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Anti-vegans: Bunny-hugging vegans are always romanticizing nature and think that everything is just like Bambi where the animals skip and play all day long and humans are the big bad guys. You vegans are completely unrealistic and brainwashed and have no idea how red in tooth and claw nature is. Nature is cruel, heartless and without morality or mercy. Deal with it, you Bambi-loving bleeding hearts. 

Also anti-vegans: Animal agriculture is just wonderful. I’ve seen cows in the meadow having so much fun skipping around eating grass it’s truly what farming is all about. How anyone could think that the animals have it bad is beyond me. Farmers love their animals and treat them just like pets, or members of their own family. Cows love being milked, get to be with their calves all the time and chickens happily give their eggs to the farmer every morning because everyone on the farm is friends. ‘Happy meat’ is a thing because I believe that the pigs are perfectly comfortable being slaughtered after the farmer treated them so well. They owe us. Farms are animal heaven, I read a kiddies book about it once. 

Dragon/Demon AU Masterpost

Jeon Jungkook : Dragon Family / Reptile type

  • Can make bubbles (with his mouth yes very useful) and breath underwater
  •  Can’t fly but very fast swimming underwater

Park Jimin : Demon Family / Incubus type

  • Can Fly
  • Saliva can heal

Kim Taehyung : Dragon Family / Reptile type

  • Fire breath
  • Can Fly

Min Yoongi : Demon Family / INccubus type

  • Control air
  • Can fly

Jung Hoseok : Dragon Family / Reptile type

  • Fire breath
  • Can fly
  • Ears doesn’t have any dragon characteristic 

Kim Namjoon : Dragon  Family / Reptile type

  • Ice breath (??)
  • Tip of ears are cold

Kim Seokjin : Dragon Family / Reptile type

  • Doesn’t have wings but gather speed and use the force of his tail to stay in the air
  • Mixed breed : Dragon father and Demon mother
  • Demon’s horns

 Information about all of them :

They eat normal food and have a place outside (like in bambi xD) where they can fire breath, fly and such.

They all have long ass tongue 


 The dragon family haves Characteristic Suppressant (doesn’t work for horns and ears) meaning their tails disappear during concert but when they grow back its painful. 

It take about 1-2 week to grow back depending on the size. (even using painkillers)


Oh, no. It’s a rant.

I just finished reading the wonderful art book, Water to Paper, Paint to Sky: The Art of Tyrus Wong, The Disney Family Museum’s loving tribute to the master artist responsible for the ethereal look of Bambi’s backgrounds.

The book is a delight from start to finish, detailing Wong’s 106 year life (he’s still alive and creating art today!) and his many, many artistic pursuits. In addition to his brief tenure at Disney, Wong also worked as a production designer for Warner Bros. live action films, as a fine artist specializing in ceramics, paintings and pastels, and for the past few decades, as a premier maker of incredibly ornate kites.

My ONLY problem with Water to Paper, Paint to Sky: The Art of Tyrus Wong comes at the very end, and it’s not even the fault of the book. It’s in a chapter titled ‘Inspiration,’ and it is a series of quotes from various animation legends and luminaries, all of them describing how Wong’s misty, emotional, incredibly UN-detailed concept art for Bambi influenced the work they are doing today.



Except that there are quite a few of these quotes from Pixar people, up to and including John Lasseter. All of them describe how Wong’s “nearly abstract” (Pete Docter) approach to backgrounds effected Pixar’s approach to their films’ backgrounds.

Pixar production designer Ralph Eggleston even goes so far as to say that Finding Nemo is a “direct descendant of Ty’s incredible work on Bambi.” While Wong’s sumptuously hazy, pastel approach to concept art is definitely visible in Eggleston’s vis-dev work, it is all but lost in Nemo’s – and Pixar as a whole’s – photo-realistic approach to CG environments.

But perhaps the most jarring of these ‘Inspiration’ testimonials was Pixar CCO John Lasseter’s. Beside the now de rigueur photo of Lasseter standing in front of a bunch of Pixar merchandise wearing yet another Hawaiian shirt, Lasseter proclaims:

“What many people don’t realize…is how revolutionary [Bambi] was in its visual storytelling. When you look at most films of that era, you see that they were fairly straightforward in the way they depicted their backgrounds. Tyrus Wong took an entirely different approach with his styling on Bambi. […] Where other films were literal, using backgrounds that showed detailed objects and settings, Bambi was expressive and emotional. Tyrus painted feelings, not objects.”

This is 100% true. So why did reading it bother me so much?

Because Pixar has been almost single-handedly responsible for feature animation’s obsession with photo-realistic backgrounds – a trend I personally hate. While I totally concede that this weird need to make cartoons look less cartoony is entirely their right, that doesn’t mean I can’t bitch and moan about it every chance I get.

Please scroll up and take a look at the Tyrus Wong-influenced Bambi backgrounds (top four pics) vs. the photo-realistic backgrounds for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur (the bottom four).

Which looks more beautiful to you?

Which looks like the product of an artist’s hand, and which looks like they may as well have just filmed a bunch of real-life locations and then dropped the cartoon characters on top à la Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

And while I’m blathering on about the way the characters interact with their respective backgrounds, please look at those stills again. Aesthetically, the hand-drawn characters of Bambi ‘work’ with their hand-painted backgrounds faaar better than the CG characters of The Good Dinosaur and their CG, photo-realistic backgrounds. Don’t you agree?



If John Lasseter and co. prefer their cartoons to look like IMAX nature films with cartoon characters photo-shopped on top, that is entirely up to them. But I find it kind of gross to read them trying to attach their burgeoning legacies onto the artistic accomplishments of someone else in an effort to – I don’t know – give their work a greater depth or stronger sense of history or whatever.

Is that just me?

In closing:

Tyrus Wong’s groundbreaking work on Bambi has made him an indelible part of animation’s DNA. As such, I have no doubt that his influence and inspiration resides inside every artist employed at Pixar. That said, it is NOT apparent in the films Pixar is releasing these days. In fact, I’d say the background art in Pixar’s films resembles the polar opposite of Wong’s influence, hearkening back to the pre-Wong days of animation that John Lasseter himself described as being “literal” and “fairly straightforward.”

But there’s hope!


Now that Pixar has finally come up with the software for realistic water, wind, hair, etc., perhaps they’ll ease up a little on their Quixotic quest for CG photo-realism. Perhaps the powers-that-be at Pixar will allow a little bit of Tyrus Wong’s (and Pixar’s incredibly talented vis-dev artists’) “expressive and emotional” influence to seep into their pictures.


Here’s hoping!

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Your opinion on leo? ♌

u kno that scene where bambi meets flower 4 the first time? i’m flower being seduced 2 death by a leo. i LUv u guys u charming narcissists after my own Heart. my rising sign is leo which is part Deux of why I Love Leos So Much (cuz i luv Me, spoilers). leos r naturally magnetic n this is true of every Leo who exists even in the periphery of my life. best thing u could do 4 urself just Generally? get a leo 2 talk abt something they Really love n suddenly u Really love that thing 2, even if u Didn’t think u did. once talked 2 a leo on the phone for like 2 hours, n she went on abt theatre & new york & falling asleep on a sand dune in the desert n the Whole time i was like.. Wow.. Girl. i’m luv u. Tell me more abt the Stars n broadway n ur german shepherd PLEASE. also a vulnerable leo is mayb the Sexiest thing in the world. y’all can Git It & i’m not afraid 2 say that!

Man, nearly a year later and only a hand full of familiar faces are still working at our store. It’s scary to think about.

I feel like that episode of Scrubs where Bambie looks at the interns coming in. One of the new guys looks up at him seeing a superior. JD realizes that he was once standing where that new guy is standing. He had switched roles without even noticing.

This is definitely how I feel whenever someone new comes along. I have to remember I’m not the new kid anymore.

Life is strange :/

remember that part in bambi where flower gets kissed on accident and then gets all blushy?? i love that part and i love flower he is the cutest boy…

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u know what i love the most in my life? tony bambi eyes stark



Tony having these big, brown, incredibly expressive eyes! No matter how perfect he is at mastering his facial expressions, his eyes always give away how he feels!!

Hence the sunglasses being his way of shielding how he feels, of covering up his emotions and completing the appearance of the “careless, selfish asshole playboy billionaire”!!

((Also give me all the Fics where Tony’s partner calls him “Bambi” in private)))

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What about Sans' first kiss/first time hcs? And Bleu?

Sans First Kiss Headcanons:

- The way he approaches it is probably gonna be in the form of a pun or some other silly joke. Honestly he doesn’t know how to ask you seriously if you want to kiss him, so the only way he knows how to ease the tension of the question is through humor.

- It’s very awkward because…well, no lips. You expected no lips, anyway. Turns out he does have lips? How? It’s weird, & the only answer he’ll give you is “magic.” It’s best to just accept it.

- For a first kiss, it’s very sweet & heartfelt. Imagine the dopiest, love-struck expression you can. Now put that on Sans’s face. That’s essentially what he looks like after you smooch him. He’s got literal heart-eyes.

Bleu First Kiss Headcanons:

- You’d think he’d have a lot of confidence with this sort of thing, but really, nope. He’s a Nervous Nancy about the whole endeavor, & probably ends up asking if you’d like to kiss him via Nice-Cream wrapper. The entire time you’re reading the message he printed there, he’s got his hands/ears over his face to hide his blushing.

- When you kiss him, the way he reacts is downright hilarious. You remember that clip from Bambi where Thumper got smooched? That’s essentially his reaction. Ear-twist, foot-thumping, the whole package.

- You’ve got him wrapped around your finger from then on, pretty much. He’s just over cloud nine, & will use every chance & excuse he can to get more kisses from whenever possible. He just loves you a whole bunch, okay.