where's harry potter when you need him


Dating Ezra Miller Would Include:

~ being able to be weird with each other and not worry about being judged

~ him snapchatting you whenever he can when he’s away on set

~ him persuading you to accompany him to a premiere
— “don’t worry, they’ll love you just as much as i do.”

~ and then holding onto you tight on the red carpet
— “you okay, darling?”

~ polaroid pictures of each other

~ 3am adventures to go get food

~ ezra always making sure you eat because he knows you sometimes skip meals

~ watching his interviews and wondering how the hell you got so lucky

~ catching him staring at you occasionally because he can’t believe his luck

~ ezra bringing you onto the set of fbawtft because of your vast love of harry potter

~ wearing each other’s clothes out in public because both of you believe in breaking gender norms

~ ezra loving to show you off on his instagram

~ being called “relationship goals” by fans

~ you being surprised that almost all of ezra’s fans love you and your relationship

~ watching old movies and cuddling

~ random kisses and hugs from behind

~ doing each other’s makeup

~ reassuring him that he’ll do great as the flash

~ ezra proposing to you at the wizarding world of harry potter

~ having a small indie wedding ceremony with your friends and family

~ ezra being overjoyed when you find out you’re pregnant

~ having two beautiful children

~ being called “family goals”


Credence is my son and I want him to be happy. Also trigger warnings for mentions of abuse.

Gif Credit: @hardyness

Credence whimpered as you bandaged his hand. 

You had done this so many times, it felt like second nature. It was common for Credence to come to you when he needed help, but this time had managed to upset you more than usual. 

It was the anniversary of the day he had been adopted by that awful woman and Credence had done some small thing to upset her. Instead of forgiving him, she had hit him. 

You were saddened even more when Credence told you that he was the only one who had remembered the significance of the date. 

You weren’t going to let her get away with this again.

“She can’t keep doing this to you Credence,” you said, trying to keep your voice even, “I won’t let her.”

“(y/n), please don’t do anything,” he said softly, “It’s not worth it.”

“Yes it is,” you said, cupping his face in your hands.

“You are worth it, and this,” you said as you held his bandaged hand gently, “can’t keep happening.”

He didn’t say anything, so you wrapped him in a hug. Your heart broke as you felt his body wrack with sobs.

“The next time she does this you are leaving and coming to stay with me, okay?” you ask him.

He nods and hugs you tighter, feeling loved and safe with you, knowing he has someone who will protect him.

*To New Beginnings* Newt x reader

◘ amandasinedahl asked:

Omg yes. Thank you! Can I get one where Newt and the reader are in a loving relationship for a long time but he falls into temptation when he meets Tina. Newt thinks he’s in love with Tina because of her exciting “job” but realises his mistake and wants the reader back and will do anything. I just need angst!!! You can decide if you want a happy ending with them aka forgive him or if reader moves on without him and meets someone else from the Harry Potter world🤔

Newt came rushing out of his suitcase, beaming. Startling you, you jumped a bit  at the desk you were sitting at within the Goldstein’s apartment.

“Where’s Tina?” Newt asked.

“Uhhh…. the kitchen I think?” You answered. Rushing past you, Newt ran to the kitchen where Tina was. A few moments passed before you saw Newt dragging Tina by the hand towards the case. 

“Newt, slow down!” Tina giggled.

“What’s going on?” You asked.

“Occamies are hatching! I promised Tina I’d get her when it finally happened so she could see!”

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REQUEST: “Credence has to take a bath but needs help from fem reader, which leads to sex.”

Warnings: Smut, obviously

Word Count: 1,126

Credence hadn’t meant to lie. Honest, he hadn’t. The thing was, he had been very weak when Newt had found him, and even weaker still when they got to Tina’s apartment, which is why they had all gotten their neighbor’s help—yours—to take care of him. Newt had lots of things to worry about, and Tina and Queenie had jobs. You were between jobs and absolutely adored your neighbors, so you were completely happy to help.

At first, this had meant helping Credence with everything—eating, walking, and, much to his embarrassment in the beginning, changing and bathing. He had avoided the last thing on the list for as long as possible, but once he was comfortable enough with you to admit he needed things and once the smell was getting unbearable, even for him, he reluctantly had informed you that he needed baths. He would be able to change his underwear and sit in the tub with them on and then enlist your help to wash his hair and the rest of him. And at first, it had been mortifying, but then…

Don’t get him wrong, he was still weak and could definitely be much stronger, but he really didn’t need help bathing anymore. He just really couldn’t bring himself to tell you that fact because he’d developed what he had determined was a crush on you and really looked forward to your time together and the soft touches that came with the baths. He especially loved when you washed his hair and the feeling of your fingers scraping gently into his scalp.

This one morning, however, he decided to bathe by himself since everyone was out, including you. Granted, he should have planned better because you came home much earlier than he had anticipated, so he jolted with shock and sinking fear as he heard you call through the door as you entered. “Credence? Where are you, Credence?”

Shyly, he let out a quiet, “In—I’m taking a bath.”

You hurried inside, removing your scarf and jacket as you entered. “Why is no one helping you, Credence?”

And really, that was the perfect opportunity to admit to you that he, in fact, did not need help bathing anymore, but he just couldn’t make his mouth say it. So you were rolling up your sleeves and kicking off your shoes and socks as you pulled the chair up behind him so you could easily wash his hair and pretend that you didn’t know he was naked this time under all the bubbling water. He watched you lather copious amounts of shampoo into your hands before massaging it into his hair and let his eyes flutter closed, and you took this opportunity to admire the way his long eyelashes swept across his beautiful cheekbones. Really, he had the face of an angel, but you weren’t about to tell him that while you were helping him bathe. Once you finished, you poured water over his head and were careful not to get the shampoo into his eyes as you rinsed it out.

When you started to get the soap and gently apply it to Credence’s body, however, is when Credence got a little too relaxed. He was very careful, normally, but he had not been given ample time to prepare for this encounter with you. So as you spread your fingers across his chest and down his abdomen, he couldn’t stop the low moan he released and the tightening in his stomach. Your hands stopped completely, staying exactly where they were, and Credence’s eyes shot open so quickly it could have been comical.

Credence felt his blush and was sure you would scold him, was so embarrassed he could have died, but after that brief pause in your movements, everything changed. You brushed your thumbs across his chest and lingered over one of his nipples before letting your hands rub right over it, causing him to elicit a high whine and arch into your hand. You leaned your head down so your lips could brush over his ear as you said, “Credence, if this is what you wanted, you could have just told me.” You knew he wouldn’t have, but his reaction was worth it, shocked, hooded eyes gazing into yours as he tentatively grabbed your hand in his and pressed it lower, against his stomach. He would never ask something so explicit of you, but he could give you a hint.

You trailed your hand down and felt how hard he was already, and really you weren’t surprised, especially with how little he’d been touched at all in his life. You palmed him and turned his head to face yours, swallowing his moan in a heated kiss. He turned completely then, water sloshing to the floor, and tugged gently at your top. Again, he would never ask, but he could give you hints. So you removed your clothing, standing in front of him and blushing at the pure, unhindered adoration in his eyes before you stepped into the tub, straddling him. Not the most comfortable of positions, but it would do. You were kissing him again, noting that he must have brushed his teeth not long before because he tasted like mint, and began to kiss down his neck and his chest. You loved the way he shuddered and moaned against you with abandon and how you could see his every reaction in the hazy sunlight the bathroom window was letting in. Suddenly, he was pulling away from you, saying, “I-I’ve never—I don’t know how—”

He looked mortified, but you just kissed him slowly, lingering against his mouth. “It’s okay. I’ll take care of you.” You positioned him at your entrance and looked to him for a nod as you lowered yourself onto him fully, giving him a second to adjust. His eyes had rolled back before his eyes fluttered shut, and his mouth hung open wide. You kissed him on his open mouth as you began to move. He was already twitching inside of you, and you knew he wouldn’t last long. So you tried to make it as good for him as you could. When his eyes fluttered back open, you made sure to look into his eyes as you rode him, trying to convey how this was okay, that this was good, and you were already coming undone at the sounds he was making anyway. And then he was saying, “I-I’m—I’m gonna—”

And you were kissing him again, telling him “It’s okay, baby, it’s okay” and then he came with a gasping cry and a wet, open-mouthed kiss against your neck while he murmured how beautiful you were and how much he wanted you and how much he cared about you and how special you were, and that was enough to send you over.

You sat in the tub like that for a few minutes, his head pressed to the crook of your neck and yours to his shoulder, before he was panting in your ear and asking, “Was that—Was that okay?”

You pulled away and planted a kiss warmly across his mouth. “More than okay, Credence. That was amazing. You were so good for me, baby.”

And then he was blushing intensely before kissing you again and—You should have known he had a praise kink.

Being On Your Period While Traveling With Newt

• lots of cuddles

• he’d constantly be checking in to see if you needed anything, a blanket, some tea, maybe he could have one of the creatures come lay with you?

• offering to give you a back massage
- Newt giving the absolute best back massages you had ever received

• him not getting mad at you when you snap at something small

• forgiving you even before you apologize (which you did almost immediately)

• dealing with your mood swings surprisingly well

• one minute you’re yelling at him the next you’re crying because you think you hurt his feelings

• he just smiles at you and pulls you in for a hug, rubbing your back soothingly

• having Jacob bake you some snacks when you pass through London (because Queenie and Jacob totally moved to London okay but back to the list)

• lots and lots of kisses

• back of the neck kisses when youre hurting and he’s rubbing your tummy while cuddling you

• forehead kisses when you start crying over something

• soft kisses to shut you up when you start yelling again

• cheek kisses when he has to run out of the case for a bit

• kisses to the tip of your nose when you finally fall asleep

• he would do anything you asked (which he always did, but it was almost instantly during this time)

• reading to you

• waking up with you in the middle of the night when you can’t help the cries from cramps

• when you finally get off your period you spend a week apologizing for your behavior even though he assures you its okay

• Newt coming home to a very… Romantic set up as once last apology from you

• he doesn’t even bother trying to say you’re forgiven for this one

Jealously (Fred Weasley x reader)

Word count: 1400

(heey, could you write a Fred Weasley imagine where the reader is a Ravenclaw student and she is a year younger than him and she’s smart and shy but really likes him and he only realizes he likes her back when he get jealous of her with some other boy)

           “I need to ask you something really important.” Fred grabbed your hand, squeezing it gingerly. You looked up at him oddly, a blush crossing your cheeks at the sudden movement. “It’s about the Yule ball.”

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Dating Newt Scamander

Originally posted by hardyness

A/N: This is my first Fantastic Beasts imagine / headcanons so I hope you enjoy! Request box is open!

Warnings: None

Words: 283

·         All the hair playing

·         Him showing you his beasts and loving your reaction each and every time

·         You falling for all his quirks

·         Often stealing his coat and shirts because they’re so comfy and smell like him

·         Matching bowties, need I say more?

·         Hardly any arguments

·         When there is they’d always be ended by Newt (bless his Hufflepuff soul) because he feels bad for arguing with you

·         So many cuddles

·         You’d both have to have some form of physical contact with each other at all times

·         This means a lot of hand holding

·         Neither of you would be that into PDA but hand holding is always allowed

·         All his beasts loving you

·         Especially Pickett

·         Knowing how to take care of them so well because you would never want to hurt them

·         Newt would get jealous very easily but never wants to show it

·         You’d instantly recognise this fact and make whatever t was making him jealous back off quickly

·         ‘I love you’ being said on a very regular basis

·         He’d always want to make sure you knew he loves you

·         This is because he’d been alone with only his beasts for so long now and didn’t want you to leave

·         You both being very protective over each other

·         Being so supportive and encouraging of his book

·         You knew it would be a huge success when you first heard the idea of it

·         Helping him along the way to get all the information and put it together so he dedicates it to you

·         So many pet names

·         Often after his beasts

·         If he calls you his ‘dearest bowtruckle’ one more time…

·         Having the fluffiest most adorable relationship anyone had ever seen

Say Something - (Young)Severus Snape Imagine

A/N: hello, dearies! I am back! sorry for that minor setback ;)

first of all I would like to thank everyone who messaged me for having a bad day and making me feel better! you guys are so amazing you don’t even know! your messages brightened up my day sooo much! I love you all :) and now… for the request in the matter…

Anonymous said:Can you do a snape Imagine where I’m his friend and I stand up for the marauders teasing him and when the start calling out for about me being his girlfriend I kiss him and flipp them off ao they shut up and we get together after ? 

hope you guys like it :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

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Say Something

(Y/N) was walking through the busy streets of Hogsmeade looking for her best friend, Severus. They were supposed to meet at Tomes and Scrolls because apparently, a new Potions book had come out and Severus needed to have it. She didn’t really mind. The truth was, for a while now she had liked Severus as more than a friend. Alright, she was in love with the boy. But the problem was, he didn’t like her back. And how did she know that? Because it was more than obvious that he was still hung up on Lily Evans. She didn’t really mind, though. There was not much she could do about it. He was still her best friend and she loved him no matter what.

“Hey” he greeted her at the entrance of the bookshop.

“Hi, Sev” she said walking over to him and hugging him.

“Come on, I need that book” he said as excited as a five-year-old at Christmas. (Y/N) couldn’t help to smile.

“Slow down, Sev” she said giggling. “I doubt they’re going to run out of it” she told him as they walked inside.

Severus decided to ignore that and just made his way to the Potions section. As Severus stocked himself with the new book, and apparently six more books, (Y/N) decided to walk around and find something for herself. She was a few halls down from Severus when she accidentally bumped into someone.

“(Y/N)? I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there” she heard Remus Lupin’s voice as he helped her up.

“Oh, hi, Remus” she said smiling. “That’s alright, I wasn’t paying attention either” she told him.

“Thinking about Severus, perhaps?” he mocked her.

“Shhh! Shut up! He’s not too far from here” she told him.

“Why don’t you just tell him already?”

“You know why” (Y/N) said sadly.

“Well, I still think you should tell him” Remus said smiling.

“I’ll think about it” (Y/N) told him.

“You always do” he said laughing. “Well, I better go before my friends find your friend” he said before walking away from her.

“Hey, there you are” Severus said appearing with even more books making (Y/N) laugh a little. “Did you find anything?”

“Actually, I did” she said with a shy smile. “But I can’t reach it” she said pointing at the book on the top shelf. Severus rolled his eyes smiling putting his books on the ground.

“Which one?”

“That one” (Y/N) said smiling and Severus stood on his toes to get it down for her. “Thank you, Sev” she said kissing his cheek.

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Swish and Flick

A/N: A Spencer x Reader request where the reader is deaf and Spencer doesn’t realize until Morgan clues him in. Also — Harry Potter reference XD. ^^

Also, I’ve been asked by @coveofmemories to be tagged when I put up a story so they don’t miss it. If anyone else wants to be tagged, just let me know and I’ll put you on a list. :D


Anytime the team was on a case and they needed a book, they’d obviously have Spencer read it (considering he could do it in actual minutes) and they’d always go to the same place. Every time they entered Deliberate Literate in DC, Spencer would see the same beautiful young woman, engrossed in whatever book she happened to be reading at the time. She didn’t work at the front desk, that much he could tell, but rather in one of the offices in the back. He assumed she worked on keeping the store’s schedule together, as he had seen her put out event pamphlets on more than one occasion. 

Spencer had even gone to the store by himself on occasion, hoping to catch a glimpse of the beautiful woman whose name he didn’t even know. But every time he went he lost his nerve to go talk to her. Plus, he always got the feeling that she was ignoring him. They had locked eyes before and when he opened his mouth to say something, she just turned away, returning to whatever she happened to be working on at the moment.

Time and time again, he would grab a cup of coffee from the Starbucks around the corner, take a book from home and read in the shop, hoping that one day, he’d find the courage to actually walk up to her and make a move.


Weeks had gone by before Spencer got the chance to walk into Deliberate Literate again, and once again he was with Derek for the purpose of a case. Derek looked to his right to see Spencer staring in awe at the woman in the office. “Looks like somebody’s got it bad? Huh, Pretty Boy?”

“W-What?” he said, never breaking his gaze from his crush, who was dressed in a silk pencil skirt, red blouse and blazer today. “What are you talking about?”

“You cannot possibly be that dense, Genius,” he said. “You like the cute girl that works in the office.” 

Spencer looked her way wistfully, while walking in the opposite direction to find the book they needed. “Yea, I guess I do, but it doesn’t matter.”

Derek seemed confused, “Why not?”

“I don’t know,” Spencer said, thumbing through the books on the shelf, keeping on eye out for the author they needed. He figured he’d grab another book by the same author, see if their writing style gave them any clues to the unsub’s profile. “It just seems like every time I try to say something to her, she ignores me. Maybe she’s already seeing someone and wants to avoid turning people down?” He shrugged, attempting to put the thought out of his mind if that was actually the case.

Derek laughed. He couldn’t believe that Pretty Ricky, the FBI’s resident genius hadn’t figured it out. “I don’t think she’s ignoring you, kid,” he cackled. Spencer looked at him bewildered.

“What?” he nearly yelled, before realizing he was, in fact, in a bookstore.

“I don’t think she’s ignoring you,” Derek repeated, patting his co-worker on the shoulder, “Y/N is deaf.”

“She’s deaf? And how do you know her name?” The pitch in his voice had gone up considerably, completely astounded by the new information.

“I was in here once with Savannah. They ran into each other on accident and started talking. She introduced herself as Y/N and said she was nearly completely deaf - but she can read lips.” Derek spotted the book they needed, grabbing it off the shelf as Spencer froze in place. “So if you want to make a move, there’s some information for you.”

“Dammit,” he said exasperated, “I wish I’d known that before. Next time, I’m here alone, I’ll go talk to her. I know a decent amount of sign language.”

Derek just sighed. He should’ve known the kid would speak sign language. “Of course you do, you’re a walking computer.”


The next week, after returning from a particularly tough case, Spencer really wanted to decompress with a good book, so stopping by Deliberate Literate seemed like a great use of his time. He walked into the store and grabbed a chair and relaxed into the fluffy upholstery to read his book for about an hour, before Y/N walked into the store for the beginning of her shift.

He gave himself a few minutes, not wanting to bombard her the second she walked in, but after a significant amount of time, he walked up to her with all the confidence he could possibly muster.

After he made eye contact, he gave her a shy smile and then proceeded to motion with a series of swishes and flicks of his wrists and fingers, introducing himself as Dr. Spencer Reid and asking for her name.

She responded in kind, mouthing the words at the same time. “My name’s Y/N, Y/f/n Y/l/n. I don’t come into contact with too many people that speak sign language.”

Spencer spoke faster than his hands could move, but he did manage to tell her that it was one of nearly 20 languages that he knew to some extent. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he signed again, not speaking, but telling her in the most intimate way that he could that he’d looked at her from afar for months on end. “You’re absolutely beautiful and you look like you’re in your element when you surrounded by books.”

“Thank you so much,” she signed, “you’re not too bad looking yourself.” The way she giggled made him melt. “I obviously am not able to enjoy music the way I would like, so I tend to disappear into my books.”

“Then you get to live thousands of lives all at once,” he replied, beginning to sign once more, “Would one of those stories include going on a date with me sometime?”

She put her right index finger to her lips and jutted it forward with one quick motion. “Absolutely.”

“Private Studies”  ~  George x reader

“Can u do an imagine where the reader is George’s girlfriend and she can preform magic with her hands (like she doesn’t need a wand to cast spells) and George finds it really cool when she shows him (during school one time) and then they just kind of end up making out” ~Anon

Thank you so much for the request!! I loved it! It was so much fun to write! It’s probably the most provocative thing I’ve written. Haha! I hope you like it!😊💕

  • y/n - your name
  • y/e/c - your eye color
  • y/h/c - your hair color
  • y/h - your house


Y/n sat in one of the private studies in the library, going over her transfiguration notes and practicing the spells she had learned earlier that day. Unlike any of the other students she knew, her wand wasn’t necessary to perform magic. It lay on the other side of table, motionless, as y/n stirred the spoon in her coffee by circling her finger in midair. She turned the page of her textbook with her free hand and pointed to her quill to write her thoughts on the spells she had to remember. The door creaked open, but y/n didn’t notice. Her mind was deep inside her textbook.

“Hey, you!” George flirted, closing the door quietly. “I missed you at dinner.”

She turned to her boyfriend. “I missed dinner?”

Her question was the least of his concerns. “How are you doing that?” he asked.

“Doing what?”

He pointed as he spoke. “That!”

She looked at her quill moving, spoon stirring, and a page of her textbook floating a couple of centimeters from the previous lessons’ she’d had. “Oh!” she smiled. “Magic.”

George chuckled. “I’m being serious.”

“So am I.” She closed the book and pushed it to the opposite corner of the table with a wave and a pushing motion of her hand.

Sitting in the chair next to his girlfriend, George gave her a childlike grin. “Show me more.”

Y/n leaned in to him really close. “Alright.” She winked. As she backed away from him quickly, she pointed to her textbook and crooked her finger. It zoomed to her and opened to the page she had stopped at.

He giggled like a hyper five year old. “That’s amazing.”

She bit the tip of her tongue softly as she gave a flirtatious smile. Glancing at the bookshelf on the other side of the room, she silently called one over. It landed in her lap with a quiet thud. George’s eyes widened as she transformed the book into a chocolate frog. She handed it to him.

“Thought you might want one.”

“Thank you!” Taking the chocolate parcel from her fingers, he set it on the table next to her half full coffee mug and just gazed into her y/e/c eyes.


He couldn’t take it any longer. Her abilities were too much to handle. With a quick, swift motion, he smashed his lips into hers, caressing her cheeks. She was surprised at his choice of action, but quickly went along with it. She slowly moved her arms up to his chest and draped them around his neck as she slid into his lap. He traced the inside of her bottom lip line with his tongue before gently pulling it with his teeth.

Y/n let out a soft moan. He moved his hands down her sides, to her thighs, and around to her lower back, giving her butt a squeeze. They both laughed slightly.

The weight of the two of them kept pushing to the back of the chair. Soon enough, it toppled backwards. George’s head hit the floor.

Y/n gasped. “Georgie! Are you alright?”

He responded by continuing what they had started. They rolled off of the chair and onto the stone floor, y/n on top of him. She raised up a bit as he loosened her tie and unbuttoned the top three buttons of her shirt. Her heart fluttered. They’d never taken it this far. But, before they could go any further, the door knob started to shake. Y/n quickly rolled off of George and held her hand out for a book to fly into. The door opened, and they acted as if nothing had happened.

“Hey guys!”

George chuckled nervously. “You scared us, Forge.”

“Oh.” Fred joked. “Were you two in the middle of something?”

The two in the floor eyed the room, not answering.

“I heard a crashing noise, and it took me a minute to remember that George came in here.” he went on. “Thought I’d check in on you two before Madame Pince started her rounds around the library.”

They got out of the floor, y/n pointing her finger at the chair to raise also. “Well, thank you, Fred. But, I can assure you, it was nothing.”

He smirked. “Mhm…” He left.

George looked nervous. “Umm… That was… nice.”

Y/n giggled as she fixed her outfit. “It was.”

“Mind if we do it again sometime?”

“How about tomorrow?” she asked with a sparkle in her eye, gathering her things. “During our free period after lunch?”

He gave her a devious, yet flirty look. “Perfect.”

She made her way to the door, changing the subject before she opened it. “You better sit by me in Potions.”

“Oh, I will.”

“You better.”

She flipped her y/h/c and made her way back to the y/h common room, waiting for tomorrow to hurry on its way.

His Fear

“Hey Draco?”

Draco looked up from the books he was organizing and looked over at the doorway, where his boyfriend was peeking through, covered in dust. They were renovating the home that Harry had gotten from his Godfather, and while they were making slow progress, it was finally starting to feel more like a home.

“What do you need, Potter?” He asked in an exasperated tone, going back to his books.

Harry only snorted, he knew by now when Draco was just teasing him, “Well, Malfoy,” Harry arched a brow and crossed his arms, leaning on the door frame. Draco hated when he did that, the way it made him look was Draco’s Achilles heel, and Harry knew it too, “I thought I heard something banging around in the attic while I was cleaning, and I was hoping you would take care of it so I can finish cleaning. But of course if that’s too much for you to handle…”

He shrugged and made to turn away, grinning when Draco grabbed him from behind around his waist, “You insufferable prat,” Draco complained, and he kissed Harry’s neck, “you know just how to push my buttons. Fine. I’ll take care of it for you.”

Harry turned his head to give Draco a kiss, before walking away and leaving Draco to make his way up to the attic and deal with whatever dark thing that the Blacks had stored up there.

At first, Draco found nothing, just some old boxes, some more books, a cabinet by the door, and a few old trunks. He waited for a few moments, listening for any of the thumping that Harry heard, before shrugging and deciding to go through the books instead. He could organize them in with the books in their Library if they were salvageable.


He turned around, seeing Harry by the door, leaning on it with his arms crossed before pushing himself off the frame and coming closer.

“Oh, hey Harry, I didn’t find–”

“You should have burned.”

That short phrase made Draco’s heart stop, “Excuse me?” that couldn’t be what he had heard.

Harry’s face twisted into a look of hate, “I should have left you in the fire.”

“Harry, you don’t–”

“You deserved it,” Harry took another step forward, and Draco mimicked it in a step backwards, feeling like his heart might give, “You know you deserved it. It’s all your fault.”

Draco’s back hit the wall, but Harry kept on advancing.

“If you hadn’t let those Death Eaters into the school, Dumbledore wouldn’t have died.”

Draco shook his head, swallowing, “You said that he was going to die anywa–”

“You let the Death Eaters take over the school, Malfoy, it’s your fault they were inside during the war,” Harry grabbed him by his collar, “Everyone I love is dead because of you,” his hands wrapped themselves around Draco’s throat, “And the one person that I wish was dead survived, because I saved you from the fire.”

Harry started to squeeze, and Draco could do nothing to stop him, knowing in his heart that he deserved this, “You know you should have burned it that fire. I wish I had never saved you.”

And then Harry turned away, his hands became cold and clammy, the fingers that were wrapped around his throat lengthened and scabbed, and Draco looked up to find himself looking not at Harry, but at a Dementor.

“Expecto Patronum!” Harry cried, pointing his wand at the Boggart and blasting it back into the cabinet, slamming the door shut, and locking it.

Harry looked at Draco with concern in his eyes, ignoring the flinch when he wrapped his shaking boyfriend in his arms and rested his cheek on top of the disheveled blond hair.

“I should have burned.”

“No, Draco.“

"Why did you save me?”

“Because I wouldn’t have been able to live without you.”


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Inspired by http://drarry-ponderings.tumblr.com/post/128851977895/imagine-dracos-boggart-after-the-war-to-be-harry

Falling For You... Literally ~Newt Scamander Imagine~

A/N: I am legit Newt Scamander trash. I love him so much.

Summary: You were always clumsy. When you were helping Newt on taking care of his creatures, you fall and he comes in and saves you. When the creatures see this, they push you two to get together. 

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Your P.O.V

You went inside Newt’s suitcase to see if he needed help. You found him feeding some of the creatures making you smile. 

“Hey, Newt,” You said. Newt turned around and smiled. His coat was off and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. 

“H-Hey, Y/N,” He stuttered. Newt had a crush on you since you both met at Hogwarts. Despite you were a Slytherin and he was a Hufflepuff, you both shocked people on how great you two got along. You would defend him when he got bullied and he would encourage you when you studied for a hard test.

“I was wondering if you needed help,” You tell him.

“Oh, uh, yes. Can you see if Niffler is in his room? He likes to steal shiny things,” Newt said. 

“Of course.”

You walked over to the little creature’s “room” and found him with a bunch of shiny things. 

“Niffler,” you chuckled shaking your head a bit. The small creature smiled at you as you took a few steps back to get out. Being the clumsy you, you fall back. You expected to hit the floor with a big hit, but instead, you feel a pair of arms. You look up and see Newt standing there, holding you.

“Thanks for catching me,” You tell him. 

“N-No problem. You’re always so clumsy,” He smiled. 

“Shut up,” You mutter. He helps you up and you look up at him. 

“Is Niffler in there?” He asked. 


You feel a little push behind you making you fall into Newt’s arms. His arms quickly wrap around you and your hands hold onto his forearm. You look behind you and saw the Demiguise quickly disappear for a moment. 

You look up to say thank you again to Newt only to see his lips were close to yours. You both stare at each other for a bit. Your heart was pounding really fast and you blush a little.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked softly. You nodded and he slowly put his lips on yours. You kiss back and let your arms wrap around his neck then to his shoulder. 

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You both pull away a bit and look into each other’s eyes. 

“Looks like I fell for you huh?” You say. 

“Y/N, I’ve always had a crush on you since we meet in Hogwarts,” Newt admitted. 

“I’ve always had a crush on you since the mating call,” You joked. He blushed and smiled. 

“I liked you since we meet as well,” You tell him as you smoothed your fingers on the back of his head. 

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Newt asks you. You were still in the embrace and you smiled at him. 

“Of course, Newt.”

“Can I kiss you again?” He asked. 

“You don’t need to ask anymore,” You tell him before pulling him into another kiss.

A/N: I have a bunch of Newt Scamander feels right now okay! So I might spam you people with Newt stuff.


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“Now how did I know it wasn’t gonna work?” you laughed, bending over to try to give you some leverage. Dumbledore himself put an age ward around the goblet - did they really think they could bypass it?

“Oh, bugger off, (Y/N)!” they chorused and that just made you fall to your knees in laughter, spurting out nonsense and how you wished you had a camera right now. Where was Colin when you needed him?

A little pre-relationship hugs and kisses anyone? 

Based on this post by @lumosinlove. I saw you were having a bad day. I hope you feel better soon. <3

  • Remus could always tell when Sirius needed a hug.
  • Likewise, Remus was Sirius’s go-to person for hugs.
  • (Besides those sweaters were so large on Remus that Sirius could fit himself and maybe James in there with him.)
  • Anyway, today was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right and everything got under Sirius’s skin. 
  • Remus knew something was wrong when he turned down the chance to get a good prank in on Snivellus. 
  • He had actually known before. He could see it in the way Sirius’s lips were pursed and how he kept sighing during Transfiguration every time he had to scratch out something in his notes.
  • But he could see it most in his eyes. They almost always had a particular sparkle to them that didn’t seem to be there today. 
  • Now that they were back in the common room (and mostly alone, save for three sixth year girls that were gossiping over tea), Remus approached him. 
  • “It’s okay to have an off day, you know,” He said as he leaned over the back of the couch Sirius was occupying. 
  • Sirius looked up at him and there was definitely a brief reprieve of the tension that had settled on his face. 
  • “Thanks, Moons. I’ll be all right.” 
  • As soon as the words left his mouth his grimaced. Honestly, he was a terrible liar. 
  • “You’re positive?” 
  • The only response Remus received was a half-hearted nod
  • And that just wouldn’t do. 
  • Remus rounded the corner and grabbed his hands with a certain kind of smile that was something between playful and concerned, which Sirius thought was an odd mixture of emotions.
  • “Moony…? Hey! What the-” 
  • Remus held Sirius against him and Sirius couldn’t help but notice that their bodies lined up with some sort of precise symmetry
  • Something that hadn’t gone over Remus’s head either, but he pushed the thought from his mind and lifted Sirius onto the tips of his toes,
  • Which was just enough for him to bury his face into the nape of his neck where he rested his lips until Sirius finally relaxed. 
  • But Remus made sure to take the time to bask in the scent of leather and citrus that only Sirius Black could get away with,
  • And Sirius felt at ease being surrounded by the distinct scent of dark chocolate and old books that was uniquely Remus Lupin. 
  • It was like all of his issues seemed to melt away with Remus.
  • And Remus rather enjoyed bearing the weight of Sirius pressed to his body. 
  • So it really wasn’t surprising when Sirius’s lips brushed his cheek at the same time his own lips began leaving a trail of lazy kisses along his neck. 
  • And there was something in the back of Remus’s mind that screamed ‘KISS HIM YOU FOOL! JUST DO IT!’
  • But there was no way that Sirius felt the same. He probably had a better chance of courting Albus Dumbledore than ever having even the smallest chance with Sirius. 
  • Even despite the soft noise that fell from Sirius’s lips as he pressed his lips to the juncture between his neck and jaw. 
  • Suddenly he was nervous. He had never been nervous about just hugging Sirius before. Why should now have been any different?
  • But it was different. 
  • So the words that spilled from his lips were vastly different than the ones he actually wanted to say. 
  • ‘I love you. Please don’t let go.’
  • “Did you catch the way Snivellus was staring at Lily at dinner? I thought for sure his hands were going to fall off from how hard they were shaking every time James spoke to her.” 
  • *snort*
  • And there it was.
  • He had broken the moment no sooner than it had begun and he could feel Sirius’s shoulders shake against him with laughter. 
  • Sirius lifted his head. That missing sparkle in his eyes had started to appear once again. 
  • “Thanks, Moony. I needed that.” 
  • Sirius kissed his cheek again, and then he was gone. The warmth, the scent, had left him alone with the three other girls in the common room who had stopped talking long enough to watch the exchange between them. 
  • Remus sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets. 
  • “Hey! Aren’t you coming?” 
  • Remus looked up. Sirius had bounded back down the stairs and waved to him. 
  • He smiled, and Remus couldn’t help but to smile back. 
  • “Yeah, I’m coming.”
Bigger Than Both of Us- Draco Malfoy imagine

Request: Okay, I love the fluff and smuts and stuff with Draco you write, but I have yet to see a really angsty one. Could you possibly write one where Draco is struggling with picking sides and the reader comes to his rescue. Like, maybe she finds him in the loo instead of Harry in Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince?


Draco was worrying you. He almost never ate at meals, he quit the Quidditch team, and he was more secretive around you than usual. You left him be while he was working through his most broody moments, allowing him to come to you when he needed you. But recently, you were losing patience because Draco was obviously struggling with something, but he refused to talk to you about it, or help him.

The worst attention was brought upon Draco when rumors spread around amongst the students that Draco Malfoy was the one who cursed the Gryffindor, Katie Bell. You didn’t believe it at first, you didn’t want to. Your Draco wouldn’t do that, not even to a Gryffindor. But when he came into the common room late that night looking very distressed and haunted looking, you knew something was up.

The cursed girl, Katie Bell, had arrived back as good as new from St. Mungos hospital. She appeared to be glancing around the room with an expression that read off as scared or nervous. You watched her for a while, seeing her eyes widen as her eyes fall upon the opening doors of the Great Hall. You also turned your head in curiosity. Draco had just came in. Your mouth opened in surprise as you met his gaze. His eyes met yours and his face sank apologetically. He turned around and left speedily.

You pushed from your stop at the table and followed him quickly, leaving your food half-eaten on the table top. After realizing that Draco definitely cursed that girl, your thoughts whirled. So much that you lost the way Draco had gone to get away from you. You had to find him. Now.

“Draco, please…” You muttered to yourself, jogging past the girls’ and boys’ loo. You stopped dead in your tracks, hearing the sounds of quiet sobbing coming from one of the loo’s. Perhaps it was Moaning Myrtle? But the voice that spoke then wasn’t the squeaky tone of Myrtle. You weren’t afraid to venture into the boy’s bathroom, for Draco was much more important than your own dignity at the time.

“Why…Why did I do this…?” You heard whispers say with such guilt that you felt your heart sink at the sound of them. You peeked your head around the corner of one stall to see a lanky figure bent over the middle sink in the bathroom, the water running and his face dripping water.

“D-Draco?” You spoke, only able to manage a rough whisper. Draco gasped loudly and spun to face you.

“Please, Y/N, don’t come any closer.” He sobbed. His eyes were red and puffy, cheeks wet with streaks of tears. Your eyes watered at the sight. You reached your hands out to him and stepped closer to him. Draco hissed slightly and stepped backwards until his back hit the edge of the sink he was previously standing at.

“Why did you never tell me? I could have helped you!” You wanted to snap, but you kept your tone mostly even. Draco closed his eyes tightly and hung his head.

“I have to do this alone, Y/N! Can’t you see? I’m doing this to protect the ones I love!” He raised his voice; you didn’t flinch.

“You never have to do this alone, Draco. I’m your girlfriend for a reason.” You said sternly. Draco snarled then.

“You don’t get it!”

“Then help me understand!” You said fiercely. Curse his exhausting stubbornness! Draco breathed in deeply, fists clenched at his sides.

“I was chosen for a mission. I wanted to bring lost pride back to my family so I took the–” He stopped in the middle of his sentence, turning away from you and staring himself in the eye in the mirror. You shuffled closer to him and placed a hand on his arm absently. Draco tensed immensely. You glanced down at his arm and you retracted your arm quickly. It was his left arm. Draco shuddered violently and fell to the floor on his knees, then sat normally and hid his face in his hands.

You had a hunch, but you never would have really thought it could be true. You kneeled at his side and  leaned your head on top of his hands. You let a few tears escape your eyes.

“Draco, why?”

“I needed to protect my family. The ones I love… You, Y/N. I need to protect you. I know his plans. Terrible plans, Y/N. I can’t begin to explain. I had to take his Mark to shield the ones I can’t live without. Now I’m just another–another monster!”

You were silent. He admitted everything to you and you couldn’t provide any kind of solid consolment.

“You are not a monster… You’re my Draco. I know you will get through this. Whatever you have to do. You won’t fail because that’s not the Draco I know.”

“It’s not going to change anything with you trying to comfort me. This is bigger than both of us can imagine.” Draco roughly shook his head. You closed your mouth. No words could fix this. You settled for shifting yourself to sit next to him under the sinks, your arms wrapped around Draco’s shoulders and holding him under your neck. He sobbed into your skin, but you didn’t care. You were just as scared as Draco was, and you held it together as best as you could for him. But neither of you knew what the future could hold.


Not sure how I feel about the ending but I think it’s alright. Thanks for the request :)

Sirius & Lily's relationship.

In the start of their third year. Sirius is so annoyed because James won’t stop talking about how good looks Evans with her new hair cut and he’s trying so hard to do his transfiguration homework but he can’t concentrate because shut up James and where is Remus when you need him? Of course in the library where Sirius should be. And Peter, how long do you take to go to the kitchens? Merlin, James I know Evans is looking good. I want to finish this because if I don’t Minnie will be mad about it. And in one moment Lily enters the common room and James starts acting like a dork in front of her but she just ignores him and Sirius is so pissed that just to bother James he gets up, walks to where Lily is and in front of all of the people in the common room, he recites his “love for her new hair cut” and compliments her style because if James is not going to do it, he will, and Lily blushes because no one had really noticed, and that’s the first time someone compliments her and it is Sirius bloody Black, the guy with the cool hair and grey eyes that all the girls in their grade are talking about, and all the gryffindors are seeing them, and James’ jaw is in the floor, and Sirius takes the opportunity knowing that Lily is good at transfiguration and asks her for help and after he finishes they both start talking about that muggle music that Lily likes and what do you think about that Potter guy? Do you want to help me to annoy him? Please? He was who noticed your hair but you totally rock that style girl and that’s how after two hours when Peter and Remus enter to the common room the first thing they see is James fuming and complaining about Sirius and they turn to see Sirius and Lily gossiping and joking and laughing like besties already and what the hell happened?
And after that, the whole school ships them because did you see how Black confessed his love for Evans in front of all the gryffindors? And did you know that Black is against his family beliefs because of his love for her? And it’s so cute. Do you think they are going to hogsmeade together? And did you know Potter is against their love? I would have thought that from Snape. Ugh.
And when Sirius hears all and tells Lily she finds it hilarious because after getting to know Sirius she thinks of him more like a brother but every time they hug the face of James priceless and they do go to hogsmeade together because it’s almost Lily’s birthday and he wants to give her the best present in the entire world and James is so jealous because everybody thinks they are dating and he knows they aren’t but now Lily just stole Sirius from him. And since when Sirius had to check with Evans if his transfiguration homework was okay? And since when Evans had to check with Sirius if her astronomy homework was okay?
And they go home and Lily and Sirius write letters to the other about their vacations and when Sirius goes to spend the rest of his vacations with the Potters, Lily goes sometimes to pick him up because she wants to buy a new dress or needs someone to go to a wedding or Petunia is bothering her. And Sirius is always there, helping her with the right colours, knowing all the right manners for a formal event, and helping her prank her sister.
And the Potters see how attached are one to the other and wow they must be really serious about their relationship. And James is like so so so annoyed because no, they are not in a relationship, they are not together, mom, stop, she’s not Sirius girlfriend, dad, c'mon do you believe all that lies? It’s obviously not true.
And they start their fourth year and in the platform they hug each other like it was a life without the other and James is like c'mon Padfoot you saw her three days ago, but then Sirius goes and greet Mr. and Mrs. Evans and they greet him back and Mr. Evans is like “Nice to see you again, son” and Mrs. Evans is like “Take care of our Lily, dear” and Sirius is super polite and assures them there is nothing to fear and that he will take care of their daughter. And James is so shocked. So when he gets back to the train with her, he sees her meticulously and smirks.“did you cut your hair?” And Lily replies “maybe” and Sirius goes with James while Lily goes with her friends and the two marauders are waiting for Remus and Peter to come so they start talking, and James is so annoyed because Sirius won’t stop talking about how good looks Lily with her new hair cut and he’s trying so hard to ignore the fact that he wants to punch Sirius in the face because shut up Sirius and where is Remus when you need him? In his way to come. And Peter, how long do you take? “Merlin, Sirius I know Evans is looking good”. He says it out loud and Sirius just stops talking, James thinks he might be angry with him when Sirius turns to face him and answers “Really? How odd? Because the last year, I knew too” and walks directly to high five Lily while saying “nailed it”.

Exactly where you needed to bring this goblet of Wolfsbane in order to stop Remus from transforming?

Why didn’t Severus bring the goblet with him when he followed Remus? There has to be some kind of splash-proof spell so you can run with a cup without spilling the contents. Or, just like, a lid.