where's harold finch when you need him

underrated reese/finch moments
  • the moment in 1.21 many happy returns where finch, in order to not upset reese with a potentially triggering domestic violence case on his birthday, tells him there’s no number and he should “go and do what you normally do when you’re not here, mr. reese”. in answer to that john proceeds to go home and forlornly stare out of the window while periodically checking his phone for any message from harold only to go back to melancholy staring when there’s no new notifs. like, does he do this every day when he’s not at the library? is he stuck in a jane austen novel? is this man okay? does he need assistance?
  • when john is so delighted to find out harold likes baseball because it’s another piece of the puzzle that makes him a real human being and keeps needling him to find out what his favourite baseball team is for ages and harold soon realizes that john’s covertly fishing for information on where he grew up, and instead of anger or suspicion or his walls immediately slamming down he smiles and makes a joke out of it. and they laugh together and it’s the vastest contrast to 1.05 and the scene preceding the Eggs Benedict Moment, because back then it really was all about the power play, about finding chinks in the armor. now the interest is genuine, useful benefits or no, and harold trusts john enough to believe it is and john trusts harold enough to understand he doesn’t need to know where he was born to know him. he knows things about harold now that could never be summed up in a file and that matters more.
  • one of the hands down most hilarious moments is when shaw offers to build a pipe bomb and finch is all :< and calls her a hammer compared to, get this, reese’s scalpel, which is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard in my life because reese wouldn’t know subtlety if it drove a gigantic truck right into him in the middle of traffic. which he’s done. multiple times. he owns a grenade launcher finch how besotted are you that you honestly believe that’s an accurate description of him?
  • that time harold flew a plane through a hurricane and landed it in a puddle because john was in danger like… do any of the people on this show know how to get a handle on their dramatics
  • speaking of dramatics, i will never forget the episode where they get a tech nerd number and finch gets on super well with her and they have their little tech nerd conversation together that reese probably understands every third word of but that at no point is in any way flirty or suggestive and yet reese interrupts them in the middle of it to huff “do you two want some alone time???” in the most put upon five year old way, only to realize that, contrary to what his raging jealousy is trying to convince him of, nothing about this situation warranted his reaction and he leaves the room without saying another word. he just straight up leaves. like, honey. finch is allowed to have human interaction with people that are not you. i know it’s upsetting but it is what it is.
  • i hate these two idiots