua posizione”. “Definitivamente”: cioè, ti torturerò fino ad ammazzarti per sapere la verità. E infatti si vede che Nami è terrorizzata e sta tremando (e questo mette in chiaro le intenzioni di Big Mom: nonostante le promesse che lei ha fatto a Sanji, farà quello che le pare di Rufy, Nami e degli altri).

Well, right after this threat, Luffy explodes and shouts his challenge to Big Mom. I think Luffy talks in this way (before he did not talk so) precisely because of Big Mom’s threat to torture Nami. Yonko or not, in front of Luffy NO ONE can threaten Nami!

Ebbene, subito dopo questa minaccia, Rufy esplode e grida la sua sfida a Big Mom. Io credo che Rufy parli in questo modo (prima non l’ha fatto) proprio a causa della minaccia di Big Mom di torturare Nami. Imperatrice  o no, davanti a Rufy NESSUNO può minacciare Nami!

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hi! can I ask where you got Lola's muzzle from?? Also, do you have any tips on how to acclimate a dog to other dogs? my gsd is extremely dog reactive and it's really difficult to find anyone willing to let me bring her around their dog(s). Thanks so much <3

Of course! I bought my muzzle off Amazon; it’s a Baskerville basket muzzle. I think it was just under $30.

Kilo used to be very dog reactive as well. If you have a good trainer experienced with the breed I would highly recommend working with one to get started. They should be able to show you what to do when your dog reacts, and what to do in the future, etc. I didn’t have any other dogs to work around either when I first got Kilo so I just took him on regular walks where I knew other dogs were around (passing them in their yard) but I made sure I would be able to control him and the other dog(s) wouldn’t be able to reach us. If I wasn’t sure if loose dogs would come about, I would have him muzzled.

Basically what helped Kilo’s dog reactiveness was when I brought him to work every day. I used to work at a dog kennel that had dog daycare so I would take a pack of dogs out for a couple hikes every day. That was sort of a handy situation though and not really possible unless you work at a kennel I’m guessing haha. But basically having Kilo out and about other dogs helped him a lot. Before I worked at the kennel he would improve, but if I went a long period of time without taking him to a public area he would regress. I no longer work there but I’m still making a point to take Kilo out and about so it’s not such a huge deal when he sees another dog now. I wouldn’t go to a dog park; there are too many unknowns on the types of dogs there and if their owners can control them, or are paying attention, etc. 

One little tip I do have though is to make sure you remain calm, and don’t try to anticipate him reacting. As in, when you see another dog, don’t shorten your leash, tense up, etc as all those things indicate to your dog that there is a reason to react. I definitely struggled with that at first. 

Anyway, hope this helps!