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Reasons I love Kate McKinnon

1. She’s an artist
2. She studied painting in Italy
3. She said she wanted to restore frescoes (the Sistine chapel is a fresco painting)
4. She can play cello, piano, and guitar
5. She loves cats, especially her son/personal cat Nino
6. She’s intelligent
7. She went to Columbia
8. She’s been watching SNL ever since she was 12
9. Now she’s on SNL!
10. She loves theatre
11. She works hard (SNL’s schedule is crazy)
12. She’s beautiful
13. She is hilarious
14. She can do many spot-on impressions
15. She can only do a good impression if she truly admires the person she is impersonating
16. She can imitate many accents
17. She gets star-strucked
18. She is humble
19. She avoids social media
21. She is strong
22. She gets ideas by celebrating things that about herself that can be objectionable
23. She once cried in a Starbucks bathroom and then went to a Hooters
24. She’s an amazing dancer
25. She has a lovely voice and can sing
26. Her lovely tribute to Hillary Clinton and Leonard Cohen
27. She accepted her American Comedy Award by pretending to sob and screamed, “OH MY GOD!”
28. She actually cried when she accepted her Emmy Award
29. She doesn’t really remember her Emmy acceptance speech
30. She had no idea where her Emmy was for a while (hope she got it back)
31. She actually hates having her hair down
32. She was an umpire even though she didn’t know the rules of softball
33. She’s a ghostbuster!
34. She loves The X-Files
35. Her “chilling” ghost story
36. She thinks leg hair is underrated
37. She’s willing to work for a burger
38. She helped write Do It On My Twin Bed
39. She feels uncomfortable seriously kissing people on screen
40. But she will lick any part of your face
41. She’s energetic
42. She’s a glorious weirdo
43. She chose to say brassiere instead of bra
44. Her reaction to sneezing
45. Her ability to make her fellow cast members break character
46. She is honest about who she is
47. She loves Orange Is The New Black
48. Her facial expressions
49. She loves science
50. And finally, she is openly lesbian and has helped me feel more confident about my sexuality and confident enough to come out of the closet

There are many reasons to love Kate, but some of us love her for being openly lesbian and I honestly think that is okay. No need to hate.

Broken Home

Anonymous said: Prompt: Felicity and Oliver have a fight, and Felicity takes the kids, and stays at her mom’s for a while.

Hi, anon!
Thank you very much for the prompt. The result is quite different from what I had planned out in the first place, but I hope you’ll like it nonethess. :)

Originally posted by smoakedbymegan

She had made the right choice.

It had been hard and she had struggled with that choice for quite some time, but at the end it had been the best and probably the only thing she could have done because, although it hurt and she knew she wasn’t the only one who suffered from this choice, it had been just as bad before that choice had been made and it would only be worse now if she had decided differently.

So, yes, she had made the right choice.

Sighing, Felicity tightened her arms around the pillow she had rested her head on and took in a deep breath through her nose, then slowly breathed out through her mouth. Tears were threatening to form in her eyes. She felt it in the sudden burning in her throat and the need to blink way more often than she usually had to. But no matter how much her body told her that she needed to cry, Felicity held back the tears like she had done all this time. She had managed to hold them back for so long - she wouldn’t allow them to fall now.

Because once they started to fall, they wouldn’t stop anytime soon. And she couldn’t allow herself to cry and let all the feelings she had suppressed for so long now drag her down and drown her in misery.

Because I don’t have the luxury of falling to pieces.

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