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the fact that sangwoo’s full name is Oh Sangwoo fucking kills me. cause in english, every time somebody says his full name it sounds like they’re softly admonishing him. “oh sangwoo……why did you have to murder all of those people…..”

Soulmate AU Ideas

Imagine a soulmate au where whenever your soulmate listens to music, you can hear it too and the only way you can find them is when the music they’re listening to gets louder the closer you are to them.

Imagine a soulmate au where you can taste the things that they are eating or drinking and the only way you can find them is to find the places that serve that same kind of food or drink they’re eating/drinking.

Imagine a soulmate au where the heart in your chest is your soulmate’s and you can feel whatever they’re currently feeling and the only way you can find them is when it stops beating. Kind of like taking the “When I first met you, I swear I could feel my heart stop beating” literally.

Imagine a soulmate au where your level of talent at a hobby determines on how close you are to your soulmate.

Imagine a soulmate au where your dreams are a mixture of your soulmate’s past and present memories and the only way you know that you’ve met them is when you see yourself.

Imagine a soulmate au where everyone is given a book at birth with no pages in it and the only way the pages begin to magically appear is when they are finally born. Each chapter is linked to your soulmate’s age and the pages within that chapter represent a day of their life with a small collection of things that they have said throughout the day. The only way you will know that you’ve met your soulmate is when the pages stop appearing and the last thing that was said on the last page is actually the first word or sentence that they said to you.

Imagine a soulmate au where you’re given a necklace that changes to the colors of what they’re currently feeling and the temperature is linked to how close you are to them. For example, nothing being very far away, cold being closer, and warm being they’re right in front of you. But, whenever they take the necklace off of them, the connection is lost and you won’t know what they’re feeling or if you’ve even met each other.

Just a collection of ideas I thought of while I was in the shower :)

Do you know that kind of pain where you actually feel your heart pounding on and on and you feel like your very last breath is on its way
When your whole body feels light as a balloon and your toes and fingers start to numb out
You’re shaking and trembling but the tears just cease to exist
Your whole being is screaming and growling like your soul is pleading to finally leave its home
You just sit there, eyes wide open, flat figured and a heart fighting to dislodge from your chest
Everything, everything is ready to leave your body,
But you still think as long as the tears haven’t showed up yet, you’re “strong” and in control
—  datragic-poet 

promise me this:
when he leaves,
you will not unwind yourself
like a pen on paper.
you won’t become poetry.
hurt is not beautiful,
it’s just hurt.
and tearing a piece of yourself
off just to give him
something to remember you by,
that’s not something
i’m willing to write poetry about.

when he leaves,
and he will -
as love rots like a flower -
you will wake up and mourn
and then you will continue
to be alive.
you will put on your favorite shirt.
not his favorite -
you won’t do anything
because of him.
you won’t become an emergency.
you’re going let all of that
heartbreak crack the wood floor.
you’re going to erase him
as if he’s just chalk.
it’s not hard to get rid of him
if your hands are soft like water.

you’re going to find happy.
happy hurts like a blister,
an open wound where your heart
is supposed to be.
but you’re going to find it.
he’s not the only source of joy,
stop acting like he is.
he’s nothing more than a boy
who broke your heart.
don’t give him anything more
than what he’s already taken from you.

when he leaves,
i’m going to uncurl myself
from this pain.
i’m going to write a poem about
healing that i haven’t began yet.
and i’m going to force
the world to bend to me.
i’ll crack its spine
if i have to.
i’m going to find
everything i lost,
and i’m going to stitch
this old wound back up
so it’ll be torn open again by
someone who deserves it.
when he leaves,
i’m going to say,
“did you expect me to be
anything more than i already am?
did you expect me
to be more than just
a girl?”

promise me this:
you won’t call yourself a wilted flower.
you won’t belittle yourself
because that’s what he always did.
and when someone else
comes to your door,
asking for your secrets -
let them see.
don’t close yourself off.
tell that truth for me.
learn to hurt,
and learn to overcome it,
and learn to open up like spring.
you’re spring.
you’re that change we need.
come alive,
and leave winter buried with the dead.

—  “when he leaves” - e.p.h.

He clears his throat. “Oi. Can you move your mating ritual somewhere else?”

The boy lifts his head up, obviously amused by Louis’ shortness.

“Sorry, mate,” he says, voice low, hoarse and broadly British, “no need to get all snappy.”

His eyes are too far apart and large, like Louis’, and his mouth is plump and pursed. Under his hair, you can’t see his ears, and his chin is perfectly peach, rounded and smooth as he pouts.

It makes Louis want to punch him.

He clears his throat. “Well, your little card game is in my way, so…”

“Is it?” The boy remarks, amusement in his tone. “It matches the poker you have in your arse, mate.”

Where Your Heart Is - by @tvshows-addict and @anhcor

“When you're a biracial person, it's often easier to see these disparities because you live two perspectives. And, particularly if you are half-white, you embody both the oppressor and the oppressed. That may not be where your heart belongs, but it's who you are nonetheless.”

— Christine Stoddard, What the new Netflix Obama biopic gets right about struggling with biracial identity

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