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Thursday things

I’m glad yoga is cancelled tonight - my wrist / thumb issue has flared up again to the point I’m back taking anti-inflammatories. The thought of doing downward dog or any other position that requires my hand flat on the floor makes me cringe.

I keep thinking it’s Friday. I wish it was. One day to go. Working from home tomorrow so at least the commute is cut out. One week until I start the new job - can’t wait. I’ve been attending some of the meetings as a transition and it is so… good. Using my brain in a totally different way.

Trying to organise the details for our trip now - things like travel cards (done), new suitcases (done), and figuring out options for SIM cards. If anyone has any tips for US / Canada prepaid mobile (ha, “cell”) and data plans, please let me know. Trying to work out what to pack is proving to be challenging - hooray for visiting multiple climates in one trip - but as the husband keeps reminding me, we’ll have access to both washing machines and shops. (I’m actually really excited about doing some shopping - even with the exchange rate at around $1US = $0.70AU, pretty much everything still works out cheaper).

I spent almost two hours on the phone to my best friend on Monday night. She lives three hours away and we don’t talk often enough - but even still, we never seem to run out of things to talk about. Hoping to go visit over Easter.

Still reeling that F starts school next year (this is not a surprise - I don’t know why I’m so shocked). I’ve started researching schools even though I’m fairly certain he’ll attend the one closest to home. There’d have to be something substantially wrong with it not to go there; it’s about a 300m walk with no streets to cross. Need to book in and meet the principle and do an official school tour (we’ve played in the school grounds and playground since F could walk on weekends, plus it’s one of the local voting centres during elections).

Urgh. What am I going to cook for dinner?


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