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I Got Your Six

Word Count: 2.3kish

A/N: This is a fanfic of a fanfic… I’m not sorry about that either…The story it is based on is: You Should Know Better by @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff All characters (except my boy Dusty) are taken from her story and this was approved by her…This story is in no relation to what will happen in her story. (Gifs are not mine) Also, a BIG thank you to @jeffreydeanneganstrash for proofreading this trash and making it better!! I cried while writing this so be prepared. 

Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie Jankoski, Dusty Merriweather, Dustin Ayers, 

Warnings: sadness. MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH..

Joe leaned against his headboard lazily doing a crossword puzzle when he heard the pitter patter of little feet coming towards his bedroom. In a flash, a small body crossed the room and slammed into him. “Buddy,” Joe laughed. “What have I told you about doing that? huh?” he asked as he put down his puzzle and started to tickle his little man.

“Daddy! Daddy stop! Stop,” squealed the child waving his arms trying to pry his father’s hands off of him. 

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