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Ma se non rischi
vuol dire che forse,
in fondo,
non vuoi.
—  Federica Carta - @ucanbemydestiny

Dove sei?
Mi manchi.

La felicità delle piccole cose batte qualunque illusione.
—  Francesca Sinatra - @ucanbemydestiny
The nature of the Veil

I never post meta because I prefer to write it out, but Wikipedia has some really great animations of the harmonic series.  I saw it and thought… what if this is how the Veil works?  What if the Veil is the dissonance that disrupts the consonant, harmonic nature between the real world and the Fade?


First overtone

Second overtone

Third overtone

There are waveform animations over at Wiki, but this presents a few ideas to me regarding partial breaches of the Veil/thinning of the Veil.  I’m not going to go much farther than this conceptualization because I don’t think truly this is how magic works in Thedas, but when the Inquisitor says, “The Veil is more like a vibration,” this is what I think about.

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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter


So the Wish app recommended me this specific choker a while back and I couldn’t help it lmao… 
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My fingers are covered in band-aids and my 3 year old keeps trying to help me sew, but hasn’t gotten used to our laminate floors.

This is the most accurate gifset I’ve ever done.

Mr. Pigeon / M. Pigeon

Anthony: Damn, I look good

Pippa: Damn, I look hot

Renee: Damn, look at me killing it over here

Jasmine: Damn, I’m majestic 

Leslie: asdfghjklkjhgfdsa

Chris: Damn, I left the stove on 

Oak: Damn, Leslie’s leg is cool

Daveed: *Micheal Jackson voice* OW


@lennamarie as Seraphina Picquery

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