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Why bother to lie? That’s what’s bugging me. Why lie?


Listen up. Got some bad news. There is a patrol set for tonight – so far, Speirs wants McClung–

i like to imagine that jon and dany’s first kiss happens before #boatsex like they’re alone in the ship’s war room after a small counsel meeting or something and dany can’t help but notice that jon’s been quiet + looks miserable/languished with those big puppy dog eyes. “something is troubling you, jon. have you heard any word from winterfell?” it’s the first time she addresses him by his first name only. her face is completely open and earnest and soft with affection. they’d been avoiding each other’s eyes since they set sail bc they’re scared to death of the feelings that have developed between them

then jon snaps unable to withstand the small distance between them and dany melts into his embrace as he kisses her desperately. and dany is more than a willing participant. she leaves a trail of kisses all over his face and neck and jon does the same. the whole thing is hot and wet and uncoordinated like two oversexed teenagers but also ardent and tender like long-lost lovers. they’re forced to finally release each other bc dany is worried that someone will notice their absence so he gives her one last small kiss and nuzzles his face in her moon-colored hair before they breathlessly part ways.


G E N E R A T I O N   K I L L   A U   |   T h e   M a r t i a n

         ↳ meet the crew

  • CDR. Nathaniel Fick; Fick graduated with honors from the US Naval Academy. He will be the youngest commander to lead a mission to Mars.
  • Brad Colbert; Colbert graduated high school at sixteen, and won NASA’s largest hackathon at seventeen before moving on to MIT for dual undergraduate degrees in math and computer science. 
  • Ray Person; Person applied to the NASA Astronaut Candidate Program and was selected for his outstanding academic accomplishments, dedication and service to community, and an exemplary record of professional achievements.
  • Walt Hasser; Hasser holds a master’s degree in both chemistry and astrophysics as well as a doctorate in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. A noted scientist and experience astronaut, he will serve as the navigtor on the Hermes.
  • Antonio Espera; Espera earned a bachelor of science in astronautical engineering at the United States Air Force Academy. He now joins the Ares 3 crew as pilot after eleven decorated years of service in the United States Air Force.
  • DR. Timothy Bryan; Bryan graduated cum laude from the Yale School of Medicine. Since joining NASA, Timothy Bryan has made two trips to SpaceXStation and completed five spacewalks (EVAs.)

Where’s Waldo Liebgott? Episode 5 Part 3

Leicester. Square.

You need four, minimum. Feet. Hands. Neck. Balls. Extra socks warms them all. - Yay! We all remembered that one, but we didn’t remember the socks.

We’re paratroopers, Lieutenant. We’re supposed to be surrounded.