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Where They Wander: Anne Carolien Kohler
Destination: New Zealand

“I was quite an adventurer already and my parents called me a mountain goat. I would climb on the highest rocks, terrifying my dad time after time. Sorry dad.”

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through one of those travel Instagram accounts with envy wishing that were you? If so, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Anne Carolien Kohler before. This photographer with a background in lifestyle & design is originally from the Netherlands, but she’s currently living on the Gold Coast of Australia. Her passion for travel and never ending wanderlust reflects in every photo she shoots, and she’ll never say no to an opportunity to travel, explore, and capture new adventures. Today, we’re chatting with Anne about her dreamy trip to New Zealand with her friend Melissa (ummm, can we join next time?!).

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Klaroline Infinity Week

Day Two: Pre-canon

The one where Klaus first meets Caroline after she turns. First of all, he plans to use her to get close to the doppelganger, but as they grow closer, he finds himself unable to give her up when the time comes for the ritual, and he has to tell her the truth, but how will she react?


“Give Caroline the life she was meant to have… an immortal life, without you.”

All right, so let me process this whole phrase. The words which catch my eye are “Meant” and “without you”, because bruh, yes, we all know that Caroline Forbes was destined for much more bigger things than Stefan Salvatore, and things that Stefan Salvatore himself could offer her.

When I heard Cade saying that to Stefan, I instinctively had a throwback Thursday to January 2012, when I watched the scene where Klaus visits dying Caroline and offers her the world out there that is waiting for her.

“And I could let you die, if that’s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning. I thought about it myself, once or twice over the centuries, truth will be told. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is a whole world out there, waiting for you. Great cities and art and music, genuine beauty. And you can have all of it. You can have a thousand more birthdays. All you have to do is ask.”

 Ok, now back to Cade’s words : “Give Caroline the life she was meant to have… an immortal life, without you.” – so this basically means that Klaus Mikaelson, knew that Caroline Elizabeth Forbes wasn’t supposed to die, because she was meant to have that immortal life.

He also knew it when he told her that he hoped that she’d turn up at his door in a year, or maybe even in a century.

He also knew it when he left that message for her, “maybe one day you’ll let me.”

He also knew it when he promised her the eternal love back on her graduation day. His words were absolutely intentional and he had analyzed his words in a way that no one had.

He also knew it when he promised to leave and never come back because he also knew, that an immortal life that she was destined with, with the plans that fate had for her, she would be his - at last.

Klaus Mikaelson predicted her having an immortal life, and he knew that she was not supposed to die neither in his hands, nor in someone else’s.

 Klaus Mikaelson knew that Caroline was meant to have a thousand more birthdays.

Klaus Mikaelson knew that Caroline was meant to see great cities, and art and music and genuine beauty.

Klaus Mikaelson knew that Caroline was meant to eventually fall for the person who is only capable of doing terrible things, meaning himself.

For me these two scenes ( Cade’s phrase and Klaroline’s interaction in 3x11) parallel each-other on so many levels, that it’s hard to believe that Klaus and Caroline are that golden.

Caroline Forbes was destined to have this immortal life not with Matt, Tyler, Stefan  but Klaus.

With Klaus Mikaelson.

that’s how you OTP. 

Aaaand I’m back!

@meagsnicole asked:

Hello! I’ve been seeing all your sketches on twitter and I’m in LOVE. I was wondering if you know episode 4x19 where Klaus gives Caroline her prom dress? I was wondering if you could sketch him actually helping her pick it out since they didn’t show anything like that!? Thank yo xoxo

Note: I really hope I got Rebekah’s room right, I literally just googled ‘Rebekah Mikaelson room’ and that’s what came up. I was too lazy to go hunting for a scene of her actual room on Netflix, so hopefully this is it XD

Akira keeps bringing “stray” cats whenever a new member joins the team. They’re all like Morgana. I don’t know where he’s getting them. I’m kinda scared.

anonymous asked:

Hmm. How about a soulmark drabble where Caroline knows they are soulmates but is desperately trying to keep Klaus from finding out. (He's got that darn possessive look about him and she just wants to travel) Maybe she lies about her name or just straight up avoids him?

The first time Caroline realizes how much trouble she was in was Singapore. She’d seen the vampire with his pretty curls in Berlin, had noticed the perfection of his lips in Milan. But it’d been Montreal that she’d started to clue in that the soulmate mark beneath her collarbones had a funny pulse to it, almost like a heartbeat, when he was around.

Singapore was where she’d first heard his name, skating through the crowd, fingertips stained from the chili crab she’d abandoned. She’d moved as fast as she dared, heart thumping in her throat like a rabbit. For the first time since she’d fled Mystic Falls, she felt like prey and she hated it.


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