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Third Love

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Request: Imagine dating Jax for a while, Tara comes back and you and Jax fight.



“It’s been said that we really only fall in love with three people in our lifetime.
Yet, it’s said that we need each of these loves for a different reason.
Often our first is when we are young, high school even. It’s the idealistic love; the one that seems like the fairytales we are all read as children.
It’s a love that looks right.
The second is supposed to be our hard love; the one that teaches us lessons about who we are and how we often want or need to be loved.
Sometimes it’s unhealthy, unbalanced or narcissistic even.
It’s the love that we wished was right.
And the third is the love we never see coming. The one that usually comes dressed as all wrong for us and that destroys any lingering ideals we clung to about what love is supposed to be.
It’s the love that just feels right.
Maybe we don’t all experience these loves in this lifetime; but perhaps that’s just because we aren’t ready to.
Possibly maybe we need a whole lifetime to learn or maybe if we’re lucky it only takes a few years.
And there may be those people who fall in love once and find it passionately lasts until their last breath.
Someone once told me they are the lucky ones; and perhaps they are.
But I kinda think that those who make it to their third love are really the lucky ones.
They are the ones who are tired of having to try and whose broken hearts lay beating in front of them wondering if there is just something inherently wrong with how they love.
But there’s not; it’s just a matter of if someone loves in the same way that they do or not.
And maybe there’s something special about our first love, and something heartbreakingly unique about our second…but there’s also just something about our third.
The one we never see coming.
The one that actually lasts.
The one that shows us why it never worked out before.
And it’s that possibility that makes trying again always worthwhile, because the truth is you never know when you’ll stumble into love. ”


You pulled into the Teller-Morrow lot and parked in your usual spot before sliding out of your seat and closing the car door behind you.
The night was warm and the air was crisp, the sun slowly beginning to set and you walked across the lot, thinking to yourself how thankful you were to live in a place like this.
Your footsteps echoed through the quiet lot, almost silent except the faint music coming from inside. The row of bikes was a welcome sight and you headed straight for the clubhouse doors.
There was nothing quite like the smell of the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse and it welcomed you every time you opened those doors; a mix of cheap perfume, leather and cigarettes.
And for the last two years, this place had become your home.
Dating Jackson Teller wasn’t easy, but to be honest you didn’t want easy. Nothing worthwhile ever came easy and for you, Jax was worth the world.
You saw him almost instantly, sitting casually at one of the tables, a beer in one hand and a cigarette pressed between his lips, his blonde hair slicked back from his face.
A smile spread on your lips as you neared him and when he saw you approaching his face lit up.
“Hey darlin,” Jax greeted you and gave his leg a pat, gesturing for you to sit.
You obliged and sat in his lap, wrapping an arm around his shoulder before kissing his lips gently.
“Hey yourself.”
Chibs and Tig were sat at the table also and they both greeted you warmly.
“How was your day?” You asked, absentmindedly playing with the folds of leather on his kutte.
“Busy.” Jax smiled at you.
He knew you weren’t digging for information on the club, you were just generally interested in how his days went and he admired you for not pressing him for details.
You began to chat about your day, Jax asking you questions about work and neither of you noticed Chibs and Tig leave the table.
Conversation always flowed easily between the two of you and even when you weren’t speaking the silence was comfortable.
“You ready to head home?” You asked, stifling a yawn.
Jax took a swig of his beer before speaking.
“I’ve gotta wrap up some Club stuff,” He told you, shifting uneasily in his seat. “I might be late tonight babe.”
You nodded and smiled. “Well I’d say I’d wait up but I doubt il be able to.” You said as another yawn came over you.
Jax smirked and kissed you deeply.
“I love you, (y/n).” He told you, his voice serious.
You thought nothing of it and smiled back at him. “I love you too.”


The singing of the birds outside your window woke you before your alarm did, and you were thankful. The sounds of nature were a much more pleasant awakening then the nagging beeps of your alarm clock.
You stretched your arms out and instantly noticed the empty spot beside you.
You frowned slightly.
It was unlike Jax to not come home. Even when he stayed late at the clubhouse he always made his way home, knowing that you worried when he wasn’t beside you.
You checked your phone but saw no messages or calls from him.
‘He probably crashed at the clubhouse. It was a busy day after all.’ You told yourself and headed for the shower.
After showering you pulled on your ripped black jeans and a grey tshirt and tied your hair loosely on top of your head before heading to the kitchen for breakfast.
It wasn’t your day off, but you only had two meetings today so you didn’t need to head into the office til around lunchtime.
You threw some bread in the toaster and made up a pot of coffee.
It wouldn’t hurt to pop in to the clubhouse, you thought. Jax might have already headed out for the day but there was still a chance he’d be there and you wanted to ease your mind before heading into work.
You quickly had your breakfast and tidied up the kitchen before grabbing your keys off the counter and heading for the door.
Your house wasn’t far from TM and the drive there passed quickly.
The lot was coming alive for the day, some of the guys around the picnic table, some in the garage working on bikes and you could see Gemma in her office.
You parked in your spot and got out of the car.

“Mornin’ lass,” Chibs called from the table.
“Morning!” You smiled back.
You’d always gotten on well with him and he always made you feel welcome.
“Jax inside?”
“Aye, he’s in his dorm.”
You thanked him and kissed his cheek before heading inside.

Jax was exactly where Chibs said; sitting at the desk in his dorm, cigarette between his lips, writing in that notebook he always clutched so tight.
You leant against the door, unwilling to disturb him. You liked watching him write, he always looked so focused, like he was writing the secrets of the world. You never asked what he was writing, never wished to read his words; you didn’t need to.
He had always been open with you and you’d never had secrets between you. However something didn’t feel quite were.
You let him write in piece for another minute before you rapped on the door lightly.
Jax lifted his head and smiled before blowing out his smoke and putting out the cigarette in an ash tray.
“Mornin’,” Jax saidnas he stood and walked towards you.
“Long time no see, Teller.” You smirked.
You were pissed he hadn’t come home and hadn’t bothered to text you, but damn with a face like that you could never stay mad at him for long.
Jax smirked and ran a hand through his hair.
“Sorry babe.”
You raised an eyebrow and laid your hands on his shoulders. His hands held your waist gently.
“That’s all I get?”
“I’ll make it up to you?” He offered, a playful hint in his eyes.
You laughed lightly.
“You sound so sincere.”
Jax smirked at the sarcasm in your voice and kissed you softly.
“I’m sorry babe.” He told you again.
This time you nodded and smiled.
“Just come home tonight.” You told him.
Jax nodded and you kissed him once more before turning away.
“See you at home. For dinner.” You called over your shoulder
“I’ll be there.” Jax watched you leave, a content smile on his lips as he watched you walk.


The house was so silent that you swore you actually heard the clock tick over.
9 O'clock.
And he still wasn’t home.
Your fingers rapped at the table impatiently.
Fuck it. You thought. You hadn’t heard from him since you had left the clubhouse earlier this morning and after not coming home last night you were pissed.
He could have at least had the decency to call.
Now, dinner had gone cold and you didn’t really care; you always lost your appetite when you were angry.
You glanced at the clock once more before grabbing your keys, pulled on your boots and marched to the door.
You drove fast, barely stopping at the red lights and stop signs on the way and the tyres screeched when you pulled into the lot.
Tig and Happy were sat outside and they eyed you curiously as you slammed the car door.
“Everything okay doll?” Tig asked as you stormed across the lot.
“Just fucking peachy.” You said.
Tig nodded slowly and backed away, arms raised and you sat back at the table with Hap.
You glanced past the dozen men scattered around the clubhouse, searching only for one.
Juice was walking towards you, pulling a pack of smokes out of his pocket as he walked.
You spotted Jax, sitting on one of the sofas, a pretty brunette beside him. She wasn’t a crow eater, that was obvious but you still felt a pang of jealousy when you saw Jax smile at her.
“Juice, who’s that?” You asked as he neared you.
He glanced around the room, following your gaze and stopped awkwardly when he saw who you were meaning.
“Uhh I’m not sure (y/n).” Juice said and rubbed his neck.
You crossed your arms and glared at him.
He sighed.
“It’s um. Tara.” He told you and flashed you a sad smile before squeezing your arm and walked past you.
You nodded slowly.
So this is why Jax had been acting strange; Tara was back.
Goddamit. You knew about her, he had told you, Gemma had told you, hell half the fucking club had told you.
She was his first love, the first girl to break his heart. It had been years since she’d left town and you hadn’t ever imagined she’d come back. You’d had a hard enough time adjusting to Wendy being around, but you’d come to realise there was nothing left between her and Jax.
They had been toxic for each other, and they only kept in touch for the sake of Abel. She wasn’t a threat and you’d actually grown to like her.
Tara was different.
You’d never met her, you’d only moved to town two years after she’d left but you knew how much she had meant to him. And the fact that he had practically ignored you didn’t sit right.
A part of you wanted to storm across the room, slap the bitch right across her cheek, and rip Jax into shreds.
But you didn’t.
You turned around slowly and walked back to your car.


It was 2.37am when Jax pulled into the drive way.
He parked his bike and swung his leg over before resting his helmet on his handle bars and heading towards the front door.
The kitchen light was still on inside and he walked slowly, his head hung low.
His footsteps were light as he walked up the steps and he opened the door slowly and closed it before him.
His shoes thumped against the carpet as he licked them off and he pulled the leather off his shoulders and laid it over the back of a chair before heading into the kitchen.
He stopped in his tracks when he saw you sitting at the table, a half bottle of whiskey and an empty glass in front of you.
“Hey,” he said quietly. “You’re still up.”
“Couldn’t sleep.”
He nodded slowly and fumbled with his rings before pulling out a chair and taking a seat opposite you.
“I’m sorry I’m late babe, things with the club have been.. busy.”
You nodded and lifted the bottle of whiskey and poured some into your glass.
Jax sighed and rubbed his hands over his face.
“It won’t be like this all the time darlin, things have just been busy. It’ll die down soon and I’ll be-”
“I came to the clubhouse.” You interrupted.
Jax stopped, his blue eyes fixed on you but you didn’t meet his gaze.
You twirled the glass in your hand, letting the whiskey swirl around before taking a sip.
“How longs she been back, Jax?”
He was silent for a moment before he spoke.
“A few days.” He told you.
You nodded slowly, your face cold.
“Do you love me?” You asked.
Jax reached across the table to grab your hands but you pulled them away.
“I do, (y/n). I love you.”
“Do you love her?” You took another swig.
Jax sighed. “Look it’s not that simple, I-”
“Yes or no.” You interrupted.
His gaze lingered in you but you only stared at the glass in your hands.
“Yes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, (y/n).”
You scoffed. “Then what the fuck does it mean, Jax?! You blow me off cause your ex is back in town?”
“I needed time to think.” Jax said, his voice calm.
“To think?!” You yelled. “To think about what, Jax?! She left you! It’s been ten fucking years! But you need to think about it?”
“I didn’t think I’d see her again, it threw me.”
You scoffed and downed the rest of your glass.
“I was gonna tell you, I just needed to figure thins out. Me and Tara, we got a lot of history.”
“What did you need to figure out Jax? You’ve moved on! You’ve moved on with me! Or have the last two years meant nothing to you?!”
“Of course they meant something!” Jax yelled back. “I love you!”
“Bullshit!” You threw the bottle of whiskey at the wall behind him, barely missing his head and the glass shattered to the floor.
“If you loved me you wouldn’t have blown me off to see her! You would have told me straight away! You wouldn’t have lied to me!” You screamed, your fists shaking with rage.
“I am no ones second choice, Jackson.”
You grabbed your keys and pushed past him, heading for the door.
Anger was seething through you and although you could hear Jax yelling after you you couldn’t make out his words.
The rage was blinding, and you didn’t notice your knuckles whitening as you gripped the steering wheel.
You didn’t notice the row of flowers you crushed beneath the tyres.
You didn’t notice the tears streaming down your face.
You didn’t notice the red light beaming in the street.
You didn’t notice the truck.
No, you didn’t notice it. Not til it hit the side of your car, and everything went black.

Chapter 17

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A/N: Sorry for the late update! Let me know if you want to be tagged!

Ps. I’m sorry if this chapter sucked. I’m trying to stay intact with the show while still causing drama and climaxes.

I awoke to see boring yellow walls and a dull white ceiling. I took a taxi to a motel on the outskirts of town. I made sure that I left my phone with the prospect so that Jax could not track me. Still in the same clothes from the day before I groggily hauled myself out of bed and headed for the bathroom. As I reached the bathroom I splashed some water on my face before patting it dry with a towel.

I headed back into the room to see that the clock read one-thirty-five. I sighed before heading to the motel phone and calling the person Jax would never think of.

“David Hale, speaking.” I smiled to myself at his professional tone of voice.

“Hey, it’s (Y/N).” The line stayed quiet for a moment before I heard the murmuring of voices and a chair scraping across the floor before Hale spoke up.

“(Y/N)! Jax is going nuts looking for you! Where the hell has you been?” I rolled my eyes at his words. He sounded just like an overprotective parent.

“I’m at a motel. Listen, I was wondering if you were free?” Hale sighed at my minimal information.

“Yeah, I’m free. What did you need?”

“I need someone to occupy my time until bobby’s party tonight.”

“Fine, I’ll pick you up at the motel. What one is it?” Hale questioned.

“The sundown.”

“I’ll be there in five.” I thanked him before hanging up. I sat on the bed before running my fingers through my hair. I glanced over to the nightstand to see the manuscript laying there. I thought back to what Piney had said to me.

“It’s time to make a change and I know you’re the one to do it.”

He was right.

But, how was I supposed to make a change?  

Jax’s POV:

We had just made a deal with the IRA for their guns and I was heading over to Ope’s.

“Hey, Half-Sack!” Half looked at me with a scared and surprised look.

“Y-yes?!” He yelled back as I shook my head before motioning him to come over to me.

“Come over here, you moron.” Half began to run over to me while I lit a smoke.

“Yeah?” He questioned as I took a puff.

“Have you heard from (Y/N)? Or at least seen her?” He shook his head while I sighed. “She never came back to the club last night?” I questioned before he shook his head again.

“No, when she gave me her phone that was the last I saw of her.” I nodded before taking another drag.

“Let me know if you hear from her.” He nodded before heading back over to his bike. I sighed again before taking the last drag of my cigarette before stomping it out.

“Where the hell is she?”

(Y/N)’s POV:

Later that day:

It was getting darker as Hale and I drove around Charming.

“So, would you like to talk about what happened yesterday? I know Jax has been worried sick about you.” I rolled my eyes at his question.

“After you told us that and I ran out. I walked for hours until I came across a liquor store. I went in and bought a bottle of Jack Daniels. I left and walked some more until I came back to the graveyard you first found me at. Downed half the bottle of Jack before passing out on the steps of a crypt.  I woke and headed down to Donna’s funeral and well… you know the rest.” Hale nodded in understanding.

“I’m sorry about Donna. She didn’t deserve to go out like that.” I smiled before nodding my head in agreement.

“I know, I will find the bastard that did that and make him or her face the same fate.” Hale nodded.

“Where do you want me to drop you off too?” He questioned as I thought for a moment.

“Can you drop me off at the club? It’s Bobby’s welcome home party tonight.” Hale nodded before beginning to take the route to the club. After a few minutes of silence before I spoke up. “Would you like to come?” I questioned turning towards him.

“No, thank you. It’s not really my scene plus I need to get back to the office.” I nodded as we continued to drive. We eventually pulled up to the club to see the party started. Club members from other charters and many croweaters stood around talking when we pulled up.

“Thank you for the ride,” I said opening the door and hopping out of his jeep. Hale smiled as I closed the door shut to see one of my long-lost friends. “That can’t be the Tacoma killer, can it?” I questioned as Happy flipped around at his nickname.

“(Y/N) fucking (Y/L/N)!” I giggled before running over to him as he held out his arms and picked me up.

“Oh my God, I haven’t seen you in years!” I screamed as he spun me around.

“The same goes for me.” Happy laid me back on the ground. “I mean, damn! Look at you! Your smokin’” I giggled at his compliment as a black car pulled up. Agent Stahl and another agent stepped out. Hale climbed out of his jeep to see what was going on.

“Agent Stahl, what are you doing here?” Hale questioned as the other agent went and opened the back door. Bobby stepped out and Juice walked over before putting his cut on him while the others hollered and shouted.

“Bobby!” I screamed before I took off running into his arms. “I missed you so much!” I said as he picked me up and spun me around just like Hap had done.

“I missed you too, baby girl.” Bobby put me down while I backed away to let the boys tackle him some more. I walked over to Hale when he finished talking to Stahl.

“Thanks again for the ride.” Out of the corner, I saw Jax pull up on his bike. I immediately wrapped my arms around Hale before pulling him into a tight hug surprising him and Jax. I let go of Hale before turning away and heading into the club.

Jax’s POV:

I pulled up onto TM parking lot to see Hale’s Jeep parked there. I glanced to the side a little to reveal (Y/N) and Hale hugging. I felt anger and jealousy burn through me as I played it off with a surprised look. (Y/N) let go of him before turning away and heading into the club. I parked my bike before dropping my helmet and making my way to Hale.

“You’ve got a hell of a lot of nerve showing up here!” I yelled before balling up his shirt and slamming him against the jeep.

“I didn’t do anything to hurt her! She called me!” Hale held up his hands defensively as Ope ran over and pulled me off him.

“Hey, hey! Jax, what’s wrong?!” Ope yelled while holding me back.

“Nothing’s wrong! Where was she?” I yelled out. Hale sighed before speaking.

“The Sundown Motel. On the outskirts of town.” I nodded before glancing back at Ope.

“Get him out of here!” I yelled before turning around and going into the club. Walking into the club I saw Bobby going to town on two croweaters. I looked around until I saw her. Sitting at the bar drinking slamming shots back. “What the hell was that?” (Y/N) slammed back her third or fourth shot before turning to me.

(Y/N)’s POV:

“What was what?” I questioned, acting innocent.

“What were you doing with Hale?! I thought you couldn’t stand him after what he pulled!” (Y/N) began to laugh before slamming back, yet another shot.

“What I pulled?! Let’s talk about what you pulled!” Jax furrowed his brows before speaking up.

“What I pulled? What the fuck did I do?!” (Y/N) rolled her eyes before slamming the shot glass on the bar. Smashing it. The club went quiet as (Y/N) spoke up.

“How about the time you almost took me on the club table but I stopped it because you were with fucking Tara! Or how about the time you lead me on when were fucking eighteen and you left me for that slut! Huh?! I ran a fucking way because of that and we both know how that worked out for me! Don’t we?! So, don’t fucking act like you mister perfect because you got more skeletons in your closet than any of us here!” I pushed away from Jax before making mine out of the club. Tears streaming down my face. Jax, Opie and the rest of the club followed me out.

“(Y/N)!” Jax yelled out as he went to reach out for me.

“DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME, TELLER!” I screamed out as Opie rushed to my side.

“It’s alright. I’ve got her.” Opie said wrapping his arms around me while I cuddled into him.

“(Y/N), you need to rest and not in some cheap motel either. You can stay at my place.” Jax said as I shook my head no.

“No way in hell am I staying at your place near that skank or here.” I snapped as Bobby spoke up.

“It’s alright, she can stay at my place. I don’t plan on going home tonight.” Bobby said walking towards me while fishing out his keys from his jeans. He came in front of me before handing them to me. I let go of Ope before walking over to Bobby. I pulled him into a hug before taking his keys.

“Thanks, Bobby.” I went to go walk away when Jax spoke again.

“You’re not walking. Can I at least drive you?” I stopped mid-walk before sighing and turning around.

“Fine.” Jax walked over to his bike and hopped on. I followed him before picking up my helmet and climbing on behind him.

Time skip:

We pulled up to Bobby’s place as I climbed off his bike while taking off my helmet and handing it to Jax and walking away.

“(Y/N)! Wait!” I turned to see Jax running up Bobby’s walkway.

“What?” I questioned while stopping.

“I wanted to apologize for what happened earlier and yesterday. I wasn’t with Tara yesterday, when you were walking up she clutched my hand. Before I could pull away you were already there. I’ve been worried sick about you for two days-” I cut Jax off by pulling him in for a hug.

“I’m sorry, I never should have lashed out at you. None of that was your fault. Donna’s death, my out lash, none of it.” Jax hugged me back, tighter as I finally let the tears fall. “I’m just so… so… broken. Ever since New York… I just… I can’t…” I broke out into sobs as Jax held onto me while I gripped his hoodie and sobbed into his shoulder.

“We’ll get through this,” Jax said. “I promise.”

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Delightfully Determined

Jax x Reader where the reader is Chibs’ niece, and Jax is determined to win her over.

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After going through the self serve checkout, you throw your pile of junk food in your carrier bag, wishing you could teleport home instead of having to drive.

You halt in your tracks as you notice a figure standing against your car, tilting up your head at the sky in annoyance. “Really? You couldn’t give me one day to soak in my own self pity?“

Sighing, you drag yourself to your car unlocking it and moving to the back seat, throwing your things inside, ignoring the grinning biker leaning against your drivers door.

“You know, it really hurts my ego when you ignore me like this.” Jax teases, his hand going to his heart in fake offence. You stare at him expressionless, waiting for him to move out of the way, even though you know he’s not going to.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine, your ego is big enough to take a few hits every now and again.” you sass, crossing your arms across your chest, your words having zero effect on the male in front of you, that same undeniably beautiful smile on his face. “Can you move, please? I’ve got a date with a pint of ice cream and Christian Grey.”

He raises his eyebrow in question, his smile shifting into a smirk as he looks at you, the blinding sunlight making him squint slightly. He pulls open his kutte, his toned physique visible through his shirt. “Babe, why settle for your vibrator when I’m standing right here?”

“You’re a pig.” You feel your glare softening as he beams at you, trying to resist the curl in your lips. “The answers still no, Jackson. Sorry to burst your bubble.”

You yank the handle of your door, the force catching Jax off guard as he gets moved from his post, a smug smile on your face. Instead of getting inside and driving away from the persistent man, you lean against the open door, pulling your sunglasses down from your head and over your eyes.

“Just one date, that’s all I’m asking for.” he asks, you basking in his pleading. You’d only moved to Charming a couple months ago - wanting to be closer to your Uncle Chibs - and lucky for you, you’d caught the eye of the blonde biker. He’d made it his mission to get you to go out with him, him asking the same question everytime he spoke to you.

“There are a thousand and one girls desperate to shag the SAMCRO president,” he shrugs his shoulders as you talk, a self assured expression on his face, knowing your statment rings true. “why are you wasting your time on me?”

“If I wanted meaningless sex, I’d go to Diosa.” You blush as he moves a stray tendril behind your ear, his fingertips grabbing your chin gently as he keeps your gaze on his. “There’s this energy between us. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it too.”

A shaky breath leaves you, your body frozen as he moves his face closer to yours his hand cupping your cheek as his breath tickles your skin. “Go out with me.”

Your eyes close involuntarily as he whispers seductively in your ear, his teeth nibbling flirty on your lobe, a shudder running down your spine. He smirks as he presses his lips against your jaw, your fingers grabbing his collar as your core tingles, a feeling of euphoria slipping over you as his warm, soft lips lay kisses upon your skin.

“Jax…” you whisper, subconsciously tilting your head to the side and allowing him more access, his trail continuing down your neck as you melt in the middle of the parking lot, the thought of people watching not even entering your mind.

A loud honk rips you from your pleasure, you jumping backwards quickly as you shake your head, your cheeks flushing in embarrassment. You point your finger at him warningly, “Don’t pull that shit again.”

He holds his arms up defensively, his tongue running over his lower lip, the gesture so simple yet fuck all you want is feel that pink tongue in places that would make the purest nun’s quiver.

“Not my fault you liked it, darlin’.” he winks, his self assertiveness moving up another level. “So, tomorrow night?”

You smile falsely, pushing up on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “You’re gonna have to try a lot harder to convince me, darlin’.”

You swiftly slip behind the wheel, winking at the determined male before slamming your door shut, speeding away before he can stop you.

Just as you pull off the car park, your phone rings, you pressing the answer button on your hands free and speaking a loud. “Hello?”

“You belong to me, baby. The sooner you realise that, the better.”

A/N- I found this surprisingly easy to write, which is ace! I’ve got a Dean imagine pretty much finished and another Jax one but I’m struggling to finish them. I hope you guys enjoyed this, because I loved writing it :) feel free to request! Thanks for the continued support ❤

Number one//Chibs Telford

Info: Trying to announce to the club that you’re pregnant, but no one will let her finish her sentence. Eventually she just blurts it out.

Warnings: swearing

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Y/n always watched Chibs with Jax’s kids, it warmed her heart. What made her even happier was knowing she was pregnant and knowing that one day, he’d have his own kid to play with and love. Chibs had one daughter, but she was an ocean away, but having one here with him could be good. Y/n and Chibs hadn’t had much talk about children but she assumed he’d be happy.

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I’m not good at this...

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You had been Chibs old lady for a year now.  It’s 3 months until most of the Sons are out of County when Tara runs into the club house where you and Chibs are hanging out, her hair is in a mess and she holds Thomas in her arms and Abel trailing behind.
“Oh, thank god.  Look I need, I just need a break please, please watch them for a night.”  Tara looks near tears as Chibs stands up immediately and takes Thomas, you and Abel staring at each other.
“What’s wrong?”  You look up to Tara as she runs her fingers through her hair.
“Gemma is driving me crazy and I just.  Shit, I miss Jax.  Just, can you watch them for a night?  Please?”  Tara wipes away a tear and smiles shakily at the two of you.
“No problem Tara.”  Chibs answers and you try to hide the grimace.
“Thank you.  Mommy will get you tomorrow morning ok?  You’re going to have a sleep over with Chibs and (Y/N), ok?  I love you.”  Tara kisses the top of both boys’ heads and thanks you again for taking them.
“You keeping Mom up, little one?”  Chibs rubs Thomas’ back while you and Abel continue the stare off.  “Love?”
“I’m not good with kids.”  You whisper, keeping your voice down while not taking your eyes off of Abel.
“He not going to pounce.”  You can hear the smile in Chibs voice and look up quickly to glare at him.  Tara runs back in to drop off their bags and Thomas’ baby carrier, waving as she runs back out.  Thomas curls his head under Chibs chin and you can’t help but smile at the sight.  You pull up your sleeves and hear a gasp from Abel which causes you to jump.
“I like your arm.”  He whispers and hides behind Chibs leg.  You notice a giant giraffe being dragged behind him.
“Thanks, Abel.”  You look down at your black and white flower sleeve and nod towards the giraffe, “I like your stuffed animal.”  He quickly hides it behind Chibs.
“Alright, let’s go home, yeah?”  Chibs snickers as your face becomes red.  Chibs sets up the boys’ car seats while you put their stuff in the back of your car.  “What’s for dinner tonight, Love?”  
“Shit.  I mean shoot.”  You quickly correct yourself when you see Abel staring at you, “well your dad is Jax so I highly doubt you’ve never heard shit before.”
“My dad says Jesus Christ a lot.”  Abel says.
“That he does.”  You smirk down at the kid.  “I was just going to make salad and potatoes.  Are they going to eat that?”
“You and your vegan shit.”  Chibs snickers.  “Also, Thomas is still on milk.”
“Hey, you eat the vegan shit so you don’t have to cook for yourself.”  You push him as he comes closer, smiling down at you.
“If he doesn’t like it, we’ll order pizza, ok?”
“Mommy says pizza is bad for you.”  Abel says, getting into his car seat while Chibs buckles him and Thomas in.
“Well, let’s hope you like salad, huh?”
“SpongeBob doesn’t like salad.”  Abel mumbles.
“You’re right, but you are also not a sponge under the sea, are you?”  You raise your eyebrow at him and he giggles.  You turn in your seat and scrunch your eyebrows at Chibs.  “Was that funny?”
“Aye, love.  You’re doing just fine.  Can you handle them for the 10-minute ride home or do I need to save you from the scary youngins?”
“And let me drive your bike home?”  Your face blew up into a smile that quickly turned into a glare at his laugh.
“See you at home.”
“Asshole.”  You whisper.
“Mommy says that word a lot too.”
You bite your lip to keep from smiling, “I bet she does, Abel.”

You catch Abel looking at your arm again as he colors in his coloring book.  Thomas is playing in his floor jungle thing that Chibs had brought from the club house.  The fries are in the oven for another half hour while the three of you watch Toy Story.  You pull off your sweatshirt, leaving you in a tank top and sit down next to Abel, your arm with your tattoos closest to him.
“You wanna color them in?”  You ask, preparing to sit back and let the kid play.
“Really?”  His eyes start shining as you nod.
“As long as you understand that you can’t do this on random people.  Only if you ask and they say yes, ok?”  Chibs interferes quickly.  Abel nods and gets to work, your back resting against Chibs’ leg.  Soon his fingers start playing with your hair and you begin to relax.  

You answer your phone as you go through the grocery, stocking up on food for the week.  “Hello?”
“Hey, it’s Tara.”  
“What’s up?”  You say.  You stop your cart to give full attention to the call.
“Abel keeps asking me for salad the way (Y/N) makes it.  I’m not entirely sure what that means.”  Tara laughs over the phone.
“Oh.”  You smile.  “I just mashed up an avocado, added garlic powder, salt, pepper, jalapenos, and lime juice for the dressing and mixed it around a bunch of chopped up romaine.  Um, make sure it’s fully coating all of the leaves or else he may not like it anymore.”
“That’s all you fed him for dinner?”  Tara asks.
“No, we had fries.  Um, homemade fries.  I’m actually vegan so I didn’t really have anything in the house that was like chicken tenders or something but he seemed to like it.”  You chew at your nail, waiting for her to respond.
“Chibs eats vegan?”  Tara snorts.
“Only cause he’s too lazy to make his own food when he gets home.”  You laugh with her.
“Yeah, that I can believe.”  Tara says.


On The Importance of Luna-P

I’m not really interested in comparing the manga to the anime directly for a myriad of reasons, but this was such a drastically different detail that I immediately started thinking about it. AND WHAT IS THIS BLOG IF NOT WHERE I OVERTHINK TINY DETAILS

Here, when Luna-P approaches Black Lady, she bats it away saying “What an annoying toy!” In the anime, we get this:

Black Lady hugs Luna-P to her (changing its crescent moon to the Black Moon mark) and says it’s her only friend. These two moments couldn’t be more different.

So why this change? The anime does have the additional element of this being when Usagi is forced to accept that Black Lady is really Chibi-Usa, but it’s not like this was the only way to do that, so it can’t have been the motivation behind the decision. Instead, I think it’s all about Black Lady.

There’s actually a lot of difference between the two versions of Black Lady, I think. In the manga, she’s really just more evil more than anything else. In my translation (assuming accuracy of course), her entire corruption at Wiseman’s hands is:

You have shown me the darkness in your heart. You were too strong for the world you came from, so you broke through all obstacles to reach me here, at the end of the world. There’s no turning back now. I can help you realize your unknown potential. Come with me. Come along with me.

She takes his hand, and that’s that.

It speaks, I think, to where Chibs is at in the manga, which is also a very different place to the anime. Manga!Chibs sees Pluto smiling at Endymion, becomes jealous because she thought she was special to Pluto and isn’t super cool with the idea of “sharing” her, and runs off to be found by Wiseman. Here, you can see elements of that darkness in Chibs. Her reactions are incredibly self-centered (which is not a condemnation; she’s a fucking child for fuck’s sake and her parents barely seem to care about her [who knows about the Senshi, they functionally don’t exist]) and you can see where she WOULD be angry. I’m not sure that motivation entirely bares out for me from there, as once she has power, she directs her attention to “claiming” Mamoru, who isn’t even PART of that situation. I think it would’ve worked much better for me had she focused on Pluto instead, but welcome to my manga experience, I suppose. My point being, Black Lady in the manga is born of selfishness and anger, and “evil” is mostly what she exhibits. By smacking away Luna-P, the response it elicits from us is “Wow, Black Lady is so bad! Chibi-Usa’s so lost to us!” Obviously I don’t know how her story is going to play out in the manga yet, but that moment’s intent is to produce hopelessness in the audience and the characters.

The anime handles this so differently. I think due in part to how we’ve, by necessity, spent so much more time with Chibi-Usa. We’ve seen her develop relationships not just with Mamoru and Usagi, but with Mako, Ami, Minako, and Rei. Her support structure is so much larger here, and so corruption by way of a smile just isn’t going to work. Because anime!Chibs has so much more she can draw on, the focus shifts from outside motivation (Pluto smiling at someone not-her) to internal. And the moment that sets events in motion frame this so well. What breaks her is that Usagi fails. Chibs has spent the entire season trying to heal her mother on her own, and then trying to trust the others enough to accept their help. By this point, she believes that Usagi will save her mother without question. AND USAGI FAILS. Unable to bear that her hero had failed, that everything she’d been through was for nothing, and driven by the guilt that her mother was beyond hope due to (she believes) her own actions, Chibi-Usa runs. This is when Wiseman finds her, and then spends the entire fucking episode confirming her fears, twisting her memories, and convincing her that nobody ever has or ever will love and care for her, the thing she’s most afraid will happen when the truth is discovered.

This is the part where the anime and manga meet on mostly the same terms: Chibi-Usa’s feelings that nobody loves her. Then they speed down different highways again. Rather than batting away Luna-P, in the anime, Chibi-Usa embraces it. It completely changes the face of the reveal: rather than the idea that Chibs is lost to them, the horror is in that this was done to her, that she could feel so alone to come to this. Black Lady hugging Luna-P reveals that however she looks now, in her heart she’s still just a desperate, scared little girl.

Despite how little I’m connecting with the manga, I do generally like how it’s handled Chibi-Usa. I’m not sure the Black Lady thing is working too well for me, though, but that’s for a variety of reasons, from what I feel is a misfire in her focus to Takeuchi’s over-reliance on brainwashing as a plot device to Black Lady being as generically evil as every other generic evil, when she should be packing a much greater emotional punch. Her batting aside Luna-P, though, as a moment, works well to further the divide between Chibi-Usa and Black Lady.

The anime’s choice to have her embrace it, however, furthers the connection between them. We’re seeing Black Lady, but also the Chibi-Usa who’s still there, and in pain. It does eliminate the element of hopelessness that the manga highlights and underlines, but trades it for a personal connection that, for me, resonates better in both the long and short term.

I think both are really interesting directions, though, and perhaps more than any single moment I’ve seen thus far, epitomize the differences between the two iterations of the story.


Request: “An imagine where the reader is Chibs’s daughter who is a trained killer who does kills for other SOA Charters. She meets Happy when the reader is burying a body. They fall in love until she is shot in the head in front of Chibs and Happy.”

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Mo Ghra is Scottish for ‘my love’


           “Yes dad, I’m fine, just a little knick to my side, “ you told Chibs, “the other guy looks much worse, trust me.”

           “Where are ye?” he asked, to which you immediately gave your location. “I’m sending one of my guys to help ya, no arguments please mo ghra.”

           You rolled your eyes but agreed, hanging up the phone and began digging the hole you were set to put the body in. You weren’t sure how long you’d been digging when the sound of a bike made you look up. A slim, tan guy with no hair came up to you.

           You nodded to the second shovel you had brought with you, “I’m Y/N.”

           He nodded, “Happy.”

           You laughed, “That doesn’t fit you at all dude.”

           He shrugged, “You did a number on this guy. What’d he do to you?”

           “Oh nothing. This is just a job to me. Lee from the Tacoma Charter called and said he needed someone dead, and I’m the girl for that, so here we are,” you explained nonchalantly, continuing to dig, “It didn’t help that the bastard grazed me with his blade. That did make his death a little more painful.”

           Happy laughed, which took you by surprise because, despite his name, he did not seem like a joyful person. “Damn girl, you’re somethin’ else,” he told you as the two of you hoisted the body into the hole and covered him with the dirt.

           “I’ve been called worse,” you told him, winking as he helped you take your tools to your truck.

           “Where ya headed?” he asked, leaning up against the truck, lighting up a cigarette and offering you one.

           Taking the offer, you shrugged “Nowhere in particular. What ya got in mind?”

           Happy shrugged, “You could come back to the clubhouse and see who can outdrink who?”

           “Oh, you’re so on, man,” you told him, laughing as you jumped in your truck to head to the clubhouse.

*Two years later*

“Babe,” you called out from the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Happy said, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

You giggled as he trailed kisses from your jawline to your neck. You moaned, “As much as I would love to stay in bed with you, I have a job. I’ll be back later okay?”

He groaned but nodded, “Alright, I love you girl.”

You kissed him, “I love you, Hap.”


Despite being contracted with SAMCRO, you sometimes took jobs with other people too. You went where the money was. Getting out of your truck, tight grip on your gun, you walked up to the man you had talked to on the phone the week prior.

“Y/N,” he said with a smile on his face, extending his hand.

“Hello Mr. Pope. What can I do for ye?” you asked. You were shocked when more men came out from behind the buildings, which made you immediately raise your gun.

Pope laughed, “Put that away, Y/N. Regardless of who you shoot, you’ll be taken down right after.”

You slowly set your gun down and kicked it to him as you were grabbed from behind and forced to sit on your knees next to Pope’s feet. “What do you want?” you asked through gritted teeth, “I’m not gonna beg for my life, dickhead, so shoot me if that’s what you’re gonna do.”

He laughed, “Oh, Y/N, you may not beg for your life, but I know two people who will. I need you to be as quite as possible or I’m gonna shoot your dad and your old man, do you understand me?” You nodded as you heard the rumble of bikes in the distance, and Pope walked off.

“I want the bald one and the Scott in cuffs hooked to the ground, “You heard Pope order and tears filled your eyes as for the first time in your life, you were terrified of what was about to happen. A long time went by before Pope came back and jerked you off of the ground, pulling you behind him as he walked.

You gasped as you saw Happy and your dad tied up, struggling against the ties once they saw that he had you.

“Let her go you fuckin’ prick,” Chibs yelled, with his own tears welling up in his eyes as Pope tossed you to the ground.

“Get up and kneel girl,” he ordered, watching you do exactly as he said, “I told you all from the beginning that I was not one to fuck with, and you fucked with me. There are consequences for your actions, boys.” As he said this, you felt the cold steel against the back of your head and watched Happy and Chibs both struggling against the cuffs, begging Pope to take them instead.

“I love you,” you mouthed to your two favorite men.

Happy wailed as the gun went off, falling to the ground as your lifeless body fell. “Maybe this will teach SAMCRO not to fuck with Pope Enterprises. All of you have more family, just remember that. Your guys are on their way with a key. Have a nice day, gentlemen,” Pope said before getting in his car and leaving.

“Happy! Chibs!” They heard Jax yell.

“Over here,” Chibs called back.

“Holy shit,” Juice said as he came around the corner and saw Y/N’s body on the ground. He quickly went to unlock the cuffs on Happy and Chibs as the rest of SAMCRO came around and took in the scene. Happy immediately got up and ran to his bike, taking off before anyone could say anything. “Juice, follow him, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid,” Jax ordered.

Chibs went over and picked your lifeless body up as he cried, smoothing your hair out of your face. “Mo ghra, I love you.”

Chapter 18

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Sitting on the picnic table I watched as my best friend flirting with one of Luan’s porn stars.

“Hey, baby. What are you doing?” I turned to see Gemma walking towards me.

“I’m waiting to see if Ope will grow a set and get her number.” Before Gemma could respond the boys walked out from church.

“Hey, how was church?” Gemma questioned Jax as he took the seat next to me on the table.

“Bad.” Gemma nodded knowing not to question it further.

“Where is he?” Before Jax could answer Piney spoke up.

“Still in there.” Gemma nodded as she headed in. “Will you two move the hell over and show your elders some respect!” Piney yelled while Jax and I chuckled, sliding down the table to give him room. We all stayed silent, sitting around the table. Chibs was over a far getting ready to move a van.

“Oh shit!” The next thing that happened seemed to happen in slow motion. The van had exploded throwing Chibs in the air. I didn’t even think I just got up and ran to the poor man’s side.

“CHIBS!” Jax yelled out as the club surrounded his side.

“Call a fucking ambulance!” I screamed out at any club member that would listen. I held onto his hand and did something I haven’t done in a long time.

I prayed.


Everything seemed to happen in a blur. An ambulance came and took Chibs while the police took our statements.

“Hey, sunshine.” I looked up to see Hap staring down at me.

“Hey, do you got a cigarette?” I questioned as Happy raised an eyebrow.

“Are you okay?” I nodded my head.

“Yeah, just shook up. I hope he’s okay.” Happy smiled before lighting up his cigarette and taking a puff.

“I know Chibs. He’s strong. He’ll make it.” Hap said passing me the cigarette. I glanced over to see Mary talking to Jax with concern on her face. Jax hugged her before making his way over to us.

“Church in ten,” Juice said tapping on Hap’s shoulder. I handed him back his smoke.

“Keep it. Listen, I’ll talk to you after. I need to talk to Jax.” Happy nodded before giving me a quick hug and heading inside.

“What was that about?” I questioned Jax as he came to my side.

“It’s Ope, he’s not coming home and he’s not talking with his kids. Mary wants me to talk to him.” I nodded in understanding.

“I’ll come with you but as of right now, you’ve got church.” Jax smiled and nodded before heading into the club. I felt eyes boring into me as I glanced up to see Hale looking in my direction. I smiled at him before walking into the club and down to the dorms.

Soon enough, Ope came to the room and grabbed his bag.

“Hey,” I said as Opie glanced in my direction.

“Hi.” Jax walked in, saving us from the awkward conversation. I leaned against the wall while I listened to Jax try to do his best and getting Opie back on the right track but it did no good. I finally got fed up.

“Opie!” Opie and Jax stopped in mid-talk as I continued. “Are you really going to keep playing this game? Ignoring your children, shoving them off onto somebody else while you drink your sorrows away, all because Donna’s gone?! I know you miss her and I know she was the love of your life but you don’t get to play the mourning card anymore. I know her and if it was you in that front seat, she would have picked herself up and put on a mask of happiness for those children. Because that’s what we do. You can’t just run away from your problems! It doesn’t work!” I yelled as Opie began to yell back.

“Yeah?! And how the hell would you know?!” Opie snapped out at me, I pushed myself off the wall before going to stand my ground in front of him.

“Because I did it. When my mom died, I ran. When Jax broke my fucking heart, I ran. When I lost my god damn best friend, I ran. I keep fucking running but it’s getting me nowhere! Can’t you see that?! I won’t let you fall down the same path that I have. You have two wonderful kids that need a support system! They need a fucking father! What don’t you get from that?! I am done running and so are you! Get off your fucking high horse and get back to those kids before there’s nothing left to get back too.” I snapped as Opie stared at me in shock.

“(Y/N) …” Opie went to speak but I cut him off before he could.

“Don’t. Now, go home, tell your mom to go home and you spend quality time with them before I kick your ass like when we were kids.” Opie didn’t respond, he just nodded his head before walking past me and out into the club.

“You sure told him.” I turned to see Jax with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, well someone needed too.” Jax nodded in agreement. “I need some sleep, are you coming?” I questioned to Jax as he raised his eyebrows.

“Are you going to yell or spank me if I say no?” Jax asked with his stupid smirk.

“I just might.” Jax and I chuckled before climbing under the covers. Not bothering to get changed.

Time Skip:

Waking up to an empty bed was never unusual for me. Jax was always in and out, so I never expected him to stay for long periods of time. I got out of bed in the same clothes as yesterday before and walked to the bathroom. I got undressed before climbing into the shower.

I got out and got redressed before heading to the bar.

“Hey (Y/N)!” I turned to see Half sitting at the bar calling my name.

“Yeah?” I questioned walking over to him.

“Your coffee malady and Jax left a few hours ago but he said he should be back soon and if you need anything just call him.” I thanked the ginger before walking out of the club to see a youngish man snooping around the exploded car.

“See something you like?” I questioned sarcastically while making my way to him.

“I’m looking for Jax Teller, you know him?” The thick Irish accent took me by surprise.

“I do indeed but I also know that I don’t know who the hell you are and what you want with Jax.” I snapped with a fake smile.

“Someone really needs their morning coffee.” He remarked as I raised an eyebrow.

Watch it or you’ll have more problems than who’s after your lucky charms.” I hauled out my cell phone and began dialing Jax’s number.

“Hello, darlin’” Jax spoke into the phone.

“Jax, I need you and the club to get back here now.” I snapped, annoyingly staring at the Irish man standing in front of me.

“Why? Is something wrong?” Jax questioned as panic and concern began to come into his tone.

“Well, I have the luck of the Irish standing in front of me, looking for you.” I heard Jax mutter the word shit before answering me.

“We’re on our way. Keep him busy and away from the crime scene, please?” I sighed before speaking into the phone.

“You owe me one. I’m thinking, supper at the dinner tonight? Just the two of us?” Jax chuckled.

“You got it. I’m thinking I’ll pick you up at 8? And even take you out on my Harley for a run after?” I tried so hard not to burst out laughing at Jax.

“Oh, Teller. Such a gentleman, I hope you don’t try to get into my pants. I’m still a virgin.” The Irish man raised an eyebrow at me.

“Never say never.” I giggled before telling Jax, I’ll see him soon. I hung up the phone as the Irish man spoke up.

“Are you really a virgin?” I rolled my eyes at him before walking to the picnic table.

Jax and the club arrived shortly after as I met Jax at his bike.

“What do you want Edmond?” Jax questioned with the same amount of annoyance that I had.

“My father wanted to know what happened.” Jax scoffed as him and the club began interrogating Edmond. The club soon dispersed, Jax began to walk over to me.

“What’s going on?” Jax was interrupted by Edmond coming over and speaking up.

“Listen, (Y/N) is it?” I nodded my head in confusion and curiosity.

“Well, I was thinking… If you’re still a virgin and all, I can help change that?” I watched Jax tense and his eyes go wide. I didn’t get the chance to reply when Jax was speaking up.

“Listen here, if you want to make it out alive then you better walk away now. There is no way in hell she is going to sleep with you.”

“I wasn’t as-”

“Walk away!” Edmond glanced at me before walking away.

“Thank you, Mr. Prince Charming.” Jax chuckled.

“Listen, I’m going to be gone all day but I’ll see tonight at eight. Don’t forget!” Jax yelled as he began to walk away.

“Don’t worry, I won’t!” I yelled before the boys climbed on the bike and drove off. I smiled when a thought popped into my head.

‘What the hell am I going to wear?’

Time Skip:

I stood outside the club all done up awaiting Jax’s arrival. I was nervous and excited but when I saw Opie pull up to the club in a panic all those feelings faded away.

He barely parked his bike as he ran up to me.

“Opie! What’s wrong?!” In panted breaths, he spoke.

“It’s Jax…” I felt my heart sink.

“What about Jax?”

“He’s… He’s been arrested.” Just as he spoke, my phone rang.

It was Jax.

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Already Occupied

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader where reader is Chibs’ niece and she really likes Jax even though he’s with Tara. Includes Tig x Reader friendship too :)

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“Do you think he’ll ever see me as more than just a kid?” You sip your glass of whiskey as you sit cross legged on Tig’s bed, one of your late night chats taking place.

Tig was one, maybe the only one, who knew of your gigantic crush on Jax. You could tell your best friend anything, and he knew you too well to be able to miss your feelings for the blonde biker. But all you seemed to be to Jax was Chibs’ kid niece, young and childish.

“I don’t know, sweetheart.” Tig says honestly as he leans against the head board, his legs outstretched as he nurses his own glass. “What I do know, though, is that you’ll never get your answer unless you tell him how you feel.”

You smile warmly in response, the gesture not meeting your eyes. Sighing deeply, you shake your head, taking a gulp of the amber liquid. “No point, Tiger. He’s loved Tara all his life.”

“Maybe, but the cracks are showing baby girl, and now is your time to shine if there was ever one.” You deliberate the statement in your mind as you’ve done many times before, even though deep down, you know you’ll never tell Jax how you feel.

The door to Tig’s room gets thrown open, the action catching you off guard as you jump. Your eyes widen as you see Tara standing there, the look on her face telling you she’s heard the whole conversation.

“I fucking knew it.” she seethes, you pushing yourself to stand up, ready just incase she tries to attack. She storms towards you, your empty glass dropping onto the bed. “I’ve been trying to warn him about you for months, but he just can’t see it.”

“Are you for real right now? If there’s anyone he needs to warned about its you.” You see Tig get up out of your peripheral vision, giving you space to stand up for yourself but also ready to stop the two of you from clawing each other to pieces.

Her anger turns to humour as she laughs in your face, the cocky smile on her lips something you’re just itching to scratch off. “I’m only gonna tell you once, so listen up. Jax is mine, he loves me. You’re just a desperate, worthless bitch.”

You don’t even realise you’ve slapped her until you feel the sting on your palm, her hand flying to her cheek to cradle her reddened skin. Your eyes flicker to Tig, a proud look on his face as he winks at you.

You can’t rest for long before Tara delivers a slap of her own, you swinging a punch in return as she falls to the floor. Before you know it, you’re both on the floor, the two of you shouting in anger as you fight.

You’re too busy seeing red to notice Tig come behind you, only realising he’s there when he drags you off of Tara, Jax pulling her roughly off the floor as you both try to escape from your captors. “What the fuck is going on?!”

You stop resisting Tig as Jax shouts, a stressed and confused expression on his face as he looks between you and your opponent. You place your hand on top of Tig’s as it rests on your waist, knowing you’re going to need his support before Tara even speaks.

“She’s fucking obsessed with you, that’s what!” Tara shouts, shoving Jax away from her. You feel like you might puke as you stand there, your big secret out in the open. “I questioned her about it and she attacked me!”

“I wouldn’t say calling me a worthless bitch is questioning me, but whatever floats your boat.” you spit sarcastically, ignoring Jax’s burning gaze. She lunges for you again, your clenching fist unneeded as Jax grabs her swiftly, yanking her backwards.

“Out, now!” he orders, leaving no room for refusal. Tara stares at him in shock, unable to comprehend that he’s talking to her. She scoffs, shrugging his grip on her away.

“Fuck you, Jax. I’m too good for this shit.” You look down at your feet at her words, feeling guilty for being partly to blame for their argument.

“Give us a minute, Tig.” You swallow nervously at Jax’s request, Tig removing himself from you. He looks at you for reassurance, not wanting to leave unless you’re okay with it. “I’m not mad, (Y/N).”

Relief floods you, your attention flickering to Jax’s pleading eyes before you nod at Tig, squeezing his arm as thanks before he leaves the room, shutting the door behind him.

“Is it true?” Jax asks, breaking the tense silence. You stare at your feet as you nod in confirmation, a sigh leaving Jax’s lips. You watch as he sits on the edge of the bed, his hands running over his face as he tries to take in the new found information.

You shuffle on your feet awkwardly as he stares at the wall, brow furrowed as he thinks deeply. He shuffles over, tapping the space next to him, you complying as you shuffle over and sit down.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You roll your eyes, chuckling humourlessly as you pick a loose thread on your jeans.

“What would’ve been the point?” you ask quietly, not being able to look at Jax as he sits so closely, his eyes watching you as he waits for you to continue. “All I am to you is Chibs’ niece. Plus, you have Tara.”

“Had. I had Tara. I ended it just before you went all Jackie Chan.” he teases, nudging your body with his. You smile, shaking your head as you nudge him back, enjoying the closeness.

“I hope you’re not expecting me to say that I’m sorry to hear that. No offence but I kinda hate her.” Jax laughs at your honesty, his sparkling eyes meeting yours, your lungs feeling empty at the little distance between the two of you.

You force yourself to be realistic, smiling sadly at the biker. “Don’t worry, you can save the whole ‘I wanna be friends’ speech. I wasn’t expecting you to return my feelings.”

You stand up quickly, walking over to Tig’s chair and retrieving your jacket, tears prickling at your eyes as you try to resist breaking down. “I should be going anyway.”

You spin around, your eyes wide in shock as you see Jax lean down, his hands grabbing your face as he kisses you. You don’t respond at first, not sure whether you’re dreaming, until you realise this is real life and oh my god Jax Teller is kissing you.

You let your eyes flutter shut as you kiss him back, his lips feeling nothing short of incredible as they move against your own. Your jacket is forgotten as you drop it to the floor, your hands moving to grip his biceps as his tongue slips into your mouth, your core tingling at the feeling.

Only when you’re completely breathless do you pull away, Jax resting his forehead against yours as the two of you struggle to breathe. You grip his shirt between your fingers, not wanting him to move and ruin the moment.

“We should do that more often.” you say, Jax smirking before he places his lips to your forehead, his arms wrapping around you as he hugs you.

“Sorry it took me so long.”

A/N - Wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about this but I’m pretty happy with how it came out!!! Thanks for reading, feedback is always appreciated ❤

Take You Home

Requested by an Anon: An imagine where reader is Chib’s daughter and Juice’s o'lady. The reader distanced herself because she feels like no one wants her around so she disappears for 6 months. Juice goes crazy looking for her and when he does he tries bringing her back home. Juice stays with reader until she changes her mind and goes back to Charming with Juice.

AN: I changed it just a little bit, I hope you like it. Sorry it’s so long, it got away from me.

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Arrested - Happy

Originally posted by lolsthecatgifs

request from anon: can I have an imagine where Y/N is a cop but she’s still pretty close with the club personally, growing up with them all and she’s invited to a party and Happy sees her all differently and they get talking and slight smut idk the ending is up to you! 

“Alright, boys. You’re free to go.” You announce, unlocking the two cells to release the four Sons that had made their assaults a little too sloppy. 

“Thanks darlin’.” Jax says as he slides smoothly out of the cell, giving you a grin as he passes you. 

“Move along, Teller.” You rolls your eyes as the teasing only continues from the other three Sons. You stuff the keys to the cells in your pocket and escort them out to their bikes. 

“I see ya, lass. Does the station know where ya stand?” Chibs teases on the way, and you shove him playfully. 

“Hey Y/N!” Tig hollers from his straddled position on his bike. You raise your eyebrows at him and he continues. “You should come to the clubhouse tonight around nine.” 

You grin at him and shake your head. “We’ll see, Trager, we’ll see.” 

You give them all a wave before stalking back into the station to fill out more paperwork. Being a police officer in Charming, had proven to be as difficult as the D.A. made it sound. Even though, you were around the Sons of Anarchy club your entire life, the boys never made things easy for you. Especially when they invited you to clubhouse parties; everyone in Charming knew how wild they were, including all the other deputies at the station. 

Ever since your first outing with the club, everyone at the station gave you constant shit about you being the next Uncer, especially the D.A. Of course, you most definitely deserved the heat, given the countless times that you helped cover for the club. Most notably, when ATF started rolling into Charming. 

But recently, things had cooled down, and frankly, you wanted things to always be this calm. 

You glance at the clock as you swipe on your final coat of lipstick: 9:37. You situate your outfit and slip your feet into a pair of white sneakers. Cop or not, you were a sucker for SAMCRO parties. 

You move swiftly down your hallway and swing a purse over your shoulder before locking up and climbing into your car. You live a little ways away from the clubhouse and by the time you get there it’s a little after 10 o’clock. 

You climb out of your car and move swiftly through the parking lot toward the clubhouse. The door swings open as soon as you get there, and you dodge a Son you don’t recognize with a croweater attached to him. 

Once inside, you grin at the party that’s already in full-swing. Gemma, Lyla and two other girls you don’t recognize are pouring drinks at the bar and you climb onto a bar stool in front of Lyla. She gives you a warm smile. 

“Hey Y/N! What can I get you?” She asks and you grin, opening your mouth to speak when you’re interrupted. 

“Hopefully a tall glass of me.” Tig’s voice carries as he slides onto the bar stool next to you. 

You laugh and shake you head. “Just whiskey, thanks.” Lyla nods, pours you a glass and winks all within a few seconds, before scurrying away to tend to other party-goers. 

You take a drink of your whiskey before turning to Tig, to laugh along with whatever the hell it was he was talking about. You tended to tune him out most of the time, only because he spoke a lot, and often. And on top of the rambling, there was the endless amount of inappropriate remarks to try to get you to fuck him; tonight was no exception. 

Eventually Tig got the hint that you weren’t going to fuck him, and scurried along, leaving you to tend to what was now a rum & coke. You took a glance around the clubhouse, shaking your head at the two croweaters dancing on the pool table. Two Sons had been playing, and one in particular looked quite annoyed. You hadn’t talked to him much, mostly because he didn’t really talk. You faintly remembered Jax calling him Happy, and you wondered why everyone called him that. 

Frankly, he never looked very happy. 

Happy’s eyes finding yours breaks you from your thoughts and you flush and look away from him. You had seen Happy’s track record, and it was nothing to write home about. You definitely didn’t want to get tangled up in his mess. 

But an hour later, you found yourself in a deep conversation with the Tacoma Killer.

“Do I believe in Karma? I mean, I never really thought that much about it. You?” His voice rumbled to you, his eyes shooting bullets through your own. 

You nod your head slowly. “Yeah, definitely. The bad shit you do to people who don’t deserve the bad shit you do to them comes around.” 

One corner of his mouth tilts up and he shakes his head. “What goes around comes around type thing, huh?” 

You nod and gulp down the rest of your beer. You toss the bottle off to the side and when you look back at Happy, you’re surprised to find that he’s already looking back at you. 

“You’re different than what I thought you’d be, Lowman.” You say to him, before sliding off the top of the picnic table. He climbs off and grips your wrist, spinning you to face him. He pauses for a minute, as if asking for permission, and then kisses you. His lips are more intoxicating than any drink you’ve had tonight and you grip his kutte to put him closer to you. His hands grip onto your hips before sliding down to grip your ass. He lifts you and sets you on the edge of the picnic table, his lips continuing to massage against your own. 

When he finally pulls away, his whole mouth tilts up into a grin. “I could say the same to you, Sheriff.” 

To Fly Where The Crows Fly Chapter 160: The Junkie Grapevine, a sons of anarchy fanfic | FanFiction
The aftermath of the explosion at Scoops, plus the massacre at Diosa, puts the whole club on lockdown, but it's not the only thing on Eliza's mind. A trip to St Thomas's yields more drama.

Starring: Eliza, Tig, Chibs,, Jax, Happy, Nero, Margaret
Brief appearances of:  Ratboy, Montez, Bobby
Mentions of: Tara, Clay, Colette

Chapter 14

Originally posted by menofmayhemconfessions

Where she went Masterlist

I awoke the next morning to an empty bed. I sighed as I sat up as the memories of what happened the night before began to flood into my mind. I smiled to myself as I got out of bed and headed for the showers.

As I finished up my shower, I got out and wrapped a towel around my waist as my phone began to ring. I picked it up to see it was a message from an unknown sender.


“You better watch your back little girl. You might have the outlaw on your side but I will still find a way back to you.”

I felt my heart stop as I looked at the message repeatedly. It can’t be him. It just can’t. I thought to myself as I threw my phone back onto my bed as I got dressed quickly. I picked my phone up again as I headed out of the dorm and down the hall to the bar.

“Hey Gem,” I began as she looked up at me with a smile.

“Hey baby, how you doin’?” Gemma questioned as I put on a fake smile as a reminder of what happened last night and the message I saw came into my thoughts.

“Uhh, I’m good, what about you?” I questioned as she gave me a curious look before replacing it with a smile.

“I’m good, I’m just waiting for the club to finish up in a church.” I nodded as the sound of the gavel being slammed down came through the room as the sound of chairs squeaking on the floor followed it. The church doors opened to reveal the clubs.

“Hey Gem, hey (Y/N),” Tig said as he was the first to exit. I smiled as I replied with a simple “Hey.” As I waited by the doors for Opie and Jax. I notice they were the last ones exiting as I stood in front of them.

“Hey (Y/N), what’s up?” Opie questioned as I looked between the boys.

“I need to talk to you guys. Can we do it here?” I questioned as I motioned towards the church. The boys nodded as they walked back into the club as I took Jax’s seat at the table as Opie took Tig’s and Jax took Clay’s.

“What’s up? What’s wrong?” Jax questioned as he laid his hand on mine as Opie looked curiously between us.

“Well, I got up this morning and took a shower and when I came out I saw that my phone was going off and when I went to answer it… Well…” I began as I hauled out my phone and hauled up the text. “This message was here,” I said as I laid the phone between the two men as they’re brows furrowed with confusion and anger.

“Do you know who sent it?” Opie questioned as I shook my head.

“No, but I think I know who did it.” As Jax and Opie looked at me with confused looks. “Liam,” I said as the boys looked at each other with angered looks.

“I’ll get Juice to try and trace the text to see if he knows who sent it. Don’t worry, we’ll find whoever sent it.” Jax said as he took my phone and slipped it in his cut.

“Okay. Thank you.” I said as we began to stand up. Opie pulled me into his arms.

“If it is Liam, we’ll kill him. I promise.” Opie said as I smiled into his embrace as we began to pull away. Opie nodded towards Jax as he headed out of the church closing the door behind him.

“So, how’d you sleep?” Jax questioned as I smiled.

“Good, except I woke up to an empty bed,” I said as Jax giggled.

“Yeah, sorry. Gem called me to tell me the kid is getting out of the toaster today.” I smiled wide as I began to speak.

“Oh my God! Congratulations!” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Thank you, thank you,” Jax said as he pulled me into an embrace. I hugged him back as we stayed there for what felt like an eternity. Once we pulled away from our tight embrace I stayed in Jax’s arms as we looked into each other’s eyes. I smiled as we both began to lean in. Jax and I pressed our lips together as we moved the together. The kiss began to heat up as Jax’s hands slid from my waist to the back of my thighs as he squeezed a little making me jump. I jumped into Jax’s arms as I wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked us towards the table. I felt Jax gently bite down on my bottom lip as I moaned into the kiss; granting him access.

Jax and I continued to kiss as our tongues fought for dominance as a flashback of last night popped into my head. It was of Hale and how he walked in on me and Jax. My mind drifted to Tara, as much as I hated her I couldn’t continue to do this knowing she was depending on Jax to be faithful. I pushed at Jax’s chest as I moaned for him to stop.

“Jax… Stop…” Jax pulled away almost instantly as I sighed.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” Jax questioned as panic and confusion laced his tone.

“No, it’s not you…” I began as Jax looked at me confused.

“Then what is it?” Jax questioned as I sighed again.

“Jax, you’re still with Tara and last night I was still with Hale. I don’t want you to cheat on her the same way I cheated on Hale.” Jax sighed knowing I was right.

“Shit.” He said as he ran his fingers through his blonde locks.

“Hey, it’s okay,” I said as I slid off the table and laid my hand on his shoulders as he nodded.

“Yeah, I guess,” Jax said as he sounded annoyed.

“Yes, it is. Your kid is getting out of that awful toaster and I’m one hundred and ten percent sure Gemma will be throwing a welcome home party.” Jax chuckled as he threw his arm around my shoulders as we walked towards the doors and headed out of the church.

“Hey, Juice,” Jax said as he nodded for him to come over.

“Hey, what’s up?” Juice questioned as Jax hauled out my phone and explained what he wanted him to do. I walked over to the bar and took a seat.

“Hey baby, can I get your help getting everything ready for Abel’s coming home party?” Gemma questioned as I nodded my head with a smile.

“Of course, Gem,” I said as she smiled back as Jax walked behind me.

“Alright, I’m going to head over to St. Thomas and start signing some forms for Abel’s release.” I smiled as I turned on the stool to give Jax a hug.

“Good luck! Call me if you need anything.” I said as he smiled and nodded.

“I will.” And with that, he walked out of the club and was gone.

“Alright, let’s head to the store and then we’ll head over to Jax’s and get everything set up,” Gemma said as I slid off the stool and went to the dorm to grab my bag and my jacket. I walked back to the bar as Gemma leaned down and gave Clay a kiss as she grabbed her purse and we headed to her Cadillac XLR. We hoped in as we drove off down the road.

Time Skip:

We finished up at the store as we got all the decorations needed for the party.

“I’m going to drop you off at Jax’s and I’m going to head to the grocery store and pick up some food for tonight.” I smiled as I nodded my head as Gemma reached into her purse and handed me the key to Jax’s house.

Once we reached Jax’s house, I climbed out of Gemma’s car and took the decorations out as I walked up the pathway towards his front door. I unlocked the front door and pushed it open to reveal a nice clean home. I walked into the kitchen as I laid the bags of decorations and my purse on the table. I walked over to the windows as I began to open them and let fresh air in. I began to haul out the decorations and open them as I hauled out some balloons and began blowing them up.

After an hour or two, I had most of the house decorated for Abel’s party. I heard the front open and close as I began to hang the banner.

“Gem?” I questioned as I got no answer. “Jax?” I questioned again as I leaned towards my purse as I reached for my gun.

“Who are you?” I looked up to see a woman with dirty blonde hair and tan skin staring back at me.

“(Y/N), who are you?” I questioned simply as the woman took her purse off her shoulder.

“Wendy. Wait are you the famous (Y/N)?” I chuckled as I slid my gun back into my purse.

“It depends on what you mean by famous? Oh, while you’re here can you help me hang this banner?” I questioned as she nodded her head and hopped up onto the chair as she took a hold of the other side of the banner as she held it up as I threw the tape at her as she taped the banner to the wall.

“So, you must be the ex-wife Wendy?” I questioned as we both began to climb down off the couches.

“I am. I’m assuming you’ve heard horror stories about me.” She said as she looked down at the ground.

“No, actually I haven’t. I did actually hear what happened with Abel but other than that I haven’t heard anything.” I said as Wendy looked at me surprised.

“Wow, I figured Jax would have said a lot worse.” I chuckled as I spoke.

“Wendy, he doesn’t think you’re a bad person. Jax is a kind and caring person, not many people get to see him that way but he is just that. I know what you did was bad but he’s still here and he’s healthy again. That’s all that matters.” Wendy smiled at me as she spoke.

“You’re so much different from Gemma or even Tara.” I smiled at her.

“I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing,” I said as she chuckled.

“It’s good, trust me.” I nodded my head with a smile. “So, are you the famous (Y/N) I’ve heard so much about?” Wendy questioned as I smiled.

“In the flesh,” I said as she smiled.

“Jax hated himself for not running after you that night. You know, that, right?” She questioned as I sighed.

“Yeah… I wish he had of.” I said as I thought back to everything that has happened since the day I left till now. Wendy laid her hand on my knee with a smile as I broke away from my thoughts.

“Well, there’s not point in worrying about the past. We have a brand-new baby coming here today and we need to make this place shine.” I said as Wendy raised her eyebrow at me with a smile.

“We?” She questioned as I looked at her with a smile.

“That is if you’d like to stay and help out?” I questioned as she smiled.

“I’d love too but what about Gemma and Jax.” I smiled to myself as I spoke.

“Don’t worry, I know how to handle them,” I said as she chuckled and smiled. We both stood up as he turned to look at our banner.

I smiled to myself as I thought about the night of fun we were about to have.

Mo Leannan

Chibs x Reader where Chibs stands the reader up on their one year anniversary.

A/N - Mo leannan means my love/my sweetheart in Scottish Gaelic x

Originally posted by journeyslegend

You curse under your breath, promising to what ever God is out there, that if the moron outside doesn’t stop pissing you off, you’re not going to be responsible for your actions.

A further two minutes, and the banging continues. Slamming your book shut, you make a loud noise of agitation, stomping your way over to your bedroom window and throwing it open. “Stop throwing rocks at my house, you twat!”

“I will once you let me explain!” Chibs retorts, a small stone being tossed from one hand to the other. His ass is plonked comfortably on his Harley, his sunglasses over his eyes as he looks up at you, a slight smirk on his lips at your rage.

“Come back when Hell freezes over!” you shout, slamming your window shut forcefully, the vibration rumbling through your house. You close your eyes, breathing deeply as you try to calm yourself, your body shaking with anger.

“Fucking Scottish prick.” you mumble, another small boulder bouncing on the brickwork of your place. You knew he wouldn’t give up, that you’d eventually have to go down and talk to him before he started howling Gaelic love songs, but you’d be dammed if you didn’t leave him stewing for as long as you could manage.

You see, last night was yours and Chibs’ one year anniversary of being together. You hadn’t wanted to make a big deal, knowing that things with the club were hectic. However, your idiotic yet totally romantic boyfriend had told you he was taking you to your favourite restaurant in town, so who were you to deny him?

Wanting to look and feel your absolute best, you’d spent most of the day yesterday prepping and getting ready. Your hair was perfectly curled and your makeup as flawless as could be, the red lace dress you’d brought especially for the occasion adorning your figure. If only it hadn’t gone to waste.

You’d sat in your house, waiting ever so patiently, from seven pm to eleven pm, just waiting. Nothing. No phone call, no text. Nada.

By the time you’d took all your makeup off - well, mainly cried it off - it was around one in the morning, your phone bleeping loudly just as you’d curled up into your sheets.

Only, it wasn’t your apologetic boyfriend on the phone. No, no, no. It was your highly intoxicated boyfriend, who’d rang you to tell you he was going to stop at the clubhouse, the celebrations from locking down a difficult deal interfering with his inability to drive.

After you cussed him out and told him what a complete asshole he was, you’d ended the call and somehow fell asleep, waking up this morning to thirty seven missed calls, twenty eight messages and a heavy banging on your front door.

Pulling yourself back to the present, you decide to try and distract yourself, grabbing the basket of dirty clothes from your room and trudging down the stairs.

You almost jump out of your skin when you see Chibs leaning up against your washing machine. “How many times have I told you to lock the back door, love? You never know who might get in.”

“Thanks for the lecture. Now if you don’t mind, piss off.” You move around the kitchen, completely ignoring his presence, which is easier said than done when you can feel his eyes watching your every move.

“How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?” Chibs says softly, like he knows how easily you break when he sounds so down. “I’m an idiot, I know I am-”

“You can cut the whole ‘feeling sorry for yourself’ thing, because it’s not gonna work.” He sighs deeply from behind you as you aggressively scrub your cutlery clean, your eyes threatening to cloud over out of anger and frustration.

You throw the scrubbing brush into the bowl of soapy water, turning to face the man you wish you could dislike, your fingers gripping the wooden edge of the counter. “I sat here for hours, Filip. I was so excited to spend some proper time with you, and I just waited and waited-”

You place your head in your hands as your eyelashes dampen with tears, heavy breaths leaving your mouth as you try to control your emotions. A shuffle of feet sounds in the room before you feel calloused hands on your elbows, gripping gently, attempting to move your hands away from your face.

“M'so sorry, mo leannan.“ he whispers, his expression full of guilt as you let him pull your arms down, silent teardrops slipping down your cheeks. He wipes them away carefully, his hands cradling your face. “I fucked up, but I promise I’ll spend eternity making it up to you.“

You sniffle, looking down at the floor and refusing to meet his eyes. “It feels like I never see you anymore. I don’t want to lose you.”

He shushes you quietly, as his arms wrap around you and pull you into his warmth, you letting him as you rest your head on his shoulder. “You’re not gonna lose me, lass, I’ll never let you go.”

You don’t respond, instead choosing to snuggle in further to his chest as he rocks you slightly, eventually calming you down. “How about you go run a bath? I’ll be up with a cuppa in a few.”

“Get me something stronger, please.” you ask, pulling back and resting your hands on your boyfriends chest. You smile shyly, placing a soft kiss upon Chibs’ lips. “You gonna join me? The bath is big enough for two.”

“Aye, princess. Bit of wine and a cuddle sounds perfect to me.”

A/N - Hey guys! Hope you liked this, I wrote about half of it a while back and finished it a day or so ago :) not sure whether I’m going to post a dean winchester imagine or a happy lowman one next, I’ll see how it goes :) thanks for your support!!! Xxx

Chibs Imagine

Imagine walking in on Chibs playing dress up with your little girl who has just met him for the first time.

Word Count: 2237

Originally posted by may85


It had been a hard few week for you and your small family of two. Your little girl, Rosie, knew that something was different about you. She just knew. Their was no explanation because she would never have been able to listen in on your late night phone calls with Chibs because you always checked that she was sound asleep. She certainly wouldn’t know about you going to the clubhouse to spend the night with Fillip when she went to stay at your moms you knew this because you hadn’t even told your mom. But she still knew, and to be quick honest, it freaked you out. Their was no warning, no build up to the question she just asked plain and simple.

“Mom have you got a boyfriend?” You choke on your water as your daughter asks you this. After recovering you turn to look at her a completely confused look.

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Bikers and Hearts

@cherieann-2001   How about one where Chibs and Uncle Juice go to Presley’s school to attend her Kindergarten class Valentines Tea Party (which is teachers (her mom and Chibs wife idea) and how everyone responds to them.

I glanced at my daughter in the rear view mirror, she had a sad look on her precious face. “What’s wrong Ley?”

“I want Da and Uncle Juice to come to the Valentime’s Tea Party.” Her little lip quivered.

“You can ask them tonight at supper.” I was going to have a talk with the both of them before she invited them. In art class today, they had worked on invitations for two guests to come. 

I’d have to convince them that it would be in their best interest to attend. “They won’t come mommy.” I watched the tears roll down her checks, it broke my heart.

“They’ll come baby.” I pulled into the garage, seeing the two bikes parked there, I pointed them out to Presley. “Look baby, Da and Uncle Juice are here all ready.”

I got her out of the car, she took her backpack, and ran past the two men, without saying a word to them.

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[ Request: Chibs imagine, where he’s watching his twin daughters while his wife is at work and it’s kinda tough ] - i didn’t know how old you wanted the twins to be, so I decided to make them toddlers to give him a little extra slice of hell. 😂 

“You sure you can handle them all day, babe?” you asked. You turned to your husband who was leaned against the doorway, watching you with a smile as you applied your makeup in the bathroom mirror. “I mean, I’m not going to be home until at least five, and they can be a lot to handle for just one person.” 

You were getting ready to leave for work when your nanny had called and said she couldn’t watch your twins today. Chibs insisted he could stay home with them so you wouldn’t have to miss work, but you weren’t sure he really knew what he was signing up for. Your daughters were just a few weeks shy of four, and they were 100% energy all the time. As much as you loved your girls, you knew they were more than a handful, and they left behind a trail of chaos wherever they went. 

Today would be the first time Chibs had stayed with both of the girls entirely on his own, and you were skeptical of how he was going to handle it. Chibs may have been able to deal with all the shit that happened with the club, but three-year-old twin girls were an entirely different story.

“I’ve dealt with much worse,” he laughed, “I think I can handle my own girls.” He flashed you a toothy grin before leaning over and placing a kiss on your forehead. “Don’t worry, love.”

You smirked and turned back to the mirror. “If you say so.” 


“Aye, stop running in the house, loves,” Chibs groaned. He pushed his hair back and sighed loudly as he collapsed onto the couch. He had never witnessed two children with as much energy as these two seemed to have, and they were wearing him out. The moment one kid mellowed out, the other was off somewhere getting into trouble. He couldn’t seem to keep up with them, and he was convinced they were multiplying. It’s like they were challenging each other to see who could make their dad wave the white flag first, and he was at a loss. He was amazed that you managed to have the energy to chase down two toddlers every single day. It had only been a few hours, and they were already kicking his ass.

“Daddy!” a soft little voice called from somewhere in the hallway. 

Chibs looked up in confusion. There was now just one of the twins sitting on the living room rug. “Shit,” he mumbled to himself, wondering how the other child had managed to sneak off so quickly without him noticing. He stood from the couch and walked down the hallway. The second twin was standing at the end of the hallway, a crayon in her hand and a grin on her face. Chibs made a face. He already knew what had happened. 

“Daddy, look!” the precious child exclaimed.

Chibs pursed his lips and turned his eyes to the wall. Your child had drawn what Chibs could only assume was an artistic representation of how he felt right now. The squiggles and lines went halfway down the hall. The little girl looked up at her father, her brown eyes bright and excited. She was clearly proud of her work. Chibs couldn’t even be mad at her. Especially not with a face like that.

“I see, love,” he told her, flashing her a loving smile. The little girl’s eyes may have looked like Chibs’, but the way they shone with excitement and wonder reminded him of you. 

He let out another loud sigh and scooped the toddler up from the floor, walking towards the kitchen to grab any cleaning products that might help remove the new decorations on your walls. He loved his daughters more than he could ever explain, but he couldn’t wait until you finally got home.


You opened your front door to reveal Chibs standing in the middle of the living room. His hair was a mess, and his eyes were wide and distraught. He looked like he had just emerged from battle, weary and defeated. You couldn’t help but smirk at his appearance. You had given him fair warning after all.

“Jesus Christ.” Chibs dropped the toys he had been holding in both of his hands. He crossed the living room and enveloped you in a tight hug. “I’ve never been so happy to see you, love,” he mumbled against your shoulder. He looked up at you, a bewildered expression on his face. “I don’t know how you do it,” he continued, shaking his head. “Our children are absolute heathens.” 

You let out an amused laugh and pulled back from your husband. “Tough day, huh?” 

He nodded his head. “They’re a lot to keep up with.” 

You playfully rolled your eyes and walked into the living area, glancing around the room. “Speaking of keeping up with them, where are our kids, babe?” 

Chibs sighed and tiredly flopped himself down onto the couch. “They’re sleeping like little angels now.” He watched you sink down onto the couch beside him. “You’re amazing, you know that?”

You kicked off your shoes and snuggled up beside your old man. A smirk played at your lips. “Yeah, I know.” 

“Honestly, I don’t know how you do it,” he continued. He took your hand in his and raised it to his lips, placing a kiss on the back. “You’re a saint, love.” 

Chibs looked down at you as you lay with your head against his chest. A proud smile formed on his lips. He knew now that he didn’t tell you nearly enough how much he appreciated you and everything you did for him and your girls. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have a woman as strong as you. 

You looked up at your old man and grinned. “Tell me more about how amazing I am.” 

Chibs pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “Anything for you, my love.” 

Fire Meet Gasoline Part 2

Chibs slowly opened the door to his room so he wouldn’t startle you. Opie had told chibs where he hid you on the way out to help Jax and the crew to secure the perimeter. You heard the door and sunk deeper into the corner by the bed.

“S’ Ok Lass. It’s me. My names Fillip. But please call me Chibs.” said the handsome man with the scars. You recognized him as the man that saved you when you ran inside the garage. “Come sit up here on the bed so I can get ya checked and cleaned up”

You were still terrified and didn’t move, but you did loosen up a bit.

“I’m not gonna hurt you lass. Promise. Come on. Sit. I’ll go get some first aid supplies.”

The man had nothing but sincerity in his eyes. You knew then he would never hurt you. You rose slowly and walked around to the end of the bed and as you did you passed a mirror on the wall. You assessed the damage done to you. You were horrified when you saw the condition of yourself. You had blood everywhere. A few bruises here and there. Thankfully not too much swelling. The tears started fresh when you saw the battered woman in front of you.

Fillip came out of the bathroom with the supplies and saw you sobbing in front of the mirror. “Hey, no tears. You are alive and he will never hurt you again. Come sit.” You obeyed and sat on the edge of his bed as he pulled up the desk chair and straddled it in front of you. “May I?” He asked. He was very respectful and wanted you to be ok with him helping you. You nodded as you sniffled. “Lass, this will hurt a bit. Not gonna lie to ya.” Again you nodded. He began to carefully clean off your cuts for you. He didn’t lie. It hurt like hell and you sucked your breath in your teeth. But he was extremely gentle and his touch soft. Big bad bikers had a soft side you never knew you thought to yourself.

He took tremendous care of you. He cleaned the blood out of your hair. Cleaned up all your cuts and removed the dirt from your skin. Thankfully he told you he didn’t think you’d need any stitches. He also told you the bruising would go away quickly.

“Alright, let’s have a look at ya” he said as he took your face in his hands and turned it this way and that. “Gorgeous”.


The word ran through your body and touched you deep in your soul. No one had ever called you that unless it was your parents. And they had to say that. Because they loved you. You knew you weren’t a one. But you most certainly didn’t think you were a ten. But as you looked into his beautiful eyes you saw the sincerity inside. This man thought you were stunning. Slowly you raise your hands and rest them on his on your face.

Chibs couldn’t deny the electricity that ran through his hands and into his body at the touch of you. You were truly a beautiful woman. And he hated the man that did this to you. Marking and cutting your perfect soft skin. He wanted nothing more than to kiss your lips. He began to lean in waiting for your approval. You didn’t move to stop him. He got closer and suddenly jerked back as he heard a knock on the door followed by two men walking in. Both wearing the same black leather kuttes. Sons of Anarchy. Redwood Original.

“Hey Brother. How’s she doing” Asked the blonde one you didn’t recognize. He stood next to the one that helped you hide.

“Aye she’s not going to need stitches. And she may keep a few scars here and there. But overall she’s fine”

“What’s your name darlin?” The Blonde one asked.

You sat there a second before you remembered how to speak. “(Y/N)” you said softly.

“(Y/N), i’m Jax. And this is Opie.” Opie nodded. “That asshole will never step a foot near you again. We may have had run ins with the law but the thing we will never tolerate is the abuse of women or children. No matter what. Does he know where you live? He your old man?”

You shook your head no. Words failed you again. You visibly cringed at the the thought of dating that guy. Finally you found your voice. “No. He just attacked me when i got off work. I work at the corner Floral shop. He attacked me on the way to my car. Dragged me into the alley and started beating me.” The tears welled back up in your eyes. “He continued to beat me till i found a rock and smashed the side of his face and ran off as fast as I could.”

“Thank god you did darlin. When you’re ready and want to go home let us know and we’ll take you. And we’ll even keep one of our guys there overnight. Or you could stay here the night if you’re scared to leave. It’s completely ok. I’ll have my mom find you somewhere to sleep”

“She can have me bed. I’ll be ok for the night. Shes already hurting bad Im sure. Doesn’t need to be on a couch somewhere.”

“That ok with you darlin?” Jax asked.

“Yes thank you. That’s very kind of you all”

“Ope see where Juice is on finding out who that guy is. Then send Tig and Happy to get her car for her. She’ll tell you where it is. Make sure that dirt bag didn’t do anything to her car.” Jax turned and said to Opie. Opie nodded and walked out. “Chibs brother i’ll leave her in your hands. You’re safe now (Y/N).” He turned and left.

“I’m going to get your something for the pain. You hungry? I can bring ya some food too” Chibs asked as he grabbed your hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“That would be amazing thank you.” you smiled back.

“Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back soon lass”.

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A Family Dinner.

“We’ll talk later.”

“I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it.”

“Oh, what a shocker, you have an excuse.”


Just a small side note - if you’re going through anything like an eating disorder or self harm or anything like that, my inbox is always open if you need to talk! I love you all! - red-w00dy xoxo

Glancing at my reflection in the bedroom mirror, I couldn’t help but feel disgusted with myself. My arms were looked vile, my thighs were enormous and my stomach was way too big for my liking. I tugged at the new dress I had bought for Thanksgiving at Gemma’s, arranging it so nobody could see how much weight I’d lost. It’s not like I’d always had issues with my food, but for the past couple of years I really struggled to find anything attractive about myself. My boyfriend of three months, Chibs, was nothing but adoring, constantly telling me that I was beautiful and whispering gaelic compliments in my ear whenever we were out on a date. I’d chosen not to tell him about my eating problems, thinking that if he knew then he’d probably dump me there on a spot. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the small machine that filled me with dread whenever I stepped onto them. Scales. I quickly kicked off my heels and pulled the scales out from their place under the sink, convinced that weighing myself just before the dinner couldn’t hurt. That way I’d know just how much I could eat without putting on anymore weight. I placed my feet on the machine and glanced down, watching the needle flicker for a moment before it stopped. 107lbs. I was determined to get down to 100lbs which meant eating today was out of the question, no matter how mouthwatering Gemma’s food looked. I’d just returned the scales back to where they were when Chibs wandered into the bathroom, wrapping his arms firmly around my waist and placing a soft kiss on my cheek with a smile.

“Ye look fucking beautiful, hen,” he muttered against my skin, running his hands up and down my sides whilst peppering kisses against my bare skin. I flashed him a weak smile in the mirror, leaning back against his chest. “Are ye ready tae go? Gemma just rang, she said the food should be ready in the next hour.”

“Yeah, just let me put my shoes on and grab my handbag,” I smiled, moving away from his grasp to put my heels back on before making my way into the bedroom where my bag sat on the dresser. I unzipped it to check I had my usual pack of mints along with a spare tube of lip gloss and another carton of cigarettes in case Chibs or I ran out during the meal.

“Yer gonna die when ye see all the shite Gemma’s making. Her pumpkin pie has tae be the best I’ve ever tried,” he told me, his hand resting at the base of my back as he escorted me out of the house and towards my car. We’d decided taking the car was the best option earlier that day as Chibs would probably be drinking and it was safer than taking the bike if that was the case.

“I’m not actually that hungry to be honest with you,” I lied easily, climbing into the passenger seat whilst Chibs slipped into the driver’s side. He took the keys from me and inserted them into the ignition, turning the engine over before reversing backwards into the street. “We’re not going to be having massive portions are we? Only I’ll feel rude if I don’t manage to finish it all off.”

“Ye’ve nae eaten anything today, baby. I bet once we get there and ye smell all the food, ye’ll feel hungry. I ken Juicy boy always says he’s nae hungry but usually ends up eating more than everyone else combined,” Chibs chuckled, taking one of his hand off the steering wheel in order to light the cigarette he had trapped between his lips. I gave a weak nod in response, diverting my attention to the houses we were passing out the window rather than continue to talk about food - the thought of how much Gemma would be cooking was enough to make me feel nauseous.

By the time we reached Gemma and Clay’s house twenty minutes later, I was a nervous wreck. I knew the club didn’t trust me yet, not that I expected them to given I hadn’t been around that long, but I didn’t really want to spend the entire day listening them talk about Chibs’ past conquests in front of me and making me feel jealous of all the pretty girls that had spent the night with him. I voiced my thoughts to Chibs as we sat in the driveway of the house, our ‘thank you for having us’ gift for Gemma resting in my lap. He reassured me that they were only doing it because they knew it winded him up but if he saw me feeling uncomfortable then he’d be the first to tell to knock it off. We both climbed out of the car and made our way to the front door, Chibs opening it and gesturing for me to go in first where we were immediately greeted by Gemma and Clay, the MC’s president wearing the most hideous green jumper with a turkey on the front underneath his kutte. The couple gave us both a kiss on the cheek and thanked us for a gift, motioning for us to go to the living room where the other guys and their counterparts were already sitting, drinking beer and laughing at something Tig said. Chibs grabbed my hand and led me over to the empty armchair by the fireplace, dropping down into the seat before pulling me to sit in his lap. He instantly fell into conversation with Opie about some old motorcycle Opie was working on whilst his wife, Lyla, began complimenting me on the dress I was wearing. Half an hour after we arrived, Gemma announced that it was time for dinner and everyone had to sit at the dining table.

I was seated between Jax and Chibs according to the place cards that Gemma had laid out on the table, something that made me happy as I got on well with Jax quite well. Just as everyone started laughing at Tig ripping into Clay for his awful sweater, Gemma and Tara emerged from the kitchen holding several plates that were piled high with food. I paled at the sight, especially when Gemma placed one down in front of me that was equally as full as both Chibs and Jax’s. There was several slices of turkey, a mountain of mashed potatoes, stuffing, an assortment of different kinds of vegetables, some candied yams and a bread roll on the edge of the plate. I fought back the urge to gag and smiled gratefully at Gemma, picking my fork up and poking tentatively at the food as if I was deciding what to eat first. Everyone else tucked into their food around me, leaving me to stare down at the overflowing plate in front of me. I only stopped when I felt Chibs squeeze my thigh softly which caused me to look at him, seeing a kind smile on his face as he mouthed the words ‘eat what you can, Gemma won’t be offended’ at me. I nodded quickly and scooped the smallest amount of mashed potatoes onto my fork, using my teeth to scrape them off the fork and into my mouth with a fake smile plastered on my face. I knew I should have told Chibs I didn’t want to come, that way I could have spent the day alone with no food in sight. But no, I had to say I would love to go with him. Damn his pretty face, I probably would have declined his offer if he was ugly.

“Hey baby, are you enjoying the food?” Gemma asked as she passed behind me with another bowl of cranberry sauce. Turns out that Bobby and Clay both loved the sweet sauce, adding piles upon piles of it on top of their turkey to the point that the white meat had become red from how much they had used. “You’ve not ate that much, why not try the stuffing or the turkey? All you’ve seemed to do for the past half hour is pick at the potatoes.”

“It’s really good, Gem, I’m just not that hungry at the minute,” I smiled at her, cutting up a small sliver of turkey and stabbing my fork into it before slipping into my mouth, forcing myself to chew it with the smile on my face never faltering. Gemma seemed to be pleased with this and carried on to her seat next to Clay at the head of the table. Chibs however was a different story, continuing to flash me concerned looks as he ate his own dinner. A pang of guilt shot through my chest but I ignored it, turning away from Chibs to carry on spooning the smallest bites I could manage into my mouth with the occasional fake moan to keep up appearances.

“Y/N, are you going to eat that stuffing?” Juice piped up ten minutes later, noticing that I hadn’t touched the stuffing on the left side of my plate. I shook my head as Chibs reached over the table to clip the young Puerto Rican around the back of the head, berating him for being rude. “What was that for? I was only asking. She’s not touched it, thought I may as well see if I could have it if she wasn’t going to eat it.”

“If it’s okay with Gemma, I don’t mind. I don’t want to be rude though, I’m just feeling a little full from all the turkey and the mashed potatoes,” I frowned, Gemma nodding to say that it was okay for Juice to dig into what was left over. Half of the food on my plate was cut up into miniscule bites and merged together to appear as though I’d eaten a lot, when in actual fact I’d only had several forkfuls of mashed potatoes and a couple of bites of the turkey. I had become fairly skilled in making it seem as though I was eating, using diversion tactics to take away the attention from my plate and mixing my food up to make it seem like there was less on the plate which meant that nobody would suspect that I wasn’t eating properly.

Once dinner was over and everybody had retired to the living room, I couldn’t stop thinking about the amount of calories I had consumed during dinner. After the plates had been cleared, everyone had encouraged me to eat an entire slice of Gemma’s famous pumpkin pie and the thought of it making me gain weight was enough to convince me not to eat for the next few days. I knew I’d have to exercise all the calories off once I got home as well, but I had developed a routine which meant that I could burn them off without feeling faint. After twenty minutes of losing myself in my thoughts, I realised that Gemma’s bathroom was upstairs which meant nobody would be able to hear me if I was to make myself throw up. I excused myself from the conversation I was having with Chibs and Tig, heading out of the room and up the stairs where I locked myself in the bathroom. The full length mirror behind the door caused me to see my own reflection as I hovered over the sink, urging me to critique my appearance for the millionth time that day. Although my cheekbones and collarbones were well defined, I could still see the fat on my upper arms and the way the dress clung to my thighs which made them seem bigger than they actually were. It was enough motivation for me to drop down onto my knees in front of the porcelain bowl, shoving my fingers down my throat until I was able to make myself gag. After a couple of minutes a knock at the door stopped me in from what I was doing, a sigh of defeat escaping my lips due to the fact I hadn’t managed to make myself puke.

“Are ye okay in there, lass? Ye’ve been up here a while and everyone’s beginning tae wonder where ye’ve ended up,” Chibs called from the other side of the door, causing me to stand up and straighten out my dress before opening it to see him leaning casually against the doorframe. He had his arms folded across his chest and one of his eyebrows were raised, giving me the impression that he knew exactly what I’d been doing. “What were ye doing in there, hen? I mean aside from the obvious. Yer eyes are all watery and shite.”

“Oh, I was just checking my make-up and realised I had a stray eyelash on my face, accidentally poked myself in the eye trying to brush it away,” I laughed lightly, dabbing underneath my eyes to get rid of the tears and shrugged it off like it was nothing. Chibs shook his head and pulled me into the bedroom opposite, closing the door behind us once we were both in the room. Judging by the posters of girls on motorcycles and the stack of Harley manuals stacked up on the bedside cabinet, I came to the conclusion that it was probably Jax’s bedroom before he moved out. Chibs perched himself on the edge of the bed and beckoned me forwards, resting his hands on my hips once I was stood directly in front of him.

“Be honest with me, Y/N, were ye making yerself throw up in the bathroom?” he asked slowly, pulling me down so I was sat on his right thigh and brushing my hair away from my face. I narrowed my eyes at him and feigned confusion, playing it off that what he was saying was craziness. “I’ve noticed ye’ve lost a lot of weight recently, nae tae mention ye barely ate anything at dinner today. And dinnae say it were because ye weren’t hungry because I ken fer a fact ye haven’t ate since yesterday afternoon.”

“What are you trying to say, Chibs?” I scowled, standing up once more and stepping backwards when he proceeded to do the same, looking down at me with a knowing expression on his weathered face. “I’ve just not been feeling very well recently, that’s why I barely ate anything today. As for the losing weight thing, I’ve just been exercising a lot. I’m not starving myself if that’s what you’re getting at.

“Och, come off it, Y/N, yer a terrible liar and we both know it. Ye barely eat, and whenever ye do ye go and run off to the bathroom after half an hour or so. Ye exercise way tae much fer it tae be healthy and yer so skinny, I’m afraid if I hug ye too tight, ye’ll snap. Just admit ye have a problem and we’ll get ye some help,” he shot back, grabbing hold of my wrist and tugging me back to him when I tried to leave the room. “Dinnae walk away from me, and none of that ‘We’ll talk later’ shite either. We’re going tae sort this oot once and fer all.”

We continued to argue over whether or not I had a problem for a good twenty minutes, both of us turning red with how frustrated we were getting with each other. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t just leave me to it, especially given that we’d only been together for a few months. Surely it was my decision to make if I decided whether to eat or not, and I didn’t need Chibs giving me shit for it like I was a small child. I eventually admitted that I’d skipped the odd meal here and there, and maybe I was exercising more than I should, but that didn’t mean I needed to go seek help for it. As Chibs stood there processing what I had said, I took the opportunity to escape the bedroom and head downstairs, mumbling a quick apology to Gemma before exiting the large house. I had just reached the driver’s side of my car when Chibs came storming out of the front door, blocking me from getting into the vehicle as Gemma, Jax and Tig all crowded in the doorway to see what was happening between us.

“Look, I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it, okay? So why not just let me go home and you can come talk to me when you’ve calmed down a little?” I tried to reason, despite knowing that Chibs wouldn’t go for my suggestion. He scoffed at what I said and shook his head in disbelief, removing the carton of cigarettes from his jeans and proceeding to light one up. He took a long drag and exhaled the smoke through his nostrils, a mixture of sympathy and annoyance swimming in his dark brown eyes.

“Och, what a shocker, you have an excuse. This isn’t just something I can forget about, Y/N, yer clearly nae very well. Christ, I really fucking like ye, lass. I dinnae want tae wake up one morning tae get a phone call from the hospital saying yer hooked up tae a load of machines because ye haven’t been eating properly,” Chibs sighed, running a hand through his dark hair as Tig and Gemma carefully approached us, obviously figuring out the reason behind the argument Chibs and I were having.

“Look, doll,” Tig said before I could tell them both to stay out of it, holding his finger up to silence me as Gemma moved to wrap her arm around my shoulders. I rolled my eyes, ready to hear whatever he had to say whilst Chibs tapped his foot opposite me in a feeble attempt to calm himself down. “My kid, Fawn, has been through exactly the same thing and I don’t want to see anyone ever go through that, especially not someone that Chibs likes so much. You might not think you have a problem but we all noticed at dinner that you were off your food, and with how skinny you are, it’s not hard to put two and two together. In my eyes you only have two options - go see someone that’ll help you get better or start planning your funeral because if you carry on, you’re gonna end up dead.”

“Tig’s right, sweetheart. You’re beautiful but it wouldn’t hurt to get a little meat on those bones, you’re far too skinny for my liking. I tell you what, you get yourself sorted out and we’ll go shopping for some new clothes once you’re better. And if a shopping spree isn’t a good enough excuse to sort yourself out then think about Chibby. You’re not just hurting yourself by doing this, you’re hurting him as well and I know for a fact that you don’t want that,” Gemma added, combing her fingers through my Y/H/C locks in an attempt to assure me that sorting myself out was the best option.

I couldn’t help but think that maybe I did have a problem, and a bad one at that if everyone had picked up on it in the space of a couple of hours. I gave them a weak nod to confirm that I’d seek help, wrapping my arms around my grumbling stomach as Chibs gathered me up into his arms and span me round in a circle, causing me to giggle at his actions. Tig and Gemma chose to return to the house at this point, leaving Chibs and I standing there in the middle of the driveway just staring at each other. He dipped down to brush his lips over mine softly, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear when he pulled away from me. A small smile appeared on his lips as he continued to gaze down at me, clearly delighted that I was willing to sort myself out.

“Yer absolutely stunning, lass, I want ye tae remember that next time ye feel unhappy with the way ye look,” he whispered quietly, resting his forehead against my own and placing his hands on either side of my hips as I proceeded to drape my arms around my neck, relishing in the warmth radiating from his body in comparison to the cold, winter air. “I ken it’s a wee bit soon but I just want tae say that I dae love ye, hen, and I want tae spend the rest of my days with ye. I cannae dae that if yer six feet under because ye didn’t eat. Yer beautiful, and I’ll always think so, just remember that, okay?”

“I love you too, Filip. And thank you, for making me realise that I had a problem and for being there to make sure I get help. I promise I’ll get better, not just for me but for you as well,” I mumbled back, pressing my lips against his and relaxing into the kiss. I knew I had to stop what I was doing or I’d end up losing this wonderful man, and if that meant getting help then I was more than happy to do what it takes. With Chibs by my side, I knew I could conquer anything that came my way.

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Request: “Can you do a Chibs imagine where the reader is younger than him and someone (maybe Nero) asks them to help her because she has a stalker and eventually the club ends up caring about her but mostly Chibs. Her and him end up becoming really close he ends up being like a mentor to her. He secretly makes sure she’s okay and that she’s happy. But both of them are too proud to admit they care about each other but the club can see it and they think it’s adorable. Their relationship is platonic.”

Nero and Chibs are two of the hottest old guys, I swear! I hope you guys enjoy! xoxo


“Nero, I’m heading out,” you told your boss before closing down your computer.

He nodded, “Alright mami, be careful.” You had been working as Nero’s assistant since you graduated high school three years ago, and the two of you had developed a strong relationship over the time, you looking at him as a father figure.

You sighed as you walked in your house, taking off your high- heeled shoes. You were sipping on a glass of wine, playing on your phone when it went off in your hand. It showed a blocked caller and your breath hitched in your throat, but you answered anyway.

“Hey Y/N,” the caller said, laughing when you said nothing in return, “Miss me pretty girl?”

“What the fuck do you want from me?” you asked through gritted teeth. This had been going on for weeks now. This person would call you, and say weird things, never telling you who they were or how they knew you.

He laughed again, “I want you in general really, but I’ll have that soon enough. Right now, I just wanna talk to you, baby.”

“I’m not your baby, you son of a bitch. Please leave me alone,” you begged as you double checked the locks on every door and window in your house.

“You don’t mean that baby. Why are you trying to keep me out?” the man asked, anger clear in his voice, “You think those locked doors and windows would keep me out if I really wanted in?”

At this point, you were freaked out, and hung up, quickly calling the one person you needed right now.


Nero was at your doorstep within ten minutes of you calling him. You fell into his arms sobbing as he came in, but you soon realized he wasn’t alone. Two guys with cuts on came inside behind him.

“Shh, it’s okay Mami,” Nero soothed you, “These are a couple of my friends, Jax and Chibs. This is Y/N.” After introductions were made, you explained to them everything that had happened in the last few weeks.

Nero sighed, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

You shrugged your shoulders, “I didn’t wanna worry you, thought I could handle it myself.”

Nero grabbed your hand before leaving you with Chibs to go talk to Jax. “So, you guys are Sons. I’ve seen a few of you in Nero’s place,” you told him, attempting to make small talk.

Chibs nodded, “Aye, we are. Are ye alright?”

You nodded, “I feel better with you all here, but you can’t be here all the time, and I don’t wanna live in fear for the rest of my damn life.”

“We’re gonna take care of this, lass. Nero asked us to help, and we will,” Chibs told you, squeezing your hand briefly before Nero and Jax joined the two of you again.

“Alright, we got a plan,” Jax said, “We’re gonna have someone stay with you each night. Your boy will make a move at some point. Tonight, we’re gonna leave, head down a block or two, and one of us will sneak back in and stay the night.

“You guys don’t have to do this. You don’t even know me,” you told them.

“Nero does though,” Jax said, “any friend of his is a friend of ours. Plus, we don’t take too well to people fuckin’ with women. We’re gonna handle this shit.”

Nero hugged you as they went out the door, with Chibs sneaking back in later. Chibs stayed away from windows in order to keep the guy from seeing him if he were out there. It was hours later when you woke up to glass breaking. Chibs was immediately next to you, gun drawn, “Stay in here.”  

It seemed like an eternity before Chibs came back to the bedroom, blood splattered on his face. “It’s over,” he told you as you rushed to hug him.


“Is she okay?” Chibs asked Nero as he looked at you through the office window while they shared a drink at the picnic table. It had been three months since the accident, and you remained close with SAMCRO, helping them out when they needed it.

Nero nodded, “She says she is, and I believe her. You seem to really care for her.”

Chibs shrugged and silently cursed himself for even asking, “She’s a vital part of the club now, does a lot for us.”  

Nero nodded, but didn’t buy it, “well she cares a great deal for you.” As he said this, he finished the last of his drink and left the lot, Chibs going into the office.

Today was one of the days the club needed you as Gemma was sick at home, so that means you were doing office work for the day. “Where do the work orders go?” you asked Chibs who had walked in and sat on the couch next to the desk.

He nodded to a filing cabinet, “Right in there, a prospect will grab them soon.” Chibs had helped you learn everything in the office considering that is where you typically worked. Occasionally, you stepped in as a bartender, but that wasn’t too often.

“You two are adorable,” Tig said, joining the two of you in the office.

“Christ, Tig,” you said, rolling your eyes but laughing. Tig was followed by the rest of the guys. “How am I supposed to get any work done with you all in here?” You asked, but you secretly enjoyed the company of your favorite guys.

“We gotta talk to you about something,” Jax said, smiling while propping himself up on the desk.

“Cut the shit, guys. What’s up?” You told them, laughing.

“Nero and us are goin’ into business together, opening up a new shop. We all talked, and we want you to run it,” Tig said.

“What? Are you serious? Why me?” you asked.

“There’s no one else we trust more than you, Y/N. Plus, you’ve been helpin’ Nero run the smaller business forever. You know this shit inside and out, and you’re SAMCRO family,” Jax explained.

“What do ya say lass?” Chibs asked.

“Hell yeah.” You exclaimed.

“Party tonight to celebrate,” Jax told you before all of the guys left you to relish in your newfound position.